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utterlyinevitable · 11 days ago
3 from the kiss prompts for our faves E&O 🥰
Tumblr media
Da Capo
Pairing: Ethan x F!MC (Odette Hall) Rating: Teen+ Word Count: 1.2k  Summary: The next day after their surprise kiss, Odette’s confused and ignoring Ethan. Until she doesn’t anymore.  Trope: Office; Friends to Lovers
#3 “A breathy demand: “Kiss me” - and what the other person does to respond” from the 50 types of kisses list.
A/N: 🤷‍♀️
“I am so sorry,” she says as soon as she hears his receiver pick up; barely gives him a second to breathe before she’s apologizing for how she left things. 
The wires of disappointment and embarrassment twining in her stomach are released when she recognizes his chuckle; then, “Had me worried there for a second.”
She leans back and can’t help but smile into the phone. Her green eyes cast down at her patent leather heels and her body still pressed to her bedroom door. “I... I’m stunned,” she says. 
It’s true. Truly. Odette cannot find the right words to encompass all that she feels with his kiss still lingering on her lips. 
“Sorry. I can’t believe...” she trails when Ethan doesn’t say a thing.
Then he does. 
“If I crossed a boundary, Odette, please tell me.” 
The grave vulnerability in his voice cuts her deep. Her heart beats rapidly in her chest and she’s frozen in place but the emerging thoughts that she has messed everything up keep rolling. 
“No, no - No,” she’s quick to assure him, her free hand moving about as if he can see her. 
Then they both seem to take a sharp breath. 
It’s up to her to remedy this. 
She tries again; 
“I...” but the words aren’t coming. Her mind unable to comprehend anything with the thunderous thoughts coursing through her. She doesn’t know what is happening now. All she can manage is, 
“Wow...” Odette sighs, her fingertips brushing her lips. 
And he speaks. Finally! 
“I did not plan on it happening. Though I’d be lying if I said I regret it.”
“I know.”
Simple words bring silence between them. His admission gives her enough confidence to kick off her shoes and sit on her bed. She can still hear Ethan’s light exhales into the microphone and the tires on pavement. She checks the clock on the nightstand - he’ll be home soon. 
When the silence becomes a third party in such a private conversation, she speaks. 
“What does this mean?”
Though she’s not sitting beside him, she knows his simper as he matter-of-factly notes, “This is something I hoped we would speak about in person.”
“Sorry,” she mutters.
“I have feelings for you, Odette. I have for a while now.”
Last nights conversation still plays on a loop in her mind. Every sentence, every word, every pause for breath dissected. Analyzed. Pressed under a microscope between the plates of indecision and doubt - Did she do the right thing? Will they go up in smoke? Was this all one big mistake?
Odette couldn’t avoid him all day, no matter the maps she made around their schedules. How she’d take the long way around hoping not to catch him at a quiet moment outside a patient’s room or the nurse’s station. She wasn’t ready to face what’s to come - what they tried to work out last night after dinner. After that kiss. After she kissed him back and ignored him the whole cab ride home. After they spent 42 minutes on the phone...
They work together. He’s her most dear friend. Her favorite companion. A partner and go-to date whenever one needed. And she’s all that for him, too. Every moment of the last three years that gave them this close friendship could fall to rubble with this new... relationship. 
At least Ethan was not pushing it - pushing her into talking about all this. Like always he’s letting her set the pace - letting her make this happen in her own time. 
Oh, she’s never met someone like him before. Never liked someone with even a fraction of the new feelings she’s found with him before. 
Odette saw the way his features lit up when she walked into the office this morning; wonders if he has always looked at her this way. With blue eyes clearer than the early summer sky and boring down on her like she’s the center of everything. The subtle creases at the corners, edges of his mouth up upturned, and his body angled her way. That look brought goosebumps to her skin and she couldn’t look him in the eye, shy for the first time after stepping into this room. Throughout the meeting indecision coated the air between them twisting her tongue. 
