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urtoospoiled · a day ago
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Mood of the Board: Art Amongst Art
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bbltheque · 2 days ago
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exposing myself again
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loveisfruitful · 3 months ago
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hermajestyimher · 15 days ago
Repeat After Me:
I am obsessed with being disciplined. I enjoy pushing through temptation and distractions in lieu of remaining committed to my goals and visions. I love the feeling of satisfaction I get after achieving a goal that could have only materialized through laser focus and discipline. I know that discipline is a muscle that can only be strengthened with consistency and tenacity. I love that my disciplined personality allows me to live a life beyond mediocrity, complacency, and misery. I am strong, committed, resilient, and capable.
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boredgirlsclub · 6 months ago
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care for yourself and love every second of it
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fruitsinthesky · 2 months ago
Shifting your story exercise
Your story is what you believe to be true about yourself and life. It's what you tell yourself over and over again. The story you believe creates your reality. Therefore, shifting your story also shifts your reality. This is an exercise to become aware of your current story and any limiting beliefs in order to shift them into one that aligns with your desired reality.
Take out a notebook and write all areas of your life
what are your beliefs about relationships, love, your body, money, success?
What do you believe your body should look like?
What do you believe is stopping you from getting that desired body?
What do you think is healthy and not healthy for your body?
what are your beliefs about money?
Do you believe it is fair and just for you to have more of an income?
Do you believe you deserve abundance and success?
what does a normal/healthy relationship look like to you?
what do believe a home environment to be like
what do you want your future home environment to look like
Emotional state
what is my natural emotional state?
Why is my emotional state like this?
Now, rewire any limiting beliefs with these five steps.
Notice the limiting belief: Spot limiting beliefs with self-awareness. If you have that annoying little voice inside your head telling you that you’re unworthy or unable to do something your rational brain knows you’re capable of, this is probably a limiting belief. (Meditation is great for getting in tune with your thoughts, self-awareness, and spotting limiting beliefs.)
Acknowledge: Acknowledge the limiting belief for what it is.
Question your limiting belief: Once you’ve spotted a limiting belief, isolate it. Write it down. Now we can question it.
Let go of the limiting belief: Forgive yourself for holding this belief, take a deep breath, and let it go. You simply don’t need it anymore.
Replace the self-doubt:  Replace this old belief with a new one. Using positive affirmations can be really good for this exercise. It doesn’t have to be outlandish or unrealistic – accept yourself for who you really are. Realize that you’re okay with your abilities and that nothing can hold you back.
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ps-imelevating · 6 months ago
Romanticize The Life That You Have
Romanticizing your life is about appreciating life where you are. Doing the most and the best that you can with what you have, at the moment. It’s okay to aspire for better and to actively be working towards YOUR goals. Sometimes with social media, we get so caught up in viewing the lives of others being shared with us that we develop a taste for a life that isn’t our own. Watching other people live their Best Lives can be inspirational but don’t get sucked into a false reality thinking that you have to live their best lives to achieve yours. Here are a few tips to romanticize the life that you have right now.
1. Stop putting the lives of others on a pedestal.
When you begin to idolize the lives of others you begin to view your own life with discontent. You can do everything you want to do in life. If you have to live on a budget find a way to save to get what you want or find an alternative that is just as good for where you are right now.
Remember that social media is a show. Most influencers or people on these platforms show the things that they know will attract more attention to themselves, this is how they make their money and get their attention. Some things may not be what it seems, which means the glamour may not be all that it is shown to be.
Also, remember that everyone is at different stages of their lives. You may be watching someone living their “best life” traveling, going on all of the most extravagant vacations, eating at the most expensive restaurants, and buying all of the cars, clothes, shoes, and bags a lady could dream of. That is absolutely great for them but don't get down on yourself if you are not there yet. Notice I said YET! You have to realize what it is you want out of your life and what you want to do to achieve your best life. This takes time, attention to detail, planning, and smart moves.
Don't be so focused on the future that you forget how awesome your journey to the future is.
2. Be realistic with where you are in your life
Being realistic with yourself is so important because you only know what you are capable of. Romanticizing your life is not only about what you can afford. It's about you actually enjoying your life. You won't be able to enjoy your life if you are so focused on doing things that are not in your financial bracket. Go on vacations but be down on yourself if you cant go across the country this time. Save your money but don't be so focused on your financial situation that you are too afraid to spend some and live.
