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As is very frequently the case with horror franchises, the Leprechaun series started out with a pretty silly premise, but took itself quite seriously, then quickly devolved into parody as the sequels came out. That being the case, this first Leprechaun movie is actually not very jokey (at least, not when you consider the fact that the villain of the piece is a three-foot-tall Irishman with a penchant for skipping, rhyming and polishing shoes). The effects are hit and miss, the acting is not very good, and a lot of the movie is shot too dark to make out properly, but Leprechaun really is an okay horror movie.

Final rating:★★½ - Had a lot that appealed to me, didn’t quite work as a whole.

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Summary: Can Sweeney’s claims of a lucky coin really be true?

Warnings: Violence, mortal peril, Sweeney being handsy

CHAPTER 3 - Luck

(Possible proof reading errors/Possible Irish language & translation errors)

A/N: The song featured in this chapter is from Battlestar Galactica called Wander My Friends sung by  Lilis Ó Laoire


Knowing I had to go back, I slipped Sweeney’s battered coin into my bra for safekeeping. I didn’t want to be responsible for losing actual gold if it fell out of my trouser pocket.

There was the minutest sense of tingling around the area but I chalked it up to the metal feeling cold.

When I went back in, I was relieved to see Bilquis and Mr Nancy had left leaving only Wednesday behind who was tucking into a burger and eyeing up some blonde girl across the bar with legs that went on forever. Fine by me, kept the attention off of me tonight.

I don’t know what it was but as I finished the last hour of my shift, I got more tips than usual. I also got compliments on my appearance which I was sure wasn’t anything special right now but luck? Couldn’t be.

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Person A is a receptionist who keeps cough drops on their table that they offer to annoying clients. The cough drops are specifically designed to put people on their best behavior with a potion that they were made with. One day, Person B, the bratty child of Person A’s boss, steals the cough drop jar and eats all of them. Person A, annoyed that they lost their stash, makes Person B an apple pie as a gift with a potion that will turn them off sweet things for good. Person C is a janitor who is a leprechaun and who Person B also causes problems for. So they team up to get back at the child.

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