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rosiegeee · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The wonderful @letraspal drew this for my book, and although I am not finished the chapter just yet I am finished the part that depicts this scene so here is a sneak peak. The chapter is called “The Spring of Fun and Dragons”
‘Theo, I got this, and anything I can’t finish at home you can help me with when I return. You will be alright here in the castle.’
And he was, as was Harry back home at Mould-on-the-Wold cottage. Harry hugged his little sister at King’s Cross Station for the first time, Canini had really grown since he had last seen her.
Harry spent the break playing with her, and telling everyone all he had learned, helping Remus out at the cafe, relaxing, and doing his homework. They couldn’t have the meal Easter Sunday as it was a full moon, but the next day Sirius and Remus hosted the meal and had the Tonks, Nymphdora, Lyall, plus Nymphdora’s paternal grandparents all over for the meal, and it was one of the most memorable family gatherings Harry had had in a while.
In the last week Harry visited the Tonks one more time, and a forced visit to the Dursley’s for a night, but before he knew it he was back on a train to Hogwarts.
‘Be safe Harry, and study hard.’
‘Don’t scare the boy Remus, but he is right, exams will sneak up on you so when you get back start reviewing.’
‘Thanks Moony, thanks Paddy.’
‘You just got here Harry, can’t you stay a little longer?’
‘Don’t worry Canini, I’ll be home before you know it.’
He gave everyone a hug, and was then off to start school again. Despite the work load the Easter break had been so much more fun than the Christmas ones.
Thanks again so much to Letraspal, this was unbelievably kind of you and I am very greatful. If you guys haven’t yet checked out her page yet you should, it is full of amazing art that is always evolving.
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bloodiedpixie · 23 days ago
Illustrated edition!!
Hello!! I made a makeshift fan illustrated edition of Carry On by @rainbowrowell
If you were tagged in this it means you’re art is in it!!
In the list are all the posts with the photos of the pages where the art is and what it looks like! And the artists credit page because I recommend everyone check out the artists pages cause omg so talented
That being said, enjoy this project that took me 4 days and could not have been done without all the amazing artists in this fandom. Thank you all so much for all that you do!
DISCLAIMER! I wanted to put every art piece I could find into this. I had originally 422 pieces picked. It all came down to printing and sadly my printer is absolute garbage and took that number down to 185. If you/your favorite artist isn’t showcased please know it’s not because I don’t care or don’t appreciate every artist. I do! My printer just sucks…anyway go enjoy the art!!
(Edit: psst hey, it’s been recently brought to my attention that the pieces 71-88 are just not there. In my haste to post everything I completely forgot to show off these pages which actually have some of my favorite pieces so idk why I forgot…anyway they are there now!)
(Click for better quality on all of them)
Part 1
The missing 71-88 pieces
Part 2
Part 3
Artist Credits Page
Thank you to every artist i included, i hope you guys like it!!
@satise @subparselkie @banjjakbanjjak @makohjey @letraspal @palimpsessed @doublebraided @laeve-leve @thehoneyedhufflepuff @dancingwdinosaurs @apollosglare Haru_Kay @rowan-scribbles @dead-cherry-bitch @artandmartini @edenalix @super-duper-twelve @krisrix @cynopoe @henreyettah @penpanoply @caoticacaoticabobora @mara-miranda @theflyingpeach @easy-eggsy @luisaloveshoney @bloodwrit @stardustasincocaine @rainbowd00dles Shainley @terriandrre angentcartvr1k @komodokai @samalander01 @ace-artemis-fanartist @ghostgalee nyucean @oyabun-draws @eliphantart @softerstorms @fangirl4life11 @9ojos chameleoncaricature @thematicallycoherent @beeenceee-blog @milo-fanarts @yannimoon @ahikuboruchi ahenu_moki @gabyramlloart Sellieart @perplexingly @rory @cosmiq @sketch-me-a-rainbow @peachpit-gabe Whyzard Silverrdrws
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stardustasincocaine · 24 days ago
@palimpsessed tagged me for WIP Wednesday and I actually have yet another shit post happening but this time…it’s a twilight joke!
Tumblr media
Anatomy can get fucked and stay fucked.
I tag @caitybug @krisrix @pipsqueakparker @bazzybelle @letraspal @mostlymaudlin and anyone else who wants in!
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palimpsessed · a month ago
Tumblr media
A tale of trust, lust, loyalty, and epic romance
🧡A fic for Carry On Through the Ages 2021🧡
Fic Summary: Young god of love Simonides is tasked by his father, the god of war, to bring about the ruin of a mortal prince to punish his blasphemy. However, once Simonides sees his intended victim, he begins to have misgivings. Prince Tyrannus might have offended the gods with his very existence, but all Simonides can see is how beautiful and lonely he is.
