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artsybookworms · 2 days ago
Some wholesome Apollo/Artemis sibling headcanons :,)
Hestia goes through a knitting phase and makes them matching sweaters, which the twins (begrudgingly) wear but only because it’s Hestia
The sweaters are really comfy tho
Artemis makes Apollo swear he won’t wear his at the same time as her
He loosely follows this rule and Artemis doesn’t hate twinning with him as much as she thought she would
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ohmydamgods · 16 hours ago
Everytime I post about how smart Leo is and someone comments, “Well actually Annabeth-” I instantly disregard whatever they were trying to say. This ain’t about her
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petalsfandoms · 2 days ago
how i imagine a quest with the 7 boys would go
Percy: “Aight boys I don’t think we can manipulate mansplain manwhore outta this, manslaughter it is.” 
Leo: “Mood.” 
Frank & Jason: 
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sweetjackson · 2 days ago
I don't know if the Doors of Death affect mortals but imagine if Gabe got out. Like, when Percy was fighting monsters, his eyes widened when he recognized a certain someone. Gabe shows up and Percy just freezes in shock not knowing what to do, while flashbacks and memories fly through his head with Gaea laughing in the background drinking in his misery—
Damn. That hurt.
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ouraniaa · 23 hours ago
Leo: If you live to be 70 years old you will spend TEN YEARS of your life on Monday.
Jason: It's literally 3 am Leo please go to sleep
Jason: wait-
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wisegirldanielle · 2 days ago
Things I've said and done as Percy Jackson characters
Percy Jackson- I'm sarcastic and hot what more could you ask for?
Annabeth Chase- Why are people so threatened when I'm holding a knife? As long as you don't upset me you won't get stabbed
Jason Grace- *internal screaming while keeping a straight face*
Piper Mclean- Don't underestimate me I could stab all you bitches
Leo Valdez- *doing the peace sign every two seconds*
Hazel Levesque- I may seem like a total sweetheart but I could kick your ass easily
Frank Zhang- *a really realistic impression of a goat*
Nico Di Angelo- *angry yelling and cursing in italian*
Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano- I'm trying to be a civil person right now but I want to punch you in the face so bad
Will Solace- I don't understand how y'all survive day to day life considering the stupid shit y'all do
Rachel Elizabeth Dare- This situation simply does not pass the vibe check
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seven-halfbloods · 2 days ago
Jason, staring at Leo with a horrified expression: Do NOT call the monster a Milf.
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oliviajdjarin · 2 days ago
Leo Valdez: Destined
Pairing: Leo Valdez x fem!reader
Summary: After completing a particularly difficult quest, you are surprised when the Gods actually take time out of their “busy schedules” to congratulate you and Leo. What was more surprising, however, is the attention you get from a specific Goddess of Love…
Warnings: two love sick idiots. Aphrodite being supportive. Mentions of past violence? Leo’s pretty injured in the beginning. Zeus is an ass. I also think I went a bit off canon for Mount Olympus and how the Gods act with their powers.
A/N: the support on my last Din fic has been incredible!! I am so happy people are actually enjoying my writing. The comments make my day. Thank you all so much :)
Tumblr media
The last thing you expected after completing one of the most difficult quests you can remember, was to be instantly transported to an elevator going up to the top of the Empire State Building.
You landed with a thud, all your weapons falling out of your hands and your breath being knocked from your lungs. You landed flat on your stomach, of course, and there was a faint sound of classic elevator instrumental music behind all the ringing in your ears.
After a second or two of just lying on your stomach and trying to catch your breath, you hear a groan from beside you.
You turn your head and see Leo next to you, lying on his back, and clutching his ribcage.
“Oh my gods, Leo!” you say and use all your strength in your sore muscles to stand up.
“I’m alright. I’m good,” he says in a strained voice. He is definitely not good.
“You are not,” you say and kneel down next to him to examine his ribs. His hands are covering where he seems to be in the most pain, so you place your hands lovingly over his.
His breaths are quick and strained. He eyes are squished shut in pain and he is squirming slightly. Sweat is dripping down his forehead, along with flecks of dried blood.
