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Lev: Imagine if trees gave off WiFi signals. We’d probably plant so many and save the planet too

Vaness: too bad that they only produce the oxygen that we breathe

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Kuroo: Repeat after me

Lev: After me


Kuroo: …Is he serious?

Kenma: No, he’s Lev

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I so love this and I hope you all do too. I had this on my BNHA Masterlist but I moved it over here because it would have more potential. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this as much as I loved writing this.




Originally posted by kosame

  • When you first became manager, you didn’t speak at all. You did use sign language but that’s how people suspected that you were mute or deaf. Well mostly mute because you could hear them. “Are you mute?” You shake your head with a small smile. “Are you deaf?” Kageyama asks while bending slightly. You shake your head again.
  • “I’m not completely normal, I just choose not to talk.” They all are amazed that you just spoke and are freaking out about it for a couple moments. “I have Tourette’s syndrome. I chose not to talk because of my tics” You explain and then they started begging you to show them your tics.
  • The next day, at practice, you come in and you are constantly saying stuff. Ukai even knew you had tics and wasn’t surprised when all the boys came up and told him. “Fuck off! Oh my god, I’m- woo-hoo, big summer blowout! I’m so sorry.” They literally fell in love with you more. 
  • You smile at their acceptance and love that they give you. Tsukishima scoffs and you look over at him annoyed. “Well fuck you too Sherlock Holmes! Chicken Little!” Your head does a little angry twitch to the right and Tsuki thinks it’s fucking adorable. He loves the sass that you give him and gives you some right back so it’s a cycle. WHAT A BITCH
  • Hinata and Kageyama thinks that you’re so cool. They usually stare at you with awestruck expressions and every second you look over they are either staring at you or piercing into your soul (there’s a difference). “Can you leave Y/n alone with your creepy asses. Go for a run and don’t get lost again.” 
  • Ukai loves you as well. He thinks your funny and can be friends with anyone you meet, no matter what condition you’re in. He’s such a dad to you and you’re like a daughter to him. You guys talk like you’ve been his daughter for years. He loves gossip… Come. get. some. (SPONGEBOB… Does anyone even remember that?)
  • Tanaka and Nishinoya will always simp over you and Kiyoko. You’re Tourette’s makes you say something flirty sometimes and then you get embarrassed. They do hate it when other teams flirt or simp over you like they do. They’ll get protective and walk you away from the boys that were flirting with you.
  • Daichi, Suga and Yamaguchi are like brothers to you because they’ll get soft around you. Suga would always hug you no matter what you’re doing. Daichi would just stand next to you and asked if you wanted him to get you something to eat. Yama would probably just stick with you nervously but protectively at the same time.
  • You also have tics that involve you hurting yourself. It only happens if you’re frustrated or angry. “Stupid! Ow.” You banged your head against the wall three times and fell on the floor. Daichi picked you up and rubbed your back.
  • Ukai allowed Suga to pull out a mat for you to lay on or play on because he wants you to be happy. You and Suga would probably play wrestle which would end in you saying something in gibberish or making him laugh.
  • After practice, Ukai would tell you to let him know if you’re having a bad day so they can make it better for you. They would do anything to make you happy (like I would) so don’t worry them too much now Y/n.
  • You love this group and wouldn’t change it for the world. I mean me too. Wouldn’t give them up at all for anything at all. The next two are with black readers.



