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Oh, hi
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“hng—yes baby, just like that…” his hands tightened around your hips, guiding each of your moves as his throbbing cock slid in and out of you.
you rode him like there’s no tomorrow, lowering your face to place kisses on his lips and peppering your way to his ear, where you whispered sweet nothings that tasted like honey.
his curious fingers found their way to your face, thumbs locking under your jaw as whimpers fell right out of your tongue, making the building ticking feeling inside his abdomen almost explode, and looking at your face and how your half-lidded eyes stared right back into his and both of your mouths parted from the need of declaring, babbling nonsense that made perfect sense.
“gonna—ah!—gonna cum” he said, hands finding their way back to your hips, holding your flesh as if you could dissipate at any moment. with the heels of his feet locking onto the floor, he started thrusting back to meet your moves, and the obscene squelches from the sloppiness that formed between you filled the room, mixing with the begs and whimpers.
he didn’t go any quicker, though. his member kept on hitting that same spot that rewarded his ears with the sweet music that were your moans. one of his hands fell to your neck, pulling you towards him as he held you close to his chest, heart to heart and sharing the same breaths.
his groans became moans that became pleads and soon enough, he was releasing into you, painting your insides with long gasps and firm thrusts, hands never letting you leave his body. he wanted your mark all over him, from the sweet bites to the spots where your nails left half-crescents.
there’s this saying about how lovers are just two parts of the same soul, and he knew for sure that you were his just as much as he was yours.
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levi ackerman x F!reader
summary - erwin makes levi take a vacation. he finds you. strangers to lovers, smut.
a/n - cafe worker reader, reader is taller than levi, dom!levi but frankly not a lot of kink in this other than him making you ask him to cum. levi has PTSD, modern au.
this fic is dedicated to therealvalkyrie who is one of my favorite people and also i was supposed to gift this for christmas so i am <3
wc - 4K
“Can I take your order?” You shift your weight nervously, the wood floor of the cafe creaks underneath you. The man in front of you looks unusually serious, deep purple circles under his light eyes, peeking out from a fringe of black brown hair. 
“Tea.” He glances at the menu. “And a turkey sandwich.” 
“Right away, sir.” You whirl around and make your way back to the kitchen to put the order in, glancing behind to look at him He’s staring out the window, watching the gentle snow fall. 
“He’s staying at the creepy air bnb at the end of Spyglass Lane.” Your coworker, Sasha, elbows you. “Kinda suits him. He already looks a bit like a ghost.” 
“Sasha!” You hiss, “He just um, he looks tired.” You start to make his tea, unable to keep from checking in on him, watching him fiddle with his phone, and scoff at the local newspaper. You check the steeping color on his tea and pour it into a dark blue ceramic mug, carrying it on a tray over to him. 
“Are you new in town?” You ask politely, setting it in front of him. You notice that despite how often he’s been checking his phone that he hasn't received a single notification. 
“Mhm.” He grunts, not returning your warmth. “Just stuck here on vacation.” 
“You’re at the air bnb on Spyglass, right?” He just stares at you. “I um, I live over there so if you need anything, feel free to uh, knock on my door. I’m in the little green house, down by the water.” He grunts again noncommittally. You turn to go get his sandwich, a little hurt by the chilly reaction. 
“Wait.” He says after a second and you turn around, confused. It looks physically painful for him, but he sighs. “I’m Levi.” 
“Y/n.” You offer, he looks down and for a moment you think he’s oogling you, but you realize he’s looking at your nametag. 
“I know.” 
“Oh.” You give him another courteous smile before disappearing back into the kitchen. 
“He’s terrifying,” Sasha says, biting into a roll, “I call dibs on not waiting on him while he’s in town.” 
“He seems,” you search for something charitable. “He seems like he’s trying.” 
You’re walking home from work at twilight, and the whole world is glowing a soft blue as the sun sets behind clouds. Snow falls lightly around you, catching in your hair and eyelashes, in the crooks of your elbows. You hear him before you see him, hear the tires spinning in the ice. You jog down to the end of the lane, past your house to the Brimwell Estate, knowing exactly what you'll find. Sasha was right about it being creepy, it was an old Victorian mansion, painted deep purple with black accents. The home was out of place in your little New England town, flush against the snow. You can just barely make out the car as you jog towards it, it's black and boxy, some kind of European sports car that had no business on these winter roads. 
You arrive just in time to catch Levi swearing violently, raking his hands through his dark hair as he bends down to examine his tires stuck in the snow, apparently having given up revving the engine. 
“Hey,” you call, waving to him. “Need a hand?” You watch him consider denying you then sigh deeply in defeat. 
“Yes.” He says, shoving his bare hands in his pockets, you catch how red and raw they are from the cold. 
“You need gloves,” you breathe, scandalized, “I have a pair you can borrow, if you want to.” Levi shakes his head. 
“I’m fine. Fucking car is stuck.” He looks away.
“I can see that.” You crouch down and look at the hole the tire’s dug in the snow. “So um, you can get in the car and try to drive, and I can push-” 
“You can drive the car.” He snaps. “I can push.” You fight to keep your skepticism off your face, he’s much shorter than you, and slight at that. He seems convinced though, so you shrug and he opens the car door for you like some regency era gentleman. The engine purrs to life under your palms, you press experimentally on the gas pedal and watch him brace his body against the back of the car, and to your shock, the car scoots immediately forward, as if Levi is able to lift it’s entire weight without great effort. You carefully drive it into the garage, keenly aware that even a scratch on this vehicle might cost you several student loan payments. 
Levi looks mostly unchanged, a flush on his cheeks from the cold, but his eyes are grey and emotionless. He doesn't look like he's exerted himself in any great fashion, and you feel a warmth creep up on your cheeks. 
“Ugh.” He rubs his eyes. “I suppose if I were,” you watch him hear someone else's words in his mind, have some internal conversation that flashes across his face. He doesn’t attempt to hide his conflict. “I suppose if I were being, a person ,” he grinds down on those last two words clearly repeating someone else, “I would invite you in for a drink.” You laugh lightly. 
“Well I don’t say no to free booze.” You offer, and he nods, and just starts walking back to the house. He unlocks and opens the door, stomping his boots off, swearing more. 
“I hate this fucking shit.” He snaps. “The snow. It’s supposed to be pastoral but it’s a fucking hazard.” 
“Yeah, it’s better than the mud, in my opinion.” You glance around, the house is decorated but unlived in. Despite this, it’s immaculately clean, to the point where you’re afraid to touch any tables or surfaces for fear of leaving footprints. 
“The mud?�� He asks and you nod. 
“Spring is mud season.”
“What?” He furrows his brow. “I thought spring was supposed to be flowers and shit.” You shake your head. 
“Not here.” 
“Great.” He stomps off to the kitchen with you in tow. You watch him pour two glasses of what looks to be expensive whiskey from an ornate glass bottle, and scoots one to you across the table on a coaster. He doesn’t ask you if you drink whiskey, or if you want ice. He just takes a sip and closes his eyes. You speak.
“What um, brings you to town?” 
“Sabbatical.” He grunts. “I work for the government.” You raise your eyebrows. “I’m not a politician,” he cuts off your thoughts with a shudder, “I’m in intelligence.” 
“Oh.” You cock your head at him. “Like, military intelligence.” He shrugs, and takes another drink. 
“Like I can’t talk about it intelligence.” He says, and a second too late he realizes he’s fully shut down the first conversation he’s had in two weeks since moving here, he grasps for a desperate straw. “How about you?” 
“I work at the cafe?” You say, a small amused smile playing on your lips and Levi just barely manages not to smack himself in the forehead. Of course. You met today. At the cafe. 
“There’s too much mayonnaise on the turkey sandwich.” He says, searching for things to say to you, for the first time in a long time, he wishes he could schmooze like Erwin, or joke like Hange. 
“I don’t actually make the sandwiches,” you say, and to his relief, you laugh, diffusing the tension a little. “So,” you look around. “What made you pick this place?” Levi’s lips twitch downward. 
“An old friend inherited it.” He looks out the window. “I suppose, I could call him a mentor. It’s dark but,” he pauses again, you note that he seems to be having trouble choosing the right words. “I don’t hate it yet.” 
“You don’t have to fill the silence.” You offer, gesturing towards a window seat where you can watch the snow fall. “If that would be better for you?” He nods. The snow picks up and the two of you sit and watch it blow across the street, sipping your drinks for a full fifteen minutes. You’re thinking about leaving when he offers you a refill. 
