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#leona kingscholar
alextheoreo2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland Actor AU : Random Facts
some random facts about the cast
- While filming the Scarabia arc, Crowley wore his 'vacation clothes' the whole time
- Epel, Ortho and Yuu are the resident cutie pies
- secretly gremlins
- After Overblot scenes, Crowley coddles Yuu
- Leona's actually really nice, he's like that super chill uncle that visits everyone and gives them really good advice
- Trein's wife made everyone cookies when she visits!!!!!!!!
- Lilia's actually younger than Leona (o>O)
- When characters talk about their families, Ace was originally going to talk about his 'cousin' but said older brother out of habit
- Cater still teases him about that
- Vine quotes on a daily basis
- The apple juice Epel gets during chapter 5 was all real, he's actually a country boy
- country boyyyyyy, i love youuuuuuuuu
- Crewel has to constantly be with Kalim during interviews to make sure he doesn't spoil anything
- For the story, they kept Jade as how he normally looks
- So Floyd wears wigs and contacts to look like him
- But Floyd has natural black hair and bright yellow eyes
- Cater actually doesn't mind sweets
- Ruggie definitely tried the plastic wrap on the door frame prank
- Everyone had to do a quiz to see if they fit their dorm
- Basically everyone being wholesome and good friends with sprinkles of chaos and discourse everywhere
- During the Octavinelle arc, when they get electrocuted, it's actually really overexaggerated but it was funny so they kept it in
- Everyone hated swimming with their clothes on
- Especially the costume designers
- Azul hates his 'tentacles' with a burning passion, sure they look neat, but they're heavy and he trips over them a lot
- Crowley has a 'worlds okayest dad' mug lol
- Sebek lost his voice once and everyone lost their minds lmao
- Malleus can and will hold Yuu like a baby, even though they don't like it
- Sam gives everyone candy hsdhjdhgjsh
- Sometimes he pulls a robert downey jr and hides snacks on set so he can eat them
- Everyone gave up on stopping him
- They all go nuts during the events
- Beans Day had lots of actual fights
- lol
- All in all, just wholesome, fluffy chaos all around
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hello hello! i loved your married life headcanons! would you mind doing one for leona?
Married life with Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
Despite wanting to be the centre of attention, Leona found the grand celebration quite tedious. Having to politely answer everyone's congratulations was annoying, especially when Cheka jumped on him and nearly knocked him over. But seeing you in your wedding attire, smiling as your friends gushed over you, was worth every minute spent under the hot Savanna sun.
Not social, he'd rather take his share of the work into his office and stay there for the rest of the day. But unfortunately, he is still a royal, so you both will have to attend meetings and balls often. At least you can show up in style 馃し.
He likes playing chess with you, especially if you're on the same level as him. If you don't know how to play, he'd like to teach you, if you're up for it.
Your schedules are going to be swamped often, so he treasures all the time you have together. You never know what could happen, especially as a famous royal. One of his favourite things to do with you is to go sightseeing, where you can admire all of the beauty nature has to offer.
My king/queen/liege? Hell yeah. Leona only marries you if he sees you as an equal, so you deserve only the most extravagant pet names, beffiting of your title 馃憫.
If you were to get a pet, he would settle for a dog. A smart, non-playful, good for cuddling dog. Perfect. Even if you chose to get one of the brightest, most playful dog you could find, he wouldn't have the heart to bring it back, and would just entertain it whenever he can.
Farena accepts you as part of the family in a heartbeat, welcoming you with a bear hug and a hearty laugh. Cheka follows along, jumping into your arms and babbling animatedly about the shenanigans he's been getting into. Be prepared to face these sunshines everyday from now. If they overwhelm you, you can be overwhelmed with Leona.
All in all, you've married yourself into the royal Kingscholar family. Was it worth it? May your marriage last for years to come~
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pet-pet-peeta day ago
Could i request the dorm leaders reacting to their m!s/o who turned into a f!s/o due to a potion mishap? Thank you 鉂ゐ煡
Oh my~ I really wonder lolol
100 follower event
200 follower event
Tw: I headcanon them to be pansexual for the sake of these fanfics, so please understand that I鈥檒l write them as being attracted to anyone for any reason. I am not trying to support the false idea that gay men have to find 鈥渢he right woman鈥 to not be gay, and if you are gay I support you 100%. I am also wanting to make it clear that this is a crack post and is NOT in ANY WAY meant to be harmful to anyone who is trans, I support you and your identity 100%.
That was a lot, but I want to make my and, I鈥檓 sure, Anon鈥檚 intentions with this post very clear. If you think it will be offensive to you, or triggering to you, please do not read it. Taking care of your mental health is the most important
* This is male reader, but I generally don鈥檛 use many gendered terms in my writing..just know that I鈥檒l opt more for masculine ones if I add any (aka, probably good for anyone, but the occasional gendered term will be male)
Whew..all that out of the way...Here you go!
Pairing(s): Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x male reader who accidentally get affected by a gender changing potion (separate)
He didn鈥檛 really notice what happened to you-
Tumblr media
He was focusing on his project during lab, and then all of a sudden there was a puff of smoke from where you stood
He panicked, moving through the smoke and swatting it away while covering his mouth as he tries to reach you
When he does, he blushed as he stared at your rosy cheeks
Your form looked more feminine now, which made him..incredibly confused
I look great! It鈥檚 just shocking
He starts looking at the recipe you were assigned to replicate, trying to figure out if it was mislabelled or if you accidentally made a mistake when mixing them together
He couldn鈥檛 find anything, he asked Trey if he could figure out a way to change you back
Trey gets his science club together to look through all the recipes and try to find a reversal
He skipped class when the transformation happened, so you got to see his first reaction when you calmed down
Riddle is relieved when they can change you back; he loved you regardless of your gender, but he never wanted you to be in an uncomfortable situation like that again
Tumblr media
He knew right off that your scent was..odd, and that made him slightly concerned
When he seeked you out and saw a girl instead of his boyfriend, he was so confused..
