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yelenas-lova a year ago
just to be clear, the fact that music was nominated for a golden globe is absolutely disgusting. every single (adult) involved in that gross, ableist movie should be sickened by themselves.
for those of you who don't know, music (2021) is a movie being directed by sia about a nonverable autistic girl. not only does it not include any actually autistic people in the movie itself but it also only took advice from autism speaks which is looked at as a hate group by the majority of the autistic community. leaked scenes have also shown the movie glorifying prone restraints which are incredibly dangerous and have resulted in major injuries and even death to disabled people as recently as last year.
autistic people just like me have been incredibly outspoken about how harmful this movie is but the allistic have been mostly silent. we are already seeing reviews calling this movie 'inspiring' and important' and it's absolutely horrific! we need your help calling this out. please stand with us and call out this disgusting display of disrespect to autistic folks.
馃挍 - your local actually autistic pal
p.s. please, please reblog if you aren't autistic.
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layaisdaboss 2 months ago
Tumblr media
From when Alexander said something about Burr鈥檚 dead wife and his miserable life in the workshop.
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fallout-fucker 2 months ago
Fancast based on this post.
Daniel Craig as Nick Valentine
Tumblr media
Emmy Rossum as Piper Wright
Tumblr media
Leslie Odom Jr as Preston Garvey
Tumblr media
Johnny Depp or Norman Reedus as John Hancock
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Henry Cavill or Chris Evans as Paladin Danse (Or Chris Evans could be Elder Arthur Maxson)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Diego Luna as Robert Joseph MacCready
Tumblr media
Karen Gillan as Cait
Tumblr media
Ryan Reynolds as Deacon
Tumblr media
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solemnmonotonenotes a year ago
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Hamilton + FEELINGS
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hamiltimes 3 months ago
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Wave 1 collection complete! Can鈥檛 wait for wave 2 next month!
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ourladyofeternity 9 months ago
As soon I saw the tweet I had to share the pics here, why are all of them so freaking adorable???????!
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I mean, look at their faces 馃ズ鉁
They are the babiest babies I have ever known
I want what all of them have, thanks.
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bwaywingdingsnthings 6 months ago
I wouldn't call "keeping her bed warm while her husband is away" waiting, Aaron.
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yodelingzavia a year ago
in the heights thoughts
- a dissertation by aly
If you鈥檙e not black or latine I honestly don鈥檛 give a shit if you think the comments are undeserved or whatever. It鈥檚 not your place to speak and now is a great time for you to shut the fuck up, learn, and listen. Yes 鈥渋n the heights鈥 is a good movie. Yes it鈥檚 a little disappointing how they鈥檙e doing in the box office, and yes we should be celebrating the cast for their hard work.
However, the comments on the lack of real diversity and the clap back at the cast and crew for their shitty responses (save for Leslie, who鈥檚 the only person who seems to have a lick of sense and decency, and Ant who was smart enough to become a ghost) is very valid.
The problem with lin manuel miranda is that he prides himself on being all about diversity and making spaces for black and brown people. And while yes, he does make space for us, all of us don鈥檛 look like Melissa Barrera, Anthony Ramos, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Leslie Grace, etc.
In both Hamilton and In The Heights colorism is a huge problem. Yes I love the cast but aside from Leslie (Odom Jr) and Oak the entire obc is mixed race /light skinned people. That doesn鈥檛 take away from their issues or their blackness or Latin roots but it鈥檚 hard for me ( and obviously a lot of other people ) to take you seriously when you say you care about a group of marginalized individuals when you only ever high light a certain demographic inside that group.
He鈥檚 contradicting himself every time he puts out work. It doesn鈥檛 just stop with the movie in the heights, even the obc is full of light skinned Latin people. Every Latin American /Hispanic person doesn鈥檛 look like Karen Olivo or Mandy Gonzalez. That鈥檚 just the truth and to ignore that blatant truth is creating room for the erasure of an entire group of individuals.
Yes there are black women that have features that are more 鈥渕ixed looking鈥 in the eyes of bone head individuals, but there are also mixed women that don鈥檛 fairly represent the average black woman. It鈥檚 not fair to have all our stories told through the eyes of JUST mixed women or JUST light skinned people. It鈥檚 not realistic.
In the heights isn鈥檛 the pinnacle of representation for latine/black people in the slightest, and while it鈥檚 not the casts fault they were chosen for the role their responses are tone deaf and show they are ignorant to their privilege especially Melissa.
