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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#less days please

Ok so you can completely ingnor this but I’m gonna say it anyways. Not all of us Christians are bad. Yes some people who claim to be christians are homophobic and whatnot but are they really Christians then? The whole Christian thing is we try to live a life of love and stuff. So if someone really is Christian they wouldn’t care who you like, what religion you believe in, or what you look like. Our job is to just spread the word of Christ not force it onto people or hate thise unlike us. I’m a Christian who has a bunch of friends who are gay, nonbinary, of different colors, and even other religions but I dont force my religion on them. I even go and learn other religions even if I dont agree with them, I just think they are neat. I’m pretty sure the only well you can tell I’m Christian is the fact I correct people about inaccurate facts I know and I make sure to capitalize God and write other gods in lowercase and even say aloud “with a little g”. So I’m sorry if you hate us but not all of us are like that. Alright I’m done have a good night.

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me: man i wish there were something i could do… i’m bored

the 60ish shows i could watch, the however many games
i could play or record, my sketchbooks, podcasts i could listen to,
and manga/books i haven’t read
: so do we just not exist?

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Hiiii so I decided I’m gonna start this challenge cause, I’m almost done with the insta one, what else am I doing, & Eva @nervousnotion made like…the best themes ✌🏻💕

Also decided I’m gonna do this one on here cause this is where my music peope are at!!! So without further adieu

Day 1: A Song by an LGBT Artist

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