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so i’ve been listening to the all the high school musical soundtracks and i never realised how visceral of a reaction i have whenever i hear the beginning of you are the music in me and kelsi is singing and then gabriella joins her??

like i wrote a whole ass story in my head about it in the span of the few seconds they sing together

anyway if someone could write an au about it that would be great

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I’m not a lesbian but dang sometimes I just want to marry a girl. Like maybe I want to be in a romantic relationship with a guy because I like guys but share the responsibilities of being alive and being a citizen with a girl. I wanna coexist with another girl and be best friends and live together but you know maybe once in a while I want to smooch my man. Is that so unreasonable?

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My friend just told me she is aromantic and im like oh that’s fucking cool (she is the one that didn’t know what it means)

And then she said aromantics and asexuals look weird

And im like what do u mean

And she

“They all have weird hair and like shaved hair and colored hair and there this girl who have just one curl on her head”

And im like sis…that’s the whole lgbtq+ community being mentally unstable not just aros and aces

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this is why i share my experience. my story. my process. this why i will continue to share my ups and down. i hope i continue to inspire or help and be here for those struggling with being proud and open as i sometimes struggle with myself.

its okay to be you.

it’s okay to be gay & proud.

i know i am.

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Okay so I had to write a story for English class, and I’m kinda proud of it so t thought I might post it. Also, I drew one of the scenes, so I’ll add that as well.

Prompt: you live in a world where your soulmate is unable to harm you, intentionally or otherwise. You are fighting in a war when one of the enemy’s knives harmlessly glances off you

unexpected reunion.

This is it, this is what Reyna had spent her whole life training for. Nothing could stop her now, she was unbeatable. Except maybe for the knife flying her way, fuck… She looked into the eyes of the warrior who’d thrown it, and saw no other than her enemy, Sophia Barlas.

-The thing is, that Reyna and Sophia hadn’t always been enemies. When they were still children they had been best friends, inseparable. But things got in the way, the war started and their parents broke off all contact between the girls. For years they were trained to fight in the war that tore them apart when they were younger, turned against each other. Reyna’s parents went silent when she asked about her old friend, and she soon learned she should leave it alone.

She was taught how to kill, and she was constantly told how she was fighting the right side of the war, that the enemy was an army of fascists. She was the ‘good guy’.-

She braced herself for the impact, but all she felt was a pinprick. Had Sophia missed? The chance was unlikely, Sophia has been training for at least as long as Reyna. The two women looked at each other, and raced forward. They tried attacking each other, but nothing worked. They were both horrified with what that could mean. 
It’s a weird thing, and no-one exactly knows why it is the way it is. But two soulmates are unable to harm each other in any way. It has been that way for as long as anyone can remember. According to some people it was a blessing from the gods, since so many warriors accidentally slayed the one they were destined to love. According to other people it was a curse, needing to try and harm your partner to see if you belong together. That’s not a good start of a relationship. 
Some people never find their soulmate, and those who do are considered lucky. 

But finding your soulmate is not always all that happy. Look at Reyna and Sophia, fighting opposite each other in a war, with no way of escaping – or even talk without risking everything. 
The women stood, unmoving and shocked. Could it be? Old emotions made their way up from where they were shoved down, this was your best friend, a voice in Reyna’s head whispered. Whatever it could- might mean, they couldn’t pay attention to it now. Reyna took one last look at the other woman and turned around. There was a war to be fought.

Later that night Reyna had isolated herself in her tent. She needed to think and rest. But those plans were quickly thrown out of the window when a raven arrived with a note tied to its back. 
It was from Sophia, she requested to meet up under a white flag, at the river where they used to play when they were younger. They need to talk. That led to Reyna sneaking out of her camp, unarmed, to meet up with her once-best-friend-turned-enemy-maybe-soulmate. 
Waiting near the river Reyna was regretting coming unarmed, anxiety about the situation rising quickly. What if it was a trap, what if an army was headed her way? And if Sophia was sincere, what then? It was doomed, had been that way ever since their parents pulled them apart. She was about to give up and head back when she saw someone running her way. She reached for her knife, just to realise it wasn’t there. The person came closer and closer, and it didn’t take Reyna long to identify Sophia. She wasn’t dressed in armour, she was wearing an off-the-shoulders, white dress. She threw herself around Reyna’s neck, hugging her close. Reyna was a bit shocked at first, but soon wound her arms around Sophia’s waist. The two women didn’t let go for a long time.

Silent tears streamed down their faces, and it took them a while before they were able to form a coherent sentence. 
“I missed you” Sophia whispers in the crook of Reyna’s neck, to which Reyna responds by pulling her impossibly closer. How could she have ever thought that this was the enemy? This is the girl she spent hours with building huts in the forest. This is the girl she went to when she was sad. This is the girl she trusted with her deepest, darkest secrets. This is the girl she loves. The girl she could never quite let go.

When they finally calmed down a bit, they sat down and talked. 
“We were so young, Rey. We were barely in our teens when our parents ripped us away from any chance we had at a normal life, forced us to fight in a war. We didn’t even know what it was about” Sophia’s voice was higher than normal, she was sad and angry. Reyna knew how she felt. She had never realised just how much nonsense her parents and generals had fed her until she talked with Sophia.
Sophia chocked back a sob. Reyna reached out and took her hand, making soothing patterns on the back with her thumb. 
“It’s okay, darling. I’ve got you, you will be fine” she whispered in her hair, pulling the shorter woman close. 
“No, no it’s not, Reyna! Don’t you get it? We will have to go back, pretend nothing happened and continue fighting in the retched war. Best case? We’ll never see each other again, spent our days pretending to believe in the cause and hate each other.
“Worst case? You die. I know you’re good but this is a war, Rey! Do you think I can stomach losing you after I just found you again?” 
Tears were making their way down Sophia’s rosy cheeks. Reyna wiped them away, looking her in the eyes.

“Then let’s not go back, dearest. Let’s go away to where no one knows us, never to look back, never to be found. Run away with me, love” 
That seemed to give Sophia back some of her fighting spirit. Her eyes widened and she smiled a brilliant smile. Reyna knew in that moment that she would give up absolutely anything she had to make her smile like that again. Sophia grabbed a hold of Reyna’s face, and put her forehead against Reyna’s. 
“I love you, always remember that” she whispered just before she pressed her lips to the other woman’s.

So soulmates are real, and finding yours can be a magical thing. But it can also involve a lot of sorrow, heartbreak and endings. Isn’t that a fair sacrifice for true love, though? After all, for a new chapter to start, the old one has to end first.

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