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#lesbian problems

Guess who finally got fed up with Tinder and deleted her account because the last straw was a cis hetero couple trying to match with her even when she explicitly stated her distaste of such Tinder users? This lesbian! 👩🏽👈🏽

Seriously though, I can’t stand Tinder for having a shit load of unicorn hunting hetero couples and having no way to filter, hide, or block those chuckleheads. Anyway I hope all unicorn hunters who try to match with lesbians, especially when we plainly state our disinterest in such affairs, have very miserable lives!✌🏽

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Literally obsessed with button down shirts made in Korea.

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My mom wants me to text my crush, (who will from now on be referred to as E) because we’re both lesbians. And she thinks it’ll be good for me. Like wtf does she think is gonna happen 💀 that’s so fucking awkward even if I didn’t like her, just walking up to the only gay person you know like: hello I’m gay too let’s talk about it 🤪

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Phone: Someone liked you, swipe up to see who!

Me: 🙂

We’re experimenting and looking for a third.

Me: 🙃

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the funniest part of being a lesbian is when you pick up a mens jacket at the store and the lady who works there runs over and goes “dear… thats a… m e n s c o a t” and youre just like yeah thats why im looking at it

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I’m going to cry, like I can’t deal with all the cute things she says and does sometimes, she asked me today to send her photos of snacks and wine that I bought for tomorrow so she can buy the same things and we can feel like we are hanging out normally and not through discord. Like I know she is just trying to be good friend and make this feel more normal even though we can’t meet up, but all those little things keep make me fall for her more and fuck with my head.

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“you’re so much more confident with a shaved head, it’s so weird because usually it’s the opposite for most people!”

haha!!! yeah… right…

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nothing like knowing i’d be willing to get hit by a train for a girl who barely likes me

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I’m really trying to to find some big brain tactic to ask her to hang out with me on discord on valentines day, like you know we are both singles, she said she doesn’t have any plans on 14th we could just have FRIENDLY evening, drink some wine and play video games and just chill. How the fuck do I casually ask the girl that I’m completely in love to hang out as friends on fucking VALENTINES

I’m literally panicking I’m trying to find courage to do it since last Friday and even though we are talking every day I’m so scared to ask her, I feel like I’m going to lose my chance because I’m to scared

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I’ve fallen for a straight girl who treats me better than anyone ever has 🥺🙃

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Being a lesbian is so weird, because I’ll see a tradtionally attractive male celebrity, that everyone thirsts over, and be like he has a friendly face. Nice face. Would 10/10 be friends with. Looks like he would make really good banana bread.

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So I met a possibly sapphic definitely very cute cashier at Walmart today and they were super nice and complimented my jacket and sunglasses. They seemed kind of shy and kept fiddling with their hands and talking quietly and idk I’m just rambling now but tldr, met a cute person and want to talk to them some more. What do?

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Just because you’re around a person daily, never take for granted their presence. You never know if next week is when you’ll be missing their hugs. The sound of their voice. The way they smell. The safe feeling of home that just seems to resonate through your body when you’re with them.

Never forget to say “I love you”.

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Yeah!! And maybe it’s a double standard that I say only non-cishet people can find entertainment from my pictures or whatever, but I’m so, so tired of guys finding my sexuality to be “for them” throughout my teens and into my adulthood!!! I even played into it with my friends at parties to make people like me more when I was younger, which really sucks to look back on. But now, I am exclusively on social media for lgbtqa+ people, and I will be loud about that lmao

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