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my bois
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Some friends of mine came together to help me make this
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scariusaquarius · 2 days ago
A very few important gifs
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He's pretty. That's all 😍
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codevxpsd · 2 days ago
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bsaa-bitch · a day ago
hii could you write how would the re boys be with (and comfort) a s/o who has somewhat chronic sinus pain? This throbbing pressure pain in the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones, etc . I've struggling with my sinuses for years and rn it hurts so bad my entire face aches and insomnia is kicking my ass on top of it so i kinda want some comfort x, ) thanks so much in advance tho!<3
Sorry I’m super super super late with this request!!! But I hope you are feeling better! <3
Warnings: none!
RE Boys with an GN!S/O with chronic sinus pain
Chris Redfield
Chris is a natural caretaker. As soon he sees you in pain, he springs into action.
He’s had to take care of Claire his whole life, he’s got this. Mostly.
Chris has medicine on hand when you forgotten yours at home. He knows what kind you use and stocks up. This way you’re never without!
Chris looks up different remedies for sinus pain. He wants to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible when you’re with him.
He wants to take care of you. He’s dedicated to you and your health, and Chris is willing to take off work just to take care of you~
Leon Kennedy
Leon is a bit clueless when it comes to taking care of others. He can barely take care of himself.
But Leon kicks into high gear the moment he hears you say you don’t feel well.
Leon researches chronic sinus remedies, and makes a whole kit of goodies for you when your pain starts to flair up.
Leon bought six humidifier machines. He may have gone a bit overboard, but it’s because he cares so much!
When your pain is really bad, Leon will do anything to make you feel better. And when he can’t make you feel better, he’ll be as supportive as possible.
Carlos Oliveira
The king of taking care of his partner. Carlos already has all the medicine/remedies ready to go.
He will take the day off and no you can’t stop this man from taking care of you.
Carlos strongly believes that good food and humor can heal anything. Alongside medicine of course. He will personally cook your favorite dishes to help you recover!
Carlos doesn’t really leave your side while you’re recovering. He has all the remedies you need, and all the humor!
Carlos is just a big sad puppy dog until you start to feel better. He just wants his s/o to feel better!!
Piers Nivans
When Piers gets the phone call that you’re home sick due to your sinus pain, he’s home in a heartbeat.
Piers personally gets really bad sinus pain as well, so he already has a whole set up at home.
Piers will make you some tea, turn the humidifier on, and hand you a hot compress to help with your pain.
He also makes sure you get nice and comfy. You’ve taken care of him plenty of times, now it’s his turn.
Lots of soft kisses and cuddles! How could this puppy not crawl into bed with you and snuggle!!??
Ethan Winters
Husband of the YEAR award goes to this man.
Ethan like magically knows when your sinus pain is acting up. Before you could even register what’s happening, Ethan already has you snuggled up on the couch, a hot compress on your face and the humidifier on.
He will cook whatever you want, get you plenty to drink, and overall be a positive support while you recover.
Ethan can thankfully work from home, so he’ll just pull up his laptop and cuddle beside you as you nap.
10/10 best caregiver out of the group, husband material AF
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steelport · 8 hours ago
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This is not how I imagined my first day...
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killercardiagn · 2 days ago
Chreon doodle
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sassiest-captain · 2 days ago
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Crawled out of one hole, and into another - Luis
It feels like there's more meaning to this line. Anyways, I can't help but notice Leon's daddy long legs.
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ashiemochi · 9 hours ago
Ashie would Leon like it if you painted on him 👉👈👉👈👉👈 creating pretty sunsets and galaxies on his skin and ejebwjebeiebej
bc im an artist and think drawing on people is smth v fun to me and lowkey intimate (TO ME. I ENJOY DOODLING ON PEOPLE I LIKE-), this came out a bit more self-indulgent than I wanted it to be </3 i'd draw on you
why does this blurb hold a close place to my heart already, idk, but I'm not gonna look so much into it </3
Leon would be a bit hesitant at first, knowing the chemicals in paint are toxic. Hell, he witnessed you drinking from your paint water cup and go through five stages of 'holy-fuck-my-stomach-is-DYING'. Besides, he didn't think his body was a clean blank canvas. Scars painted them before you got to do it first with colours and brushes.
You had a habit of doodling mindlessly, especially if you were in a bad mood. Leon picked up on it when you were sitting on the couch with a pen in your hand, drawing little shrooms and flowers on your arm.
So when he found you by the coffee table after a long day of work and commissions with a pen in your hand, he knew you needed a canvas. A live one.
"Hey, sweetheart." Leon greeted you gently, kneeling down beside your form, "Whatcha doodling over there?"
"Nothin'" You mumbled and he peered over at your arm. You were drawing clouds.
"I like that one," He praised, tenderly taking your arm into his hand to get a closer look at the swirly clouds and your tired eyes looked up at him.
"Really?" You looked back down at it, tilting your head a little with a frown, "I think it looks like cotton candy."
Leon chuckled, caressing your skin with his thumb, biting back the urge to say 'and you taste like one' but instead nodded at your used up alcohol wipes, "How long have you been at this?"