Originally posted by yevel

  • I feel like all of you would have a sleepover at your house (we’ll pretend you live in a mansion or some estate, Idfk but it’ll work) and you want them to help you bake. “My parents are gone for two weeks so you can stay here for all weeks or just- fuck! one.” You smile and they nod. They stayed for the two weekends because they didn’t want you to be lonely. 
  • You set up your phone so you could record what was happening. “Have you ever done this?” Kuroo asked with a slight smirk and laugh in his tone. You shake your head while laughing. Kenma cut everything for you because no one trusts you with a knife and they don’t want you chopping off your fingers.
  • Kai hands you the mixer and helps you place it in the bowl while your tics are happening. He walks away when your tics die down and then starts helps Kenma cut some candies into small bites. You suddenly pick up the mixer from out of the bowl and (it’s still in mixing mode) you start screaming. You put it back in the bowl and laugh.
  • “That one’s new.” You snort and throw your head back into Lev’s shoulder. Lev takes the bowl and starts to pour it in a pan. (Just letting you know that y’all cooking brownies and cookies) You stick your hand in the pan and the batter gets all over your fist.
  • “Well fuck me.” Cue you sucking on your fist. “Dude no, go wash your hands, nasty.” Fukunaga brings your hands over to the sink and turns the water on. You splash Fukunaga in the face with water and you apologize. Yamamoto would start laughing and hug you tightly. 
  • Sometimes after listening Kuroo talking to you and calling you ‘Chibi-chan’, you would copy his voice and say some word. “What’s wrong Chibi-chan?” You imitate his voice which makes everyone die laughing while Kuroo just looks at you in complete awe.
  • “Why is it so cute and funny at the same time?” Shibayama would ask while covering his mouth. You wave your poof around while saying ‘I whip my hair back and forth’. The brownies come out of the oven first and then the cookies. 
  • When they cool down, everyone puts frosting on theirs and looks towards you who is dancing with Kuroo for a couple seconds. “Ooop! Sorry. Fuck me in the ass! *wolf whistle*” You look away and cover your eyes with your afro poof. You can tell Kuroo is smiling by the way everyone is silent.
  • Once done decorating, everyone eats whichever one. Kenma gets frosting on his nose and you laugh. You grab his cheeks then lick his nose. Kenma and you are both sitting on the counter blushing wildly. He grabs his Nintendo Switch and starts playing some Mario Kart with some of the boys while you, Lev & Yamamoto clean up the kitchen. 
  • “KOOPA TROOPA N****! Oh my god, I need to chill.” They laugh none the less and you all fall asleep earlier than you thought. In the morning you sent the video to everyone after dropping your phone in the sink (that was thankfully not filled)
  • Bro… I love these men, especially Kenma, Kuroo and Lev. MOVING ON FINAL BOSS!!!!



Originally posted by kzumeskenma

  • IMAGINE… going on a roadtrip with these amazing men… bruh I would’ve been dead. Ushijima’s driving btw because why not. He’s the most responsible. You would be sitting up front with Ushijima and Tendou, Semi & Ohira in the seat behind you both and then all the way in the back is  Goshiki, Shirabu & Yamagata.
  • Tendou and Ohira were in charge of the snacks and got candy, chips and different flavors of popcorn. You were trying to drive to Canada from Texas. (I headcanon that the boys would probs live in Texas after getting jobs in America… come at me) 
  • You had put box braids in before you went so you wouldn’t have to do your hair. You put sunglasses on and sat there waiting with Tendou in the car. 
  • When you started driving, you look out the right hand window at another car and grunt. “Stop the car, hm.” Wakatoshi smiles and continues driving down the road. Tendou hands you a Swedish fish and you guys are driving over a bridge. You throw the candy fish out the window and smile. “Go find nemo!” 
  • Goshiki switches spots with you so you’ll be with Shirabu. “BEEP BEEP!!!” Tendou laughs and smiles at you while handing you a bag of chips since you whined about being hungry. You leaned forward and looked at Wakatoshi with a stern look. “You’re speeding. Stop speeding.” Ushi just laughs and hands Goshiki your phone. 
  • Goshiki passes your phone back until it gets to you. “Tickle my pickle! Beep! Honk! Oh Jesus, I’m sorry.” You plug your headphones in and rest your head on Yamagata’s shoulder. “Choke me! Please don’t.” You say immediately after you see Tendou make grabby hands. “Eh, fine.”
  • You changed seats with Ohira since he wanted to be in the back. So now you were next to Tendou and you were tired. “Are we there yet?” You asked in a British accent. 
  • “POP! Goes my butthole! Sorry.” You giggle with Satori for a while until you rested your head on his shoulder comfortably. You fell asleep shortly after and woke up to you being cuddled by Tendou and Semi. You went back to sleep again because you didn’t want to wake them up.



