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Pls sis help me find the fic it’s trevantae Rhodes he’s in the army but he’s staying with y/n bc he tried to kill himself , my dad is his commanding officer?? I hope I explained this enough 😫😫

You sure did explain it enough! It’s called Log Cabin and A Brewing Fire series by the good sis @madamslayyy . And it’s 🔥🔥!

Scroll down it’s all there on her masterlist!!

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Living with covid-19 is incredibly irritating. My sister is quarantined to her room and I have to do EVERYTHING. and the really annoying part is I can’t go down to her room to bother her, the dog and I can’t wake her up by jumping on her bed and she can’t do anything with us and she’s sad about it. It’s not like getting a cold and I can deal with getting it. I don’t know how to take care of her. I can’t take care of her. I just have to sit on the other side of her door and slide cards under it

I’m soo sorry you and your family are going through that! Can’t even be around your own family during this time cause they have to be quarantined! How long has your sister been in quarantine so far? I do hope she gets better!

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Omg where’d you find your Spooky fics??? I love him and would love to read some good fics on him

I just started reading for him so it’s gonna take me a bit to catch up! I’ve just been lurking! I did some peeping lasting year but just really coming around to the fanfic. At some point i will make a list of Oscar fics.

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Hi I'm sorry to bother you but I saw others asking and thought you might know where I can find this fix I've been searching high and low for. It's Tchalla and Okoye I think and she has a son but then the snap happens. That's

Hey!!! Don’t apology for bothering me! I want y’all to! I sure do know this story!!

By the very good sis @brownsugarcocoabutterwildflowers 😘

It’a all in order for you☺️

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