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Tumblr media
when someone shows you who they are, believe them tha 1st time not 29th time. its gone fuck up yo mental .
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aaa snow sounds so nice !! warm winters make me feel uneasy as well, it just feels like something’s wrong. no idea what but the vibes are off
oH i also wanted to ask which kpop groups you stan ! i showed a screenshot of vos being a ring ding dong fan (as he should be) to my kpop friends and even though they don’t like star wars they’re now reading that fic lol
i’ve been busy with school the past few days and i’ve decided i’m just gonna give up on life. especially with maths like dude it’s just not funny anymore i want to study history for gods sake
what exactly is your study about ? :D
- 🦁
ahh it is! i do love snow unless i'm driving in it or shoveling it or it's brown and gross on the side of the road 😌😌 also YEAH EXACTLY like.... why am i not freezing...... something's Wrong........
first of all TY for the free promo <33 spreading my kpop stan quinlan vos agenda to the world, a blessing truly
also ahhhh this question is exciting to me my kpop playlist is like 21 hours long now LMFAO #help. anyways i listen to a variety of groups but some of my faves are twice, txt, hot issue, and purple kiss, and recently i've been listening to more æspa, f(x), and enhypen but i haven't gotten thru a whole lot of their discographies yet. i ALSO really like the new nct title track bc it reminds me of the baseball scene in twilight lmfaooo
oh no.... i feel u but oh no........ math especially can be rough, i hope it gets better 😔✊ and good luck with history!! if that's what u feel passionate about i hope u get a good opportunity to go for it :))
so funny story! i'm studying engineering right now which is actually just a bunch of math but it's like worse so you can build buildings/roads/etc, but i'm thinking of switching to be just a plain old math major because that's my favorite part of everything i do in college. so uh we are not the same 💀💀 but i'm having a good time!
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Terrifyingly Innocent [Fourteen]
Tumblr media
Pairing: Seungcheol x fem!reader
Featuring: Hansol, Mingyu, frequent mentions of Jihoon
Synopsis: Fearful of losing her, yet unwilling to leave; this agreement between Seungcheol and his best friend’s little sister was meant to be casual and temporary, yet he finds himself growing more attached to her day by day.
Genre: Fluff, angst, fake dating, fwb(?), slowburn, older brother’s best friend!Seungcheol, badboy!Seungcheol, innocent!reader, older brother!Jihoon, non-idol!au, university!au, low-key Crazy Rich Asians!au(Seungcheol is RICH - implied chaebol lifestyle, Jihoon and reader’s family aren’t chaebols and are commoners but well-off)
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, use of profanity, suggestive, talks about sex (but no smut), one bed 👁👄👁, greasy men AND women, clubbing, insecurities, jealousy
WC: ~5.6K
A/N: Admittedly this is not my best work and this chapter is kind of choppy. Nonetheless, lots happening here and important for progression of their relationship - FINALLY 
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Tumblr media
“So this time, he really did steal your first kiss?” Mingyu deadpanned. Dressed in a simple white t-shirt and black leather jacket, his dark hair stylishly parted to the side, he was sitting at the edge of your bed, leaning back on the palm of his hands. Unlike the first time you had confessed that Seungcheol kissed you in the car, he was unfazed when you recounted the events of your “outing,” as you had put it, on the other side of town that resulted in a blissful kiss and then a trainwreck U-turn of Jisoo calling you for a date. His face held a bored and unimpressed expression on his face as he stared at you through the mirror of your vanity.
You squirmed uncomfortably, the hand brushing blush across your cheek dropping into your lap. You wheeled around in your desk chair to face him. “Could you stop looking at me like that?”
Mingyu clicked his tongue and tilted his head to the side. “Technically, this is your guys’ second kiss now.”
“Mingyu,” you warned.
He shrugged and raised his eyebrows teasingly at you. You couldn’t fight the facts this time – you had willingly reciprocated the kiss.  
When he didn’t respond, you threw one last scornful look his way before turning back to your small LED mirror to touch up the last of your makeup. After much begging from Clara and nonchalance from Hansol, who had literally told you, “Yolo, bro,” you caved and agreed to go to the clubs with them – on one condition: Seungcheol and Mingyu would come along as your chaperones. Jihoon was running the university radio station this evening and wouldn’t be able to tag along. Though your best friends were under the assumption Seungcheol was coming as your date, the addition of Mingyu did confuse them a bit – not that either of them minded as they were used to the student from the other university being around so often.
“Hey,” Mingyu called from your bed.
You hummed in response as your finger swept across the assortment of lip tints (truly it was just four shades of mauve, pink, coral, and a bright red) in your makeup bucket.
“How do you feel about Seungcheol?” he asked.
Hand hovering over the mauve lip tint, you froze in your spot, your eyes concentrating on the purple pink shade as your heart hiccuped in your chest. You gnawed at the inside of your cheek, hesitant to answer your friend – but why?
Mingyu eyed you curiously from afar. Albeit quiet and timid, you never seemed to be one to question your own beliefs and feelings.
“I . . . don’t know,” you finally admitted, letting your shoulders slump forward and your hand fall to a rest in your lap. Pulling your bottom lip in between your teeth, you turned to face your friend again. Your eyes flickered between your hands in your lap and a wide-eyed Mingyu, an abashed and skittish look lacing your expression.
“W-what . . . what do you mean you don’t know?” Mingyu frowned.
“It means, I don’t know, Mingyu,” you replied frustrated. You sucked in a sharp breath, pressing your lips into a thin line.
Because it was the truth.
You didn’t know how you felt about Seungcheol. On one hand, he was your overprotective older brother’s friend: A dork who’s been in your life since you were four. You’ve watched him grow alongside Jihoon, and he had pestered you your whole life. You saw him pick his nose until second grade, unwillingly smelled his farts during his sleepovers with Jihoon, and make cringe-worthy fashion choices in high school. There were times in university where you would wake up to him shitfaced on your couch after Jihoon had picked him up from a party. His wardrobe was probably twice the cost of your tuition, filled with head-to-toe designer brand outfits that he flashed across campus. For a while before the two of you struck this deal, he worked his way through various supposed girlfriends, leaving them heartbroken and earning him the title of the campus fuckboi. He was a wild child and free-spirited; the type of man your mother (and Jihoon) warned you not to get involved with.
Yet these past few months you’ve spent with Seungcheol, you’ve grown terribly fond of him. You were always quiet growing up, therefore, often forgotten. Yet, Seungcheol seemed to remember every little detail about you without you having to tell him. He knew to order your coffee as long black with a splash of milk. If he made it to the library before you, he knew to snatch the table by the window looking out to the courtyard because most of your lectures were in the basement of university buildings and you liked the soft breeze that would flow through the screen. With you, he was still wild, but he was also not. Parties were no longer routine, but unknowingly, you started spending each Saturday after your shift at the cafe wandering town with him. One time, you ended up hungrily eating soggy and oversalted fries at a dinky diner in an alley a few blocks down. Another time, you found yourselves huddled on the rooftop of the student union. The Cherry Blossom Festival was only the start of many adventures with him.
Yet, no matter how much Seungcheol made your heart flutter in the moment, one fact was unshakably true at the end of the day: Whatever the two of you had was fake. Be it for your own “experience” or saving him from his father, it wasn’t meant to last. You figured it must’ve been easy for Seungcheol – you were becoming just another girl who he played with momentarily before he’d move on. You were just lucky that Jihoon had a grip on his best friend, forcing him to be more respectful and careful with you. You would only be hurting yourself if you grew too attached.
Unknowingly, your eyes started welling with tears at the thought, the first drop rolling down your cheek, streaking your foundation. Eyes wide, Mingyu rushed to you.
“Hey, hey, hey,” Mingyu cooed, his hand coming to cup your cheek. He swiped at another tear escaping your eye. “Why are you crying over a boy like an idiot? Let alone, Choi Seungcheol?”
Gripping the edge of the cushion of your seat, you peered up at your friend, glassy eyed, unable to suppress the growing frown. Mingyu’s brows knitted together, unable to distinguish the swirl of emotions in your eyes. Sadness? Disappointment? Frustration?
Whatever it was, Mingyu knew you were too deep now.
“Little bird, what did you do?” Mingyu whispered.
Suddenly, the door of your bedroom swung open, crashing into the wall with a loud thud. Had Jihoon been here, Clara would’ve earned herself a good half-hour scolding about her erratic behaviors making holes in his home.
“Party people!” she exclaimed with her arms raised above her head, Hansol following behind her.
“Oh,” Hansol said, eyes widening at Mingyu holding your weeping face. Quickly, you pulled away from your friend, quickly blotting your cheeks with the back of your hand.
Unbeknownst to either of you, Hansol and Clara had run into Seungcheol on the way up to your apartment. Jihoon had given him the keys for when he was to drop you off later tonight if your older brother wasn’t home. Not too far behind your friends, Seungcheol joined the crew by the door. Immediately, his eyebrows knitted together at the sight. Not only was he confused why you were crying, but the position you and Mingyu were in was too intimate for his liking. He knew it was irrational of him to think something was going on between the two of you, but he couldn’t help the way his mind was spinning.
“What’s going on?�� Seungcheol asked, apprehension in his tone. He pushed past Clara and Hansol, speed walking to your side.
As Mingyu got up, Seungcheol replaced him, kneeling before you while you tried to spin to face your mirror. You were a tinge slow, however, Seungcheol captured your arm and nudged you to look at him. He quickly exchanged a glance with Mingyu, the younger man only pursing his lips and shrugging.
“Hey,” Seungcheol tried again, his tone softer. He tilted his head, catching your wide-eyed gaze. He too widened his chocolate brown eyes, raising his eyebrows in the process as if to ask you, “Wanna talk about it?”
For the first time being around Seungcheol, your heart ached in his presence.
Silently, you shook your head to tell him that you didn’t want to talk about your feelings now. Not in front of Mingyu, not in front of Clara and Hansol. Your hands wrapped around Seungcheol’s wrists and gently pulled his hands off of your face. He pouted at your actions, watching you push him away.
“Do I need to beat Mingyu up?” Seungcheol teased weakly.
You only chortled sadly and shook his head. “Go,” you told him with a sniffle. “I need to finish getting ready.”
“Hey, um . . . I don’t mean to interrupt, but if you don’t want to go to the clubs, we can take a raincheck too,” Clara offered. She clung onto the strap of her purse nervously, evidently also worried about your fragile state.
“No, Clara – it’s fine,” you tried to wave them off. “It’s your hot girl summer. Let’s go – I’m just . . . PMS-ing.”
“That time of the month, huh?” Hansol nodded.
“Hansol,” Clara scolded, slapping his shoulder.