“You can, I can get you more?” He says, standing and adding to his own drink, feeling intensely awkward but finding that he cant tear his eyes from your curves, from your waist, from that little sliver of skin he can see when you move, where your shirt's come untucked from your pants. You stretch a little, and he gulps the whiskey, keeping his eyes on your face with herculean efforts. 
“Any more of that stuff and I’ll be crashing on your couch.” You stand. “I gotta get home.” He nods, and you’re not quite sure if it’s wishful thinking on your part but there’s a touch of disappointment evident in his eyes. 
“I’ll walk you home.” 
“You don’t have to-” 
“Shut up,” He grumbles, already reaching for his boots. “I know I don’t have to. I want to.” He jams his foot inside what look to be virtually unused snow boots. “What the fuck do people do around here anyway?” You think about it. 
“Hike?” You offer. “During the summer there’s more, you could kayak in a lake or something.” He nods, shoving his hands so hard into his pocket that you think you hear the seams rip. He walks like that, next to you down the hill to your cottage. 
“Why the fuck do you live out here alone?” He asks, studying you. “Isn’t it boring?” You sigh. 
“I’m um, I’ve got friends here. I decided I don’t wanna do the rat race, you know, the competitive college and career thing, I want,” you swallow, wondering if the drink was stronger than you thought. “I want to be happy.” You say finally and he lifts his head, cocking his head at you. “Sometimes that’s hard, I guess. For some of us.” 
“Yeah.” He says quietly. “I get it.” You stomp your boots on the porch. 
“I’m having a couple people over this weekend, if you want to come?” He balks and you backtrack. “It’s just a few people. Not even enough to have a real party.” 
“Fine.” He says, and then pauses. “Thanks. For the car.” 
“Yeah.” You shrug. “No worries. That’s sort of how it is out here, winters are hard. We gotta help each other out.” He looks at you like  he’s got something else to say but he just turns and walks back up the hill. 
“Mornin’ Levi,” you shoot him a sunny grin, one hip popped as you stand, pen to paper, ready to take his order. 
“Good Morning.” He says begrudgingly engaging in small talk. “I’ll have a large tea, don’t oversteep it, and,” He barely glances at the menu. “The barley soup.” You nod. 
“That’ll keep ya warm on a day like today.” You glance at the snow covered street, at the windows covered in condensation. “It’s freezing.” He grunts his agreement, and and you see where his sports car is parked at the end of the street. Today, he doesn’t leave after lunch, taking a laptop out and setting it on the table, drinking several teas and after the soup eating two sandwiches, so lost in his own world he barely looks up when you clear the table. You clear your throat softly several hours later and he looks up. 
“We’re closing, Levi.” You say softly. He nods, pressing his lips together. 
“Do you,” it looks like it physically pains him to get the words out, but he gets it out anyway. “Do you want a ride home?” You blink at him. 
“Oh, yeah,” your smile lights up his entire chest, “Definitely, thanks Levi.” He scrunches his face up, wondering why you insist on saying his name like that, Levi, Levi, Levi, here’s your sandwich, Levi, are you finished with that, Levi, we’re closing, Levi. He presses his lips together while  you gather your things, watches you wind a scarf around your neck. Levi. His mother’s only legacy, a name that was at best, outdated, and at worst ugly. He catches his own reflection in the window of the cafe, and then glances at you again, laughing with your clumsy co-worker, tucking your jeans into your worn boots. 
He feels the urge to leave. To run. To walk out into the street and not look back, feels the anxiety that seized him so violently in D.C. that he thought he was having a heart attack, only to be told by doctors at the hospital that what he thought was the violent ending of his life, was something emotional. Soft. A panic attack. Who has panic attacks? not soldiers , he thought, not brave people. But once they started, they only got worse, until eventually he couldn’t even make it to his own office without the violent involuntary hyperventilation. 
“It’s alright,” Erwin had said to him. “Take time. Take as long as you need.” It’s nearly enough to bring the hot sting of humiliation to his eyes. 
“You’ve given me too much.” Levi says angrily. “You can’t-”
“I’m not just your boss, Levi.” Erwin sits heavily in his chair. “I’m a person who cares for you.” Levi swallows. “Take the time. I’ve got a place you can stay, if you want to get away from the city for a bit.” 
“I have, I have a duty-” 
“You’re useless to this country if you can’t function.” Erwin says, blue eyes flashing, “I need you. So take care of yourself and come back. There will be things to do when you get back.” He gestures to the globe next to his desk. “There will always be things to do.” Levi nods, wishing he had the words that come to him much later, alone in his car on the drive up to Erwin’s family home. That’s the problem. He wants to say. That it never stops. 
“Levi,” you’re in front of him, pulling him out of the back of his head. He swallows. “Whatcha thinking about?” He shrugs. 
“Oh,” He opens the door for you and the two of you step out into the cold. “Do you like your job?” Does he? Levi hadn't considered this in many years. He thinks about it now. 
“It’s a job.” He shrugs. “I work with some good people.” 
“That’s nice.” He opens the car door for you, moving so quickly you barely see him do it. “Oh thanks, Levi.” He groans out loud and you cock your head at him. 
“I,” he presses his lips together, aware that he’s holding you hostage in the blistering cold, “Why do you keep saying my name like that?” 
“Like what?” You shiver. 
“Like, Levi ,” he does an imitation of you and you laugh lightly. “Like you say it every time you talk to me.” 
“I guess I just like the way it sounds,” you sit in the seat and he closes the door quickly, running around the car to rejoin you. “It’s got nice music to it. No hard consonants. I like it.” 
“Huh.” His car hums to life. 
“Do you want to um, to come over, for dinner?” You say, and he looks at you sharply. “I mean cooking for one is kind of lame.” He presses his lips together. 
“I’ve been eating frozen meals.” He admits, and you giggle. “It’s fucking depressing to eat alone all the time.” 
“Right so, come over.” You say again and he sighs. 
“Do you,” he presses, and then catches himself before he imposes, “You don’t have to, because you feel badly.” 
“I’m inviting you for dinner because I want to.” You say firmly. “I’m alone too, you know.” He nods, pressing his lips together. He parks the car in your driveway, carefully. Levi examines your home carefully, framed drawings from your niece on the wall, comfortable couches covered in blankets, bookshelves, a screened in porch at the back of the house. 
“I have beer, um, and seltzer?” You offer. Levi doesn’t answer right away, struck by how lived in this space is. The pile of shoes at the door, the coat on the chair, the spot on the couch you clearly always sat in to watch tv still a little wrinkled. He swallows. 
“Beer.” You hand him a glass bottle, and he opens it. He glances at the dinner table but you take your beer and sit on the couch, beckoning him to join you. He manages not to take the furthest possible seat from you, manages to keep his eyes from the way you fold your legs underneath you, the way you tuck a pillow into your chest. A car door slams down the street and he jumps viscerally, hand flying to his shoulder where his gun would be in it’s holster, heart racing. 
“You alright?” You ask, the bell tone of your voice cutting through the silence. He takes a shaky breath, remembering the embarrassing grounding exercises his therapist had taught him. “Levi,” and now all that he can notice is you, the length of your eyelashes, the curve of your jaw, the way your hands are folded in your lap. He takes a risk, feels like Erwin, making a gamble. 
“What if I asked you to come sit here?” He glances at the couch next to him. “What would you say?” He watches you consider, burning in agony. 
“I could say yes.” You respond, after the longest minute of Levi's life. “What if I have questions first?” He shrugs. 
“I’ll answer them, but you have to answer them too.” He sips his beer and watches your face, your beautifully expressive face, as you think through things, he watches the emotions push and pull you. 
“Why are you here?” 
“Forced sabbatical.” He grunts, and sees on your face it’s not enough for you, and reveals just a little more. “I always thought, for sure, right, that I was doing the right thing. I trusted the people giving me orders and I,” he takes a sip of the beer, it’s cool temperature calming him, grounding him. “And I’m not sure I do anymore.” You nod. “Why are you here?” 
“I um,” You look down at your hands. “I couldn’t do college. I wanted to, but I couldn’t handle it. Just too um, sick I guess. Too low functioning.” He nods. “Other people could stay up all night, they could work hard and not, not lose their minds and their happiness. I just couldn’t see myself doing it.” 
