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like a hot dad
content: nsfw, long haired levi, breeding kink, daddy/mommy kink if u squint, dilf levi, post war canon
warnings: +18 content, mild manga spoilers, f!bodied reader.
wc: 1.5k~
tags: @motherfckerrr bc they commented ehe
a/n: i genuinely had no idea where this was going i just kept writing and somehow ended up with being h word for dilf long haired levi and idk how to take it back tysm
also pls reblog if u can!! i’m tryna gain back my old followers from my previous blog due to shadowban, so spreading the word could def help!! tysm either way<3
do you think levi would grow his hair out post-war?
idk mahn but the vision of him with a short wolf-ish is really getting to me.
i feel like maybe he’d let it grow accidentally. with the healing process for his knee and the rest of his wounds i feel like he wouldn’t really care about his hair, and you’re totally in for it.
it’s a huge change. for years, you’re used to levi’s neat hair and infamous undercut, and you were 100% into it. but now as he finally lets you cut his hair for him instead of doing it himself, you kinda slowly fix it in a wolf cut and let it grow gradually.
you’d come up with excuses every time he asks you to cut his hair.
“i have so much to do around the house today, my love. maybe tomorrow?”
“oh, i’m on my period today. i can barely stand up.”
“oh! i forgot i have to go get stuff from the market! i’ll be meeting gabi and falco, i can’t be late, can i?”
once he gets frustrated with you, the raven silk was already down to his nape. it shaped his face beautifully, and once you caught him with a pair of scissors in the bathroom, your soul left your body.
“WAIT!” you dash to him, holding down the armed left hand. “you’re not left handed! you wanna ruin your hair??”
“shut up,” he rolls his eyes at you. “you’ve been putting me off for months. look how long it’s gotten!” he gestures with a hand to the mirror in front of you two. “i look hideous.”
you slip the scissors from his hands, and levi catches the little sly smile that slips on your face as you squeeze yourself between his body and the sink.
you watch the realization fall on his face while your hands slip in his hair.
“is this what i get for letting my guard down around you?”
“you look beautiful,” you tell him, love struck as you are, never missing the pink dust that rushes to his cheeks “everyone compliments you for it. you still wanna cut it off again?”
“i don’t give a shit about anyone else.” he grumbles and looks down between you both, leaning on his cane. “i don’t look representable.”
“you don’t have to look representable,” your tone lowers in sincerity. a thumb grazes the scar on the right side of his face. “you’re not a captain anymore, my love. you’re free to do whatever your heart pleases.”
he looks up at you, features blank, but you know well how your words are tossing and turning in his brain.
“besides,” your smile returns back to your face, and you pull him a little closer. “you look extremely hot.” a hand trails down to the hem of his shirt, your eyes following the movement, then you return your gaze back up to him. “like a hot dad.”
his eyebrows shoot up, playfulness making an appearance on the previous stoic features. “like a hot dad?”
“mmhm,” you affirm with a mock-nonchalant nod, and you slip away from him jjjuuust when he was about to pull you in. you look at him over your shoulder, mischief pure in your gaze. “i’ll go check on dinner for the guests coming tonight. feel free to join.”
only except that ten minutes later, the kitchen is completely empty and you two didn’t manage to make it past the living room. he was seated on the sofa, head throw back with his fucking hair framing his delicious expression like that, you swear you could cum untouched in your position between his legs as you get to work.
“like a hot dad, huh?” he mumbles, all breathless and shit once you were seated in his lap, his length stretching you perfectly. a hand reaches up to wipe away the remaining of his previous climax on the corner of your lips. you throw your head in the crook of his neck, the pleasure of your hips rolling skillfully against his hitting you bad. “you could’ve just asked, lovely. wanna make me a daddy?”
you manage a shaky nod when he begins to meet your hips halfway.
a hand trails up from your waist to garb your neck, squeezing deliciously as he pulls you away from his neck to take a good look at you. “words, my love.”
“yes,” you nod, eyes closed in bliss. one of your hands grab the wrist of the hand around your neck. “wan’ make y-you a…hhah… daddy.”
“fffuuck…” he groans out when you squeeze around him, letting himself gather enough strength before he throws you off of him and onto the sofa. when your thighs are squeezed together at the painful loss of contact, a palm falls on one of them, leaving a flushed mark in its wake.