As soon as it was over she fled. Threw herself in her work and tried to make sense of last nights events once again. They didn’t leave things open, of that she’s sure. Ethan made his position and his hopes quite clear. And she agreed. Didn’t she? Odette recalls returning the sentiment. Or did she only mutter an agreement? It all happened so fast... Just like that kiss. 
His full lips soft and dreamy between her own. Champagne and strawberries and smokiness in the crisp night where he anchors her in time with fingers in her hair. The way she felt lighter than air, like a star hanging high in the sky. A feeling and a taste so potent yet dwindling in memory. The most defining moment in their friendship fading as the hours moved on and she tried to recall and recall and recall it all. 
She wouldn’t need to revel in the feeling if she could do it again....   
Tumblr media
Later when their shifts are over, Odette finds herself in his office; couldn’t really remember when she consciously ditched her meticulous plans and made her way to him. She steps one heel across the threshold, her breath held in her chest, to see Ethan’s packed up, dressed down, and halfway to the door. 
The only light streaming in the darkened space is from the lamp in the corner and the fluorescent lights of Boston. He’s standing there in front of her. A dark eyebrow raised, messenger bag on his shoulder, tie loosened just a tad and no white coat in sight. Just Ethan Ramsey in his once-pressed suit with fourteen hours worth of work crinkled in.  
Odette doesn’t register anything except that they’re both off the clock and the blinds on the glass walls are pulled as she moves further in, closer to him.
“Kiss me,” she breathes. It’s the only thing she couldn’t make sense of all day - it’s the only way to really know. 
If he’s shocked, he doesn’t show it. Her emerald eyes are wide enough for the both of them. 
Ethan lets his leather bag cascade to the floor, his gaze on her and her alone. 
“Are you sure?” 
She nods. Pink painted lips parted. Ready. All her breath still held captive. 
Gingerly. Gently. With all the care of carrying fine porcelain, Ethan’s lips touch hers. Chaste. Reserved. A brush of uncertainty. Once. Until she lets all the air out of her diaphragm and her knees buckle as the weight leaves her suddenly and his hands keep her rooted. As everything in her body is alight for his kiss. 
It’s just them. Odette and Ethan. This is real. 
It’s over too soon. 
Her eyes flicker open to see just one question in his gaze; 
“Can I drive you home?” 
“Can I buy you dinner?” she asks instead, a private simper on her light pink lips. 
That garners a chuckle from the stoic man. With a motion of his hand he lets her lead the way. 
a/n: i realize there is very minimal correlation to the motivation behind ode asking for it. oh well 🤷‍♀️
@openheartfanfics @choicesficwriterscreations
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burnonyou · 2 years ago
Gina: I have a black belt.
Rosa: In judo?
Gina: From gucci.
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selfloving-shipper · 2 years ago
Just a little note if you send me pictures or tell me about your f/o and I only respond 'cool' or something similar know that I'm not invalidating your ships or not interested at all I just have trouble finding the right words to say (especially when faced with f/os I don't know) or I could be doing something else but don't want to leave you basically on read while I finish it.
Also I'm perfectly fine if I tell you about my f/os and all you can say it 'cool' because I fully understand not having the spoons needed to come up with some massive praise for my silly ships when all I really want is just simple acknowledgement that it was recieved and not terrible lol
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hermitcraftheadcanons · 5 months ago
So Team ZIT has a “joke” about who has the brain cell... What if it wasn’t a joke. What if occasionally the other two are physically unable to have good ideas, sometimes all three can’t have good ideas. Idk where I’m going with this, but I think it’s an interesting prompt
Their code got a bit intermingled during a rough season transition several years ago, and now certain parts of the functions that let them think are shared. Usually that's not a huge issue - it can even be a good thing, since they now have an instinctive sense for when one of the others is in danger - but when Tango's brainstorming full force for a minigame and Zed is working overtime on a contraption, the overheating brainwaves can be a little frustrating for poor Impulse, trying and failing to do some simple mental math in the shopping district. Is that one diamond for two stacks or two for one many diamonds do I even have...please...please I just want some concrete...
