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lewajagejman · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Don't. If you begin to regret, you'll let others make choices for you. All that's left for you then is to die."
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sabitosimpb · 2 days ago
Stay with Me
“Oh my God, is he…?”
“He’s alive!” Hanji replied, half-running, half-limping across the front lawn.
You stood frozen in the doorway of the small cottage, eyes wide with horror as you beheld who exactly Hanji carried in her arms. There was blood everywhere – so much blood, and his face…
You mentally smacked yourself, fighting back the shock that threatened to immobilize you. Now wasn’t the time. As your breathing steadied, a calm focus filled your mind, like the eye in the middle of a storm. You had work to do.
You rushed out to meet Hanji. “Let’s get him inside!” You had to yell so she could hear you over the pouring rain. “What happened?” you asked, taking some of his weight so the three of you could move faster.
“A thunderspear,” Hanji heaved breathlessly as you burst into the house. “I don’t know the details, but somehow, Zeke Jaeger got ahold of one and set it off. Zeke was able to heal himself, but…” she trailed off, not needing to explain when the evidence was right in front of you.
“In here,” you instructed, leading Hanji to one of the first-floor bedrooms. “Supplies are in the closet.”
“Got it.” Hanji helped you lower him to the bed, then rushed off for the medical kit.
Standing there, you were able to get a good look at Levi for the first time. Only by pressing your fingers to the pulse at his wrist could you verify Hanji’s claim that he was, in fact, alive. His face had been shredded, and a quick glance told you that two of his fingers were missing. The one small mercy, you supposed, was that he remained unconscious. Otherwise, the pain would have been unimaginable.
“Please, stay with me,” you begged silently.
When Hanji returned with the medical kit, you suppressed the urge to start with the shrapnel in his face. Bad as that looked, his vital organs had to come first. You took a knife and cut off his uniform, assessing the damage to his torso.
Then you began the work of saving your husband’s life.
It felt like hours. Perhaps it had been. Through it all, you remained in a state of cool, detached focus – as if you were helping a complete stranger and not the man you loved. It was the only way to keep yourself from shattering.
Finally, you covered the last of the stitches with bandages. Hanji placed two fingers on his pulse, monitored his breathing. After what seemed like an eternity, she said numbly, “He’ll live.”
You released a breath you didn’t know you had been holding. With it, your wall came crashing down. You slid to the floor, bringing your knees to your chest and shaking uncontrollably. Your breathing became quick and shallow as you tried to absorb oxygen in between sobs. You brought your hands to your head in a futile attempt to hold yourself together. It didn’t help that they were still covered in Levi’s blood.
“Hey,” Hanji breathed, voice full of concern as she wrapped her arms around you. “It’s going to be alright. He’s going to be alright.”
Hanji held you until you worked through all the emotions that had been bottled-up since you saw them on the lawn. When you could finally breathe again, you whispered, “Thank you, Hanji. He would never have made it without you.”
Hanji gave you a gentle squeeze before letting go. Then she helped you to your feet so the two of you could deal with the mess. The bed was covered in blood and rainwater, likely soaked through to the mattress, so you carefully moved Levi to the bedroom across the hall.
“I’ll clean up the other room,” Hanji said, handing you a folded set of nightclothes. “You stay with him.”
You sensed that she was doing this for your own comfort and sanity, so you gave her a grateful nod. After she left, you used a spare towel to wipe the blood from your arms and face. Then you removed your ruined uniform and slid on the nightclothes.
You moved to the side of the bed and stared at Levi. Despite what Hanji had said, he still looked…
You pressed two fingers his neck, just to be sure. His pulse was faint, but it was there.
Exhausted, you curled up on the bed next to him, covering both of you with the blanket. You pressed close, needing to feel that he was there with you. Then gently – so, so gently, you rested your hand on top of his heart. Comforted by the small thump-thump under your palm, you closed your eyes and allowed sleep to take you.
You awoke to bright sunlight filtering in through the curtains. A quick check told you that Levi remained alive and was sleeping peacefully. Still drained from the night before – both physically and emotionally – you drifted back into unconsciousness.
