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yesamu · 2 days ago
Mallemployee!Haikyuu pt.3
Tumblr media
Bath & Body works
Yaku - People ask him for thoughts on the smell of perfumes. His nose is tired of smelling the same basic ass A thousand Wishes bottle of perfume and saying the same thing “it smells good” he hates it. Absolutely hates it.
Kenma - He goes around smelling the candles to avoid talking to costumers. When he does have to interact he nicely says “Give me a minute, I’m not sure” then sends someone else to help the person.
Yamamoto - He’s seen the prices of things go up. When a costumer is checking out and he rings up the items he asks “Are you sure ??”
Fukunaga - Put in charge of stacking up the display of the new seasons scents. He’s knocked down the display, where all the bottles have at times rolled out the store.
Kuroo - Has all the bottles of the perfumes half way empty cause he wants to try to make his own scent. The paper testers are all soggy from the scented liquids when found and the manager just knows whose responsible.
Lev - As soon as he clocks in, costumer service becomes shit. He’s new to the job. Kuroo teaching him the wrong stuff is probably why he got changed to be put under Kai’s wings
Kai - The normal one out of everyone working in there. He smiles and treats everyone as they should be treated. Works fast and efficiently.
Tumblr media
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ellewords · 19 days ago
nekoma finds out about your crush on kuroo
Tumblr media
fic notes : kuroo x gn!reader, fluff, fake texts / smau
read more : inarizaki finds out about your crush on samu ; seijoh finds out about your crush on iwa
from elle ! this one's dedicated to the amazing @spiritingawaytoanime bc I saw your tags on the iwa one to do a kuroo one and my brain went brrrr >_< thank you so much for reading <3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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chifemi · 21 days ago
he invites you over for a game night with all his friends, but when they all leave he makes you stay longer for cuddles because he’s been touch starved all day.
oikawa, BOKUTO, HINATA, ATSUMU, kuroo, tendou, asahi, KENMA, TANAKA, lev
a/n: how did i forget to tag this??
join the taglist!: @solaxena @mono-dot-jpeg @nashionalpotatocorner @saturnmich @escapenightmare @rinesei @mysterystarz @1-800-sanri @i-2004 @erensnubs @loyal-to-my-dilf @eitelle  @terushimatwinn @uravichii @sunhee-sun @devilgirlcrybabiey @ebiharachan @mitzi127 @tearofvenus @chuuae
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lovely-keii · 6 days ago
hq boys and where he likes to be kissed
Tumblr media
his hand. he likes the regality, the subtlety, the rush and giggling to yourself. he likes to be the one courted from time to time, he likes to be serenaded, he wants to be swept of his feet. a hopeless romantic through and through.
— OIKAWA, sugawara, akaashi
his forehead. he likes the tenderness and the soft love. he likes how gentle love can be. kisses are often done to soothe him, to show him you care, to give him even but a glimpse into how wonderfully beautiful he is.
— tsukishima, kageyama, kenma, tendou
his lips. if you’re going to kiss him, might as well do it right. he’s nothing but a sucker for textbook romances and cliches. he likes kissing in the rain, kissing after a fight, and kissing for no reason at all.
— DAICHI, terushima, KUROO, osamu, ushijima, suna
his cheek. he may still be childish at heart. he likes puppy love, honeymoons, and butterflies. he likes adrenaline rushes and amusement park dates. he likes bear hugs and rushing in love. he doesn’t let love outrun him.
— nishinoya, LEV, hinata, yamaguchi
everywhere. scatter kisses on his temple, behind his ear, that sweet spot on his neck, on his collarbone, and down his back. he knows no wrong place to kiss. you are more than welcomed to wander.
— kita, ATSUMU, sakusa
Tumblr media
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andraxicated · 4 days ago
"What's the best bra to wear?"
Tumblr media
Pairings: Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi, Suna, Kuroo, Kenma, Osamu, Sakusa, Atsumu, Bokuto, Oikawa, Ushijima, Akaashi, Lev, Tanaka, Tsukishima, Nishinoya, Kita, Matsukawa, Iwaizumi x f! reader
Synopsis: Haikyuu boys replying to your question.
Tags: suggestive jokes | fluff
a/n: ok im too lazy to make a fake text chat and i think i like this format better? i love everyone in haikyuu but these boys, i really feel their personality and i'd probably only write for them in the future.
Tumblr media
-Daichi, Sugawara, Asahi-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: *sends a website of an underwear brand*
you can browse through these
You: Babe??? You actually went to find some? Ily😭
-Suna, Kuroo-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: *sends a pic of his hand*
am i right or am i right?
You: 👁️👄👁️
-Kenma, Osamu, Sakusa-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: Why are you asking me that?
You: Your hand :((
*left on seen* (dry af)
-Atsumu, Bokuto-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: *seen*
You: Your hands
Him: OHhhh, ohmygod I was searching around the net for bra reviews and rankings
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: My hands. I just love the way they look on your titties
-Ushijima, Akaashi-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: Is this because I ripped it last time? I'm sorry.
You: NOOOO babe it's not, it's from tiktok!
-Lev, Tanaka-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: I literally got smacked by my sister when I asked her this
-Tsukki, Nishinoya, Kita-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: *sends the tiktok sound*
You: I hate you
-Matsukawa, Iwaizumi-
You: What's the best bra to wear?
Him: idk i'll buy you a new one
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katsulia · 3 months ago
Dad's mode. He has already booked a week in advance the cab that will drive you to the airport. All the documents are in his bag. The suitcases have been packed for two days and he has weighed them. He is the one who carries all the suitcases to the airport and he does not stop. He knows where he is going, no need to stop everywhere. No time to be late with him, and you better keep up.
Kita, Ushijima, Sakusa, Daichi, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Shirabu, Kageyama, Aran, Tsukishima, Yaku
Very chill. Jogging and sneakers to be as comfortable as possible. You arrive a little bit early so you don't have to wait in line at the counter. This gives you a little time to hang out in the stores and sip a coffee. He walks around with his neck rest already on his shoulders, a comical but somewhat touching sight.