He stared at you for a bit, analyzing your eyes, face shape, height, etc.
Then asks if you鈥檙e an unknown twin sister, lmao
You explain the situation to him, hoping that he understood it was just temporary and wouldn鈥檛 affect you for too long
He didn鈥檛 like that, though, so he swallowed his pride (only for you) and asked Vil if he could help
It might take a little bit of convincing, but, since Vil likes you, he decides to help you out
Has a potion for you in no time and you鈥檙e all set!
He was trying to help you figure out the ingredients..but you had accidentally, confidently, added an ingredient that didn鈥檛 belong-
Leona says that you鈥檙e never going back to that class, and you鈥檙e gonna just ditch with him from then on so it doesn鈥檛 happen again
Tumblr media
He didn鈥檛 notice, he was reading through the recipe to figure out what to do next..only to find his handsome boyfriend had turned into a beautiful girlfriend-
Was...definitely shocked-
He immediately turned around and started looking for a recipe to switch you back, not wanting you to be uncomfortable
He didn鈥檛 realize that you鈥檇 notice how flustered he was at your state-
Tease him, omg he gets so flustered but pretends not to be
Him trying to whip up a potion to help save you while you flirt dramatically, for some reason that鈥檚 very entertaining to me-
He makes the potion, but asks if you really want to take it
Your transformation isn鈥檛 permanent, but if you鈥檙e having fun he doesn鈥檛 want to take that away from you-
He accidentally threw the potion at you-
Holds onto the potion anyway, just in case you change your mind (assuming you said no)
Tumblr media
And the poor thing was so scared- he thought you were hurt
When the smoke cleared, though, he smiled brightly
Immediately says you look beautiful, and compliments galore
Then he asks if you want him to find a way to change you back
He will, just to be safe, but Jamil鈥檚 probably the one really doing all of the work ^^;
In the meantime, he hangs out with you and does the same stuff you two always do
When Jamil brings you the potion to help you, he lets you or Kalim keep it, not really wanting to keep it
Kalim will love you regardless, and honestly just appreciates you no matter how you look
It鈥檚 unimaginable..he messed up a simple skincare mixture?
Though, he will laugh this incident off and tell it鈥檚 story all the time
Tumblr media
He wanted to help you with skincare and self care in general..but he messed up the recipe
Feels very guilty and makes you new skincare products and tries to look into the incident to help you
He asks if you鈥檙e uncomfortable in your new body, and asks if there鈥檚 anything he can do to help you
He has a potion to help you pretty quickly, so you don鈥檛 have to wait too long
You do try to mess with his Magicam audience while he鈥檚 at it, though-
You鈥檒l post selfies with him working in the background and pretend to be your twin sister-
He has a whole plethora of notifications with confused comments and scolds you when you change back
He makes you apologize to his poor fanbase, how could you lie to them like that? Shame
He wasn鈥檛 in class, deciding the event on his game was wayyy more important
Lowkey finds the reaction funny, though, and it gives him a lot of traction, sooo-
Tumblr media
Does get a glimpse of you getting absorbed into a cloud of smoke through his tablet, though
Poor bean is so scared for you immediately
He even abandoned his game for you, running to make it to the classroom with Ortho close behind
He became so flustered when he found you standing normally...almost
Your feminine appearance was unexpected..and made him blush since he wasn鈥檛 expecting it
He doesn鈥檛 really know how to help..and is really awkward when talking to you-
He wants to, though! It鈥檚 just..very hard for him to wrap his head around at first
When he gets himself together, he finds some help from other dorm leaders and teachers to change you back
He forgot to come to class
He would鈥檝e been more involved, you just caught him off guard!
Tumblr media
Honestly, the day just kinda flew by for him
So he just visited you in your dorm that night
Uh- or..he wanted to..who鈥檚 the strange girl there, though?
He hums as he realizes the situation and you explain everything to him
He smiles and pats your head, saying to leave everything to him
Then asks about your day, like- Malleus, dear..he just told you about his day?
Stays with you for the night, but is gone the next morning
Comes into your class with Lilia, who鈥檚 holding another potion for you
Well...he did say he鈥檇 handle it, he really wasted no time-
*All Images are official art from Twisted Wonderland and do not belong to me. They are the Lab Coat Groovy card art
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twstxreadera day ago
Hello :) May I request the vice dorm leaders with a s/o who has a bad habit of biting their fingernails when anxious?
I've been trying to kick the habit myself for years to mixed results but I'm trying my best ^_^!
(Also this is a reminder to drink water! And don't feel pressured to do the request!)
Im so sorry this took so long!!!!
When i was younger i had this problem and it really fucked with my nails but i managed to sort it out so ik it can be hard, maybe try something else that helps when your anxious or something :)
AND THANK YOU:D make sure you stay hydrated
Riddle likes to hold your hand a lot its like a comfort for him
So one day when your really anxious and saw you bite your nail
He got really confused and gently led you to a more private place and held your hands asking why you were doing that as he runs his thumb over your knuckles in comfort
As you explain he would nod understanding completely
Riddle asked that maybe he could help you with? Like when he sees you biting your nail he could gently guide your hands away and hold them or distract you or lead you away form the thing get anxious
Riddle is a very attentive lover and cares a lot for you though sometimes he does get flustered
Leona may seem like a grumpy cat who doesn't care about much but he loves you dearly and cares for your wellbeing
So at when he sees you biting your nails anxiously and leads you to a quiet place
He takes your hand and looks at your nail then he looks up at you with a confused face
When you explain je doesn't really get it but he knows that you shouldn't really do it
When he sees you do it then he would grab your hands away from your face then kiss your noes like bb no
Azul tbh would understand this bc when he was younger and more anxious he would pick at his nails and even bite them at times
So when he sees you doing that he takes your hands and places gentle kisses on your hands saying its alright and that he understands
Azul would always keep his eye out to help you to not do it
He would even buy you some things to fidget with
He would gasp and almost tear up when he sees your nails thinking you hurt yourself or something like that (?)