The next time you opened your eyes, it was dark once again. No longer tired, but not wanting to leave Levi’s side, you stayed where you were and gazed at his still-sleeping form. He was covered in bandages, but you kept picturing the gashes underneath, knowing those scars would remain forever. And his missing fingers…you couldn’t even imagine how he would react when he woke up. Would he be able to fight again? Would he want to? If he did, the rehabilitation would take months at best. Even simple things like holding a teacup would require a whole new process.
You hated that he had to go through this. And you hated Zeke Jaeger just as intensely.
You sat up so you could get a better view of Levi. Sighing, you lightly pressed the back of your hand to his forehead. His fever had gone down, at least. That was good.
As you removed your hand, Levi made a small sound, and his left eyelid fluttered. His right eye was still covered by the bandage. As severely as it was lacerated, you didn’t know if he would ever see from it again. The thought almost made you sick.
You held your breath as he slowly entered consciousness.
Recognition sparked as his eye landed on you. “(F/n)?” he croaked and tried to sit up. He hissed at the movement, his body tensing with pain.
“Shh. Don’t try to get up,” you instructed, keeping the worry from your voice. You delicately put a hand on his shoulder to hold him down. You could see the questions swirling in his eye, so you explained, “You’re safe now. You got caught in a thunderspear explosion, but Hanji rescued you.”
“I remember…” Levi breathed. Then, with sudden urgency, “Zeke! What happened – ”
“Shh,” you repeated, trying to calm him down. “Hanji said that Zeke survived. But it’s alright. He won’t find us here. The Jaegerists don’t even know this place exists.” You had gone to a lot of trouble to establish several safehouses around the island, for the day Zeke Jaeger inevitably betrayed you. The only ones who knew about them were your squad – whom you trusted with your life – and Hanji. As commander of the Scouts, she had sanctioned your idea when you first brought it up, and agreed that knowledge of these safehouses should be kept to a very select few.
Levi stared at you for a long moment before asking, “How bad?”
You knew what he meant. But you couldn’t bring yourself to answer just now. Instead, you got up and muttered, “You must be thirsty. I’ll get you some water.”
You walked to a small table on the opposite wall and picked up the pitcher that Hanji had brought for when Levi woke up. Levi waited silently as you filled a glass and brought it back. You helped him sit up, each one of his pained winces like a knife in your heart.
You held the glass to his lips so he could drink. “Slowly,” you instructed.
Levi obediently sipped the water. Once he was done, you set the glass on the bedside table. Then Levi looked you in the eye and asked again, “How bad is it, (f/n)?”
You knew you should tell him, but the words caught in your throat. You leapt to your feet, stammering, “I’ll get you some more water.”
Levi’s hand shot out and grabbed your wrist. He growled at the pain, but held firm. “(F/n), please just – ” He suddenly stopped talking when he realized that he was only gripping your arm with three fingers, not five.
You took a deep breath. Then slowly, you detached his hand and cradled it in your own. Holding his gaze, you sat back down on the bed. You didn’t sugarcoat anything as you explained the extent of his injuries, knowing he would want the truth. However, you still tried to speak as delicately as possible.
When you were done, Levi slid his hand from yours and stared at the space where his fingers used to be. You watched silently, giving him time to process. After a few moments, he asked, “Will I be able to fight?”
“I don’t know,” you answered honestly.
Levi brought his maimed hand to his face, feeling the bandages there. “I want to see it,” he whispered.
You started. “Levi, I don’t think – ”
“Please, (f/n).” The smallest hint of vulnerability seeped into his quiet words. Your heart stopped. Levi was the strongest person you knew, and to see him like this…
With a trembling sigh, you acquiesced. You grabbed a hand mirror from the vanity table and held it up for him. Relying mostly on his left hand, he slowly unwrapped the bandages from around his face, revealing the crisscross of several stitched-together gashes. His eye widened as he took in the damage that would never heal completely – not even close.
At that, your eyes welled with tears. You quickly turned away so he wouldn’t see you cry.