Oikawa, Osamu, Suna, Tendou, Mattsun, Semi, Sugawara, Kuroo, Kenma, Konoha, Komori 
A marathon. It's a race through the halls of the airport and you arrive out of breath at each counter. It's even a blessing that he managed to take all his documents. He still finds time to stop and buy a whole bunch of food for the trip. You're sure that you won't lose him since he's easily recognizable from miles around with the three caps on his head and the two sweaters tied to his waist (yes, there was no more room in the suitcase...)
Atsumu, Bokuto, Hinata, Lev, Hanamaki, Nishinoya, Hoshiuimi
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risumu · 4 months ago
says “you’re a pretty little thing, aren’t you?” to try to fluster you but is actually internally screaming on the inside because he thinks you’re really pretty and is totally swooning
ATSUMU, oikawa, mattsun, KUROO, yamamoto, tanaka, LEV, semi
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elysianslove · 10 months ago
haikyuu boys that ━━
Tumblr media
━━ would absolutely, definitely, 100% get nauseous, dizzy, possibly might faint, while their s/o is in labor. one peak and they’re doubling over the hospital bed, inhaling deeply and exhaling sharply, steeling themselves. some are surprising, some are expected. all are stupid.
iwaizumi hajime; he just cannot. he cannot fathom what is happening. there is no way you’re going through that and surviving. no wonder you’re screaming in pain. of course you’re screaming in pain. he takes one look at what’s going on and just immediately takes a step back, eyebrows raised and hand pressed to his chest like “my god.” he’s an 8/10 though because he is incredibly supportive and those arms are great to grab onto. will not complain for a second (is strangely way too quiet), but he’s worryingly pale. maybe he’s quiet cause if he speaks he’ll throw up. 
miya atsumu; he’s this close to screaming. or crying. possibly both. he can’t tell if he’s scared in general or scared for you or if he’s hurting seeing you hurting. in fact, no one can tell. he just looks like he’s watching an alien abduction happen right before his eyes. like a 6/10 because he probably does actually faint. it’s almost as if he’s the one in labor. and he’s the annoying kind of supportive that makes you want to smack him like shut the fuck up i’m pushing a whole child out of me right now. but his reactions are extremely endearing and hilarious to watch back because he most definitely insisted on filming. 
akaashi keiji; the silent struggler. really doesn’t wanna make it obvious at all. like he really, really, really doesn’t want you knowing that he’s uncomfortable in any way, but he’s like, sweating from how nauseous he is. a big part of it is hating seeing you in pain; he cringes every time you so much as groan or pant. 7/10 because he’s incredibly supportive but his hands are way too clammy :/ like fr get a grip keiji. again, supportive, but his voice is shaky so it’s like, really ineffective. he cries when he sees his baby and it automatically makes him an 11/10.
sakusa kiyoomi; absolute coward. pussy. it’s not about hygiene, he’s just genuinely mortified. keeps asking you’re okay like,,, what do you think, sir? he keeps looking even though every time he does it doesn’t get any better? question mark? you can see him visibly gulping cause he’s in so much shock. like a 5/10 because he forgets to hold your hand. just stands there. eyes wide and mouth parted like a dumb fish. chokes back on his sobs when he hears his baby’s cries and it’s adorable how he brings his hand up to silence himself so maybe he’s a 7/10.
goshiki tsutomu; please he probably has a panic attack mid labor. definitely screams with you and all the nurses and the doctor are like ???? holds your hand tighter than you’re holding his. apologizes the whole time. the whole time. like the doctor asked him if he wants to see what’s happening, which idk why they would consider that a smart idea, and he just wailed like, “baby i’m so sorry, i’m so sorry, can we just adopt?” a 3/10. he’s so cute but. bring someone else if you don’t want to rip your hair out and his. 
kageyama tobio; he absolutely tries to pretend that he’s okay but he just gets really, really quiet once you start delivering and his lips are chapped and his pupils are blown and his face is so pale. he looks like he just got off of a really bad rollercoaster. he’s not even holding your hand you’re just hanging onto an unmoving, lifeless limb. maybe 6/10, cause he could be better in the supportive department but, at least he was quietly panicking. he does have a mini panic attack once his baby is in his arms though. like just starts hyperventilating. it’s okay though! it’s actually kind of cute <3
lev haiba; actually faints. not probably. he actually faints. like all 6′5 of him just drops onto the floor by your bed and you’re like ,,, damn, guess i’m doing this alone then. he wakes up and the first thing he sees is your baby crowning and he just faints again pls. someone has to be there with you, just like to help him to you. he cannot stand straight at all, he’s leaning on the bed the whole time. 5/10 because it genuinely makes you laugh it kind of makes the pain bearable. they have to get a chair in case he just falls back cause he’s just so dizzy pls.
Tumblr media
━━ would be so fucking annoying. who the hell let them in this room? why did you agree to this? how are you going to raise a child with them? regrets. so many regrets. 
tanaka ryūnosuke; he’s like annoyingly scared. shut up and calm down for a minute i’m trying to birth your child here. swears so much like “holy shit holy shit that’s a big baby.” like pls you’re trying to push it out of you and he has the audacity to say shit like that? treats it like it’s some sort of volleyball match like he cheers whenever the doctor praises you. maybe a 5/10 cause he’s just annoying, but it’s motivating in a way. accepts any insult you throw at him too, like he’s so on board with it. “yes, i’m absolutely a piece of shit— what do you mean you’re not getting anywhere near my dick babe wait.”
bokuto kōtarō; listen :( you don’t want to think he’s annoying but he lowkey is. he’s trying his hardest to make this an easier experience for you but you just need him to be a little quieter. like this hurts bo, calm down please. you want to match his energy but it’s literally physically impossible. he’s an 8/10 though because you doubt it’d have been possible to go through it without him. bokuto’s incredibly ripped too so he lets you hang onto him and he holds you tightly too, like grips your hands and legs so strong that it’s v physically supportive too. 
kozume kenma; he’s so. quiet. like say something kozume. say anything. he’s just wincing and cringing. 4/10 cause where’s the emotion. lets you hold his hand, like wow you should be honored. insults you back if you insult him???? like what’s that about???? when he sees his baby he does like, sharply intake a breath or whatever cause he doesn’t want to cry but he’s really struggling not to, which is kind of cute you guess. films the whole thing and does like a peace sign with a very nonchalant face but he has a filter on and the filter scans your face too except you’re like screaming. actually a 3/10. 