Originally posted by suckishima

  • Beach day with these boys is probably the most annoying thing *cough* Oikawa *cough* (I have nothing against mai babi boi but he is annoying sometimes and can be a bitch). 
  • Oikawa would carry you to the ocean but sometimes your biting tic would cause you to bite the closest thing to you. Which was Oikawa at the moment. “Ow. Don’t do that. Where’s your biting ring?” You smile because you forgot it at the beach house. 
  • “I didn’t know I would need it. It usually doesn’t happen when the sun’s out.” He places you in the water and you splash him in the face. “SPLISH SPLASH I WAS TAKING A BATH! SCREECH!!!” Matsukawa and Iwaizumi would run over and tackle Oikawa in the water.
  • Kindaichi would watch from afar underneath an umbrella until he got overheated (which would be soon because who the fuck brings a winter coat to the beach?). “ASSHOLE! Sorry, sorry. Pretty setter squad… lol!” You whistle out loudly and you cover your face. 
  • “Do you wanna get ice cream now?” You nod violently in excitement. He orders your ice cream for you and hands it to you. He hands you his so he can pay real quick. You literally tried to shove the whole popsicle down your throat and you did.
  • Mans was impressed but kinda worried. “Are you ok?” You look at him with bored eyes. “Of course. I don’t have a gag reflex! Oh my goodness.” You realized you screamed that to the entire world. 
  • Matsukawa walks over to you with a smile on his face. “We’re making sandcastles now if you want to join us. He grabs your hand and you bring it to your mouth and bite his hand. “Ow, Y/n why? Did you forget the chewing ring?” Oikawa nods but follows the two of you. You grab Oikawa’s ice cream and slam it on his head.
  • “Look, a unicorn! Oh my god, I’m so sorry ‘Kawa.” You stifle your laugh with your hand while moving the cone from his head. Your brain just tells you to lick the ice cream off his forehead and you do. Like repeatedly… wow, Oikawa likey?
  • Um… He’s embarrassed but not shocked. “Sorry.” He waves it off with a big blush on his face and let’s Iwa-chan bury him in the sand. You then bury Iwa next to Oikawa and make him a mermaid. It took a while but you did it. “A mermaid. Now to seal with a kiss.” You kiss Iwa all over his face as well as Oikawa, both boys now embarrassed to look at you.
  • Happiest day of your life… awkward but extremely fun and funny.

BRUHHHH>>>> I LOVED THIS TOO MUCH BUT I’M SO OK WITH IT THAT I DON’T CARE. I got the ideas from my head, YouTube and tiktok… IF you enjoyed this writing piece, like, repost and share with friends. You guys are the key to helping this community grow. As always, I hope ye enjoy 😊😊😊❤😍👌😘…

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au where manny doesnt die so he tags along w abby and lev to santa barbara

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For The First Time, a New State of Matter Has Been Observed in a Thread of Quantum Gas

For The First Time, a New State of Matter Has Been Observed in a Thread of Quantum Gas

Physicists have observed a new state of matter at work inside an elusive thread of quantum gas.
The gossamer-thin strings of gas capable of binding giants sound like items worthy of a quest in Grimms’ fairy tales. But versions of these materials are theoretically possible in physics – unfortunately though, in practice they inevitably collapse on forming.
Researchers from Stanford University in…


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Safi: we have to get to the hospital and we have to get there fast

Zander: then Lev should drive

Safi: why?

Lev: I have nothing to live for and I drive like it

Caden: okay, let’s do it

[Later, in the car]

Everyone: *screaming*

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I’m probably stupid, but I only just now realized that little Ellie from the first flashback and Lev in Santa Barbara are wearing similar shoes. 

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- Kidnapper calls Akaashi -
Kidnapper:  I have your son.
Akaashi:  I don’t have a son.
Kidnapper:  Then who just asked for warm chocolate milk and made us cut the crusts off of his sandwich?
Akaashi:  Oh my god, you have Bokuto:
- Kuroo takes the phone from Akaashi -
Kuroo:  Keep him or bury that bastard.
- Kenma takes the phone from Akaashi -
Kenma: If you’re a murder switch him with me or bury me too.
- Tsukishima takes the phone from Kenma -
Tsukishima:  Tell me, do you take requests?
- Lev takes the phone from Tsuks -
Lev: Take me as your assistant!
- Kidnapper sips his golden tips imperial tea -
Kidnapper:  Something else?
- Bokuto through out of the phone -
Bokuto:  Hey, Hey, Hey!

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lev: *screams

yaku: WHAT


yaku: W H A T 

lev: oh nevermind, that’s my right leg


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