“open wide, baby.” he grabs a hold of his cock while he holds the back of your opening thigh to keep the pair apart. the years upon years in the survey corps leave you as flexible as you can be, so when he presses your thigh back, your joints bend easily at his will. pumping himself a few times as he gazes at your glistening folds, another groan breaks out from deep in his chest.
“god, look at you.” he rolls his hips in, and you feel him slip through so pleasurably that you can’t hold back the loud whimper that escapes you.
because damn, how could you not from this view? this is a face of a determined, pussy-drunk man. sweat broke on his forehead, a few strands sticking to the skin while the rest of his hair falls around his face perfectly. you see a ting of pain on his features, and you scatter to try to change your position for a more comfortable one for him, but he is quickly pushing you back down to the couch, a hand falling to your lower abdomen.
the pressure he puts there makes you forget your own name, and it shows on the way your body shivers with bliss. his thrusts increase in velocity, the maddening roll of his hips against yours throwing you in a whole other dimension.
a hand reaches out to grab yours, and through the dizzying pleasure, you realize that levi is pressing your own hand to your abdomen underneath his.
“look how deep inside am i,” he grumbles, leaning down to press a kiss on your bouncing tits. you feel his length stroke in and out of you the more levi puts pressure on your hand. “taking me so well. always so well, baby.”
he takes control of your hand once more, feeling you squeeze familiarly around him, and he pushes your fingers through his hair. you yank on the strands immediately, pulling out a fucking growl out of the man as he leans down until your chests were touching, putting a bit of his body weight on you for support.
you latch onto him like a koala, the burn of your core muscles stretching as he pushes you in a mating press mixes well with your pleasure-high brain. levi kisses, licks, bites down on your neck to leave marks you’ll have trouble hiding later, but you don’t give a shit. you arch your neck more, letting out a long moan when he nips at a certain spot, the bliss turning you mad.
levi is breathless. his puffs of air fan your face when he brings his face on top of yours. a whimper escapes past his lips, his features twisted with pleasure uncontrollably, and you drown in the sounds he makes.
“wann’ make you a mommy too,” he mumbles, open lips landing on the corner of your lips. “wanna…hhah… fill you up. over,” he pauses, delivering an especially harsh thrust that you feel at your cervix. “and over again.”
“levi, i’m so—,”
your body begins to curl into him, eyes closing uncontrollably, and the poor man barely has any chance to ready himself for the way you tighten impossibly around him as you give him your first climax.
your body shivers and quivers, shaking as he overstimulates you chasing after his own pleasure. he leans back up, hands harshly grabbing your lips as he manages to pull you even deeper, and you tightness milk him.
it isn’t the first time he cums inside you, but this one sure hits different. after a few more thrusts that manage to abuse your cervix, levi stills stiffly with a strong groan, and you feel his warmth coat your walls .
he gives you a few more deep strokes as he leans down to kiss you deeply, making sure he fucks all his load deep enough.
his hips still once more, but you keep devouring his lips. weak moans are erupted from both of you as you two calm down gradually, before levi throws sway your attempts of calming down your still-raging arousal when he pulls away, leans up, and slowly pulls out of you.
and he watches the mixture of both your orgasams begin to pool out of you, and you watch as he takes two fingers to push everything back in. you shamelessly roll your hips against bis digits once more.
he looks up at you, fingers still engulfed, snd a smirk takes over his handsome features.
“one more time for good measures?”
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Overwhelmed (Yandere!Levi Ackerman x Reader) Pt. 1
Pairing: Yandere!Levi Ackerman x Reader Genre: Yandere!Levi, yandere themes, so much smutty smut TW: NSFW, MDNI, ROUGH SEX, possibly babytrapping LMFAO (idk we'll see in the sequel), MAJOR WARNINGS FOR DUBCON, uhm yandere behaviour, reader has low self-esteem but don't we all, creampie, vaginal sex, Levi fucks you like an animal against his desk basically, + Levi's obsessed with you uwu + DARK INNER MONOLOGUE OK? A/N: IDK WHAT THIS IS I JUST KNOW THAT I'M HORNY LMFAO pls heed the warnings and uh pls enjoy (will probably get a part 2 if you guys beg for it) Part 1 >>> Part 2
There's a difference between wanting someone and loving someone. Love and obsession are two entirely different things. For you and your Captain, it started innocent.
