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Fabio Minazzi, Sulla criticità illuminista e il suo valore, in Realismo, Illuminismo ed Ermeneutica. Percorsi della ricerca filosofica attuale, Edited by Fabio Minazzi and Demetrio Ria, Texts by Evandro Agazzi, Charles Alunni, Dario Antiseri, Mario Castellana, Domenico M. Fazio, Fabio Minazzi, Jean Petitot, Antonio Quarante, and Demetrio Ria, FrancoAngeli, Milano, 2004, pp. 49-50

«[…] Il significato cui l'uomo può però ora mettere capo non è più un significato assoluto e irrelato, garantito o fondato dalla divinità stessa, ma si configura, invece, come un prodotto puramente umano, nato da una lotta specifica che l'uomo, essere che costruisce se stesso nel tempo, deve sempre ingaggiare con l'universo intero per strappare a quest'ultimo qualche filo di verità, qualche sua, per dirla con una bella espressione di Leonardo da Vinci, infinita e recondita “ragione”.» (p. 50)

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Pairing: Leonardo x MC/Reader

Warning: Some spoiler for Leonardo route, some angst, injury, mention of blood, death.


In flower language means “my regrets follow you into the grave”


This time is different. Leonardo sure is a man of many trade, the man that embody eternity itself, however, no centuries even millenia can prepare him when finally he succumb to the depth of regret and despair. He learns, he taught himself to put some distance in fear of losing someone or something. Even someone that he loves.

She asked him, once, in the past for a chance to turn her to be like him, to be at his side for eternity. She was willing to risk everything for him, even her life in future. But he is afraid. To turn her to be a monster like him, she is to pure for existing in the world where sun no longer comforting. She belong to a world where she can shine bright under the sun, enjoying the time just like everyone else. Not in his world where time stops and everything blur into nothingness.

But he was wrong.


He noticed something is off in the mansion. Your laugh and voice that used to echo the hall of this mansion no longer heard. And suddenly Theo and Arthur start to tell him about this kidnapping cases that happen in the town. He knows that you were visiting the town with Sebastian, so at leasy you are not alone and Sebastian is someone he can count on to keep you safe. But his fear start to increase when you and Sebastian havent returned to the mansion despite it being way past dinner time, which is odd.

After deciding to look out for you and Sebastian, Leonardo ask for some of mansion resident to report to the police and the other to stay at the mansion in case you were returned. He and Comte decided to search for you at the theater district, where Arthur said that it was the place where the kidnapping happened.

He and Comte rushed to the district. Something is not right and he can feel it. He can feel how his stomach drop and the fear of the worse scenario starts to gut his sanity. He also notice unfamiliar feeling which is fear. A feeling he wasn’t familiar with due to gis nature as pureblood. But this time, its the only thing that he can feel.

They arrived at a closed theater, where the distinct smell of Sebastian blood coming from. “Please be safe, both of you” he muttered, hoping for any kind of God to listen to him. As they went inside, there is a man standing over behind you and Sebastian. Leonardo noticed how your wrist are bounded to your back, kneeling, a quick sign of relief appear on your face. He noticed that Sebastian also have his wrist bounded and some blood dripping from his swollen lips and from his head, trickling down to his neck and shirt.

The kidnapper start to smile, a wicked one. He start to swing his gun to taunt him and Comte.

“Finally the main protagonist arrived. Now we can start the play, what do you think? I’m really happy to find this pretty girl, to join my play, oh and perhaps later for my experiment”.

The man laughed, Leonardo and Comte know that both of the cant act recklessly, if the gun went off, it could easily hurt you or Sebastian even with their super fast ability to move it still risky.

“Come, come!!! Join my play! Will you be able to save this pretty damsel in distress if I shot her head, hmm? Or should I shot the gentlemen first?”

