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#let people ship in peace
taralewiz · a month ago
People say let people ship who they want and then use jeid as an insult lol
i mean I get why people don’t ship them but imagine seeing a ship you like constantly being hated on and being used an insult
there are people that have liked them together since day one that are happy that they got canon (kind of)
you can dislike that ship but why making an insult out of it, even if it’s just for fun.
imagine your favorite ship being constantly hated on
this isn’t addressed to people specifically it’s just something that I saw a lot on the internet
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thesnowflake18 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
She's so concerned for Deku!! ಥ‿ಥ
And for those who are comparing her reaction with Bakugou's, and literally are downplaying her own character, STOP. It's completely in character for Bakugou to keep his explosive, give-no-fucks attitude to try to march into that room and demand some answers. And OBVIOUSLY he's concerned after risking HIS OWN LIFE for his friend and being on the verge of death cause of that. Just cause Ochaco wasn't busting down doors or making some scene in the hallways doesn't mean her own worry isn't at the same level or more than Bakugou's or anyone else's. Honestly, Ochaco has a really strong will (proven MULTIPLE TIMES btw), and she's holding back her own worry. She's tired but she's patiently waiting right outside his door, listening to ALL MIGHT'S ORDERS. If you think it's "out of character" for her to even show this much worry for her friend, I got news for ya buddy: we ain't in any Wattpad fan fic, Hori knows his characters because it's HIS own story so you just gotta deal with it.
Extra little rant: 1A holding Bakugou back wasn't with bad intentions!! They're literally just concerned that he's hurting himself just because of his stubborn ways he was spitting up blood, like cmon.
Anyways, don't downplay characters just cause it's not your ship being featured, ok?
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chubs-deuce · 2 months ago
You know, I love shipping, I do, but some people’s attitude about it makes me immensely uncomfortable.
It’s not a competition, a canon status doesn’t give anyone an asshole pass and neither does preferring a wlw or mlm ship. No ship is superior to another and liking or disliking them is not a matter of being right or wrong but merely a matter of taste and preference. We’re all just a bunch of nerdy humans that enjoy consuming and producing content of our faves falling in love and being loved and think that we should treat each other with at least basic respect.
Some of you people out there I think need to catch some fresh air and reconnect with nature a little.
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marguerite-thian · 2 months ago
Me trying to get through the sambucky tag without seeing st*cky, anti Tony, anti stony, people complaining about Sharon, people complaining about queerbaiting, people complaining about people complaining about queerbaiting, people complaining about people comparing sambucky to other ships, and other complete bullshit like:
Tumblr media
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thebreadtree · 3 months ago
I don't get those Anti-Movements against certain characters/ships
What are they even trying to accomplish? A person who stans/ships a character/ship is not going to stop liking them/it just because some random stranger on the internet decided to write multiple essays about what is wrong with that certain thing.
Of course it is okay to say that you yourself dislike something and everyone has the right to do so. But ruining the experience of others by degrading them for liking what you don't like or by simply draging those characters/ships into the dirt?
If you don't like that character/ship move on. Go to your own comfort zone where the things are you like and let those people who stan/ship that character/ship live in peace.
I have spoken
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loversamongus · 4 months ago
Are you a Zutara shipper??😏
i...dont know what gave it away
Tumblr media
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that-turtleduck · 5 months ago
Apparently there are people in the fandom who are trashing PoCs that support zutara and trying to teach us the error of our ways?
Does anyone realise that foreigners 'saving' natives from their ignorance has been the justification given for colonisation historically?
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arishatistic · 5 months ago
Hi, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your artwork and I recently got a lot of hate for shipping harmione and it kind of brought me down, which is stupid since they're not even real but it still made me feel bad. Anyways thanks again for your beautiful art and you just seem like the nicest person ever!
Thanks, glad you like my art ❤ As for the haters... Ignore them. They aren’t worth your time. 
I know it’s hard and that people on social media recently can be horrible to anyone who even dares to say that they prefer Harry and Hermione together. I’ve seen the weird name calling on instagram, tumblr, and twitter, the “you must be delusional!” (nevermind that even JKR came out and said otherwise and that HHr could have very possibly gone that way) “they’re just siblings” or accusing you that you can’t let friends of the opposite genders stay friends as if somehow seeing the potential of a long lasting and healthy relationship is now a horrible thing that they can’t understand. 
I don’t know why people are so harsh on the Harmony ship when it’s like the most wholesome ship you can have, just two best friends who always cared for and supported each other and stood by each other’s side through everything doing exactly that for the rest of their lives as partners in life. Their relationship is so beautiful and there is nothing wrong with you thinking that they had potential to be something more. It doesn’t deserve hate and you shouldn’t let people shame you for shipping two fictional friends (anyone who does that needs to get a life like seriously). 
Ignore the haters or antis, nothing you ever say will convince them to see your side. Just keep shipping Harry and Hermione together if that’s what makes you happy.
I really recommend you join the HMS Harmony Discord (invite link: here). That place has become a haven for me and other Harry and Hermione shippers. There’s also the r/hpharmony subreddit. 
I’ve found that talking to like minded people who actually listen to and understand what you have to say is much more healthy than those who belittle/shame your opinions. Surround your self with positivity and people who love these adorable dorks like you do. 
Tumblr media
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jamlizabestship · 9 months ago
Okay so I have something to say: can people stop using the fact that the characters in Hamilton are characters, as an excuse for some things; but then immediately turn around and talk about how shipping them is inexcusable! Because they are based off of real people? Completely taking back what they just said about them being characters!
I have genuinely seen this argument multiple times, and as somebody who does a lot of shipping, it does anger me to see that people will take back what they've said before! Just to be able to put down shippers.
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greaseonmymouth · 9 months ago
quality shipping discourse on my dash tonight of the particular kind that's aged like a fine *spits out drink* vinegar
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cupofkey · 9 months ago
if bitches ever reply to one of my hetalia posts about wlw and girls being in love with some stereotypical straight shit I will murder bitches ❤️
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cherrybracelets · 10 months ago
i wish there wasn’t so much discourse about celeb personal lives ALL THE TIME. it is literally none of our business whether it’s real or fake or a hookup or exclusive like that is their business stop talking about please god it is not that hard
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lokirevenger · 10 months ago
Y’all need to realize that sometimes, shipping/ not shipping an interracial and/or lgbtq+ couple has nothing to do with racism, homophobia, misogyny, fetishization or whatever, sometimes people wanna see two characters smoosh and sometimes they don’t, it’s not that deep :/
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