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artsploon · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
family weirdos gotta stick together -
based off an idea I had at like 3 AM that Mirabel embroiders Bruno’s ruana post-canon 
this is lk rushed so yeahhh hjkdhsadsf
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espeon-fireheart · a month ago
~•Bruno Madrigal x Reader Headcanons•~
(Why? Because I said so, okay?! I'm not obsessed with this man, you are! Shut Up!)
Tumblr media
(Okay, yes, I may be in love. But I cannot help it! He's such a sweetheart! But I digress, these headcanons are centred around a gender-neutral [Y/n]. HOWEVER! I will be taking requests and ideas for more content unique to you guys! But back to Bruno!)
Bruno Madrigal x Reader Headcanons
I like to think that Bruno is very paranoid and anxious of what others think of him especially considering how he feels his gift messed up his relationship with his family and the town. So when he has a good relationship with someone, he fears that he's going mess it up one way or another. So when he met you, he was very hesitant with everything.
You met Bruno through Pepa and Julieta, though he saw you playing with his sisters when you both were children. He was just to shy to go up to you.
When you got to know Bruno, at first you were really sceptical about his mannerisms, but then the more you talked to him, you just realised that he was just very quirky.
He used to create different characters to play as when you both where kids, he liked it because it made you laugh. So he'd keep acting them out to make you smile and laugh, it made him feel a lot better as well.
I have this feeling that Bruno has this love language where you make memories and he keeps little trinkets to remind him of those memories. Like for example: He'd have a music box that plays this one song you both danced to. It would just be a comforting thing.
He respectfully cherishes you... Let me explain...
To him, you were one of the only people who saw the best in him and gave him an opportunity to express himself, you even willingly helped him with his visions, helping him focus on things he couldn't see before.
You almost seemed to good to be true, like you were a dream, hence why he calls you 'Mi Sueño'.
When you both were teenagers, he came more out of his shell, wanting to discover himself. But he was still very anti social, considering you, his sisters and his Mami as his safe haven of people to be around.
You've told him plenty of times how much you love his eyes. Regardless of whether they were brown or green because of his gift, you loved how much emotion they held.
This made him melt and love you more.
One of his telenovelas was based of your relationship before he left. How it was always just a pining because he never had the courage to say anything to you. The story of childhood friends turned lovers destined to be forever apart, it was always one of his favourites.
Seeing you again after so many years was one of the scariest things he's ever faced. He thought you would hate him, he thought you would scream at him for leaving but instead, you hugged him, which was even scarier.
Once it was out in the open that Bruno was back, you both decided that you wouldn't let him do something on impulse without at least consulting you first.
And that he could keep the rats.
It wasn't hard to rekindle old flames that you both had but this time you were more affectionate. Or at least tried to be at first.
The man is very touch starved, he will melt if you hold his hand or kiss his cheek.
I cannot stress enough how much he needs love.
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cococookiedraws · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Spot the real Bruno
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kasslookingglass · a month ago
Bruno: *Kicks the door down looking panicked*
Alma: What did you do?
Bruno: Nobody died.
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rikareena · 20 days ago
Sad thing about Encanto is Bruno obviously has SO MUCH energy--probably as much as Mirabel.
He has just had to suppress it over the years to downplay his gift, and avoid any misgivings it may have had on his gift (like how the teasing about his sister's wedding was horribly misconstrued).
He was interested in being a thespian, made up is own characters. He "vibes" to the music his family sings about him so he loves to dance (seconded by how he excitedly danced around Pepa after being united with her).
He was VERY bold in rushing in and defending Maribel against his mother at the end.
He's such a high-spirited individual, and it hurts to see how meek and mild he became by having to suppress so much of himself to appease his mom & family.
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friendrat · 28 days ago
Is it just me, or is Pepa not written as a multiple? Like... I am pretty sure that the fact that they were supposed to be triplets was just kinda a throw away thing, and not an ounce of effort was put into characterizing them as such... but Bruno and Julieta pull it off pretty good anyway.
