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#leverage ot3

holy shit, i zoomed in on the promo pic and it looks like eliot, parker, and hardison are all wearing similar (not quite identical) necklaces! parker’s is a lock, but we can’t see eliot or hardison’s yet. maybe, just maybe, it means something. here’s hoping for some ot3 crumbs!

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Summary: Parker wants to teach her boys safe suspension practise. Eliot has some qualms about this.

A/N: This is my first fic for this fandom and the first fic I’ve written in months. But I really love them (almost as much as they love each other), so I hope you enjoy.

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The light shined off the black ropes as she slid down from the ceiling, stopping herself inches from the floor. There was a sort of poetry held in her—the contrast between her fluid movements and her blunt words—not that Eliot would ever claim to have thought about that kind of thing.

“This is stupid,” he commented in a way that made him sound angrier than he really was; he was always happy to see them, “You know this is stupid, right?”

Parker grinned, unhooked her harness in an instant. “We won’t let you fall.”

He could hear the sound of Hardison in the bedroom, rifling through Parker’s equipment to find some piece of rigging that she needed. Eliot sort of wished he was here, if only so he had some back-up in his resistance; Hardison hadn’t been thrilled by the idea either.

That, of course, wasn’t the only reason he wished Hardison was here right now. He at least had a better sense of boundaries.

“That ain’t exactly what I’m worried about, Parker.”

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I love how Hardison took both Parker and Eliot’s interests into consideration when purchasing the crew’s final base - high ceilings for Parker, and a restaurant for Eliot. He’s so sweet

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*playing twister*

parker: eliot, right hand on blue

eliot, ending up on top of hardison: okay, you’re doing this on purpose aren’t you?

parker: I stopped spinning like 15 minutes ago. I’m surprised you didn’t notice sooner

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eliot: when you said “magical in bed,” this isn’t exactly what I exp-

hardison, holding up an eight of hearts: is this your card?

eliot, quietly: holy shit!


eliot: when you said “magical in bed,” this isn’t exactly what I exp-

hardison, holding up an one of spades: is this your card?

eliot: uh, no?

parker, who they thought was asleep, shooting up in bed holding up an eight of hearts: is this your card?

eliot and hardison simultaneously: holy shit!

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parker: oh no, are you okay? that’s a lot of blood.

eliot: I’m fine, this isn’t any of my blood.

hardison: that’s supposed to be good?

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leverage hot take:

eliot begrudgingly fell in love with hardison first, then parker later

hardison fell in infatuation with parker first, then love, then fell in love with eliot right after

parker walked into being in love with hardison, unknowing that at the same time she’d accepted eliot into her heart as well

they didn’t all fall in love at the same time- these skittish people took time to have their feelings grow and flourish. but they all got there eventually. and when they did, it was beautiful

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okay but hear me out: leverage x the witcher

eliot: a witcher. grumpy, loner. has meddled in human affairs a little too much and has been given a bad rep for it that he can’t seem to fix. tries to atone for his past the best he can by helping people even though they hate him

hardison: fae changeling bard that sees brooding hot eliot in a tavern and imprints on him on sight. surprisingly good at alchemy and potion making. talks a lot and can be kind of goofy but seriously smart and witty. gets into trouble too much due to his proclivity for hijinks. soft at heart. just wants good things for his friends

parker: young dragon with an ever-expanding hoard of shiny things. currently the size of a housecat. comes across the two of them in the woods and tries to steal a shiny potion that eliot is brewing while his back is turned. he catches her running away with it and demands it back. she’s caused chaos for the two of them ever since

they’re all in love, obviously. it’s just a slow burn because eliot and parker are Afraid Of Attachments™ and hardison has to herd them like housecats into facing their feelings

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