He had almost fooled you that he loved you. You were convinced he did, and how could you not? When he jumped in to save you from every reckless move, every hopeless attack you made against titans that you wouldn't stand a chance against.
How he punished you afterward. After getting back from such expeditions, he'd make sure to get it through your thick head that you're his. You're all his and you have no right to throw yourself in death's way while you belonged to him.
You were such a pretty thing. Always so willing. So pliant and submissive and bending to his will without any effort on his part.
And here you were now, his hot breath fanned to your ear, his cock buried deep inside your dripping cunt, and his arms around you. You were utterly naked, he stripped you off your clothes the second you walked into his office after he called for you. And now you were here, back against his chest, his rapid breaths on your ear as he fucked you like a dog on a rut. Cock pressing so deep in that position it had your eyes watering. Pretty tears ran down your cheeks but he licked them away.
He always tasted your tears. There was something so salty and sweet about them. There was something so melodious about your sounds. Sounds of pain, sounds of pleasure, the screams of you being overwhelmed by him. He wrapped a hand around your throat, forcing your head back against his shoulder. His cock was hitting painfully against your cervix but the fast rubs on your clit had you stuck on the thin line between pleasure and pain. You didn't mind. You'd take anything he gave you.
"You're mine." He growled against your ear. His fingers tightened around your throat. His thrusts were fast and animalistic. There was nothing normal about the way he was handling you. He was rough, fucking your hole like fleshlight, biting on the back of your shoulder till he was tearing your skin between his teeth. "You're all mine, understand?!"
His thrusts were relentless. There was no way you could respond while he was fucking you like an animal. His fingers rubbed your clit furiously and you threw your head back. You screamed at the top of your lungs and he didn't even make an effort to stop you. He wanted the entire HQ to hear you. He wanted everyone to know you were his bitch. You were his fuckdoll, his pretty little girl. His willing fucktoy, always ready to drop on your knees to please him.
You came so hard. The forced orgasm took a toll on your body. It had you slamming back down on his desk. Your erratic breaths fanned the smooth surface of the wooden furniture. You were utterly naked, but he was still fully clothed. He hadn't even taken his black suit jacket off.
He stopped thrusting. Still buried to the hilt inside of you, cock throbbing so deep, you had caught a glimpse of it bulging in your stomach more than once tonight. Your legs shook. You would have collapsed on the floor if it wasn't for his desk.
A searing spank laid across your already reddened buttcheeks and you cried out. The palm of his hand was so beautifully imprinted on your skin in deep red. Idly he wondered how much more perfect it'd be if instead of red, it was a deep purple. How many spanks would that take? He would definitely try it one day. But maybe not today. You were close to your limits. He coaxed you into five orgasms already. Your pretty pussy was pink and used and your naked body was covered in a thin sheet of sweat. His own sweat dripped from his raven bangs.
He finally released the knot of his ascot from around his neck. He hadn't even noticed it was bothering him until now. He finally took off his jacket, tossing it aside on a chair. He balled up the white fabric of the ascot and he forced it inside your mouth, restricting your sounds, your fast breathing.
He leaned down, still wearing his white shirt. His chest met your back and he kissed all over the purple bruises he had left on your shoulders with his teeth. He wrapped his arm around you, feeling himself in your belly and then slipping down. You were so sensitive, a single swipe of his fingers on your clit had you mewling against the cloth forced in your mouth.
"So wet..." he groaned in your ear. He caught your hair, pulling them out of your face, to reveal your pretty eyes. Beautiful tears had left trails on your cheeks. He kissed them away and you melted.
No matter how hard he used you, you loved it. Every time he touched you, kissed you, held you, you were melting. You knew you were instantly going to forgive everything he did to you because your heart ached for him. You loved him.
But you had no idea what he felt for you. You just knew he went mad without you. One time, he hadn't seen you for an entire day and he almost choked to death two cadets whilst looking for you. Maybe he didn't love you. Maybe he was just obsessed with you.
That was good enough for a nobody like you.