“Ow! What?” Hansol exclaimed.
You chuckled at your two friends.
“You sure?” Clara tried again.
“I’m sure,” you nodded, “Now, help me finish my makeup.”
Tumblr media
The night club turned out to be not too bad.
At first.
A heavy beat rumbled through the dark room while rainbow lights flashed across the dance floor full of people, including you and Clara. You weren’t good at dancing nor have you ever really gotten a chance to practice, but it was fun not giving a fuck and jumping and moving to the hype song next to your best friend. The weight of the feelings you held before getting here was long forgotten, feeling lighter on your feet. Giggles escaped your lips as you mouthed the lyrics to the song with Clara.
The guys were already worn, opting to sit out by the bar. Leaning against the cool metal ledge, Seungcheol nursed his whiskey, not letting his eyes trail from your dancing form. You were incredibly bad at dancing, but it was a relief to see you smiling and happy again. He let out a soft chortle into his glass as you fell into Clara’s chest in a fit of laughter – You were cute.
“You’ve grown incredibly fond of her, you know?” Mingyu noted.
Seungcheol sipped on his amber liquid and quirked an eyebrow at his younger friend. “I mean, it’s only natural, no?”
Mingyu slipped off his bar stool and shoved his hand in his pocket, a look of annoyance on his long face. Momentarily, his eyes flickered to Hansol on the other side of Seungcheol, lost in a game of Among Us and oblivious as ever to the fake dating situation.
His gaze returned to Seungcheol. “Just . . . don’t break her heart.” Mingyu jutted his chin at you. “No one’s going to forgive you if you do – me included.”
The tall young man let out a sigh, letting his eyes travel up and down Seungcheol’s form clad in a pair of black slacks and a tight cream and gold colored shirt, his wrist decorated with a matching gold watch. He noticed a woman in a tight pink satin strapless dress and taut high ponytail sauntering over to the said man.
Typical, Mingyu had thought to himself. He rolled his eyes before walking past Seungcheol, purposely running into his shoulders.
The older man spun around in confusion, ready to chase after Mingyu to ask for clarity – maybe he knew something about why you were so upset today. Unfortunately, he was only met by the woman in the pink dress.
“Hey there,” she greeted him, her eyes dripping with saccharine.
“Um . . . hi,” Seungcheol replied, his voice a pitch higher than he was expecting.
“You,” she leaned in, resting her hand on Seungcheol’s chest, “Wanna dance?” Her false lashes fluttered like a butterfly having a seizure.
Immediately, his hand flew to the woman’s thin wrist, pushing her away. His skin began to crawl under this stranger’s touch, his mind racing with questions and thoughts of you only. How would you feel if you saw him like this with another woman? Would you think even less of him?
Seungcheol turned to check on you again, hoping you were still occupied by Clara and the music. Much to his dismay, you were quick to notice his interactions with the woman. Despite your shoulders still shimmying to the music, the return of the sullen look you had before coming here was enough to tell him you had seen it all.
“No I don’t,” Seungcheol said firmly, taking a step back and ripping his gaze from you.
“Oh come on,” the woman whined.
“I . . . h-have a . . . uh, girlfriend,” he told her, brushing the invisible dirt from her hands from his shirt.
She smirked and crossed her arms across her bosom. “She doesn’t have to know – I can show you a good time.”
The woman tried to make a grab at Seungcheol's belt. He took a step back towards the bar, dodging her touch just in time. Placing his now empty glass behind him, Seungcheol glowered at her. Once upon a time, he might’ve welcomed such an advance, but not anymore.
“If you know what’s good for you, I wouldn’t try that again,” he warned her.
Seungcheol pushed past her, making a beeline towards you.
Hansol looked up from his phone and snorted at the woman standing beside him, mouth agape at a loss for words.
“He is a taken man, girl,” Hansol announced.
She looked daggers at the young man dressed in ripped jeans with a snapback – no that Hansol was bothered by her disdain. With an annoyed scoff, she stalked off back to her friends.  
“I’m gonna go to the bathroom,” you told Clara as you saw Seungcheol weaving through the crowd towards you.
“Oh? Do you want me to come with you?” she asked, surprised at your sudden change in character.
“Uh – no, it’s fine. I’m just . . . feeling lightheaded and need a minute.”
You didn’t wait for her reply before giving a nod of apology and slipping away, leaving your friend standing still among the dancing bodies.
You were suddenly feeling claustrophobic. The room was too dark, the flashing lights not providing you enough guidance off the dance floor. The sweating individuals rubbing against each other bumped against you, pushing around like the ball in a pinball game. Just as you spotted the restroom sign, you felt a large hand on your wrist, tugging you back. You whipped your head, half expecting it to be Seungcheol, but you should’ve known from the rough and calloused touch it wasn’t him. Seungcheol moisturized his hands – his touch was soft and gentle.
“Can I buy you a drink, sweetheart?” the stranger smirked and raised his eyebrows flirtatiously at you.
“No thanks,” you replied, suddenly feeling small. You tried to pull your hand away without avail.
“Hey,” he drawled, “I’m just looking for a good time.” He leaned over, the pungent smell of alcohol radiating off his body.
You curled back, just wanting to escape to the safe haven of the dirty club bathroom. You could hear your heart pounding loudly against your chest above the music.
Noticing the way your eyes widened in fear, your face draining pale underneath the flashing lights. The man’s eyes traveled up and down your body, noting how modest your black crop top and front zip-up skirt was compared to other girls in the club. ““You don’t go out much do you?” You’re cute – shy, but cute.”
“Hey,” a familiar called from afar.
It was only a matter of moments before Seungcheol appeared before you, breaking the man’s hold of your arm and pulling you into his side. His hand rested on the small of your back, quickly scanning you over to make sure you weren’t hurt or violated before looking back at the man.
If looks could kill, the stranger would’ve been on the ground like a vegetable.
The other man scoffed in disbelief. “Of course,” he said, walking away.
Seungcheol turned back to you, his hands holding on tightly onto your shoulder. They traveled up your neck until they stopped on your cheeks, his thumbs brushing softly across the apples. “Are you okay? He didn’t touch you in places he shouldn’t have, right?”
You shook your head slowly, reassuring him.
You knew that Seungcheol was just doing his duty as your chaperone and you should be mad at him. However, at that moment, the jealousy that had bubbled up when the girl in the pink dress had approached him was long forgotten. Seungcheol made you feel safe.
Without a second thought, you launched yourself into his chest, tightly wrapping your arms around his waist. You squeezed your eyes tight, a sense of relief slowly washing over you when his own arms wrapped around your shoulders.
“You’re okay,” Seungcheol whispered into your hair. “I’m here – you’re safe.”
“Can we go somewhere else?” you asked.
“Home?” he offered.
You shook your head, burying your face into his chest.
“Where do you want to go then?”
“Anywhere, but here.”
Tumblr media
“I didn’t mean the middle of nowhere when I said anywhere,” you muttered softly when you got out of his car.
His navy blue hoodie shrouding your figure, your tucked your hands in your armpit, observing your surroundings. You were on a cliff or hill of some sort, the car parked near a ledge that overlooked the city. The bright lights blinked in the distance, the occasional honk echoing from afar. Hills covered in green rose behind you. You kicked at the stone covered floor, watching dust swirl in a small tornado at your feet.
Leaving the booming building, Seungcheol had texted Mingyu letting him know that he was taking you home and asking him to take the other two youngsters home before turning off his phone. He offered you his sweater in the parking lot of the club to help cover up before he took off here. The drive had been quiet once again. Seungcheol didn’t ask you any questions and you didn’t ask him any in return. His eyes was trained on the road, intermittently flitting to your limp form, depressingly pressed up against the window.
A soft clunk, capturing your attention. Seungcheol had sat on the hood of his car. He looked after you, patting an empty spot next to him. Pulling your lips in between your teeth and balling your hands in the sleeves of the sweater, you made your way over to join him.
Your eyes traced over the silhouette of the side profile – even in the dark, you noted how his long eyelashes were visible. Seungcheol let out a sigh of relief, letting his eyes wander around, landing on the city below the two of you, the light reflecting in his eyes like stars. His shoulders visibly relaxed as if he was at peace. He then flopped back with his eyes closed, taking you by surprise.
You blinked at him momentarily, your mind blank, unsure if you should disrupt him or not.
“Thank you,” you finally managed to croak out.
Seungcheol opened one eye to look at you. “For what?”
“You saved me back there,” you replied.
“You saved me.”
You frowned, unsure of what he was implying. Was he talking about the club? He didn’t need any saving there.
“This is . . . my safe haven,” Seungcheol decided to explain instead. “I come here when I need a breather from . . . life, people. Even Jihoon doesn’t know it.”
Suddenly, you felt rude and out of place – as if you were sitting on something you shouldn’t be seeing.
“I want to share it with you – don’t fret,” he chortled, already knowing your mind was racing. “It can be . . . our safe haven.”
“Our safe haven,” you repeated after him.
“Yeah,” Seungcheol reassured you. “What happens here, stays here.”
“Okay,” you replied softly. You curled over, tucking your knees into your chest.
Silence ensued moments after – not that either of you minded. In fact, after the noise of the club, it was welcomed. The sounds of crickets chirping in the night and leaves rustling in the late spring evening filled the void neither of you could fill at the moment. The silence wasn’t awkward though, it was comfortable as the both of you were lost in thought, reeling through the events of the night, your feelings, and each other.
“You said, what happens here, stays here, right?” you finally spoke up after half an hour. You scooted closer to him. Seungcheol peered up at you, a small smile on his face, oddly enough, resembling the bread plushie he had won you several weeks before. He nodded once.
You let out a shaky breath, holding his gaze intently. “Is this . . . between us, fake anymore? What . . . what are we?”
It was only spring, yet the air felt heavy and thick like it did on those humid summer days during monsoon season. It was hard for you to take in a full breath, so you held it in instead, awaiting his reply. Since Mingyu had asked you about your feelings for Seungcheol, the question had been gnawing at you all night. You hoped his answer was honest and would give you the clarity you were seeking.
However, you weren’t the only one questioning your relationship anymore. He knew where your heart lied already, but there was a small part of Seungcheol who still wondered if would ever feel the same about him as he did you?
“What happens here, stays here?” Seungcheol asked you instead, dodging your question.
You nodded, as if you were the one who made the rule when it was him.
The corner of his plush pink lips curled up into a lopsided smile though the warmth that usually radiated from his grins didn’t quite reach his eyes.
