claudia-kishi · a day ago
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leverage rewatch (53/?)
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seawitchkaraoke · a day ago
You know what would be a fun leverage fic (and by fun i mean ouch) if Eliot got amnesia from one of his many concussions (I nominate the carnival job for this but honestly he gets hit into the head often enough it could fit a lot of places. Plus you can always make a job up) and loses the years with the team and thinks he’s back to being, y’know, a horrible person.
Could put his mind at a time where he’s working for Moreau. Or when he’s doing wetwork as an military contractor pre-Toby. Or sometime when he’s working independently as a hitman. Or for the probably least angsty version, just a bit pre- team, so he’s already post-Moreau, working as a retrieval specialist.
I think I like the “independent hitman” time the most, but really for any of these it just. Ouch. Like Eliot is Not A Good Man and he is absolutely ridiculously dangerous. He’d probably think the team captured him, so there’s not a small  chance he’d hurt someone to get out. What does the team do? Do they actually restrain him and try to keep him there (Very Bad Idea), do they let him go and track him/surveil him, hoping he’ll remember and come back (and that he won’t manage to slip their survelance?).
Parker probably breaks in wherever he’s hiding and just talks at him , being Parker and Eliot would be So Confused by this bc clearly she is a thief? Is she here to kill him??? No? Why does she keep eating his food? He could break her in two why is she not scared???? Meanwhile Hardison keeps sending him messages on his phone, no matter how often Eliot gets a new one, but those are also not threatening, they’re just about stuff??? He’s talking about Star Trek? Why?
Of course Eliot figures out pretty quickly that he has a memory gap of several years, but that doesn’t mean he’d immediatly trust a group of people telling him “yeah trust us you work with us now and we’re a team and friends and we help ppl” bc no? Eliot kills people? He definitely does not help people, clearly they are trying to manipulate him
And OH the angst when he DOES regain his memories, bc in the course of this disaster, there’s a pretty good chance Eliot punched (or possibly even stabbed etc) at least one person in an effort to get away and it’s also very likely that the team find out several new things about Eliot’s past through this so even when he does remember he’s probably like “well, I ruined it, they know who I really am now, there’s no way they’ll want me back” and THAT is when he manages to slip Hardison’s surveilance bc he remembers how Hardison works now. Cue Panic for the rest of the team bc they LOST Eliot! (they find him again eventually and hug and cry it out of course)
Idk how Nate and Sophie would behave in this situation, Sophie would probably give a lot of emotional support to the rest and also be in support of leaving Eliot alone until he remembers on his own, Nate would of course drink a lot and, idk, try to manipulate Eliot into coming back? Honestly he’d probably be the one to get punched, but it’s also probably angstier if Hardison or Parker get punched (or stabbed. I kinda like the idea of them getting stabbed. Makes the aftermath angstier and the situation for the team scarier, Eliot is a scary dude)
Basically I wanna see the team have to deal with Horrible Murder Guy Eliot, and then still love him anyway, I think that’d be good
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loki--of--jotunheim · a day ago
You know, the Leverage world is very lucky that Parker is a thief and that Archie is the one who found her, and not someone like Damien Moreau.
Because she would be terrifying as an assassin or something any way more lethal than a thief.
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faorism · 2 days ago
actual masterminding redemption parker who still manipulates the situation so sophie directs the NOLA branch while allowing parker to be more of a dual thief flex & head honcho for all of International, with a sophie who is still figuring out the ropes of being point person. parker's moments of incompetence and most librarian-adjacent coincidences are replaced with, shit, sophie didn't include a contingency for this scenario, the team needs a distraction, parker stepping in, etc (the lighthouse button press would have been so good as a diversion to split up the troops if on purpose!).
sophie can still undermine parker a bit (see: not taking parker to meet the client) but parker doesnt play with her puppets and call it a day; it really was disrespectful to replace her last minute with harry, and it may be how nate ran things but not how they do it now. and that is another core issue that comes up: it not clicking for sophie that things are different under alec's vision of a more humane system. they have HR (Hurley) and accounts payable and healthcare that doesnt look like an ER doctor pretending to be a hookup pretending to be a nurse.
and! and! PTO and recovery time tables for hitters which! sophie!
parker loves her but sophie is not taking time off seriously and that's an issue; parker doesnt like to handhold new points for non-immediate emergency stuff because that is bad practice too, to not let people learn. and sure eliot says he is fine; he's complaining and stretching more around the others than is called for for his aches and injuries, in order to get sophies attention... but parker had to drag sophie to spain and call in hurley to (attempt to) give eliot an actual day off. that's not okay! people burn out! eliot burns out!
towards the end of the season, a legitimate conversation between mastermind-inclusive parker and point person sophie addresses these issues. sophie gets a chance to miss nate for how much she learned from him, but she can start recognizing leverage as not just a surrogate for being with him because, between the ot3, things are better now. and that's okay. now it's her job to step up and make changes, starting with memorizing those damn recovery time tables.
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innytoes · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Sometimes you just gotta make your own fanart of your own fanfics. 
