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#lets forget what i asked in the last ask
perriwiinkle · 2 years ago
roger x reader falling slowly part 14
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
im updating super quickly because i love this story!!!! it's a smaller chapter because i wanted to end it on a certain note. you'll understand when you reach it haha
You shook your hand with his, and smiled. He stood there, looking down at your handshake for a minute before taking his hand back.
"Freddie told me I was really mad at you yesterday and that I spilled a drink on you?" You said, still unsure of what actually happened.
"Right. You did" He said, still in a serious tone.
"I have no idea what came over me" You said "Seems like I'm always apologizing to you for something"
"Yeah" He nodded and said "Should we go and rejoin them?"
He started to walk away and you put a hand on his arm, stopping him.
"Roger, are you okay? You seem really, I don't know, disturbed" You spoke "About last night..."
"Yeah?" He asked, his eyebrow perking up as he looked at you with expectation. He wanted you to tell him that you remembered so bad, just so he could kiss you all over again. But you didn't.
"Can we just forget what happened?" You asked, referring to your outburst and your fight with him.
"Already forgotten" He said softly.
"I'm all right Y/N" He said and offered a small smile, in reassurance.
"So does that mean you'll let me sit next to you now, and stop avoiding me so much?" You said, smirking.
"Only if you let me have your spaghetti" He grinned and you laughed. You went back to the table and saw, for the slightest of moment, Freddie and Roger exchange glances. As if they had something to tell each other, but not you.
John had already moved his chair next to Brian and you and Roger sat down together. It was almost like things were normal now.
Roger grabbed a fork and dug into your plate, and you reached over, taking one of his bacon and egg sandwiches. You stuffed it in your mouth, letting out a moan from how good it tasted.
Brian and his girlfriend were laughing about something, Freddie and Mary had resumed an argument and Miami and John were in deep conversation. You turned to Roger and said "What happened to the girl you were with last night? I remember pissing her off"
"Oh, you don't have to worry about her anymore" He said "I practically kicked her out for what she did to you"
"Thanks, Rog" You said and reached over for a chip, your hand brushing against his in the process. It's like your heart skipped a beat when you felt his hand against yours and you froze.
"You okay?" He asked, looking over at you and you smiled back, shrugging it off.
"My head just hurts because of last night" You said "Pass me the chips and I'll be fine"
"Of course you will be" He laughed and gave you the basket.
"This hangover is so terrible, don't let me near alcohol ever again" You whined.
"Why not? Although you're a pain in the ass, you are pretty fun when you're drunk. You're like this tiny, fragile thing but with a lot of energy just about ready to punch anyone who approaches her" He said.
"Oh god" You said, your face buried in your hands.
"It's totally attractive" He laughed and you glared at him.
"In the middle of our argument, I was scared for my life. With the way you were going at me, I didn't think I'd make it out of there alive" He teased, embarrassing you even further.
"I feel so fucking mortified" You said and put your head in your hands "Wish someone recorded everything so I could know what the hell I did at the party"
"Oh, I would love to see that" Roger said, a smile gracing his lips as he lifted a glass of water to drink. Your leg brushed against his and he looked up at you. You saw his eyes flicker down to your lips before they were back on your eyes. He then gave you a once over.
"You're dressed like you're going for a picnic" He said and you hit him on his arm in response.
"For once in your life, you could be nice to me" You said.
"What are you saying? I'm always nice to you" He said, outraged.
"Ugh, shut up" You said, pulling your dress down further. It had ridden up and you felt conscious.
"You look beautiful, Y/N" He said "If that wasn't obvious"
Before you could respond, Freddie interrupted you.
"Roger, you do know this is a business meeting right?" Freddie said.
Roger turned to Freddie and laughed, saying "I'm only here for the food, of course"
That's when you noticed it. Almost hidden from sight, a hickey on his neck, just under his collar. You instantly felt much worse, your headache returning. Roger turned his head back to you, and from his lips you could tell he was saying something to you, but you couldn't process it.
"Y/N?" He asked. You snapped out of it and looked at him.
"Sorry I completely zoned out" You said.
"It's all right. I was just asking you if you wanted to order anything else"
"Is that from her?" You asked, out of nowhere.
"I'm sorry, what?" Roger asked, confused.
"The hickey on your neck" You said, making sure to keep your tone even so you didn't give away how strange you felt or how fast your pulse had become.
His hand went up to his neck automatically, as if he didn't know it was there. Or maybe he was pretending. Freddie glanced at Roger at that and you saw them exchange a look.
"Uh, yeah I suppose it's from her" He said, unsure and an expression you couldn't recognise on his face. You weren't surprised at that. Roger usually was with multiple girls in one night and it was common for him to forget which one did what with him.
"Well wow, she definitely has a hell of a mouth" You exclaimed, and returned back to your plate.
Roger glanced at Freddie again. He wanted to tell you more than anything, but he had no idea how you would respond.
"Do you want anything else?" Freddie asked, cutting the tension and returning the conversation back to what it was.
"Of course, we're not leaving without dessert" Roger said, grabbing the menu and putting it between the two of you so you could choose. You trailed your finger over the options while reading out their names to Roger.
"Apple Strudel" You decided, stopping your finger there and Roger nodded.