“Then tonight,” Seungcheol pushed himself up into a sitting position. You didn’t realize how close you were to him until he sat up in full and his chest was touching your knees, “And here,” he brought a hand up to cup your jaw. You leaned into his touch willingly. Seungcheol scanned your face for any signs of hesitancy, yet your gaze was only filled with what he could deduce as love, and perhaps fear. His eyes fluttered shut and you were quick to follow in his footsteps, doing the same. His plush lips brushed against your forehead, the tip of your nose, and then your own lips.
It was the only word that fell from his lips when he pulled back, placing another peck along your jawline.
Tumblr media
You shifted awkwardly from foot to foot in Seungcheol’s living room as he paced in and out of his bedroom. He picked up dirty laundry strewn across his apartment all the while looking for clean sheets and a shirt you could borrow. For the first time, you were spending the night alone with Seungcheol.
If Jihoon knew, he would be livid. However, Jihoon wasn’t home and Seungcheol had locked the spare key inside your apartment before you all left for the club. You and Seungcheol only realized these two things when the two of you arrived at your apartment and the door was bolted shut and Seungcheol’s pockets only held his wallet and his own apartment key. No one opened the door after several minutes of pounding and several calls to Jihoon had been sent to voicemail. You scoured his car just in case Seungcheol dropped in the car, but turned up with nothing. You had offered to stay with Clara, but Seungcheol insisted you come over instead. Thus, you sent a text message to your friend asking her to cover for you in case your overprotective brother was out to get Seungcheol, and she willingingly complied having witnessed your brother chase other boys out of your life before – quite literally sometimes (poor middle school Chan . . .)
“Here,” Seungcheol handed you one of his black t-shirts. You pinched the shoulders, observing the length. “You can change into this in my bathroom. Um . . . I don’t have, like, makeup wipes or anything, but I put clean washcloths in there.”
“Thank you,” you simply replied. A gentle smile graced your face.
“You can take the bed,” Seungcheol continued, “I’ll just take the couch.”
“Oh,” you let out a little surprised. You had expected you to take the couch – you were the stranger in his home after all. It was that or –
“Jihoon would kill me if we slept in the same bed,” Seungcheol chuckled nervously.
“Let me take the couch then,” you took a few steps forward and grabbed onto his wrist.
“No! You’re my guest – that’s no way to treat a guest.”
“This is your home though.”
Seungcheol tried to pry you off gently. “Exactly, and as the homeowner – or apartment owner, you are taking the bed. I’ll be fine on the couch.”
“Seungcheol,” you protested.
“Y/N,” he pouted back.
The two of you stood in the middle of his living room in a staring contest until Seungcheol relented.
“Go change,” he chuckled. Placing his hand on the small of your back, he pushed you off towards the bathroom.
“I’ll take the couch,” you called back to him.
“Uh-huh, sure thing,” he chuckled, tossing a pillow onto one of the cushions. He waited for you to shut the door before he took off his own shirt to change.
Tumblr media
Seungcheol’s bed was huge – it was at least a queen.
Though it was spacious, it felt empty. The stark white sheets mixed with the white walls made it feel sterile and cold. Nose deep in his comforter, staring at his ceiling, you couldn’t convince yourself to fall asleep. You tried counting sheep, meditating, and breathing exercises with no avail. Part of it was the unfamiliar environment, but another part of it was that your mind was full of him, Choi Seungcheol, who, for all you knew, was sleeping peacefully in the room next to you.
Impulsively, you kicked off the comforter and made your way to the living room, holding onto the walls to prevent yourself from knocking into something in the dark. Silently, you cursed yourself for not grabbing your cell phone for a source of light. Your hands wandered in front of you, hoping you would feel the couch soon. The shuffling of feet behind you, however, suddenly caught your attention. You stood up straight.
“Seungcheol?” you whispered.
No response.
“Seungcheol?” you tried again.
Still no response. You took a few steps forward, but the shuffling of feet followed.
“Cheol?” you said more loudly this time, “If it’s you, this isn’t funn–”
You shrieked in terror as someone grabbed your waist, pulling you off the floor. You kicked your feet, a lamp in the living room suddenly clicking on offering you a source of light. You looked down to see Seungcheol’s pale arm encircling your waist. Your body visibly relaxed in his hold, finally registering the deep laugh reverberating from his chest behind your back.
“Choi Seungcheol, I’m gonna – oof!” Seungcheol dropped you back down on your feet and you quickly turned to face him, a mischievous grin dancing on his lips.
“What are you doing up?” he asked after his last beat of laughter. Instinctively, his hands landed on your waist as he took a few steps towards you.
You crossed your arm across your chest, trying your damnedest not to fall for his childish charms.
“I couldn’t sleep – and I definitely can’t sleep now,” you protested.
“Aahh,” Seungcheol nodded. He leaned towards you, his forehead just barely nudging yours. “And what do you want me to do about it? Should we . . . ?”
“Yeah,” you replied immediately. You hadn’t had a drop of alcohol tonight, but his teasing was annoying you, bringing out a new side of you that wanted to challenge him – even you were a little nervous.
“I’m joking, Y/N,” Seungcheol pulled back. “Jihoon–”
“But I’m not,” you cut him off. You cleared your throat and took a step closer to him. “Jihoon . . . doesn’t have to know.”
Within the short few seconds of silence, fifty different expressions crossed Seungcheol’s face as he tried to determine where this side of you was coming from. You were always annoyed with Jihoon’s rules, but you never tried to break them.
Your hand ran down his forearm before it slotted nicely with his own. “What happens here, stays here.” When he didn’t relent, you gave him a reassuring squeeze. “Please?”
It wasn’t right, but at that moment, he couldn’t help himself. You were standing before him, in his t-shirt, offering to sleep with him. Seungcheol let out a frustrated sigh, squeezing your hand in return, pulling his lips in between his teeth.
“I’m not going to . . . like . . . do the deed with you tonight,” Seungcheol finally blurted.
“What?” you asked, looking genuinely confused.
“You know like . . .” Seungcheol waved his hand around.
“I’m not catching on.”
“Like, you know . . . uh, sex?”
“Oh . . . OH,” you choked, immediately letting go of his hand.
“Yeah,” he ran a nervous hand through his disheveled locks.
You blushed, feeling your cheeks heat up. You were grateful the lighting in the living room was dim, so he couldn’t see how flushed you were right now.
“That’s not what I was implying,” you kicked at his wooden floor. “I just meant like . . . cuddling . . . and actually sleeping.”
Now it was Seungcheol’s turn to be embarrassed. “OH! Oh my gosh – oh, wow . . . I’m such a — Y/N, I’m so, so, so sorry.”
You chuckled nervously, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
After a beat of silence passed, Seungcheol sighed and nodded, reaching for your hand once more. “But okay – let’s cuddle or whatever.”
“I . . . don’t know if I want to anymore,” you teased, you pulled away playfully.
Seungcheol let out a brisk ‘tsk.’
“What if you’re all hard now–”
Seungcheol clamped your mouth shut with his hand, the tip of his ears turning red. You let out a muffled giggle from behind his hand.
Switching off the living room lamp, Seungcheol led you back to his bedroom. Awkwardly, the two of you slipped under the covers, you on the left side of the bed and him on the right with an awkward gap between the two of you in the middle. You laid there for a moment, side glancing at him, wondering if he was going to make a move or if you should. Your bold juices had been used up with that attempt to rile him only a few minutes earlier.
“You know,” Seungcheol finally said, “Cuddling kind of requires you to be closer than that.”
You rolled over 360 degrees towards him, landing on your back. You adjusted yourself to be on your side, only to find you still weren’t close enough. Seungcheol chortled and copied you, his biceps running into your chest. Wrapping his arms around your waist and tossing a leg over your own. You pressed your arms up against his chest, peering up at him through your lashes.
“That’s better,” he said. He watched your face carefully now that you were up close.
“Now what?” you asked quietly.
“We sleep like you wanted,” his eyes fluttered shut. “Good night, Y/N.”
“Good night, Cheol,” you replied.
Yet, you didn’t sleep. Instead you spent the next few waking minutes admiring him. His black hair was getting long and shaggy – you could no longer see his eyes underneath them. Naturally, his cherry lips were set into a small pout in his sleep that tickled your heart in some way. His plaid pajama shirt clung onto his broad figure, the last button was unclasped, revealing his collar bone.
Only then did it cross your mind: You were cuddling and sleeping with your older brother’s best friend.
You . . . liked him enough to do this, something you’d only imagine doing with another man. Was it love? Were you really lovers?
“Why aren’t you sleeping?” Seungcheol asked with his eyes closed.
The corner of your lips curled up into a small smile. You snuggled closer to him.
“Just thinking,” you told him.
He hummed in response.
“Can I ask you one last thing?” you whispered to him after a beat had passed, even though no one else was around.
“What are we . . . here?” you asked.
Seungcheol let out a heavy breath; you could feel his chest expanding next to you. Still with his eyes closed, he planted a kiss on your forehead before pulling you closer – as if you weren’t already as close as can be.
“We . . . have good feelings for each other,” Seungcheol reasoned, “Let’s not . . . label anything now, hm?”
You couldn’t help but feel your heart sink a little at his words, a void forming inside your chest. You chuckled half-heartedly in response – “good feelings.”
“I like you,” Seungcheol said sleepily, “And I think – I can only hope, you like me too, but if not . . . Having you like this is enough for me right now.”
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mikkokomori · 3 days ago
yet another what-if scenario for your blog! sorry if this has been done already, it’s not exactly some wild idea, but
(tw suicide, murder, death)
so yk how severely fucked up sunny is
and how, pre-incident, he let his emotions build up by a LOT and it kinda pre-effed him up?
what if sunny, due to mounting stress, took his own life shortly after the incident, and left basil to keep their secret or share it with the world?
like, okay. imagine you’re basil, and you’ve just seen your friend kill his sister. you commit the most heinous action of your life to protect him—then he kills himself.
so not only are you dealing with the grief of losing your best friend and his sister (who is also your friend), you also have to decide whether to keep your mutual and grave secret, and ALSO have to come to terms with the fact that you tried to protect him for nothing. i mean, frankly, what’s the point in making someone look innocent for the rest of their lives if they die?
hero may be the first to notice something’s wrong with basil. like, wrong wrong. typically, when something is distressing basil, he gets really clingy, and wants to share what’s on his mind. however, now he’s begun to distance himself.
either way,
all of them would be absolutely destroyed, searching for answers and finding none (basil knows too much, which isn’t much better.)
hero feels like he should’ve been more attentive to the two of them, blaming himself for not seeing issues that, at least for mari, weren’t there. he probably won’t return to romance for a long time.
aubrey will resort to rage to deal with her overwhelming emotions—she’s just lost her crush and her honorary-sister; all the good in her shitty life sucked out in one fell swoop.
kel crushes his emotions deep down inside of him because they are far too scary to confront. instead, he takes to comforting aubrey and hero, which doesn’t really help anyone. he’s always one bad day away from completely breaking down due to unaddressed emotional turmoil.
basil… well, damn. he saw one of his friends die, and if you’re especially mean, he can be the one to find sunny’s body. now he has this burden of vile truth on his back, with no good way to shove it off, so it won’t break those he holds so dear—and, of course, he’s grieving the loss of sunny and mari (or trying to, at least), but that gets very difficult once you begin to question you and your late friend’s moral status due to the murder and framing of said murder of your other dead friend. basil probably feels inclined to join them.
rumors in faraway would spread like wildfire.