“I didn’t go to school.” Levi offers, and you laugh, taking a sip of your beer.
“It’s a choice I feel good about.” You say firmly. “It was my choice.” He nods. 
“Any other questions?” You shake your head and scoot across the couch, leaning against him as he slips an arm around your waist. He sighs, feeling a visceral kind of relief at your touch. Your body is so warm, so soft, you feel so close to him, that his heart rate slows. You sigh, and his hand slips, almost accidentally, under your shirt where it’s riding up on your waist, his cool fingers on your warm skin. You feel him tense, and then decide to own it when you snuggle into his chest. “I’m going to put the beer on the table.” He says, softly, and you know what he means, know what he’s asking. 
“Yeah.” You look up at him. “Good.” He sets it on the table and then turns back to face you, his lips inches from yours, holding eye contact. He makes you close the distance between you, crashing your lips against his, but from his firm hold on your waist you guess that’s the last decision you’ll be making. You fumble with the buttons on his shirt but he stops you, wanting, needing to see you, to really see you without the layers of clothing, tossing your sweater on a nearby chair.
“Fuck,” he breathes, as your lips move down his jaw, burning on  his skin, “Let me-” He pushes your clumsy hands away and tugs his shirt over his head, letting it crumple on the floor with uncharacteristic carelessness. You lie down, he cups your face with one hand, slotting a thigh between yours and nearly laughing when he feels you grind against it. “Easy.” He mutters. 
“I want-” You start.
“I know what you want.” He half snaps, half gloats. “I’ll tell you when you can have it.” He palms your breasts, burying his face between them and groaning at the soft warmth he finds, pulling them out of your bra. His mouth closes on one of your nipples, pulling the most beautiful hushed gasp from your lips, and he needs to hear that sounds again, would do anything to hear it again, and you oblige, you sweet fucking thing, moaning again when pinches and pulls at them, and presses his thigh to your clothed cunt. 
“Oh,” you sigh, feeling him kiss down your stomach, peeling your jeans down, tugging them out of his way, kissing the inside of your hips, delighting in the softness he finds in your thighs, leaving little bruising kisses on the inside of them. There’s something so genuinely warm about your body, something golden and comforting about the energy you exude, beautiful and innocent, he nearly loses all composure when you breathe his name, a prayer, a hymn. “Levi,” you moan, and he gets it, gets why you say it all the time, understands why you’d repeat it at the end of every sentence, it was to prepare him for this, so that he didn’t lose his mind when you’d do this. “Levi,” you say again, when he presses a kiss to the top of your panties, removing them at a maddeningly slow pace, “Please,” you whimper, “Please, I want  you so-” 
“I know,” he says sharply, “Be patient, or I won’t give it to you.” You bite down hard on your lower lip, resisting the urge to grind your hips against him, but you’re rewarded for your stillness when he slips a single finger inside you, moving your panties to the side and starting to kiss gently at your clit. 
“Oh, oh my god,” it’s like the breath has been robbed from your lungs, he growls into you, 
“Taste so good.” He picks up the pace, wanting more music, more sound from you. 
“Levi,” you moan again, “Levi, Levi, right-” 
“Mhm,” he says, watching you fall apart, adding another finger, certain he’s got you right where he wants you, and he’s reminded of the pleasure of human connection, of the warmth of trust, of the way it felt to give to someone so completely like this. 
“I’m gonna, gonna,” your back arches up off the sofa, drowning in pleasure as the roughness of his tongue flicks along the softest parts of your body, “Please I-” 
“Ask me.” He demands, lifting his face from you, grinding his thumb into your clit, watching you fall apart,  unable to sit still. 
“Please, please can I cum, Levi I need to,” you beg, shameless, breathless, beautiful, “Please, please, please-” 
“Go ahead.” He orders and watches the pleasure wrack your body, the way you tense and relax as you vault over the cliff of your climax. “Shit,” he fumbles with his belt buckle, achingly hard in his pants, “Do you have, do you have a condom?” You blink back to reality. 
“I uh,” You rub your eyes, “I don’t.” He pauses, teeth sinking into his lip for a moment before digging through his wallet and  pulling one out, checking the expiration date. 
“Lucky you.” He says coolly, standing and stepping out of his pants. “What was your plan, if I didn’t have one, just out of curiosity?” You give him a mischievous smile. 
“I uh, I guess we would have rolled the dice.” 
“Irresponsible.” He mutters, pinning your wrists over your head, climbing back on top of you, “You just seduce men with that sweet fucking voice,” he snaps, pushing the end of his cock inside you, “And roll the dice, huh?” Your mouth drops open. 
“I-” He cuts you off by cupping your face gently, stroking your cheek for a moment as he commits' every part of this moment to memory. 
“I'm teasing.” He mutters. “Fuck, oh my god.” He pushes a little deeper inside you and you let out a little whimper, he’s bigger than you’d expected, “Shh,” he breathes, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “Shut up and take it.” You moan out loud then and he rolls his eyes at you before pulling back and rolling his hips against yours in earnest, “Feel so good,” he grunts, “Oh my fucking god.” You’re making little mewls that you can’t hold back, feeling every inch of him pushing in and out of you, dragging against your walls. 
“Levi,” you gasp, and that seems to placate him a little, “Levi,” your back arches, and he leans down to kiss his name off your lips, his name, short and ugly, in your mouth, sounds like a miracle, feels like a sunbeam. “Levi,” 
“Yeah?” He groans. 
“L-levi,” you squirm against his hold but he’s so strong it’s like pulling on iron. “Levi,” you choke out, and feel him start to rub at your clit with his free hand. “Oh, oh my god, don’t stop, don’t-” 
“So good,” he growls, “So good for me, cum for me again, you can do it.” 
“I,” you buck your hips against his and he scowls. “I’m so close.” 
“You can do it,” he orders sharply, “Cum for me, I wanna see that shit, cum for me and moan my name again.” You obey, your second orgasm hits you harder, little tears forming in your eyes, the pleasure overwhelming as he chases his own high, cumming deep inside you with a loud groan. He flops on the couch next to you, holding your soft body close to his own, kissing the top of your head. You feel his touch on your back, he holds you tightly, tracing feather light patterns on your skin. 
“Levi.” You sigh deeply, and he feels your warmth, praying he’s not leeching off of you, that it’ll spread between your bodies, as he grabs a throw blanket and tucks it around you, grumpily burning his face in your neck. 
“I like my name better in  your mouth.” He mutters. You nod, relaxing a little. 
“Stay for a bit.” You ask, it’s a gentle plea. Levi rolls his eyes. 
“As if you’re getting rid of me now.”
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Tumblr media
Shingeki no Kyojin Animate Card
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Meruri part 2 💫
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Nothing’s Fair in Love and War
Pairing: Canon!Levi x F!Reader
Word Count: 7.2K
Warnings: SHIT. IS. SAD. YO.
A/N: this broke me. request from @swirrley but i didn’t wanna spoil it with the ask so i’ll answer that separately. i hope this is what you had in mind ^-^
Tumblr media
“So that’s it? We just… commit genocide and walk away? Hange that’s… that’s not how we do things. We’re the Scouts. We– we don’t just… kill people! That blast from Armin… it’ll snuff out hundreds of innocent lives. I know this is what Eren said but… are we really going to go through with this? How does this justify anything? How can we call ourselves any better than them if we’re just going to do the exact same thing they’ve done to us?!” You couldn’t help it. After receiving the note from Eren that night, explaining his situation, his plan, his goals, Hange had called a meeting with you, Onyokapon, Levi, Yelena and Armin the day you’d returned to Paradis. You had sat in silence, anxiously bouncing your leg, picking at your cuticles to the point the tips of your fingers were now dusted with crimson. It was only when Levi placed a subtle hand on your leg did you realise you’d even slipped back into these old habits. Only when he brushed his thumb over your knuckles did you notice the steady trickle of blood where you’d picked at your thumb just a bit too much. You threw him a grateful glance out the corner of your eye, before speaking your mind. 
Hange sighed heavily, the weight of their new position had dug into their shoulders as of late, and you knew you weren’t helping by opposing their decision but… they couldn’t truly think this was the right course of action. Declaring war first, taking out the military port of Liberio, not to mention declaring war in the goddamn internment zone. That’s what made no sense. Those people were Eldians, like you were. If you wanted them on your side, murdering the majority of them wasn’t the right way to go about it. Hange had to know that. 