Levi noticed that you wouldn’t look at him. However, not knowing your motivation, an entirely different thought filled his mind – one that hurt more than any physical injury ever could. He tilted his head away from you, lowering his gaze to the bed. Using his left hand, he pushed the mirror down so you wouldn’t have to keep holding it. After a long moment, he said softly, “(F/n)…I would understand if you don’t want to stay with me anymore.”
You whipped your head around, eyes wide with shock. “What?” you breathed. “No…no, Levi, that’s not…” You struggled to find the words as your mind whirled. What could possibly make him believe that you would want to leave him? Did he consider himself so unlovable that he thought something like this would scare you away?
You scooted closer to him. “Levi,” you cried, desperately needing him to understand. He lifted his gaze to meet yours. You could see the agony there, and it broke your heart. As gingerly as you could, you cupped his face in your hands, rushing to get the words out. “I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful person in the world, and this…” You stroked a thumb over his ruined cheek. “…doesn’t change that. I love you, Levi. And I will never stop loving you. I’m only crying because I hate that this happened to you. You…you don’t deserve this.” On the last phrase, your voice broke.
Levi’s eye drifted downward again, as if he didn’t quite believe you. You didn’t know what else to do. As carefully as you could – so as not to rip the stitches – you leaned in and pressed a kiss to the first cut on his left cheek.
Levi closed his eye, savoring the feeling. His gaze followed you as you brushed a kiss to the next cut. Then the next. And the next.
You continued with the cut on the right side of his jaw. Then you pressed light kisses down the gash that sliced his face in two. You caressed his forehead, his closed right eye, his cheek, right above his lips. You skirted down to his chin and placed a kiss along the end of the stitches. Then you hovered barely an inch from his lips, waiting. His gaze met yours, and you knew that he finally understood. You loosed a breath before you gently pressed your lips to his.
After a moment, he relaxed in your embrace. He lifted his hand as if to cup your face, but stopped halfway. You watched out of the corner of your eye as his three fingers curled inward and his hand started to fall. You caught it in your own, holding it carefully in the space between you two. You lightly grazed a thumb over his bandaged knuckles, once, twice. Then you leaned down and placed a kiss right above where is fingers used to be.
Keeping your gaze locked on his – making sure he understood every step of the way – you slowly lifted his hand to your cheek. You tilted your head into his palm, fresh tears filling your eyes at the contact. It didn’t matter to you whether he had three fingers or five or none. You wanted him to hold you, just like he always had.
A single tear spilled down your cheek. With a loving stroke of his thumb, Levi wiped it away. You closed your eyes and savored that touch. After a moment, you opened your eyes again, finding Levi’s gaze. For what seemed like an eternity, the two of you sat motionless, just staring at each other.
You leaned in again, twining your right hand with his left as you pressed your lips to his once more. This time, Levi moved with you, as much as he could without tearing the stitches. There was nothing heated in your kisses, but that made them more intimate, in a way. He was here, and he was alive, and you wanted to cherish the feeling of just being together.
After a few more feather-light kisses, you pulled away. You didn’t want to push your luck with his stitches. And that reminded you: Levi was practically your patient, and you had to take care of him. First off, he needed to eat something.
When you told Levi that you were going to get him food, he cocked an eyebrow. “I’m not hungry,” he replied flatly.
“Levi, you haven’t eaten in days,” you reminded him. He opened his mouth to argue, but you cut him off. “No. I’m taking care of you, so you have to do what I say.”
Levi rolled his eye. “Tch. Demanding brat,” he muttered.
You smiled, glad to see his mood return to normal.
You fixed a small bowl of oatmeal, trying for something that wouldn’t upset his stomach. Levi grumbled and growled when you insisted on feeding him, but ultimately he complied. When he was done, you helped him lie down and readied to leave, saying that he should sleep more.
“(F/n),” Levi began, grabbing your arm before you could take a step. When you turned back, he met your eyes with such sincerity that your breath caught in your throat. “Stay with me,” he breathed.
You smiled and slid under the covers next to him. Levi stared at you for a minute before his eye finally fluttered closed. His breathing slowed, and you knew he was asleep. You watched him for a long time after that, until you also drifted into a peaceful slumber, grateful that Levi was able to stay with you, too.