sugawara kōshi; he’s incredibly supportive yes, but mans will be laughing at you. laughing. at you. probably films you and is like properly giggling and laughing boisterously. is so unfazed by anything and everything he sees. he would so easily be a 10/10 but he becomes a -1/10 just cause he’s an ass. definitely like is breathless and is so mind-blown when he sees his baby. just in awe and in shock that he laughs like, “we made that holy crap.” good to have in the delivery room because he does make the atmosphere easier and more lighthearted, but,,, at what cost? your sanity’s. 
suna rintarō; the amount of times you wanted to punch him you cannot count on your ten fingers. makes some sex joke about how you’re so stretched out. you literally want to deck him. films the birthing process and makes you watch the video when you’re not even done delivering the baby? cause he’s insane i guess? justifies it as “this is a reminder of how strong you are,” like shut up with your bullshit. it’s kinda smart tho cause you can pull this on your kid later but still. he’s so fucking annoying. if you hold his hand too hard he’ll be like “it can’t be that bad stop being such a baby,” and the baby is delivered like an hour early out of spite. a 6/10 tho cause somehow you love him and decided to have a baby with him. 
ushijima wakatoshi; pt.2 to say fucking something??? he’s mostly quiet cause he doesn’t really know what to say, and cause he’s never seen you in this much pain and it’s kind of shocking him. he’s not scared though, cause it’s like, a natural process of human life and the life cycle and all that stuff, he’s just like. taking time to process it. lets you hold his hand though. also if you wanna like give up halfway through he’s annoyingly angry with you like “no. you can’t just give up halfway. stop being a coward.” like why don’t you give it a try toshi??? a 5/10. could do better. 
terushima yuuji; so hyperactive that it’s infuriating. doesn’t even hold your hand, he just stands back and observes and like cheers. literally will jump every time you push, like what the fuck, my love? makes really weird comments like “what does it feel like? does it feel like you’re pooping?” like???? it feels like i’m being torn in half yu :D a 4/10 only cause when you ask if you can slap him he wholeheartedly agrees and the doctor cannot hold their laugh back. also definitely plays like the chika dance and makes the nurses do it with him. probably films a tiktok too. you’re going to kill him after. 
oikawa tōru; he’s trying so hard to be supportive and your backbone but he’s just so jittery and nervous. he’s not going to faint or get nauseous, but he literally cannot stay still. he’s so anxious it’s making you anxious. his hands are shaking when they grip yours, but honestly, completely unbiased of course, an 8/10, cause it really is so endearing. like he’s breathlessly and exasperatingly praising you and you can tell he’s near tears just gasping back sobs so ,,, maybe he’s not that annoying. but he is. he is annoying. a little. 
Tumblr media
━━ would be the best of the best. perfectly supportive. a lovely anchor. not too quiet, not too chatty. is so soft and gentle with you. you fall in love with them all over again. 
miya osamu; definitely a 10/10. husband material. he has a cloth that’s just patting away at your sweat. kisses your hand and knuckles. soothingly rubs at your thighs. tells you you’re doing great, that it’ll all be worth it. kisses your forehead. grins at you halfway through when you need that extra motivation. literally all the nurses and the doctor are swooning over him. he’s very nervous deep down but he won’t show it, not for a moment, for your sake. 10/10. can’t stress this enough. 
kita shinsuke; another king! so soft with you when you feel like giving up. just speaks to you in hushed tones like, “you’ve come this far, lovely. you can’t back out now. think of all the happy moments we’ll get to share just a few hours from now.” and you’re like “alright i’m sold.” completely unfazed by anything he sees. okay maybe a little fazed but he just kisses your forehead after sneaking a peak and tells you you’re doing wonderfully. 100000/10. imagine him as the father of your children???? like literally who else would you want????
aran ojiro; wow another inarizaki i sense a trend. except atsumu he’s a pussy. cheers you on quietly, holds onto your legs, breathes with you, smooths your hair back, literally just an angel. if you take a small break he just spends it quietly talking with you to get your mind off the pain. his knuckles are just caressing your jaw and cheek softly till you’ve calmed down. 10/10 obviously. he’s just the right amount of loud supportive and quiet supportive. kisses you full on the mouth when he first hears his baby’s cries and can’t stop thanking you. literally wtf he’s so cute.
kuroo tetsurō; he’s actually surprisingly very serious when you’re delivering the baby. he’s cracking jokes and all before to try and get you less nervous but it’s actually because he’s freaking out. he’s mostly quiet, just holding onto your hand as tightly as you’re gripping his. he holds his breath every time you push. keeps whispering i love you and pressing kisses to your temple. a 9/10 cause he’s so quiet it’s a little scary but he cannot hold back his tears when he sees his baby. kisses you all over your face after. 
satori tendō; very emotional. like so emotional. he’s teary eyed the whole time, just thanking you even if you hadn’t given birth yet. it makes the nurses cry too cause it’s so lovely to see him get so visibly affected by this. he’s just whispering thank you’s and i promise not to let you down ever and i promise to love you forever and you’re pretty sure he’s speaking to the baby you’re birthing at this point. 9/10 cause he made you cry :( no but really he’s a 10/10. super loving, keeps asking you if you’re okay, if you need water, need to hold his hand, anything. angel, fr. 
matsukawa issei; relatively surprising as well because you expected him to be more than just annoying, but he’s just. in awe. he’s so amazed by how much you’re going through, and he just stores it in the back of his brain. literally thanks you for the next 50 years to come. laughs endearingly with you to lighten the mood. 9/10. a point is deducted because he jokingly said that now you’ll be able to take his dick really easily. a nurse choked in shock pls. gets real close after to whisper i love you so that only you can hear. he’s just a dream <3
Tumblr media
━━ would not let you move an inch after giving birth. all the work is on them for the next 5 years. 
all of them. not a single one is left out in this one. they’re annoying but ,,, they all love very strongly <3
Tumblr media
end note; listen idk what this is. i had a vision where iwaizumi could not handle his s/o giving birth and the thought was actually so sweet to me, just the nurses laughing at him and he’s just breathing deeply to try and not throw up and then. this happened. anyways. this helped put me in a better mood so i hope it does/did for anyone else too! 