But when you shyly explain why they're like that he would nod understandingly
Then smile whirly kissing your forehead saying that if you'd like he wil help you with stopping yourself or at least trying!
You nod and smile
Everytime he sees you get anxious or you let him know he would take you somewhere quiet and give you many kisses
(that's his way of helping bless his heart)
Vil tbh would be a little confused and a little grossed out by it at first but when you tell him about why and that he would like feel guilty like- aaa-
He would hold your hands and run his thumb over your knuckles telling you thay he could try and help if you would like
As you nod he smiles gently
Vil would get you that nail polish that like stop you from biting your nails or at least puts you off it (it's like this clear nail polish that when dried tastes gross so it kind of puts you off it if that makes sense)
When idia notices your hands he understands bc he does it sometimes but has slowly got out of the habit of it
So he would shyly hold your hands asking if your ok and why
You explain it to him and he would and asks if you'd like him to suggest some things that helped him out
He'd also get ortho to help you aswell by that if at any point ortho sees you bite your nails ortho would gently guide your hands away and try and help your anxiety thingy -
Malleus would notices one time when you were having one of your guys nightly walks and you two are holding each others hand
He would be fiddling with your fingers bc he does that and it's adorably and would notices something strange about your nails
He would lift your hand up closer to his face so he could get a better looks and when he sees he gets a concerned look on his face as he looks over to you asking what happened
As you explain he would nod and kiss your head telling you its ok and that he will try and hell out his child of man
You'd smile and nod
What Malleus would do is that everytime he sees you doing it he would distract you with his magic by maybe making a small dragon made out of his green flames fly around distracting you
Or he would gently lead you away to calm you down
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sammo-writes-whatever2 days ago
Yandere Savvanaclaw Headcanons!
Part 2 of @forcebewitht鈥嬧榮 birthday gift!馃巶
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar - Yandere Type:
Possessive, Lucid, Kinda Aggressive?
鈿滐笍馃 This lazy lion thinks that life has already been unfair to him enough, and that he absolutely deserves the Prefect and also doesn't at the same time. (Make up your mind, Leona!)
鈿滐笍馃 Before the kidnapping, (he totally will, don鈥檛 test him.) lion boi just sends Ruggie to fetch them for him. He absolutely no motivation to do it himself. Ruggie doesn鈥檛 care. He feels bad for them, sure, but Leona is his only ticket out of the slums, and besides, messing with Leona鈥檚 darling is a death wish.
鈿滐笍馃 Leona will聽let Malleus sit on his lap before admitting how attached he is to his darling. Back in the palace, he-, he has nobody else.聽A family who thinks he鈥檚 just dead weight on the Kingscholar name, a bunch of servants who see him as an intimidating and ruthless prince. They鈥檙e the only one he has.
鈿滐笍馃 When Leona takes them into his room and doesn鈥檛 let them leave, he expects them to follow his every order. Better do it if they don鈥檛 want to face the consequences. If he wants to nap, they better want to nap, too. If he wants them to brush his hair, they should have the hairbrush in hand and be gentle.
鈿滐笍馃 He鈥檚 totally envious of his brother, and he鈥檚 actually terrified that Farena might do something to take his darling away from him when Leona graduates and whisks them off to the palace. As long as you don鈥檛 mention Farena or Malleus, his jealousy is very easy to maintain.
Tumblr media
Ruggie Bucchi - Yandere Type:
Stalker, Manipulative, Possessive
馃崺 Ruggie grew up in the slums, so he really never got to have anything to himself. He thinks it鈥檚 his right to be selfish after being deprived of everything for so long. (gee i wonder who ELSE fits that criteria. I don鈥檛 know, must be the charons!)
馃崺 He feels inclined to watch them from a distance, making sure he learns as much as he can about them. Also, it lets him know who they鈥檝e been talking to, and the like, so he can arrange a little accident for these people, later.
馃崺 When he finally makes a move, stalking聽gathering information proved to be very useful! He casually brings up things, and acts surprised when they say they agree.
馃崺 He might just kidnap the Prefect when he comes to the festival for VDC, storing them in whatever place he鈥檚 staying, and bringing them to the Afterglow Savvana once the his fourth year is done. It鈥檚 not like they need to go to school there, anyways, with them being magicless.
Tumblr media
Jack Howl - Yandere Type:
Protective, Lucid, Possessive
馃惡馃 Our Tsundere wolf is just one of the softest yans you can get in twst! He knows how he feels is wrong, but he thinks that leaving them be is putting them in danger, and he would never聽want nor put them in danger. He鈥檚 their future mate for life, it鈥檚 his responsibility to keep them safe!
馃惡馃 Pre-kiddnaping, he would try to stay as close to them as possible. He wants their trust, and heightening that before he takes them to his room (and eventually home) will possibly help them be more comfortable.
馃惡馃 He tries to make things as good for them as possible in his room, putting books they might like in there, keeping his cactuses somewhere else in case they prick themselves, everything. Just please ignore the fact that he has to keep the room soundproof, and the windows and door locked.
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emyluwinter2 days ago
Text Inspired by this video. Leona hears Yuu's voice- What a handsome man~
Leona grins, feeling his pride overwhelm him. He's used to compliments.
He is already preparing to answer when he notices that no attention is paid to him at all.
Yuu meanwhile, looking at a beautiful striped stray cat that rubs against their legs - How are you doing, handsome?
Leona sneaking up behind Yuu with her deep strong voice
- Meow~
Yuu jumps on the spot - Eh??
Turning around, they see Leona's smug grin and immediately blush. - Leona!? (//>__< //) ?
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night-raven-collegea day ago
Description:聽The Dark Mirror offers you a way out. You take it.