Even just a month ago, you would have been a panicking crying mess at the state of Leo like this. But after being more experienced with quests and injuries, you’ve leaned to stay calm. More importantly, you’ve learned that patients only get better when they’re calm as well.
Luckily, with Leo, you knew exactly how to do that.
“Hey,” you say to him, and he manages to open his eyes.
“I’ve got you,” you whisper softly to him, and his breathing starts to slow down. His golden brown eyes meet yours and he manages a weak smile.
“I know,” he says, love and understanding shining in his eyes, and he moves his hands slowly from under yours.
At the sight of his bruised ribs that were definitely broken, your forehead creases in worry. Leo let’s out a breathy laugh at your concerned face, one he has gotten to know all too well.
“Don’t look at me like that. It’s better me then you,” he says jokingly. The fact that he can still laugh in these moments never ceases to surprise you.
“What are you talking about? Your ribs are broken!” you exclaim, and he only continues giggling.
“I’m fine. I’ve got yo-“ he starts, but an intense coughing fit cuts him off. His body rocks back and forth with his coughs and it sounds painful. His rib cage has to be throbbing at this point. Even Leo can’t hide this type of pain.
“Shh..” you whisper, moving one hand to brush his sweaty hair from his forehead. His coughs start dying down slowly, and you place your hand on his cheek.
“I’ve got you, don’t I?” he says with a grin. You smile back, caressing his cheekbone with your thumb.
“Mhmm” you say, and he brings your palm to his mouth to press a light kiss there.
This love filled moment is, once again, interrupted by the elevator coming to a sudden halt. Both you and Leo jump a little when the door opens, and a booming voice fills your ears.
“Rise, demigods!” it yells, so loud the elevator vibrates slightly.
You look at Leo confused, and he gives you the same expression.
“Come forward,” the voice says once again, and you look at Leo in pity.
There was no way he could walk.
“I’m gonna need some help baby,” Leo whispers, already trying to stand on his own.
You wrap his arm around the back of your neck to keep him upright, lifting him onto his feet. You then slowly walk forward, giving him time to get used to his short steps. He smells like smoke and fire, which isn’t that unusual, But he also smells like blood and metal. You can feel his sweat covered back against your forearm and his body tense in pain from every step.
You watch his face every time he puts pressure on his legs, looking for signs of apprehension or a pleading to stop, but he just keeps going. Like always.
The room you were walking into was huge. Clouds, pillars, gold, marble, everything one would imagine when entering Mount Olympus. It smelled of orchids and honey with a touch of vanilla. It looked and felt like heaven.
Except, of course, the two bruised demigods coated in mud, slowly making their way to the throne.
The walk was slow, but once you and Leo finally got there, you took your eyes off of him to look at who was calling you forward.
Zeus, the father of the gods, was front and center with all his glory. His seat was pure gold and his body was huge. He was in his godly form for sure.
To his left was his wife, Queen Hera, and his children, Artemis and Apollo. To his right, sat Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Ares, God of war, and Hermès. All in their godly forms, emulating wealth and power. The glow of their eyes was placed directly on you and Leo, and the both of you looked nothing less than a wreck.
So yeah, not intimidating at all.
“Do you know why I brought you here, Demigods?” Zeus asked, and you try your best to swallow down your anxiety.
“N-no, sir” you say, looking down at your feet, trying your best to be respectful.
Did Zeus deserve respect? No, not at all. But in this moment he was surrounded by not only his family, but some of the most powerful beings ever created who were most definitely on his side. The time for activism and frustration was not now.
“I brought you here because of your work on my quest,” he says, and you look at Leo in confusion. He could barely lift his head.
“Your quest?” Leo wheezes, and Zeus nods.
“Yes. I sent this quest to Chiron for you and Y/N specifically. I wanted the best for the job, and it looks like I chose right,” he says, and stands up from his chair.
He walks down the throne stairs slowly, becoming smaller and smaller on every step. By the time he makes it to your eye level, he is a “normal” sized man. Normal, meaning still very much above average height.