Or, a very loose interpretation of the Eros and Psyche myth.
Rated: Mature for eventual sexual content
"I can't ask you for what I truly want," he admits.
"Why not?"
"Because I don't deserve it."
"Deserve what?"
He rolls his eyes, like he's annoyed with me, but I don't think he is. "You only have one thing to offer, don't you?"
"You don't think you deserve love?"
Read the first two chapters now on AO3
Thanks to fellow mods @bazzybelle @xivz and @giishu for making this event a success! 🧡🧡
An extra special thank you to @mostlymaudlin for being a fantastic friend and beta, who asked the tough questions and helped me feel much better about sharing this story!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡
And!! Please everyone go give some love to these two outstanding pieces by @letraspal and @stillmadaboutpetra. Seeing their art kept this idea alive when it otherwise would have floundered. Thank you both for all the lovely content you make and share with us!!!! 🧡🧡🧡
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mostlymaudlin · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
cant believe its only wednesday rip...... thx for the tags @facewithoutheart @you-remind-me-of-the-babe @bloodiedpixie @palimpsessed @tea-brigade @urban-sith !!! the people are WIP-ING today we love to see it. here's some from me -- college student besties on halloween au:
It’s not what I thought it would be. It’s not what I’d hoped.
As someone plucks my cowboy hat off my head, I realize I’m not really that disappointed.
“Hey!” Baz slurs, lurching off down the street in pursuit. Harvard Ave is swarming with drunk college students, all determined to catch the last few Green Line trains before the T stops running for the night. People spill in and out of the McDonald’s across from the train stop. One guy is climbing the scaffolding. There’s always a guy climbing the scaffolding, isn’t there? I’m just thankful it’s never been me.
A tiny blonde girl with fairy wings is wearing my hat now, giggling and skipping in circles around Baz. I laugh, catching up and grabbing his forearm. Baz leans into me with his full weight, eyebrows lowered.
“She stole your hat,” he whispers, his face by my ear, breath rank. Did someone give him Rubinoff? How old are we?
I giggle, because I’m really fucking drunk and someone stole my cowboy hat. Baz laughs too, pulling his arms around me. He’s probably cold — Baz is a beanpole, and he retains no warmth. I hug him close, letting him cling to me.
i tag @stardustasincocaine @nick-eyre @excalisbury @letraspal @martsonmars @sillyunicorn @unseelieseelie @motherscarf @stillmadaboutpetra @otherpeoplesheartachept-2 @snowybank @seducing-a-vampire @wetheformidables @captain-aralias @nightimedreamersworld :) hi everyone ily
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excalisbury · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I have stopped having time on Wednesdays, tragically, so it's been a few weeks since I've done a WIP Wednesday. But I still have WIPs I want to share. Like SO MANY. So anyway here's a big ole WIP Thursday thing! These are from like.... 4.5 separate projects. I won't tell you which are for what 😏
Thank you to @mostlymaudlin @palimpsessed @letraspal and @otherpeoplesheartachept-2 for tagging me the past few wednesdays! I'm sure I've missed more tags than this in the interim and thank you too!! I love WIP Wednesdays and I miss them 🥺
No other tags 'cause it's a mcfreakin thursday, yall
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sillyunicorn · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to My Life (T) ~8k
Baz sits on his bed, alone. His brand new notebook, a gift from his Aunt Fiona, lies open in front of him, empty. This room is bigger than his room at home. He’s not sure it’s any less haunted.
Inspired by @letraspal's beautiful art where Baz has wings and a tail and Simon has the posh clothes and floral shirt! I could not get the idea of this role reversal out of my head, and what started as a one-shot turned into 3 chapters of angsty Baz over his 8 years at Watford.
Big thank you to @you-remind-me-of-the-babe and @martsonmars for beta'ing! <3
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tea-brigade · 10 days ago
wip wednesday ☔️
thank you dearest @urban-sith for the tag and for maybe, just maybe, getting me on board with your major character death. maaaaybe.
it's all cloudy and drizzly and my weather app promises me a proper storm later today (and it had BETTER come through), so here's a soft little thing of snowbaz on a rainy morning, because I'm all wistful and yearning today. same series as the last "because it's baz" snippet, but a different story, if you will.