Trigger Warnings:聽Implied depression, death
鈥淗ave you found a way for me to go back home yet?鈥 you asked Crowley, whom by now you were sure was possibly the most incompetent Headmaster in the world, if not the universe.
鈥溾ell鈥o,鈥 he admitted. 鈥淚 have been very busy with school matters, and especially with the Overblots, it had been hard to squeeze in time for research-鈥
You sighed loudly, interrupting him. 鈥淚 see.鈥
聽 You opened the door to the exit. 鈥淭hank you for your time, Headmaster.鈥
Grim鈥檚 snores were loud as usual, but it didn鈥檛 stop your eyes from drooping with drowsiness.
The dorm was darker than usual that night, with only the stars glowing softly, and the light of faraway lanterns. You rolled over in your bed, a creak emitting from the floorboards.
聽 You wondered to yourself, had the Headmaster really been searching for a way for you to go home? You really doubted it.
And since you were on the subject of exits, how had you arrived at this 鈥楾wisted Wonderland鈥 again?聽
聽 A hand in a mirror鈥
Yes, a mirror鈥
聽 The mirror of Ramshackle Dorm glowed softly, and you prepared yourself for the next dream.
But what you saw was a face.
The face you saw in Dark Mirror, but floating in your mirror instead, surrounded with glowing flames just like the day you arrived. What the hell鈥?
聽 鈥淪o, you wish to return home?鈥 it asked. 鈥淵ou regret taking the hand?鈥
鈥溾 want to go home,鈥 you answered.
鈥溾ery well.鈥 You could not tell what it was thinking. Its face faded away, as a familiar grey hand appeared in the mirror. 鈥淭ake the hand, and do not let go.鈥
聽 You were going home鈥!
You reached out happily, reached out towards your exit, your salvati-
What about Grim? He was only half a student without you, what would he do without you? He might be expelled鈥
And Ace and Deuce, your best friends鈥ow would they react to you disappearing?
And Tsunotaro鈥ou had so looked forward to seeing him again鈥
聽 Perhaps you should wait first. Make some preparations. Inform people of your departure-
As you hesitated, the grimy grey hand reached out and clutched yours, everything and everyone fading to black.
You were home.
聽 The first thing you had woken up and seen was the harsh white ceiling of a hospital. The first thing you had heard was the talking of the nurses, occasional cries of 鈥楶atient 69 is awake!鈥
聽 You were in a coma; they had told you. You had been in a coma for a very long time.
You hoped it wasn鈥檛 one of those comas that went on for years and years, and everyone you knew was dead, but they had reassured you that wasn鈥檛 the case. You had been out for a few months.
聽 The doctors had kept you in hospital for a few days after you woke up, just to monitor you, before sending you home, declaring you to be in good condition.
聽 People crying out of happiness, tight hugs, affection; you accepted it all with open arms. And yet, as you wrapped yourself in their love, you couldn鈥檛 help but notice that empty feeling in your heart.
It would go away with time.
Or so you thought.
聽 You eventually returned to school and met up with your old friends.
They were nice.
Nice. That鈥檚 all you could say about them. Before you would have been able to list off their virtues and vices by heart, but all you could say now, is 鈥榥ice,鈥 a pathetic description if anything.
聽 They weren鈥檛 bad people. You weren鈥檛 a bad person.
You had changed.
They had changed.
聽 That was all.
聽 School wasn鈥檛 as bad as usual, the teachers all taking pity on you, the student who woke up from a coma.聽
鈥業f it鈥檚 too hard, just tell me, and I鈥檒l help.鈥
鈥榊ou don鈥檛 need to do the parts of the homework you can鈥檛 understand.鈥
鈥業f you still don鈥檛 understand this concept, you鈥檙e welcome to drop by after school, and I鈥檒l explain it to you in more detail.鈥
Stuff like that. It wasn鈥檛 especially bad; rather good actually. An easier workload was a nice thing.聽
聽 Days passed by, and one day your dear friend came up to you, sobbing about how her boyfriend had broken up with her over text.
You looked at her.
She looked at you.
聽 Before this, you would have felt a fiery rage bloom inside you, and you would have no doubt badmouthed said boyfriend to no end, before hugging your friend and telling her聽everything was going to be alright.
You waited for that rage.
But it never came. All you could feel was that hollow, empty feeling, like you were an old vase which had been left in an attic for who knows how long, dust gathering on the delicate porcelain as the bright colours of paint faded away.
Then you realised.
You just didn鈥檛 care anymore.
聽 Sociopaths. You knew only of them from movies and books and whatnot, and you knew very well that the media was pretty terrible at portraying matters of the mind, but all the same, you recalled how sociopaths supposedly didn鈥檛 feel empathy. Like the part of them that made them unmistakably human was dead.
That part of you wasn鈥檛 dead.
You had just left it behind in Ramshackle Dorm.
聽 The days slowly faded away into a dull monochrome as you sleepwalked your way through life, trying everything you could to bring colour back to your world. Skipping classes, studying, trying new hobbies, taking dangerous risks.
Nothing worked.
聽 鈥淐lass, pay attention to this concept, because you very well come across it again in the future鈥︹ said the teacher, writing聽
The future.
That鈥檚 right.聽
You knew exactly what the future held for you,
You would finish school with a聽nice聽sending-off ceremony, then you would go to a聽nice聽college, then you would get a聽nice聽job, then you would get a聽nice聽partner, then you would start a聽nice聽family, then you would grow old and have a聽nice聽retirement.
And then you would die.
How pathetic.
聽 You raised your hand. 鈥淪ir, may I go to the bathroom.鈥
鈥淐an鈥檛 it wai-鈥 The teacher stopped in his tracks when he saw that it was聽you聽who was asking. 鈥淥f course.鈥
聽 You walked out of the class without a word.
You stared at yourself in the bathroom mirror. You looked perfectly healthy, except for your eyes.