The meeting was long over. Miami and the producer left and that just left you and the boys.
The waiter brought out your dessert and you beamed at Roger.
"Dibs on the first bite" You both said at the same time and you grabbed the dessert spoon before he could.
"Oh come on" He groaned.
"You snooze, you lose" You smirked, digging into it.
"Could I get another spoon?" Roger asked the waiter, the wait killing him. You took pity on him, laughing as you took the first bite and then extended the spoon to his mouth.
"We can share" You told him and put the spoon in his mouth, his eyes closing in pleasure as he tasted the amazing dessert. He licked his lips, his tongue darting out while he laughed and you smiled back at him.
That's when you realized that things were never going back to absolute normal, to the way they were before, because things were different now. Watching him laugh as he shared the dessert with you made you realize what you had been ignoring all this time.
You'd completely, and totally, in every sense of the word, fallen in love with Roger.
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myboipotterimagines · 3 years ago
Request:  Reader x James potter where they are dating it’s the morning after their first time (reader was a virgin, James wasn’t) and the reader kinda regrets it. Thanks xx
Tumblr media
Your eyes open to an unfamiliar room. Your eyes blink rapidly as your brain tries to remember where you were. You rolled over to see James Potter asleep beside you. Your breath hitches before you quickly jump out of the bed. “No, no, no,” you murmur. James’s eyes flutter open and a smirk covers his face.  “Good morning, beautiful.”  “Uh, uh, do not call me that,” you say, wrapping a sheet around your body.  “So now I have to lie?” James sits up. “Are you stealing my sheet? Your clothes are here somewhere.”  “Listen, this shouldn’t have happened,” you begin, hot tears welling in your eyes. 
“Hey, hey, hey,” James begins. “Please don’t cry. Come here, talk to me.” James outreaches his arms and you climb back into the bed, allowing him to wrap his arms around you.  “I’m sorry, you don’t deserve this.”  “It’s okay. What’s wrong?” James asks, gently rubbing your arm.  “I didn’t want it to be like this. I-” you rub your face. “You know what, I’m just gonna go.” James grabs onto your arm. “You wanted to wait?” You nod, slightly. “I’m sorry. I should’ve said something. This totally is not your fault, by the way. You asked like a thousand times.”  James takes in a deep breath. “If you want we can both forget this ever happened.” “No. It happened and I’m not going to let it be a bad memory. You’re my boyfriend and I love you, and last night was perfect.” 
“You love me?” James asks.  “Well, I didn’t want it to come out like that, but yes,” you giggle.  James places his hand on your cheek and gently kisses you. “I love you, too.” 
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ask-a-ravager · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yondu: She ain’t never gonna let me forget that! And, uh, ‘best’ ain’t the term I’d use. Last time I left Groot alone with her, he wound up as an accomplice in a bank heist! Kid’s got a thousand unit bounty on his head an’ he ain’t even a year old! What kinda irresponsible -
Kraglin: ...You’re mad she didn’t ask you along, ain’t you.
Yondu: Shaddup.
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ahgaseda · 2 years ago
to kill an empire || chapter 14
⇥ synopsis : when you agreed to marry Jaebeom, the heir to a lucrative but not quite legal organization, you never expected the boy who was once your greatest rival would inevitably become your most powerful ally...
⇥ warnings : this story in its entirety includes but is not limited to strong language, recurring gang violence, mentions of drug or alcohol abuse, and explicit sexual content, and is intended for an adult audience only!
Mark was an intimidating, but comforting presence at your side as you left the car and walked the small distance to the coffee shop. Though you didn’t know him very well, you were convinced that next to Mark was the safest place in the world. Aside from Jaebeom, of course.
“Remember, if at anytime you feel threatened or uncomfortable...,” Mark began, his voice hushed.
You interjected nervously, “You don’t think he would try anything, do you?”
“I don’t, but I would never underestimate him either.”
Taking a deep breath, you leaned your shoulders back and asserted, “I need to stand up to him now or he will continue to storm his way in and out of our lives.”
Mark hummed an affirmation softly.
Yuto was slouched lazily at one of the small tables outside of the coffee shop. A rather burly man in a suit was seated in the opposite direction behind him. Real subtle, you thought with a scoff. You should have known he would bring his own security.
Though you began to approach, Mark stepped in front of you abruptly like a shield and huffed, “At no point do you touch her. Don’t even reach your hand across this table.”
Your eyes widened in surprise at how seriously Mark was taking his job, but you felt even more secure going into this confrontation.
Yuto flashed a smile of pure irritation and droned, “I will be a perfect gentleman.”
Mark studied him warily before moving aside and letting you take your seat.
“Mr. Adachi, I must say I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to…,” you sang, donning your most pleasant - albeit fakest - tone.
Yuto snapped, “Cut the bullshit, Mrs. Lim. You may have been taught to talk like that all your life, but I got my upbringing on the streets.”
Mark, who had just lowered into the seat directly behind you, shifted with warning at Yuto’s blatant disrespect.
Taking the stiff condescension in stride, you retorted, “Polite or crass, I can threaten you either way.”
Yuto cocked a brow in amusement and said, “Give it your best shot.”
You asked the most pressing question on your mind first, “Why are you after Jaebeom?”