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · a month ago
Tumblr media
You’re jealous but you can’t do anything because you’re not dating him - Part 5
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Pairings: Lev x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Requested by: @sad-b-tch
A/N: Only one story in this part because I am travelling for a few days and I won't find the time to write for a while. This was written in a hurry and is not proofread so pls 2 forgive any errors.
I'm not sure how exchange programs happen in Japan but when my friend went to Germany, she lived with a student's family who had agreed to host exchange students at their home. That is the concept I followed in this. Also, since it was never clarified which of his parents was Russian, I have assumed it was his mother in this story. Also, I have used like 2 Russian dialogues in this fic with the help of Google so if they're wrong, I'm sry pls lmk I am not friends w any Russian people. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
Haiba Lev is a friendly guy.
"A little too friendly sometimes", you think as you watch him grab Sofia's arm and drag her away to her next class, leaving you in the hallway.
Of course, Lev had been assigned to host and guide the new exchange student from Russia. Sofia Volkov. A girl who is so breathtakingly gorgeous that she might as well have descended from heaven. Hell, she is so beautiful that even you find yourself developing a girl crush on her. Ever since she arrived at Nekoma a week ago, at least 9 people have asked her out on a date. She, however, rejected them all.
Even though Lev does not speak Russian and Sofia cannot speak a word of Japanese, you can't help but admit that he was the perfect choice to be her guide around Nekoma. Sofia seems to have warmed up to him quite a bit in such a short time. He is just that kind of person who can communicate with others so easily and effortlessly.
"Did you see Lev hold Sofia's hand just then? Do you think they are dating?"
"I wouldn't be surprised if they are. She seems to spend all her time in school with him even though she's already living in his house."
"Yeah. If anyone in this school can match Sofia in good looks, it is Lev."
Every hushed whisper you hear about Lev and Sofia feels like a stab straight through your heart.
Stupid rumour mongers. You know they are not dating. Lev would have told you if they were. Yet, thinking about the possibility of them getting together...
You see Lev returning from Sofia's class. He has a giant smile on his face that makes your heart do backflips. God, why did he have to be so pretty?
"Y/N! Thanks for waiting!"
"Of course!" you smile at him, "How is Sofia liking it here?"
"I think she is settling in well. Mom seems to have fallen in love with her. They keep chatting away in Russian late into the night. I have heard more Russian in the past week than I have in my entire life."
You chuckle. "Aww. Your mom must be happy to have someone from her homeland around. She must miss it awfully."
"She does. If it were up to her, she would probably keep Sofia with us forever. She even joked about me marrying her just so she could stay here."
The smile on your face disappears as soon as you hear that. It was a joke. Just a simple joke. You try to console yourself but the worry shows in your face. Thankfully, Lev is too busy chatting away to notice.
"... So I thought I would show her the Tokyo Skytree tomorrow. I think she'd like it, yeah?"
"Yeah, she would."
"Mum insisted I take her at night because it is prettier with all the lights."
It's also more romantic.
"Yeah, night sounds good. She will like it."
"Y/N? Are you okay?"
You look to your side and find Lev looking at you, his head cocked and brows slightly furrowed with worry.
Your internal battle must have shown on your face. "Yeah, yeah. Sorry. I'm all good, I was just trying to remember if I finished the assignment for the next class."
It is a lame reason but it is all you could come up with on the spot. The bell's ringing for the next class saves you from further questions.
It has been 2 days since you last met Lev or even spoke to him properly. He was, understandably, busy showing Sofia around town. He had invited you to accompany them but you had been busy with family stuff and couldn't join them. Still, when he did not reply to your texts as fast as he usually does, you couldn't help but feel a little upset. It also didn't help that your mind ran wild with the possible scenarios of Lev and Sofia getting together.
But as you go about your day in school as usual, chatting and laughing, you begin to feel a little stupid for getting so worked up over nothing.
That was until you met Sofia after school.
She had been waiting to walk home with Lev outside the school gate. As soon as she saw you two approaching, she waved in your direction, a big smile on her face and said something in Russian. As soon as Lev heard her, he turned red as a beetroot.
However, before he could respond, he was hailed by someone from the Nekoma VBC.
What the hell was that about? You think as you watch him sprint towards Yaku-san, still blushing furiously.
Sofia's voice pulls you from your thoughts. She is standing right next to you and is smiling at you. You can tell that she wants to talk to you. You smile back and patiently wait for her to speak.
"Eyy- uh -" she looks around and points at Lev.
"Lev? You want to tell me something related to him?"
She nods eagerly and points at him again, "Boyfriend."
It feels like someone has suddenly dropped a brick in your stomach.
"B-boyfriend? Are you saying Lev is your b-boyfriend?"
"Da! Yes! Boyfriend! boyfriend!!" she jumps up in excitement at finally getting through, smiling and nodding eagerly at you, "Lev Boyfriend? Da?"
The smile on your face is long gone. It is all you can do to keep yourself from bursting into tears right there.
So that's why he was blushing.
"Hey, sorry about that. Yaku-san wanted to tell me about the club meeting later tonight. We can walk home now."
You had not realized Lev had made his way back to you. You turn your face away from him so he won't notice the tears that are now forming in your eyes.
He comes up to Sofia and repeats the same sentence to her in broken Russian.
You definitely won't be able to maintain your composure the entire walk back home.
"Actually, you guys go on ahead. I have some things I need to buy for mum so I'm going in the other direction."
"We can come with you!" Lev says, smiling.
"Oh, I'm pretty sure you'll just get bored there. I'll text you once I'm home," you say and start to sprint away from them, not wanting to spend another second there.
"Wait! Wait! Why are you running away? Y/N!" Lev's extremely confused voice calls after you as you try to get away from them as quickly as you can.
From the corner of your eye, you see Lev start to run after you but Sofia grabs his arm and stops him. That gives you a few moments to slip away, tears streaming down your face as you run.
It doesn't take him long to catch up, though, as you hear him huffing and puffing behind you just a few minutes later. "Y/N! Please! Stop!"