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self-destruct-gene · a day ago
Tumblr media
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xsugarysweetsx · 3 days ago
Twenty eight 😀
Tumblr media
Fact; Levi is the most emotional person in Aot
Please enjoy~🍰
{Modern Au}
The night was cold outside but the room was warm and buzzing. It was the start of December, with snow laying a blanket along the streets and buildings. Meanwhile, Levi, you and your newest addition were in a warm room. He was born just 3 days ago and Levi was over the moon.
He never would have thought he'd be here. Not only married but now a father, it felt like a dream. If it was he didn't want to wake up. You were both in your shared bed with Eli resting on your thighs. Your head was resting on his shoulder as you bot caress and stare at your son.
"He's got your scowl," you giggle gently poking his cheek making his eyebrows knit slightly together "it's cute."
"I guess so, but he has your eyes," he said laying a peck to your temple "one of my favorite things" he whispered
Levi wasn't one to show emotions openly. However, what a lot of people didn't know was very emotional but private. During your pregnancy, Levi was so gentle and caring. You honestly cried more because of the things he said and did for you. When you had taken the test he hugged you tightly and thanked you for "giving him the family he never had"
He loved to lay his head on your stomach while you combed through his hair. He had a lot of turmoil in his life and you made so many emotions blossom in him. You brought him so much happiness, some sadness, and everything in between. He honestly felt so alive to be with you. Add in marriage and a baby? If he had to stay in his little world with you for the rest of his life, he would. This was absolute bliss.
And after birth only made it all the more heartwarming. After the long hours of labor you open your eyes to a beautiful sight, in fact, it was still the screen-saver on your phone. He was walking about the room holding your son in his hands, gently speaking to the babe
"You're just so perfect...I wonder who you'll be, what you'll do, I just hope you're like your mother," you then hear a sniff from Levi, he was crying "I just, love her so much...she went through so much just to bring you here. *Snif* I love you so much, Eli" as he gently kissed his head.
"Ooo look, he's opening his eyes!" you nudge Levi as you adjust yourself a bit "hi baby, hi Eli, did you sleep well?" you ask as Eli looked around the room and between you and Levi as if trying to put a puzzle together "Here Levi take him,"
You say as you pick up Eli and carefully hand him over to his father. Levi cradles him in his hold, supporting his head enough to be met face to face with him.
"Hey there brat, you get your laziness from your mother, only she sleeps that long in a day" you playfully slap his shoulder "But you have her eyes and her cute pout when she's woken up."
It was true, he was the spitting image of Levi but the smaller details were all from you. His eyes, the little pout which was Levi's favorite thing now he had two of them. He also had all your little moles on his face just like you did.
"Y/N?" he called your attention
"I just...I'm thankful to have you in my life. On top of that, you were willing to stay with my ass and even give me a son. I've lost so many people, I've been through hell..a-and you found me.." he said as his voice cracked, he tucked Eli into the crook of his arm "I just love you so fucking much and I-I don't know where I'd be without you or Eli. I-I've never felt so much love like the day we married or the day you gave birth..." pulling you in his embrace with Eli as he let his tears fall freely
"I just want to stay here with you forever.."
"Oh Levi...we'll never leave you" you reassure him laying a kiss on his cheek "I know it's been hard but, it's over now, and we're happy. You, Eli, and me"
"Yeah *sniff* we are. Aren't we Eli?" he asked looking down at the baby as he yawned. This was exactly where he wanted to be. Maybe it's not how he started off..but he would be damned if it were any other way
I hope you enjoyed!♥️
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anlian-aishang · 2 days ago
professor ackerman being the type that brings the same steel grey thermos to every morning class. sometimes coffee, sometimes tea, always steaming when he twists it open and sips as he transitions topics.
button-up cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up, tucked into his slacks - secured by the leather belt that matches his oxford shoes. a watch that he never needs to check, always starting and ending class on time. monochrome is his attire, black and white like the chalkboard.
though a professor of stem, that enamel is his canvas on which he crafts his art. graphs drawn from the greek letters and superscripts that comprise the equations they're based on. forearms flex as he pushes the third board back and forth, rolling smoothly like his pace as he writes from one side of the stage to the other.
his back is perpetually to the audience except for the start of class, good morning, everyone. let's get started. chapter 12. and the end of class, come see me if you have questions. thanks.
every professor seems to say that, but ackerman is the only one who really means it. in the pitch black of night after all lectures are over, there is always that one light that shines over campus, where in that office, his door remains open to any student in need.