Like the way Bruno is when separated from his family feels like a twinless twin, even if the focus was on isolation from his whole family. He even has the active fantasy life that is a common coping mechanism for twinless twins. Julieta also hits the nail on the head perfectly with the way she speaks about him differently from how the rest of the family does, almost like she's the only one who misses him, and just how she's the first one there when he comes back with a huge hug. They might not have had that intention behind their characters, but it manages to work. They feel like they were written as multiples, but without the fact that they are multiples being their defining character trait.
But Pepa... oh Pepa... I just find it really hard to like Pepa. She doesn't feel like a multiple at all, and certainly not one who lost one of her siblings. She obviously holds a grudge about the wedding day. She speaks badly about her brother, and also allows her son to speak badly of him to the point of telling straight up exaggerated lies. She shows no sorrow or grief that he's gone, but beyond that she isn't even close to Julieta. She is incredibly focused on her own problems, and doesn't seem to feel when those who are closest to her are hurting. All in all, she's missing a key component of her character, and it really makes her rub me the wrong way.
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labyrinth-runner · 5 days ago
The Prophecy of Us
Bruno x Reader Chapter Masterlist
We Don't Talk About Bruno
Let's Talk About Bruno
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theperksofbeingadirewolf · 11 days ago
🕯Miracle Burning🕯
Chapter One
Summary: You and your young brother are forced to flee from your home, following vague instructions and rumors to find a miracle. 
Pronouns: She/Her 
Paring: Will be Bruno x Reader later 
WARNINGS: Death of parents (one slightly explicit, the other mention); 2 & 12 yr old Refugees; Poisoning; Mentioning of Depression Symptoms; Other chapters will also be angsty 
Word Count: 1807
A/N: Inspired by Abuela’s verse in The Family Madrigal mixed with me just being in love with Bruno. 
🕯 💚🐀💚 🕯 🧡☀️🧡 🕯 💙🫔💙 🕯
“Take your brother and run!” 
“Papá, no!” The just woken up two-year-old was shoved into your arms while a bag full of hastily grabbed supplies was put in your hand. 
“Remember what I told you? You can find Encanto, it shows itself to people who need refuge. Follow the river north and look for--”
“Mariposa amarilla,” you finished for him, tears starting to stream down your cheeks as your father pushed you and your brother toward the back door. “No! Don’t leave us!” 
You jumped when you heard something crash through the window in the other room, seeing the shadows of flames dance in the doorway. You didn’t want to leave your father, you didn’t know how to take care of your brother, but he pushed you once again.
“I love you both. I always will. Please know that.” Your father pulled out his pocket watch and slid it inside the bag on your arm. He cupped both of your cheeks with a soft smile, his final goodbye before he pushed you both once more out of the house. You watched him steel himself to go back into the other room, covering your brother’s eyes when you saw the shadow of your father get killed.
You wanted to scream and cry and mourn but you had bigger responsibilities now. You looked down at your brother, Julio, and pressed a finger to your lips before embarking on your trip to find Encanto. You were thankful he wasn’t defiant, staying near silent as you slipped away from your home through the trees. 
Honestly, you thought the story about Encanto was bullshit. A pretty fairy tale your father told you to calm you down when you were upset. In Encanto, you are safe from wars, famines, sickness. “It’s always sunny,” he would tell you with a wistful smile as he tucked you back into your bed, “Full of song and dance. You can’t be unhappy in Encanto.” The stories worked when you were younger, but now it felt fake. 
Death had become a familiar friend, taking your mother when Julio was born, taking your tíos and tías, and now your father. Sadness was a standard feeling for you, even at the tender age of 12. On top of it all, you were in charge of finding a new home for your very tiny family, hoping to secure a better future for you two.  
