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sanriyaphoria · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
When He Doesn’t Get His Morning Kisses
Boys = Suna, Oikawa, Lev
Genre: Fluff, Some Crack In There If You Squint REALLY Hard.
Post or Pre-Timeskip: Post Timeskip!
Sanriya’s Music: random thought i had while music was playing, idk why this came out of it but we’re gonna go with it lol.
This man will be petty and you won’t even realize it. He doesn’t get his morning kisses? He won’t, and I mean WON’T kiss you for the entire day. Now because you weren’t paying attention, you wouldn’t realize why he wasn’t kissing you at all today. Once you ask, he’ll reply with a bland, yet smug reply.
“Your just going to pretend like you weren’t doing the same thing this morning?”
It’s alright though, you two cuddle in the night to make up for it.
Ah yes, Oikawa’s the dramatic one. Once he doesn’t get his kisses he’s all over you for the entire morning. He’d be pouty, and also reject your attempts to actually kiss him after you found out why he was being so pushy. Although he was being dramatic, he does know that it was just a slip-up. However, he insists that you owe him. 
"Y/N! What kind of punishment is this?! What did I do to deserve this?!”
Lev is the one that would be quiet about it, but tries to get your attention otherwise. Like, he understands that it’s a simple mistake and it can be corrected, but he still gets a bit sad about it nevertheless. He gets in higher spirits once you try to make it better, of course.
Tumblr media
© sanriyaphoria 2021 ~ do not steal, copy, re-post, or modify any of my works. this includes translations. likes and reblogs are appreciated!!
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ellie truly thought it was a good idea to go after abby again even after that absolute ass whoopin’ she got in the theater.😭
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chizuke · a year ago
Tumblr media
the fandom: omg kenma is sooo baby we have to protect him
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iwaitsumi · a month ago
Characters - Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Suna, Lev.
A/n - Lev deserves more appreciation. Also my ask box is open so feel free to drop by and request something if you want.
ATSUMU he’s such a clingy baby. This man lives for your attention and if he doesn’t get any… he’s gonna be very annoying. You were chilling in the living room, scrolling through your phone while Atsumu was laying on your stomach. You tried wiggling out of his grip to go to the bathroom but he’s not letting you go. He feels like if he’s not touching you, you will disappear. “Tsumu baby, I won’t be long. I need the bathroom.” Looks up at you with puppy dog eyes and a big pout. Ends up following you to the bathroom and waiting outside the door, when you’re done he starts whining about you taking a long time. “A missed ya angel, ya took so long!” Atsumu it’s been 2 minutes.
IWAIZUMI hates to admit how clingy he is. But what he hates more is asking for your attention, he will literally lay on top of you if that’s what it takes for you to notice him. You were round his house and it was getting dark so you had to start packing up. Iwaizumi had you on his lap while his face was buried in your neck as he occasionally kissed your lips. ”Haji, it’s getting late. I have to get going.” All he does is grumble something incoherent while pulling you into him tighter. “Haji-“ you shriek as he drops you down on the bed and lays on top of you. “Stay, you can sleep round mine today.” You sign giving in to him and kiss his hairline. “You’re such a big baby.” “And you’re a brat.”
SUNA such an asshole. I can definitely see him hiding your stuff so you don’t leave or following you everywhere you go. “Suna Rintaro, where is my purse?” He pretends he doesn’t know anything and acts all innocent but that shit eating grin tells you everything. “Huh? I have no clue what you’re on about. Guess you’ll have to stay for a little longer.” Slap him. Sadly, you’re stuck with him. He will eventually pull you into bed and lay on your chest before drifting off to sleep. If you try getting up for a drink or to go to the toilet he’s definitely following you just to make sure you’re not running away.
LEV he’s not ashamed to show his love for you, even out in public. Definitely comes running to you if practice is too hard. He has no boundaries. You came round his house to study but his definition of studying is cuddles and lots of them in fact. So you were sat on his bed trying to get up so you can grab a textbook but you had a little problem… well not so little. Lev decided that it would be a good idea to cling onto you like a koala hugging a tree. Don’t forget that the guys heavy - 79.7 kg to be exact. And when you tried standing up with Lev still latched onto you, you both ended up falling. You let out a loud shriek as you came crashing down with Lev shortly behind you. “I’m sorry baby, I just don’t want you to leave me.” He makes up for it by rubbing where you’re hurt and giving you lots of kisses.
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69bitch-cafe · 2 months ago
What abt ceo Kenma and his wife actually havin kids 🥺
Ahh yesssss. Babies. Mini versions of Kenma and you running around your luxurious house. Fuck.
Reader w/ CEO!Kenma
Tumblr media
Would definitely cry but try to hide it as soon as he sees them
"Kenma, are you crying?" You ask as a giggle made it's way out of you.
