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baddie-drip · 2 days ago
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getmylife · 2 days ago
Reached my goal weight ✨ 76 lbs down🏆
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soie-lux · 2 days ago
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bbanks888 · a day ago
Protecting my Energy
I will no longer give way for others to take advantage of my giving spirit for their own personal agenda
I refuse to consume or tolerate any negative energy
I will protect and preserve my energy at all costs
I ask the universe to remove anything that does not align with my greater good
I will always remind myself how vital it is for my self care to set effective boundaries and that not everyone or every situation needs my energy.
I will put my well being above all and give myself the space to be happy
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goddessofchaosanddiscord1 · an hour ago
i just got another gig! a full time job working as a understudy to lori harvey, lisa bonnet, catwoman, and whitley gilbert. i’ll be studying their every move and being in character 24/7. so if i’m acting “funny” to you, just know i’m preparing for my new roles. congratulations are in order! 🥳 i’m so happy for meeeee 🤪 🐈‍⬛ 💅🏽 👸🏽
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xoxokala · a day ago
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sidewalkchemistry · 3 days ago
sometimes people don't realize that mindset PRECEDES action. I am reminded of it whenever people start saying "I could never..." It just takes those words to remind me. Everything I am in the habit of doing is because I first believed it was a possibility. Commitment is work, but it's the necessary first step.
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garalord · 3 days ago
Playing Hero?
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councilwomanone · 3 days ago
also at PT today I snapped a resistance band lmao
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baddie-drip · 2 days ago
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getmylife · 21 hours ago
While you're here subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks in advance.
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blushydior · 8 days ago
         morning routine ideas 🥞🫖
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how you spend your morning dictates your whole day. create a relaxing structure to truly get yourself ready before heading out into the world ♡
wake up early; before 8am.
don’t go on your phone. right when you wake, bask in the silence and background noise.
meditate by focusing on your breathing.
say affirmations to yourself: “i have woken up in my desired reality. today will be a good day. i am okay. i’m healthy, beautiful, and inspiring. something amazing will happen to me today. i am kind and gentle towards myself.”
open up any blinds to let the light in
make your bed. tidy up your space.
say hello and cuddle with your pet(s)
wash your face & brush your teeth
walk your pet(s)
make a simple breakfast and drink water and/or tea and eat it outside or looking out the window.
journal. self reflect, how you feel, what you’d like to accomplish, etc. make it a goal to be more kind to yourself and keep your thoughts in check.
read a few chapters of your current read. 
what are some things you need to get done today? make a plan and set out to get it checked off.
exercise, try a new routine.
choose an outfit, do your hair, try some new looks for the season. have fun. try new things, who knows? maybe you’ll end up loving it.
go on a walk in your neighborhood. 
get in 10,000 steps
buy yourself flowers.
light a candle
put on your favorite feel good songs. let yourself go and freely sing and dance to it.
begin your studies.
rest if needed!
try a new recipe
spend time in nature
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gettingartsy · 8 days ago
Why is it, that now that I pulled my life together I am suddenly alone.
How do I find friends again in my 20s.
Why do I feel so alone if I am around people.
Whe aren't my old friends happy for my succes.
Why do I still feel like a failure.
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bbanks888 · 9 days ago
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Decluttering Suggestions
Clean out your wallet once a day (at the end of each day)
Gather all important notes and stickies and jot them on a piece of paper daily (at the end of each day)
Clean out/organize files on your computer weekly
Revise/Combine similar to-do lists weekly
Reorganize/declutter your purse weekly
Remove/trash half written notes in planners weekly
Clean up and reformat spreadsheets weekly
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akeptwoman · 10 days ago
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So I said "fuck it" and bought some shoes from Saks instead lol. 😅
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xoxokala · a day ago
I deleted my socials for now so I can focus on my journey and my goals ! I’ll make sure I update you guys and I’ll still be here but this is more of a safe space for me than a social media handle 💕 I’m excited to just move in silence & be present fully ! 👸🏾 I love this for me already.
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sidewalkchemistry · 9 days ago
13 self care ideas...but make it outside your comfort zone
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"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Keep buying and making meals with a fruit or vegetable you hate until you can at least tolerate it.
Take alternating hot and cold showers.
Sit for <6 hours a day.
Cut out refined sugars for good.
Walk for as long as you can on a free day.
Cut out someone from your life who doesn't positively impact you OR handle their presence in your life using Zen/stoic philosophies.
Cancel your cable or Netflix plan.
Donate/Recycle/Throw out 75% of something that creates clutter in your space.
Begin a (new) meditation practice.
Wear barefoot shoes as often as possible.
Read a (text) book in a subject you didn't enjoy in school.
Get away from social media and the news for 1 week.
Require yourself to buy a rainbow of produce whenever you grocery shop.
Whatever you're choosing for yourself today...
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We've been taught to stay within certain boxes and remain within our comfort zones. This ends up mostly only restricting our growth in many dimensions. And we end up not moving towards the true purposes and callings of our souls.
let yourselves stretch out in whichever aspects you wish, babes ☺️
you may add any other outside-your-comfort-zone self care tips in the reblogs/tags
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