The man rise his gun to Sebastian, preparing to shoot him. Comte and Leonardo rushed to the man, using their ability as vampire, running to both of them, to get them to the safety. But it was too late. The gun went off, and without him knowing, you were jump to protect Sebastian from the bullet, and then hitting the floor. And for a moment, no one moved, either too scared or shocked from your action, as if the time has temporarily stopped.

You were lying still, blood starts to pool on the floor, and suddenly the time moved again. Comte tackle the man and immediately killing him. Leonardo went to your side, pressing his hands on your chest, a pitiful act to somehow stop your bleeding. He knew, he knew that you didnt have much time left, but he can’t bring himself to turn you, to someone like him, to be a vampire, for it was a curse.

“Leonardo, what are you doing?? You need to save her. Turn her before its too late!!”

“No I can’t… I couldn’t”

“Please Leonardo, dont do this to yourself. Both of you decide to be happy. Please turn her or I will”

Leonardo craddle you to his arm. He started to doubt on himself, he loves you so much but he cant bring himself to turn you. He knows he’s going to missed you, but he cant live with himself knowing that he condem you to this cursed existence. And before he know it, you take your last breath, at his arms.


“Hello, cara mia. I brought you a fresh flower again”

He put a bouquet of Aspodhel and Lily, and put in in front of her grave. He knows very well what those flowers means and maybe somehow you would knew how much he regretted not being able to save you, his Cara Mia, because he was a coward and a selfish man. He should knew better that you loved him and willing to stay with him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you, Cara Mia”

He stare at the grave stone. An inscription of your name, a name he learn to love, a name that reminds him of your warm hugs and soft kisses. A woman he love, for the rest of eternity.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Cara mia”

He taught that he could live with the regret not having you by his side. But he was wrong, and no matter how much he begs to the universe for you to come back, for time to rewind so that he can safe you, you wont comeback. If his existence before you just a plain blurry and longing life, now he feel like its living hell.

And there is nothing he can do but to regret it for the rest of his immortal life


A/N : sorry for any grammar or spelling mistake. Its currently 1.30 am and I just need to get this out of my head.

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💬 Citando… ✒ Leonardo da Vinci

« I dettagli fanno la perfezione e la perfezione non è un dettaglio. » 

8 luglio 2020 « Collo.. spalle.. labbra.. mani.. occhi.. naso.. La somma dei suoi dettagli fa di lui la perfezione! »  #mrsshepherdme

📸Art© Mediaset: Can Yaman in Day Dreamer 

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|Ezio Auditore x reader| (Modern)

I was at the beach for an entire day,from morning until evening:with the sun and the impossible heat (plus my pride and the thought of being invincibile to everything and everyone),didn’t exactly help the stay…so I ended up to have billions of sunburns all over my shoulders and face (who would have thought…I’ve been spending 17 years at the beach every damn Summer,yet I never got such a bad sunburn like this one.Invincible my ass). And I was stuck on my bed,I couldn’t even move…so how better to spend all this free time if not to write something?

Have a little modern au imagine with all of the Assassins,and at least but not last,with the reader comforting Ezio struggling and being a bit dramatic with the big sunburns he got.

Because I was annoyed,and it was the only idea I got.Oh and it won’t be like all my other long imagines:this one will be quite short…maybe.(Oh x 2,I would like to point this out:the writing style will be a little bit different from all the other one shots I have written,since this will be a modern one,so don’t really expect philosophical speeches).




Probably the most awaited season of the year,where everything changes and the world takes on a new and youthful aspect:longer and warmer days,holidays,exciting and fun experiences,countless of new opportunities to spend free time with friends;maybe spending a few weeks in a beautiful house right in front of a lake,in the middle of nature,away from the city and its continuous noise…and this is what Ezio organized:three weeks in that beautiful large wooden house,where he would celebrate his birthday.