You quicken your pace and try to give him the slip again but it's impossible to keep up with his long-ass legs and you feel a strong grip on your shoulder, trying to get you to stop. You finally do.
Lev gently turns you around to face him and he is shocked to see the fat tears rolling down your face.
"Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no! I am so, so sorry. Sofia told me that she told you. I am really, so, so, sorry."
"I- It's o-okay. Y-you have nothing to apo-apologize for. You d-did nothing wrong," your silent crying has now turned to full-blown sobs now that Lev himself has confirmed the worst.
"I did. I should have been the one to tell you. I told her not to say anything, I wanted to tell you myself but she got excited and jumped the gun. Please, I am so sorry, I never wanted to make you cry like this," Lev's face is contorted with worry and it looks like he might cry too.
" 's ok. I w-will be fine."
"And it is totally okay that you do not feel the same way. Please believe me, I am happy with being the way we always have been."
His words give you pause.
"Sorry, sorry! I shouldn't have brought it up right away!"
"What do you mean I do not feel the same way? The same way about what?"
Lev stares at you blankly. "Uhh, Y/N, what did Sofia tell you?"
"That you're her boyfriend?"
"Did she really say I am her boyfriend?"
"Well, I couldn't understand most of what she said. She was pointing at you and saying 'boyfriend' and when I asked her if you were her boyfriend, she got excited and started saying 'Da' and 'yes' and 'boyfriend'".
"Oh. OH," Lev's eyes widen as realization hits him. He suddenly starts blushing again.
"Y/N. Sofia was not saying that I am her boyfriend. She was asking YOU if you would like me as your boyfriend."
You stare at him blankly, unable to make sense of what he is saying.
"Y-you see. We were talking about crushes and stuff and I accidentally told her that I had feelings for you. She got excited and wanted me to confess to you right away but I... Well, honestly, I was scared. She was so sure that you liked me back and I was just being dumb by not confessing so she decided to take matters into her own hands. But...wait! If you misunderstood her, why did you run away crying?"
"Because she was right."
"She was right about me liking you back. When I thought you two became a couple... ever since she has been here, everyone is always talking about how beautiful she is and how good you two look together. I am not blaming her at all. She is gorgeous and really nice. It is just that... even the thought of you being someone else's had been making me sad for a while. When she spoke to me, I jumped to the worst conclusion and I just couldn't hold myself together so I ran away."
"REALLY?! You really like me back?!" Lev's expression has changed from worry to that of pure joy. He is smiling so wide that you can't help but smile at him through your residual tears.
He takes your hands in his and brings them up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on each of them.
"Ty budesh' moyey devushkoy?" he says, his green eyes glazed over with a softness as he looks into yours.
You giggle. "What does that mean?"
"It means 'will you be my girlfriend?'"
You lean to place a kiss on his forehead, smiling widely as you pull back.
"Da. I will."
Tumblr media
Hope you liked it! <3
Reblogs appreciated. Please do not steal or repost.
Taglist: @pansexualproblemchild @duckymcdoorknob @kakiwrites @ebiharachan
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Tumblr media
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kiyoobi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
себе папика
pairing: lev haiba x f!reader
warnings: dom!lev, sir kink, daddy kink, reader is bratty, exhibition (like technically lmao), lev speaks russian, dom/sub relationship, collaring, slight size kink, no prep, cockwarming, lev is a lil piece of shit <3
a/n: i think lev is under appreciated and i will not take criticism for that. if i have messed any warnings or tags pls dont hesitate sending me an ask!!! thank you @keishinslove for letting be a part of the ukai nation server sugar daddy collab!
“I don’t know about her,” Alisa’s exhale is audible through the receiver.
“She had a bad day,” Lev’s laugh is light and airy. “You caught us on a bad day, it was my fault. I pushed for this lunch.”
“Lyovochka,” Alisa tried to reason, her voice drawing out the last syllable. “She embarrassed you! The way she waved your credit card around like it was her name engraved onto that piece of plastic!”
“We share a bank account,” Lev shrugs, glancing down at his lap.
“It’s still- Huh?! Lev!” He winces and pulls the phone away from his ear at the sound of his sister losing her shit in a mixture of Japanese and Russian.
“Не парься!” Lev grins goofily. Don’t worry! “She’s the one. I’ll talk to her and tell her to be less of a brat next time,” he giggles and stretches.
Through his phone, he hears Alisa laugh. “We are going to talk about your financial decisions later, don’t think I won’t. You’re my baby brother, I don’t want to see you get hurt.”
Lev looks down again and smiles, “She’s harmless. How about next time I’ll make sure she’s more prepared in meeting you, and we can meet next week for dinner? I’d love to show off her better side.”
“Just like she flaunted your money?”
“Alisa,” Lev interrupts with a light-hearted laugh. “Enough! See you next week?”
She sighs, “See you next week, Lyovochka.”
“Good, because I am in the middle of something,” Lev hangs up and looks down at his lap again.
“Think I didn't notice?” He coos, smearing your drool across your cheeks. “I felt your tongue on me, you broke the rules. Thought you were going to be my sweet baby!”
“Think I didn't notice?” He coos, smearing your drool across your cheeks. “I felt your tongue on me, you broke the rules. Thought you were going to be my sweet baby!”
Lev pouts, “Bet you liked hearing me tell Alisa I was going to punish you, huh? You were supposed to just warm my cock for me, not suck it off. You like being punished?”
You know better than to move, or even pretend you’re going to talk with his cock in your mouth. You stay still, ignoring how embarrassingly wet your pussy has become. He’s got you completely naked with the exception of the frilly collar around your neck, and even though your knees hurt, you don’t dare look nowhere else but his eyes.
“You like people thinking you have power over me? You like everyone thinking I’m just your mindless sugar daddy, here to chase after your tight cunt after you spend all my money?” Lev wraps your leash around his fingers and tugs, grinning at how you choke on his cock.
You feel so warm, so wet. Lev is impressed with himself at how well he’s been able to hide his demeanor, because in reality he’s been aching to fuck your pretty little mouth and your cunt for ages.
Lev rolls his eyes at your silence, “You can answer.” You groan around his cock and he lets out a pretty, breathy moan.