“how bad of parents do you have to be so that BOTH of your children commit suicide?”
“i bet that their parents killed them. they were so happy before!”
“i bet that the sister taking her life pushed her brother over the edge…”
ah, and hero was dating her.
“she had a boyfriend, her piano… she seemed so happy! everything was going well for her! i wonder why…”
“oh, her poor boyfriend. he must be hurting so much.”
what a time to be alive.
LOOKS AT YOU LOVINGLY you are so talented and this is an amazing what if situation, so don't worry about this being done before or not being wild enough!!!!! A very fresh idea 👁👁
A big YIKES for Basil though, the universe never seems to be on his side it seems........neither for the gang either. I don't see there being a good ending for this either :(( at least not one I can think of!
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kimsohn · a day ago
👁👁 for the prompts, can you do "asking your not yet lover to stay the night because you don't want to be alone" and soobin?? 💙
(the lack of) electricity . soobin x gn!reader warnings . none
"i can't believe the electricity went out. right as we were about to finish the movie too..."
soobin watches you as your head falls back against the couch, the soft light of the flickering candle illuminating your features. he's always thought you looked pretty at nighttime, whether that was under the twinkling stars, in your bed on your phone screen, or now, behind the warmth of a candle.
"maybe the universe wanted us to meet up once more to finish it," he states, watching you voice out a coarse laugh as your head lolls over to face him.
"you're acting like we won't meet up for a million more times to watch a billion other movies," you retort, and soobin watches a small smile find its way across your face as you pull your knees up to your chest.
a ding startles you both out of the silence that had fallen between you two, and soobin watches as you unlock your phone and read the text message.
"they say the power will be back tomorrow morning. god, how am i going to survive the entire night by myself? i hate being in the dark..."
"you could keep your flashlight on the entire night," soobin suggests, ruffling his hair, "or do you have those battery powered candles? are those even real—"
the sound of pattering on your window, and it isn't long before his face morphs into one of disappointment and he lets out a groan.
"it's hailing! y/n, oh my god how am i going to get home?"
soobin paces around, muttering underneath his breath about whether or not his car would survive ten 10 minute drive back to his apartment, however, all problems seem to have a solution when he hears your soft voice utter a suggestion.
"maybe, you could stay over tonight? i don't want to be alone, and you don't need to risk ruining your car."
he stills, turning around to face you.
"are you sure? i don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything—"
"no no, it's fine with me! i'll sleep on the couch too, the bed is more comfortable."
"no way am i letting you sleep on the couch!"
after bickering for awhile, you both ended up on your bed, a pillow between you two for safety.
"we should've done this from the beginning. arguing with you wore me out."
soobin laughs softly in response, although his voice is riddled with sleep as a yawn follows suit.
"go to bed soob. we can talk tomorrow."
he reaches over and pats the top of your head, and even though the small candle in the corner is the only source of lighting in the room, he can see your lips quirk up from his actions.
"good night y/n. sleep tight."
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noaltbruh · 6 months ago
y-yandere Ghiaccio with female reader?👁👁
Oh, I don't usually write for La squadra....
BUUUUUUUUUUT I WILL GLADLY MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR YOU ^^ and because he's my favourite minor villain in the entire show, but don't tell anyone.
TW: Mention of physical and emotional abuse.
Yandere Ghiaccio x female reader hcs
-While of course, one of the main traits of yanderes is to be overprotective of their darling, Ghiaccio shows this behavior even more than the average one. He doesn't bother trying to hide his obsession for you, and no, he won't in any way try to sugarcoat it. (Sorry :( )
If you try to disobey him, either two things will happen. He'll lock you inside your room and freeze every possible exit to put you in time out, but since he still 'loves' you, he'll let you have something to entertain yourself with.
Now, if you've been REALLY bad, let's say, trying to run away from him, he'll use White album to freeze parts of your body, stopping you from leaving him. And get ready to listen to another one of his angry rants and monologues in which he tells you why he loves you so much, and why you're being a fool trying to escape.
Also, if you try go talk back, he'll probably either freeze your mouth too, or slap you until you don't shut up.
He is j-e-a-l-o-u-s, you heard me? Every time you go outside, there's a 90% possibility that he's with you, or he's spying you from afar. He absolutely won't hesitate to cuss the living hell out of whoever is looking in your direction. You're kinda used to it by now, so you don't even try to stop him lol.
He's okay with leaving you around most members of La Squadra. Risotto and Prosciutto know better than to even think about making a move on you, Gelato and Sorbetto are dating, and Pesci...He's Pesci, c'mon.
There's no way in the entire universe he's ever letting you hang out with Formaggio, Illuso or Melone though.
If you've had a bad day, and you've been behaving well, he'll bring you ice skating. If you don't know how to skate, he'll gladly teach you, and hold your hands suuuuper tight (maybe a bit too much) to make sure you won't trip.
Even after you learn he still insists on holding your hand lmao.
If you ever were to neglect yourself, either because of the situation with him, or because you're just feeling down, he'll angrily lecture you about why you shouldn't under any circumstances keep up with this behavior.
"How many damn times do I have to tell you?! SEI BELLISSIMA, CAZZO, you have to stop acting like it's nothing and take care of yourself! And then you have the courage to ask me why you belong to me, can't you see le condizioni di merda you end up in if I'm not here?!"
He's probably brushing your hair while spouting all this.
You like to steal his glasses while he's asleep or in the shower, he gets super annoyed by it, but he lets you keep them for a while because you seem to be having fun. He can't see anything without them though, so he has no clue of how you look like with those things on.
After an argument, or another failed attempt at escaping, he refuses to leave or give you time to cool off (lol-), his only objective is to go back to you smiling as soon as possible, even if you just want to be alone and seeing him only pisses you off even more.
Since this takes place in a 'everyone survives' scenario, I think that after the events of Vento Aureo, Giorno made sure to pay La Squadra properly for their missions, which means that they have access to a lot of money now. Do you know what that means? More presents for you, obviously ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
He's not good at picking something he "thought you would like", so if the two of you are ever hanging out, and you look at that one thing in a shop's window even for a sec, you can be sure that Ghiaccio will buy it for you before you can even open your mouth to say anything.
If you're feeling sad for whatever reason, he'll probably activate his Stand and let you play with his cat ears.
Now, does he want children? The answer is...Meh, he has too much of a short temper to handle babies. You two will probably adopt like, 20 cats or something. He lets you name all of them, except for a particular one that reminded him of you for some reason, he called it Fulmine (´,,•ω•,,)
If you're not Italian, he'll gladly help you out with learning his language, even though lessons with him...They might be as pleasant as Fugo's. Also he'll probably get distracted while explaining and start talking about grammar rules in other languages he considers stupid.
If he's had a long day, I could totally see him resting his head on your laps while still annoyingly mumbling about why he's so mad. You do manage to calm him down though, and he might even fall asleep in that position.
"Ti amo tanto, gattina~"
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cosmicallyavg · 4 days ago
ramble about Listen please!!! i'm bored and I love reading rambling analyses of episodes
oh god please strap in because i’m gonna talk a whole lot of nonsense to you
listen is literally one of my favorite doctor who episodes ever. obviously the super fun plot-driven and action packed episodes like turn left, journeys end, the end of time, heaven sent/hell bent, and spyfall are high on my list of favorites, but listen has a special place in my heart that i cant really describe coherently but ill do my best.
also gonna offer my analysis of the episode for those who maybe just don't Get the episode or see it the way i do. i know it's an often hated episode so i’m hoping maybe i can change some minds here 👁
okay so the overarching theme of the episode for me is that everyone is scared of something in their lives - be it something big that takes over your whole life or small everyday fears - but regardless of the size or importance of those fears, they are always a product of our own creation. it’s also kind of a metaphor for anxiety i think? and other similar types of disorders? that we’re scared of stuff that isn't even real sometimes, it’s just something that our mind has crafted for us
let me explain: the doctor goes on about being afraid of the "monster under the bed" that he often dreams about. in the episode, we find out that the monster under the bed that he is referring to was actually clara visiting him as a child and grabbing his foot when he stepped out of bed. like if the doctor didn't become what they became and met the people they met.. the whole interaction would not have happened at all!! its paradoxical!! and we love that!!! the whole thing the doctor is afraid of is a product of itself
clara has her own fears to work through in the episode as well, her date with danny is going terribly. its definitely not comparable in terms of scale when you put it next to the doctor’s fear here, but that’s exactly the point! big vs small fears but all are fears nonetheless
which is where the “fear is a constant companion” line fits.. that people are always afraid of something even if it’s something miniscule to someone else. i just love it because also a big theme of the episode is “fear is a superpower” right? that we all have fears, but instead of cowering in a corner and letting it consume us, we should instead use the fear to do great things!! fear can make you fast, jump higher, fear can make you kind whatever the quote is from the episode lmao you get the idea
fear making you kind hits my heart in the right spot okay because that’s literally the doctor’s whole motivation for what they do! they help people! they save planets!! they use their fear to do good things!!! (thinking about the parallel between the doctor and the master here.. “you want me to be scared because you're scared of everything” or w/e that quote is. but i wont detract this post from it’s original purpose by getting all thoschei on you)
so i think by the end of it, the doctor realizes that him being afraid is a product of his own imagination. he went to the end of the dang universe to find the source, but still managed to be afraid even when there was absolutely nothing outside of the door. (which tbh.. the source of the actual tangible thing he feared was with him the whole time! because it was clara!!)
and clara worked through her fear of ruining the date with danny, she goes back to apologize to him and he does the same, they make up, they make out, everything is happy
i think also partially the reason she Does go back to danny to make things right is because of meeting orson? that there’s hints that he is a descendent of clara and/or danny.. so she has seen that possible future and either genuinely wants it to happen or assumes that it has to? 