Everybody knew that the Italian boy had always-always-organized fantastic parties,with hundreds of people,inviting almost the whole school and all the people he knew,celebrating all night long.Everybody knew about his famous,big parties.But the group of his closest friends was shocked and amazed,to say the least,when Ezio declared that for this year there would be no big and crazy party:just a few weeks,all together,a sort of summer holiday,near a lake,in the middle of a forest.

And everyone,of course,expected that Ezio had rented an ultra-modern and very expensive house,but when they all arrived at the place of residence,they remained amazed:that infamous house,which the Italian had so long mentioned,was nothing more than a large,simple,two-storey wooden chalet.The outside of the house was surrounded by a thick layer of grass,decorated with many small colorful flowers,overlooked by large trees that partially covered the large lawn with their shade.A hammock had been tied right in the middle of two trees,and was slightly moved by the warm summer breeze.

The interior was spacious and furnished in a very simple way with wodden fornitures,and everything was more cozy and soft thanks to that small touch of vintage everywhere in the house:pendulum clocks,antique paintings hanging on all the walls,huge windows that illuminated immensely the large living room.The second floor was just where the numerous bedrooms were,as well as having a large and spacious balcony overlooking the majestic lake,giving a truly beautiful view.

In short,a truly delightful house,reserved and discreet,away from towns and cities.

Everyone,on the other hand,had found various activities and amusements to do:who,like Edward,Jacob,Ezio and Desmond,as soon as they arrived at the chalet,had lost no time and immediately dived into the lake,swimming and playing in the cool water;who,like Connor and Altaïr,had decided to take a walk in the woods near the chalet,looking for silence and peace,away from Jacob’s screams,Edward’s dirty jokes and Ezio’s curses;who,like Evie and Arno,sat in the shadow of the mighty tall white poplars reading books,sometimes muttering something to each other;who,like Leonardo,spent most of his time painting the landscape around him.

Y/n instead spent the hours of the day alternating between being in everyone’s company:swimmimg with the four boys in the lake,or walking together with Altaïr and Connor in the middle of the woods,or simply chatting with the two readers,or watching the painter paint his masterpieces.And,during the last hours of the evening,being together with Ezio,cuddling him,spending sweet and almost infinite moments with him,laying in the hammock next to him,laughing at his flirty comments,shivering at his reserved and gentle touches and blushing at his tempting and allouring glances.

The whole group was having fun,no one was bored,the days went by fast,and Ezio’s birthday was getting closer and closer.Everything was normal.


Santo Dio!” a heartrending scream of pain,coming from inside the chalet,interrupted the quiet of that mid-June afternoon.All of them had gathered in the large living room,standing around him.Curses and cries of pain had little to do with all that fuss:the real reason why the whole group had gathered in the living room was-as one might have imagined-for Ezio himself.

Once he was finally back from a full day at the lake,most of it spent sunbathing,everyone noticed how incredibly reddish his face had become-noticing however that he was wearing his t-shirt again.But he just shrugged it off,reassuring everyone by telling that it was ‘completely normal’,as if nothing happened.But the hours went by,and with them grew-more and more-the pain that became unbearable,impossible to ignore,the realization that became more and more vivid in his mind.And consequently,even his complaints and pain only grew:starting from barely audible groans to loud shouts,catching the attention of the whole group…who tried to do everything to help him,but in vain.

“Don’t…don’t touch me!” Ezio intimidated with a threatening voice,pointing a finger at all his friends who,a little surprised,a little worried-and even a little amused-were in front of him.

“Please,you need to take of your shirt off,Ezio!"  Y/n prayed him for the umpteenth time in an exasperated tone,slowly taking a few steps towards the guy,spreading her arms,wanting him to understand that she didn’t have any bad intentions.

"I don’t need to do anything!Leave me be!” Ezio shouted again with eyes burning with rage,backing away when he saw his fiancée approaching him,his flashing gaze wandering quickly over all his friends’ faces.

“You are shouting like a girl,mate.Quit it” Edward’s loud,bored and singing voice came from the kitchen,too busy rummaging through the fridge to turn around and look at the poor boy.