You and your brother hiked through the forest by the moonlight, using your memory to get you as close to the river as you could. When Julio started to complain about being tired you stopped to set up a camp. You pulled one of the blankets out and draped it around his shoulders, sitting down beside him to look through the bag your father gave you. His hunting knife, leftover arepas and chicken from dinner, a few fruits, two bottles of water, and another blanket. You could feel the cold metal of your father’s pocket watch and took a moment to fish it out of the bottom. You opened it to see the photo of your parents on their wedding day, smiling and so full of hope for the life that was to come. You glanced at Julio, who was leaning against your side, trying to get any bit of sleep he could get. You had to do this, for your parents, for your brother. 
“Come on, we should get off the ground.” Julio groaned but climbed onto your back so you could make a hammock with his blanket. After a few test pulls to make sure it would hold, you helped him climb into it, using the other blanket to tuck him in. 
“What about you?” he asked quietly, rolling over the best he could to see you in the pale light. 
“I’ll be just fine. I have my ruana, you need to stay warm.” 
Julio was too tired to protest, falling asleep almost instantly. You climbed up the tree and found a sturdy branch to sit on until morning. 
Over the next few days, you were able to gather firewood, even catch some fish to go with what fruit your father had packed with you. Julio had bouts of crying fits that would stop your progress, but you didn’t mind. If he was distracted by his tears, he wouldn’t notice yours. 
It had been... Four? Five days? You were starting to lose track, but you kept following the river north, hoping for any kind of a village to appear. Your whole body ached, you were covered in bug bites and cuts, but you knew you had to keep going, you had to keep Julio safe. 
“Stay here. I’m going to climb that tree and see if I can get some plantains, okay?” 
Julio nodded seriously, taking the bag and sitting down on a tree stump. You wiped your hands on your ruana and climbed up the tree. You almost slipped a few times, but you were able to knock a few off by shaking the branch above your head. You let out a whoop to celebrate your success, but you were surprised there wasn’t another cheer from the ground. You looked down and didn’t find Julio in the spot you left him. 
“Julio!” you screamed, climbing down the tree as fast as you could. “Julio!” No, no, this couldn’t be happening. You couldn’t lose another family member; you couldn’t do this alone. You slipped halfway down and fell on the ground with a groan. No matter how much it hurt, you had to find your brother. 
You spotted him closer to the river, passed out on the ground. You forced yourself up and stumbled to his side, inspecting him for what could have caused this. You know he ate. Maybe he was exhausted? Why would he walk toward the river? He was dry so it wasn’t drowning. Then you saw it. 
A tiny golden frog, sitting on a nearby rock. Your parents had always told you to be careful of them when you would go play with the other kids near the river. Of course! Julio loved frogs and he had been so bored; he probably just wanted to play with it, find some joy in the midst of all this bullshit. You held him close to your chest, screaming curses at whatever God that decided to take your family from you. 
You cried into his hair, waving your hand to get whatever bug was trying to land on you off. The bug was insistent, though, constantly hitting your hand despite you swatting it. You finally looked up and saw a yellow butterfly. Not just one.... Three. 
“Good things come in threes, mi vida,” your mother’s voice reminded you. 
“Look for the mariposa amarillo,” your father added. 
You quickly grabbed your bag and picked up your brother, following the butterflies up a hill. You were sure you were going insane, but there was nothing to lose if you just followed a few bugs. Maybe they would lead you to a nice spot to bury your brother. 
You just started to crest the hill when you heard a woman’s voice, “They’re here! Alejandro, help her!” 
A large man ran up to you, offering his hand to help you up. You refused to take it, holding onto your brother tighter. Behind him was a woman who you assumed announced your arrival, and three kids who looked barely older than you. 
“We’re here to help. She can heal him,” the large man, Alejandro, said. The girl in the blue ran forward and pulled arepas out of her pockets. 
“Is he conscious?” she asked, trying to pull the boy from your arms. 
“No. He touched a golden frog.” 
The girl in blue looked over her shoulder at the woman, who nodded back. The girl pulled a small flask out of her pocket and offered it to you. “He needs to drink this. Trust me.” 
You accepted the flask and made Julio drink, the boy waking up once it passed his lips. The girl smiled brightly and held and arepa to his mouth, encouraging him to start eating. “It’ll make you feel better! Here, you need one too!” 