“That’s none of your goddamn business,” Yuto retorted, sipping his coffee with indifference.
Mark cleared his throat and Yuto’s gaze flitted to the bodyguard. He knew he was pushing his luck and decided to ease his attitude.
“My family is my business and I’m sure you’ve noticed,” you continued, holding up your left hand to display your wedding rings. “Jaebeom is my family.”
The barista came to you with a wide smile, asking what you would like. Ordering two drinks, including one to take home to your husband, you added, “He’s buying,” while pointing briefly at Yuto.
Yuto nodded curtly after she turned to him for confirmation, then scurried away.
“Are you going to answer any of my questions?” you asked expectantly.
He chuffed, “I hadn’t planned on it.”
“I came here to do business,” you stated, resisting any impatience to seep into your tone. The last thing you wanted was to let him think he got under your skin. “If that’s too difficult for you…”
“Let’s not forget who invited who here today,” Yuto chided with a scowl.
You snapped, “Then let’s keep in mind who bought a whole fucking building just to get your attention.”
That made him frown. After a pause, Yuto asked, “What do you want for it?”
Crossing your legs, your demand was firm. “You’re going to tell me who you have on the inside of Lim Corporation.”
Yuto’s gaze shifted with indecision. It was brief, but you saw it. “What makes you think I have anyone?”
“I had my suspicions, but you just confirmed it. Answering a question with a question. That’s the first rule of deflection, according to my Mother. She is a bit dramatic,” you crooned, thanking the barista as she appeared with your coffee.
Yuto shrugged. “Maybe Lim Corp has many disgruntled employees willing to dish out on the arrogant father and his temperamental son.”
“Fine,” you sighed, rising to your feet. “I’ll keep my new building. Thank you for the coffee.”
Yuto held up a hand. “Alright. Alright.”
You sat back down, glaring fiercely.
“I give you the little rat,” Yuto said, pointing at himself then leveling his finger at you. “And you give me my building.”
Smiling with a sense of victory, you nodded and countered, “Yes, for fair market value.”
Yuto exclaimed incredulously, “I have to buy it?”
“Obviously,” you chuckled, sipping your drink. “It would look downright scandalous if I gifted a man not my husband a building.”
“I’m sure,” he deadpanned, seething.
You nodded, lifting from your chair to leave.
Yuto mirrored your movements, buttoning his suit coat as he stood to full height, and murmured under his breath, “Jaebeom doesn’t deserve you.”
“That may be true to some,” you mused. “But he more than makes up for it in the bedroom.”
The darkest smirk tugged at Yuto’s lips.
Stern, you whispered, “Choose your enemies more wisely, Mr. Adachi.”
Mark matched you step for step back to the car, opening the door and shutting it closed behind you. Sidling next to your assistant, you said, “Youngjae, I want a list of every building he’s bidding on in order of worth.”
Youngjae laughed heartily at that and joked, “He really fucked with the wrong one, didn’t he?”
“Yes, he did.”
Mark glanced at you in the rearview mirror, shaking his head with mock scolding before turning the car onto the busy street. He was impressed with you, but he also knew if you kept knocking on trouble’s door one of these day someone was going to answer. That’s where he would come in handy.
Striding into the penthouse with coffee cups in hand, you caught a glimpse of Jaebeom seated at the head of the dining room table and didn’t hesitate to approach him gleefully. “Hi, baby. I got you some coffee and…”
Your brow furrowed worriedly. “What’s wrong?”
“Sit… down,” Jaebeom commanded quietly.
You slowly took the seat across from your husband.
Fingers laced over the surface in front of him, Jaebeom staggered through his words, “I’m trying… very hard… not to lose my temper.”
You droned, “I can see that.”
“You went to lunch with Yuto,” he finally said through tightly clenched jaws.
Not the least surprised he had sent someone (probably Jinyoung) to spy on you, you shrugged your shoulders and replied coolly, “Just coffee and it lasted a grand total of five minutes.”
Jaebeom tilted his head, his eyes boring into yours, and hissed, “Why?”
“Because the man he sent to threaten me knew where the gun was and only a handful of people knew a gun was there, which means someone on our side told him.”
Jaebeom wouldn’t dare argue with your logic, especially since he reached the same conclusion and had already ordered a thorough investigation. Grinding his teeth, your husband spoke under his breath, “I told you I would take care of this.”
“And I told you this is a partnership,” you replied, obstinate. “We are equals in this relationship. You protect me and I protect you.”
Jaebeom wanted to be angry, but you were giving him no kindling for the fire. Taking a deep breath, he asked, “Why do you fight me on this every single time?”
You countered, “When are you going to tell me the truth?”
“Everything I do, I do to protect you. If you’re so hellbent on getting yourself into trouble…”
That made your temper flare and you snapped, “I’m not looking for trouble. I’m defending what’s mine. Don’t think I don’t know that this is all about your goddamn ego, Lim Jaebeom.”
Jaebeom pinched the bridge of his nose and groaned, “Ugh, I need to fucking eat.”
“Tell me the truth. If you don’t, someone else will,” you threatened.
Jaebeom rose from the table so violently his chair fell backwards to the floor. Stomping away from you without a glance, you were quick to give chase, but Jaebeom was at his breaking point. Your threat was roaring in his mind. Someone else would tell you and you would never forgive him if that happened.