3. Do things that you enjoy.
Go out into your city and surrounding areas find new things to do. Take your time to explore your environment, try things you would typically not try. You'd be surprised how much you learn about yourself in the process and how much you are enjoying your days.
4. Get off of social media.
Social media has a way of crumpling our minds and brainwashing us into thinking like all the other users on social media. You get trapped in a virtual world that has limited opportunities for you to grow. Your social media is only showing you what you are used to viewing, there's not much new peeking through.
There's an entire world out there to explore and there is so much about yourself left to learn.
Take yourself on dates, find new restaurants, and treat yourself. During this time you will begin to almost be detoxing but you will notice how much of yourself you are getting familiar with.
Ask yourself all of the questions.
What do you like, why? What don't you like, why? Do you have a favorite color? What do you like to wear? Try new styles for your hair, makeup, outfits. Start reading and open your mind.
Romanticizing your life is a fun time. You become more aware of your surroundings and begin to really love yourself and your life. Get out there, work on your mindset and love your life!
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malusokay · a month ago
It's okay if you need to...
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Spend time figuring things out.
Put your own needs first.
Take more breaks than usual.
Take some time to get to know yourself better.
Heal from things you don't discuss or share.
Ask for help.
Cancel plans for your mental health.
Cut off toxic people.
Distance yourself from toxic family members.
Turn off your phone.
Try one more time until you get it right.
✩‧₊*:・love ya ・:*₊‧✩
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dosesofglamour · 4 months ago
Doses of Glamour ⚜️
How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out and how to connect with others.
I accidentally deleted this anonymous question. Here is my response, hopefully you see it anon. ✨
Your profile photo:
You want a professional photo that best show cases your personality. It’s how people are introduced to you and it governs their impressions from the start. The photo should be well lit with little to no distractions in the background.
It goes without saying but your outfit should be beautiful but work appropriate. Wear colours that best compliment your skin tone and make you look radiant. Avoid wearing distracting patterns, solid colors work best.
Keep your makeup simple and elegant.
Lastly ensure in your settings that your profile photo is visible to all LinkedIn members, you want recruiters to be able see your profile photo.
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Headline: A great headline should
Show recruiters who you are
Show what you can do for them
Use role specific keywords so that you appear in search suggestions
Examples of good headlines:
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LinkedIn summary and about section:
Your LinkedIn profile is your resume and it should be formatted as such, make your LinkedIn summary keyword-rich.
Keep in mind recruiters search for a combination of job titles, skills, and other keywords to find the right candidates.
Learn and understand your audience to identify what they are looking for.
Review job descriptions that interest you and take note of recurring hard skills and keywords that you think recruiters would want to look for. If applicable to you and your career goals, add these words to your LinkedIn summary and profile.
Your LinkedIn summary is the perfect place to add context to your career trajectory, show off your accomplishments (add specific data and awards), and dig into what makes you great at your job.
An example of a students LinkedIn summary:
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An example of a job seekers LinkedIn summary:
Tumblr media
An example of a career change LinkedIn summary:
Tumblr media
Job Experience:
Focus on showing your impact in the role rather than just highlighting your responsibilities, use your bullet points to share the problems you were presented with, the actions you took, and the positive results it brought the business. Exemplify this by making use of metrics as well.
Examples of impact statements:
Coordinated with the marketing team to form a 10-person group for a new product launch that resulted in $50,000 in company revenue and greater synergy between both departments.
Surpassed annual sales goals by over 35% for four consecutive years using active listening and communication skills to better understand customer needs.
Analyzed market trends to launch five new products within a year that resulted in a 30% profit increase for the company, up from 10% from the year prior.
Education, License & Certifications:
Include information on all your formal educational training, it’s especially beneficial when aside from formal educational training you have additional certifications on hard skills.
Key Skills:
I already mentioned that recruiters input specific skills or keywords into complex queries to find candidates in LinkedIn search.
So the skills you list throughout your profile should match the frequency and exact wording found in the descriptions of jobs you’re interested in or have applied for.
Additional Note on optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Change your settings to let recruiters know you’re open for work.
Who to connect with on LinkedIn:
Professionals in your industry.
Professionals in your desired role.
