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#leo valdez
pyjamapink · 2 days ago
It just occurred to me that Piper's dad is like this huge actor in the riordanverse world so like... are there x readers about him? Has he done the WIRED autocomplete interview? Are there fancams of him? Has he been to the met gala? Has he done the 73 questions vogue video? Are there any memes about him? Has he been in SNL? Is he going to join the MCU eventually?
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depressed-bi-nerd · 2 days ago
Percy, Jason, Grover, Leo, and Frank: *walk into target*
Percy: we were sent here for a reason....
Leo: oh shit we were...
Frank: GUYS! We need laundry detergent and dinner.
Percy: thank your nurotypical ass
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Leo: Welcome to my very first vlog, in which I try different hair products! Leo: *sprays hairspray in their mouth* Leo: Well, right off the bat I can tell you this one is not very good. Jason, crying: Leo, please stop
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when-cats-take-over · 2 days ago
*Nico trying to flirt after taking tips from Piper and Leo*
Nico : Hey Will, did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?
Will, tired and angry : No. But it did hurt when I asked you if anything else was paining the last time you were in infirmary, and you pointed at me saying that 'there's this headache which doesn't get the hint to leave me alone' and finger gunned me before jumping off the window
Nico :
Will :
Nico : Wow you are scary AND weird!!
Piper, from her hideout in the bushes : Nico NO
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artsybookworms · a day ago
Some wholesome Apollo/Artemis sibling headcanons :,)
Hestia goes through a knitting phase and makes them matching sweaters, which the twins (begrudgingly) wear but only because it’s Hestia
The sweaters are really comfy tho
Artemis makes Apollo swear he won’t wear his at the same time as her
He loosely follows this rule and Artemis doesn’t hate twinning with him as much as she thought she would
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iam-a-demigod · 2 days ago
Kidnapper[on phone] : Yes, we have your son please come and take him
Percy: I am sorry, I think you're mistaken I don't have any children-
Kidnapper: He's dressed in all black and is talking about death a lot and is literally traumatizing us with his backstory
Percy: *looking toward the Seven* Oh My Gods! They have Nico
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seven-halfbloods · 10 hours ago
Jason, staring at Leo with a horrified expression: Do NOT call the monster a Milf.
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petalsfandoms · a day ago
how i imagine a quest with the 7 boys would go
Percy: “Aight boys I don’t think we can manipulate mansplain manwhore outta this, manslaughter it is.” 
Leo: “Mood.” 
Frank & Jason: 
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sweetjackson · a day ago
I don't know if the Doors of Death affect mortals but imagine if Gabe got out. Like, when Percy was fighting monsters, his eyes widened when he recognized a certain someone. Gabe shows up and Percy just freezes in shock not knowing what to do, while flashbacks and memories fly through his head with Gaea laughing in the background drinking in his misery—
Damn. That hurt.
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thejudgingtrash · 2 days ago
Can we get a sneak peek into the fic you made that edit for? 🥺
Oh. It's Them Again
(Chapter Two)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Read chapter two on [AO3] or [FFN]
Read from the beginning
Ambrosia & Nectar. The prestigious food company located in Manhattan, NYC. College graduate Leo Valdez made it. He joins the forces as the new IT engineer to help out in the marketing department. A job he would love, if it weren't for the head of marketing Percy Jackson and food lawyer Annabeth Chase. And their annoying bickering (Percabeth Office Rivals, Rated T).
Hey bestie! How about, instead of showing you a sneak peek, let me just serve you the entire second chapter of @skaterannabeth's requested fic! ☺️
As you can see, I've tried my hands on corporate design and some packaging? I don't know man. The process was fun but Adobe essentially giving me the middle finger towards the end wasn't 😭
I really like the color scheme and the fonts for the logo
I will add longer ID later (and I might upload a longer version of everything tomorrow! But no promises!🤞🏾)
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chaotic-darkling · 2 days ago
Cop: You’re receiving a ticket for having three people on one motorcycle.
Percy: Shit.
Jason: Wait, three?
Cop: Yeah?
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xx0yeet-everything0xx · 2 days ago
Leo, setting his hands on fire: 🎶BUT I SET FIRE 🎵
Percy, making it rain: 🎵TO THE RAIN 🎶
Percy and Leo, together: 🎵🎶 WATCHED IT POUR AS I TOUCHED YOUR FACE 🎶🎵
Annabeth: guys, cmon, what the fuck-
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