which brings me to another point about the episode.. i see a lot of people hating on it Because of the orson thing.. that they hinted at danny and clara staying together and having children, etc, etc but then killed danny like 6 episodes later?? i get it i guess.. but for me that really doesn't matter lmao?? \
how many times have we seen a potential future for the earth/the human race? that was either good or bad?? or just in general where someone made a choice to rewrite time or saw a potential future?? the long game? and bad wolf/the parting of the ways? new earth??? gridlock? utopia? last of the time lords/the sound of drums was literally a whole year that never happened?? the doctor’s daughter? the waters of mars? the hungry earth/cold blood?? the angels take manhattan?? journey to the centre of the tardis? heaven sent/hell bent? smile? oxygen? extremis/the pyramid at the end of the world/the lie of the land?? orphan 55?? 
these all can’t coexist like none of them are certain.. time can be rewritten it’s literally such a big theme of the show!! like orson was just a potential future, he wasn’t guaranteed. plus.. what are the chances that he isn’t related to either of them and the details just match up that well? coincidences happen! or maybe he’s from a parallel universe!! anything can happen.
idk i just see that as the biggest critique of the episode but for me it really isn’t a dealbreaker
enough of the small rant i want to conclude my analysis of the episode
i love quirky and different episodes like listen where the alien/threat/whatever is something more introspective? that it makes you think a bit before it clicks? 
also i just love the whole idea of clara going back in time to comfort baby doctor because esp now with what we know about the timeless child i think they deserve it 🥺 (i’ve made some posts about wanting the doctor to visit themself as the timeless child and do something similar.. not interfere.. just give some encouragement because they need it. but again.. i wont derail the original purpose of this post)
i also love how she tells the doctor to never look back at where they had been.. i like to think that he didn't ever look but something in him Knows.. i love the way he smiles at the end when he underlines “LISTEN” on his chalkboard. like the memory of that night came back to him but it was a little different than he remembered, there was a familiar voice in it this time. but it might just be the effects of time on an old memory like that, filling in the blanks with what’s familiar now.
and i just love the ending so much, after the tension of waiting for the reveal of who the child was that clara was hiding under the bed, we get to see her speak to the child softly, telling him about dreams and fears, and how it will shape him in the future. and the way the music builds with the voiceover and clara is hugging the doctor at the console and she’s going back to danny and they kiss and it’s all coming together into a crescendo with the quote “fear makes companions of us all”
i just love the callback to an unearthly child.. it just always warms my heart when there’s a reference to classic who because this silly show has been around for so long and it has done so much for me and i just have a lot of emotions okay
so yeah.. hopefully literally any of this makes sense i’m just rambling. hopefully this is everything you hoped for when you sent this ask lmao
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halfblood-princes-crown · a month ago
Tumblr media
Ok first of all, before I talk about crusty ass Wendy, lemme give my boi Steven some spotlight! He slayed AS USUAL! (Ngl he was lookin good👀) He was so invested in helping Chavez, not just to prevent Wanda from getting her powers, but he wanted her to survive the situation. He could’ve did what Supreme Strange tried to do but he didn’t wanna go that route…respect😌. I’m so glad she learned how to harness her power🤩 And I’m so glad Steven got a little closure with Christine🥺 I loved the representation in this movie as well! (Would’ve been better if Wanda was portrayed as the Jewish Romani she is and not a whitewashed version but hey🤷🏽‍♀️) Oh yea, Wong was KILLING IT! Sorcerer Supreme didn’t come to fuck around 😌🤪
Tumblr media
Ok, now let’s talk about Voldemort- I mean wanda. Uummmmm ew, first of all…second of all, was that the bitch yall stan? Couldn’t be me💀 imagine being 100% ready to kill a KID in order for you to go to another reality and take another you’s kids….imagine….she killed innocent people over non-existent kids…
Tumblr media
That bitch is (always was) PSYCHOTIC!! Now do you guys see what Wanda antis were trying to say!? And don’t blame it on the dark hold cause that’s nobody’s fault but hers💀
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what someone who’s constantly babied and not held accountable looks like:
Tumblr media
Anyways…I cheered when she died. Finally. Maybe another universe Wanda will be better than this filth🙄
And let’s talk about the end credits caauuseee👀 my boi rockin the third eye 👁
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kaygee-doodles · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I tried to put a 'below the cut' thing here because damn, this is long, but it wouldn't let me. Sorry. Also, my most popular arts are shitposts and I'm not sure how to feel about that.
I posted 1,151 times in 2021
802 posts created (70%)
349 posts reblogged (30%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 0.4 posts.
I added 2,690 tags in 2021
#anon ask - 448 posts
#undertale fanfiction - 386 posts
#utmv - 303 posts
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#bad sanses x reader - 254 posts
#horror!sans - 221 posts
#murder!sans - 218 posts
#nightmare!sans - 203 posts
#dust sans - 200 posts
#killer!sans - 197 posts
Longest Tag: 140 characters
#someone please explain to me why there is a hieroglyph depicting a pool with legs that literally has no other translation than pool with leg
My Top Posts in 2021
Dream: It's been a month since the last raid! I'm worried my brother is planning something big. We need to prepare for the worst Cross: Don't worry I'll protect you from what evil plans he comes up with 😤😤💪💪💪 Meanwhile at the castle Reader has been trapped in a cuddle pile of schmoopy fuzzy intent by some well bundled up skeletons Reader: I have made a terrible mistake
Tumblr media
214 notes • Posted 2021-09-14 01:41:07 GMT
I'm wondering what sort of ways the boys might want comfort from Reader if they had a Nightmare? Space? food? big cuddle?
Error is a fucking creep and will just...watch you. In or out of the Anti-void. Weirdo is gonna watch you sleep, stare at you while you breathe. What the hell, man?
Most of Horrors' dreams involve the famine. He'll text his brother, just to be sure. He'll check the kitchen, make sure there's enough food. Then, if the dream was really bad, he will take some food to your room. Not a lot. Something easy, soup and crackers or a warmed up cinnabunny. Poke you awake and cuddle you while he watches you eat, and then just...not stop cuddling you for the rest of the night.
Dust has terrible coping mechanisms, and nightmare recovery nights are no different. Sex, then sleep. That's it. That's all he wants. He'll pretend it didn't happen the next day.
Killer keeps his distance, but also keeps you in his line of vision the next day. Doesn't act different. Doesn't say anything. Just sort of...always there with you.
Nightmare doesn't dream. You think.
230 notes • Posted 2021-09-22 02:20:38 GMT
Reader(testing): oh I’m so lonely rn,, uncuddled,, where is the affection 😔
Nightmare: 👀💧
Killer: 👋🏼👁👅👁
Horror: 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️
Dust: 🚑❤️‍🔥🚨🚨🚨🚨
Tumblr media
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How do they react to a bittyfied Reader lol?
Horror: Oh. Oh no. You're...you're so small. He doesn't know how to fix this, he can't 'do science' anymore! The others can work on fixing it, then. In the meantime, he hates to admit, it's not so bad. It's cute, watching you eat a poptato chisp that's almost half your size, and it kind of tickles when you crawl up to sit on his shoulder. He is very, very careful when you're nearby though. He doesn't want to hurt you. He will, however, hide you in his ribcage and feed you chocolate chips.
Dust: No, this will not do. The world is too dangerous for someone so small, and you already made questionable choices when you were full size. You live in his hood now, tucked against his neck and peeping out to feel tall again. He’ll make you tiny chairs and a tiny table, and a tiny bed, and anything else you want. Spends a lot of time fighting Error for custody of your teenie-tiny self instead of trying to fix your size issue. (”it’s my turn, go wreck a universe or something!”)
Error: He’ll...well, he’s certainly not fussing, or mother-henning, or whatever Killer accuses him of next, but if you had to walk everywhere he’d be waiting forever, so it’s only natural to come up with something to carry you in, it just happens to look like an infant sling, it’s fine. And he’s not going to let you run around naked, so a few long sweaters and teenie leggings should work to keep you warm while everyone tries to reverse what happened.
Nightmare: Voted most likely to save you from Error and Dust when bones start flying. He won’t let you sit on him, you’d get stuck in the goop, but he’s pretty sure bitties have to stay near their people to stay healthy. This will be the one and only time he will allow you to come on a raid. They’ll hit up a bitty-bones AU and let you pick out...whatever you need at that size. You’re an inconvenience, but a cute one, running around on his desk like that.  In the end, you end up more like an evil villains' lap-cat. Hope you like pets.
Killer: Ok, so hear him out. You can’t steer the remote control car, but you can fit in it. So do you trust him? No? Ok, that’s fair. He supposes he’ll help get you back to your proper size, but he’ll take plenty of breaks to help you with very serious scientific inquiries like “what is it like to bathe in a mug of jello?” and “How high will you bounce on a trampoline with a skeleton as a counter-bounce?” You’ll get the least amount of coddling from him, but it’s nice to at least pretend you have a modicum of independence.
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Gloom and Doom: Some Fluffy Bits Because Damn Y'all are Dark Tonight
Horror is not allowed to go grocery shopping with you, because he will put you in the cart and run you around the isles.
Horror is also not allowed to go grocery shopping with you because if you look at something a single second longer than just 'scanning the shelves', Horror decides you need ten of them.
Dust likes to braid your hair, if you have enough for it. He'll just sort of slowly slide behind you while you two watch TV and start separating it out. Gives him something to do with his hands, and your hair is so cool.
Once you get a handle on knitting, Error makes it a goal to make sure your yarn stash is always topped up. Secretly.
If you duck Killer's morning/greeting nuzzle, he will hunt you down the rest of the day and nuzzle your face raw.
Nightmare will put two tentacles over your ears if he has to yell at people and you're nearby. It doesn't work, but it's the thought that counts.