Your eyes were dull, cold, unfeeling.
聽 You had been given a taste of something colourful, something twisted, something magical, and now it had been taken from you, you wanted聽more.
Headmaster Crowley had told you that you had a great potential to become a Beast Trainer, to be able to unite the mages of the Twisted Wonderland.
A Beast Trainer, of all things!
And you had thrown it all away, for this pathetic,聽nice聽life.
Nice聽just wasn鈥檛 enough anymore. Spending so much time in Night Raven College must have twisted you a little, because all you could think was,聽I want more, I want more, I want more.
鈥業 want.鈥 How selfish. How bad of you to think of such a thing, what would your family think?
But you didn鈥檛 care, not anymore.
Besides, what鈥檚 wrong with being a little bad?
聽 鈥淚 want more鈥︹ you murmured to yourself.
聽 The three magic words.
聽 The harsh white lights of the bathroom dimmed as swirling purple flames appeared around your reflection, the familiar face of the Dark Mirror appearing.
鈥淚 have heard your wish,鈥 declared its booming voice. It sounded proud, smug, almost. 鈥淚f you want to return, then take the hand in the mirror.鈥
That familiar hand appeared in the mirror; its grimy fingers spread out.
聽 This time, there was no hesitation. You took the hand.
You shot up in your bed and looked around.
Ramshackle Dorm: you were home!
聽 You picked up the sleeping Grim from his sleeping place on the ground, and hugged him, laughing. 鈥淕rim!鈥
鈥淥wowow!鈥 screeched the grey, furry creature. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e squishing me, y鈥檏now!鈥
鈥淪orry, sorry,鈥 you apologised, still chuckling from happiness. 鈥淚t鈥檚 just so great to see you again!鈥
鈥淗uh, what are you talking about?鈥 Grim looked genuinely confused.
You quickly put the pieces together, deducing that you probably were away for only a short amount of time in this world, seeing that it was morning, and Grim wasn鈥檛 acting any different.
鈥淐ome on, we have to get to class.鈥 You grinned.
You had become human again.
The doctor gritted his teeth as the unmistakable sound of a flatline rung in his ears. 鈥淚t鈥檚 no use. They鈥檙e gone.鈥
聽 It was so聽strange.聽There was no sign of any issues according to the records, and yet鈥
You had just鈥
Stopped living.
聽 The only signs of foul play were the smell of smoke and a shattered bathroom mirror, hardly anything. The doctor doubted that it would lead anywhere at all.
聽 At least you had went with a smile on your face.
Thank you for the submission babe, I am so sorry it took me so long to get it! I loved reading it, thank you!
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Leona and Raven have such enemies to lovers energy and I鈥檓 LIVING for it! Sad that we didn鈥檛 get much more of it after ebg :(
Not gonna lie 馃槵 Sometimes when I read Leona's personal stories, I find myself liking him a lot little more. They do a much better job at showing off his cunning than... well, whatever the mess that was chapter 2 did.
Then I think about entertaining the Raven x Leona ship again, but I never fully commit to it (I sort of mentioned it in a few of their birthday posts here, here, and here though!) 馃槀 Mostly because I don't want to prove my friends and some readers right about swerving for djfbasidbasdbas the fucking cat man (if you're reading this right now, you know exactly who you are).
But hey, have a tidbit anyway--
Tumblr media
"... What are you supposed to be, Canary?"
"Can't you tell? I'm a swan."
Raven gave a little twirl in her costume--a pure white, puffy-sleeved leotard and tutu combo, legs decorated in tights and feet tucked into beribboned ballet slippers. Periwinkle tulle and golden ribbons flared out from beneath her skirt, and glittering accessories hung off her wrists and neck. A fluffy, feathered headpiece adorned the sides of her face, and--to top it all off--a small crown rested atop her carefully curled hair.
Most would gaze upon such an outfit and worry about how quickly it would dirty, or, at the very least, make a passing comment (whether genuine or out of pity) on how "cute" it was.
Not Leona.
He scowled. "So you just changed from one bird to another. I don't see how that's meant to be scary. You missed the whole point of Halloween."
"Don't underestimate swans! They can be super scary! Have you ever heard one hiss when it's angry?! And they have large, powerful wings! They can be really aggressive if they're provoked! Once, a swan bullied me right out of its lake, and I couldn't fly straight for three whole days!"
"Uh-huh." The lazy tone of Leona's voice implied he didn't believe her. "It sounds to me like someone just wanted an excuse to be a pretty little princess in the middle of a den of monsters."
"Oh, so you're finally confess that you're a monster," Raven shot back sarcastically, her feathers bristling in annoyance. "I'm proud of you, Leona-san."
"Yeah, that's right." He smirked, casually laying a hand on the handle of his sheathed sword--plastic, but painted silver and studded with golden shells. "I'm a big, scary monster... and if you don't watch your back, I'm going to steal you away."
"You've basically already done that once before."
"And I'm not above doing it again." Leona cocked his head, his smirk widening to reveal a flash of wicked teeth. "Seeing as how it went so well last time."
"You wouldn't."
"What makes you so sure?" Leona demanded, inching closer--his shadow shielding Raven's small form. With a patch of black fabric concealing his left eye, only the emerald orb of his right one shone through the darkness as he leered down at her. Color against a colorless world.
She only came up to about his pectorals in height, so she found herself staring at the wall of muscle that was Leona's chest. Ordinarily, it wouldn't have been much of an issue--but thanks to the low cut of his frilly shirt, Leona's bare skin was in full view. Raven's gaze snaked up to meet his, her mouth affixed in a straight line.
"Y-You're going to die of a dreadful cold first," she replied, fighting to keep her voice deadpan in spite of her pink face.
"Am I?" Leona's chuckle was low and dark, reminding her of the rumble of thunder amidst a rolling storm. "I'm willing to bet you'd die of embarrassment before that."