“You have done wonderfully,” he says, looking into your eyes. You smile a little before looking down, still greatly intimidated by the man. You couldn’t shake the feeling that, even though he was in his “human” form, he was still looking down on you.
He turns his head to look at Leo, still breathing hard and barely able to stand in your arms, and grips his shoulder lightly.
“As did you, my boy,” he says, and Leo doesn’t even crack a smile. Leo just stares at Zeus, holding his ribs with his free hand. You hadn’t seen him in this much pain in a while.
“All in a days work,” he says, before his knees completely give out and he collapses.
He takes you down with him, since you were supporting most of his weight anyway, and you both land on your knees.
You gasp in surprise, before guiding him down onto his back so you can rest his head in your lap.
“Shh it’s okay. It’s almost over,” you whisper to Leo, massaging his sweaty scalp.
Zeus watches this happen, before calling for his son.
“Apollo! Get this boy healed!” he shouts, and Apollo is kneeling next to you in seconds.
“I’ve got him. Just let me take him,” he says, and you shake your head.
“No. No no please let me stay,” you say to him, before you feel a squeeze on your forearm.
“It’s alright Y/N” Leo says to you, still having specks of love and admiration for you in his eyes, behind all the pain.
“I promise I will take care of him. Just not here,” Apollo says, and you look to Leo one more time.
“Are you sure?” you ask, and Leo nods.
“I’ll be back before you know it,” he says, before another coughing fit rakes through his body. You take a deep breath, kiss him on the cheek, before nodding to Apollo.
Apollo lifts up the still coughing Leo in his arms and disappears into thin air.
You didn’t feel the tears on your cheeks until Leo left you.
“Well, that was unexpected,” you hear from behind you, and you turn around to find the face of Aphrodite. Goddess of Love. Some would say she is the most beautiful woman who has ever existed.
Her radiant skin, flowing hair, and slightly husky voice made you pretty prone to agree with that statement.
“H-hi. Hello. I’m y/n,” you say, reaching out your hand to shake hers. There are no books on how to interact with gods. Let alone one of the oldest and most powerful. Your gut told you to act normal, but your beating heart and anxious brain thought otherwise.
“Aphrodite,” she says, shaking your hand. She looked you in the eyes as she shook your hand. Her hands were soft. The perfect feeling of love.
“Thank you for your work on this quest. It may seem like we don’t care, and we don’t do a really good job of showing it, but we do,” she says. You smile, hoping she meant her words, before wiping your eyes and sniffling.
“Thank you. I appreciate that,” you say with an awkward laugh. You try to keep your attention on her, but Leo has disappeared with Apollo for too long already. You don’t mean to be rude, but you continue scanning the room around her. Looking for any sign of Apollo’s glow or the laugh of your lover.
“You’re looking for him, aren’t you?” she asks, and your eyes snap back to meet hers. She looks amused, thankfully, but you still feel bad. You nod, defeated.
“I get it,” she says with a laugh. “Love is powerful. I know more than anyone,” she says, and you laugh back. It felt good.
“Very true,” you respond, and she stares at you intensely all of a sudden. She looks deeply into your eyes, like she’s looking into your soul. Like she can see every crack and secret inside of you. You keep her stare for a few seconds, trying to understand what she’s doing, before your curiosity got the better of you.
“Hello? You okay?” you ask her. She continues staring for a second more, before her eyes fluttered back to normal. She clutches her chest with her hand and gasps a bit, like she just returned back into her body.
“Yes. Yes I’m alright,” she says, and looks into your eyes once more. “Just looking.”
She says this with a smile, a huge smile. One so big her eyes close slightly and her cheeks turn rosey.
“Oh,” you say. “Hopefully at good things,” you say with an awkward laugh yet again.
“Better than even I could imagine,” she says, grabbing a glass of champagne a waitor handed to her off his tray.
Where this waiter came from, you have no idea. To be honest, you didn’t care. What you did care about, however, was what in Zeus’ name Aphrodite just saw in your head.
“What do you mean?” you ask, and she sips her drink.
“You and Leo, of course,” she says.
You and Leo.
