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#level up
thereignclub · a day ago
just a reminder : taking care of yourself is productive. taking some time to rest your mind, body, and soul is productive. realizing that you need to give yourself some space to decompress and relax is productive. it is a good use of time because it will benefit you in the long run. we can’t constantly be straining ourselves hoping to be successful if we don’t let ourselves rest. it’s essential. don’t feel bad for giving your mind and body what it needs, it's necessary for your wellbeing and future success.
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klassicallylyiah · 2 days ago
How I Increased My Confidence to the Point Where I Can’t Stop Looking at Myself in the Mirror!!
1. When I felt bad about myself, I would sit in front of a folded mirror in the dark for 5-10 minutes at a time. I felt so self conscious about my reflection staring at me from 3 angles that I felt exposed. I realized it’s not me who feels bad about myself, it’s the others who feel negatively about themselves to the point that they’re inflicting their self hatred on me!
My mood and self esteem level changed instantly! I couldn’t believe it. From middle school to my junior year in high school, I didn’t hate myself, it was other’s energy!
2. Don’t ever care about the negative comments or backhanded compliments others say to you directly/indirectly. Literally, ignore it unless you’re being threatened. I laugh at anything anyone says at me. At the same time, don’t allow anyone to talk about you and you take it.
“If they can dish it out, they can take it.”
You’re too pretty to insult yourself and pick out flaws about yourself. You’re too pretty to waste your energy and eyesight on picking out flaws on others. They’re them and you’re you.
3. Unlearn stage fright and the feeling of being cornered. For my graduation practice, I walked in the field in my favorite fitted dress, waist ⌛️⏳ (I had on a waist trainer but no one could tell) and the vintage Louis Vuitton bag I just bought. They people I had issues with kept staring at me to antagonize me or to get me to look down/away but I really, really didn’t care.
My waist captured everyone’s attention and I was going to go have fun afterwards while they rushed to work and gawked at me.
(My graduating class really thought I got my waist done 🤣)
I didn’t appear as and really wasn’t the same meek girl they saw before the pandemic shut everything down. Know that you’re better than whatever others are giving out.
You don’t have to prove anything or have a revenge “‘“glow up’”” on anyone.
4. Never stop learning about how to improve yourself. I discovered femininity when the change happened and it was a life transformation. Wake up earlier and have a healthy drink or meal. Watch makeup tutorials and hacks while walking on the treadmill. Find out your personal style and measurements.
5. Think about your confidence this way. Your self esteem levels are like a dimmer switch. The more you notice how attractive and lovable you are, the higher the switch goes up or more the knob turns. You see your inner & outer beauty even more as the brightness increases.
Now, I’m pretty euphoric and I keep a mirror on my nightstand. I’ve had to hide mirrors from myself and buy more to place in my surroundings!!
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gl0wupgirl · a day ago
I’ve realized that I underestimate my own abilities. I feel like I need to add things to the slate of who I am in order to be “worthy” of what I want in life. I don’t have to wait until I finish this course or that certification to apply for the job I want. I don’t have to wait until I lose weight to feel good about my body. I don’t have to wait until I live in my own house to decorate my space and enjoy my sanctuary. I can go after what I want NOW, I can live my life NOW, I can enjoy myself NOW, not in some distant hypothetical future. There’s nothing holding me back except me.
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angels-academy · 2 days ago
I don’t chase or attract. I command.
Tumblr media
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growup-gloup · 2 days ago
I'm a fundamental believer of the fact that all relationships have a time and place in our lives, and many of them are not meant to be permanent.
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electricnil · a month ago
so those snowgrave AUs 
(level up and salt route)
Tumblr media
i just think it is very funny that anyone who joins kris’s party immediately loses 90% of their free will
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the-meme-monarch · a month ago
Tumblr media
i don’t have a funny caption. they need help
edit I forgot tumblr mobile is fucked up rn so small text is hard to read. left -> right is the salt route, snowgrave route, level up, and beatdown route (the beatdown route is the one i made <:] )
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thereignclub · a day ago
To live the life you desire
For your body
Drink a glass of lemon water
Take your vitamins
Go for a morning walk
Eat a colorful plant based meal
Try a new form of movement
Stretch for 10 minutes
Take a cold shower
Immerse yourself in the sun
Stay hydrated throughout the day
Apply a face mask
Breathe deeply and with intention for 5 minutes
For your mind
Read a book
Clean out your closet
Have a phone free morning/night
Rearrange your room
Listen to a podcast
Write down what you are grateful for
Establish your morning and evening ritual
Plan your day
Try something for the first time
Watch a ted talk
For your soul
Watch the sunrise or sunset
Spend time outside and in nature
Say no without explanation
Connect with someone you miss
Wash your bedding
Read or write poetry
Plant a garden or buy a plant
Greet a stranger
Do something that makes you laugh
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klassicallylyiah · a day ago
Reason #1 of Why I Love Femininity, Pretty Privilege & High Maintenance
When I went through vehicle emissions, inspector told me to put my wallet down and that he’ll cover my test fees & diagnostics out of his. He told me he hoped I didn’t have to pay the last times I visited, my dress was so cute and told me how to maintain my vehicle to last forever. I wasn’t planning on getting out of the car for the day yet I had on a yellow dress that ties at the waist, makeup done and white flats on.
So, please put effort in yourself even if you don’t feel like it. It’s easier said than done, but surprises can happen 🤍💫
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