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Like You Have
warning: hurt/comfort, fluff, luci being the best boyfriend ever
summery: you feel useless but your boyfriend is happy to reassure you.
Tumblr media
You were laying on the bed of your room at The House of Lamentation, awake at 2 in the morning, wondering what did you do to deserve your amazing boyfriend.
You and Lucifer had been in a relationship for quite a while, it was a bit after you had come back again, after the exchange program had ended.
Nobody loves you like Lucifer does. He is a demon of few words, often leaving you wondering what he meant, but he has always been clear on one thing, how much he loves you.
Lucifer always directly asks what he wants, that is also how he asked you on your first date. Which had been a candle light dinner at the fanciest restaurant in the devildom, Restorante Six, he even went through the trouble to book it out just for two of you.
"Only the best for the woman who has given me so much, something to look forward to in this painfully long life of mine."
Those had been his exact words. Sometimes, you think, he can be amazingly unaware of how sweet he is.
He does so much for you, for his brothers. He works so hard, puts his brother on line and even, rarely covers Mammon's shifts at Hell's Kitchen, given if he manages to provide a good reason.
And he does so with no complaints.
That's why you feel so bad all the time. Compared to him, you don't feel like you do anything for him. You feel like you aren't enough.
Going in that line of thoughts brought tears to your eyes. You love him so much, enough that you will let him go, if its best for him. He's too hardworking, too amazing, too perfect, for someone like you.
So you lay there with your eyes open, tears trailing down your cheeks, not bothering to wipe them away.
Too deep in your misery you didn't notice your door open and your boyfriend entering.
"Darling?" He gave you a sweet grin which quickly turned into a frown as soon as he saw the tears.
Finally noticing him, you quickly wipe your tears away, giving him a half-hearted smile in return.
"My Love, what's wrong?" he asks you as softly approches you, taking you in his embrace. Despite his cold exterior, he was undeniably warm and cozy. You felt safe in his arms, you always have.
"Am I enough?" You whispered, but Lucifer heared you. You close your eyes, you didn't really wanted to know his answer.
"What?" there was genuine confusion on his face.
"Am I enough for you? I don't do much for you or this family. I....just...." You break out into a sob, not being able to control yourself after his soft spoken words. Your heart hurts.
"What are you saying? You have done so much for me, for our family. More than I could ever ask for. You've decided to love this broken, touch-starved demon and fixed his broken family. I love you so much, my love. No one has never, ever, loved me like you have and i've been alive for considerable amount of time. So please never say something like that about yourself, it hurts me to see you in pain." You looked up to him, seeing nothing but truth in his beautiful red eyes. He buried your face in his shoulder, letting you cry to your heart's content.
"You are most amazing, beautiful, perfect women I've met and it is my honor that, of all people in the three relms, you chose me." Lucifer said his final words, gently putting a peck on your lips.
"Thank you, Luci." with those final soft spoken words, you fell asleep in his warm, comfortable, safe embrace.
"Sleep well, love."
Maybe, maybe you were enough.
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missnight-17 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My cute erurihan
Im pretty sure if they were in our world they live together
Source:twitter =pipi and nikipopo_aot and Maivy
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dailylevilove · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
snk #41: “Trust”
“If I can help correct this world's injustice, I'll do whatever it takes!” “What's with this guy?”
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coffeeforday · 20 hours ago
Running late, but always on time
Levi x Reader
A/N: a fluffy meet-cute I guess?
W/C: 764
Tumblr media
It’s always the same, you’re enjoying your morning like you have all the time in the world. Then you have to run around the apartment, shoving everything in a bag, under the unimpressed stare of your cat. You hurry out the door, walking fast to at least try to reach work on time.