“Tell me what you’re hiding,” you pleaded, grabbing his arm. “Bummie, just tell me!”
Jaebeom whirled around, shouting, “He’s my brother!”
That was the last thing you ever expected to come from his mouth and the floor was promptly pulled out from under you. Confused, you stammered, “What?”
“Yuto…” Jaebeom trailed, his face tensing with years of rage and disappointment. “He’s my half-brother.”
chapter 13 ⇤ chapter 14 ⇥ chapter 15
Hey there, beautiful! If you enjoyed this, please leave a like or reblog or follow me! Or maybe buy me a coffee so I can keep writing? Or check out my masterlist here for more stories! Thanks for reading :) - Katya
This work is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, but is licensed and protected under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-noderivatives 4.0 international license. Any instances of plagiarism will be dealt with accordingly. Do not re-post or translate without my permission.
{ copyright 2018-2020 © ahgaseda // all rights reserved }
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mfingenius · 7 months ago
Ooooh. I just had an idea. Maybe when Harry and Ginny break up because he’s bi/gay/pan/etc and not interested in her anymore and it’s become her personal mission to set him up with someone but he’s just not interested in any of them.
“Ginny, this is weird,” Harry complains for the fifth time in the last fifteen minutes. 
“It’s not weird, Harry Potter, shut up,” she snaps, combing her hands through his hair roughly; he winces as she pulls at one of the knots, scowling at it and cocking her hip in the way she does when she wants something. “I’ve found the perfect guy for you.”
“You’ve said that seventeen times,” Harry tells her, slapping her hands away from his hair. “I’ve let you set me up on twenty-three dates, you said they were the perfect person seventeen of those times, and they’ve all been weird. You haven’t exactly proven yourself to be a master matchmaker.”
“They haven’t been weird!” Ginny complains, crossing her arms. Then, “Okay, only that one time with the bugs, but that was not my fault, how was I supposed to know she was into that?”
“You should’ve done your basic research on the person you were setting me up with!” he exclaims, slapping her hand away once she tries to comb it through his hair again.
“Fine, whatever, stop whining.” She rolls her eyes. “This time, it’s really the perfect person. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before, it’s so clear now-”
“What’s his name?” Harry asks, swearing to himself this is the last date he lets Ginny set him up in; if it goes well, then good. He might ask the guy on a second date. If it doesn’t, he’ll never let her forget it. 
“I can’t tell you,” she says. “You won’t like him.”
“What?” Harry asks. “You know I won’t like him? Then why did you set me up with him?”
“You won’t even give him a chance and you won’t realize that he’s the perfect guy for you!” Ginny says, shoving his coat at him and pushing him out the door. “The reservation is at Amelia’s in thirty minutes. Be on time.”
And she slams the door on his face, locking him out of his own apartment.
Malfoy looks as surprised to see him as Harry feels; his eyes widen when he sees him, and then his cheeks flush darkly. 
“Ginevra didn’t say you were the date,” he says.
Harry blinks at him. “She didn’t say you were the date, either.”
He stands there uncertainly for a few moments.
“Are you going to sit down?” Malfoy asks, arching an eyebrow; his face is still red, but he tries to appear nonchalant, taking a sip from his glass of red wine. “I’d understand if you didn’t. We don’t have the best history.”
The corner of Harry’s mouth twitches; that’d be an understatement. 
“We don’t,” he agrees. “And I don’t know if Ginny’s ever set you up before, but she’s really not good at it.”
Malfoy frowns a little. “Right.”
“But,” Harry says. “I have been dying to try this place, and it’s nearly imposible to get a reservation.”
“It is,” Malfoy agrees.
“And we’re here already,” Harry says.
“We are.”
They both stay quiet for a few moments.
“Mind if I sit?” Harry asks. “If it goes badly, we never have to talk about it again.”
The corner of Malfoy’s lips twitches upwards. “Alright. I’ll take you up on it, Potter.”
Send me a Request :D
If you enjoyed this, please consider buying me a kofi <3
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the-canary · 2 years ago
Brooklyn Blues - B.B (1)
Tumblr media
Summary: At his age, Steve Rogers has a stellar career and a great group of friends. He thinks he has it all but after one drunken rant he realizes just how wrong he is. The question is (as the young woman had asked) : what is he gonna do about it? (Modern!Reader/Steve Rogers).  
A/N: wow, it took awhile to figure out where i wanted this too go. a smaller chapter than usual but i wanted the chapter to end with this scene. 
Feedback is always welcomed.
Steve Rogers can’t help but wonder if he's cursed after his birthday. He goes from the top of his game to the gutter and ends up losing two big clients for his company over silly, stupid move. Who knew that sleeping with the Executive Director of the company (not that he knew at the time) and never calling her was a bad idea .
Though one should never put together business and pleasure together, something that he learned the hard way time and time again . He was running rampant with overtime and trying to change all this. But, his head kept going back to Nat’s bar and that one moment:  
“Big bad men to fuckin’ afraid of love. Goddamn sad if ya ask me.”
 He lets out a weary sigh and gets up from his desk. Steve is ready to find something strong to drink and another warm body to sleep in – at least, to forget for now.
