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#les mis headcanons

-cosette is an air bender who loves using her bending for fun little tricks that amaze children

-combeferre is a water bender and is especially skilled with using his bending to heal

-grantaire is an earth bender who also teaches himself how to bend metal. just for fun.

-enjolras is a fire bender who works hard at maintaining the peace following the end of the war

-bahorel is also an earth bender who has such a loud, booming laugh that it sometimes makes the ground shake

-courfeyrac is an air bender and he definitely owns a lemur as a sidekick

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-grantaire is at least a head taller than enjolras and enjolras will stand on chairs just so he can lean down and kiss grantaire. that’s also what their first kiss was like

-grantaire bought him a step stool for his birthday once that helps enjolras reach the top of all their shelves

-enjolras often sits on grantaire’s shoulders when at a protest or something and he wants a height advantage

-one time they planned a date to an amusement park and enjolras made some joke about how he hoped he is tall enough for all the rides and grantaire laughed and then immediately went home and looked up the height restrictions

-grantaire is grateful for enjolras’s blond curls, those are the only reason he doesn’t lose enjolras in crowds that often

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-bahorel frequently gives piggy back rides to his boyfriend courfeyrac

-combeferre has his eyes on feuilly and will often just “happen to be in the area when i realized you are working now, i wanted to say hi”

-jehan writes poems for their partner, enjolras, and enjolras treasures every single one

-cosette takes private art lessons from grantaire and it isn’t just because she wants to be better at painting

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Sorry it took so long for me to get to this😬

My headcanons aren’t great but here’s some Les Mis and Leverage crossover headcanons (I apologise if you haven’t seen Leverage)

  • Modern AU Bahorel is a close friend to Eliot
  • Eliot meets Les Amis and Les Amis meet the leverage team
  • Enjolras really likes the team
  • Yeah this is basically it but can’t you totally see this??
  • Especially Bahorel and Eliot being friends
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i bet it was something like The Proposal. the two of them are trying to hide their tears at first but then enjolras sniffs really loudly and the next second they’re holding each other and sobbing and courf usually cries at the ending but this time his tears are from laughter because they’re ridiculous

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-courfeyrac will talk with combeferre and be like “haha enjolras and grantaire are so dumb…they don’t realize they’re in love with each other…after knowing each other for years…if only they would talk to each other” and the whole time combeferre’s heart is beating very fast because he’s pretty sure courf isn’t just talking about grantaire and enjolras anymore

-enjolras and grantaire are suspiciously spending a lot of time together but really they’re just plotting to get their friends to get their acts together. and they’re also. spending a lot of time together…

-enjolras has the idea of putting mistletoe everywhere during the holiday season but after it became clear that all their friends are kissing each other on the cheeks, foreheads, and lips without hesitation they decided it wasn’t the best romantic plot they had come up with

-courfeyrac and combeferre arrange everyone so that when grantaire shows up late to movie night, the only seat is half a couch cushion next to enjolras. he takes it and spreads out with his head on bossuet’s lap and his legs on enjolras’s lap like he usually does anyway

-one time courfeyrac invites grantaire to lunch and combeferre invites enjolras to lunch and the four of them meet up and courf says something like “oh, what’s this? this seems like the perfect place for you two to go on a date” and grantaire raises an eyebrow because “you two are here as well. if you wanted to go on a double date you should’ve just asked”

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ohhhh yes yes yes

-he loves cooking, but he LOVES cooking Spanish dishes. it’s his favorite thing to make some of his mom’s best meals for his friends and his friends are more than happy to try everything

-since his mom passed away, he doesn’t have anyone to talk with in Spanish on a regular basis until he meets Les Amis (cosette, courf, musichetta, and bahorel all speak Spanish fluently)

-marius wants to learn spanish and especially practice conversing with someone, but he’s shy about asking anyone. when grantaire realizes this, he and marius set up a time every week to get coffee and talk in spanish.