“But if they take the Founder, we have nothing left. Think of this logically–”
“How is opposing the flat out murder of hundreds of people illogical?”
“There’s no easy way out of this. Eren has demands and has left us clear instructions. It’s Zeke’s intentions I don’t trust. Monkey bastard can’t just change sides like that. Whether he’s using Eren or Eren’s using him, I don’t care. He makes a wrong move, I’ll cut him to pieces.” Levi didn’t even raise his gaze as he all but spat out his opinion. You knew where he was, and present in this room wasn’t it. He was back at Shiganshina, decimating a line of titans to get to the Beast. Watching his friends and comrades sacrifice themselves all for him to ultimately fail in his task. You knew that day haunted him. You knew it always will. It was your turn to squeeze, bringing him back with a subtle head tilt. 
“Watch your tone when talking about him. We’re only here because of Zeke’s efforts. You might want to show some gratitude.” It was the only time you saw Yelena show anything other than smug indifference, was when she was defending her fucking monkey god. Levi shot her a look that simply told her to shut the fuck up. Surprisingly, she actually listened. 
Armin let out a breath, looking at the tension between Levi and Yelena, before turning back to you. He seemed to be Hange’s voice at the moment. You knew, whenever Hange gave up the mantle, it would be passed down to him. It had to be. Nobody else could do what Armin was doing right now. “It’s not ideal… but what choice do we have? If Marley gains possession of both the Attack and Founding titan, we’re all as good as dead. Think about it, this is the only way forward. If we don’t do this, Eren’s stuck, and we’ve lost. You heard them, it’s not even Eldia they have a problem with. It’s just us. The island devils.” 
You hated that he was right. Hated that you now had to destroy the very town you’d just visited. The first place everyone had seen outside the walls. The first place everyone had been to, outside the walls. Those colourful stalls, those tall buildings, the festival bunting… it would all be flattened and charred. You’d done a lot as a Scout. You all had. But this… this turned your stomach. You didn’t know how Armin did it. How he was able to make such choices so easily. Though it might have had something to do with how he looked up to Erwin so much. That made sense. 
You grit your teeth, letting the rest of the discussion fade away as you allow yourself to be consumed by your thoughts. And glancing to his left, Levi noticed you’d zoned out, much how he had a minute ago. You were tired. You all were. He could see the deep purple rings beneath your eyes, the fight in your spirit had been repeatedly beaten until it was nothing more than a will to survive. He predicted your movement before you’d even stood up, muttering something to Hange before you left the war room, quietly closing the door behind you. The others continued after you’d left, but one look from Hange and Levi knew he was excused. They wanted him to go after you as much as he did. “We probably won’t be back,” he murmured lowly, folding his jacket over his arm. Hange nodded again, and a pang of empathy echoed through his heart. Levi landed a hand on their shoulder. “We’ll follow you, you know that. She’ll come around, just give her some time,”
“We don’t have time, Levi. The one thing we don’t have is time.” he’d never seen them look more morose, but found no blame to pin on them. He too could feel the exhausted tensions of the Scout regiment ever since they’d lost Eren. It was suffocating. With no further words to exchange, Levi too left the war room, knowing exactly where you’d be. 
Tumblr media
You knew exactly who’d found you before Levi had even announced his presence. “I’m fine, ‘Vi. I just needed to breathe for a moment.” It was a piss poor excuse, one Levi evidently saw right through as he continued to approach you. The rooftop wall was the perfect height to rest your elbows on and lean against the cool bricks, your head tilted back to track the moon’s orbit across the partly cloudy sky. Levi never felt the need to say anything in these moments, he knew you would talk to him if you needed to. 
Despite being with you for a good few years now, his heart never failed to thunder in his chest when you were near, especially when you rested your head on his shoulder as he leaned his own elbows on the brick, mirroring your stance. He knew you were troubled. A swift glance at your face told him that. But he kept his silence, content to wait for you.
“Are we really going to do this?” Levi raised a brow of ‘elaborate’ as you brought your head back off his shoulder. He immediately felt the chill of your absence. “I mean, we were there two minutes ago. We were there, walking down its streets, watching Hange try to feed carrots to a car, trying to pry Sasha away from ice-cream. And we’re just… going to burn it,” he knew your point. The enemy was no longer faceless. You now knew who you were fighting. What you were fighting. It’s easier to kill titans because they’re no longer people but, now you were about to commit several war crimes against a race you’d actually interacted with. Interacted with its people, who seemed as normal as all of you. They were no longer monsters. Just people trying to survive. It sounded sickeningly familiar. “It just doesn’t sit right with me, that’s all.”
Levi sighed, gently taking your hand in his own. “You heard what the kid said. We don’t have much of a choice. It’s either them or us now.” You huffed a small laugh, looking down at your entwined hands, watching how his thumb moved across the back of yours.
“He’s nineteen, Levi. Not exactly a kid anymore. They stopped being kids the moment they saw a titan, let alone make the decision to go to war on another country. Much more than either of us had accomplished by that age.” Levi raised another, slyer brow to you, silently asking you to question that statement. “Alright fine, much more than I had accomplished by that age, then.” you nudged him with your elbow in tired playfulness, but not even this had your usual mischief. It broke him to see you like this. 
Straightening up from the wall, Levi regarded you for a second, before taking your arm and guiding it to wrap around his torso, a silent prompt you’d grown to love whenever he wanted to feel you close to him and hold you against his heart. You closed your eyes, nestling your nose just below his jaw, gripping the tan leather jacket at his back and inhaling the scent of home. His hand on the back of your head sent a warm shiver down your spine, his other arm securing you in his hold around your waist. 
The resulting effect was almost instant, the familiar comfort taking the weight off your chest, letting you actually breathe for the first time since you’d left Marley. The soft domesticity finally putting you at ease in the bubble of security he’d created for you. 
“How are you always so warm?” you asked quietly against his neck, your lips just lightly brushing his Adam’s apple. A resulting tightening of his arms around your middle set your heart ablaze, a small, content smile pulling at your lips as you basked in his embrace. Levi felt your shift from tense apprehension to instant comfort. He never thought it possible that he could have this kind of effect on someone. Never even considered the possibility of being able to provide this kind of comfort with no words needed. But you always had your ways to surprise him.
It’s part of the reason he loved you so damn much.
“It’s all the self contained rage. Took every fibre of my self control not to break that woman’s stupid neck.” he loved your laugh. You soft little bubbles of amusement. The first time he heard it he couldn’t stop staring at you, completely lost in your expression. You didn’t even know how beautiful you were. He wasn’t great with words, but he happily reminded you every single time you forgot, with the gentlest of kisses to your forehead. 
“You always were the calmer out the two of us. Doesn’t surprise me that it’s all in here,” you shifted your head out from beneath his jaw, tapping the side of his temple with your middle finger. Levi’s hand shifted from the back of your head to the side of your cheek, running his thumb along your cheekbone. There was always something in the way he looked at you. At the start, it was something Hange had to loudly point out to you before you actually noticed. It was soft. So, so damn soft. Like he was looking at the personification of his own soul. There was something reflected in who you were that sang to him, soothing the spiteful thoughts of self-hatred in his mind. Without meaning to, you’d become his rock. His anchor. His everything. Nothing mattered as long as you were alright. Nothing mastered as long as you were by his side, soothing the skeletons in his closet. 
Your heart skipped a beat at the small smile of content on his face, before he wordlessly tilted your head up and brushed your lips with a featherlight kiss, just to feel the softness of your skin on his own. And you were immediately lost in the vast well of his adoration, willingly drowning yourself. Your arms slipped from around his torso to rest around his neck, pulling him closer onto your mouth, your lips moving languidly with his, his arm keeping you tight against his chest, your heartbeats synchronising with each stroke of your tongue. 
And, despite the oncoming storm, you don’t think you’d ever been this happy. “Fuck the meeting,” you murmured onto his lips, your patience for politics dwindling with each second you spent wrapped up in his arms. 
“Fuck the meeting.” He agreed, pulling back from you a fraction to look into your eyes, his own method of making sure you were alright. Levi had learnt how to read your eyes over the years, how they were quite literally windows into your soul. Murky, mudded, blurry windows, sure, but they had to be. You wouldn’t have made it this far if everyone could read you as well as he could. But this also meant he could see right through any façades. Any acts you performed for the sake of your comrades never worked on him, and right now, he could see how utterly exhausted you were. Exhausted of the meetings, the politics, the endless fighting. 