 “Why are you going back there after what happened the last time?” your roommate, in all her simplicity and lack of drama, can’t help but ask from her spot on your bed.
“I need a place to drink and forget for the night,” you can’t help but bite back. You add a bit more makeup on, as you pause to give her a look. She frowns, though she understands where you are coming from after hearing how your work day. Unlike her, you couldn’t recharge with a nap and listening to a podcast.
“ Just stay safe and call me if you need me, all right?” she adds in. You can’t help but smile because you know it takes her a lot of determination and plain of stubbornness to say something like that .
“You’ll be the first one I call if something goes wrong,” you say with a smile. You grab your bag and head out the door.
 It’s early August when there is any semblance of Steve’s life coming back to normal again. Thus, he;s finally gets to visit the Black Widow again. The same can’t be said for Sam and Bucky as they have their own personal and work problems to deal with for the night. He expects to sit alone and spend the Friday night between some regulars and strangers.
Steve didn’t expect to be sitting next to the gal that had talked down to him during his birthday celebration. The one gal he had been blaming his recent slump on. To be honest, he doesn’t know how to feel about it all or about her, as she smiles at Clint.
“Can I have another, please?” she ends up asking the blond man, as Clint frowns for a second. Steve can’t help but think that she sounds how he feels at the moment – tired, annoyed, and weary with the rest of the world because nothing seems to go his way .
Clint agrees to make it and ends up going to the back of the bar, as blue eyes keep watching her.
“Could you please stop staring,” she remarks. It drags Steve out of his concentration, “It’s getting kind of creepy.”
“Oh,” is all Steve manages to say as she turns around to look at him, “Sorry.”
“I doubt it,” she shrugs. Clint comes back with her drink and she gives him a brief thanks, “But, where’s the rest of your group of merry men?”
Steve can’t help but frown, “Busy.”
“Good,” is all she says before taking chugging down her drink in a few gulps, “I should leave before I catch whatever you guys have .”
Steve doesn’t say anything as he watches her put a few bills on the counter. She waves to Clint before walking out of the bar, as blue eyes stay on her the entire time. After she is gone, Steve turns to look at Clint as the bartender gives him a questioning look. 
“Is she always like that?”
Clint lets out a laugh and smiles, “She’s a very particular sort of girl. Knows when she doesn’t like from people and it sort of stays that way.”
Steve can’t help but sigh and take another sip of his drink, as he wonders what she might not like about him. To be honest, there was a list of things that he could recount from the first night that they had met.
Steve also couldn’t understand why he cared, as he started to talk to a pretty gal with smoky eyes two seats down from where she had been sitting . He keeps looking back every once and awhile, as if a ghost was haunting him for the rest of the night.
Steve ended up leaving the Black Widow alone that night.  
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wolfcrunch · a year ago
ok but like theres only a few days left and let me tell yall it is hard for me to contained my excitement for bnha season 4 like......
its so good??? like yeah it brings along character i end up not liking (sir nighteye and on a lesser scale, mirio), but with it I think this is going to be one of, if not the best bnha season.
like yall we got.....
eri!!! a sweet precious child
deku development! not only in his quirk but we get to see him go through a range of emotions; depressed to downright feral
kirishima development!!! it was thanks to this arc that I really like him........kirishima deserves the world
tamaki!! just overall i really relate somewhat to him and i love him so much--
badass dragon lady who i can NEVER remember how to spell her name
OVERHAUL. he’s a terrible person but mmm??? mhhm damn he so sxkgbhdjsj i love him so much. obviously i dont support his actions but like. i love how he looks and i love his quirk and i love his goals because they sound more unique compared to the other villains we’ve seen so far
THE FIGHTS OVERALL!!! although at some parts it was hard to tell what was going on in the manga i know bones will do absolutely fantastic!
deku going super saiyan!
and thats not all either because after the grand overhaul/internship arc, we get so much more
endeavor realising that ‘oh, hey, im actually pretty shitty’, and asking ALL MIGHT of all people for help. asking the last symbol of peace how did he do it?
just some good bakugou and todoroki. both of them growing......babys....
eri’s smile!!!!! class 1-a doing their whole band!!!!!!!!! kids being kids!!
class 1-b’s play!
and of course deku vs gentle!!!
god that was one of the most well-drawn fights horikoshi has done to date it was SO GOOD
the fact that deku said he provided the most difficult battle for him!!! not because he was physically strong, like overhaul and muscular, but because their ideals were so similar - just on opposite ends of the scale
the fact that deku was finally able to handle a villain BY HIMSELF. no one came to help him, and he had no backup like overhaul or muscular. he didn’t even injure himself!! he managed to take down gentle using just himself and his quirk and my son!!! my boy!!! he’s grown so much!!!
and then we could possibly (and most likely) get the hero billboard rankings as a final teaser for season 5! hawks! miruko! endeavor’s new outfit! HIGH-END!!!
god theres so much and then season 5 might be even BETTER!!!
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I love your writing! Would you write "i know we're not together but i might die today so i'm going to kiss you just in case there is no later" with Din?