-he spent his whole childhood talking to cats on the street in Spanish and he still does that as an adult out of habit

-enjolras thinks it’s very attractive when grantaire speaks Spanish even though when grantaire is looking at him his mind panics so he just says something like “i think i left my keys at my apartment”

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-one of grantaire’s back windows in his car has a few stickers on it from when gavroche was younger and got bored in the car. grantaire didn’t get angry or try to remove them but he leaves them there because it makes him smile

-he loves bubble baths

-he gets emotional when he’s tired and whenever movie nights run especially late he definitely cries at the ending no matter what happens

-he works as a day camp counselor every summer and teaches kids art. whenever his students gift him one of their works, he keeps them in a folder and never throws them away

-once jehan gave grantaire a friendship bracelet but it ended up being a tiny bit too small so he could put it on, but then it’s impossible to take off. he doesn’t dare cut it, though. he wears it for months and months

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Revolutionary boyfriends sharing their first apartment.

-They’re both surprised upon finding out how physical and affectionate they can be;

-They sleep tangled up in each other, a shapeless blob of limbs and curls and pale freckled skin pressed against a darker one, plush pillows and soft quilts swallowing them.;

-As strange as it may seems, Grantaire is always the first one to wake up, an unpleasant remain of his insomniac past. Now, though, waking up so early in the mornings feels like a blessing, when all it takes is the slightest tilt of his head to look at soft cheeks and dark eyelashes, and his heart quivers in his chest. Then, Enjolras burrows closer, cuddles under his arm, and Grantaire is close to bursting for how happy he feels.

-Enjolras is ashamed to find out just how fiercily possessive he is. Grantaire is his own person, Enjolras trusts him, but its still hard not to sit on his lap and stick his nose under his chin whenever they’re out and someone chats Grantaire up. He doesn’t do it, but he still wants to. He copes with his possessive side by leaving hickeys so high on Grantaire’s neck no shirt could cover them.

-They still fight, of course they do. Grantaire still drinks too much when he has a bad day, Enjolras gets still so focused on wathever cause he’s worrying his head on that he forgets everything else.

They have even more things to fight on, now. Domestic, wonderful things that threaten to make them smile even as they shout at each other from across the living room.

“Grantaire, could you please stop leaving your dirty socks on the bathroom floor?”


“You have to mop up the fucking floor after you shower, I was about to fall!”, “I forgot!”, “you always do!”


“there’s no milk”

“we have almond milk”

“I don’t like almond milk”

“Well I do, next time go and buy your own milk”

“you’re just fussing because you had to go grocery shopping for two weeks straight, aren’t you?”

“… Maybe”

“Next time just ask me to take turns instead of acting stroppy”


“It’s two in the morning, turn off that damn laptop and come to bed”

“mind your own business”

“you are my business”.

And it’s so heartwarmingly homely, it’s so painfully clear how much they care, even their arguing holds a side of tenderness in it.

-When he’s really stressed out, Enjolras find it shooting to color between the empty spaces of Grantaire’s tattoo sleeve

-They take turns cooking.

After Grantaire teached Enjolras how to cook, that is, because “You’re an adult, Enjolras. You can’t live on your own and still not be able to cook.”

“I don’t live on my own, I live with you

“I’m your boyfriend, not your personal chef. Take that apron and come here”


Eventually, Enjolras moves almost flawlessly in their kitchen, and it doesn’t matter if it took the sacrifice of half of their pans to get him there.

-Grantaire discovers how ticklish Enjolras is, and what a good day that is.

-“How is it possible for you to be so light when I know you eat like a beast? That’s not fair, Enjolras”

“Aren’t you glad? You can carry me around effortlessly”

“Why am I carrying you around again?”

“Because I’m tired and you love me.”

- The first time Grantaire called him darling Enjolras almost chocked on his morning coffee, his face a worrying red.

“what was that?”