Zitto Kenway!” the Italian apostrophied him,panting heavily,red in the face,drops of sweat running over his forehead,while he walked quickly back and forth in the living room,trying to avoid the looks and comments of everyone.

“Be a man and take that shirt off,you are complaining for nothing” Jacob replied in a careless,nonchalant voice,passing next to Ezio and then placing a heavy hand on his shoulder,purposedly giving some loud pats:smirking in a purely amused way when he saw the Italian hissing and groaning in pain.

“Don’t.Touch.Me.” Ezio repeated in a cold sharp-edged whisper,violently swatting the Bitish’ hand away from his shoulder,watching Jacob chuckling and throwing himself on the couch,sitting beside Arno,who was silently observing the scene.

“Ezio please,try to be reasonable” even Leonardo tried to persuade his friend,thus beginning to talk to him,sometimes even murmuring something in Italian,gesturing from time to time.

Desmond,who in the meantime had returned from the kitchen and was holding a beer in his hand,entered the living room,confusedly looking at Ezio for brief moments,and then sitting down next to Arno

“So that’s what Italians are like when they’re angry,huh?They shout and insult you?” he asked in a whisper,raising an eyebrow,trying not to be heard from him,receiving instead a furious look that,if he had the power to kill,the young Miles would find himself lying on the wooden floor,dead.Desmond simply cleared his voice a couple of times,then opened his beer and drank a few sips,turning to his French friend when he heard him hide a mischievous smile.

“Not only when they are angry.They’re always like that” Arno said,raising a corner of his lip in a bitterly amused smile when he looked up at Ezio,seeing him respond to the artist in a rather nervous,impatient manner.Y/n,meanwhile,had gathered all the patience and strength she could have in herself;she knew that the boy could be dramatic when these things happened:she knew him too well,and she knew she had to use gentle manners with him,not forcing him to do things he didn’t want to do.

So,walking slowly towards Ezio once more,with a small,pure smile on her rosy lips,she stopped in front of him,looking into his fervent,deep,dark eyes:and when his shiny eyes met and locked with her e/c ones,the violent fire burning inside his gaze disappeared immediately,returning to the warm,calm,soft brown eyes that she loved.She sighed lightly,looking up at him.

“You have to take off your shirt,you’ll only make things worse” the girl explained in a serious tone,but not scolding him and,rising on her tip toes she grabbed his head,slowly took the sunglasses out of his hair,placimg them on a small table next to the sofa.“Let me help you,alright?” she proposed to him with a sweet,loving,caring smile,starting to raise the edges of his shirt.

He couldn’t do anything.How could he refuse the help of the person who endured him and loved him most of all?He simply couldn’t.So he got help from her,but some loud hiss and painful groans,while she tried to get ridd off of that shirt,couldn’t miss.Once the girl finally managed to get the shirt off from him,she stepped backwards,e/c eyes widening,bringing her hands on her mouth,staying silent in front of him,amazement and genuine disbelief that formed in her face.

“Oh my God” Y/n couldn’t help but let out a shocked sigh at the view of his body:he was completely and totally red,to say the least,burned.Ezio didn’t seem to perceive how much he had been burned also,and above all,on his torso and abdomen:but the pains and burns only increased when he took off his shirt.The Italian began frantically to ask questions on questions to his friends who,either too shocked,or too amused,didn’t answer him.

Desmond suddenly stood up on the sofa and looked for Connor,who had been sitting on a chair with his arms resting against the backrest until now,and then beckoned him to come closer:

“Hey Connor…come here and stand beside Ezio” Connor,for as much as he was a little reluctant and confused,did as he was asked,got up from his chair,and walked to the center of the living room,stopping next to Ezio.

Everyone watched the two boys in silence,until the young Miles suddenly burst into a loud and hilarious laugh.