You tried to speak his name but the cloth inside your mouth was muffling you. He pulled it out and you coughed. You breathed hard and your hand struggled to reach back for him.
"Levi..." it came so desperate and pathetic and needy. His cock twitched inside of you. Your hand finally managed to reach for his hair, burying your fingers into them, bringing him down to you closer.
Closer still, please.
"What is it, y/n? Use your words." His voice was deep and breathless and so very soothing, it made your chest tingle.
"Need you..." you licked your lips "...'m yours. I'm all yours, I love you s' much, kiss me please..."
Fuck, you had no idea what you were doing to him when you said things like that. You loved him? You really did? After treating you like this? Was there really someone in his life who could love a bastard like him? An ugly, ruthless midget who lacked all meaning of gentleness and tenderness? Who had no idea how to handle you? How to love you back? Everyone he ever loved, died on him so fast, were you going to be one of them?
No, he wasn't going to tell you he loved you. He was never going to say it because one moment he might say it and the next you're going to die and he would've lost everything.
So, no, he wasn't going to love you. He wasn't going to make love to you because he didn't even know how. Sex was a mere need for him. A disgusting, primal need that he couldn't get rid of and he wished he could. But you satisfied all his needs. You took everything he gave you. Spanking, bondage, pain, degradation. You satisfied that dark, sadistic side of him and you were always so willing to let him push you to your limits.
You had seen that side of him that would have made anyone else run away, screaming in terror, but instead, you even loved him for it.
You were capable of loving him.
He pulled out of you and he flipped you around pulling you off the desk. Your legs almost gave up on you and you almost crushed on the floor but he caught you. He wrapped his arms around you and picked you up bridal style with impressive ease. He was so strong. Always so strong, he could manhandle you and break your body in two before you'd even have the chance to scream for help.
Maybe you'd even just let him.
He took you to his bed and lied you down and took off his shirt and the annoying pants.
He climbed back on top of you, easing his cock inside you again and you gasped. He took your lips in his own and that's when he started fucking you and kissing you like he loved you. He didn't say a word though. There was never any confession. It was just that sloppy kiss that you could have never guessed a clean freak like your Captain would engage in.
You could taste the afternoon tea he had on his tongue. You could smell him, something herbal and detergents and the cleanliness of his impossibly clean bedsheets. You buried your fingers in his sweaty hair and you clutched on him. So desperate and needy.
Maybe you were wrong. Maybe you were just as obsessed with him as he was with you.
He began thrusting again. He didn't even start slow. Slow and intimate sex was something he didn't know how to do. You would have to show him one day if he let you, but for now, you let him fuck you to oblivion while he swallowed your screams off your lips.
His hips slammed against yours and he pulled your legs to his shoulders, forcing you into a mating press. He folded your entire body in half, getting deeper, threatening to break deep into your womb. You screamed and shut your eyes and threw your head back and your entire body shook.
"Just a little more..." He panted into your chest, biting down on your skin. His thrusts, relentless. "...take it for me, y/n, take it... You're mine... all mine..."
He was babbling now incoherently and you knew he was close. Thrusts wild and uneven and cock hitting so deep you could feel him in your throat. His hand dropped down on your clit and you came in an instant. You didn't even get the time to warn him. You screamed and squirted all over his cock and his eyes widened.
"Fuck!" It only urged him to fuck you harder and harder until he came inside you.
Your belly felt so warm and bloated. He fucked you through it, making sure you didn't waste a single drop. You would look so beautiful all stuffed with his kids. His wife. His one and only. No one else for him. He loved you so madly.
He wanted you to abandon everything for him. He wanted you to resign as a soldier. He wanted you to get you a home, give you a family, keep you safe there.
He pulled his face from your neck, realising you had passed out. Your body limp beneath him. Your hands limp around him. Instinctively he checked for your pulse but you were breathing rhythmically. You were alive. You were okay.
He sighed in relief and kissed your parted lips. He licked clean that drop of spit that had started to roll down your lips. He kissed you all over.
He cleaned you and groomed you like a pup. He settled you properly on the bed, in the nightgown you kept around his quarters for nights like this.