Reaching the final block, you watch the street lights to see where you can cross first. You peek into the café on the corner, it’s always the same too. There he is again. As usual, the raven haired man is sitting at the table by the window, reading and sipping on his hot beverage. Today he’s reading the newspaper, yesterday was a novel, the day before that he was just on his phone. No matter how late you are, he always seems to catch your eyes. His eyes are focused on his reading, not even lifting as he drinks. A tinge of jealousy wakes in you. You would love to have that kind of time in the morning, having a go to coffee shop to stop at before work, instead of being... you check your phone and you shriek “late, late, late !” You start running in time with the pedestrian light turning green.
Tumblr media
Every day Levi goes to the same café. He arrives at the same time, orders the same tea and sits at the same table. The workers there grew fond of him. They prepare his tea just before he arrives so he can have it as soon as he pays, keeping his table free and clean. He doesn’t even have to order anymore. He’s content with the predictability of this routine he put in place. With a glance at his watch, he realizes: She should be passing soon. She had also become a part of his routine. She always seemed late, cheeks red from walking fast. Her phone in her hand so she could check the time 5 times during the red light. Every once in a while, she would get lost in her head, looking at her surroundings. Those moments made him think that was why she’s constantly running late. The lack of punctuality didn’t seem caused by oversleeping in any way, her eyes were wide and curious, showing she had been awake for hours. Now, he can go back to today’s news, knowing that this part of routine is done. Though, he did feel like he was observed. As he looked up again, the stranger’s face was turning to her phone. The muffled shriek reaches his ear and he watches, amused, while she runs across the street. Levi snorts when he hears the faint “late, late, late”, certainly coming from her mouth. He couldn’t help but think how funny it was, that she was so punctual in her tardiness.
Tumblr media
Today was going to be different, you even planned ahead! You left early with the idea of finally trying that coffee shop on your way to work. It has been on your mind for weeks. You’re gonna get that coffee and you're gonna love it, you hope. It’s going to be a terrible Monday if it’s bad coffee. You put so much hope in this, you didn’t even bring your usual home coffee to drink at work.
Pulling down your headphones so you could put on your mask, you make your way to the door, only for your forehead to make acquaintance with the glass.
“Aargh! Shit!”, you curse loudly and bring a hand to your face. “Shit, shit, shit! Fuck! That hurts”. Your hand is rubbing your forehead, as if it’s going to help when a voice startles you.
“It’s closed on Mondays”.
“Is it now ? I couldn’t tell”, you say as you lift your head, just to see it’s the man from the coffee shop. A loud gasp escapes your lips when you notice the coffee cup in his hand.
“Where did you get that?” Desperation is evident in your voice. Caffeine is needed, you’ve been awake too long not to have coffee in your blood. He raises an eyebrow.
“There’s plenty of cafés around”.
You look around like a lost puppy, trying to spot one. Levi ponders what to do next. With a sigh, he turns back to the direction he came from.
“I’ll show you a good place. You seem to need help with doors anyway”.
You huff and roll your eyes, but follow anyway.
Still you’re grateful to the stranger.
“I don’t want to make you late”.
He smirks, “I won’t be”.
Tumblr media
Tag list: @fierydiamond @lue-arlert @sinnerofthewalls
Tumblr media
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sabitosimpb · 2 days ago
nightly loving
Levi awoke to the shirt he had left on the pile of discarded clothes gone, the moon still high in the clouds, and an empty spot beside him.
Grunting, he slowly rose from the bed, the first thing coming to his mind being the need to find you. You were probably downstairs with your nose buried in a book and one of the expensive lamp lights connected to a chair shining dimly above you.
He was met with that wonderful sight. Only this time, you were asleep, and the book in your hand had fallen to the carpeted floor.
A soft smile settled on his lips at the soft snores in his ears and the sight of your sleepy smile. Your favorite character had probably lived. After several moments of admiring you, he padded over to the couch silently and slipped you into his arms as he curled into the spot beside you on the large, plush couch. He could carry you back to bed later. Grabbing his phone from the coffee table in front of the couch, he snapped a photo of your sleeping face, immediately setting it to his home screen. With a sigh of content escaping his nose, he set the phone back down on the table, next to an open tub of half-eaten chocolate ice cream he hadn’t noticed earlier.