You looked at the others, the boy in green giving you an encouraging nod. Finally, you accepted it from the girl in blue and started to eat, Julio following your lead. Somehow, the pain in your back and legs were suddenly gone. You checked your hands, and they were clear of any blemish you earned from this trip. Julio was suddenly sitting up on his own, also healed of any bite or scratch. 
“Let me help you to the carriage. We’ll get you to Casita.” The man picked up Julio and the girl in blue took your hand, helping you into the wooden cart. 
You had so many questions, but your mind still felt scrambled and honestly, exhausted. Luckily, the woman could answer them without a prompt. 
“My name is Alma Madrigal. These are my children, Julietta, Pepa, and Bruno. You’re in Encanto.” 
“It’s real?!” Julio blurted, back to his energetic self after the arepa. The children all giggled, and even Señora Madrigal smiled at him. 
“Yes, it is very real... I’m sorry, I don’t know your names.” 
“I’m [Y/N], and this is Julio. How... How did you know to be on the hill?”
“Your arrival was foretold by my Bruno.” 
The boy in the green offered a shy smile and a half wave. You couldn’t help but mimic the gesture, which made him blush and look away. The girl in orange, Pepa, you recalled, nudged him teasingly which made Bruno want to hide even more. 
You decided to keep anymore questions to yourself for now, looking at the town your father always told you about. It was so bright and colorful, and the residents gathered on the street to watch you and your brother. And there was the main house at the end of the street, Casita, you thought you heard it be called. Alejandro tugged on the horse’s reigns and slowed to a stop. 
Alma accepted his help off the cart, turning back to watch the children climb off as well. “You will stay in Casita with us, and are welcome to stay for as long as you want. If you were trying to reach family, someone from Encanto will be able to escort you.” 
“We don’t have any more family, Señora,” you replied softly, pulling Julio to your side again. “This is it.”
Alma’s lips pressed into a tight line, and she looked at you with what you could only describe as... Sadness. “Well, welcome to Encanto. It was made for families just like yours. Come along, let’s get you cleaned up.”  
You held Julio’s hand, following Señora Madrigal and her children inside to your new life.
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punkyflesh · 13 days ago
has anyone else had their heart captured by this man or do i just have a pattern
Tumblr media
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loviir · a month ago
talking about bruno sounds like:
Tumblr media
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yokaishinari · 27 days ago
Am I attracted to Bruno Madrigal? Yes.
Do I accept the headcanon that he's queer/gay? Uh, that's a yes.
Do I accept the other headcanon that he's an ace king? Also a yes.
I'm open minded and my attraction doesn't have to implore my view on his character.
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artsploon · 4 days ago
:) okay, I'm passing on a lil idea then to get your take on it! (pls feel free to ignore if you want)
Prompt: madrigal triplets + first gray hair(s)
waha imma pile onto this one (ramble below) + a doodle based on said ramble
Tumblr media
i'd place the triplets in their late 30's i think (timeline-wise camilo and mirabel would already be born)
pepa would be the one to get them first with how much she has to stress about her gift
bruno follows, man is anxious and i bet his visions stress him out (poor rat man)
and then there's julieta, i think she embraces them tbh
it's less noticeable on pepa seeing as she's a ginger, while bruno and julieta have dark hair, but when pepa notices she notices
cue pepa's thunder, bruno and julieta in the kitchen like "????"
pepa walks in and they're hit with a huge gust of wind
i imagine juleita tilts her head inviting pepa to explain and pepa just bursts out "a gray hair, julie!"
