#lesbian age gap
lovingume · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
I just realized that both Ava and Deborah have been served beer in bed by their one night stands😄🍻🛏.
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forbidden-feelingsss · a year ago
Tell me top 3 things you girls admire in ✨women✨ and let me guess...:
touching you by accident
and calling you honey???
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vhomito · 3 months ago
en cada estado un Waterloo cuartos de hotel, música baja y tu perfume mirarte angelical de otro planeta, tan rara y natural
(kayagara falls)
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still-tc · 10 months ago
Ich vermisse die Zwanglosigkeit zwischen uns. Ich vermisse es, von ihr gemocht zu werden. Ich vermisse ihren Humor, ihre Geschichten, ihre Art einfach.
Hätte ich nicht alles falsch gemacht. Hätte ich mich einfach zusammengerissen und mich wie ein normaler Mensch verhalten. Dann hätte ich vielleicht irgendwann eine private Beziehung zu ihr aufbauen können. Selbst eine freundschaftliche Schüler-Lehrer-Beziehung wäre mehr gewesen als alles, was ich mir jetzt noch erträumen könnte und wäre besser gewesen, als das, was jetzt ist. Nämlich gar nichts.
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always-impossibilties · 2 years ago
It's been years and I still can't let it go. I've been chasing you through my mind for years even though I know there's no way back to you. Because I never had you at all - deep in my soul, I need to. Just once, to just know, one time of you to myself. To quell this shattering illusion that you are all there is and ever will be. The torment of carrying this torch, getting heavier with time, is wearing me down. And there's not a damn thing I can do. So I sit and replay over and over in my mind, just what I could have done and been different to change this open ending for me.
Why didn't you write me back? If only to give me just a little of the closure I so desperately reached for. Why didn't you break me clean in two instead of leaving me wondering?
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juliazelgforeverxo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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mydearfemaletc · 3 years ago
my life is a mess but at least my relationship with N isn’t
hey! its been a while!
i didn’t update my last post but we did go see the movie it was v cute! and we have continued going on dates since!
last month, she invited me to her bday party and i surprised her with flowers, some gifts and a letter! the following day she sent me a pic of her with her gifts (which she’s been using/wearing)
i was the photographer for her bday party and took so many pics of her - a lesbian thing, clearly - also, that same night she kept complimenting me (telling me how good i look, how beautiful my long legs are, etc) in front of her partner. And when everyone told her to kiss him for a pic, she couldn’t do it, she literally tried to keep her face as far away as possible.... i still laugh...was it because i was sitting right in front of them lol...
in the message she wrote to thank me, she called me her friend!!! (WE R FRIENDS?!!!? *CRIES*) and now we talk 100% informally and i call her by her name and all :)
classes finished last month but she decided to invite me to a summer course she’s currently giving (i guess she can’t get enough of me)
ohh and we have texted with a lot of heart emojis and she has a nickname for me!!
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je-suis-lov · 2 years ago
I'm trying so hard to forget everything I felt. But it's impossible. You are still here. Here. In my heart.
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rockongoldust-woman · 3 years ago
My first time experiencing true feelings for another human in sobriety - 30 years my senior, married and totally unhinged in the best of ways.
It’s not consuming me like feelings used to, when I was drinking. I truly love, appreciate and admire her like no one before. I don’t incessantly yearn for her, my chest doesn’t ache and I generally just get on with my day. I can smile and laugh, in fact I’ve laughed more in the past week than I have my whole drinking career, and it’s GENUINE. Mostly due to my sponsor, work friends and Raven getting a primark bag stuck around his neck and galloping around the house like the Tasmanian devil. Whilst on the phone with my sponsor - I laughed til I cried and she actually, quite literally pissed herself.
Basically, I’m handling my shit and I think that’s a pretty cool achievement for an obsessive weirdo like myself. 😊
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thoughbrokeniamsweet-blog · 3 years ago
throwback to the time d wrapped her arms around me from behind and called me “little girl.” because i am so jealous of myself in that moment
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lesbianagegap · 3 years ago
Ho sognato di baciare le tue labbra sottili , mentre accarezzavo dolcemente il tuo viso. Tu mi guardavi attentamente, con i tuoi occhi così profondi da far invidia allo spazio più recondito, stupita dall’amore che si rifletteva nei miei gesti. Tutto si è trasformato in un incubo, poi: mi sono svegliata e tu non c’eri, il letto vuoto a dirmi che non saresti mai tornata.
