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For starters could I look any gayer. Also this lock down is killing me. I’m an extrovert and so far over on the slide scale I almost fell off. I need people. But the safety of the American people is at stake so I’m willing to suffer. But I have got to spend some of this time being supportive to the LGBTQ community around me and also getting to do alot of research on everything from the different transgender types to gay sex safety to polyamory and more. And I would like to expand. So if any of you need some support or to talk or need help but can’t afford a counciler I am here for you. Only a message or an ask away. I love you all and you are all valid!

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Dass du mir fehlst hab’ ich niemand’ erzählt, lieber darüber geredet, wie viel besser es mir geht seitdem du fort bist, dass ich nach vorn blick’ — Alles nur Worte, die ich selber glauben will

Manchmal lauf’ ich irgendwo vorbei und seh’ dort alles was wir waren, mh

Manchmal lauf’ ich irgendwo vorbei und seh’ dort alles was wir waren, yeah

Wem mach’ ich was vor?

Ich bin so weit weg von drüber weg

von wegen weg von dir

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I’m going through my wardrobe and it’s reminding me how when I first found out I was gay I was so desperate to belong and feel included that I forced myself into all the lesbian stereotypes I could just in the hope of a sense of community and friends but all it resulted in was me being even more lost than ever and a closet full of ugly plaid. Now that I just live freely I find myself naturally fitting stereotypes but god, is it infinitely different. I wear ugly button ups because I love them. I cut my hair short and dye it neon pink because I love it. I’m not desperate to find belonging anymore because I’m comfortable in my own skin. Being a lesbian is so much more than a list of stereotypes, even if it took me a while to realize it.

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i just sat in a chair normally and it was actually really comfortable i guess i’m not a lesbian?

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Separatism is about who we choose to be close with, not who we are forced to relate to for survival.

No other oppressed people are so ordered to make their oppressor priority. As an oppressed people, we have the right to be with each other away from our oppressors — het men (including those pretending to be women and Lesbians), Gay men, boys, and women allied with and invested in men. We also have the right to choose who we love and trust, who our friends will be, and who we’ll work with politically. This is the basis of feminism, which was once taken for granted in many countries. Lesbians, women, and girls, created times and places to be together, protected from male stares, perving, domineering, insults, and violence.”

— Bev Jo, “Dykes Loving Dykes: Dyke Seperatist Politics for Lesbians Only”

(emphasis mine)

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when u start flirting with a girl in quarantine and u didn’t expect to fall for her but now u kinda are cause shes pretty and you have a lot in common and really vibe w eachother but you’re both in quarantine and everything is on lockdown til god knows when and ur both hella touch starved but you never really know until u meet irl and all u wanna do is go on a little bubble tea date and hold hands ahaha couldn’t be me

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One thing that i do when I’m out in public is gasp when i see something awesome. And i mainly gasp at peoples appearances. Im just walking in town and this dude with a cool haircut comes past and im like “*Gasp* I like their hair! It looks so good!” or “Ah! Shes so pretty! I wanna be like that!” but the thing is is that im really loud so they probably hear me but hopefully they believe me cuz they do look awesome

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