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Hi! Do you have any advice on how to get over my best friend. She knows I'm bi, but she's straight and we are like really close and comfortable with each other, and everytime we cuddle or something i fall deeper and imagine what would it be like if we were in a relationship (and i know that's not happening in a million years). Thank you my Sapho helper ♥️💜

best friend love happens to so many of us.  how can we not love her, i mean she’s our best friend??  

search my blog for the lesbian un-love spell.  and try to find another girl to love <3

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Is it too much to ask to be putting on a dress and have my loving wife zip the back up slowly, softly kissing my back and neck until the zipper reaches the top then she wraps her arms around me from behind and we gently sway to gather to the sounds of the songbirds in the window?

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