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He estado pensando, 

pensando a solas 

dicen que no hay despedida perfecta

dicen que ninguna despedida está llena de valor

en realidad creo que no están llenas de nada en verdad

que el punto es que, están vacías.

Pero ésta es diferente, 

yo si quisiera que fuese un hasta pronto

y si no, elige un recuerdo de entre tantos que hicimos

y abrázalo, prométeme que no lo soltarás 

después en silencio vete

prometo que no hoy, no mañana 

pero algún día nos volveremos a ver.

Pd: esto no es un adiós, adiós.

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We’ve taken for granted living.⠀

So many of us went about our days just sleep walking; ⠀

with the past in our heads, the future on our backs.⠀

The present was just another wind that blew by,⠀

slumping around unconscious of the gifts we experienced everytime. ⠀

The hangouts with our friends,⠀

the visits to our families,⠀

the walks out in the park -⠀

the kisses of lovers blinded by it all-⠀

the books sipped in coffee shops,⠀

the hugs and cuddles with whom we love,⠀

the warm sight of human interaction on a daily basis,⠀

the ever-present security of a tomorrow.⠀

For you.⠀

For me.⠀

For your loved ones.⠀

For my loved ones.⠀

For our jobs, careers, health, studies, relations, routines.⠀

For fuck’s sake our routines.⠀

We’re such creatures of habit, we made a habit out of living.⠀

We’ve taken for granted being.⠀

We took for granted our breath,⠀

now our lungs collapse,⠀

now we gasp for air,⠀

now our walls close in,⠀

anxiety and paranoia became the only oxygen there is. ⠀

The air is at its purest, but most can no longer taste it.⠀

The sea is at its clearest, but only fish can swim in it.⠀

Now the birds are the only air traffic there is,⠀

ambulances the only noise heard in the streets.⠀

But now, we see.⠀

We see what we have.⠀

We see what we had.⠀

We see what we will have, in a bit.⠀

We value today, we live today.⠀

So now we breathe,⠀

now we fight for it.⠀

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Happy STS! How did your characters find out about the western show and what got them into it? (I know it's probably because of a need for money, but is there anything else to the decision?)

Howdy and thank you for the ask! ❤️

[ They Called Her Delilah

Honestly, all four of them just take any jobs they can get. They just so happen to meet each other at their job which is why they’re roommates. Lucille has more of a lead role than the other three, since she’s been there since the show started and is still considered a crowd favorite despite her career being in the pits.

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how rich are you? your clothes seem expensive

I’m not rich! I buy almost everything secondhand!

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dear people of the internet,

Here are some of my Quarantine Shenanigans (w/ my friends)

Me and my friends playing tic tac toe on my forehead:


I can’t really explain this one:


My friends making me one of those valentine’s day cards with this stupid pick up line i heard once:


Me saying many strange lines like this one:


Me and my friends decided to play Animal Jam and we did a ritual and then started calling each other stinky:


My friends pretending to be sugar daddies on my instagram posts, mocking actual sugar daddies the have commented on my posts:


(follow my instagram if you want)

sincerely, 425

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As always, I’m a little behind. But at least I’m ahead with work — there are so many moving parts, and my whole team has been struggling to keep up with all the financial changes that have taken place. So needless to say, I’m exhausted. 

Oddly, it’s been good for my creativity. I finished plotting my vampire novella and know how I want it to end/what the key imagery I want to have in it.

I’m going to go through my likes tonight and fill my queue/interact with everyone’s WIPs & intro posts.

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happy STS! are any of your OCs based on anyone you know in real life?

Heyo, anon! Thank you for the ask ❤️

So I don’t actually base any of my OCs on people I know or have met! In fact, I don’t even really do people I haven’t met, either, because I can never find face claims for ANY of my OC’s lol

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Happy Storyteller Saturday 😄 which OCs backstory are you most proud of and why??? -MayvinWrites

Thank you so much, @mayvinwrites for the ask!! ❤️❤️❤️

Eek I don’t think I’ve actually been proud of my OC backgrounds? LOL I just kind of… make them. Caleb’s (my villain in my western) took a lot more effort than the others because I had to sit down and plan out all of his motives and why he’s the way he is. So maybe his!

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Happy STS! Do your characters have any hobbies? If so, what are they? If not, why not?

Thank you for the ask, AJ! ❤️

Answering for They Called Her Delilah -

Lucille: She’s dipped her toe in garment making. She’s only had one successful project though, a 1950′s nightgown that she found buried in her stuff she took with her when she left home. She’s also made tulle curtains for her bedroom window.

Velma: Music 100%. And space. She could talk for ages about either of those! She’s intrigued by astrology and the occult, too, but that kind of falls on the back burner when she’s entranced with her music. If she’s not listening to her large record collection, she’s playing bass.