He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t tired too. Fuck, he was tired. But he was used to fighting tired. His Underground memories were hazy at best, but he knew he spent every second fighting. And though you were stronger than most, even you had a breaking point. “Sleep?”
You never thought a single word could bring you so much joy. You borderline slouched into his chest, his shirt rubbing against your cheek as you nodded with a breathy “Yeah, sleep.” 
Levi tilted your head up again with a hooked finger grazing the bottom of you chin, dipping to brush a featherlight kiss to your lips, before twining his hand in with yours, you leaning into him as you both headed back to the barracks. 
Tumblr media
“Ah shit,”
You poked your head out the doorway to your bathroom, droplets of water falling from the ends of your wet hair, raising a brow at your man standing over his desk, hands on his hips, staring as if disappointed in the top drawer. 
“Ah shit?” You queried, briefly wrapping a towel around your hair and torso before joining him at the desk. 
“We’re out of chamomile. Black will have to do,” you couldn’t help but find his dejected tone quite sweet. You knew black tea was his personal favourite, but the way he was so heartbroken over not having your personal favourite evening drink simply melted you. 
You laughed gently, stepping up behind him to wrap your arms around his middle, resting your chin on his broad shoulder. You loved how this particular v-neck fit him, dipping low enough to show his defined collarbones, but it was a loose, comfy fit. It made him look that combination of sweet spice you loved. 
“Or, and I know this may sound shocking but hear me out, we don’t have a cup of tea tonight,” You peered at him through the corner of your eye, already hearing the scoff of disgust you knew was coming. 
And sure enough, Levi didn’t disappoint. “A crime of the worst kind. I’ll go harass Four Eyes, surely they’ll have some of that fancy shit left over from Liberio,”
“But you didn’t like that fancy shit, you said it tasted like toilet water…. Which begs me to ask—“
“I said I didn’t like the fancy black shit. The chamomile was fine. And no, freak, I’ve never had a drink from a fucking toilet and the fact you even felt the need to ask actively disgusts me.” You giggled madly into his neck at the faux irritation and nickname, his audible smile warming your heart as you tighten your arms around him, just as he went to move away. “No, you’ve lost hugging privileges for being so vile. Go be disgusting somewhere else.” You released him after pressing a soft kiss to the side of his neck, one he returned when he swivelled round and pressed his lips to your forehead in fleeting gratitude. 
“Be nice to them, ‘Vi, they’ve had a rough few days.” You knew he’d already noticed Hange’s lack of enthusiasm recently, but there was never any harm in reminding him from time to time. With his nod of confirmation, you left Levi to procure tonight’s tea whilst you dried your hair with the towel and changed into a pair of soft, baggy sleep shorts and one of his v-neck tees. You always felt cosier in his clothing. 
Now propped up against the headboard, a faded fabric bound book clasped in your hands, you indulged in an old fairytale whilst you waited for Levi’s return, though the words on the page were barely sinking in. Something about a prince selling his soul to save the one he loved, you’d gathered that much, but your mind kept wandering to the mission in a few weeks. Heading back to Liberio would have otherwise been an exciting idea, if only you weren’t there to destroy the place. 
It still rubbed you wrong. 
“Knock knock.” You placed your book down on your lap, laughing a quick “come in” before Levi pushed the door open with his back, slid inside, and nudged it closed with his foot. 
“Did you just knock on your own door? Verbally?” It wasn’t that you needed confirmation that what just happened really did just happen. It was more that you were fishing for an explanation, still having to bite down on your bottom lip to stifle your laughter. 
“I didn’t know if you were decent,” Levi looked at you as if it were the most obvious answer in the world, placing the teacup and saucer on the nightstand with a soft clink. “You could have been changing,”
“We’ve been together for six years… you’ve seen every inch of me.” There was something about his respectful chivalry that made your heart flutter. Plenty of men in the Scouts wouldn’t even consider something like that, especially after six years together. 
Levi simply shrugged, knowing you needed no further elaboration as he took up his space next to you, lifting his arm on instinct to allow you to lean up against him. You looped your fingers through the handle of the teacup, before assuming your position into his side, his arm draping over you. 
“Whatcha reading?”
“A book.” You refuse to look at Levi’s flat, unamused state, choosing instead to idly run your finger over the rim of the cup, fighting tooth and nail to keep your smirk from your face. 
“What kind of book? Idiot.” You lost your battle with your expression, muscles crumbling into a cheeky smile. 
“A fairytale, I think.”
“You think?”
“Honestly I have no idea what’s going on. I think the protagonist has just found out he has to sacrifice himself to save his lover but that’s as far as my understanding goes.” You pressed further into him, Levi threading his loose arm around your waist in response as you fell into a thoughtful silence, simultaneously raising your respective cups to your lips, savouring the flavour of chamomile on your tongue. You’d bought these leaves in the very same city you were going to destroy. It seemed ironic, in a way. 
“I’d do that for you.” Levi broke the silence with his gentle confession. Well, it was less of a confession since you were already aware of the lengths he’s gone to, just to keep you safe. 
“You know I would,” 
You hummed a response. “Yeah. I do.” —you paused, taking another long sip of your tea— “I’d do that for you too. I’d do that for a few people, actually,”
Levi’s hold on you tightened, a subconscious protective instinct. “Mm? Who else?”
“Our squad. I’d sacrifice myself to save any of those kids,” now that was a confession. Levi knew you adored the 104th kids, and he knew they all looked up to you like some kind of surrogate older sister -he didn’t like the idea of any of them seeing you as a mother figure, because that representation for him was just too much- but he didn’t know the lengths you’d go through to protect them. 
“Please, do not kill yourself protecting Connie for fuck sakes.” You barked a laugh, having to transfer your teacup to your other hand to stop the contents from spilling over. 
“What’s wrong with Connie??” 
“He’s an idiot.”
“You love them really.” Levi had no comeback to that, because he knew you were right. And you also knew you were right, which meant there was no way he could win that argument. Another blanket of silence draped over the two of you, another thoughtful spell broken once again by Levi’s quiet murmur. 
“Was… was this my fault?” The guilt in his voice choked you, and you had to close your eyes against the pain. You knew exactly what he meant. Because it had been plaguing your mind too, ever since his disappearance. 
“Eren’s… I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going through his head. He’s always been combative but— none of us thought he’d go this far.” You sat up, placing your drained teacup back on the saucer, and turned to face him. “But no. This wasn’t your fault, Vi. I know you see yourself as a—“ you paused, unsure how to phrase this as he searched your face, “guardian, for him, but you cannot blame yourself for this. For any of this.” You sat on your knees, taking his face in your hands, trying to smooth away the desperate search for reassurance in his eyes. “I found myself thinking the same. Did I somehow fuck something up when talking to him, or did I miss some glaringly obvious problem? Was this my fault somehow,”
“It wasn’t—“
“Then it wasn’t yours either.” You interrupted him, cutting him off before he could start his hypocritical tirade on why it wasn’t your fault. “We’re a team, ‘Vi. If you failed, we failed. If I didn’t fail, as you say I didn’t, then we didn’t fail. This wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t my fault either. Nobody’s to blame for this, okay?” You watched his expression relax, that guilt ridden crease in his brow eased. 
“Thank you.” You smiled in response, pressing a lingering kiss to his forehead, your thumbs smoothing the darker circles beneath his eyes as he melted into your reassurance. You card your hand through his hair, the strands longer that you knew they ought to be. 
“You need a haircut,” 
Levi’s eyes glanced to his bangs, only now noticing how long he’d allowed them to get. But he shook his head, leaning to the side and placing his own empty teacup back on the nightstand. 
“It’s too late now, we’ll do it when we get back.” You nodded in agreement, settling beneath the covers alongside him and instantly searching for your place in his arms. 
Levi curled around you as you settled into his chest, your face snuggled up against his neck where you inhaled the smell of home. His arms tucked you in tight and secure against him, once again that subconscious need to protect your kicking in as you drifted into your most vulnerable state. 
But you both remained awake for a while, neither certain as to why. Levi’s caressing thumb on your back never ceases, and your nuzzles against his neck didn’t stop. The silence shifted into something static, the kind of silence you knew fell before he was about to say something. 