"No! Dust fell in my eyes! They should really clean this hospital!"
You just giggled as you watched your dear husband hold both your children in his loving arms.
Would spoil the living fucks out of his children— Istg.
"Daddy! Can I have a PS5?" Your 7 year old kid would ask, pleading their dad as they goes on their knees. "Of course! You know, I love video games too, we can have some me and you bonding time if you want?"
The kids would also have very good observing skills that they took from their father; which can be very dangerous— 😃
"Hey Daddy!" Your child would call for their father, bouncing up to him. "Yes little bean?" Your husband would quirk a brow at what your child had to say to him before lifting them up, off their feet and onto his lap (even if he's playing video games, cuz he knows that family is important and should always go first, even if it means leaving his character to die).
"Why does Mommy call you Daddy at night? And why does she scream?" Both of your freeze and turn to look at each other, your eyes about to pop out of their sockets at his question.
You hurry and rush to find an answer, Kenma luckily saving your ass.
"Well you see.. Mommy always hears you little gremlins call me Daddy, so she just picked up on it as habit. And we normally watch horror movies at night, for the full affect." Your child would stare in awe at their father as you glare daggers at your husband.
Your child waddles away to their dear sibling after filling their curiosity with knowledge. :)
"Did you literally just call our children gremlins?"
Would be a tiny bit jealous if his kids kept hogging you (cause he needs love too, you know?)
"Go. To. Bed. Now." Your children would whine as they stare up at their father.
"But whyyy? Just go back to playing video gamesss." They'd stretch out the end of the words, clinging onto your legs even tighter.
"No. Mommy and I are gonna have some private time." They'd groan and whine, pointing at him and asking for you to tell him to go away.
You could only shake your head and let Kenma do the talking.
"Or else no fortnite." He said sternly, glaring at the mini combinations of both of you. They both gasped and headed upstairs, going to their bedrooms after brushing their teeth.
"Finally." Kenma sighs, a gasp leaving your lips as he flings you over his shoulder and throws you on your shared bed as soon as you entered the large room.
"Alone time with my wife." He'd grumble as he tore his shirt off.
"We haven't done it in ages."
Long story short your children laid awake in their beds listening to your screams and thinking that both of you were watching a horror movie.
Kenma soundproofs all his walls (Because of the last two headcanons)
You and Kenma take your kids to work, with you keeping a close eye on them (both of you love them too much to leave them in the hands of a stranger)
You and your husband would definitely introduce both your children to Kuroo (ft. Lev)
"Mom, he looks like a rooster." Your child would say, attempting to whisper, only for Kuroo to hear. Kuroo's eyes twitch and a vein pops on the side of his forehead.
"Dad, he's so pretty!" You glanced over to Kenma who was watching your other kid, the mini of both of you pointing to Lev who waved at them with his large hands.
"and big..." Your child would say in curiosity as they stared at the huge giant in front of them, towering over them like a skyscraper.
"and annoying." Your husband would add in.
Tumblr media
Babies. <3
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lovetoshis · 8 months ago
“pretty boy”
iwaizumi, kita, suna, lev + tendou
their reaction to you calling them pretty (as they deserve) - part ii here!
Tumblr media
▹ iwaizumi simply flushes red, cute. it takes him a moment to recollect his thoughts yet still, all he can stammer out is a “w-what?” you repeat the pet name before hesitating slightly, did hajime not like-- in one swift movement, he pulls you into his arms and the both of you relax, the feeling warm and familiar. iwaizumi hopes in this position, you won’t notice the burn of his cheeks once more.
▸ kita’s brows are furrowed ever so faintly in confusion, but the apples of his cheeks give him away, glowing rosy. he takes in your smile and the adoring glimmer in your eye that he’s still not grown used to - how could he? - and moves to grasp your hand in his own, interlacing your fingers. “thank you, beautiful,” he murmurs, lips pressing softly against the back of your hand.
▹ suna’s smirk is tilted and teasing as he takes in the pet name, wondering if it was just a slip of your tongue. (deep down he hopes it wasn’t.) “pretty boy?” he echoes, the lilt of his tone letting you know he’s not as opposed to it as he pretends. you nod contently, “yeah, you’re my pretty boy,” and this time his expression melts into something much softer.
▸ lev absolutely beams! his smile is dopey and wide and he’s quick to wrap his arms around you in an appreciative hug. he all but shouts his “thanks!” sheer delight radiating from him as you gently squeeze his torso. it’s less than a second after lev finally lets you out his hold that he’s rubbing his cheek against your own, a laugh spilling from your lips - his favourite sound.
