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Love letter game !! ♥

You have chosen : for my birthday, I’m opening a love letter game ! 📖🎲💌

To be even more cool & great, you could choose between :

💌 fluff love letter

💌 marriage proposal love letter

💌 angst love letter (with a fluffy end or a bad end, please let me know what you prefer)

💌 & apologizing love letter

I can do it for these fandoms : Fire Emblem, Pokemon, Dragon Quest & Rune Factory. If you want do add another one, just ask for it ! ♥

Be as precise as possible about the letter you want & the character ! 💌♥

The game starts now & will end on March 28th 💋

Enjoy my lovelies !! ♥💌♥


Originally posted by carefreejules

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Lionheartshipping 馃拸 19

Fifty ways to kiss someone

19. …for luck.

Leon’s hand pressed into the small of her back, bringing Sonia closer as he kissed her hard. Sonia held onto his shoulders, head spinning from the suddenness of the kiss. When he pulled back, she continued to hold onto him, afraid she’d drop if she let go.

“What was that for?” The question tumbled out of her mouth before she thought about how it sounded, and immediately reddened. “I-I mean it was–. I liked–. It wasn’t bad, but…?”

He grinned, unperturbed by her stammering. No doubt he found some sort of pride in it. “For luck. For your match later,” he said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Shouldn’t it be for your match? You’re the one about to battle.”

Surprise flickered across his face, genuinely caught off guard, as if he hadn’t thought about what Sonia had just pointed out. It didn’t last long, however, and his grin returned wider than before.

“Oh, I don’t need luck. There’s no way I’m gonna lose, not to anybody.”

Sonia laughed. Leon was just too much for her.

“You big dummy…”

She wished she had half the confidence that Leon did. He truly was something else.

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I love your Leon cosplay - if I can ask, how on earth did you make the shirt? It's fantastic (also the hair and the cape and...)

Aaaa thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it!!

The shirt was made out of spandex blend, all of the logos on it I made digitally and are were put on the shirt with iron on sports flex vinyl through a Cricut machine! (Which is basically a fancy vinyl cutter, my sister has one)

The wig is an Arda Jareth Long in Grape with extra wefts also!!

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