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#less money mo problems

so the owner of my old job finally got back to me and let me access the tax paperwork that I need for a personal loan that went hand in hand with a carmax offer that expired two days ago so I may have to get MORE MONEY from that same personal loan place as the offer may go down just a tiny bit or astronomically. They offered 4000 and kbb offered like 1000 so what the fuck. I called the day of the offer and it’s taken this long. 

you think you’re stressed?! i think you are but also me too so this is what i’m vaguely stressing about

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since I asked y’all it’s only fair:

  • I finally got hired for a new job yesterday but it’s only thru january and it pays TEN DOLLARS AN HOUR AUGH
  • I got a cutie in a city that’s an hour and a half away and a cutie in a city that’s five hours away and no friends where I live lmao
  • my apartment is… so cold…
  • body cannot decide which set of hormones to run on primarily and so has determined to go with HARD BOTH
  • (my dosage has been upped as of this week, pray for me)
  • the book that Rocket and I are getting published in is out for preorder! woooo~ we don’t get sales cuts tho and our contract is not exclusive so maybe we’ll post the article here or something too? it’ll be up somewhere free for y’all soon
  • the trans editors/publishers of this anthology of queer and trans spirituality and magic in which our observations on trans myth are being published sent a letter to my home… addressed… to my dead name………….
  • I have no discretionary funds so I’m tryna make everybody nice gifts for the holidays, expect lots of pictures of crafts and stuff when January rolls around
  • I made my niece a little Ravenclaw potions/herbology set for her bday tomorrow, remind me and I’ll post pics of that too
  • I organize trainings and moderate panels for the local climate group as a volunteer and we are talking about doing an intersectionality panel in the state capitol in early 2017 which is Neato
  • I am having some strange health problems but in positive health news the trans clinic I go to (also an hour and a half away) seems to have switched me from the abysmally bad provider I had been struggling with for ages to a… competent… physician??? IS THIS REAL LIFE
  • I have worked manual labor for the past million years and now I have to Dress Nice for this $10/hr shop job, so it looks like my great grandfather’s bitchin skinny tie collection can finally come out of retirement and into wardrobe circulation
  • can’t sleep for shit but that’s Life I guess
  • I started rewatching the swimming anime… (pm me for THAT mess of a sideblog)
  • Extreme Mental Illness season has commenced but at least it’s mercurial and not static? seems better to peak and plummet than to be consistently miserable or numb, I guess
  • learning to Vulnerable proceeds better than expected, what a relief
  • it is elevation week and we didn’t promo very much but it is still happening and I am glad to be doing this work

ok that’s enough sharing, tyfyt

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Me during the middle of the month: Oh, wow! Look at that savings account! Look at you adulting!!

Me at the end of the month when bills are due: Well, at least I’m not overdrafting my account once a week like when I was 17.

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Why are you saving up already?

Because I love spending money and if I don’t force myself to save it now (and hide it from myself), that game is staying on a shelf in Japan.

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Constantly confronted by my number one cause of anxiety and having no control and living in constant fear that I will never escape debt.

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