He lied beside you and held you all night, unable to fall asleep. He could never sleep when you were sleeping beside him. He watched you because you were so beautiful. He had paperwork to take care of but he found himself unable to move.
You were so beautiful, all he did was stare at you while you slept. Others would've been terrified at the thought of being stared at, but not you. Not you. You were his.
He was already planning of forging a resignation paper. He had learned your handwriting, your signature. He had learned everything about you.
It was for the best. He'd keep you safe that way. You were the only one he had left.
His arms tightened around you impossibly and he buried his face in your hair shutting his eyes, drawing in your scent.
He was going to keep you safe.
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Is this really happening? Yeayyy I'm so happy. Can I request high school levi and reader on a reunion, where Levi was a popular student but always wonder why reader never pay attention to him, she literally ignore levi and only talked to him when it necessary. On a reunion day they met and feel nervous after years not seeing each others. Reader was and still having feelings for levi but she was being herself, she believed that if she likes someone, the person she likes will hate her and that's why she always ignored levi. Without her knowing that levi was always admired her for on of a kind behavior. Reader never thought herself beautiful, nor she has beautiful body or popular like others. Instead she always view herself lowly. Thank you Jelly.
Sure thing! Such a cute idea <3
Tumblr media
Luck changes
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: Modern AU, romance, fluff, cute, sweet, high school reunion, confessions, becoming a couple.
Concept: Levi goes to his reunion in hopes of seeing you. When he finds you, he tries to talk to you but you're nervous. He manages to get you alone and you both talk about high school. Levi discovers why you kept your distance from him. He confesses how he felt and how he still has feelings and wishes to pursue something with you.
Tumblr media
The one that got away, that's what you were. The one who truly knew him. The one who didn't fall for the stories. The real one. The honest one. The one.
It had been years since high school and yet you were on his mind all the time. You were this intoxicating mystery that he'd always craved and needed.
He wasn't sure when he started liking you in school, maybe it was when he started noticing that you were ignoring him. He was always popular and yet you weren't interested in him at all. You often ignored him and acted as if he wasn't someone to watch, but he watched you. He watched you a lot.
You caught Levi's eyes often with your kindness, your quick wit and how sweet you were. He admired how beautiful you were and how welcoming you would be to others, which made him ask. Why not him?
Over the years you'd popped into his head often. He wanted to know why you stayed away from him, why you didn't care much for him, why you would blank him. When he got the notice of his high school reunion his first thought was you. Were you coming?
Levi didn't like meet-ups and gatherings. He knew very well this reunion was a way for people to bost about the things they'd done, how successful they were or lie about it all. He knew people were desperate to know about him. He'd worked hard and not used his looks. He ran a business and became a successful CEO.
He fixed his suit and tried to look as good as he possibly could. He eyed himself in his car mirror before accepting his appearance and his fate. He left his vehicle to many stares and whispers. He lowered his head and hurried inside to the welcome desk.
He released a sigh. "Levi Ackerman."
The young woman gasped. "I know who you are! We had biology together."
"Right." He took his name tag. "Sorry, I don't remember much from high school anymore." He looked at the names on the table to see yours was not there. He frowned and said your name. "Is she here?"
The lady's brow said as curiosity filled her. "Her? Yeah, she's here. Didn't she ignore you a lot?"
"Yeah, I have questions." He walked past the desk and to the hall. "Thanks." He put his hands in his pockets and scanned the poorly decorated room with silly high school prom things from his teen days. He hummed as he kept looking for you. "Tch, damn it."
He let out a long sigh as he debated about giving up and going home, but it was as if fate had heard him. People parted to reveal you in a beautiful dress that framed you so wonderfully. You were smiling and laughing with an old friend of yours. Levi's cheeks burned at how much you'd grown up into a fine woman.
He flinched when he realised he'd walked right over and your friend had noticed him. He cleared his throat and said her name. "Good to see you. You write comics, right?"
She nodded. "Yeah, I do. I didn't take you for a comic guy."
"I do like some. You do excellent work. Your storytelling is beautiful."
"Thank you." She glanced at you. "I'm going to get a drink, excuse me."
You pressed your lips together and hummed in thought. You turned to Levi and smiled. "Levi, hello. You've done well."
He hummed as he embraced your wonderful scent. "Yes. Thank you. Can we talk?"