Still, a few moments of complete empty-headed confusion are a small price to pay for the ideas he gets when it's his turn to use "the briancell" long as he doesn't get creepered while standing there blinking cluelessly. :)
- Mod Shade
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amarriageoftrueminds · 3 months ago
from a post in my drafts simply labelled
‘Notes: Car Convo = Stupid Bad'
these supposed lovebirds have come from Jersey without speaking? 
this is the second time they’ve been in a car together but have still never spoken? 
Steve is nevertheless still talking to himself 🤣
Peggy (who has never spoken to him so therefore obviously doesn’t know him) asks Steve Rogers if he runs away from fights??
Steve’s characterisation completely misses the point that he doesn’t stand up for himself, he stands up for others
Peggy claims to know a little of what it’s like to have ‘every door shut in [her] face’ 
(despite never having any doors shut in her face, being an UC WASP English woman talking to a working class Catholic Irishman, and this being followed by a scene in which literally every person they meet opens every door in Peggy’s path for her. 🤦🏼‍♀️)
Steve out of nowhere segues right into a Neg (’what’s a girl doing in the army?’) 
Peggy snaps back at him ‘why, is this ur first time talking to one??’ 
(if this was a modern AU and this scene were playing out in a comic book store, Steve would be the fedora tippin’ ‘Nice Guy’ incel geek trying to gatekeep the ~Female; but according to Marvel this is ~Romance, Actually). 
as a short, disabled, and obviously Therefore unfuckable man, Steve then embarks on an Pick-up Artist Incel Mope to lure his prey
Peggy comes back with a ‘wow ur so pathetic, I mean, sounds fake but it’s almost sweet?’ 
Steve then says he doesn’t want to date anyway, finds women terrifying, and thinks dating doesn’t even matter, not until he has the right partner
implying either that he is waiting until his ‘right’ partner is ready, ie. he already has one in mind, or that he still hasn’t met the right person... which rules out her, OR that he’s full of shit and his pick-up gambit failed, since:
Peggy doesn’t ask him out
because she doesn’t want to date him
but she does pull a further series of ‘aw that’s so sad it’s almost sweet’ facial expressions like a doting mother taking her son into a doctor’s appointment
wildly OOC for Steve (who is v private and not used to talking to women, he says) to immediately start discussing the private details of his inner life / lovelife with someone he’s literally never spoken to before? it’s like a badfic scene
wtf is the driver doing/thinking this whole time?? is he deaf? mute?? just creeped out??
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draculcid · 7 months ago
when he finally gets comfortable, billy craves to be close to steve while they’re both asleep. typically, he’s a clingy sleeper. he links his arms around steve’s waist and he rests as close as possible to steve’s body. he even moves to get closer to the heat when steve drifts away in his sleep, until he’s practically on top of steve (steve doesn’t mind. it was a shock the first time though; waking up sweaty, hot, and thoroughly squished and smothered by 150 pounds of a peacefully snoozing billy).
billy almost always wakes up first, trying to extricate himself from the tangle of limbs so he can finally get to see steve pressed into the pillow next to him, the covers wrapped around his waist and the morning sun making the highlights in his hair gleam as it filters in through the blinds. 
he reaches out, fingertips tracing the moles on steve’s back almost by memory. and steve stirs and burrows deeper into the pillow with a soft sound of contentment.
and it feels. euphoric. so tender, it makes billy want to shake steve awake to make sure he’s real. but he also never wants to move in case he wakes him up and ruins this.
steve brushes his leg up against billy though, slowly opening one eye, and billy smiles before he can stop himself.
steve heavily wraps his arm around billy’s torso, softly groaning, his voice coarse in his drowsy state. his half lidded eyes blink slowly at billy, who’s grinning from ear to ear.
“woke you?” billy finally asks.
steve nods his head, jutting his bottom lip out to form the slightest pout before billy leans forward to steal a kiss. he pulls away to grab steve’s hands, indistinctly saying sorry, stevie. he kisses up steve’s arms, mumbling, “just so pretty in the morning, my sweet, sunshine boy..”
and billy would do anything for this to last. would pause time to sit in bed with steve forever- even if steve annoyingly hogs the covers and sleeps in the dead center of the bed. 
billy can see steve blush, although he grumbles, “you’re a freaking octopus, baby,” when billy wraps his legs around steve’s.