▹ tendou freezes. you...thought he was pretty? he’d never heard that one before... the pet name stirs something inside him, making his eyes shine with both pure happiness and dewy tears. his voice is small but riddled with excitement as he softly asks “can you call me that again?” you smile, “of course, my pretty boy” and as you take in tendou’s expression, you make a note to never stop.
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rondanchan · a year ago
Tumblr media
You know I couldn’t let The Last of Us Day (formerly Outbreak Day) pass without doing some art for it!
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sakusasdisinfectant · 3 months ago
Some Haikyuu boys when you wear their hoodie (Tsukishima, Kuroo, Bokuto, Lev)
No cw/ Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tsukishima- he'd had a long day at practice and was just hoping to come home, take a shower and cuddle with you. However after he exited the shower he realized that he had forgotten to bring one of his hoodies with him to the bathroom to change into, wandering into the bedroom to look for it. It was then that he noticed that you were wearing the hoodie that he'd had in mind, cuddled up in it as you tried to take a nap. He walked up to you and poked you. "That's my hoodie." You blinked up at him. "Huh?" "You're wearing my hoodie," he pressed. You grinned. "I'll give it back if you cuddle with me," you said. He looked like he was considering it for a second before mumbling "you could just keep it..."
Tumblr media
Kuroo- You were at a your boyfriend's game, sitting in the bleachers and occasionally cheering to show your support. After the game was over you saw Kuroo make his way over to you, grinning before sitting down. "What are you so happy about?" You asked. "Well we won, for one thing, and for another..." He grabbed the sleeve of the hoodie you were wearing. "This is mine." You hesitated. You couldn't really tell what he was thinking, so you decided to ask. "Is that a problem? I can give it back, I only grabbed it cuz I was in a hurry, so-" He cut you off with a kiss. "You can wear anything of mine any time you want, baby girl 😏. You look cute in my clothes."
Tumblr media
Bokuto- You two were cuddling at your house, him having crawled in a while ago without having seen what you were wearing. After a while you had to use the bathroom, standing up and stretching before leaving and coming back. Before You got into the bed though, you saw bokuto staring at you with wide eyes through the dim lighting of the curtains. "What?" You asked before getting in next to him again. He threw an arm around you and hugged you tightly before saying. "You're wearing my hoodie! You look so cute, could you wear my clothes more? Please?" He looked so happy that you couldn't help but say yes.
Tumblr media
Lev- You two were out on a casual date at an arcade, him trailing behind you the whole time since you were more extroverted. He looked like he wanted to say something to you, but you brushed it off knowing that he would come to you about it when he was ready. After a while of playing different games with him you felt a tug on your sleeve. "Lev?" You asked. He looked down, blushing. "That's mine." You were confused. "What's yours?" You asked. He didn't answer, instead tugging on your sleeve again. Oh. He was talking about the hoodie. You hadn't even thought about slipping it on before leaving, but you guessed he had. "...Do you want it back?" You asked. He shook his head no vigorously before pulling you into a hug, whispering into your hair, "You can keep it, I like it better on you..."
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bbyjayde · 4 months ago
HQ!! boys buying you a bra
kiyoomi, osamu, aran, oikawa, iwaizumi are literally best bfs, it's easy in and out with them. 😩👌🏼 they already know your size, know what you don't like and what they do like and there's no fumbling at the cash register or blushing at the cashier's teasing. they'll carry that victoria secret bag through the mall with zero shame.
kunimi, sugawara, akaashi, kenma also know your size and a general idea of what they'd like to buy you, but they'll never make it into the store. they'll think it's no big deal until they're standing outside of vs trying to convince themselves to go in.
kageyama, ushijima, terushima are def the gropers 💀 they might not know your size but they know how the cups should fit in their hands. won't notice the other shoppers watching/laughing as they squeeze the pads 😭😭
bokuto, atsumu, lev, hinata will try on the bra. they gotta make sure it looks good. it's not because they want to. definitely not because they wanna know their cup size or anything! 😅 they're just looking out for bae like the good bfs they are 👀
kuroo, tsukishima only do it if you come with. they're not scared to go alone, they just want to see the expressions you make when they tease you. they'll watch how you roll your eyes and try to play off your embarrassment when they point out extra showy lace bras or how you pout when they act disinterested. do not let them sneak into the changing room with you, because they WILL try!!!! 🚨
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peachycoreroo · 6 months ago
hii love i just read the morning wood thingy and i loved it especially tori's part, could you please do kageyama and lev/hinata
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: kageyama tobio, haiba lev, hinata shoyo
genre: fluff? crack? i don’t even know tbh
word count: 0.9k
warnings: talk about morning woods, fem! reader but can be read as gn!reader, oblivious!reader?, all three being dumbasses bc i can’t help myself<3, established relationships
authors note: who would've thought i'd become the morning wood girl JEFHKHWE pretty proud that someone would request i do this with other characters, thank you sm love!!<3 here's a link to my masterlist
pt. 1: kuroo tetsurou, sugawara koushi, oikawa tooru, tendou satori
Tumblr media
kageyama tobio:
you were currently sitting at dinner with your boyfriend, keeping your gaze on him while he inhaled his food like it was nothing. you guessed it was a habit that formed way back when him and hinata would make a competition out of everything, but it was still quite strange to see the habit stick so many years later.
when kageyama turned his attention to you, while simultaneously eating his meal, he couldn’t help but wonder why you were staring at him so intensely. without swallowing, he asked: “wha’?”, with his mouth still filled to the brim.