"Neeeee~ Why're you guys whispering about someone dying over here? We're gonna leave you behind if you don't catch up!"
Raven jolted back as a bandaged eel shoved himself between the two of them, a carefree grin plastered on his face. "F-Floyd...!!"
"Tch." Leona's expression immediately soured.
Floyd laughed, wrapping an arm around the lion's shoulder and yanking on Raven's wrist. "Black Pearly and Sea Lion-senpai, you guys are taking this way too seriously. Just go with the flow~ We'll find everyone else sooner or later."
"Nah, don't count on it," Ace called from ahead of them. He laced his fingers together, pressed them against his cheek, and rapidly batted his eyelashes. "She's probably worried sick about rescuing your hunky dreamboat of a brother."
"H-Hey...! That's not what I--"
"Oooh, Jade-senpai!" Ace cried in an exaggerated falsetto, cutting off Raven's protests. "You're SO hot and reliable! You can feed me poison and step on me and mug me in broad daylight any day! Actually, lemme just hand you my wallet and spill all of my darkest secrets right now!"
"Ahahahah! Good one, Crab-chan! You sound just like her!" Floyd released Leona and Raven, scurrying over to give Ace a high-five.
"No, he doesn't!! And he's just putting words in my mouth!!" Raven complained, but neither basketball boy seemed to hear her.
鈥淗ere鈥檚 my diary, Jade-senpai!鈥 Ace continued, pantomiming handing Floyd a book. 鈥淚t has all of the fanfiction I wrote about our domestic life together and all of our future babies, not like that鈥檚 weird or anything!鈥
鈥淔ufu. Certainly, it is not strange at all. Thank you kindly for sharing this intimate piece of yourself with me, Miss Raven,鈥 Floyd replied, a mad look set in his eyes as he perfectly replicated his twin鈥檚 voice.
鈥淜yaaah, I鈥檓 sooo embarrassed!鈥
鈥淎re either of you listening?!鈥 Raven snapped, stomping a foot.
"It's pointless to argue with them. Just let them say whatever," Leona advised gruffly. "Not like anyone else is around to hear it.鈥
"You're hearing it!"
"So what if I am?鈥 Leona challenged, his emerald eye hardening. 鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing that I didn鈥檛 already know.鈥
Azul鈥檚 henchman #1 will always be first in your heart.
His chest twinged--and Leona shrugged it off, attributing the sting to his skin being exposed to the elements. Something sharp, a flash of hot and cold at the same time, intertwined in his veins.
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 seriously think I鈥檇 say half of the idiotic things Ace is, do you?鈥 Raven asked, folding her arms.聽鈥淗e sounds absolutely moronic!鈥
鈥淐uz you sound like that聽when you drool over Jade-senpai! How do you think I feel having to hear it every homeroom?鈥 Ace pointed out in the background. Floyd elbowed him with a snicker, and the duo burst out into another round of cackles.
鈥淣o,鈥 Leona confessed, forcing the hot and cold feeling down,聽鈥渂ut it鈥檚 hilarious watching you flail around denying it if it supposedly isn鈥檛 true.鈥
鈥淟eona-san, you monster!! You meanie...!!鈥
鈥淭hanks, I know I am.鈥
A monster that will never be first.
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twst-lottea day ago
饾悁饾惄饾惄饾惈饾悶饾悳饾悽饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾惄饾惃饾惉饾惌
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why is he so beautiful?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥潚嶐潚婐潚岎潚嗮潚, 饾挀饾拞饾拑饾拲饾拹饾拡饾挃 饾拏饾拸饾拝 饾拠饾拹饾拲饾拲饾拹饾挊饾挃 饾拏饾挀饾拞 饾拏饾拺饾拺饾挀饾拞饾拕饾拪饾拏饾挄饾拞饾拝鈥
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altbennetta day ago
Tumblr media
alternative is switching ruggie and leona
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alextheoreo2 days ago
TWST Boys When They Become Self-Aware
just everyone having an existential crisis
Riddle Rosehearts: oh b o y, when he finds out, he flips, ends up pacing around in his room overthinking things. he doesn't hate the player, but he despises the placement of Yuu because they're technically not you
Trey Clover: stress bakes, gifts them to Yuu, but wishes that he could reach through the screen to give you a cupcake
Ace Trapolla: hates it. he feels out of control and he hates it. he considers you a friend, even if he may not say it, and when he sees Yuu, he's reminded that they're just some husk meant to represent you
Deuce Spade: wants to distance himself from you but can't because of the script. tries to ignore it but he can't shake off that fake feeling
Cater Diamond: suddenly, things just got a lot more interesting. doesn't tell anyone and he probably finds a way to rig the gacha in his favor
Leona Kingscholar: another existential crisis, but it's worse. feels an intense hatred towards Yuu but because of script reasons, he can't really do anything and he feels so weak and it takes a huge hit to his pride and ego
Ruggie Bucchi: doesn't bother him that much, he just focuses on what he has and prefers to ignore that fact that everything is fabricated
Jack Howl: also prefers ignoring it, not like he can talk about it in the first place, the code prevents him from doing that. just decided on making sure that Yuu doesn't die
Azul Ashengrotto: hides in his octopus pot and thinks for hours. desperately wants to tell someone but he's 99.99% sure no one will believe him
Jade Leech: one of the few who can break himself away from his coded script and make his own lines, while making it seem like nothing is out of the ordinary, he wants to interact with the real you
Floyd Leech: does the same thing as Jade, but it's so obvious it's not, if that makes sense... like, he says something totally off script but you don't question it because it's Floyd
Kalim Al-Asim: he ignores it, prefers to keep everything as it is and doesn't want his awareness to ruin anyone
Jamil Viper: he's said before he wanted to be in Ignihyde, so he'd probably do research on coding and such in order to find out how to separate himself from the game. he finds it very ironic, he's said he'd pave his own life path, but here he is in a game that codes him to do certain things
Vil Schoenheit: loses sleep over it, so he prefers to not acknowledge it. people begin noticing how he begins to kind of pamper Yuu. well, he can't see you face to face so your replacement is the next best thing