“What do we do? After this?” You knew what he meant. What the hell were you supposed to do after the war?When Marley and Eldia settled their differences and titans were no longer a threat. What the hell were you two supposed to do then? Though you smiled slightly to yourself, knowing exactly what you wanted to do. 
“Tea shop. Obviously.” Rewarded with a gentle rumble of a chuckle, you tilted your head up only to meet his eyes looking down at you. 
“I’m serious,”
“So am I! You think I’d go through all this trouble not to open that tea shop with you when this is all over? Everything’s riding on this tea shop. I’d die for this tea shop!”
“Okay okay, I get it. Tea shop it is.” —there was a pregnant pause, a brief second where Levi looked away— “Is that… is that all you want?” The question was posed quietly, hesitantly. So hesitant in fact that you propped yourself up on your elbow, resting your chin on your fist. 
“Levi?” you’d discussed it once before. You’d dared to dream only once previously, a similar setting to this one, but something seemed different. Something seemed hopeful this time around. 
“We could do it,” —he murmured, no longer looking at you, but looking wistfully past you— “We could. If we wanted to. I don’t know if I’d be any good as a father but…” He trailed off, and you had an idea as to what he was thinking. So you interrupted, gently tilting his head towards you with a hand on his cheek. 
“You’re nothing like him ‘Vi. Believe me when I say that. You are nothing like him,” —you leaned into him, smiling softly against his lips in a fleeting kiss— “You’d make such a good father.” You didn’t want to mention how you already knew this through his relationship with the 104th. You didn’t want to mention how you see the way they look up to him as a role model, and a father figure for most of them. You knew it would be too much for him. 
Levi kept your lips against his for a moment longer, savouring your warmth, before tucking you protectively back into his chest, his hands returning to their original positions on your back. 
It took you a second to comprehend. Levi wanted a family. With you. After the war. He wanted a child, maybe two, with you. And there was nothing you could do to stop the tear sliding down your cheek. 
For a split second, Levi was alarmed. Had he said something wrong? Did you hate the idea? Did it scare you? But your wet giggle pushed those doubts from his mind, easing his constricted chest. 
“I cannot wait to spoil the shit out of them.” You announced tearily, causing Levi’s hands to fist in your tee, staving off his own emotions. 
“If you’re anything like as bad as you are with my squad, they’re gonna be brats before they can even talk.” Levi didn’t even notice what he’d said until he mulled this conversation over later, once you were fast asleep. 
Brats. Plural. 
You chuckled into his chest, getting comfy again in his embrace as your eyes started to weigh down by exhaustion and the pull of sleep. “Love you ‘Vi.” Levi’s hand found a home in your hair, scratching gentle caresses against your scalp to sleep. 
“Love you too, freak.”
Tumblr media
The spattering of gunfire accompanied the short whip back up to the airship, your heart in your mouth, beating like a deep caught in lamplight. You’d prepared for their superior military prowess. You’d prepared for a fight with the Cart and the Jaw titans. But what you hadn’t prepared for, was the utter terrified panic of being caught in the crossfire. Though the mission was over, and Eren had been more or less safely recovered from the hands of the enemy, you still felt nauseous. 
So many people had died. So many people. The Scouts had arrived after Eren had crushed half of the population gathered at the internment zone. The screaming could be heard throughout the city, and you could hear it from the airship. Now nothing could be heard but commanding shouts and the prattle of guns. It was a sound you knew would haunt you for the rest of your life.
But you had Eren back. And much to Levi’s dismay, Zeke. 
You unhooked your anchors from the wood of the airship exterior, using the net to pull yourself up onto the deck. Most had already made it back. Only Lobov and a few others were left helping up stragglers and taking down stray gunmen. You couldn’t help but be morbidly amused by how many MPs and Garrison members had switched regiments after hearing about Eren. How their opinions had changed now they didn’t think the war was fruitless. You couldn't have thought more opposite if you tried. The world seemed so much smaller and more manageable when it was just Paradis and the titans. Now you were severely outmatched, and hedging peace on the fact that Eren could start the rumbling if he sneezed too damn hard. 
You dusted yourself off as you stood, already hearing voices from the smaller room next door. Most you recognised, one you didn’t, and one that you associated with home. Tucking your Anti Personnel Gear back into the holsters, you strode across the ship, sliding the door open to the voices you heard. 
Upon seeing you safe and alive at the doorway, Levi felt himself relax, his muscles unclenching despite the company he was currently keeping. Of course, you kept it professional when out in the field. Folding your arms, you stopped by his side, peering down at Eren. 
“Jean was just behind me, I think Lobov and his squad are left rounding up stragglers.” You didn’t even look at him. Didn’t need to. You felt his nod next to you as your gaze narrowed to who you remembered as a young boy. 
Now the centre of a war. 
Your heart broke as he raised his eyes to you. You’d never seen him look so hopeless. So lifeless. But he somewhat winced at your presence, as if you’d gone to strike him. As if he was shocked you were even there. You tilted your head, mouth open with a question, before a triumphant roar cut you off. Lobov must have returned, which meant everyone was back. 
You and Levi glanced at each other, a quick, silent order and confirmation.
“Back in a second.” you tapped his elbow before leaving his side, heading back out to the main deck to quieten the rowdy, over-excited Scouts. Though you almost felt bad doing so. They had a right to be relieved, those who’d survived. Technically speaking, the mission was a great success. 
But the thousands of faces now stuck in endless, silent screams of horrified agony below you left a sour taste in your mouth. You couldn’t celebrate this. Entering the throng from the back, you fought past the many arms thrown in the air victoriously, finally meeting eyes with Jean a few paces in front of you. Sending him a pleading look, Jean threw you an apologetic smile, clearing his throat to silent the crowd. Or at least get them to lower their voices, when two things happened.
You’d noticed Sasha looking a little alert when you managed to spot her next to Jean, but you assumed it was simply a byproduct of the battle, adrenaline still coursing through her veins. Until a small gap opened up in the crowd, and ice spiked your blood. Your own protective instincts kicked in as you moved, feeling like you could take on the entire world yourself as you screamed the girl’s name, your voice blending with the ear-splitting crack of a gunshot.
Time froze as your body collided with her side. And for a brief moment, you thought the young girl with a fire in her eyes had missed her target, both of you would walk away unscathed.
But ripping agony through your torso tore you from your brief moment of hope, the impact sending you sprawling back, barely registering the shock of your skull against the wooden floor.
A beat hung low in the air as everyone processed what had just happened, before the room erupted. 
Raged screams, vicious shouts melded with the sick thumping of fists against flesh, the hollow whomp of feet into ribs. But you could do nothing to stop it. Shock wracked your system, limbs shaking from the excess adrenaline keeping the brunt of the pain at bay. You gasped for breath, barely able to drag yourself away from the rampage, a hand on your sternum. You cracked your eyes open, your heart aching for the pre-teens who’d been caught up in a war. 
They’re no different, you thought, to most of the people in this room. Far too young to understand the consequences of their actions. So easily swayed by the wills of their superiors. Cultivating hatred and fear, forcing them to fight for an agenda they would barely understand at their age. 
You didn’t blame her. It wasn’t her fault.
“We should toss them out.” You recognised that weasel Floch’s voice. Glancing to that mop of red hair, you spat blood as you tried to speak up.
“Don’t you f’fucking dare… they’re– they’re kids… T’take them to Co… Commander Hange…” You struggled for breath, phlegm and blood clogging your throat as you spat again, wincing at the adrenaline dulled wound in your torso.
And it was as if the entire room had forgotten you were there. In their lust for revenge, they’d forgotten what had happened, and who now lay on the floor, staining the boards crimson. Only Sasha seemed outwardly concerned by your condition, pressing both her hands against your chest.
“We, we need bandages! Now! I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry if I had just listened to myself, I knew I’d heard something I knew I had but I just, I thought it was nothing I’m so sorry this, this is all my fault I’m so so-”
“Sasha.” the girl stopped at the sound of her name, scarlet staining your teeth as you broke into a soft smile. “Stop. You’re… you’re fine, okay? You’re okay…” Sasha nodded with conviction, pressing her hands harder against your leaking wound. You nodded gratefully to Jean as he passed you, leading the two kids to the front of the ship. His expression cracked as he paused before you, as if he couldn’t quite comprehend what he was seeing, but understood what he needed to do.
Who he needed to get.