“LOOK!He’s the same color as your shirt,you could blend in Ezio!” he exclaimed,pointing at the poor guy,looking at his arms and chest and then squaring from head to toe Connor,who was wearing a bordeaux t-shirt:and,not exaggerating at all,all of Ezio’s skin in his whole body was exactly of that dark red color.This joke unleashed the hilarity of the whole group,who began to laugh loudly,who more openly and who adding more jokes,who giggling confidently.

Cosa?Fammi vedere!Non c'è un cazzo di specchio in questa cazzo di casa?!” Ezio shouted loudly,looking around frantically, tarting to speak Italian -probably not realizing it because of the fury and embarrassment he was feeling at the moment-he started to rum around all the rooms to find a mirror in which he could see himself;leaving everyone alone in the living room,he ran to the bathroom,and after a few moments another ’cazzo!’ echoed in the chalet.

He returned from the bathroom,mumbling lowly,keeping on cursing and talking Italian,panting,completely and utterly red,tired and angry eyes glaring at everything and everyone around him.

“What are you laughing at,Altaïr?!” Ezio suddenly asked angrily,turning to the Syrian when he heard him laugh silently.He did not even deign to turn around and look at the guy,he just looked over his shoulder,grimacing when he saw all the sunburns on the Italian’s body,for then returning to watch outside the window.

“You are getting angry with everyone here.It’s only your fault.” Ezio took an expression to say the least shocked,when he heard Altaïr blame him so blatantly.

“Why should it be my fault?When I was about to take the sun cream it was empty” Ezio defended himself promptly and assuming an authoritative tone,frowning.“And I really wonder who consumed it all” he added,raising his voice,turning to Jacob and glaring at him.All of them followed the Italian’s gaze,and the whole group focused on Jacob who,still sitting on the sofa, looked around confused.

“What?It’s not my fault if Evie is bloody pale!” he suddenly replied,opening his arms theatrically,pointing to his sister who was sitting right in front of him on another armchair.Laughing cunningly,he quickly dodged the slipper she threw at him.

“Yes,I agree,it’s only Ezio’s fault” Desmond agreed,taking yet another sip from the beer,getting more comfortable on the couch. “I mean,you are Italian,dude"he replied back,leaning forward and resting both elbows on his knees,giving him a disappointed look.

"And what does it has to do with it?” Leonardo asked,purely curious.

“Shouldn’t he be used?You know,all tan,Italy’ sun,the heat,Mediterranean people” explained Desmond with a careless voice,gesturing a little with his hands,receiving yet another frosty and furious look from the Italian.Ezio rarely did become nervous,there were few times when he became angry:but he was not offended with his friends or by all the jokes they were telling him;he was just annoyed,tired by the burning that was all over his body.The pain was so acute and so strong that he couldn’t even make a single simple move.He appreciated that everyone wanted to help him,but he had to admit that all that talking,all that chaos,didn’t help him at all.

“It’s no one fault,okay?"  Y/n said,slightly impatient,looking at the whole group and then giving a serious look at her boyfriend.But Arno didn’t seem to hear her and,softly scoffing,put the book he was reading on the coffee tablet in front of him.

"Do I have to remind you that you yourself have said:’Oh I don’t need the suncream’?” he replied in a decisive way,trying to imitate his friend’s Italian accent at his best,looking straight into his flaming eyes.

Ezio remained silent,spechless:what the French guy said was nothing but the truth.Hours before,back in the morning,almost everyone-most of all Y/n-tried to convince him on putting some suncream on.But he didn’t want to know anything about it,laughing and joking about how the others were so fragile in the sun’s rays,bragging a little and feeling proud,proclaiming that he,Ezio Auditore,had no need of sunscream:and so,after swimming in the lake a couple of times,he lay in the sun,and stood there for hours,not moving,even falling asleep…only to find himself,later,in such a state.

“Don’t be a smartass with me” Ezio threatened again,lowering his voice in a sharp sigh,pointing a finger at him.