“didn’t you like it?”

“no, that’s not- that’s not what I said.”

“Alright then, darling.”

-Grantaire is a plant dad, and it’s the most adorable thing Enjolras has ever seen.

Then, he manages to kill Sirio, Grantaire’s dearest cacti.

“I left for two days. How do you even kill a cacti in only two days? How is it even possible?!”

“Oh, Grantaire, I’m so sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am. I thought it needed water but I think I used too much.”

“You think? Enjolras, he drowned.”

But Enjolras looks so ashamed and sad when he asks him “are you mad at me?” that Grantaire melts on the spot.

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oh this is incredible

-can we add in the fact that when they first became friends, enjolras had a massive crush on ferre until he realized they are too similar in too many ways and also too different in other things to work out as a couple

-so when they first hear of these assumptions, enjolras gets all flustered but eventually he gets used to it and is all “nah, we’re just friends”

-their relationship has always been really tight and solid. they always know what the other is thinking and they have mastered having entire, silent conversations simply by looking at each other

-they also finish each other’s sentences all the time

-if enjolras is sick and has to miss a les amis meeting, he asks ferre to run it and doesn’t even mention what to talk about in the meeting. ferre will either do exactly what enjolras was already thinking or something even better so he doesn’t worry about it

-although one time they did pretend to be a couple when they accidentally went to get lunch together on valentine’s day and their server mentioned that couples get a free dessert. they just held hands over the table and batted eyelashes at each other while trying not to laugh and afterward they were like “never again”

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courfeyrac gave it to him as a joke for his birthday years ago and enjolras doesn’t have it in him to throw it away. he only wears it to practice his speeches in his mirror or even give himself pep talks, and usually keeps it stashed under his bed

one day combeferre is about to walk in to enjolras’s room to drop off a pen he borrowed the day before and he hears enjolras talking and peeks through the crack to see him wearing the tiara and giving himself a pep talk. combeferre is frozen in shock for a few moments before he turns and leaves and tries to pretend that he never saw it. but the knowledge of it haunts him. this piece of information is just too much power for him to handle and would be dangerous if it was in hands of any of their other friends.

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-eponine melts whenever she sees baby animals, especially kittens. her eyes go wide and she has the biggest smile ever and she starts speaking in high pitched nonsense

-eponine wears fuzzy socks around her apartment all the time

-she dances around the kitchen to 80s music while she cooks

-she still uses bubblegum flavored mouthwash because she doesn’t like the taste of the mint kind

-she always has a can of whip cream in her fridge for emergencies

-her go to comfort movie is the little mermaid

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combeferre does not like chocolate but never makes a big deal out of it, he just avoids eating it. then his best friend courfeyrac goes through a baking phase and makes him all kinds of chocolatey desserts because everyone loves chocolate, right?? and combeferre eats them to avoid hurting courf’s feelings even though he doesn’t like it and courf keeps doing it until ferre actually like the tastes of chocolate because he associates it with courf and there is nothing and no one sweeter

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-how about enjolras who grew up being very close with his parents. he is an only child and so it’s just the three of them and they do everything together

-but as he ages, enjolras starts to unlearn all the conservative ideas he has been raised with his whole life. and he begins to recognize his life of privilege and ignorance. and he realizes that he is a trans guy. during these years, he starts to grow distant from his parents. they notice and are upset by it, but they won’t listen to enjolras and how he tries to educate them

-they tell him they love him for who he is, but they don’t really understand how to be parents to a transgender kid and they don’t bother to ask him for help

-and then something happens. maybe enjolras shows up with a black eye and tells them “this is what i get for wanting to use the boys bathroom” or enjolras brings a friend over so they can eat a meal that’s not from the school cafeteria for once. whatever it is, there’s a moment where his parents realize first hand their ignorance. and it’s a bit of a slower process for them than it was for their son, but they learn and change and grow and are able to reconnect with enjolras the way they used to because they all have more in common again