I present to you: Breanna and the Phantoms, ft. Hardison in Alex’ Soft Hoodie, Eliot in basically his canon outfit because you can take the cowboy out of his canon but you cannot take the flannel off his back, and Parker in Luke’s Cutoffs But Keep It G-Rated. (And Breanna in purple for Julie but aliens because I love her alien shirts.)
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agardenandlibrary · 16 hours ago
Also, will someone please let Christian Kane play a character who has a good relationship with his dad
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reflectingiridescent · 22 hours ago
I had a dream last night that Sophie, Tara, and Maggie moved into a Golden Girls-type of living situation in their greying years, and I woke up laughing because it would be peak comedy and I need it.
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onyxbird · 2 days ago
In a mood where I want to watch something, but I don't really feel like picking something new to watch, nor do I have anything I'm particularly wanting to rewatch.
...So what my brain is giving me is that I want to watch original Leverage, but, like, new original Leverage that I haven't seen before.
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soundsfaebutokay · 18 hours ago
The Future Job: in which a "psychic" makes Parker cry and her family makes it better (and makes him pay)
(Very Important Parker scenes 5/∞)
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original-missif · a day ago
Constant Shenanigans Seen In Nate Ford's Home for Criminal Children
1. Hardison stays up super late almost every night on his computer, either playing WoW or bankrupting companies, forcing Nate to double and triple check that he's actually gone to bed on nights before tests or big events
2. Eliot, whose room is beside Hardison's, also stays up super late either working on his MMA or looking up recipes to try on the internet. Nate is forced again to interget because damn it that punching bag is somehow loud and it's a school night
3. Parker, whose room is across from Hardison's, also also stays up super late but that's because she's either not in the apartment anymore or she's under the bed texting Peggy about their plans to go sky diving. Nate has no idea and Sophie, who does know, doesn't tell him.
4. Random art pieces appear in the apartment every now and then, especially after the team has finished an art related job.
5. Nate, Eliot, and Hardison watch Sunday football games together and all root for different teams. Hardison always roots for whichever team is opposing the team Eliot supports
6. Hardison has a minifridge in his room specifically for his orange soda supply
7. Parker has a collection of various locks and locking mechanisms in her closet that she uses to practice her lock picking skills.
8. Eliot is the one in charge of grocery shopping and has a fake i.d. he uses to buy wine both for cooking and for Sophie. He always buys orange soda for Hardison and always buys cereal for Parker. He bought Nate a french press.
9. All friends and dates Eliot has must always go through the family interrogation ritual. They have successfully driven off 8 different partners so far. The only ones to pass the test are Quinn, Shelly, and Mikel.
10. Any time Nate and Sophie go out for dinner dates the teen trio always goes to the local arcade or movies. Or on the rare occasion they pull a mini job of their own.
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wholesome-dragon-lady · 2 days ago
do you or any of your followers know where i can watch leverage? I'm desi, and I'm really curious about it after following your blog. thanks!
Hi Nonnie! Leverage is GREAT, I hope you enjoy it!
I know you can watch it on IMDB TV, but I'm not sure whether it's available where you are. Desiblr, help? xx
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cleaverkatja · 6 months ago
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You've been working on the wrong side for a long time, right? Yes, yes, I would have to say that. Yeah, so you don't get to just do one thing and claim you've repented.
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eruvadhril · 5 months ago
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Tweet by John Rogers: “I'm an infamously even-tempered man, but if you take Terry Pratchett's name in vain for some small-minded bigoted fuckwittery I will push you down a set of fucking stairs and laugh at the bounce.”
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idontwikeit · 6 months ago
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1.04 - The Tower Job
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cloysterbell · 3 months ago
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I know it’s not the same thing but Hardison and I are gonna be here for you forever.
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delitefullychaotic · 3 months ago
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reflectingiridescent · a day ago
The kid in The Boost Job is called Shortie by her friends, and that’s the name she goes by with them. She finds a new job at the end of the series because Parker helps her, but the girl’s definitely a foil of sorts of Parker.
So then it’s possible? That Parker is the name she got for her talent hotwiring cars and being a getaway driver…and she just claimed it and used it?
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magiccarpetman · 6 months ago
Crushed to inform you that there are reviews on the Leverage revival that claim it’s “too woke” and “didn’t used to take sides.”
I knew it would happen, but I’m still baffled that you can be a fan of a show and misrepresent it so terribly.
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eugeniedanglars · 8 months ago
i love leverage it’s like what if robin hood and the merry men were polyamorous and waged psychological warfare on the rich in addition to stealing from them
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original-missif · 3 months ago
Games the Leverage crew is not allowed to play and why
Clue, because Nate always figures out who did what immediately
Poker, because everyone but Hardison has an incrediblely good poker face
Operation, because Parker always puts the pieces back in when no one's looking
Pictionary, because Sophie can neither draw nor act out helpful hints
Hungry Hungry Hippos, because Eliot accidentally broke their last board set in a fit of extreme passion
Chess, because Nate always wins
Checkers, because Hardison always wins
Guess Who, because Nate always gets it after one question and Sophie likes to add complex backstory to what ever character she is
Battleship, because not even Nate can figure out where Eliot hides his ships
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