“Otherwise?” Armo challenged him with his natural-old-boldness,quirking an eyebrow as he raised from the couch and took a few steps towards his friend.Ezio of course did not remain silent,to suffer the lecture of Arno,and began to respond fiercely against the provocation of the Frenchman.

“Can’t we just try to solve this out without arguing for once?” Y/n suddenly exclaimed in a purely exasperated tone,putting herself between the two men and pushing them away,but receiving a hiss and a painful grunt from Ezio.

“Don’t we have some medicenes here?” Evie then asked cautiously,interrupting the silence that had taken hold in the living room after the heated argument between the two guys.

“The only medicine it’s alcohol” Edward answered blantatly,coming out of the kitchen with two cold beers in his hand. “Here you go mate” and threw one of the bottles at Ezio,who grabbed it quickly,looking confused and annoyed at the beer that the Welsh had thrown at him.

“I think we should go to the hospital” proposed Connor in a murmur,crossing his arm to his chest,taking on a genuinely worried look when he looked-again-at Ezio’s body.

“Perfect!I’ll drive.Let’s go,shall we?” exclaimed Jacob cheerfully,clapping his hands loudly and smiling,excitement glistening inside his eyes,quickly taking the car keys from the coffee table.

“Yogurt,” Desmond said seriously from all of a sudden,silencing everyone.

“What?” Y/n asked,wrinkling her eyebrows in a confused expression,approaching and kneeling next to him.

“We should use yogurt on these sunburns.It helps” continued the young Miles with a firm tone,showing to the young woman his phone,pointing at the screen.

“How can this help?” Altaïr asked in a skeptical tone,turning around and finally taking an interest in the matter.

“Yogurt refresh the sunburns,soften them and have a pleasant moisturizing effect” Y/n read aloud the information she read from the screen,scrolling on it for some more moments,for then giving it back to Desmond.The Syrian guy kept on giving a plain,cold and diffident glance at Miles,shaking his head in the mean time.

“Don’t look at me like that,I found it on Internet” concluded Desmond showing his phone,for then shrugging,returning to lay his back on the couch.

“We can try.Do we have some yogurt left in the fridge?” Leonardo asked with curiosity,hoping for the best.

“If the big giant didn’t eat them all…” Desmond joked loudly,raising from the couch,giving a playful pat behind the shoulder of his friend when he passed beside him,entering in the kitchen and opening the fridge.

“I only ate the coconut ones…” Connor justified himself in a low murmur,leaning his shoulder on the frame of the kitchen’s door,lowering his eyes on the floor.

“You can find a lot of false thing on Internet though” the oldest Frye said,thinking about what Demsond read about using yogurt and other things as an help with sunburns.Jacob scoffed loudly,rolling his eyes in a dramatic way.

“Oh come on Evie!At least we’ll be able to help that stubborn dumba…” but Jacob was suddenly and not a little violently interrupted by Ezio’s loud and hoarse voice:

BASTA!” the Italian yelled,making the silence return into the chalet and among his friends once his shout stopped echoing in the house.Everyone was motionless,nobody dared say anything,even Jacob refrained from making one of his jokes.Everyone looked at him in amazement,to say the least,intimidated,sometimes exchanging and casting fugitive glances.Ezio was there,motionless,eyes burning brightly,rapid breathing,red in the face,passing and placing his glare on everyone around him.

“Pasta?” Desmond asked confusedly,frowning and making a grimace.

“We are not going to the hospital,no one is going to put yogurt on me,I won’t take any medicine!” Ezio proclaimed authoritatively,higly and stubborly denying any kind of help and refusing any kind of purposes.Taking his sunglasses from the coffee table,placing them on his head,he started to walk towards the door. “And you…” he stopped near the treshold of the kitchen,where Edward still was,before standing im fromt of the Welsh.“You can keep your beer Edward” e,taking his hand,he forcefully gave the beer he threw at him before,for then storming out from the chalet.