‘Thank you’ you mouthed, too exhausted to speak anymore, your vision already beginning to swim. It was a strange feeling, bleeding out. It almost felt as if you were floating, your mind finally released from the prison of your body, free to wander and roam as the iron bars are left to rot and decay. Even as your limbs and body were moved for you, every movement felt sluggish, fluid, like it wasn’t blood in your veins, but rather liquid lead, weighing you down. 
The ground beneath you grew distant, you weren’t sure whether it was because you were dying, or because someone had picked you up, but you felt your head loll backward, too heavy for your neck to carry. Colours darkened around you, scenery changed, and you were placed somewhere quiet. Away from concerned looks and distant snivels. Cloth beneath your head, wood beneath your body. You think.
Only once before had Levi’s entire world been shattered at once. Life seemed to enjoy chipping away at his walls, carefully constructed dams in constant need for repair, but the second Jean Kirstein uttered those words, he felt a void open just below his heart. The only possibility he could think of was his own mishearing, because there was no way…
Not you…
“Where is she?” someone asked, but he couldn’t focus on who, until Jean kept eye-contact and he realised it was him. He’d asked. Did he? Levi honestly couldn’t remember.
“Sasha took her to the empty side room. Captain… we don’t think she’s going to make it…” it was as if all air had been sucked from his lungs. Breathing simply wasn’t an option as he tried to compartmentalise his feelings. But it was like trying to trap a maelstrom in a music box. 
The room fell into absolute silence, only to be instantly broken by hysterical laughter behind him. 
That maelstrom of emotions amalgamated into one, seething, burning storm of utter furious hatred. 
Levi turned, slowly, to Eren Jaeger, who had seemed to have completely lost his mind. Rattling gasps of insane hilarity burst from his chest with each wet, inhaled sob. Despite Levi being a master of composing himself, he moved too fast for anyone to intervene. Before another onslaught of laughter could fill the room, he shoved his boot through Eren’s teeth, relishing in the blood leaking from his freshly torn gums. He withdrew his foot, and kicked again, the crunch of leather cracking bone somewhat soothed his torrent of fury, but only worsened his thirst for more. Though his face betrayed nothing. Blank expression, a statue in a garden of melancholy, Levi’s face remained neutral whilst he kicked in Eren’s jaw. 
He could have killed him. Would have killed him. If he hadn’t gone off on his own, if he hadn’t tried to do everything alone, if he hadn’t forced Hange’s hand, put everyone in danger, put you in danger, then…
The blows became rhythmic, almost metronome like in spacing. Eren said nothing, only taking his lumps as the crack of his shattered nose joined the cacophony of splitting bones. 
“Captain Levi, sir?” it had only just occurred to him how nobody had tried to stop him. Nobody had even tried to hold him back, not even that sullen brat who always ran after Jaeger. She just stood back and looked away, wincing with each impact. It was only Sasha’s arrival that had his pause, foot lodged in Eren’s unhinged, bloodied jaw as he turned to her tear stained face. “She… she’s asking for you, sir. Mentioned something about a–a tea shop? I… I don’t know I– she–”
“Thank you, Sasha.” he wasn’t piloting his body anymore. Whoever, or whatever had taken over, he was nothing but a bystander now, watching and listening as he reacted to the things around him, his feet carrying him past the teary eyed young girl. It reminded him that you were right. They really are just kids. 
Levi did his best to ignore all the sullen looks of pity as he crossed through the main deck, pausing only to address the two medics exiting your room just as he survived. They, too, didn’t look hopeful. He did his best to ignore that as well. 
“Sir… she–”
“I’m aware. Thank you, soldiers. Rest now.” It was ironic, he thought, how he was providing comfort at a time where he couldn’t have been more wounded. Though they nodded gratefully and stepped out of his way. 
And though he had seen you vulnerable countless times, he’d never seen you weak quite like this. The room was almost completely shrouded in darkness, only the faint glow of the main deck beyond the closed door cast a low, shadowy light against loose objects. Levi froze, having no idea how to tackle this. But for the millionth time in your shared lives, you saved him.
“What took you so long?” It was your tired smile that thrust him back into control, all at once drowning in the pulling weights of slowly losing you. Levi tried to stifle the tremor in his hands as he came to your side, lowering himself to where he could manoeuvre you into his lap. It was painstakingly slow, stopping with every pained hiss or whimper you couldn’t keep at bay, but he finally had you cradled against him, his arms encasing you in his strong hold. “You’re so… damn warm, ‘s’nice.” You pressed yourself into him as much as you could, but any strength you once had drained away, soaked in the bandages along with too much of your blood. 
It was then Levi realised he wasn’t warm. Not particularly. You were just fucking freezing. And you said as much, with a meek “‘m cold…”, prompting him to unclasp his cloak from around his shoulders and tuck it around your gently trembling body. 
With a final tucking of a loose strand of hair behind your ear, Levi settled down with you swaddled in his lap, thumb glossing over your frozen cheek. 
“Sasha,” —he cleared his throat— “Sasha said you told her about our tea shop?” God it was all he could do to stop himself from breaking to pieces. All he could do to fight his own voice to keep it even. Steady. 
It was a losing battle.
“Oh… yeah I wanted t’to… I wanted to apolo’gise. T’to you. Might have… to run the sh’shop alone now… heh, sorry ‘bout that,” a rogue tear slipped down his face, and he was thankful for the dim lighting. You were dying and that was what’s worrying you? Levi glanced down to the bandages around your middle, crimson still slowly staining the cloth. The bleeding wasn’t stopping. “Shame really… m’medics… medics said if, if we weren’t on’n the air’airship then maybe… maybe…” you trailed off, leaving Levi to fill in the rest for you. But it was too much to voice aloud. That if you weren’t on the airship, if Eren hadn't gone off on his own…
You would have survived this. 
“Levi…?” His silence had prolonged too long, and though he felt like he was trying to swim with claws for hands, he managed a small smile, smoothing down your hairline. 
“Tell me a story,” He closed his eyes against the pain your request brought him, his heart raw and throbbing as it was slowly torn in two with each passing minute. But he gently shifted you onto your side, laying your head on the folded fabric of your cape before he lay down next to you. 
The feeling was achingly familiar. Tucking your softly into his chest as if you’d just settled down for the night. When you couldn’t sleep, you’d ask him to tell you a story. You didn’t care what of, so mostly it was anecdotes from his past, expedition successes or Hange’s bathtimes. It was rare Levi would tell you something fabricated. 
But now wasn’t the time for his disdain of make-believe. He knew your favourite tale like the back of his hand. Knew the twists and turns, the dialogue and characters. So with a hand on your back, keeping track of your weak breaths, he started your tale. 
A small kernel of hope kindled in his chest when you corrected him after he deliberately mixed up part of the story. If he could keep your mind going then maybe, maybe you would make it back to Paradis. Maybe the medics were wrong… maybe you could survive this. 
So he kept messing up, and you kept correcting him. But in his false hope, he’d forgotten about the rise and fall of your chest until it had diminished into micro-movements. And the next correction never came. Levi tried again, his voice cracking with your continued silence. 
“Please…?” He knew it was fruitless, you no longer held your grip on his uniform, your fist having fallen limp in his cradle. He waited for your breath that never came, for your tired smile that refused to pull. 
But he held you tighter than ever. “Wait for me,” —he pleaded to your deafened ears— “let me finish what we started, and I'll join you just, please,” Levi’s shoulders cracked with a silent sob, his fingers tangling into your limp locks. 
“Wait for me.”
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dontatmethanks · a day ago
Tumblr media
Levihan undercover Spies AU commission done by the talented @AshTheBread on Instagram
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sheepyboo · a day ago
Tumblr media
I kinda actually like posting on tumblr and Twitter more than Instagram. Instagram is too much pressure to keep a pretty feed 😭
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harubie · 2 days ago
AoT boys when you don't pick up their call
Aot boys x you
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hi! I hope u guys will like this and please let me know about your opinions <3 Thank u!
Btw requests are open ^^
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askmermanlevi · 2 days ago
Will you show us your teeth, pweeeese?
Tumblr media
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m-jelly · a day ago
Happy international tea day!