-he visits them every few weeks when he goes to college. he invites them to the first couple of les amis meetings and they are stunned and so proud of their son and all he is doing and they are thrilled to meet his friends and become a second family to them

-to the delight of les amis, his parents will bring baby photos and tell embarrassing(ly cute) stories about their son and help organize protests and it’s a good time

-they aren’t there when grantaire starts coming to the meetings, but eventually they meet him and they raise their eyebrows and are like “oh, so you are grantaire! it’s so nice to finally meet you, we have heard so much about you” and grantaire pales while enjolras is bright red

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i’ve talked a lot about the triumvirate being best friends since childhood so let’s shake it up

-how about eponine seeing this quiet, autistic boy in her first grade class getting picked on and she thinks it’s stupid so she tells off the bullies and instantly becomes best friend and fierce protector of marius

-bahorel is that kid that goes wild when the gym teacher announces that it’s dodgeball day. halfway through the game one day, he notices a boy cowering from the flying balls and trying his best to not draw attention to himself. bahorel starts to guard him until it’s just the two of them left on their side, and bahorel and the last person on the other team hit each other at the same time, leaving the nervous boy to be the victor. everyone cheers for him and joly and bahorel are close from that day on

-cosette and jehan spend every recess together killing it at double dutch and making jewelry out of the weeds and wildflowers in the soccer field

-bossuet sees feuilly’s star wars shirt and is like “star wars is the best!” and from that moment on they are each other’s best nerd friend

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It was a cold midsummer morning, completely bathed in the delicate shades of blue and pink preceding the rising of the sun, still asleep under the calm blanket of the sea.

The placid oscillation of the barely rippled waves met its end in a sweet caress on the banks; a cold , albeit light wind, crisped the dunes, transporting grains of sand in its wake, and nothing, in the silence, could be heard except its peaceful sliding from the banks, up, up to the top of the beach, to quietly play between the shells and bells of a small wind rattle swaying on a clear larch wood patio.

To keep company with the wind and the waves, a figure sat, curled up on a swing, also made of wood.

Enjolras, shoulders wrapped in a soft blue blanket and blond curls flying in the breeze, gently rocked, the pressure of the sole of one of his feet, bare on the floor, barely moved the rocking chair.

The wood felt raw on his tender skin.

He took a deep breath. The cold, salty air of Pont Ferret filled his lungs, shooting his mind after a sleepless night.

He still had problems with falling asleep in new places.

The fairy lights dangling from the patio light up, catching his attention. He turned toward the door in time to see Grantaire stepping barefoot outside, holding two coffee cups, one of which he handed to Enjolras. Wordlessly, Enjolras took it between his cold hands, smiling up at Grantaire.

Grantaire sat beside him, rocking gently with him, one of his legs bent beside Enjolras’s hip.

 The wind perked up, shaking the wind rattle and ruffling the waves. The sea oats bushes swayed with it, little pinpricks of dust flying away.

Grantaire placed the plant of his foot on Enjolras’s calf, calling his attention back. “You couldn’t sleep?”

Not turning around, Enjolras shook his head and slowly, softly, leaned back to rest with his shoulders on Grantaire’s chest, his blonde head nestled up under Grantaire’s chin.

He shivered.

“You’re so cold”, he said, and with a light shake the blanket fell from his shoulders, “Thake this”.

Sliding even closer, his legs bracketing Enjolras’s figure, Grantaire placed the blanket around them both.

Enjolras nestled back on his chest again, the blue of his eyes focused on the nature bursting around them, “This place is so beautiful, I’m really glad we came”.


uhh I’m not sure what this is? jus something to calm my nerves I guess, I wantend soft, calm vibes. I don’t know if I was able to acieve them but I tried …

Anyway, that’s a bit diffrent from the usual things i write, and if you see any kind of errors please tell me, english is not my first language and I still have problems… ughh

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