to which bruno snorts, he's gotta save himself from choking on an arepa he'd been snacking on
pepa is quick to turn her gaze onto bruno, sending him a deathly glare
julieta swears she's about to witness a murder (she's got the arepas ready tho)
pepa is quick to grab at bruno's ruana and tackle him to the floor (casita softens the fall for them dw)
for a second bruno thinks pepa is actually gonna throw hands so he crosses his fingers and holds his breath
imagine his surprise when pepa instead moves to grab his hair looking for a gray hair
she finds it quickly (again it stands out more on dark hair) and lets out a triumphant yell
bruno chuckles when the realization hits and he playfully calls her "vieja loca", to emphasize the gray hair situation
pepa definitely punches his shoulder at that comment to which he begins his dramatic lil attitude
"OH *insert a telenovela gasp* how could you wound your own brother! pepa, how could you do this to me! after everything we've been through together"
he plays dead and julieta is not amused, reminding them that they're taking up kitchen space
bruno doesn't move, pepa snorts at her brother's antics and watches as julieta pulls up her sleeves ready to pull bruno up
it's there that pepa notices julieta has a gray hair tucked away, "julie, you have one too!"
bruno is quick to sit up ready to tease julieta to which she raises an eyebrow, ready to revoke his food privileges
bonus: félix and agustín are their respective wife's #1 hype man, they also hype the cuñado but bruno gets embarrassed when they do
honestly this was fun! i had to draw something for it as soon as the ideas took over
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espeon-fireheart · a month ago
~•Siempre Conmigo•~
Bruno Madrigal x GN!Reader
(I wrote this like twice before, they accidentally got deleted both times so third time is a charm I suppose. Also! I know this is kinda short but I wanted to try my best. I haven't seen Encanto yet but I promise, when I do, you guys will know about it.)
(I am making the reader gender neutral to be more inclusive to the reader. Going by they/them pronouns and not giving a distinct description. I want you all to read this and imagine yourself in the stories, not someone I want you to be. And also, I must inform you! I do not speak Spanish and am not from a Spanish-speaking background so if I get things wrong, please feel free to tell me so I can fix it! Thank you!)
(Anyway, back to Bruno!)
Tumblr media
(LoOk At HiM!!!! sWeEt BaBy!!!)
~•Siempre Conmigo•~
Learning about an estranged family member isn’t easy. Ask Mirabel, she learnt about it the hard way. Trying to figure out who her Uncle Bruno really was, but only to be met with the same answer.
“We don’t talk about Bruno.”
Over and over, being given the same picture of this sinister and mischievous man that only ruined peoples lives by reading their future. Painting him in such a bad light that Mirabel became almost reluctant to learn more. Although there was still one more person she needed to ask.
Approaching hastily, Mirabel exclaimed for the familiar figure.
"[Y/n]! Wait up!"
Turning on their heel to acknowledge the young Madrigal, [Y/n] relaxed their shoulders and chuckled, waiting for her to catch her breath.
"Calm down Mirabel, no need to be in such a rush this late into the evening." They adjust the baskets of fruit on their hip, having to stop their delivery to Julieta's kitchen to listen to Mirabel. But to be honest, [Y/n] didn't mind. It was always nice to talk to Mirabel even in moments like these.
"Now, what's gotten you so puffed Cariño Mío?"
Mirabel took a deep breath and fixed her glasses, still a little winded from the rush, she looked them in the eyes before speaking.
"I need you to tell me about mi Tio Bruno."
A silence filled the air, so eerily quiet that Mirabel could hear her heart beating in her chest. [Y/n]'s expression fell to that of shock, their free hand raising to cover their mouth. Although no words were said, Mirabel could see confliction in their eyes. She had known [Y/n] for years, and her family even more so. They had lived with the Madrigal's for years as a loyal family friend. So Mirabel could gather that They had to know something about Bruno.
"[Y/n], please, you must know something. I need to know." Mirabel pleaded, begging for anything that they could tell her.
"Mirabel... I can't talk about Bruno. I'm sorry." They respond, turning away to continue their intended path, but Mirabel wasn't done nor satisfied with hearing that answer again.
"Well, you've know my Mom and Aunt Pepa since you were kids, right? Surely you must've known Bruno too! [Y/n], I need your help." She begged, following hot on their feet. [Y/n] sighed and made their way into the kitchen briskly, placing the basket on the counter with a hint of frustration.
