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#levi ackerman

Just a typical day in the Ackerman’s household❤

Levi : I want you to clean that again.

Mikasa : I scrubbed that area for thousand times!

Images are from Spoof on Titan
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Their ,,relationship’’ was so fricking cute ♥︎

Like Levi pretends to not giv a f#$k about her but secretly , deep inside he rly cares about her and I he lovedd her eenthusiasm 😍

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Songs that the AoT characters (dudes) would listen to on loop when they catch feelings or smth idk 🤷

PLEASE hi this is so dumb but I’ve been listening to I won’t say I’m in love on repeat so I got this idea 💀 idc if it’s cringe leave me alone 👹

  • no warnings
  • not every character bc I can only think of a few



“You made me feel alive, Forget them other bitches, I will put ‘em to the side”

- This song is cute idc

- He loves it too so ofc he would listen to it


“I can make it better if you hold on, We could be together for like so long”

- This song is so cute please I

- Also. Futon. Like junior high haha yeah see what I did there

- anyway this song just sounds like smth he would pine to


“No chance no way I won’t say it, no no, It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love”


- Way to avoid emotions am i right

- I am a firm believer in lowkey Disney Fan Levi


“I’m walking the long road, watching the sky fall, The lace in your dress tingles my neck, how do I live?”

- This whole album just has major Jean energy I’m sorry

- This song is such a fucking banger I cannot blame him at all


“So I said I’m a snowball running, Running down into the spring that’s coming all this love”

- I was obsessed with this song for a solid week near the end of last year

- This song is just cute it fits him :,)


“I can’t even look at you, Would you look at the space just next to your feet?”

- I. Fuvking. Love. This song.

- THE CHORUS PLEASE ITS SO GOOD AND ITNJJST ugh it fits him so well don’t @ me

- it’s just cute I say that abt most of these but this fr is 🤧💕


“And if I wasn’t so fucked up, I think I’d fuck you all the time, It’s killing me slowly”

- I genuinely got no explanation for this one

- I love the lyrics to this song a lot and it just kinda sounds like his thought process ( not just the quoted ones 💀 like the whole song)

- reminds me a lot of reibert 💔


“With her sweetened breath, and her tongue so mean, She’s the angel of small death and the codeine scene”

- fucking Hozier stan ofc he would be

- this song just sounds like his energy to me idk I can’t explain it

- not very romantic and it fits

im a whore for the aot guys but i will gladly do one for the girls if i get inspired

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      An ache started deep within your stomach as you turned away from the man in front of you. Tears started to well up within your eyes. Your hands were feeling clammy as you faced the wall. Biting your bottom lip, you started to feel sick to your stomach. He cleared his throat, indicating that he wanted your attention once more. You didn’t dare give it to him.

     Levi pursed his lips and continued to glare daggers at you. He couldn’t help himself. You weren’t supposed to be here. Hange said that you weren’t supposed to be here. Obviously, they had lied. 

     The mad scientist finally stepped into the room, Erwin following shortly after. “So, I see you’ve met our guest, huh?” They exclaimed, pointing towards you. “I figured I shouldn’t tell you that they were supposed to be here, but I had to get you both near each other. I want you both to make up. If you don’t, there will be major punishment to face! Isn’t that right Erwin?” They ask, snapping their attention towards the tall blonde.

     “Yes. Many of the cadets have been complaining about the fact that you both fight like cats and dogs. Would you like to explain what happened, or would you like Hange to explain it to me in all of the gruesome details?” The commander snapped at the two of you. 

     You stood up straight now, not wanting to get into more trouble. “Sir, we’ve been having an issue with communicating without getting into an argument. It seems that we’ve been triggering each other’s anger issues quite a bit. I won’t say that I’ve been trying to resolve the problem, either,” You state, saluting him. You spoke formally so you didn’t offend him. He might be an asshole of a person, but he was still your boss, so if you were disrespectful, you’d have a punishment in store.

     He nodded at you, pushing your arm down from its position. “Don’t salute me. This isn’t entirely a meeting between leader and soldier. Levi, would you like to add anything?”

     The brunette nodded. “I have been trying to be nice to them, they haven’t accepted that I don’t want to fight,” He said, voice stern as ever. You scoffed, but held your tongue, knowing better than to argue. Starting something with him in front of your superiors would probably pin them against you. That would be no good. Even if you hated him, you didn’t want to lose your position in the military. You’d spent years trying to get your position, and you weren’t even that high. Well, you were, considering the fact that you were only 23. Most of the cadets your age didn’t dare move up in hopes that they weren’t sent out on the field as much.