I tuck his hair behind his ear so I have an excuse to touch it, running my fingers through the silk strands. His eyes flutter back closed and he tilts his cheek into my palm. “No,” I say. “Stay. Rest today. You’ve been stressed lately…”
He opens his mouth to protest. I quiet him with another kiss. He has been. With classes, with the Coven, with his family. He doesn’t complain but he’s been tired and stressed. I can’t do much to fix it, but I can do this.
“Let me take care of you,” I whisper, my forehead pressed to his. My hands still holding him close. His arms around my waist. “It’s raining. Stay here. Let me?...”
He tucks his head down on my shoulder. I can feel his smile on my skin. He’s only starting to get used to it—me wanting to take care of him. He’s finally starting to hear me when I say he can have whatever he wants. He’s learning to take it.
i just *shakes fist* love them so much
either for the sharing of wips, or simply to say "hi you're great!", tag ur it @mostlymaudlin @snowybank @facewithoutheart @martsonmars @sillyunicorn @letraspal @palimpsessed @bloodiedpixie @foolofabookwyrm and anyone else who I may have missed!
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nmpteenarchivedlol · 2 years ago
>> Sees all the cute girls. Animu blushus ensue.
“ Well, ladies- “
Jenny leans over to the blushing girl, resting her chin daintily on her knuckles and nearby Evedine followed suit. Jersey, Nancy, and Amaretto’s eyes popped up from their books, the group reading circle more or less, and Zilia giggled a bit, realizing the situation before most of the others. 
Tumblr media
“ It seems our visitor is a little flustered. “
The woman added, gaining the attention of Sam, Cruze, and Ana-Vivas- in which Ana-Vivas snickered in response.
‘That isn’t much news for me, encantador, I turn heads flawlessly.‘
Tumblr media
The singer threw a hand up to toss some hair off her shoulder, the words earning a scoff from the other side of the room- specifically where Skidmore, Calysta, and H.K. sulked in their usual negativity. 
“Yeah, turn heads away.”
Tumblr media
Skidmore grumbled, turning her head away as if her words were a cue. Jocelyn heavily sat down in the chair beside Sheena and kicked up her feet onto the table, tipping her head back to take a swig from her bottle. 
“Nah, y’gals keep it tropical in ‘ere. She’s probably ‘bout t’ave a heat stroke.”
Tumblr media
The pirate noted, taking her hat off and fanning Sheena a little. 
` Chérie rouge, do you need some water? `
Tumblr media
Chevy came from behind Sheena, her usual lacy, flowing dressed self kneeling down beside the red panda. 
` We have cold and room temperature because some people are picky. ` 
Her eyes shift to Harrison who sat nearby, overhearing the comment and letting out a, ‘hey!’ in response. 
Tumblr media
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otherworldsivelivedin · a month ago
Tumblr media
HELLO! Haven’t done this in a while… but thanks for the tags @sillyunicorn and @amphipodgirl 🥰🥰
I’ve been really struggling to write post AWTWB, BUT I promised @captain-aralias I would actually finish my gift to her (a Watford-era fic that I may or may not have started in February 😅🥲), so here’s something I chipped away at today.
Bear with me because I’ve redacted a bit of it due to spoilers, but I kept enough that hopefully it still makes sense 😂
Tumblr media
TAGGING hmmm who’s got WIPs… @twokisses @captain-aralias @vampire-named-gampire @scone-lover @annabellelux @gampyre @im-gettingby @letraspal and @aristocratic-otter and anyone else who’s been feeling creative recently 👀👀
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dreamingkc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
I was tagged by @otherpeoplesheartachept-2 I actually have something to share!
Tumblr media
Penny moping
Tags: @wellbelesbian @shemakesmeforget @palimpsessed @hufflepunky @elans-stuff-21 @sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire @angelsfalling16 @letraspal no pressure ofc
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nightimedreamersworld · 4 months ago
Wip Wednesday
Tumblr media
Hey everyone! New day, new snippets to share!
Thank you for tagging me @snowybank 💖 now, you guys know the drill: COBB starts posting this week (!!!), And I'm set to start posting DLAF in about a week! One last week to go! Needless to say, I'm ecstatic AND anxious af AND slightly terrified 😆
DLAF is the longest thing I have ever written. It was a passion project through and through, and now it's practically finished. I can barely believe (I did it!) And even harder to believe is that this beast will be out in the wild at long last!
