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chrisbangs · 6 hours ago
✨hello! there's two links btw. hope you recover from your second dose soon!!! <3
hi hi~ thank you so much;; i'm definitely feeling a little better today hehe !!
Mixtape OH Album Mockup: i'm such a big fan of album mockups and this one is super cute;; i especially lovelovelove the photocards hehe.. seeing the lil design on the back is so nice too like it looks so clean and nice !!
Levanter Netflix Series: omg... this one is sooo nice as well.. i really especially love the torn effect on the first two posters! the first poster especially theres smth so nice about how the two colour palettes contrast and look so good together!!! this is really so pretty;;
Fav KSM Looks: ohoho... as a seungminator... seriously this set is soooo nice... firstly, all the moments you chose?? god tier hello.. especially love bottom left, one of my all time favourite seungmin looks !! but yes hehe i really love this set, he really is the prettiest boy...
MinChan Drive: omg... i loved this part of the video (even though it was a lil ugly to gif jfoiwaefoaw) and anyone who was able to gif this, without losing their minds, braver than any us marine seriously... it looks sooo good... and i love narrower gifs anyway so this is super nice to me!!
Hello Stranger MV: ooh.. i love the hello stranger mv even though it's one of those things that when you go to gif its kinda .... but you did such a nice job and made it look so nice!! i loveee how vibrant the blues are here.. they stand out in such a nice way and i really love that !!
Honorable Mentions: omg big seungmin gif... enough said... this is <3 and also this channie set hehe... anyone who is brave enough to gif the ugly green chan's rooms... is like so brave to me like wow <3 oainwfeoiaw and these look good !!! so hehe i had to give these a mention!!!
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blueprint-han · 22 days ago
hi so i saw you comment on someone's post a way to get photoshop for free and i installed it and everything so i have now managed to download it for free! but whenever i try to make gifs it just doesn't really work? like after saving the gif, when i try to open them they're stuck on one frame and aren't moving. so idk maybe you'd know why or if i did something wrong?
Hello! There could be many different reasons as to why this is happening to you, so I'll just give you a brief run down of my gifmaking process, and show you where you could've made a mistake. It helps to show me your layer settings and export settings when you're asking me these questions, since it would be easier to detect where you went wrong. If you want a good giffing tutorial (the one I learned from), check this out!
under the cut!
disclaimer: i am in no way any sort of experienced gifmaker, and many of the methods i use might have an easier way to go through it, so if anyone wants to correct me on these methods, feel free to add the post!
so here's basically how i make my gifs:
↠ Okay, so first of, make sure that the clip you're using to make a gif in in .mov format. I use vaporsynth to sharpen and denoise my video clip and export it into .mov format, the process of how to do so you can see in that tutorial i've linked above.
↠ I’m unsure of what method you used to import your frames, so i’ll just tell you how I do mine:
1) go to file > import > video frames to layers 2) select the file you want to import (in .mov format ! .mp4 does not work for this.) 3) so basically use the sliding bars things to select the part of the clip you wanna gif (if there’s any extra bit that came by, if not just import from beginning to end.) check image:
Tumblr media
↠ now that your frames are imported, it’s time for the actual coloring and exporting part, in which you might’ve made a mistake. So basically go to window > timeline, and make sure the timeline is visible. On the right side, you’ll see a layers panel, having each frame as a layer. make sure that the “make frame animation” is checked! Next, select all the frames from the timeline and all the layers from the layers panel:
↠ right click on that timecode > other... > and then set your delay to whatever you prefer. I usually set the delay to 0.05 since i prefer slow gifs, but if you prefer faster ones, you can use 0.03. check image (this is called a frame animation):
Tumblr media
↠ now select that little symbol in the bottom that i’ve circled, and then right click on your layers (make sure that they are all selected !) and select “convert to smart object). This is a common area on mistake! People tend to convert into smart object first and then click the small button thingy (which is called changing to video timeline from frame animation), which could be one of the reasons for why your gif appeared as a still image. 
You may ask me, dawn why do we need to do this? Isn’t it easier to simply color using the frame animation timeline. Well, yes. Technically you don’t have to do this step, but i’ve found that i tend to make a lot of mistakes in frame animation, and it’s harder to overlap layers on each other in the frame animation, especially if you’re coloring and use multiple adjustment layers.
Tumblr media
↠ So now your timeline will look like this. Now that the base gif has been adjusted. it’s time to add our other adjustments, aka coloring.
Tumblr media
↠ Another mistake: check the layers panel and make SURE that your layer is a smart object and NOT a rasterized layer. A smart object looks like the above image, while a rasterized layer looks like this:
Tumblr media
Rasterizing will change the gif into a still image, which might lead to your mentioned “gif appearing as a still image”.
↠ Now that that’s done, simply add all your adjustment layers (aka coloring). It should look like this.