Pairing: Din x gn!reader
Tumblr media
So many things had happened over the last hours. The ship being destroyed, Grogu taken by Moff Gideon… and in the middle of it all there was you, now dropped off on Navarro as the Mandalorian…. Din asked the only people he trusted to help him save his child.
You were sitting in Cara’s office, fully knowing you wouldn’t be of any help if you went with him.
That didn’t make you feel any better though.
This wasn’t how you thought your life would be. Stuck on a ship, helping a Mandalorian whose name you only learned days ago. No, you had a plan. Opening your own cantina that sold food that people actually could enjoy.
But that was before you lost all your credits to a criminal who promised to double it. Well, in the end it did double but only because you run into the Mandalorian who had a bounty puck on the same man.
The Mandalorian… Din. You liked him. You just didn’t know in which way. Was he a friend? A caretaker? A potential lover? God that sounded so clinical. You didn’t even know how the guy looked beneath his Beskar. Hell, until a couple of days ago you weren’t even entirely sure if he was human. But you saw his hand as he fed Grogu back on the ship. A very human hand.
He was kind. He was caring. He was dangerous. He was attractive even though you didn’t know what he looked like. His personality, the little hints of humor, how he sang to Grogu when he thought you were asleep, that was what made Din attractive.
“Hey,” the man you were thinking about was standing in front of you in full armor. It was almost dark. How long had you been sitting here?
“Hey,” you got up from where you were sitting looking into his eyes, at least you hoped so, his dark visor not giving anything away.
“I came to say that we are leaving. We’re going to get him back,” he said. You nodded, sucking your bottom lip in as you looked down at the floor. You knew how dangerous this mission was. And you knew you would do the same if you weren’t 100% sure you would die. It was for the better that you were staying here. Waiting for him and Grogu to come back.
“Din…” you whispered, still not looking at him. You felt his glove under your chin, tilting your head up so you were facing him.
“Please be careful.”
“I always am.”
You huffed. “No you’re not.”
You heard a chuckle that made you smile a little.
“I have to go.”
“I know.”
“I’m coming back to you.” His hand let go of your chin, taking your hand to squeeze it, his body already turned to go when you held on to his hand.
You couldn’t live with yourself I you wouldn’t ask. You couldn’t live with the possibility of Din dying without knowing.
“Can I kiss you?” You asked. He just looked at you and the silence was killing you the longer it lasted.
“Forget what I said. Go. It’s the fear of you dying talking. Just come back and bring Grogu back. He needs…”
“Close your eyes,” he interrupted you. You blinked once before you closed your eyes, suddenly very nervous.
You heard a click, followed from a hiss, your hand still in Din’s.
“I will come back to you,” he said, his voice so much deeper without the Modulator before you felt his lips on yours. You sighed, your other hand coming to rest on his chest plate. He moved his lips on yours and you felt brave and brought your hand up to his face, feeling a scruff on his cheek, making you smile against his lips. He let go of your hand, parting from your lips. He covered your hand on his cheek, pulling your fingers against his lips to kiss your fingertips. You had to smile.
“I will always come back to you,” he said again, pecking your lips once more.
You didn’t know how long you stood there with your eyes closed. All you knew was that once you opened your eyes, Din was gone and you, against everything that was happening, we’re happy.
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Sirius Black x Reader [PROMPT #13: “i think i’m in love.”; PROMPT #15: “you’re very drunk, you know that right?” “and, your point is?”; PROMPT #25: “maybe i can just hide forever and forget everything.”]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader Prompt(s): # 13: “i think i’m in love.” ; #15: “you’re very drunk, you know that right?” “and, your point is?” ; #25: “maybe i can just hide forever and forget everything.” Mood/Emotion: playful Requested By: Anon
[writings-of-a-british-fangirl 16k follower celebration info/prompt list] [request here] requests are now CLOSED
“How are you feeling, Padfoot?”  James asked, smirking when Sirius groans and glares at him.
       “I feel awful, Prongs. Is that what you want to hear?” Sirius grumbles, before looking to Remus, “Let me guess, you’re going to say ‘I told you so’?”
       “No,” Remus smiles innocently, “I was actually going to ask how much you remember of last night... You got up to- to a lot.”
      “I did?! Shit,” Sirius curses, “Maybe I can just hide forever and forget everything.”
      His friends laugh. Sirius had definitely had too much to drink, and while he was happy at the time, he was certainly regretting it now. In the moment, he’d spent it with you. The party was winding down, but he hadn’t even so much as looked at another girl apart from you. It was quite flattering.
     “Sirius, you’re very drunk, you know that right?” you smile, watching him trying to dance.
     “And, your point is?” he replies, looking at you, “Come dance. Have fun!”
     “I’m alright-”
    -Sirius dragged you closer to him. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, so you complied. Dancing with him was quite fun. You could practically sense all the jealousy of the other girls longing to be in your place.
     It takes you a moment to notice Sirius has stopped dancing and is looking at you.
    “I think I’m in love,” Sirius murmurs, “With you.”
    “Sirius... I don’t know what to say.”
    “Say you love me back?” he pleads, “I want... I only want you.”
    “Tell me again in the morning. When you’re sober. Okay?” you instruct him, and he nods furiously.