鈥淭hey picked the people that could best tell the story and embody the role鈥 - Melissa Barrera
This isn鈥檛 a critique of her skill as an artist because you grow with time but she鈥檚 the worst singer and weakest actress in the entire film. There are probably thousands of darker skinned latine women that could perform circles around her and still embody the role of Vanessa.
She is mestizo. Respectfully she is the LAST person who needs to be speaking on colorism. She鈥檚 not a white woman but she benefits from colorism the same way Lin benefits from colorism and Anthony and Leslie (Grace) benefit from colorism. It doesn鈥檛 take away from their struggles as poc but to deny that is idiotic their casting is proof.
No that鈥檚 not to say they鈥檙e not phenomenal actors but I鈥檓 sure there are others out there far better. That statement is harmful and ignorant and she would鈥檝e been better off keeping her mouth closed. Did she? No she went further to say-
鈥淏ut did you see the DANCERS and the EXTRAS... there were darker skinned people at the auditions... we just embodied the roles better鈥
Girl... shut the fuck up.
We鈥檙e good enough to be in the background and dance ... we鈥檙e good enough to sit in the nail salon and shuck and jive ... but you鈥檙e the ONLY ONE good enough to play the role you got? You don鈥檛 see the problem with the way you said that?
And the fact you brought up it鈥檚 a melting pot as an excuse for why it was okay for the entire cast to be full of light skinned actors is telling as hell.
They should be held accountable, they should have the uncomfortable conversations because if they don鈥檛 then they鈥檙e just as bad as the white people they want to hold accountable when there鈥檚 a ha*e cr*me against someone from our communities. You can鈥檛 pick and choose when these things are okay.
If you can scream BLM but blatantly ignore the erasure of your afro latine brothers and sisters you鈥檙e complacent and you should check your privilege before you open your mouth to speak.
Now let鈥檚 talk about Cuca. She鈥檚 a character they brought back specifically for the film, nobody sees a problem with the way they made her a walking stereotype? The darkest and curviest woman in the film is nothing more than a sex-crazed, ratchet extra. She added nothing to the film except stereotypes and no one sees a problem with that? Who cares if she reflects real people in the world, don鈥檛 claim you鈥檙e making room for people of color and then reducing us to racist stereotypes when you finally have the opportunity to showcase us in a positive light. Get y鈥檃ll shit together bro.
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repostzilla a year ago
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ffandomxtrashh 9 months ago
Right hand man in a nutshell:
Aaron burr: the pride of Mount Vernon, George Washington!
George, barging into the room: GUYS WE鈥橰E FUCKED!
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mindlikethetide a year ago
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We鈥檙e reliable with the LaDiEs!
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swimmingstudentchaos891 3 months ago
The SVU episode with Leslie Odom Jr and Daveed Diggs had my Hamilton loving ass screaming
Tumblr media
Also the scene between them and Barba means there were three Tony Award winners in the room (where it happens)
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comfortablynumb 10 months ago
I鈥檝e seen people debating online for years now about whether the main character of the show is Alex or Eliza, but I鈥檝e never heard someone suggest it鈥檚 Burr until tonight, when I was watching a Hamilton video by PrettyMuchIt. I am now a firm supporter in this theory. Yes, Hamilton is the center of the story and, yes, Eliza is the one who ended up telling his story, but Burr is the narrator of the musical for a reason. It鈥檚 Aaron in his old age hearing the story Eliza and her family are telling about Hamilton, and finally realizing his mistakes. Sort of like how Nick is the main character of the Great Gatsby because the book is about future Nick realizing how Gatsby impacted his life. This musical is the story of Aaron Burr realizing that his ruined legacy and the destroyed lives around him are his own fault, not Hamilton鈥檚 like he originally thought.
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bifurious-screams a year ago
"Hamilton wrote the other 51" gave my entire body from my scalp to my toes chills, Leslie I fucking love you so much
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saxophone-stories 12 months ago
I was told to sing a child a lullaby but I panicked and sang the first few songs in Hamilton.
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smartbrained a year ago
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LESLIE ODOM JR. for the 2021 BAFTA Awards 鉁
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itsvicsworld 5 months ago
Still mad that we didn't get the deleted version of my obedient servant and first burn in Hamilton the musical
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sophiecowdrey a year ago
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"I'm willing to wait for it." 鉁
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fyeahtimwalker 5 months ago
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Leslie Odom Jr by Tim Walker, 2022
For W Magazine's Best Performances issue.
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repostzilla a year ago
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