Levi's favourite time of the year <3
Share a tea with our favourite Captain
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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levi-supreme · 2 days ago
Meeting Levi at the supermarket
Characters: Levi x shorter gender neutral!reader
Genre: Modern!au
Warnings: SFW, fluff. They/them pronouns for reader. Meet-cute (?) with Levi in the supermarket hahaha because why not right? Some mentions of dairy products. Also reader is shorter than Levi :D
A/N: I know I said I'm on a semi-hiatus (lol) but!!! This idea literally came to me while I was doing my grocery shopping at the supermarket, and I knew I had to write it. Also, this little imagine is for everyone shorter than Levi (me included hehe) <3
Tumblr media
Loading your basket full of fresh fruits and bread, you were near the dairy produce when you looked at your grocery list.
"Avocadoes, check. Apples, check. Sourdough bread, check..." you ticked off each item that was already in your basket. Scrolling down the list, you saw cream cheese and Greek yoghurt among the things you needed. Just then, you saw your favourite brand of cream cheese on offer.
"Urgh, why do they always put it at the top of the shelf?" You grumbled, standing on your toes to reach the damn tub of cream cheese. Walking forward, you wanted to take a tub of Greek yoghurt when you noticed someone standing a few steps away from you muttering something.
"... why the fuck do they have to put things at the fucking top shelf?" Taking a good look, you noticed the man was likewise standing on his toes trying to reach for a carton of milk. He was only slightly taller than you were, but he was good-looking. Incredibly good-looking. He was dressed in a simple black shirt and bermuda shorts, yet he looked effortlessly chic. His slightly tousled hair gave it a wind-swept look, like he just casually ran his fingers through them seconds ago.
Also, you didn't realise you were staring at this handsome stranger.
He seemed to notice your presence, and he turned to your direction. Your eyes met the grey of the stranger's, and you felt like everything around you seemed to be moving in slow motion. Mouth slightly ajar, his outstretched hand was still reaching for the carton of milk he wanted to take, and he was still standing on tiptoes. Wow, he has such lovely eyes. You thought to yourself, widening your eyes and feeling heat creep up your cheeks. Oh shit. Did he notice me staring?
Blink blink.
Within seconds, the handsome stranger's face turned beet red. Did they hear what I said? Did they see me tip toeing? He cursed in his head. He purposely chose to do his grocery shopping during the late evening because he knew it wouldn't be crowded, and no one would see him being this embarrassing. Yet, he had to run into someone, furthermore, running into someone as attractive as you. You must have heard him, or you wouldn't be staring so intently. Fuck. He cursed again. They're probably going to make fun of me.
You could feel the corner of your lips twitching, you could tell your face was probably still warm. Finally. Someone who faces the same struggles as me! You wanted to tell the stranger. But before you could say anything, the handsome stranger took the carton of milk he wanted and turned away quickly, his face still a beautiful shade of pink. And as his back view became smaller, you felt yourself chuckle. Damn it, he's so cute. I hope I see him again.
While he made his way to the aisle full of tea, he tugged on his fringe impatiently. Don't think about it, don't fucking think about it. He repeated in his head, pacing on the spot. They probably didn't hear anything. He comforted himself, getting the tin of loose black tea leaves he loved, and slowly making his way for payment. He thought he had gotten over his 'embarrassing behaviour' from earlier, but when he saw you at the self-payment counter, he froze in his step. How is it possible that in this huge supermarket, he managed to cross paths with you again?
To his horror (or perhaps surprise), you turned around and your eyes met his. Again. You smiled at him, and he felt himself blushing for the second time that evening. It was a fleeting moment, it hardly lasted more than a second. But when he saw you smiling at him, he couldn't deny whatever he was feeling. Nervousness? Attraction? Bashfulness? He had no idea. You packed your groceries into the recycle bags you brought, and you waved to him before exiting the supermarket. All he could feel was the increasing beat of his heart, the uneveness of his breathing, and the quivering of his lip. Slowly, he made his way to the self-payment counter.
Fucking hell, he cursed for the third time. I hope I can see them again.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Levi imagines, scenarios, drabbles master list | Levi main master list
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seitsen-sarvi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Vows atop the wall for White lace and promises, the eruri wedding zine ! Such a beautiful, lovingly crafted project to take part to.
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ynhart · a day ago
Tumblr media
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immanime · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Shingeki no Kyojin NewDays
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fecitfatum · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hange vs blurred world
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galaxyhalloes · a day ago
"Really? You're working even after I put you to bed?" Levi asked in disbelief watching you sat up at the desk, hands scribbling on the paper under your hand.
"I have to submit this in a day. Theres no way my teacher is going to give an extension." You choked out, your head pounding from looking at the paper and the laptop.
Levi sighed in annoyance and walked to stand next to you before noticing the tears of frustration in your eyes while writing furiously.
"Of course they assign a stupid fucking assignment when I'm sick." You sniffled wiping your face aggressively with the sleeve of Levi's sweatshirt that you had on. He slightly cringed at that but chose to not bring it up. Instead he shut your laptop and your books.
You sighed exasperatedly. "Levi-"
"I get that education is important but your health comes first you idiot." He began and you shrunk into the chair.
"I'll talk to the teacher for you and say that you're sick. If she doesn't give an extension I'll do your assignment for you." He said, his tone softer knowing how much your grades meant to you.
"You will?" You asked more tears springing to your eyes.
"I said that so you wouldn't cry more and now you're crying." Levi scolded wiping your face gently with his cool hands against your warm face.
"Im sorry." Levi halts his actions. "For worrying you."
Levi sighed his lips slightly curving up as he placed a soft kiss on your head. "I'll accept your apology after you feel better. Now off to bed you go."
My very first fic! I'm still figuring my way around tumblr so forgive me if theres any errors
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analikalee · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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kenkopanda-art · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some small banners of Levi, Made them for my friend jelly. 
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poisonpeche · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
🧜‍♂️ Prince of Pearls Levi teaches you how to swim??? I am very soft over it…🧜‍♂️
Listen to the song above to get the ambience just right 🖤🖤🖤
He pulls you by the hand, barely containing his excitement and the sly smirk he hides from you. Your fingers begin to dip into the warm, deceivingly welcoming surface of the waves.
“Levi, I can’t!” you yelp and his grip immediately relents, his smile wiped clean. Did he hurt you? He panics, reminding himself that he has to be more gentle with you and your kind.
“Oh, come on…what now?” If he held any regret, you’d never know with his bite, tone unwavering, and those steeled eyes shrinking you down yet again.
“I can’t…”
“Don’t make me say it.”
He quirks a brow, crown of pearls gleaming in the sun, mocking you with their effortless beauty. A tension ignites between you and a sudden snap.
“I can’t swim okay!”
He nearly rolls his eyes with the waves of the incoming tide.
“All this time you’ve been coming down here…and you can’t swim? My, how you have quite a talent for tempting fate,” he scoffs head turning away in feigned disgust.
As he turns back to you slowly, out of the corner of his eyes dipped low, he catches it. That uncharacteristic wet glint in your eye that reads a new expression, one he hasn’t seen before on your beautiful face.
Fear. Real fear.
The kind that so many sailors have reflected back at him with the same horror-stricken eyes as the sea churned black, rain pelting with spears raised overhead…as they called him monster.
How many times will you break his heart today and the next with your stunning innocence? You’re far removed from their prejudice with the way you call out so sweetly to him from the shoreline with each passing daybreak. You’d make a lovely siren with the way you sing he muses. You would never call him a beast.
Gifting him priceless treasures from your world, calling him pretty as he playfully denies it with a flick of his tail, and yet your eyes hold the same primal fear as theirs. No, you’re nothing like them. And he’d do anything for you, anything to make you feel safe with him again.
You nervously toy with the hem of your clothes as your heart delicately falls out of your sleeve onto the ocean floor before him. A gem in the sun.
“I just wanted to see you. I don’t want to miss a day without you. No matter the cost…I only see you for so long before you’ll go away again, and I-” your confession takes what’s left of Levi’s stone heart and shatters it as your lips tremble. How could he be so cruel with his words when yours are always so soft, kind, pure?
He extends his delicate hand to yours once more in truce, gently taking your fingers in his, gliding over your knuckles. A moment passes in silence and his reply is choked out with an unexpected rush of sincerity from you both.
“-I’m sorry…I, I didn’t mean that.” His eyes slowly rise from the water glittering in a thousand mirrored lights around you both to meet your gaze.
“What if…what if I taught you?”
A smile begins to curl on your lips, hand still in his, fingers bravely lacing, all doubt swept away with his dark, tender voice.
“I’d like that.”
If you want to read part 1, here’s the link 🖤
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