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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Tumblr media
Bokuto Kōtarō x Gender Neutral reader
Warnings: Bokuto none
A/N: February 11th is our favorite himbo Bokuto 🥺 check out the masterlist and @axoxtxhxh contribution to our Valentine Collab 💝
• Hi YN, just dropping by to say sorry in advance
• Also to ask what you did to attract this man 🤣
• Like seriously, Bokuto has one braincell
• And that braincell is a volleyball bouncing in his head
• Lets be real, you probably laughed at his joke
• That’s all it takes
• You’ll never get rid of him YN
• He’s so obvious about his crush too
• Like he’s going to attach himself to you
• Honestly he’ll probably confess like within a week of knowing you
• That’s a long time in Bokuto years tho
• Like by that point he’s probably already planned your wedding ✋️
• Honestly one of the sweetest guys in the Haikyuu world
• Doesn’t care for physical appearance at all
• I know it’s cannon that he likes thiccc with 3 c’s but I think he’d be attracted to anyone
• He definitely loves someone who can match his chaotic energy
• He needs an Akaashi mixed with a Hinata with a dash of Kuroo
• Someone who is fun, responsible and can put up with him for more than an hour max
• When he confesses, it’s going to be random
• He won’t plan it out at all
• It will go something like this
• ✨️picture this✨️
• You’re going to the bathroom
• Bokuto stops you on your way your way in
• “Hi YN nice day today right! Say will you help me with my spiking practice later? Atsumu says he can set for us. Also let’s go on a date tonight. Sounds fun right? Cool see you later!” 👋🏻
• You will just be left standing there like 👁👄👁
• How could you possibly say no to that YN
• Bokuto is one of the sweetest angels tho
• He’s super casual for dates
• You guys probably just go catch a bite to eat after practice or after a match
• Tells Akaashi about you while you are on the date
• Like he picks up his phone and calls Akaashi
• Hes so excited YN because he likes you so much 🥺
• He’s also uber protective
• Like he doesn’t like to share you with anyone
• He will go full emo if you help anyone else during practice
• Let’s say you are the manager and it’s your job, he will understand but he will also mope
• He’s Bokuto, he’s going to mope
• But praise goes along way YN
• Praise him and you’ll be fine
• Brings you random gifts
• Like t-shirts, postcards, Keychain
• He says stuff like “I saw this and instantly thought of you”
• Pls YN he’s so cute 😭
• He uses petnames and loves it when you do too
• Call him “babe” or “sweetheart”
• He will simply perish YN
• Mans wants to know he’s special
• But trust when I say this man gives everything back in return
• Definitely one of the most devoted men in the whole HQ universe
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justdaphne · 7 months ago
The Crows at a haunted house
It’s Inej’s idea. “We should really do something fun for Halloween!” Nina said enthusiastically. “My schedule is packed.” Kaz replies dully. “Dang. I really wanted to go to the haunted house that opened up.” Inej mutters. She knows what she’s doing. “But- my schedule can be arranged.”
The most calm and coolest person there. Like literally
She sees it all coming. All the jump-scares, she doesn’t flinch or scream.
So when the monsters try to scare her, and she doesn’t move at all, the monster and her are just 👁👄👁 hi hows ur day
Most of the time, others can’t see her because 1. It’s dark and 2. She’s the Wraith.
“Jesper, I’m right her” *pats his shoulder*
*Jesper screams thinking its the monster*
Kaz can obviously sense her presence.
But sometimes when things get intense she whips out her knives for the feeling of safety‼️
She reminds herself its not a real threat obviously
She’s encouraging the others to actually participate and not doze off. Like Kaz
An absolute killjoy
Did he really clear his schedule? No. Was he even busy in the first place? Not really.
Kaz also sees it all coming but unlike Inej, he spoils it. “Somethings gonna come out from there.”
But sometimes when he knows Jesper’s the nearest to the scares he remains quiet.
“Stop Kaz. Stop spoiling it”
When Kaz knows Inej is nearest to the scares, he shoves her aside cause no one can be to close to the Wraith. Besides him. But she sees it coming anyway. And she is the Wraith 🙄🖐🏻
Bored. “How long is this again?”
“Kaz we literally just got here.”
Inej has to keep telling him not to use his cane for b o n k i n g
“This is absolutely very fake. I can literally see that is just wine and not blood. Bullshit”
She screams and the she laughs like a maniac afterwards
And then she realizes she knows that person.
“WAIT AREN’T YOU *insert name*?!!”
And then they talk for a while
“Nina, lets get moving.”
Matthias drags Nina out
I feel like in panic Nina would try to flirt her out because she’s Nina Zenik
Or even worse when there’s for sure nothing there, Nina ‘panics’ because it’s two quiet and gets ready for defense
Acts all goofy at first:
“SaiNts I’M sO scAreD”
Messes with the props and then BAM THE FIRST SCARE
Kaz and Inej are giggling quietly in the background because they knew it was gonna happen. Well, Inej was giggling. Kaz was giggling Kaz Brekker style
And then he gets ‘paralyzed’ for the next few minutes
*Wylan rolling his eyes*
He switches sides with Wylan, from left to right, feeling a little safer.
And then he gets jumpscared again
Everyone laughs
Wylan is calm outside but inside he’s a little bit scared
He probably flinches slightly while most of them are screaming and then he pulls himself together
Fascinated with the decorations
Jesper bounces on him a lot so for most of the time he head Jesper in his arms.
At some point the monsters doesn’t even scare him anymore, he’s just annoyed
When there was an explosive effect, he just looked amazed:
“Milo is..a goat?”
“Hey look a goat’s head!”
And then Jesper gets off and runs towards the prop and Wylan just smirks.
He’s extremely terrified inside but outside he’s trying not to show it.
One time he gets so shocked he ran to Nina’s side
He rages silently but he knows it’s true
“It’s not scary as the Demjin tho”
“Funny, Helvar”
At first he felt as though he was babysitting children into this haunted house lol
He thought it was kiddy kinda thing lol
He ‘accidentally’ punches the guy with the chainsaw chasing them a little to hard on the abdomen
When Matthias sees a werewolf, he tells everyone all about the wolves back in Fjerda
He backs up Kaz in the “this is bullshit” talk
Matthias may agree but he is also terrified deep deep deep deep inside
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6lackestl0v3 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
lets make our OWN memories, create OUR story, build US. im tired of seeing the same w everyone else, we’re different. my gorgeous, powerful, desirable, melanin, admirably worthy QUEEN, you are my world .
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aalghul · 7 months ago
your version of the outlaws? im listening 👁
I have an ask very similar to this from a while ago asking for my ideal teams for Jason and Steph, but I haven’t answered it because I always get stuck on Steph’s since I ever thought about Jason’s, so at least I’ll have this out. The intro to what I have down for that ask is basically me just flaming DC for not giving Jason (and Steph) proper teams with their own friends like the other Robins. It’s just me defending my choice to ignore most of both RHATO line ups, basically.
A lot of my ideal Outlaws lineup (so the characters that would be in the team, not necessarily op’s version of how it would play out, though I do like it) is inspired by this post: https://animalpetcel.tumblr.com/post/187257746472/okay-so-ive-done-some-thinking-while-red-hood
What’s important here is that none of these line ups ever fall apart or go their own separate ways (on any permanent level) in order for the new ones to happen. No offence to RHATO, but I am not stupid and don’t need to do that. I’m really only talking about the characters that differ from that post above because I feel like I don’t need to repeat.
Dana Harlowe has literally only been in two issues her entire existence, but she was more compelling than pretty much any other character in RHATO up until that point (probably because Lobdell was writing them, so). She was Jason’s childhood friend, has issues with her sister (half feelings of betrayal, and half caused by her sister’s distrust), has a parent that was directly harmed in Gotham’s regular shit, and her family is from the same area as Jason. What defines her character is that she can’t sit around and wait for other people to save her or her people. And that includes Batman. I don’t know if she would leave Gotham often, but I don’t see her as refusing to do out-of-city missions if it helps people. Even if she didn’t leave Gotham herself, she definitely could manage comms (it would be interesting to see her learn to do that, since she doesn’t exactly seem to have the most patience or even the ability to not jump into fights herself rather than let others). As for the other characters, they would all love her (varying dynamics, some rough starts with certain later members but only very few). Her and Rose would be a certain brand of chaos together. Her and Eddie probably knew of the other through what Jason had told them years ago, so finally meeting would be nice. Dana would probably join right after Rose, Eddie & Jason, right before Artemis.
Kyle Rayner is probably the last member to join, and ends up splitting his time between them, the JLA, all space related stuff. It would be pretty much right after he, Jason and Donna went on their multiversal trip. But we’re obviously going to ignore that that universe was technically erased/reset. Whatever. DC is too messy with its timelines for me. It would be less “circumstances are forcing us” and more “they’re friends, they kinda just refuse to admit it”. Then the rest of the Outlaws (all of them are here at this point) would connect with him, whether willingly (Dana, Artemis, August, Eddie, Rose, Connor duh) or begrudgingly at first and then they grow closer (Laney, Komand’r, Essence, Jack).
Connor Hawke would (for plot reasons) need to team up with Jason, Eddie, Rose, Artemis, August, Dana and Laney. I have nothing more to say here than: I really think these characters compliment his personality, even if all of their relationships will start out less than smoothly lol. I have nothing concrete, but I’d want one of his first (but not the first) stories with the Outlaws to be the one where Komand’r gets added into the mix.
I would switch out Bizarro with Jon Lane Kent. Like, keep Biz being helped by Jason and Artemis, but I think he should just retire to the Kents’ farm tbh. Let him just live his best life away from all of this. Now, I understand that Laney isn’t popular because everything about him in canon is...a mess (also the superfam is just less popular. rip). But I really think he has a lot of potential to be an interesting character, especially as an addition to the Outlaws. So, we would have to ignore basically the entire plot with him, cuz it fucking sucks and I hate Kon being his clone instead of Clark and Lex’s clone-child (veryin character of me to like that retcon but treat N52 changing it as if it’s a hate crime). Not gonna try to fill out details in this post, but basically we would keep the backstory of being assumed dead, taken in by Harvest, and being genocidal. It just all felt so shallow and loose when suddenly he’s good despite being the opposite his entire life. Yes, he was brainwashed, but that’s the point: he was conditioned to be like this. He doesn’t know anything else yet. So. Stuff happens, now he’s just evading the JLA, and trying to figure out what his next moves are, and what he even wants anymore. Cuz at this point he would understand that, even if Harvest grew to care for him later, he was brainwashed and used. He would be forced by circumstances somehow to “team up” with the Outlaws (at that point: Jason, Eddie, Rose, Artemis, Dana, August) mainly Jason and Artemis, the real dark trinity. It would start out as a mutual benefit thing and then eventually develop into Laney forming relationships with the sort of people he was taught to kill on sight, and even excluding metas, his world seemed like it only consisted of Harvest. I don’t think that knowing, logically, that he was brainwashed would suddenly make him switch methods or even beliefs. He would refuse to kill humans but have a far too easy time taking out any meta, which would put Jason and Artemis in the position of having to pull him back (which is why team up was in quotation marks up there. There’s no way either of them would trust him at all, and they’d be right for that. He’s literally a kryptonian who’s known for having wiped out the metas in his time). This is so long considering that I have nothing concrete for him either. Canon kind of gave us nothing but garbage, which is whatever. I can deal with that, but it does mean there’s nothing I can point to if anyone asks me what I think of him as a character cuz he’s almost a nothing character himself, and this is all just in my head.
Oh, and Talia definitely shows up occasionally to kick their asses and call it training. Not as a team member or anything, she just likes to check on her son and his friends.
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thewolfmanny · a month ago
Let this be a mark of stupid/random things in your ask box-- an actual question to start though. Favorite House of Ashes AU concept AND/OR Favorite HOA headcanon? That is all (for now dun dun dun) 👁〰👁💛
Are you ready for this, because I have so many thoughts.