“you were supposed to say good morning,” billy laughs in response. it’s bright, and his face lights up like fresh snow glistening under the sun for the first time.  steve can only smile, fond. 
he thinks, truly, it is. a good morning. the best.
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ourstarscollided · 6 months ago
Hey Netflix, I’d like to offer you this on the 9 month anniversary of JATP:
Tumblr media
That’s it. Should be enough, right?
Image IDs under the cut.
Bonus meme under the cut that might be a mix of something too real and also something that makes me happy to be a part of this crazy corner of the internet.
Tumblr media
For real tho. Seeing everyone still make content for this show even after nine freaking months makes this whole “no renewal announcement yet” just a little better. Honestly thought the fandom would lose steam at a certain point, but we’re doing pretty well on our own and I think that’s just really lovely. I’ve made some wonderful friends and also got back into some hobbies that I hadn’t found creative energy for in years, and for that, I’m thankful 🧡 so like, yeah, it’s been 9 months, but this community of people is something I didn’t think I’d find again as an adult and that’s been the coolest thing.
[image id 1: trade offer meme with "i receive season 2 of jatp" on the left and "you recieve less threats of no substance about me fighting a streaming service" on the right as the trade offer. the guy in the middle who is making the offer is labeled as “someone who just really wants their comfort kids’ show back”.]
[image id 2: hard to swallow pills meme with the first panel showing a finger pointing at a bottle that says “hard to swallow pills”. The second panel shows a hand holding the pills and is labeled “it’s been 9 months since jatp was released and there is a real fear that it won’t be renewed even though the fandom has stepped up and has been creating content to keep the hype around the show alive” with a finger pointing towards the pills.]
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utterlyinevitable · 9 months ago
Could you do a headcanon for Ethan reacting to MC thirsting over David Gandy
Ethan Learns Who David Gandy Is
MC and Ethan are sat at the round table in the diagnostics office in companionable silence, both reviewing their own files. 
Well, one of them is working. The other is staring at her phone... and chancing glances at the attending every so often. 
“Stop it,” Ethan commanded without looking up from his work. 
A tiny little smirk tugged at the corners of her lips, “What?” 
“You’re staring. Say what you’re thinking, or get back to work.” 
MC scoots her chair just a bit closer to him, borderline unprofessionally close for the glass office. 
He doesn’t flinch, he welcomes the closeness even though it challenges the rules he’s carefully enacted for their relationship. 
She holds up her phone to the side of Ethan’s chiseled jawline. 
“Yeah you could be a model. You got that sexy scowl down pat.” She notes with a pleased smile, eyes gazing back and forth between the screen and her boyfriend. 
A low, annoyed grumble emits from deep in Ethan’s chest and he takes the phone from her hand. 
Staring back at him is a half naked man with daringly similar features. “Who is this?”  
His thumb swipes side to side on her screen, and to Ethan’s horror there are more photos of this internet celebrity person who clearly doesn’t have a real job by the way each and every one of his muscles is defined and enviously sculpted.   
“David Gandy.” She informs as she reaches over to take back her phone. “British model. Attractive person numero uno. And his voice my goodness.”
Her eyes nearly roll back into her head at the thought of hearing his deep cadence. 
Raising a bemused brow, Ethan says, “Shall I leave the two of you alone?” 
At that quip MC’s eyes shoot to his and deviously narrow, that known gleam in her eye shining ever so bright. 
MC places her things purposefully on the table to free up her hands. She rises from her seat. Leans over to push his files further back on the desk. 
She picks the pen from Ethan’s slackened grasp, looks deep into his ocean eyes and responds, “I’d much rather have alone time with you.” 
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burnonyou · 2 years ago
Amy: Make sure you put the toilet seat down.
Jake: Okay.
Jake, to the toilet seat: You’re worthless and nobody likes you.
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selfloving-shipper · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Dio Ship Aesthetic for anon
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