Y/n-who since the moment Ezio began to shout had been silent as everyone else-was trying to reach him,but she felt a hand grasping her wrist and tugging her slightly,stopping her.Turning around,she found Arno beside her,his hand now resting on her shoulder,squeezing gently.

“Leave him be.He is angry,there’s no way to let him reason now” he said to the girl,giving her a bitter and soft smile,nodding towards the window and letting her see that Ezio was outside,laying on the hammock…at least,trying to lay on it,for the sunburns he got all over his body didn’t allow him to move,swearing and cursing for at least another hour.


A few hours passed by all what Jacob jokingly called an 'Italian tragedy’.It was late evening by now,almost midnight,and Ezio was still outside sitting on a chair near a wooden table not far from the front door:no one had dared disturb him,for fear of increasing his anger,or of unleashing something infectious.The Italian hadn’t even come home for dinner,or for any other reason:he had stayed there for the rest of the day,first lying in a hammock,perhaps asleep,then sitting in a chair staring at nothing,occasionally trying to touch his shoulder or back to see if the pain still persisted.

No one seemed to care so much about him anymore.Apart from Y/n who,of course,was the most worried of all of them:she always turned her gaze towards the windows,trying to catch a glimpse of his form,trying to understand if he was still upset or if he had calmed down,but she certainly couldn’t stand there,motionless,looking at him,doing nothing.So she decided to finally get out of the chalet,and try to let him reason,and calming him

Once outside,she gently closed the door behind her,looking for her boyfriend with her eyes,finding him sitting with his back to the chalet,eyes looking at the big,calm lake.The girl took a few steps forward,starting to walk as quietly as possible towards him.But he heard her.

“If there’s somebody else then you all can go away,” he coldly proclaimed in a loud and decise voice,not turning around and continuing to look at the lake.It was really a beautiful evening:sky full of stars,moon high in the sky,the water reflecting its dull and cold rays on its small waves,a light and fresh breeze made the branches of the trees move gently.

“I’ll go away then” Y/n replied in a neutral tone,getting closer and closer until she found herself standing behind his reddish-shoulders.He turned around as soon as he heard her voice,looking at her in an astonished and tired way.

“You’re the only person I want next to me even when I’m upset” Ezio murmured in a soothing,low voice,soft and warm brown eyes pleading her shiny e/c ones,her heart almost melting when she heard such a gentle,and utter loving phrase leaving his lips.Her Ezio was back.

Vieni qui” he whispered,opening his arms,stretching an arm out,gently grabbing her by her waist and delicately letting her sit on his lap.Muscular arms wrapped around her form,pulling her closer,not caring about the pain that action was causing him,just holding her as close as possible,face buried in her chest,snuggling his stubble against her soft flesh,smiling against her skin when he heard her giggling.

She deteached away from him,looking at him before giving him a smile when,as she was caressing his cheek,he leaned his face on her palm,almost wanting to be lulled after such a long,tiring day.He opened his eyes after a while,fixing some strands of h/c hair that were falling in front of her.

“I’m sorry” the Italian whispered suddenly,giving his beloved a look full of guilt and embarrassment.One of the things Y/n adored about Ezio was his honesty and humility:he knew when he was wrong,he knew when to apologize and he knew perfectly well when to do so.“I wasn’t angry with you all…I was just tired and nervous because I got all thesw fottute sunburns” he explained in a serious voice,squeezing her hips.He could read in his deep eyes how purely sorry he was.She gave him a small smile,leaning in and leaving a chaste kiss upon his lips.

“I,we know,Ezio.No one is mad at you” Y/n reassured him in a soothing and quiet voice,leaning down to kiss him again,with more passion,paying attention to where she put her hands,so as not to hurt him.

Ezio still  was whispering apologies near her ear,caressing her,kissing her,thanking her.But she got up from his highs after a while and,after looking at him seriously,the girl leaned towards the table next to them,holding an object that Ezio had not noticed until now.