     Erwin looked at you and then back at Levi. He knew that Levi was bluffing. Levi was never “nice.” Maybe he was bearable, but he was never nice. Especially not when he didn’t know how to deal with people who he cared for. Levi tried not to care for people, so when he did, he always did his best to push them away, to make them hate him. It usually worked, but with people who were persistent? They stayed. Hange stayed, so did Erwin. His squad stayed. And you? Someone who didn’t even have to deal with him? You stayed. Erwin knew that meant that you cared about him, too.

      “So, do you see the sexual tension I was talking about?” Hange gushed, grabbing Erwin’s arm.

     “Sexual tension?” You snapped, grabbing their collar before anyone could stop you. “I literally have no desire to fuck him, but my fist thinks your face is super attractive! Want me to introduce them, or does your mouth want to shut itself?” You snap. 

      Levi grinned a bit at that. No one ever had the balls to talk to Hange that way. Apparently, you did.

     “You’re both dismissed. If I hear one more word about either of you, though, I’m going to have to punish you. Now go.”

      Oh, how interesting this would be.

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❝My home was never a place, it was a person; it was you.❞ ~@bruisedmelodies [INSTAGRAM]


AO3: levihansociety

INSTAGRAM: levihansociety

TIKTOK: levihansociety

WATTPAD: levihansociety

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This is what happens when a mcyt fan, me, meets Attack on Titan.


Yes, I know I’m a disgrace

The second picture is just Sapnap, but he has Levi’s haircut.

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2.1k+ words

it was three years ago when nyame first saw eren. he was in titan form. she and onyankopon, had volunteered to partake in a mission to paradis island after the warrior unit’s failed attempt to capture the founding titan. but by this time her brother had already recruited her to yelena’s anti-marleyan movement. she was hesitant at first; sure she believed that marley had to be put in their place but she didn’t trust yelena and she definitely did not trust zeke. she refused to even meet the holder of the beast titan.

but the yearn for peace is what really recruited her. nyame wanted to meet the supposed devils of paradis and she believed that no one deserved to be chained from their freedom. 

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AOT characters + reactions to reader coming out as a trans guy 💕

  • no warnings
  • just wholesomeness :)

eren: “oh. uh- what does that mean, again?”

armin: “oh! that’s totally okay! what would you like me to call you? do you want me to keep it between us? we can go shopping if you want!”

mikasa: “hmm. neat. anyway”

jean: “I dub thee officially one of the boys.”

connie: “cool. so, do you want to hang out with me, jean, and sa- yes, I heard you. that’s fine by me. so do you want to hang or not bro”

sasha: “oh lord, another boy for me to deal with!”

historia: “that’s neat! can I call you brother?”

ymir: “alright, sick. what should I call ya?”

levi: “hmm. okay. alright. put your shoes on, we’re going clothes shopping. do you have a new name you want me to use? Pronouns? I won’t tell anyone unless you want me to.”

hange: “ABSOLUTELY SPLENDID. I kind of knew though! yeah, yeah, honey, I can tell. I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two”

season 1 reiner: “ONE OF THE BOYS!”

season 4 reiner: “hey, that’s completely okay by me. so, name? y/n? it’s nice to meet you, again.”

bertholdt: “hey, cool! thanks for trusting me enough to tell me, I know it’s tough. so, what’s your name?”

annie: “hmm. pog”

porco: “oh, for real? cool. do you want my old binder? I don’t know if it’ll fit but it’s worth a shot. if you got questions or need anything just ask, alright?”

pieck: “oh, jeez. another himbo to deal with. I’m just messing with you, man, thanks for telling me.”

zeke: “aha, I knew it! okay, you got me, no I didn’t. that’s fine, though.”

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can we pls talk ab how levi had the biggest glow-up of the century. mans literally went from a malnourished victorian era ratty ass lookin homeless child to this beautiful orgasm inducing god.

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Hands Hands Hands (Attack on Titan x Reader)

Characters: Erwin Smith, Zeke Jeager, Levi Ackerman

Genre: Smut

Warnings: Degradation, humiliation, saliva, spanking, deep throating

A/N: So I like hands, don’t we all?


Zeke Jeager

“You can do better than that” he hums, gripping your hip and helping you bounce faster on his hard cock. You’re his favourite way to release frustrations. “There we go, that’s better” he grunts 

You look so desperate and it makes his cock twitch inside you. He holds his fingers to your mouth and you don’t hesitate to let them in and coat them in your saliva. He flexes his fingers against your tongue and you whine around him, sucking on the digits. You’re sucking his fingers with as much enthusiasm as you would his cock and his smug expression makes you clench around his cock. 