Ignoring the melting ice cream, he switched the lamp light off and popped open a compartment in the side of the couch, procuring a silky soft blanket and settling it over your bodies.
He knew he wouldn’t be able to sleep anymore, but you were warm, and you were in his shirt, and he had to steal it back from you tomorrow. He imagined how it would play out, eyes on the infinite expanse of stars outside the window.
He’d pull you to him by the sleeve of his white button-up if you tried to escape, and he’d slowly unbutton it if you weren’t willing to give it back, and—he checked under your shirt if you were wearing a bra, you weren’t—and he’d kiss each patch of skin he exposed before finally tearing the shirt off and fucking your brains out on the very couch you were resting on. An enjoyable, pleasant thought.
Flitting his eyes back to you, he admiringly traced the veins in your hands before moving to your knuckles and gliding his thumb over each individual bone, affection seeping out in waves from each touch of his skin to yours.
Your fingers suddenly intertwined with his. He glanced at your eyes. Still closed. Your breathing was still slow too.
He chuckled to himself and nestled into the junction between your shoulder and supple neck.
She knows it’s me.
“I love you too,” he murmured, the words muffled by your skin, yet he could feel that you knew what he was saying, even if your eyes were closed and your mind was stuck in dream land.
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cookiefics · a day ago
I was wondering if you can do levixfem reader
Like super super angsty
I want to feel pain :)
Thanks so much! And I love all your works🥰
of course !! i hope you like it !!! and thanks for your words !! take care <3 sorry if it is short aaaa
levi x fem!reader
angst, written while listening to time for the moon night by gfriend
The apartment never felt so lonely.
There isn't the shaving foam smell when you enter the bathroom, or his plain white shirts drying in the balcony. You can't hear the whistle of the old teapot he likes, or even feel his calm steps when he searched you on your home.
The places were happy pictures of both of you were are now replaced with stupid figures of your friend's trips. There aren't his books on your shelf, or his jackets on the closet. There aren't his cups on the kitchen counter or his his shoes on the entrance. You can't feel his arms around you when you sleep, his face buried on your neck as his lips kiss you. His hands exploring under your shirt. You won't hear his laugh before sleeping or feel his kisses when he wants to wake you up. He won't be there when you arrive.
Levi Ackerman isn't more than a person from your past.
Your relationship was something to be jealous off. How he treated you as if he was afraid to hurt you, how his words were always careful and lovingly. How he held you, so tight and softly.
What did you two do wrong?
Jealousy. He arrived too late and you spent too much time on your phone. Arguments. Different ideas. Things that the two of you would definitely pass with warms "i'm sorry" and cuddles on your couch. But they were more and more common, you didn't wait for him to arrive, leaving the cold dinner on the table, and he raised a brow with every single moment you looked at your phone.
That hurts, of course it does. Knowing that the trust is starting to fall. But, the thing that really killed your heart, were the reasons. He worked until late to get an extra salary. He wanted to marry you, that wasn't a secret, and he knew that the way he wanted was quite expensive, so he made long and boring turns every single night to take some money for your proposal, wedding and honeymoon. You just thought he was going out with his office friends and probably smiling at some cute person he finds on his way.
And you, chatting with the event assistant, a smiling and sweet girl that was helping you on the surprise proposal party you decided to make for him. Her ideas always made you smile, and Levi was sure there was another reason behind them. Another person.
The two of you were too prideful to tell the other that was wrong, the two of you too consumed on your own believing, thinking that the other's attitude didn't deserve your truth. Levi packed his things on a single night, arriving when the clock marked 3 am and light rain started to fall. You looked through the window how he entered the car, all his luggages inside the seat you usually used. Tears didn't let you see exactly his movements, but you're sure of one thing.
He didn't look back.
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levistoiletseat · 2 days ago
Whenever I imagine dating levi I know he would just randomly give you gifts and acts of service like a bracelet you commented on or a cup of tea or a massage when you’re stressed. He isn’t good at verbally communicating but it’s okay bc he finds a way to get the point across.
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zelenamoemoe · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Being able to breathe underwater would be sweet.
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