Professionals you’ve engaged with at industry and networking events.
Recruiters and hiring managers in your industry, especially if their profiles mention that they are hiring.
Message templates to use to connect with others on LinkedIn:
Template for career guidance and potential mentorship:
Dear (Name)
I’m a (state occupation or simply mention that you’re a student and the college you attend) interested in working in (desired role) For the last year, I’ve been following your work for (company), and it’s really inspired me.
I particularly loved your (compliment a recent article or achievement of theirs and mention what stood out to you). If you ever have 20 or so minutes, I’d love to hear more about how you started working in the field and what skills you believe are most relevant to the profession.
Template for someone you met at a networking event:
Dear (Name)
It was great speaking to you at the (name of event ) ( Highlight something significant they mentioned in your conversation and how insightful you thought it was.) I’d definitely like to stay in touch.
I’ve given you the ultimate LinkedIn guide, now go get your bag!
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Doses of Glamour ⚜️
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miracleunique · a month ago
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The major 🔑 to a healthy leveled up lifestyle.
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urtoospoiled · 2 days ago
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Mood of the Board: Lush Life Files
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bbltheque · a month ago
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You want access to me ? What's that ?
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becomingthatgirl111 · 29 days ago
some of my habits to stay healthy (body and mind) 🧘‍♀️🌿✨
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have a set routine for every day (as i love it i always stick to it and i'm used to it)
exercise 5 days a week
rest from exercise 2 days
stretch before and after exercise
do at least 5 minutes of yoga every day (simple but effective exercises)
keeping track of my exercise (i like to be organized)
go for a run or walk in the evening, after lunch
incorporate to my diet foods such as: salmon, avocado, chia seeds (which i usually take every day) quinoa
always carry a bottle of water with me
drink a cup of tea a day (red, green, matcha, black, white, among my favorites) after meals
keep a record of my days, emotions, and feelings, in a diary (written and virtual)
meditate when I wake up and before going to bed
always keep my environment tidy as i like it
light incense (helps me to relax)
a lukewarm shower before going to sleep (helps me with the stress of the day or to feel better)
listening to positive affirmations and writing them down (i write down 5 for the morning and 5 for the evening)
spending time outdoors looking for new things to do
listen to or watch videos of people who inspire me and help me to keep improving my life
in the next post, i will share with you other habits that helped me to transform myself and change my negative ideas to much more positive ones 🤍
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loveisfruitful · 2 months ago
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Girl, he bought me flowers!!!
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hermajestyimher · 2 months ago
Always Look Your Best:
Putting effort into your appearance is an act of self-love and discipline, you must be willing to put the effort into looking your best even when you don't feel like it. You are the only one responsible for the way in which you brand and present yourself. You have full control and agency over the persona you craft yourself to be.
Investing in your physical appearance and personal style will first make you feel more comfortable with your own persona and that will translate to higher self-esteem in the long run, and you should always strive to be the best representation you can of yourself for yourself first and foremost. Simultaneously, the world around you will always respond to the way in which you portray yourself, you will be treated according to how you treat yourself. If you show care and self-respect through the way in which you carry and present yourself (which can vary a lot depending on your personal style, taste, and personality), the world around you will naturally treat you as such.
You have only a few seconds to leave a lasting impression in people's minds, you don't know how something as simple as a short glance from someone to another person can potentially open the door for life-changing relationships and opportunities. Before we are known for our personality, intellect, and intrinsic qualities we are known for how we look and what our superficial personal branding exudes. If your goal is to transition into a specific kind of lifestyle make sure that you are embodying what someone who lives that kind of lifestyle looks like, dresses like, and behaves like.
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cartierangel · 3 months ago
Level up so much that people have to get to know you again. Cut all the distractions it’s you vs you.
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sk-lumen · 2 months ago
A mistake that you can do in your level up journey is waiting around for another person (friend, partner, family) to accompany you in achieving various goals, whether it's fitness, taking a course, or creating new habits. You can't wait around forever until other people decide to do the same things you do. Your path is miraculously unique. Decide what you want and go for it! It's one of the single most empowering acts you can do, having the go-getter mindset of deciding and then going for it. For as long as you rely on other people or factors outside your control, you & your level up journey will always depend on others. Take ownership over your goals and celebrate your ambition and independence.
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