“why do you get morning woods, tobio?”, you absentmindedly wondered, just to snap out of it as your boyfriend started to choke.
immediately jumping to your feet, you walked around your dinner table and gave him a few slaps on his back, as he started coughing. without a word, the setter quickly got up and ran to the bathroom as his coughing fit continued.
feeling guilty about being the cause for your black-haired partner almost chocking to death, you started pacing around your kitchen, hoping to calm yourself down.
a whole five minutes later, the 6’2’’ man slowly made his way back, almost bumping into the door because he was staring at his phone.
“tobi’! i’m so sorry, i didn’t mean to- “
“’morning wood’ is a slang term that refers to a person having an erect… penis when they wake up in the morning. the medical term is nocturnal penile tumescence”, he read out loud, completely butchering the scientific name. “some call it having a nocturnal erection. NPT is not- “
looking at him as if he lost his mind, you tried to interrupt him. “tobio, wha- “
“a result of sexual- “
“did you just spend five minutes in the bathroom googling what a morning wood is?” at that, he finally stopped reading, avoiding eye-contact with a bright blush on his face.
Tumblr media
 haiba lev:
“truth or dare?”
it was kuroo’s turn to ask, so of course he directed his question at yaku. the 5’5’’ man knew exactly the question would suck, no matter if he picked truth or dare, so with a sigh, he uttered: “truth.”
the nekoma reunion party the guys would throw once every year, had a tradition of playing ‘truth or dare’ and, of course, it got suggestive at times, especially when kuroo was the one asking questions. seeing as you were also invited, as their former manager, you knew a lot more personal stuff about the boys then you sometimes would like.
you sat beside your boyfriend lev; your hands intertwined in his lap as you watched kuroo’s signature cheshire grin spread on his face.
“did you have a morning wood today?”, the former captain provocatively inquired, knowing it would annoy yaku to no end.
“no”, morisuke shot back while glaring at kuroo, completely done with his bullshit. and as the two started bickering back and forth for the nth time that day, you turned your gaze towards your oversized boyfriend, before wondering: “why do guys get morning woods, lev?”
if the room was quiet enough, you might have heard how the gears started to turn in lev’s head, as he tried to come up with an answer. “uh… biology?”, he retorted a few seemingly endless moments later, even though it most definitely sounded like a question.
“so, you don’t know”, you deadpanned.
“…no”, he confessed, making you turn your attention to kuroo, knowing that the rooster head would have the answer unlike your handsome and cute dumbass of a boyfriend.
Tumblr media
hinata shoyo:
this was the first time you actually stayed over at your boyfriends, or at any man’s house for that matter. when you usually had one night stands before getting together with him, you always dipped right after the main event, not wanting to deal with the awkward morning after.
as you laid there beside him at 8a.m., you realized that you never felt more relaxed. the sun shining through the curtains, the peace and quiet of a sunday morning and you, in the arms of a certain ginger man.
smiling softly, you slowly turned around to face him, only to freeze as you felt something poke your thigh. of course, you knew morning woods existed, you weren’t living under a rock. but you did always wonder why guys had that problem.
as your thoughts circled around whether it had something to do with him being unsatisfied from the night before, hinata finally woke up.
“hey there beautiful”, he rasped in his morning voice, tightening his arms around you, resulting in his erection to press against your thigh even more.
“morning sho’”, you softly responded, only to seize up at the added contact.
frowning, hinata turned to lay on his back, asking: “why are you so stiff? did you not sleep well?”
“why are you hard, shoyo? i mean, why do you get erections in the morning?” hinata looked down at his erect dick pressing against his sheets, before focusing back on your face.
“uh… good question? it kind of just happens.”
intrigued, you pressed: “so, you’re not horny right now?”
“not really, i kinda need to pee though”.
“so, you get an erection when you need to pee?”, you wondered, now only more confused than before. “yeah, guess so. you want me to google real quick?”
damn, you thought. you completely forgot google existed. not the way you thought your boyfriend would help you with your curiosity, but this’ll do.
what’s more romantic than searching ‘why do guys get morning woods’ with your significant other on your first morning together?
Tumblr media
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