Sirius groans internally remembering the scene. Had he really said that to you? It was bad enough pining over you without your knowledge, let alone you knowing about the fact he was in love with you. As if Sirius’ luck couldn’t get any worse, you entered the great hall.
       “Morning, Sirius. How’s your hangover?”
      “Bad,” he mutters, “But... But, I remember what I said to you. And, I still mean it.”
     You’re shocked that he remembered.
     “Good,” you reply, kissing him on the cheek, your face breaking into a smile, “I want only you too.”
     Sirius’ hangover was soon forgotten.
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Am I the only one who choked when sans said "I befriended your mom last night" and then he asked you to BEFRIEND his brother? Let's not forget that he won't be there because that is weird :) :) :)
Tumblr media
*You don’t like what anon is implying, if Sans’ brother is anything like him you definitely won’t want to be “befriending” him.
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chocolatemillkk · 3 years ago
Heavy (JP)
Request: can I request the verse 2 and chorus for heavy by anne marie with josh kind of like the other josh imagine i just had so many feels from it
A/N: I'M SO SORRY I wrote this agggessss ago and didn't upload!! I found it ready to post in my drafts! Enjoyyyy!! 💙
Josh drink his beer and laughs at something Jack says. I sigh, this was meant to be fun for the both of us but being the only girl in a group of boys was no fun at all-especially when one of them was your boyfriend.
"You look bored," Mikey comments beside me.
"Am I that obvious?" I ask sarcastically. I pick at the food on my plate-if my glare had the ability it would have reheated the food in a second.
"Hey did I tell you about that time I swearh, I saw Ellie Goulding." I can tell Mikey is trying to cheer me up but I was barely in the mood. Josh had promised me repeatedly that tonight wouldn't be a formula of the same old thing: a promise to hang out with me, go out with all his friends, and thereafter be forgotten. But here I was getting Mikey's pity and having to pretend like I was having a good time.
"So where are we going after this?" I ask Josh when I get a moment of his attention.
"I'm not sure," he responds. "I guess wherever everyone wants to go."
I don't even bother hiding my frustration at this point. I sigh loudly which gets Josh's attention.
"Did you want something else?" He asks.
"I'm fine," I excuse myself for the restroom.
My heels are the first thing to go when we come back home at 1 in the morning. I rub my sore feet, complaining to Josh how hard it was to break into heels but he's on his phone.
"Are you even listening?" I ask him.
"What?" He glances from his phone.
"I was just having a conversation with you," I state.
"Sorry the boys were just messaging in the group-"
"You can go back out with them if that's where you want to be," I say. We had left early after Josh caught on how little fun I was having.
"What? I didn't even say that, why are you jumping to conclusions?" Josh asks. He goes back to texting. I want to shout and maybe even throw my heels at his phone but I didn't want to argue and I didn't want to turn this into a bigger thing.
"Well you obviously still want to hang out with them," I still comment.
"Stop complaining, I'm only bloody texting them. Just tell me again in a second." Josh remains looking at his phone.
"I'm going to bed," I decide, heading to the bedroom, already over the conversation.
"Hey wait," Josh calls out. I turn around and he's looking at me like he wants to say something important. But it's as if he changes his mind. "Night."
"Have you uploaded on your end?" Josh and I are sat at our table editing the collab we did earlier in the week.
"Just about," I say. "I need to get this up quickly since I'm going out for lunch with my uni friends."
"Today?" Josh asks.
"Yes love, today." I paste my links into the description and make sure it reads as it should. "I'm just going to finish up my makeup."
"I thought we would go out today," Josh mentions.
"You didn't say anything," I pause. "What did you have in mind?"
"I dunno, lunch or shopping or whatever."
"Why didn't you say anything yesterday?" I ask. "I only just made my plans this morning."
"Forget it," Josh is already turned back to his laptop. I stay in spot, feeling guilty and slightly angry at him for springing it up so last minute.
"Josh..." I want to ask him further what he means. The truth is, it would have been nice to go out with Josh-we hadn't done something just us in a while. Our relationship used to be so much easier but somewhere along the way we let things pile up until it became this mess.
Josh is expecting me to finish my sentence but I just shake my head and move on to finish getting ready. It wasn't the right time.
By the time I come home Josh has texted me he went out to film with Caspar and I decide to hit the clubs with my friends. So after a shower I change and head out to meet my friends again which is when Josh texts me asking me when I would come home.
Y/N: Just left love. Staying out late don't wait up xx
Josh: I thought you were just out for lunch? It's 9
Y/N: Going to some clubs with the girls!
Josh doesn't text back so I tuck my phone away and enjoy my night for the first time all week. Sometimes, girl time was what you needed.
"Josh are you sleeping?" I slur my words as I try to find the light switch. The bright light blinds me so I stumble back into the wall, dropping my bag and heels on the floor.
"It's bloody 3 in the morning," Josh sits up with squinting eyes, also trying to adjust to the light.
"I lost track of time sorry babe," I move to the closet for PJs, slightly regretting the amount i had to drink tonight.
"Is that what you wore out?" Josh is talking about the outfit I had put together. It was a little risky with the skirt being a little too short and the shirt a little too low but I wanted to feel risky because all I'd been doing every time I went out was watch my boyfriend have fun. So I had dressed to have fun tonight and I'm pretty sure I did.