Rook Hunt: like Cater, finds this more interesting than worrying. but unlike him, he prefers to observe Yuu to see if they can have any breaks in character that can show the real you
Epel Felmier: his first thought is to punch Yuu because how dare you be a fake hiding behind a screen. but he calms himself down and thinks things through. poor boy is stressed
Idia Shroud: the only one who can fully know what to do. you begin noticing how his lines are different, how your gacha pulls are completely full of Idia and Ortho cards. he doesn't really do subtlety when it comes o this
Ortho Shroud: he and Idia find out together, while Idia is busy breaking the game, he's busy analyzing Yuu in order to get answers as to how the husk works
Malleus Draconia: he seems composed, but he's hysteric. his first friend is a person using Yuu as a puppet to interact with their world and he want's the true you to be with him
Lilia Vanrouge: doesn't bat an eye at it. he prefers focusing on himself and his family rather than his awareness and that feeling of lies and fabrication in his character
Silver: follows the same route as Lilia, he stays aloof and calm and prefers to focus on what he has rather than what anyone else is
Sebek Zigvolt: of course, when one Diasomnia members find out, they all find out. Sebek is like Malleus, he's much more invested in seeing the real human that made waka-sama sad than Silver and Lilia
Edit : forgot jack ;-;
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Okay I SWEAR I FOLLOWED YOU BUT SOMEHOW I STILL WASNT FOLLOWING YOU (喈団埄喈) huhu but get that out of the way, can i request headcanons with the dormleaders where they cuddle snd sleep with the reader, just something simple and wholesome
Ahaha, I think my biases showed up in this post...
Sleeping with the dorm leaders (SFW)
Riddle Rosehearts
He likes to lay on his back or on his left side, the blankets tucked up to his chest. He doesn't move around a lot, just turns around a bit every few hours. Not a peep from this boy, not a word, and no snoring. In the middle of the scale of light to heavy sleeper, leaning a little to light.
When you're next to him, he likes to hold your hand. He starts off on his back, but he'll turn to you in the middle of the night, his hand still in yours.
He's the little spoon when cuddling. He's short. He likes the feeling of being held, and all of the day's worries just melts away as he relaxes into you. He likes giving you some noses kisses during cuddle time since he's so close to your face.
Leona Kingscholar
He can sleep in all positions, as long as it's comfortable. But he moves around a lot, so he ends up rolling himself in the blankets into a burrito. Snores. Loudly. Like a biiggg cat, you know? He's a heavy sleeper, no doubt about it.
When you're on the same bed as him, he's bound to throw himself over you at some point of the night. Throws an arm around you. sometimes a leg too, locking you in place.
Prefers to be the big spoon. Nuzzles his nose into your hair, breathing in the scent of your shampoo. But sometimes he starts judging the scent of your shampoo. Kisses to your neck? Kisses to your neck.
Azul Ashengrotto
Sleeps on his side, or in the fetal position, like a baby. He moves around a little bit, shifting his legs and such. He has a habit of hogging the blankets, pulling them over his head and cocooning himself. Doesn't snore, but he does sleep-talk. It's a bunch of cute gibberish. Mm..Marshmellows? What do you mean...catnip. In the middle of the scale of light to heavy sleeper, leaning to heavy.
As the night goes on, he inches towards you, then hugs you against him, at last throwing the blankets over you both. By the time you wake up, you find yourself locked tight in Azul's arms, wound tight in a blanket cocoon.
A switch when it comes to cuddling, it depends on both of your moods. When he's the big spoon, he likes to press soft kisses to your lips. When he's the little spoon, he'll tuck his face into your neck as you play with his hair.
Kalim Al-Asim
Starfish position! He easily takes up half of the bed with his spread limbs. Moves around a lot, can somehow do a whole 90 degree turn. He snores. And sleep talks. It's confusing gibberish. I'm flying! With green bird...and rainbows.. Heavy sleeper.
Likes to shimmy up to you when you're next to him, staring into your eyes the best he can in the dim lighting. Talks with you before drifting off, about what happened during the day, and what he hopes he can do tomorrow.
Prefers to be the little spoon. He'll wraps his arms around your torso and burry his face into your chest, looking up at you with his big red eyes.
Vil Schoenheit (Adjhk I already used purple for Azul 馃槀)
Sleeps on his back. He doesn't move around a lot, only shifts his arms and head once in a while. He's quiet when sleeping. In the very middle of the scale of light to heavy sleeper.
Combs your hair out of your face whenever he can. And pulls the blankets higher up your shoulders. And turns the AC down if he sees you shivering. He almost misses his beauty sleep trying to take care of you.
Prefers to be the big spoon, but wouldn't mind being the little spoon if that's what you want. Playing with each others' hair while talking about your day? Yesss.
Idia Shroud
He sleeps on his side, with his hands outstretched. He shifts around quite a bit, with sudden jerky movements, yanking his leg back like something bit him. He doesn't snore or sleep talk, but once in a blue moon, he'll sit up slowly and stare at the wall for 20 seconds or so before lying back down again. Swings wildly back and forth when it comes to the scale of light to heavy sleeper.
He likes to put a hand on you when you're next to him. Sometimes he'll ramble all about this new game he's gotten into, and other times he'll listen to you ramble instead.
Prefers to be the little spoon and have you play with his hair. It's so soothing when you rake your fingers down his back, dragging his hair with you.
Malleus Draconia
Sleeps on his back and doesn't move around, like a log. He's very quiet too. A light sleeper.
He turns to his side when you're with him, so he can see you. He'll tell you about gargoyles the stories Lilia used to tell him when he was young, hoping they'll ease you into sleep, especially when you've had a rough day.