“Use your words,” Lev playfully teases you, his emerald green eyes darkened with lust as you choke on his cock as you slide off him.
“No, s-sir!” Your throat is hoarse, your hands grip his thighs desperately now. “Please! I- I’m sorry!”
Lev tuts his tongue, “You’re sorry? Okay, okay. I believe you.” He cups your cheeks, giggling at your smushed face and he leans in to gently kiss your nose. “Sit on my cock then, baby. If you really have the audacity to think you own everything I have, then show me you own my cock.”
Your eyes widen and your stomach nervously flips. He’s joking right? It took forever to be trained on how to take all of his cock into your mouth, and even then you still gag and choke around him. Everyone has underestimated Lev, they always have. They think he’s ridiculous, he’s an airhead, a pretty boy, maybe even sometimes a pushover for pretty girls like you.
But his cock was not one to underestimate.
Everything about him is pretty. Long and girthy it stands proud, proving anyone who thinks he’s got a skinny dick a goddamn bitch. His tip is flushed pink just like his plump lips, and normally would’ve been leaking precum if it weren’t for your spit wetting his cock.
All of this is centimeters away from you now, and you know damn well that you’ve had no prep despite the mess between your thighs seem to suggest.
“No? Okay, you can sit here then and think about what you’ve done-” You can see his smirk, you know he won’t leave you out to dry, and yet you still panic.
“No! No, I’ll sit on your cock, sir.”
“Daddy,” Lev corrects. “You brag that I’m your little sugar daddy, so why don’t you start addressing me properly then, huh?”
“Daddy,” you nod.
He helps you stand, his large hands groping the fat of your hips and thighs as he sits you on his lap. Lev rests his forehead against yours as he helps you sink down onto his cock. Your moans and whimpers graze against his lips, the burn of being stretched out is overwhelming. Your skin buzzes with this masochistic pleasure, your hands grips his shoulders for balance as you try to sink down more.
“I can’t! I can’t! ‘ts too much!” you cry out to him. “Help me!” His hands on your hips have been purely for show.
“Oh? So now you need daddy’s help?”
He ignores your babbling, pretending that all of your begging hasn’t been making his cock twitch inside of you, and his hands squeeze your plush hips. Gently he rocks up into you as he sinks you down on his length, his eyes watching the way you quiver on just this alone. He feels your velvety walls squeeze him tight, and he groans.
This. This is why he lets you spend his money and parade around to others pretending that you’re the boss. Because your pussy was made for him. Both of you whimper and sigh in relief when he’s fully seated inside of you, and he tilts your chin up so he can taste you. The tang of his cock is still on your tongue, but behind that he can taste his sweet baby, happily moaning around his tongue. Lev tugs on your leash as he kisses you, loving the way your pussy flutters each time.
You’re still not ready for him to start fucking up into your pillowy cunt, but with the tight grip he has on your leash, you know better than to argue.
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https-sen · 3 months ago
Nekoma Bf's Being Needy HC's
Just them wanting cuddles and your attention (yes the reader is the big spoon, & the dom role here and yes this is sfw dw)
Tumblr media
Pairing(s): Kenma, Kuroo, and Lev x gn!Reader
Genre: Fluff (and a dash of crack commentary)
Warnings: Swearing; & NOT PROOFREAD!!
A/N: yo ive reached 100+ followers so why not come back with this ehe 😼 there was supposed to be yaku but i gave up and didnt know what to write for him so yeah 🤥
follow me if you wanna see more haikyuu, obey me, and genshin x reader fics cmon now im waiting 🤺 and gimme asks i only have 3 reqs and just lmk if you dont want me to give your @ out 👹👺
ps might be doing a karasuno, seijoh, and date tech vers so lmk
Tumblr media
Kenma Kozume
♡This little bitch 😦
♡He get's all pouty if youre busy and traces shapes and/or letters on your palm if he gets bored while waiting
♡If youre not busy he'll start complaining like, "You aren't doing shit, now come spoon me 😠"
♡If you ignore him he'll 100% squeeze into your lap by full force and never let go until you AT LEAST give him head scritches
♡If you decide to stop whatever youre doing he'll go, "Aha! I knew i'd win!! I came feet first during birth, you cant do shit! I'm that powerful 😼"
♡But once he gets his remarks out of the way oh boy he's so soft and just melts in your warmth
♡Has the audacity to tell you that you smell bad while HUGGING YOU TIGHTER 😕⁉️
♡His grip while cuddling is just so tight to the point you almost turn blue ksbehwhw If you try to move just lil he'll tighten his grip, so good luck going to the bathroom 😹‼️
♡This mf really goes, "Piss in your pants or sumn we can clean it up later" Bro what 😟
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurō
♡This mf threatens to get a RESTRAINING ORDER on you if you rob him of his most valuable possession, your loving attention, hugs and kisses 🧑🏻‍🦲
♡He remembers what you like and dont like very, very, VERY well so expect.. bribes kind offers and treats from him and tell you all you have to do is stop whatever shit is being done on your laptop 🤡
♡If you do however take the bribes kind offers, he'll snatch your ass up and fucking 🏃SPRINT🏃 from the living room to your shared bedroom and make you spoon him while watching 'The Good Doctor' (i love tgd no judgement) 🤺
♡If you dont, he'll sit on the FLOOR and just hug your leg as he waits while showing you tiktoks as he constantly hits his head since he somehow forgets the coffee table is right fucking next to him 💀
♡He would nuzzle your knee as he just stares at whatever youre typing and say, "Oh whats that? 😯" every 15 minutes
Tumblr media
Lev Haiba
♡Whiny asshole 😒
♡He's basically a gigantic baby, he even needs you to hold his hand while going to the bathroom (and just talk about random things as he takes a shit)
♡So my guy be SOBBING if youre not paying attention to him
♡This mf keeps on tugging on your shirt only for him to point at his cheek so he can get a lil kiss like, "Kith now. Now kith.👹"
♡He'll ask you (like the voice in the obwama-chyan meme) as he puts his head on your right thigh, "Cuddle me plith? 😣 I'll do the dishes for a month 😣 I'll even let you pick wherever to go on our date for a week 😣"
♡I have no idea why'd you say no to that, its better than getting sued by you-know-who 🤨
♡As your laptop is about to shut down, my guy tosses it on the favourite armchair you like to sit on and JUMPS on top of you
♡He likes to tell you about what he watched on his phone, help you cook popcorn if you both wanted to watch a movie or just take a nice nap together 💕
Tumblr media
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ellewords · 2 months ago
the haikyuu boys who would purposefully let their hair fall past their eyes so you could brush it away for them <3
   —   OIKAWA, kenma (will never admit it), nishinoya, KAGEYAMA, KUROO, lev, yamaguchi, ushijima 
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chifemi · a month ago
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐋𝐄𝐌𝐀𝐍; 𝐚 𝐯𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
as you walk out of the door to go shopping with him, he pulls you back into the house and holds the door open for you. “i can be a gentleman and open the door for you.” whether that be a pouty claim or a cocky one, he won’t be letting you go through that door without him holding it for you.