"I can't talk about him Mirabel! Do you know what happens when you bring up Bruno? The very name is enough to turn the family cold." They snapped, giving a frustrated sigh of defeat, they turned to look at Mirabel again and give a slight smile.
"Of course I knew Bruno. Just like Julieta and Pepa, I knew Bruno." They say softly, leading the curious 15 year old out of the kitchen.
"He wasn't as mischievous and creepy as they say. In fact, he was one of the sweetest and most shy boys I knew. Sure he was a little awkward at times and a little strange but when you look past it, you see someone for who they are. And that's what I saw in Bruno." Their voice melted away from secrecy, she could hear it in their words. Like they were finally speaking from their heart.
"You two were close?" Mirabel asked, getting a joyous laugh from their lips as a response.
"We were more than just 'close' Niñita. As we grew up, we learned to lean on each other. I became his safe place and he became mine..."
[Y/n]'s smile fell slightly as their thoughts trailed off, causing them to look to their hands. Sorrow gripping their memories.
"That's why I was so shocked when he disappeared. I felt hurt that he didn't come to me, he just left... So now I want to be reliable for the rest of you so you don't feel your alone either."
Listening to the story broke Mirabel's own heart, learning the truth behind why [Y/n] was always there for the family in times of need. Caring for each one of them when they felt down, consoling all who came to them with open arms. Part of it was to help but the rest was guilt.
"[Y/n], I-I'm sorry." Placing a reassuring hand on their shoulder, Mirabel moved her glasses to wipe away her forming tears of empathy. Although to her surprise, they patted her hand and wiped away their own tears with a smile.
"It's okay Mariposa. I've had plenty of time to cry about it, and I don't need you crying for me either." They chuckle and cup her cheek to help wipe the tears away.
"There is plenty to say about Bruno, Mirabel. You're family just isn't ready to confront it yet."
"Do you miss him?" Mirabel asked out of the blue, looking up at them as they gave a warm smile.
"All the time, but I know he's still with me, in my heart and my memory." They chuckle and kiss the top of her head. "El nunca se fue."
They hum and walk Mirabel to her door, opening it for her to head inside. Wishing her a good nights rest.
"Sleep well Mirabel. I'll see you tomorrow."
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cococookiedraws · a month ago
Some things I noticed about Bruno Madrigal...
Bruno left when Mirabel turned 5, in the present day she is 15, so Bruno was gone for 10 years
When Bruno came back, he apologized to Pepa for the wedding being ruined, "that wasn't a prophecy I could just see you were sweating"
Which means he heard about why Pepa was angry only recently, during We Don't Talk About Bruno (because otherwise he would have apologized earlier)
Dolores is 21-years old, which means Pepa must have married at LEAST 22 years ago at age 28 (since she's 30)
Pepa was holding resentment for (at least) 22 years
Edit: Dolores is 22, so resentment for 23 years
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kasslookingglass · a month ago
plus can we talk about the fact that his room is a literal cave
and thise STAIRS
if i was a 5y.o in that situation I'd just say "nope fuck it not happening" and sleep in the floor of the living room
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hectic-hector · a month ago
I’ve returned to Discord to fangirl over Bruno, but being a wallflower like him, I haven’t joined any servers yet. Not sure if I even will, but if anyone wants to connect with me on Discord, my username is Bring Back Tan M&Ms#2266. 
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friendrat · 27 days ago
If there is one family dynamic that I want to see explored from Encanto, it's Camilo and Bruno. Can you imagine? The energy? The shenanigans? Chaos incarnate!
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encanto-side-blog · 10 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gravityfallsrockz · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
Yes!! That overplayed annoying Frozen song has finally been dethroned!!!
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chronically-unlucky · 21 days ago
Broke: Bruno’s vision that Isabella would have the life of her dreams was still a bad prediction because she would be stuck being perfect
Woke: Bruno’s vision referred to post film Isabella who is allowed to be who she wants and has a deeper understanding of her gift that helped it grow, but everyone assumed she was already living the life of her dreams and she interpreted it as a negative because deep down she wanted a different life.
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