A switch when it comes to cuddling, he doesn't mind. When he's the big spoon, he'll engulf you with his body, whispering as he kisses your head in between words. When he's the little spoon, he'd like for you to lightly trace his horns. It's an intimate, comforting gesture, one that he lets only you do.
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casual-unknown10 hours ago
Leona, setting down a card: Ace of spades
Vil, pulling out an Uno card: +4
Idia, pulling out a Pok茅mon card: Pikachu, I choose you
Malleus: What are we playing...?
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hrhqueenfox2 days ago
Savanaclaw poly聽headcanons
~ I feel like one of the boys would be with you when you鈥檙e not together and if not they have one of the Savanaclaw students look out for you.
~ They love it when you show up at their聽Magical Shift practice and cheer for them.
~ All of the Savanaclaw students respect you.
~ CUDDLE PILE!!! They love cuddling with their s/o!
~ Jack and Ruggie would wake up earlier, letting you and Leona sleep in. (they'll have to pry you out of Leona鈥檚 clutches lol)
~聽 Movie night contains of:
Leona falling asleep in the first few minutes of the movie
Ruggie eating all of the popcorn and snacks
and Jack and you trying watch the movie over Leona鈥檚 snoring.
But at the end of the day they love you so much and would doing anything for you (Ruggie even might share his food with you ;) )聽
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ffxvcapsa day ago
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar nendoroid
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Hello! Can I request Yandere version of Riddle, Leona, and Kalim headcanon with female reader who is a Yandere too just like them, but instead the reader fall in love with their vice dorm leader (The vice dorm leader only see reader as a best friend btw)
Yandere Kalim Al Asim
Tumblr media
Kalim is really contradictory about this.
He would love to be happy for Jamil but he can鈥檛 stand seeing you with someone else.
Kalim is just afraid that you will be offended.
He wants you to live as happily as possible.
Of course, he鈥檚 relieved when Jamil only sees you as a friend.
But still your yandere tendencies worry him.
Kalim does not realize that he is a yandere himself.
He would try his best to get your feelings focused on him.
Maybe he鈥檚 also trying to imitate Jamil so you can fall in love with him.
Kalim just doesn鈥檛 know what to do in this situation.
In the end, Jamil has to help him with your abduction.
Which can be difficult depending on what type of yandere you are.
The onset of Tukhola syndrome would also be difficult but Kalim tries his best.
He just wants you safe.
Yandere Riddle Rosehearts
Tumblr media
Riddle doesn鈥檛 take this really well.
He can鈥檛 understand why you love Trey and not him.
(At least I came up with a lot of reasons why someone likes Trey more than Riddle)
Riddle would indeed chat .threated. With Trey.
So probably Trey would just reject your emotional recognition and stop talking to you.
He doesn't want problems with Riddle.
But Riddle has underestimated your yandere tendencies.
You just can't get over Trey.
And this is where the problems really begin.
Riddle is really frustrated when you reject his progress.
He is trying to force you to love him.
It鈥檚 a real yandere battle where two yanders refuse to give up their feelings.
In the end, though, Riddle wins.
Maybe he's threatening Trey if you don't obey his orders.
Riddle forces you to behave whether you want to or not.
However, he wouldn鈥檛 complain if you were yandere to him.
Yandere Leona Kingscholar
Tumblr media
Leona really doesn鈥檛 understand why you want to be with Ruggie rather than with him.
Why do you want a poor hyena when you can get a rich second prince?
Leona is really jealous.
Inferiority complex.
Leona鈥檚 tactic is to keep Ruggie really busy so he can鈥檛 spend time with you.
Instead, he is often close to you.
he鈥檚 planning on making you realize how good a boyfriend he would be.
The plan is only operational for an hour.
He gets angry when you prefer to help Ruggie and just kidnap you.
You can run and fight as much as you want but you can鈥檛 escape Leona鈥檚 grip.
If Leona wasn鈥檛 so jealous you could be rewarded with 鈥淩uggie Time鈥 every time you behave.
But he鈥檚 really jealous so no 鈥淩uggie time鈥 for you.
If you developed an obsession to him, Leona would be happy.
But if you don鈥檛 he won鈥檛 really care.
However, you will no longer be able to get out of his room.
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adarkenedforesta day ago
Mc: *staring at an overblot*
Deuce: are- are they gonna cry?-
Malleus: *distant choking noises*
Ace, deuce and leona: *nervous sweating*
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yandere-dazea day ago
The Devil and The Emperor with Leona from twst please!
Sure thing ^^
1400 followers celebration rules
Yandere tarot
tw yandere, possessiveness, toxic relationship, controlling, a threat of removing your legs
Tumblr media
The Emperor - How much of their darling鈥檚 life does this yandere dictate/want to dictate?
Literally everything when it comes to how you spend your time. He expects to be the center of your attention like 99% of the time. He orders you to stay in bed with him when he doesn麓t feel like getting up yet and won麓t allow you to leave for any reason at all. In general just wouldn麓t allow you to ever leave his side. Even in the rare moments you can leave his room he will closely stay by your side and glare at anyone that even looks at you.
If he麓s telling you not to talk to these so-called 鈥渇riends鈥 of yours then he means it and expects you to follow along. He will only get angry if you refuse to do what he says.
The Devil - What taboo things would this yandere do to their darling?
Honestly? In my opinion Leona would be a pretty bad yandere to be stuck with. Yes, there might be some rare moments of kindness from him and though there麓s an indifferent exterior he does carry a level of fondness for you.
But as mentioned above, he expects you to not act up too much. A little bit of struggling is amusing to him but if it keeps up he will quickly get frustrated with you.
If there really is no other way, Leona might threaten to use his unique magic on you to make your legs crumble so you wouldn麓t even be able to get away if you tried. And he麓s not bluffing either, he absolutely would go through with that if you麓re trying to escape his embrace too much.
Please be careful to not let it go that far
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