So here, have a last (for now) extra long snippet from my child:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Now, I'm going to be extra annoying and tag everyone because we're almost there, and I'm EXCITED:
@otherworldsivelivedin @palimpsessed @bazzybelle @theflyingpeach @adamarks @phoxphyre @ninemagicks @arca9 @bloodiedpixie @gampyre @hufflepunky @seducing-a-vampire @wetheformidables @amywaterwings @vampire-named-gampire @captain-aralias @urban-sith @annabellelux @tea-brigade @stardustasincocaine @letraspal @nick-eyre anyone else who'd like to share! Show me your WIPs!!!
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gabyramlloart · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
no snowbaz today sorry. i’m working on my oc! tagged by @letraspal
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palimpsessed · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Hello, fair denizens of tumblr! Looks like it’s Wednesday again. Which means it’s time for wips. Will that whip me into shape? Idk but I have been outlining something today I’ve been meaning to work on for a while so that’s fun!
Thanks for the tags @facewithoutheart @sillyunicorn @you-remind-me-of-the-babe @sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire !! ❤️❤️❤️
But! To my actual in progress fic, 🏺⚔️🧡Slings and Eros🧡⚔️🏺! How about a tease of this week’s chapter? Yes? Good.
I don't think my worldview has shifted because of a lyre, but I do think I understand why someone would choose to devote themselves to the study of it. It is rather beautiful like this, distilled down to something sweet and aching.
The music stops again just as I think I've finally located its source and I'm momentarily frozen in place once more, afraid I've alerted the musician to my presence. I didn't mean to let anyone know I was here. (I didn't even mean to be here.) It's just that now that I am here, I don't feel as though I can leave. If I'm already here and I'm already worried, then the most reasonable thing to do would be to stay close to the palace and make sure nothing happens to Baz before I can talk to him about the plan.
Yeah, better stay close to Baz just in case, Simon! 😉 Gee, I wonder who the mystery musician could be? 🤔
Tags? I tag back everyone who tagged me! And also a shoutout to the usual suspects! @mostlymaudlin @unseelieseelie @stillmadaboutpetra @theflyingpeach @nightimedreamersworld @bloodiedpixie @bazzybelle @nick-eyre @motherscarf @captain-aralias @tea-brigade @stardustasincocaine @wetheformidables @jasonfunderberkerthefrogexists @urban-sith @snowybank @adamarks @ivelovedhimthroughworse @letraspal @martsonmars @aristocratic-otter @dreamingkc @phoxphyre @seducing-a-vampire @otherpeoplesheartachept-2 okay I’ll quit there but also, tag yourself and then tag me!
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simonsnowsfreckles · 9 months ago
Top 5 of 2020!
thank you so much for tagging me @wellbelesbian @letraspal @wunder-kin @tea-stained-soul! you all are so lovely!  🖤🖤🖤
this year has honestly been such a whirlwind for me, p*ndemic aside. i’ve grown immensely as a person, in my relationship and in my creativity. before officially joining this fandom, i hadn’t picked up a pen in six years thanks to mental health crap; but this fandom has helped me fall back in love with drawing. i can see the improvement in my art despite it only being a few months since i restarted. it’s been a rollercoaster ride, for sure, full of insecurity and self doubt, but also full of freedom. i’ve had so many wonderful people in this fandom encourage and support me and i’m not sure i’d be where i am without them today. you know who you are. i love you all so much. 🖤
now for my favorite pieces of 2020!
5. Baz in a Dress!
Tumblr media
my first official art piece in six years!
4. Dracula Baz!
Tumblr media
i think this speaks for itself.
3. Touch (Creation of Adam?)
Tumblr media
my first (and only) successful hand drawing.
2. Trans Simon + Baz!
Tumblr media
this one’s close to my heart since i’m trans!
1. Cowboy Simon!
Tumblr media
my first “completed” pieces that i spent a lot of time and labor on!
i’m going to tag a lot of you but don’t feel pressure to participate! you can also share any five things you’d like. happy new year!  🖤
@adamarks @hufflepunky @snowybank @seducing-a-vampire @gampyre @theflyingpeach @sunlightschadow @shemakesmeforget @nausikaaa @waywardlesbian @waywardfangirl @jessethejoyful @foolofabookwyrm @mageicalwishes @super-duper-twelve @otherworldsivelivedin @unconfirmed-vampire @nick-eyre @satsukii @vampire-named-gampire @im-gettingby @archipelulu @charles-watford @cynopoe @theobliviouswriter @great-skies1 @samalander01 @mybluebucketofsnow​ @nightimedreamersworld​ @milo-fanarts​ @nevergonnacallmedarling​ @krisrix​ @bazzybelle @motherscarf @wolfywordweaver​ and anyone else i missed or forgotten! seriously, you’re tagged! 
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