Tumblr media
↠ It’s time to save the gif. so now go to file > export > save for web (legacy).  so now you’ll find a popup window like this:
Tumblr media
take a good look at the settings i’ve used. Another reason your gif may not be playing is because you didn’t switch the mode to gif or you used a different export method. You can choose between selective and adaptive diffusion, both of them have different looks to it, but personally, i prefer adaptive diffusion. Then what else, click save, and select a folder to save it to.
but wait! The gif looks like this:
Tumblr media
see that white delay at the end? (I’m only explaining this since i told you to convert your frames into a video timeline, so this part is an important one.) I don’t want that. The reason why it’s going white at the end is because of:
Tumblr media
this. see how the gif layer only occupies a small area between those two placeholders and the adjustment layers occupy a bigger area? That’s the reason of the delay, which is why i will adjust it to:
Tumblr media
this, in simple words, make sure that the two placeholders are perfectly touching the ends of the base gif, so that it doesn’t show that white bit at the end. So now our gif looks like this:
Tumblr media
see? Now there’s no white bit in the end, since our gif duration is exactly same as our base gif duration. You can also see how much of a different coloring makes! 
There you go! I’ve basically run you down on how to use photoshop, since you said you just installed it and are probably a beginner. Photoshop does take some time to master, but keep trying ! Next time if you do wanna ask anything though, please do attach a screenshot of how your canvas looks, since that way it’s easier for me to understand what kind of problem you’re facing. 
There’s a lot of complicated wording in this, so if you don’t understand it, feel free to a) ask me or b) check that tutorial i linked in the introductory paragraph! It goes into a lot more detail and explains very well along with use of vaporsynth if you’re interested in that, so give it a go and tell me how it goes !
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oifelixcmerebrou · 2 months ago
you attract: longing
yearning from a safe distance; endless midnights of your mind being clouded with whoever it is you want to hold; catching small glimpses of the love you wish to have through flitting moments of smiling and gentle glances. you attract longing. whether that be your own yearning or a person yearning for your heart, longing surrounds you and encompasses the entirety of your life. you breathe and the people around you smile, taking second glances, feeling their breath catch in their throat. flowers grow to the direction of you. the sun rises to smile at you and wish you good morning. you attract ladybugs, butterflies, bumblebees, and all the insects that seem to flutter too fast to catch. there's no need for you to catch them, they just want to be there with you. you are a forcefield, a magnet for those who you've wrapped around your finger, perhaps unknowingly. you ... are longing personified.
tagging: @imdamnconfused @professionallyclumsy @kiri-ah@alicanta77 @allegxdly @channoticedmeuwu @chweing--gum @lovesiyeon @localbaeks @loveyourselff@ohyoumeanher @yunntext @sunqnyu @sunryu @moonie-mumbles @mrkcore @moonbeamsung @missingpuzzlepiece@jaehyunsssslut @bookwormforever10 @baecobjae@bluejaem @jaeminpeachy @jaemotel @neptunehobi@sanaberries @leetaeyonglover @letsstaywithstraykids @seularcade + anyone who wants to✨✨
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daech-witless · a month ago
Tumblr media
KWSBWJSKS D: i have no clue sorry 😔😔✋
hello if anyone knows tell mal please, thanks <33
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thewhiteladyofrohan · 4 months ago
Hey guys new tag game! Take the book closest to you and turn to page 200. The first sentence or phrase predicts your future. Write the title of the book you’re getting it from and the quote! 
Lies My Teacher Told Me (Young Reader’s Edition) by James W. Leowen: “Not Always the Good Guy.”
e X c U s E  m E ? ?
Tagging: @elvish-sky @fizzyxcustard @letsstaywithstraykids @eowynsprincess @kibleedibleedoo @bitter-sweet-farmgirl  
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daech-witless · 8 days ago
ooh i don't think i've heard of hot chocolate cookies before. did you put like hot chocolate mix in them or something?
yeah i found a random recipe because i have hot chocolate mix but not chocolate chips lmao- they turned out pretty good :D
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angelicbox · 12 days ago
5'2" and 14.3cm?? how interesting *laughs in 5'6" and 18-18.5cm*
I’m joking Mal, one of my favourite friends, you’re not on thin ice, i love you too-
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daech-witless · 18 days ago
hey bud ✧ :]
hi malll <33 we have the same timezone tho 😭
here's your moodboard <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
mutuals, send me a ✧ and i'll make you a moodboard that reminds me of you :D
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angelicbox · 18 days ago
is parker and parks bugging you again? 🤨
Well dude idk how to answer that question, but I appreciate your concern.
but like real question here, one professional to another: am I violent
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avocadomin · 18 days ago
day6, ateez, and the boyz :]
day6: youngk
ateez: seonghwa
the boyz: changmin
………i’m calling favoritism for all of these cause they’re also my biases in the group (i’m a changmin solo stan for tbz tbh ksgjhbasdfg)
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angelicbox · 12 days ago
you loved that name so much tho but alright
I know 😔😔😔 I feel ashamed that I had to let it go-
But it got too messy for my liking so :D a new blog was the solution!! :DD
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sproutminmin · a month ago
okay so im not sure but i think i heard that bubble doesn't allow you to screenshot anymore? idk i dont use bubble but what if you tried screen recording and then took a screenshot from that? idk if you it'll allow you to screen record tho and idk if someone already said this but yeah maybe try that and see if it works
Noo i already tried it :( it just becomes a black screen... i could try to download a third party app, but it's just not worth it,,, it's not that important anyway, just super annoying bc sometimes i just want to screenshot cute messages </3 thank you tho!!
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