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dark-romantics · 2 days ago
The difference between people is simple. Some see Medusa as the monster, others see Poseidon. Some see the Minotaur as the monster, others see Minos. It depends on who is telling the myth, and who is listening. Some prefer the obvious, others know the insidious speaks louder than most things.
~ Nikita Gill, Excerpts from Maidens, Myths and Monsters
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folk-ever-lore · 2 days ago
Letters To My Lover
Daminette December Day 2 - Letters/Penpals @maribat-calendar-events
They were to be given their assignments today, and Marinette just couldn’t wait to find out who her American Penpal would be. The school had first made the announcement of the French-American pen pal project around two weeks ago and she had signed up as soon as possible. It was super easy. All she’d had to do was fill out her personal details, hobbies and interests, along with any and all methods of contact they were willing to share. Marinette had offered up her phone number, email address, Instagram username and Discord user. 
People had been called to the front randomly in order to receive their matches. Quite a few of Marinette’s friends had already gotten theirs. Alya was partnered with a girl called Issa. Adrien with Tori. Rose with Jon. Nathaniel with Leenie. Chloé with Martina. Kim with James. 
“Marinette you will be with Damian. You will find the information you need on his application.” 
Marinette quickly read through his application and picked out the key bits of information. 
His name was Damian Wayne. He loved animals. He was from a very big family. He could be contacted through his number or his email address. 
She grinned. She couldn’t wait to get to know this Damian Wayne.
Marinette had typed Damian’s number into her phone but she was nervous to contact him; he was saved as ‘Damian PP’ (much to Adrien’s amusement). She cautiously typed out her first message to him.
To Damian PP
this is Marinette
i’m your assigned penpal
Now she only had to wait for his response.
From Damian PP
Hello Marinette. I am Damian Wayne. 
To Damian PP
do you know how this is meant to go?
i’ve never done a pen pal thingy before
From Damian PP
I’m not too sure about it myself. I signed up upon my father's insistence. I believe we are to get to know about each other and practise speaking the other’s language. That sounds correct.
To Damian PP
if we are going to be getting to know each other will you tell me why you had to be forced to sign up?
i signed up first chance i got
From Damian PP
I had a very sheltered childhood and my father wishes for me to make more friends. Apparently the ones I have at school aren’t enough for him. I don’t see any issues with Maps,Colin, Maya, Jai or Irey.
To Damian PP
that doesn’t sounds too fun
do you know why he doesn’t think that Maps, Colin, Maya, Jai and Irey aren’t enough friends for you?
From Damian PP
He may not know about them.
To Damian PP
well that definitely explains it
if he doesn’t know they exist then he will think that you’re kinda lonely at school and wish for you to make new friends
it seems to me like he’s just looking out for you
correct me if i’m wrong
From Damian PP
You’re not wrong. My family is rather extreme so I wish to keep my friends away from them. However, that means that they don’t believe I have any friends. 
To Damian PP
i could be a friend that they know about
if you want
From Damian PP
That sounds acceptable.
A month passed very quickly. Soon Marinette and Damian were talking to each other for at least two hours every single day. The two of them had become very close and neither of them would change it for the world. Talking to Damian was one of the best parts of Marinette’s day, especially with Lila in her class spewing her bullshit. During lunch and after school she couldn’t wait to get her phone and to message Damian. And once it got later she could call him too, as he would be out of school by then. Video calling him was her favourite thing. That way she got to hear his voice, she could see his face and see any of his pets if they were around. 
Recently, he had even joined her and her family’s game night. She had simply been on a voice call with Damian when her mother came to ask about a game night before seeing that she was on a call and asking Damian if he wanted to join virtually. That had been a very fun night. 
Aside from Chat Noir (of course there was Kagami and Luka too but she was closer to Chat), Marinette thought that he might be one of her closest friends. She spent more time talking to Damian than she did with most of her classmates due to Lila’s influence on them, and she felt like she could tell him anything. Well, almost anything, she couldn’t tell him about the miraculous but that was fair enough - everything else was fair game. 
And maybe, if she was being honest, not that she would admit it to anyone, Marinette may have gained a slight crush on Damian. It didn’t really matter considering she’d never met him, not to her brain. Her brain thought about Damian and just decided to turn into butterflies. Thankfully, unlike her old crush on Adrien she could still talk to Damian. However, that was probably because they had been friends before she had gained a crush on him, so she was comfortable around him. 
From Loveable Demon
Did you hear the news?
To Loveable Demon
what news?
From Loveable Demon
My class is meant to be visiting Paris in only a few weeks time. You didn’t know? We were told today in class.
Marinette couldn’t help but let out a slight squeal. Damian was going to be visiting Paris? She couldn’t wait to meet him and show him all around her city. (Yes, it was hers. She was Ladybug after all.)
To Loveable Demon
i definitely didn’t know
bustier is useless
she tells us nothing
i honestly wouldn’t have been surprised if y’all just showed up on the day and we would have no clue
i swear it might happen for the rest of my class
most of them don’t talk to their partners that much
“Are you okay, sweetie?” Her mother called up from the living room below.
“Yeah,” she yelled back. “Just excited.”
From Loveable Demon
That wouldn’t shock me as much as it should. Do you want me to inform my teacher that your class may have no idea of our arrival?
To Loveable Demon
wait until a bit closer to the time
just in case bustier decides to be a decent teacher and tell us something for once
but i doubt that
From Loveable Demon
Me too.
To Loveable Demon
i can’t wait to meet you
From Loveable Demon
I agree. Meeting you is rather excitable.