“You really like my hands that much?” He asks with a snort. The question is both condescending and rhetorical but you still mindlessly nod your head. He pushes his fingers to back of your throat and laughs when you gag. “You just clenched you know that? Dirty slut”

He pulls his fingers from your mouth and wipes them on your cheeks, taking great pleasure in painting your face with your own mess. 

“If you behave, I’ll make you cum” he hums, pushing his fingers back into your mouth.


Erwin Smith

“Your problems with authority would be entertaining and maybe even attractive if I wasn’t the one in charge, but here we are” Erwin never takes kindly to defiance. Your punishments are a little different than everyone else’s though; Erwin is a little more…hands on with you.

“When I tell someone to do something they do it. They don’t talk back, ignore me or defy me and they certainly don’t speak to me the way you did today" 

A large calloused palm collides with your ass as Erwin lays a particularly harsh spank to your skin. You loved to rile him up, to push him to the point of manhandling you. It doesn’t cross either of your minds that this isn’t how a commander should reprimand his subordinates nor is it something a commander should be doing with one of his soldiers in general. You feel exposed, in the thin, relatively empty walls of his office with your trousers pulled down and your ass bared to him. Every spank burns through the surrounding skin and it’s incredible. Erwin doesn’t even seem bothered about the obscene level of noise you’re making, he’s entirely focused on the punishment. 

"You like it when I hit you? You want me to use my hands like this?”


Levi Ackerman

He likes the way you look like this. On your knees, pretty lips around his cock and big eyes staring up at his disgusted expression. You had a discussion earlier about what you like and Levi is more than happy to provide. His lithe fingers tighten in your hair, guiding your head down.

“You’re depraved, you know that?” He chuckles, holding your head down. Your throat burns a little and it’s hard to breathe but Levi doesn’t let go, instead he throws his head back and enjoys the tightness of your throat. The groan that leaves his mouth is so pretty that it distracts you momentarily from your inability to breathe. He finally pulls you off, tugging your hair full force and chuckles at the way you frantically gasp for air. “You want my cum? Keep still”

He keeps one hand fisted in your hair and wraps the other one around his cock. You’re transfixed as you watch him jerk himself off over you. His hands are pretty but calloused and worn and they look so good around his cock. The sight of him with his head back, eyes glancing down at you as he fucks into his fist using your saliva as lube pulls a whine from your throat.

“Be patient, and you’ll get what you want” His voice is breathy as he reaches his orgasm. The hand in your hair pulls harshly and you moan pathetically loud and stick out your tongue as he finally blows his load over your face.

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anything for you bestie love you mwah 🥰❤️

  • warnings for…nervousness? idk
  • mix of modern and canon



- He pulls or rubs at his ears, doesn’t even know he’s doing it

- In modern au I think he has like a lobe piercing or helix and he fidgets with that


- Plays with the ends of that fucking scarf 💀 It’s really faded and kinda falling apart but she loves it anyway


- Picks at his lips or bites the inside of his lip, but has a bunch of fucking chapstick to try and make up for it

- When his hair was longer he would pull at it


- Rubs his neck BUT he also draws. He’ll either like actually draw or he’ll draw lines on his arms or the nearest surface


- Picks at the skin around his fingers, more specifically his thumb

- Needs lotion for it :(


- Ik it’s really basic but if she’s feeling anxious she’ll snack on something, it’s kinda her go to

- However I think she wiggles her toes as well? That’s if she’s like in public or somewhere she can’t snack on. Or she’ll chew on her lip


- Scratches any part of her body, but her go to is the side of her face


- Taps her fingers on things

- I also think she wears rings so she’ll fidget with that on her finger a lot


- Crosses his arms or folds his hands

- He does this in general though so it’s just hard to tell when he’s nervous


- She talks louder!! Well depends on what she’s anxious about

- I imagine that they would also move their eyes around a lot more, they can’t focus on own thing


- I don’t think he has any honestly, he’s kinda just chilling

- Like if he’s nervous he won’t even notice


- Cracks his knuckles, even if they don’t pop ❌


- Tugs at his hair, or like does that thing where you ruffle your own hair?

- idk I do this and I’m projecting


- Man she just breathes harder HDHRJR

- She doesn’t know why it happens she just. Does it


- Clears his throat or bounces his leg (maybe stutters??)

- Honestly kinda easy to tell when he’s nervous.


- Puffs her cheeks out or blows air


- Just. Removes himself from the vicinity

- We all saw how fast this mf ran when he saw Levi’s gremlin 5’2 grim reaper ass coming for him

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