“It’s yogurt.Desmond tried to see if it could really help,and apparently,it could,” Y/n explained,raising the yogurt jar in her hand and showing it to him,who in response sighed loudly and deeply,throwing his head back,almost looking in defeat.But despite his reaction,Ezio sat down composedly on the chair and nodded.

The girl laughed purely amused and,opening the jar,she took some yogurt on both hands,and began to smear it on his shoulders and on his red,scalded back;at first groans and hiss,his skin still too sensible and damaged,but after a while,when she started to delicately massage his shoulders with the fresh,cold yogurt,he sighed,relieved.He hummed,closing his eyes,throwing his head back.

Quanto posso amarti?” he asked in Italian,sounding so hoarse when he-once again-groaned when her small hands slided down from his shoulders to his warm chest.

“Shouldn’t you be giving a message to me?” Y/n asked him back in a sarcastic tone,leaning down,whispering that near his ear,hearing the entrance door being opened and closed.

“But it’s my birthday today” Ezio answered in a mellifluous tone,claiming to be offended,giving a sad grimace to his lover,who just laughed loudly,for then suddendly returning serious.

“Who told you I don’t have a gift for you?” Y/n inquires with a low and semsual voice,leaning more near him,her hands sliding down on his torso,almost tickling him,her lips on his definite jaw,feeling him almost shivering.

And just when he was about to answer her,he stopped when he saw all the others walking towards the table,singing the infamous song:it was,in fact,midnight,and it was Ezio’s birthday.Jacob walked in front of everyone,holding a large pizza in his hands,on which were added candles.Once they arrived near the birthday boy,the British placed the pizza on the table in front of Ezio who,with happy eyes,looked at what was to be his birthday cake.

“We didn’t have the time to go in the nearest city and buy a cake,so we make a true Italian pizza…” Connor explained with a ghostly smile on his lips,nodding towards the plate.

“For an angry,burnt italian man” concluded Arno with sarcastic voice,raising a corner of his mouth in a cheeky grin,smiling at Ezio.

“I tell you,we aren’t even sorry” added Edward with a proud smile,placing his hands on his hips.

“Pizza cake” Desmond said,spreading his arms in a theatrical gesture,but Jacob promptly interrupted him,raising a hand and shushing the young Miles.

“We talked about this before,Des.It’s birtday pizza.No discussion,” Jacob replied,speaking seriously to say the least. “It is law!” he then proclaimed,roughly smashing his fist in the table,making the flame of the candles tremble.

Ezio heard Y/n laughing behind him,her hands were now wrapped gently around his neck.Pressing a long,chaste kiss on his bearded cheek,she whispered to him:

“The surprise has to wait”



“Santo Dio!” = Good God;

“Zitto” = Shut up;

“Cosa?Fammi vedere!Non c'è un cazzo di specchio in questa cazzo di casa?!” = What?Let me see!There’s not a fucking mirror in this fuckint house?!;

“Basta!” = Enough;

“Vieni qui” = Come here;

“Quanto posso amarti?” = How much can I love you?

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The face of all the world is changed, I think,
Since first I heard the footsteps of thy soul
Move still, oh, still, beside me, as they stole
Betwixt me and the dreadful outer brink
Of obvious death, where I, who thought to sink,
Was caught up into love, and taught the whole
Of life in a new rhythm. The cup of dole
God gave for baptism, I am fain to drink,
And praise its sweetness, Sweet, with thee anear.
The names of country, heaven, are changed away
For where thou art or shalt be, there or here;
And this … this lute and song … loved yesterday,
(The singing angels know) are only dear
Because thy name moves right in what they say.


Sonnet VII The Face of All the World

Elizabeth Barrett Browning  1806-1861


Graphic - The Baptism of Christ

Andrea Verrocchio  (1435–1488)
Leonardo da Vinci  (1452–1519)



Carrie Underwood - Something in the Water (Official Music Video)

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