You glanced at the ink dyed wipes, grumbling, "About 30 minutes? My skin feels like it's gonna burn off."
Leon clicked his tongue, "Can't have you do that to yourself then."
Your eyebrows shot up when he began unbuttoning his shirt then smiled apologetically, cheeks dusted a little red, "Leon, I'm sorry but I'm really not in the mood."
He laughed a little at that, "I'm aware of that, sweetheart. How about you use me as your canvas instead?"
Your eyes perked up at his, visibly lighting up, "Really?"
"Really." He slipped it off completely, setting it onto the couch behind you, "Now hurry up before I change my mind."
In his years of knowing you, he never saw you run so fast to your painting room and return with a handful of paint and a small pink cup of water.
"Alright, Picasso," Leon stretched, making your eyes scan his toned chest and your canvas, "Where do you want me to be?"
On the couch is where you wanted him to sit and you on his lap. Leon could practically see the tiredness in your eyes shift to a more relaxed one, eyes soft with love as they followed your brush leaving behind a trail of orange mixed with space purple.
His hands were on your hips, caressing your skin through his shirt that you always 'borrowed'. You'd sometimes smudge in a line between two colours with the tip of your finger, tracing the faint scar right under his collarbone.
For his comfort, you made sure to go gentler on his scars, muttering 'so beautiful' and 'pretty' under your breath subconsciously because his scars showed how much he was giving to the world; how much he was doing to keep the people safe.
Leon found the moment soothing, contrasting deeply with his line of work. You within his reach and more, painting his skin with a picture so ethereal, he wouldn't wish for something more. His blue eyes gazed at yours lovingly, you not noticing his love-struck orbs.
When you finally did, your cheeks turned redder at the intensity of his stare. Not out of discomfort, but at how much adoration he was emitting without saying a word.
Leon closed the distance between your lips to lace his with yours ever so tenderly, but he made sure to not move his chest much as to not mess up your painting.
"You mean so much to me, alright? Don't feel shy coming to me when you need me." He whispered against your lips when you two parted, "I'll be here whenever and wherever you want me to be."
Your eyes stung slightly with tears, having been feeling overwhelmed with everything, and you nodded, smiling softly which he returned.
"Thank you, Leon."
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arietis-art · 2 days ago
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I had the sketch of this thinking Leon a few weeks ago, but I never knew why he would be like this. Now yes!... well, no, but it doesn't matter.
PS: ignore the right elbow, I still don't know the perspective of things xDD
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pyersiki · 2 days ago
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RE2 concept art redraw!
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alamusprime · 16 hours ago
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Tempers are rising.
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*X Gon' Give It To Yah playing*Just please! LEAVE ME ALONEEE! IM BEGGING UUUU!!!!!
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scariusaquarius · 2 days ago
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His hand was rubbing the flesh of your ass, buting his lip as you stayed obedient and quiet while bent over his lap. The cobalt blue lingerie that you were wearing just for him was torn and ruined thanks to his uncaring hands, but that was what he enjoyed: seeing you a torn up mess.
Despite your silence, you were squirming with every pass his palm made over your skin, and Leon smacked your ass hard as you squirmed a little too much.
A small whine left your lips, and Leon chuckled, the feeling of his fingerless gloves that he kept on just for you a strange but sexy sensation. He could see between your legs, a red and most-likely throbbing neglected sex just begging to be touched, but Leon wasn't going to give in to such silent begs.
"You know the rules."
Yes, you did. You knew them very well, and yet you just couldn't help but be greedy.
No teasing Daddy when he's at work.
Leon spanked your ass hard, making you whimper and clutch onto the couch as Leon swatted another straight after.
"Yet, you keep breaking them...will you keep being bad if I break you?"
SMACK! Another cry, and you were throbbinh, aching to be touched and fucked by your man.
No touching yourself unless Daddy says so.
"I mean, you couldn't even wait until I got home to touch yourself...such a greedy one, aren't you? It's unbecoming, you know."
You whined and keened as Leon's fingers pressed against the puckered hole of your ass, watching the way you almost bucked your ass right into position.
"Ah, ah, Daddy isn't satisfied yet. Get that ass back down."
He spanked you harder, harder than any other spanking he had given you, and you finally cried out his name, tears of need running down your cheeks.
No cumming without Daddy's permission.
"You knew the rules and you chose to break them."
His voice was firm, self-explanatory, and impatient. You knew the rules, you had broken them, and bow you were going to pay for them. Leon spanked you again, and you whimpered.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'll be good, I swear!"
"Too late for apologies, baby. Should have thought about that before you decided to get greedy."
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apathetxcs · a day ago
the world ; hey bitch you wanna survive a zombie virus outbreak??
leon ; my mom says that will turn me into an alcoholic
the world ; probably!!
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kirkshouseplant · a day ago
Jill: You guys are aware that that stuff is going to kill you right?
Leon, pouring a shot of whiskey: That's the point
Chris, lighting a cigarette: We're trying to speed it up.
*Ethan nods while eating raw cookie dough*
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“you’re a long way from home, cowboy” (open image for better quality + details)
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Edit: thank you for all the love! ❤
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a fictional man: *is kinda fucked up*
me: i want him so bad
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