Of course she was looking at that. Your heart was only Leo and had only ever been Leo. What else would the Goddess of Love see inside your heart? Inside your future. You wanted to spend your lifetime and beyond with him. He knew that. Why would she not?
“Well what…what did you see?” you ask her.
You couldn’t help your heart racing in anticipation for her answer. You knew Leo wouldn’t leave you. You knew he wanted to be with you just as much as you wanted to be with him, if not more. But to hear from the Goddess of Love if you were destined for each other? That’s a temptation even the holiest of saints would take.
“Nothing you don’t already know,” she says with a wink, taking another sip of her drink.
How does one react to that? How does one react to the fact that the actual Goddess of Love told you that you and the man you love most were meant to be together? Cry? Scream? Dance?
You stare, flabbergasted, mouth open, before she laughs slightly.
“Yes, my dear. You two are destined. Congratulations. Forever won’t seem like enough time,” she says. She chugs her champagne, wipes her mouth, and then walks back to where the Gods were having a discussion in a circle.
A tear escapes your eye, but not from sadness or grief this time. This time, it’s happiness.
You try to take a moment to process this information, really soak in the fact that Leo is your future, but it’s not as shocking as you expected. You knew he was your destiny from the moment you met him. Aphrodite just added the cherry on top of your cake.
You laugh a little, in complete euphoria, before you hear the sound of running come behind you.
Before you can react, strong arms are wrapped around your waist and you are twirled around in a circle.
Speak of the devil.
“Told you I’d be fine,” Leo says into your ear. You laugh, hard and thoroughly, before he sets you back down onto the floor.
You turn around to face him, and your heart warms at his clean face and clothes. No cuts or bruises in sight.
You place your hands on his chest, just looking at him. Scanning all his features you had grown so accustomed to. His dimples, his curls, his golden eyes. Nothing you had ever seen could compare.
“You’re ok too, right? Cause I can call Apollo back here. He fixed me up pretty quick and I could barely walk so I’m sure he could-” Leo says, before your lips press to his.
He’s initially a bit shocked, since he was in the middle of a sentence, but his eyes flutter shut nonetheless and he holds your face in his hands. He can feel all the unspoken words you are putting into the kiss.
I love you. I’m glad you’re ok. I’m fine. We’re fine. I love you.
The Gods praising him and congratulating him was nothing compared to this feeling.
You finally pull away, look into his eyes for a second, and then press your nose to his neck. He pulls you in for a hug, encompassing his arms around you, and you do the same.
After a few seconds of the embrace, Leo broke the silence.
“I saw you chatting with Aphrodite,” he says, and you can hear the smirk in his voice.
You giggle, nodding into his neck.
“How did that go? Learn anything?” he asks. He says it in a joking tone, but there was seriousness in there as well.
Leo was no stranger to how Aphrodite crushed relationships like a grape. Even the slightest hint at a breakup from her sent couples spiraling down the drain.
He hoped and prayed the kiss you gave him proved his anxious thoughts wrong.
“Nothing I didn’t already know,” you mumble into his neck before pressing a firm kiss to his pulse point.
You feel Leo relax around you. So much so he almost goes limp.
He understands.
You pull away, seeing the happy tears of relief dribble down his cheek, and you wipe them away.
“I love you,” he says with his voice cracking.
“I love you too,” you say, kissing him once more. He smiles into the kiss, as do you.
Destiny had never felt so good.
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cvpint · 23 hours ago
Piper: Jason will never agree to this plan
Piper: He already declined it thrice
Leo: watch the expert
Leo: *puppydog pouts* can we—
Jason: yes.
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Nico: Do you have any pets?
Leo, remembering people like sensitive guys: A cat.
Nico: What’s their name?
Leo, remembering people also like tough guys: Missile Launcher.
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sierice · 20 hours ago
Secrets of the Sun- Chapter 4
“You guys… have dragons?” Thalia smirked.
“Hunter-confidential info, Jackson.”
I am so, SO sorry for the long wait <3 But yes!! Hello!!! I'm back with one more chapter! 💚💚
Chapter 4
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