Miss Bustier grinned up from the bottom of the classroom. “I have some very exciting news,” she exclaimed. “Your penpals are coming to visit Paris.” 
“Wicked,” shouted Alix from the right hand side of the classroom. “When?”
Marinette rolled her eyes, “Now. Their flights landed around eight thirty yesterday night, and they will be arriving after lunch in order to get some sleep, according to the teacher, because they aren’t used to Parisian time.”
“How do you know that, Marinette?” Miss Bustier asked.
“How do I know that?” She asked sarcastically. “Maybe because my penpal actually talks to me and informed me that we would be meeting as soon as he found out the news.”
“Oh, right.”
For once Marinette made sure that she would be back from lunch on time. She didn't want to be late to meet Damian. And by on time she meant just as the bell rang to signal the end of lunch. She raced to Miss Bustier’s classroom. she had to get there before Damian. 
She had to. 
She didn’t get there before Damian. The little shit had apparently gotten to the school like five minutes before lunch ended and had immediately gone to the classroom in order to ‘make a good first impression’. It was kind of adorable how much he tried to make good impressions. It was one of the main things she liked about him. 
“Damian?” She asked carefully as she fought the urge to run up to him and give him a hug. “Is it really you?” 
“Of course it is, Habibti.” 
“It’s great to finally meet you,” Marinette cried out excitedly. 
“I must agree.”
“Can I give you a hug?” She asked nervously. She knew that Damian didn’t like many people touching him so she wanted to check whether it was okay first.
“That is acceptable,” he responded before awkwardly putting his own arms around her, before she had the chance to do it first. 
This was nice. This was very nice.
Marinette very much enjoyed spending time with Damian via technology, but in person it was even better. 
This was brilliant. This was amazing. This was perfect. This was … this was better than she could have possibly imagined.
He meant so much to her, and he was there. He was there in person for the first time and it was perfect. 
Marinette was just happy to have his arms around her. 
Of course Chloé then had to come up and ruin it. “That’s ridiculous, utterly ridiculous. We don’t need you and your boyfriend to be all over each other as we’re coming into class, Dupain-Cheng.”
“He’s not my boyfriend,” squawked Marinette. 
“I could be,” Damian offered, “if that’s what you wanted.” 
Her heart leap, “Really?”
“If that is what you desire,” he admitted, “I believe that I have had feelings for you for a bit.”
“I would love to be your girlfriend,” she said with a red face. “I have had feelings for you for a while too.”
“May I please kiss you, Habibti?”
She nodded, “You may.” 
He leaned down and their lips joined for the first, and certainly not the last, time. 
There they were. Marinette and Damian. Damian and Marinette. Together at last, in more than one sense of the word. 
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jerseydeanne · a day ago
Tumblr media
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megumiscollar · 2 days ago
i am so inconceivably horny for eren i feel like a slime rn
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malojasnake · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— The Princess Bride, by William Goldman
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Letters to Vera, by Vladimir Nabokov
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moonofthenight · 5 hours ago
Letters For You
@prince-simon 😊
Tumblr media
"You fucking wrote me a poem?"
"I guess 🙄"
"Come back immediately, I need to kiss you or I'll die."
"And I am supposed to be the drama queen??"
The poem
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poet-tea-baby · 2 days ago
Please help me bring the gift of the Christmas holidays to a single mother and her young son with ADHD. (And get something small in return!) There is a kind young woman and her 9-10 year old son who frequents the shop I work at. They are always wonderful and come in to simply get out of the cold most of the time. The mother has confided in me how much they are struggling at the moment and her story breaks my heart. She is an abuse survivor, her ex-husband is no longer in the picture and refuses to pay court-ordered child support. She has no family willing to support her and her son, and these past two years have been the hardest of their lives. She has told me that they have not been able to stay with friends or in one place for long because she cannot work due to taking care of her neurodivergent son full-time.  At the moment they are living in motels. She told me with tears in her eyes, that the thing upsetting her most this holiday season is that she knows she won't be able to put together a traditional Christmas for her son this year. She cannot afford a Christmas dinner or to get him any gifts from herself or Santa, even though her boy has done his best to be very good this year. They've experienced so much unkindness recently and my heart aches for her because of my familiarity of being in a family with financial struggles. I want to do something to help her in the same way others have helped us! Please, please, think about donating $5 dollars to my cashapp!!  I'm going to be putting all of the money I raise into an envelope and giving it to the mother before Christmas. In return for your donation, if you message me your address, or leave it through a note on cash app, I will send you a fun little envelope containing a few stickers, art collage pages, and a little trinket, as well as a thank you note! Please help me with this, this is so important to me!! Everyone who has gone through a hard Christmas season will understand how big of an impact a gift like this can have for a family in need. I will post the amount raised the day before I give it to her, which I'm hoping to do by the 15th! Please contact me if you have questions. My Cashapp is $OzlynDelpierre
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ruhlare · 2 days ago
And when I wake up with an enormous longing, did my soul meet yours in the realm of souls when I was sleeping?
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feral-ballad · 2 days ago
What I want is a respite from suffering, for I endure a thousand deaths every moment. I ask for life—
Juliette Drouet, from a letter to Victor Hugo, written on 1834
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flowerytale · a month ago
Tumblr media
Henry Miller, from a letter to Anaïs Nin, featured in "A Literate Passion: Letters of Anaïs Nin & Henry Miller, 1932-1953″
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libralthinking · 8 months ago
New technology for digitally unfolding history letters.
(I’m @historyb00ks over on TikTok).
Article is here and free to read : Unlocking history through automated virtual unfolding of sealed documents imaged by X-ray microtomography
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