I have a few AUs bumping around in the background, but my current favorite is an AU RP (eventually a fic?) I am doing with @the-girl-who-flies that started with the simple premise: what if Salim was a physical therapist that Jason had to go to for an injury?  It somehow developed into this whole universe where Salim immigrated with his wife to a suburban town a half hour from D.C. in the 80s and pursued a career in the medical field to provide for his family. He opened a private physical therapy clinic with Dar in 2001, and shortly after, separated from his wife when she found out he’s, uh, gay. Jason is going through his own stuff (ask Harpy about that side of things, haha), but basically, he’s Salim’s new patient and they start seeing each other in October of 2003. It’s part romantic comedy, part soap opera, part slice-of-life, and part filth, and I’m loving every minute of it.
My OTHER favorite AUs include ones where Salim is a classic vampire that Jason is into, a world in which everyone is a lesbian (except Eric), and this elaborate spaghetti western AU I had that I might just turn into an original comic.
My favorite headcanons.....................I have so many, but the biggest one that I refuse to believe isn’t canon is that Salim’s ex-wife left him and abandoned the family for a few reasons: 1) she felt unsafe, and wanted to flee Iraq, but he didn’t want to since he’s Republican Guard 2) she was resentful that he spent most of their child’s life on the battlefield and 3) she discovered he’s gay.
My favorite headcanon for Jason is that he had an absent father and is a deeply closeted homosexual with daddy issues.
You know that post that’s like, this character only makes sense if they are gay? That’s how I feel about Salim and Jason.
And for random fun headcanons: Salim has a stash of cassette tapes and CDs that he keeps in a shoebox and it’s all classic Arab pop and strong, powerful Western women from the 70s/80s/90s (think: Cher, ABBA, Sade, etc.). Jason, on the other hand, listens to a lot of stoner rock and nu-metal (Black Sabbath, Slayer, Slipknot, K0rn, etc.). He likes some country, but only cuz of his mom.
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cosmic-111 · 4 months ago
Hi , I’m new to you account, could you describe Virgo sun , Gemini moon, scorpio rising, Virgo mercury, leo venus ? Thank you 🤍
Hey, welcome :). Let me try 📝
- intelligent and fairly straightforward social circles. especially friend(s)—they are good debaters and make good points regarding things they actually value enough to speak up on, like a book, tv show, anime, philosophy, etc. 🤓
- unexpected encounters with animals. you may get signs from spirit or the universe through animals (bird feathers, a specific bug, crows, black cats, etc). or you may occasionally stumble upon a hurt or disabled animal. maybe you randomly want to adopt one day and it becomes a wonderful journey for you, and your little friend teaches you more about life as well as yourself. 🐈
- you likely have a nice smile with deep, captivating eyes, amongst other nice features. sexually suggestive and inviting, but this side and energy of yours is probably hidden from you, and it may take some deep thinking and viewing yourself objectively to grasp it after realizing it or having it pointed out 💄🔥.
- ungrounded; almost always in your head. prone to overthinking, self-criticism, restlessness and anxiety. perhaps even social anxiety. be aware of being too doubtful and critical of the world around you, and of a focus on the negative as well as excessive snarky side comments. in, conversation, choose your words carefully. also, be cautious of arrogance and superiority complexes, oop-. on the bright side, you are witty, cunning, thoughtful and can express yourself and your emotions articulately.
- unpredictable health. unexplainable bodily pains and aches, especially headaches. you may wear glasses or contact lenses, and are more prone to suffer from dry or stinging eyes 👁.
- discerning and a bullshit detector. you like to point out your interpretation of the truth in people and situations, of course it can be triggering to some but amusing to others. however your leo venus and scorpio rising (pisces in the 5th house) can make you naive in matters of the heart—makes it harder to see the red flags in romances and (all types of) relationships because of your instinct of putting on rose colored glasses 🥀👓 and it makes you prone to being used and having your energy drained. be careful out there. random but you may be more naive with fire placements specifically.
- very curious, stimulated and potentially comforted by occult/spiritual practices and knowledge. indication of occult hobbies (tarot, astrology, palmistry, magick, deity and nature worships, etc) 🕯. and just like you’re doing now, you may turn to spiritual avenues to learn more about yourself, or turn to things like clairvoyancy and tarot cards when you’re feeling unsettled about your path in life. you may have a dark sense of humor and just pass off certain comments sometimes that make people go 😀😐. a little more lighthearted views on sexual and taboo matters. likely don’t fear death the way many people do, or you’re more curious about it than afraid of it ⚰️.
- depends on your mars, but generally your words carry a lot of harshness and ‘i’m just speaking facts’ energy in them when you want them to, and similarly you could carry a cutting tone, or many people may think you’re always trying to start something with them or always in a bad mood because of your tone or way of communication. your sun, moon and mercury may give the tendency to always want to rationalize and criticize things and pick them apart instead of just taking it in and going with the flow (for music for example you could most of the time have a tendency to be like ‘oh look at that drum beat’ and ‘what are those lyrics lmao’ before just surrendering and vibing to the song, or you may just jump in to judge the looks or choices of a book or TV show character before trying to understand them and appreciate their uniqueness). The nice thing about this though is that you can be a good judge of character and situations which is a useful real-life skill… but it’s nice to be a little naive sometimes, y’know?
- a lot of thinking and mulling over events before finally falling asleep energy. maybe you use music, audiobooks or ASMR to help you fall asleep 😴. may suffer with anxiety and especially social anxiety. prone to being paranoid, prone to having OCD symptoms (and no not the quirky type of OCD that people like to claim to have) 🧠. mentally you’re probably a mess a lot of the time but i feel like you try to find at least one positive or power through it, although people probably can’t tell anything’s wrong on the outside (scorpio rising—the exception being moon in the 1st house, which you don’t have. let yourself rest when needed, believe me you’re worth it 💆🧖💖.
- decent/generally good relationship with neighbors and especially siblings. mind games, witty comebacks and verbal war with siblings if you have any, or pointing out their imperfections as a comeback or to shut them up.
- you may write poetry or strongly considered writing poetry/song lyrics. you’ve probably written a short story or something similar before… and if it was for school, you probably enjoyed it more than most of your classmates did ✍🏻.
- probably will be somewhat recognized and do well financially when doing your hobbies and refining your craft 🎭. maybe you think people criticize you but i feel you’re known as the ‘slightly quiet, thoughtful and caring one’ in multiple places.
Tumblr media
***Will update when I have more points and therefore more time 💖
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khywae · 4 months ago
Out of curiosity, how do you think Colormancer and Chat Blanc would interact?
Oof, what a tough but intriguing question! Let me see... First we have to take into consideration that each akumatized person has a goal in mind: Colormancer's objective was to destroy the university and Blanc's will is to protect his lover from everything, whatever the cost.
So I imagine Blanc would first make sure she was okay and that Hawkmoth wasn’t hurting her, because if they did, Blanc would snap. I think he might also get a little jealous that she accepted Hawkmoth’s help, but after that, he'd protect her while she executed her plan, all the while gawking in awe at her, and later he'd make sure to get rid of Hawkmoth's influence so they could be together without someone monitoring them 👁👁 (but with the artist back to normal and Blanc still as Blanc, that would create a lot of news issues lol). 
Also, if the artist was akumatized a second time and her objective was different, I believe Blanc would still support anything she wanted to do. However, if he felt her safety was threatened, he'd step up and try to do her objective for her or keep her away from it, even locking her up if necessary. 
As for Colormancer, she’d be ecstatic to have her muse on her side and might get a little side tracked on her objective (similar to what happened before with Chat 👀). But if Blanc tried to get in her way, she wouldn’t let him control her and would definitely fight him, trying to control him instead.
What do you think? Did you have something different in mind? How do you guys think this encounter would work? Now I'm curious to know 🥺
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cupofangst · a month ago
Let this be a mark of stupid/random things in your ask box-- an actual question to start though.
Favorite House of Ashes AU concept AND/OR Favorite HOA headcanon?
That is all (for now dun dun dun) 👁〰👁💛
Ok, so I've been sitting on this ask for hours, wracking my brain on a way to answer and to be honest...I still don't think I have an answer for you xD
I know, silly, since this is such an easy question for most people, but honestly, when it comes to AUs, I'm incredibly picky. Most AUs I just don't have any interest in. Things like time period AUs, or Mer AUs and the like just don't do it for me, and I'm usually not going to have any interest in an AU that's based off a movie or TV show that i've never seen, and there's a lot of AUs like that in this fandom. So...I wish I had an answer for that one. Although I really liked @writtenjewels Beauty and the Beast AU.
I guess if I had to pick SOMETHING, it would actually be more of an alternative scenario situation than an actual alternate universe concept, and that would be the one where Jason just goes home with Salim instead of them doing their stupid 'Hugs are too gay apparently' handshake and going their separate ways because fuck that shit.
As for HCs, there's nothing interesting that comes to mind i'm afraid. My poor monkey brain might need more specifics on that one, otherwise smokes just gonna come out of my ears from me thinking too hard. For example: 'Do you headcanon Salim as being blah blah blah, or blah blah blah?' That sort of thing XD Sorry, there's pretty much no thoughts in my head, just a monkey playing the cymbals up there.
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jktones · a month ago
OMG IM SO HAPPIE TO SEE U ANSWERED MY ASK WOKDKSKS been sitting on your blog just waiting in anticipation like 👁 👄 👁. i actually very recently started loving the hell out of jk and always found that fact of his romantic idealism so dang cute and endearing as it nearly always get lost in fictionalized versions of him idk. i love the thirst and the bad boy vibes yes, but there’s something truly special about how much he loves and cares deeply about everythinggggg. i’m glad you felt the same way in feeling soft abt it bc when i first read that quote, my heart literally fluttered on the spot like aw 🥹 the youngest one is the type who CRIES at the notebook? how cute laksksksk but anyway, i do feel like he’s quite the perfectionist too and feels the need to be the best lover in the universe for his favorite person in the universe. like he’s def the type to be the BEST in something in a flawlessly executed way to be able to show that yes, he’s capable of it. i remember he mentioned in the ending comments for the year and i think in vogue too where he said he felt he has so many shortcomings and i was just like 🫂🫂🫂🫂 u are doing ur absolute best! u don’t need to be flawless and perfect to be loved and adored in the same way and passion you show your love and adoration too. idk where i was going with this sokdkdkdkdjdjsjd but i believe your interpretation of jk is just so rooted in realism without it being cliché. i feel like i’m reading an intimate log of his personal life when i read your responses and your blurbs. idt i rly see that in the fanfic universe for anybody in such a long time, and i’ve been in fic writing spheres since [checks notes] 2011. HENYWAYS, power to you bestie 🫂🫂🫂🫂 hope this doesn’t get eaten pls god
I'M SO SORRY FOR MAKING YOU WAIT FOR MY REPLY SLDJHFLSJ but i'm here now and i'm here to babble because that's my job (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ ! i stated this in our chat just now but i wanted to reiterate it again: jungkook is an incredibly diverse muse to play around with, alongside any of the guys really. i can see why jk gets many fictionalized depictions as a bad boy, the heartless one, the cold-shoulders-devoid-eyes-heartbreaker since there are glimmers of that with his stage persona when his confidence spikes; hair + clothes are styled That Certain Way; and that sparkle in his eye turns lethal. and i agree with you too, i would indulge in those fics like it's no one's business since i either love how the author committed to the characterization and did it well, or i was in a particular mood for a particular jk.
