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Hi there!

I don’t really know what I’m doing, this is the first time I post something on Tumblr.

I’m a really bored kinda lonely girl looking for somebody to talk to, so if you’re interested, here are the things I really like:

  • Anime. At the moment I’m in love with Hunter x Hunter and The Promised Neverland. I have a lot of anime ships. I write a bit and read some fanfiction as well (I don’t ship real life people, though).
  • Gorillaz. I recently got into their music and seriously cannot listen to anything else (I also really like the memes). All songs are amazing in their own way.
  • Video games. Mostly Resident Evil, Danganronpa, Kingdom Hearts, Don’t Starve Together and also The Legend of Zelda (Oh, and Linked Universe is amazing, btw, i love it). I don’t have more than 3 Zelda games, as I got on the bandwagon quite late, but I really want to play them all.
  • Disney. I can’t decide between Mulan and Treasure Planet, so I consider both my top favorite movies, but I love Disney in general and have certainly watched quite a few movies.
  • Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, 8-BitRyan, Crankgameplays, Call me Kevin, Davie504 and some other youtubers.
  • Although I don’t talk about it as much, Gravity Falls is my favorite TV Show.
  • Sharing videos, images, thoughts and interests, stuff like that. But memes exist so I send those, mostly. XD

If these things interest you, great! Let’s talk! I doubt someone has the same exact interests as me but the first three would be pretty nice! ^^’ I’m pretty shy and sometimes might run out of things to say, so heads up. If you don’t mind that, let’s be friends! Message me all you want! ^w^

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remember back in like 2011 when you would scroll through that page on facebook with like “a bunch of funny posts” and would like the ones that you thought were funny.. .and then slowly realized that they were all individual pages and you had liked like hundreds of them?

yeah, I just went through my facebook and I officially only follow 50 pages, a I personally know the owner of like half of them

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Anyone wanna chat? I don’t mind chatting about life in general, giving advice, I like to talk about music, plants, crystals, the devine, books, movies, anything really, even about s*x, as long as you’re nice and polite.

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how to write a MOH speech when you’re not “friends” with the bride and she doesn’t talk to you about her love life because you’re a prude who’s 6 years younger than her and were legit like 16 when they started dating

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I have no doubt we’ll see the birth. That will be such an important day in both Kevin and Madison’s life, it would be a shame not to display that emotion. Hopefully, everything goes to plan and there aren’t any complications - not sure my shipper heart could handle that pain and angst! 

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