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happy thanksgiving!! this post was kinda inevitable, I’m sorry

  • Modern AU where Merlin and Arthur are together
  • So they host
  • Getting ready for everyone to come over is,,,a process
  • Arthur wants to help, so he tries to set the table buttt this poor boy has never lifted a finger in his life and it looks disastrous
  • So Merlin ends up burning the turkey while fixing the table
  • Luckily, Hunith arrives early in time to fix the turkey
  • Merlin listens to Christmas music starting the day after Halloween
  • But Arthur has a rule to listen to Christmas music when all the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone 
  • And Christmas decorations can go up starting December 1st 
  • Anyways, for dinner, Leon brings green beans cause SOMEONE has to be healthy
  • Gwen brings pie. That’s it. Just like. 10 pies. 
  • (Pumpkin for Percy, apple for Gwaine, blueberry for Merlin, strawberry for Leon, chocolate for Arthur, plain pecan for Lance, chocolate pecan for Elyan, and other assorted pies for everyone else)
  • (Elyan eats an entire chocolate pecan one. No one dares to even touch his pie)
  • Morgana brings alcohol. Doesn’t matter what kind. Just lots of it. 
  • Lancelot makes mashed potatoes. Idk why this seems fitting to me but here we are
  • Merlin and Gwen love the parade
  • Arthur wants to watch the football game
  • Gwen loves the dog show even more than the parade– it’s a tradition for her and Percival to watch it together
  • Gwaine rolls his eyes, but he secretly loves the dog show
  • Gwaine also loves the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special
  • He thinks Snoopy is hilarious and, one year, he makes popcorn, toast, and jelly beans to bring for dinner
  • Percival and Lance both eat at least 3 plates of food
  • Percival doesn’t get sleepy, but Lance is out for the rest of the night
  • Percival also makes a toast at dinner
  • Gwaine and Morgana try to out-drink each other over dessert
  • But it’s always a great dinner with lots of love to go around
  • I just wanna imagine everyone as a giant happy group of friends over Thanksgiving dinner
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im all about those sappy first kiss scenarios 

Leon tries to play it cool, to pretend that his thoughts aren’t all racing too fast for him to keep up when his eyes drift down to your lips. But it’s obvious to you, considering the fact that you’ve caught his staring multiple times and every time you did he would nervously glance around anywhere and everywhere instead of looking at you knowing expression. 

“All you have to do is ask.” You say catching his gaze again, it takes a moment for your words to register to him and when they do he practically jumps in the spot he was sitting. 

“Really?” his voice comes out far more high pitched then he intended, when you nod to confirm he clears his throat to ensure it doesn’t happen again. “Can I kiss you?” He questions, finding himself growing nervous despite the smile you give him before responding. 

“Of course,” he doesn’t react immediately taking a second to calm his nerves, before leaning in and pressing his lips to yours, the moment they touch his nervousness disappears and part of him wonders why he had let himself get so nervous in the first place. 

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Gwen: What are you guys doing for thanksgiving?

Merlin: Having a nice family dinner with my mother.

Gwaine: Just hanging out with a couple of friends.

Morgana: Guess I’m the only one doing this holliday right. Hitting the open road with my bike. No family, no friends, no dinner.

Leon: That sounds really dark.

Morgana: Thank you.

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GOLAZO DE Chicote Calderon

Chivas 1-0 America

#leon #pumas #america #cruzazul
#chivas #tigres #puebla #tuzos #liguilla #elfutnosune #guardianes2020🇲🇽⚽ #ligamx #PfmFut #guadalajara #ligabbva #cocacola #Puma #akron #tecate #clásiconacional #telcel #caliente🔥 #Futbol #mexicanpower #ChivasXPolefm #futazteca #demexicoparaelmundo #la #cdmx

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Danganronpa I decided to do this for each of the games! And I just realized how angsty some of these headcanons are… Oops? Maybe I’ll do some more for the other games later this week but right now its all about THH. If you requested from me, your request should be done by the end of the week.

Warning: Spoilers, Sickness, and Angst

-Mod Alter Ego


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I wonder if Leon’s mother helped a fae creature or Camelot’s fairy godmother or something and in return they promised that her child would only die of old age (which is a big deal particularly if you decide to be a freaking knight) and that is why Leon survives all 5 seasons despite the fact that he probably should have died several times over.

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Please gently detangle and brush Leon’s hair before bed. It’s always so wild and tangled and it makes his scalp hurt. Rub some hair oil on the roots and condition it with aloe and put it into a comfy braid. He will Marry™ you.

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