sugawara, KUROO, BOKUTO, atsumu, SUNA, ushijima, lev, oikawa, MATSUKAWA
Tumblr media
a/n: yeah someone said this to me at school today, coincidentally it was my “girlfriend” yes we call each other that plus we have another one...it’s a whole thing💀
join my taglist!: @solaxena​ @mono-dot-jpeg @nashionalpotatocorner​ @saturnmich​ @escapenightmare @rinesei​ @mysterystarz​ @sunnys4nr1​​
Tumblr media
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legendaryoikawa · a year ago
haikyuu boys while doing ‘it’
warnings: NSFW
note: spicy headcanon ahead. happy sinning SKHDHDHDHS 💀✨✨ there will be part 2 swear jdhdhd ✨✨
terushima — edges you till you’re crying out. will probably stop midway just to let you know how deep he is. that type of jerk that will let you answer an incoming call from your phone while he’s doing ‘it’ and forces you to hold a smooth conversation while he pounces on you mercilessly. his tongue piercing will come in handy especially when he’s in a mood of eating you down there.
oikawa — does ‘it’ in front of the mirror. degrades you while he does the deed. a daredevil— would be doing it everywhere he pleases. he’ll overstimulate you.
ushijima — grabs you by the jaw to look at your eyes intently and drags a low “you belong to me”
asahi — worships your body. likes to get his hair pulled.
kageyama — wouldn’t know he’s being rough but you don’t mind at all. good with his hands. into ice play but he has his own thing. ice into milk cube and will wait for it to melt and he will slowly lick it out 👅 🦋
tendou — is really good with his hands. slides one lithe finger after the another. car sex. makes fun of you. would probably laugh when you’re close to tears. his tongue is long doee... so expect cumming with just the use of his sinful tongue ;))))
daichi — he’s a dom, period. moans in your ear while pounding his hips onto the crook of your ass. slaps your ass cause he can. is that motherfucker that will go gentle and all smiley in public and then one moment you’ll hear him whisper down your ear, “I can’t wait for u to call me daddy..” 😏
yamaguchi — he’s a total softie and would constantly ask you every now and then if you’re okay. he’s into pleasuring you more than pleasuring himself. he will intertwine his hands with you cause he’s a softie. leaves small kisses on your temple while he goes in and out. might be kissing your tears away when he goes into you and taking you by surprise. 
bokuto — has a praise kink. would go faster if you call him a good boy or when you compliment him. master at aftercare. feels cocky when he sees you unable to walk the next morning. eats it like it’s the only thing existing. goes rough when you ask him to slow down. 
lev — ceo of picking you up so he can go into you further. awkward at first but will get the hang of it. asks you if you’re comfortable or is the current position okay? compliments at how flexible you are. 
kenma — lets you go under his gaming desk to do your thing while he go on stream. moans in your ear. might be into cat ears and leash. 
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mysterystarz · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
will happily sit and look through old photo albums with you, staring at the older pictures of you and grinning at them before looking back at you. you were lovely then too, and he wouldn’t mind making a photo album of the two of you as well.
a record of your love to look back on later sounded like a dream — he loved you so much, that he’d treasure it forever
OSAMU, akaashi, hanamaki, lev, sugawara, DAICHI, yamaguchi, USHIJIMA
Tumblr media
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k-kazvha · 3 days ago
💭; them as things my guy friends have done.
Tumblr media
pairings: akaashi, oikawa, lev, kuroo, hinata, sugawara x gn!reader (separate)
category: fluff, scenarios
synopsis: we all have those few friends whose words and actions stick with us through time.
warnings: mentions of food
notes: sighs
Tumblr media
akaashi — scolds you for not doing the work in class yet decides to move his chair closer to your desk. he watches you play a game over your shoulder and does small doodles in your sketch book on a page you’ve scraped.
oikawa — who notices your dry hands. “wait i have hand cream or do i... no i have hand cream... wait give me a second" he sifts through his tote bag "ah, found it" he says to himself before tossing the lotion at you and reminding you to take better care of your skin
lev — offers to buy you a pastry that you’ve been eyeing for a bit at the store. insists on doing so even after you decline and buys it without you knowing as a surprise. is also the one to break the self-check out machine at save ons while trying to buy two bags of m&ms and pulls you away to the other line saying “it’ll be fine. no one will know. how could they know?”
kuroo — is the upcoming performer in a school play while you decided to become a stagehand. it's then end of practice where you're both waiting for your rides when he starts to play the piano in the drama room. he offers to teach you and loops an arm around your shoulder to help guide your hand, telling you about different keys and what order to play them in.
hinata — ends up becoming your cooking partner for culinary class. while he isn't the best, hinata isn't the complete worst at cooking. that's what you thought originally of course. when it comes to baking muffins, he ends up putting too little flour and forgot baking soda. you both realize this once most of the tins were full and the substitute teacher just looks with shock as the C.S student explains how this mix up was the first time it's ever happened before.
sugawara — offers to talk to the cashier for you when out buying food as he knows you don't like having to do so. though you decline, he's beside you when you pay just in case you need help. is also one who sends you memes in the middle of class when he knows you aren't feeling the best
Tumblr media
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keigravy · 3 months ago
thinking about ...