"It's cute," I throw my top on the floor and change into an old shirt.
"It's...short." Josh was clearly unhappy.
"That's the point," I try to say but words were hard to form. "I wanted to look nice."
"There are other outfits you look nice in," Josh gets up and helps me with the zipper I was seeing double of. I pull the skirt the rest of the way down and try to put on my pants but end up stumbling only to be caught by Josh. "I'll get you some water."
Josh is all rigid lines when he hands me the bottle. We stare at each other in silence, the air between us expanding with the infinite words we wanted to exchange but couldn't. When did it get so hard to just communicate?
Josh takes the first step forward, putting his hand to my cheek. "Babe I just think-I mean-nevermind...don't forget your makeup," his gentle words erase the frustrated tone from earlier.
"Thanks," I say quietly. I smear more than take the makeup off as Josh gets back into bed. When I finally get in, he snakes his arm around my waist and pulls me into him and it makes me sad his touch felt like just a touch and not like my love.
I expect Josh to bring up last night but he doesn't. Not even when I complain about my hangover or drink two cups of black coffee in one sitting.
Instead he says: "Y/N, when did we get so bad at being honest? Thought that we had made a promise that we would never get this way."
I lower my cup onto the coffee table. "I don't know Josh. I don't know when this happened."
Josh looked sad but he remains the two feet away from me on the couch. It felt like we were strangers with a heavy connection.
"When did it get so heavy?" I ask instead. "This love that's in between us, we never used to feel this. It's like we can't get up off the ground, it's weighing us down."
Josh sighs from his end and my chin quivers, the tears were not far behind. But I clench my jaw. The silence between us is heavy too, both of us sitting in our own bubbles deep in thought.
"What do we do?" Josh asks but he looks out the window, his face a mess of emotions. "Do you want to go on?"
I'm speechless, did Josh not want to go on? It must show on my face because Josh shakes his head and moves towards me. When he's close enough, he grabs my hand and strokes my knuckles. "I love you and I don't want this to end. I want to fix this but do you?"
I ask myself the same question and my immediate answer is yes. So I tell him.
"We need to say what we want to say," I tell Josh. "We've been hiding from each other for a while now but we need to just say what we feel. Otherwise, the weight is left on our shoulders-too heavy for the both of us."
Josh nods in agreement, "Yeah. I guess we do."
We stay like that, sitting opposite from one another with only our hands connecting our bodies. I always knew I loved Josh from the day I turned 19 and he showed up at my birthday party in an awful yellow shirt and black shorts. Funnily, I had decided earlier that year to dye my hair blonde and it turned out yellow so Josh and I matched colours which was what got us talking in the first place. But getting together at 20 and staying together the last four years took more out of us than we realised. But I was willing to work for it. Especially since he was too.
That evening all the boys decide to show up at our house since they couldn't reach either of us on our phones. That was because we'd agreed to leave them in our rooms and spent most of the day just talking about us.
"We thought you two had died or something," Joe informs us when we let them in.
"We're very much alive," Josh responds. "What do you guys want?"
"Wow, what a way to greet us." They grumble.
"Make yourselves comfortable," I head to the fridge and pull out the drinks while the boys crash on the couch and begin flicking through video games.
Josh joins me in the kitchen and curves his hand around my waist. "You're alright with this?" His brown eyes are concerned.
"Yes," I loop my arms around his neck. I could look at his face for ages and never get tired. "Thank you for asking."
Josh smiles and leans in to kiss me but I start grinning too so we clash teeth and break apart laughing. "Maybe we should try that again," Josh whispers and goes to kiss me again. Our lips connect and this time we smile against one another
"Josh! Get out here!" Jack yells out.
"Duty calls," Josh rolls his eyes but he doesn't leave. He stays and gives me another kiss.
"Gross," comes Jack from the kitchen entrance. "I was wondering what was taking you so long."
"I'm coming," Josh insists. He shoves the drinks into Jack's arms and gives me one last kiss before following. I grab the crisps and find a seat beside Josh. This time, I didn't mind hanging out with the boys. Josh would talk to me every so often and the boys egg me on to have a go at their game. It wasn't so bad being the only girl in a group of boys-especially when one of them was your boyfriend!
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wheezingghoulbois · 26 days ago
last person u texted. i dont remember the number. if its not me i will cause problems on purpose
41. last person you texted? i found the actual question for u 🦐
uhhh if discord counts i just ranted to a u about a how hsmtm*s is misunderstanding the basic symbolism in batb and misusing it in conflicting ways bc im a film minor and apparently never let anyone around me forget it via the dumbest ways possible asklfjalksjflkasjf
if discord doesnt count then i keysmashed at u over a tiktok u sent me via text bc i dont have that app and refuse to get it askfjalksf
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iamnotmereally · a month ago
ask game: 22, 46, 50
HEY! :)
22. description of crush.
uhm😳 okay so uh she is very pretty but its more.. i like talking to her and i can listen to her talking (which is weird cause i am not good at that at all) . and she is very sweet.. 👉👈 and stuff😗👀 i dont feel bad when i am near her... anyway that was a lost cause so.
46. what my last text message says
"what now"
50. favourite picture of your idol
would Misha count
Tumblr media
send me asks if u want :)
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