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I just saw that mod this morning; it's beautiful! Love your art style and it absolutely tickled me that it came from one of my favorite stores.

Oh I love that, the internet is a small world haha.

Thank you so so much for the compliment! This is actually my first time attempting pixel art in any real sense since I was 12 and recoloring emotes on Gaia Online, so I’m really nervous if they’re any good.

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(You have no idea how happy this message makes me! ♥)

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Every time you post new Brimstone and Roses I'm so happy I followed you for those SDV portraits you did years ago, lol. Most valid decision I've ever made

I’m ngl, this is the first time someone’s told me they’ve followed me for my SDV portraits!! I really appreciate it and I’m happy you’ve stuck around for so long! 

I’m always starstruck when older followers are interested in my non-fancontent stuff, so I’m super touched so many people are enjoying BnR!! 😭😭😭


Originally posted by thenichibro

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Thank you tons! Another creator to follow awww yesss.

They are by far one of my favorite CC creators and deserve so much more recognition, you definitely will not be disappointed! :’)

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wow it SURE DID. I was asking about the edit you did last night with the horns--I favorited it, but seems like you deleted it? Was just wondering if you could direct me to the creator of the horns! The edit was fantastic, and so was the cc used. :)

No worries! The horns are by @c-cerberus-sims-s. (And thank you!) <3

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Hi Dr Ferox! I messaged you a bit ago about my bunny, who had a terminal illness and asked what I could do to thank my vet. Well as it turns out, the bunny made a wildly unlikely recovery (the vet called him the terrier of rabbits) and he's flopped in his cage now, giving me the stink eye because his dinner is late. He'll be a bit unsteady for life and need a bit of extra care, including antibiotics, but he's alive and that's thanks to vets like you <3 Thanks for being here and doing what you do

Special care rabbits can still enjoy their lives, so long as they have an owner willing to provide them the care they need.

Hooray for unlikely recoveries but trying anyway.

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Omg I just got the Suicune, thank you so much! <3 I deposited for Raikou as well. <3

Awesome! I should probably close the GTS soon so I can clear it :’)

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Milotic is the second-to-last pokemon I need to finish my 'dex, and I'm SO excited. She's lovely! <3

You’re welcome! Wow you’re almost done, that’s great! :D


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@lessdenied replied to your post “Wtf you can’t get handmaiden unless you play as a man, what kind of…”

There are mods for that! They’re on the steam workshop if you got it through steam. :D

yeah i got that after like 30 minutes of trying to figure out how it all works lmao, but i need to take a break now because i cant kill that bloody jedi 

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