Tumblr media
how kenma smiles when he sees you in the halls, sneakily taking a quick picture of you and sending it with a "dude look how cute they are"
the time you and kuroo had a marathon of shitty teen romance movies he went out of his way to recreate them. standing outside your window, old speakers in hand blasting some 90s love song.
how lev scrunches up his face when you give him a kiss; watching his pale skin flare up in pink and mumbling stooooop while holding you tighter.
how hinata has everything and anything in his bag just for you; extra shirt bc yours got dirty at lunch? has it. extra changer? yup. man will tell u to meet him in the craziest places and exchanges them all for a kiss.
how before a game oikawa will always text you without fail, saying which serves are dedicated to you and if they fail he says "well you weren't loving me enough today so 🙄"
how aran keeps a folder in his phone full of screenshots of all his favorite things you've told him; some are reminders of love or how well he plays, others are stupid things that make him laugh.
how bokuto memorized your classes and always makes sure to walk by while you're there; waving through the window and making faces till the teacher sees him. then texts "you saw me right?"
Tumblr media
©keigravy 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, translating and using for asmr purposes. reblogs & interactions are always appreciated <3
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mainveyn · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
haikyuu boys when they found out you're working in a maid cafe
Tumblr media
super excited to see you! scream your name so loudly at the entrance that every customer is looking now. will definitely ask you to take a photo with him. so that he could send it to his friends and show off.
NISHINOYA, yaku, LEV, oikawa, tendou, BOKUTO, terushima
Tumblr media
the one who received the photo. he is not interested in maid cafes until he sees you in a maid outfit. will show up the next day with reddened cheeks and ears. even if you came to serve him, he probably can't hold eye contact with you.
HINATA, yamaguchi, iwaizumi, kindaichi, ginjima, tanaka and yamamoto (yeah they go together lol)
Tumblr media
smirked at you. pretend that he doesn't know you too. definitely give you the most difficult orders or come up with some ridiculous request just to piss you off. yeah, typical usui takumi stuff. secretly take a photo of you but never show it to the others. actually blushed every time he looked at it.
matsukawa, kuroo, atsumu, SUNA, futakuchi
Tumblr media
genuinely worried about you. “why are you working part time jobs? do you have financial problems at home? do you need help with your studies?” check up on you from time to time. if you work at night shift, he will drop by to help you take out the trash and walk you home.
asahi, suga, daichi, aone, USHIJIMA, AKAASHI, KITA, aran, hirugami, komori
Tumblr media
act like he didn't care but will cover up for you if you fall asleep in class after working a night shift last night. lend you his notebook for answers. offer to take up class duty for you if you're running late for work.
kageyama, TSUKKI, kenma, kyoutani, kunimi, shirabu, hoshiumi, sakusa 
Tumblr media
“can i work here too?” he thinks he cooks better.
Tumblr media
reblogs are very much appreciated <3
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tetsvhoe · 8 months ago
"you're in a room full of jujutsu men, how many dicks are you choking on?"
character/s: tsukishima kei ; iwaizumi hajime ; lev haiba ; oikawa tooru ; miya atsumu; bokuto koutaro
genre/s: crack/humor, suggestive!
warning/s: MINORS DNI, block my tag [ 🍰 : funfetti ] which contains 18+ content
gwen's notes 🤍: pretty sure i've seen someone else do this before but i'm not sure where i've seen it! :/ this is my take on the "prank" where reader asks how many dicks they're choking on and when they answer none, reader teases that they won't choke 😭
edit : i think tumblr hates me it keeps switching up the arrangement of the photos and replaces iwaizumi's part 😐
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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iwaitsumi · 3 months ago
Characters - Atsumu, Iwaizumi, Suna, Lev.
A/n - Lev deserves more appreciation. Also my ask box is open so feel free to drop by and request something if you want.
ATSUMU he’s such a clingy baby. This man lives for your attention and if he doesn’t get any… he’s gonna be very annoying. You were chilling in the living room, scrolling through your phone while Atsumu was laying on your stomach. You tried wiggling out of his grip to go to the bathroom but he’s not letting you go. He feels like if he’s not touching you, you will disappear. “Tsumu baby, I won’t be long. I need the bathroom.” Looks up at you with puppy dog eyes and a big pout. Ends up following you to the bathroom and waiting outside the door, when you’re done he starts whining about you taking a long time. “A missed ya angel, ya took so long!” Atsumu it’s been 2 minutes.
IWAIZUMI hates to admit how clingy he is. But what he hates more is asking for your attention, he will literally lay on top of you if that’s what it takes for you to notice him. You were round his house and it was getting dark so you had to start packing up. Iwaizumi had you on his lap while his face was buried in your neck as he occasionally kissed your lips. ”Haji, it’s getting late. I have to get going.” All he does is grumble something incoherent while pulling you into him tighter. “Haji-“ you shriek as he drops you down on the bed and lays on top of you. “Stay, you can sleep round mine today.” You sign giving in to him and kiss his hairline. “You’re such a big baby.” “And you’re a brat.”
SUNA such an asshole. I can definitely see him hiding your stuff so you don’t leave or following you everywhere you go. “Suna Rintaro, where is my purse?” He pretends he doesn’t know anything and acts all innocent but that shit eating grin tells you everything. “Huh? I have no clue what you’re on about. Guess you’ll have to stay for a little longer.” Slap him. Sadly, you’re stuck with him. He will eventually pull you into bed and lay on your chest before drifting off to sleep. If you try getting up for a drink or to go to the toilet he’s definitely following you just to make sure you’re not running away.
LEV he’s not ashamed to show his love for you, even out in public. Definitely comes running to you if practice is too hard. He has no boundaries. You came round his house to study but his definition of studying is cuddles and lots of them in fact. So you were sat on his bed trying to get up so you can grab a textbook but you had a little problem… well not so little. Lev decided that it would be a good idea to cling onto you like a koala hugging a tree. Don’t forget that the guys heavy - 79.7 kg to be exact. And when you tried standing up with Lev still latched onto you, you both ended up falling. You let out a loud shriek as you came crashing down with Lev shortly behind you. “I’m sorry baby, I just don’t want you to leave me.” He makes up for it by rubbing where you’re hurt and giving you lots of kisses.
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