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#leo sun

My granny is probably the purest Leo I’ve ever met (Sagittarius moon). She’s the most caring, loving, confident person you’ll ever meet but also the most stubborn, ‘gotta be right 24/7”, “I know what you should do” person you’ll ever meet, lol. Her hair is her pride, won’t go out if it’s messy. She’ll tell you (when you won’t tell her/ she thinks you didn’t notice “I got my hair done, I look beautiful, right?” (And she does!!) Also, she’ll tell you how everyone compliments her how good she looks for her age, and is extremely proud of herself…. you know the Leo stuff, lol. love her so much

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Well you username describes you very well. Confident, you like to be right. Can be a very good listener, because you tend to be interested by a lot of things. You like your privacy and space, but sometimes you like to have someone there. Likes to talk and share. Sometimes you have so much energy you go crazy and it’s funny. You must be very funny actually. You might also like to get a reaction out of people.

Hope you like this:)

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🎞💞 a question for ppl with their sun in the 12th house:

i’ve read that with this placement, there tends to be a discrepancy between the core self & the facade. the identity of the person is often sacrificed to the “role” or version that they want others to see them as.

which makes sense, the 12th house is a cadent house & usually cadent houses can represent the inner thoughts one has before implementing an action bc the house that comes after is an angular house, angular houses are all about that action.

sun = core self

12th house = sacrificing

1st house = version that they want others to see them as

do you guys feel this is true? what is your experience with this if you care to share 💞

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leo sun + cancer moon + sagittarius ascendant

~ dependable, spiritual, fantasist, flamboyant, daring ~

male aesthetic

Queen - Perfume Genius | Harvest Moon - Poolside | Let’s Get Lost - Beck & Bat for Lashes

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