"i do feel like he’s quite the perfectionist too and feels the need to be the best lover in the universe for his favorite person in the universe." this, this, this. i've always found it to be a huge soft spot for me in my heart when writing about maybe!jk in particular, for example, because maybe!jk is exactly like the quoted part i outlined: he knows he's not the perfect lover in all sense of the word (is anyone really?) -- but he can be the closest thing to perfect for his partner. not that he'd change his ways to meet his lover's expectations but... he's willing to take on/learn something new/do more or go the extra mile if he knows it would make them happy/content/relieved ;;;; and he's seriously the guy that would say "it's not much, love" or "it doesn't bother me at all" because the man means that with his entire chest. and again, it's not saying he'd fall into a toxic loop of anything but more so along the lines of: maybe lowering the blinds closed around the house if he has an inkling that his lover is coming home with a headache due to a whack day at work; remembering to leave a pair of comfy sneakers or outdoor slippers in the trunk "just in case"; knowing just the right songs to play to make his love laugh or cheer up instantly, even if for those 3 minutes and 22 seconds; etc.
and i think it would be important for him to gravitate towards someone that lets him do all these perfectionistic acts but grounds him to earth too; anchors him and reminds him that he is enough, he is capable of doing these things, but it's okay to not do well sometimes. or it's okay to not do it at all or not know how to do something at all. someone that pokes his side or pinches his cheeks or boops his nose (or all three), reminding him of what he could do or can do or does do constantly for them or the both of them on a daily. the fact that he tried and continues to try his best is more than anyone could ask him for. (but they also know he's still going to Try and Do The Thing anyway so they sigh knowingly and go: "okay fine but don't say i didn't tell you it's alright" because literally who can stop jungkook once his mind is dead set on accomplishing something kdfjhgksjdh)
my heart is soaring amongst the stars hearing that you think my works are a little intimate log of his personal life ;;;; i've always been a fan of musing about mundane life, the simpler things that you can still find joy in. just because the sun rises every day, doesn't mean you can't still bask in her light like it's the first time -- and i swooned the second i knew my heart locked on that for jk. that's him for me and ever since, it really drove it home that no matter how many types of jk muses of my own that i create, maybe!jk and the likes of him will reign king in my soul.
i just... it goes from him wanting to be perfect for his lover -- to him learning that he has always been enough. and he finds/has found someone that he knows is good for him and good to him, as he knows he deserves; nothing more, nothing less ♡
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nikatyler · 2 months ago
Adventures in TS2
Well, I did it, I opened TS2 again, for the first time in a while. I just can’t get into this game. At the same time, I see how amazing it is and from what I’ve seen online, I can totally understand why people still play it after all this time. It’s just...I feel like I’m getting into it way too late and there’s so much to learn and for some reason it’s just difficult for me (and, honestly, part of me is just too lazy to figure it all out). Well, I decided to try again, and hopefully I will be opening this game again soon.
I made a brand new sim that is not tied to any other sim in the R-BCU (Rose-Breeze Cinematic Universe; yes I’m calling it that, kinda as a joke but also kinda unironically). Meet Maddie Alvarez but beware, I’m not good at making sims in this game, or taking screenshots in this game. Still, I think she’s kinda cute. Not as cute as my TS3 and TS4 sims though, but maybe we’ll get there eventually.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That’s not her dog, unfortunately, but he was a very good boy and we became friends.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then, people came! It goes without saying but I’m a sims 2 noob lol, so I was very surprised to see Tyler there. Then I realized it’s the same save file as the one I was playing a few months ago. Also, Tyler’s TS2 version is not very accurate. It’s not a bad sim but they don’t have the same vibe as the TS3/TS4 Tyler to me haha.
More under the cut because this will actually probably be long haha.
Tumblr media
Tyler ate our cereal >:(( Friendship ended with Tyler >:((((
Tumblr media
Kidding, friendship renewed with Tyler. They bonded over alien jokes, which...makes sense. Good old days. If you know, you know. If you don’t...well. Long long time ago, Tyler’s brother got abducted by aliens, things happened, and Tyler would never shut up about it. The mommy joke. Gone but not forgotten. But I’m glad Caleb is more than that nowadays. Anyway, that’s off topic, let’s get back to Maddie.
Tumblr media
She’s...breaking shit. This was the next morning, I think.
Tumblr media
I love that she actually walks to the car and opens the door. I’m surprised this isn’t in TS3. And well...it’s a little detail but I guess now I can see why people want cars in TS4. (As for me, I still don’t care about them, but if they added them I wouldn’t be mad at all.)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This got me thinking, wait a second, where’s my old camera?? And is it still working? Genuinely have no clue.
Also, I love how TS2, being an old game, is...well, old, and it shows when you look at the electronics and everything. 😅 Reminds me of my childhood and how so many things have changed since then. And I’ll stop here before I get sappy and overly nostalgic.
Tumblr media
Anyway, Maddie met someone...a sim I literally made in five minutes and it shows lol. Meet Emery Woods.
Tumblr media
Oh no.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh wait, oh wow...it’s almost as if they were made for each other, isn’t it? 👁👄👁
Tumblr media
The next morning, Emery came for a visit, and this is how Maddie greeted him. And then I closed the game because I wanted to go do something else. And then I didn’t do that. Because something distracted me. Then I somehow ended up taking a shower. That’s a good thing but I don’t think I was planning on doing that yet lol. But yeah, it was a good thing, it’s after midnight sooo...and we’re getting off topic again 😅 So yeah, hopefully this isn’t the last time we’ve seen Maddie and Emery, and I’m off to do the thing I actually wanted to do after closing the game!
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celestialwarzone · 3 months ago
Celestial Live-Reacts: STP 2.1, 'The Star Gazer'
(SPOILERS AHEAD, as you might imagine! Read down at your peril)
- Uhm I'm sorry is this the opening to Ctrl+Alt+Del AND A Good Day to Die at the same time, HAVE YOU READ MY FICS CBS 👁👄👁
- This is a James Bond opening sequence
- He's so proud he knows Romulan, bless him ❤
- Oh, HE is dead! The more you know
- ... Yeahhhh, no. What *is* this romance nonsense? When has there EVER been anything between him and her?
- ... Awkward...
- Baby!card! 😍 All adventure and adorable
- "Why have you chosen to be alone?" "Idk queen not sure where my immortal husband's at rn"
- I love how English his mother is 😂❤ Really sticking with the theme there of being the most English French people ever. Also I love her and she's a girl boss 😍
- Earl grey, cold 🤣
- What *is* Laris talking about, that this has been building for a while? From WHERE exactly, pls explain
- THEY GAVE ELNOR A THING 🖖 Bless up, king ❤
- Hologram Rios! Seven! Beautiful folks everywhere 😍😍
- Is that the AGT phenomena?
- No synth ban; only progression
- Oh hey Agnes, it's once again hugely ambiguous to see you
- Soji's hangout is glorious, my god
- Rios is a captain again???? Like, an official one????? Bless him, he got over his shit 😍
- ... Anyone else forget that these two had sex?
- Sulu reference!
- 'Chancellor of the Academy', much wow
- "You two are so damn self-sufficient, happy to travel the stars..." 🤔🤔🤔
- Elnor has gone from confident young adult to overly tall child lmao
- "Live a little" 😂 I love him so much ❤
- Raffi/Picard friendship is gorgeous.
- Stargazer!
- 'Cigar in the captain's chair' is a VIBE 😍
- "Help us, Picard"????? ... Is that the fucking Continuum?
- BIG MOMMA G 😍 Welcome back Queeeeen ❤
- This bar music is a jam 😍
- "But you'll always be 'captain' to me" - amen ❤❤❤
- "With you pushing a century and me pushing several, I don't really think that at our age we should be reserving anything" 😂😂
- El-Aurians only age 'if they want to'? That's lore, kids
- Another beautiful male/female friendship! They can do it!
- "It's not as if I haven't loved before - I have, sometimes quite deeply." "But always with those that would only be temporary." "That's not entirely true -" "- So you'd never have to fear any of them taking root."
"The problem isn't time, it's you."
"You've been on your own for nearly a century - why, what's holding you back?"
Okay so a. this is hilariously Qcard and b. a beautiful character piece ❤ Fascinated by whatever this is alluding to, too?
- Oh hello, Admiral Great-Hair 😍
- ... Are you trying to tell me that the Q want in to the Federation, what in god's name
- Picard @ Laris: aight imma head out babe 🖖
- Borg stuff?
- IT'S THE BORG. OHHHH. Never mind my dumbass theories then... they want to join the Federation? Are they sick of getting their arse handed to them by Janeway?
- Nice bit of looping back to the beginning
- "We wish for peace", they say, walking in like the cyber fuckparty from my most vivid vodka nightmares
- Doc Ockto-borg????? That's a new take...
- Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!
- "We're out of options" - swear Rios says exactly that in Ctrl+Alt+Del, and Picard definitely blew himself up for Tapestry Day... and I had a bloody countdown... just call me Benjamin mes amis, I'm a prophet out here
- "Noooon, je ne regrette rieeeeen" 😂 Come on slut, get in the damn frame already 😍
- That was quite the flash... bit pissed off, are we mon dieu? Of all the men in the universe to kill, they have to kill yours huh?
- "Oh dear, you're a bit older than I imagined - let me catch up." HAHAHAHA yes! Absolute perfection ❤❤😂 He de-aged just to age, that is phenomenal, and exactly what I wanted - just making a mockery of the whole concept
- "You've been talking a lot about second chances - well, my friend, welcome to very end of the road. Not. Taken." ... Fucking HELL 😍❤👁👄👁
Dear. Sweet. God ABOVE. What a fucking start lads 😍
Celestial rating: 7/10.
Relationships out of nowhere, some great leaps of time more or less waved away though still mostly nice to see, but a deeply fucking compelling narrative, and those last fifteen minutes? Wow.
... I have high hopes, dears...
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