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lovingume · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
Imagining Ava and Deborah 💋💓😏😍…
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chaotica-draws · a month ago
Me sitting here silently waiting for people to realise that romantic love isn't the only type and in no way superior. And that Fine and Momo did love each other but in a way that was deep and loving but not romantic.
Fine tried to find her old partner in her as a way to get her back but instead found someone else who she also deeply cared for.
Momo found in Fine a way to be happy a way to live away from the machinery and war. Fine thought her how to live a life she'd wanted and was there for her when her own mother had abused her for what seems all her life.
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decisiontoleave · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harriet Walters in Flowers season 2 (2018)
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juliazelgforeverxo · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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mydearfemaletc · 3 years ago
inviting her to go see a movie !
so a couple of weeks ago i sent her an email inviting her to go see a movie with me! and she replied telling me how thoughtful it was and said she’d look at the program later.
also i was working that day and i had to wear something formal and she asked me if i was wearing my dark suit: she knows i have a thing for women in suits and ever since i told her she’s been wearing hers more often !!!
anyway that same day like 10mins before i started my shift she texted me and said: “thank u for the mail, just replied. i’ve decided my new look: i wanna dress like Stella Gibson: silk shirts and masculine kinda pants or skirts and maybe heels but that’s a reach!” so i told her “i approve ur look: a femme fatale! u can always rock a pair of sneakers!” and she replied “then we’ll go shopping together soon” and i said “yes!! im so excited!! u’ll become me and get stopped by random people on the street that will compliment ur look” and she answered: “but my love, how do i become you? aside from other things, im missing 20cm..(i adore tall women)...yes sometimes they tell me that” I WAS SHOOK like she deadass said she adores tall women hmm *coughs* was that flirting *coughs* its been weeks and im still so confused why did she say that i mean it wasn’t really necessary but sksksksks y’all probably thing im crazy lmaoo but hey idc
- to be continued on my next posts -
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je-suis-lov · 3 years ago
Ok... I found more information about her than I expected!
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1eos · 2 months ago
thoughts on yaoi/bl?
gets a bad rep for being Problematic nd the source of all evil when maybe 70% the issues of the genre are deep set issues with romance driven media in general. nd in the case of sexual and racial fetishization which yaoi most definitely can lead to, ppl only bring that up abt yaoi nd not abt all the other kinds of media they consume. on the flip side a lot of ppl try to put creative/narrative stock in it (without addressing genuine concerns abt it) when most of it is meant to be the entertainment version of popcorn 😭😭😭 ppl are like 'yaoi is the means for girls nd gays to be seen' girl calm down like just bc there are lgbt characters that don't mean you can ignore the normalized misogyny, homophobia, body shaming, consent problems, etc etc. basically not all bl is bad but even if its fine most ppl can't be normal abt it on either sides
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alissagifs · 4 months ago
By clicking the source link, you will find 66 gifs of Julia Zelg in her and Eileen De Freest’s episode of Love Don’t Judge (2021). All of the gifs were created by me from scratch. You may use these gifs to roleplay or as reaction gifs. Please do not repost or claim these gifs as your own. Contact me if you would like to edit these gifs for any purpose. I will likely say yes. Like or reblog if you find these gifs helpful!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Content/trigger warnings: Age gap, kissing, marriage/wedding, and alcohol/drinking. 
Featuring: Eileen De Freest and Jordan Benedetti. 
Notes: Julia Zelg is a singer, social media influencer, and YouTuber, and she is of Brazilian, Portuguese, and German descent, so please cast her accordingly. She is currently 27 years of age, and she was this same age in her episode of Love Don’t Judge (2021). 
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sapphicwizard · 17 days ago
Are there any gcs or discords for wlw? Or anything about wlw who prefer older women? ngl wlw age gap just hits different
Happy pride btw 💜
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