Thomas: Painting is mostly a hobby considering he’s never been able to sell his work. His room (the living room) is a m e s s. Half finished paintings scattered everywhere, even behind the couch. Brushes between the cushions. It’s hard to tell what’s his trashy mimosa mixture and what’s paint water.

Kathleen: She’s kind of aimless. Can’t hold an interest for longer than a few months max. She tried getting into studying literature, then makeup, embroidering patches, jewelry making. She kind of feeds off other people, so she’s also tried getting into music like Velma and painting like Thomas.

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Happy Storyteller Saturday! What is your character's happiest memory and why?

Thank you so much and happy StS to you! ❤️

Answering for They Called Her Delilah -

Lucille: it might sound contradictory for her to enjoy the very thing that ruined her life, but breaking up with her controlling (and much older) producer was the best day of her life. The newspapers were slandering her and she still can’t find work acting, but she can now live her life the way she wants to. No overbearing mother, no sleazy agents, just…. her. No one can tell her not to eat brownies at 3 am now.

Velma: This memory is bittersweet, but when she got to intern at NASA for a summer between high school and what would have been the first semester of University. Sure, she was more of a papergirl who helped maintain machines, but she still got to work at a place she’d dreamed of all of highschool.

Thomas: Arriving to California for the first time. The dazzling colors and scenery. The artists roaming the streets of LA. The gay scene that he hadn’t experienced in his small Utah town growing up. It was like he began to bloom.

Kathleen: While being moved around the foster care system, she found herself in the home of a kind old woman who treated her like the granddaughter she never had. The single year she spent with her was the most stable, calm year of her life. Nothing she chases has ever matched the love she felt.

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Happy STS! Your OC has been given an IKEA flat pack bookcase to assemble. Who’s the best person they to ask to help them? The worst? Who do they actually ask and how does it end up?

OK so I snorted when I read this because it’s hilarious imagining the absolute chaos that would unfold for some of my characters. Thank you so much!!

I’m answering for two WIPs -

Sisterhood of Blood - The go-to person would be Charlie 100%. He does carpentry as a job and if anyone’s going to figure it out it would be him. 

The person you would NOT want to ask is Rosalind (my MC). She doesn’t think she needs the instructions and would end up making something messy or completely different than a bookcase.

They Called Her Delilah - Assuming all four roommates would be trying to put this thing together, someone’s going to smash a finger or two and someone’s going to end up screaming at the bookshelf (hint: it’s Velma). Kathleen would be no help at all, basically standing in the corner like “….I’m baby :( can’t do it”

Time it took to put it together: 8 hours broken up into four separate days.

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Happy STS Ellie! From They Called her Delilah, what are Thomas' favourite subjects to paint? Does he like landscapes, portraits, still lives, abstract? What artist is most like his style? Who are some of his favourite artists?

Happy STS to you, too, Syb!! ❤️❤️❤️ And thank you so much for these wonderful questions! They really inspired me to focus on this a little more :>

[ They Called Her Delilah Intro ]

Thomas LOVES painting the human body and playing with light and shadows. At the painting classes he takes at the local college, he’s had the chance to do a lot of nude paintings. The women he paints appreciate how he doesn’t seem to ogle them though he does get flustered when he has to paint nude men. He also maaay have broken the heart of one of the male models, too.

One artist he admires would have to be Peter Blake, though he knows it’s mostly to do with his affinity for the Beatles. He likes that he’s not afraid of color!

He also gets a lot of inspo from magazines and fashion models. Their silhouettes, exaggerated eye makeup and hair that draw the eye. 

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Happy sts and positive vibes to you! Would your OCs prefer to know when they die or how they die (or both or neither) and why? - notwritinganyflufftoday

Hiya @notwritinganyflufftoday​ and thank you so much for the STS ask! ❤️

Answering for my newest WIP They Called Her Delilah

Lucille: she would want to know how she dies. She has this unnerving notion that she’ll end up being the front cover of the news for her death due to her ties to many powerful people in Hollywood.

Velma: She would want to know when so she could try NOT to die on that date. If someone told her the day she would turn around and basically say “NOT on my watch!”

Thomas: he would really rather not know either. He feels like he’s only just begun to live and he doesn’t want to find out it ends sooner than he expected.

Kathleen: she would want to know how mainly so she could be prepared.

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⭐ (late but oh well) You are so sweet and I love talking with you, your writing is amazing (I cannot stress that enough), you're so supportive of other people and I adore the stuff you post and reblog. 10/10 great person and blog, would recommend -MayvinWrites

aaah thank you so much @mayvinwrites I’m sorry this is also so late ❤️❤️❤️ you’re such a kind soul and a wonderful friend!!

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