You felt nerves bubble inside you as you took in the man you'd always loved in a suit that gripped him perfectly. "I ah, I suppose so."
He put his hand on your back and guided you out of the party hall to one of the long halls lined with lockers. "Strange to be back, huh?"
You hummed a soft laugh. "Yeah." You stopped by a locker. "This was me."
He moved to his. "This was mine."
He nodded and looked over at you. "I always had the best view."
You pointed to a locker between you. "Stacy?"
He shook his head and moved closer to you before leaning against the locker next to you. "No, you were my view."
You hugged yourself. "If you're aiming to make me a notch on your belt, then I'm sorry. I've never been interested in that."
"You're not that and I was never the type to sleep around."
You leaned on the lockers. "Really?"
He nodded. "Yeah. If you actually got to know me instead of ignore me you would have known that."
You sighed as you felt a bit embarrassed. "I had a good reason to stay away."
You pressed your back against the locked and hummed. "Let's just say, as soon as I get close to someone they end up hating me. I never have any luck in romance." You looked over at him. "And let's face it. I was a plain Jane in high school and I still am."
Levi laughed a little taking you by surprise. "Cute and weird, huh?"
You playfully shoved him. "Shut up. I mean it!"
He grabbed your hand and pulled you close. "Whoever told you that shit needs their eyes cleaning." He massaged your hand in his. "You're incredibly beautiful and kind. I always liked you and admired you in high school. I wanted so badly to get close to you and get to know you, but you avoided me so much. I thought you hated me and I came here to find out why."
You leaned towards him as you felt comforted by his touch and presence. "Are you kidding me? I had a massive crush on you in high school. I never thought I was good enough for you and I didn't want you to hate me like everyone else seems to when I get close."
"I like you."
You locked eyes with him as you felt your cheeks slowly burn. "You do?"
He nodded. "I thought about you all the time in high school and I only game to this stupid reunion just so I could see you and talk to you again."
You smiled a little. "Cute. You know, I might have not talked to you in high school, but I was always watching you when you didn't know it. You just had this hold on me." You nibbled your lip a little. "I liked you and I like you."
Levi hummed in thought. "I would love to kiss you, but I'll give it time. I want you to believe me in how I feel about you."
He looked behind you before glancing back at you. "Would you like to get out of here? I have a car, unless you drove."
You shook your head. "I didn't drive here. I got a lift."
You smiled. "Pizza?"
He put his arm around you and walked with you. "I'll treat you. Can we call this a date?"
You nodded. "A date."
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writertitan · 2 days ago
Confinements - Pt. 4
pairing: soldier!levi x f!medic!reader
themes: war themes + war crimes, enemies to lovers, mature and heavy content (minors dni), medic!reader, reader is a tough cookie due to wartimes, levi is a prisoner of war, reader and levi are snarky lil fellas, afab reader, swearing, heavy themes regarding acts of war, mentions of death, dark content, finding warmth in each other during cruel and cold-blooded times, unconditioning of propaganda, character death, drug overdose, implied assisted suicide
chapters: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 updated weekly chapter word count: 4.2k a/n: hi there! i played myself thinking i wouldn’t rework the last arch of this mini-series and would keep it limited to four chapters. i decided to add a fifth chapter because i couldn’t help myself and rewrote a few things and felt the original fourth chapter was too long and just not what i envisioned as i thought more about it! so this is NOT the finale, and the fifth and (hopefully) final chapter will be out next sunday. don’t be surprised if i suddenly feel the need to change that up, though, because i am a sucker. if you’d like to read the first 3 parts, they are up at the top in the chapters section. :) 
Tumblr media
Your head snapped to the only window in the room, your emotions and thoughts now all jumbled up. Your stomach churned and your chest felt heavy - you could almost say you felt nauseous. 
“What’s going on?” you whispered, but the question was answered for you in the form of a rumbling of the earth that had you suddenly clinging to Levi. It was, unmistakably, a bomb. 
“We’re being bombed?” you choked out, fear splashing through your blood. 
It couldn’t be; the medic bases were safe havens, an unspoken rule of war. They were the last place any civilized army would hit. 
You turned to face Levi then, wrenching out of his arms so you could give him the most betrayed look you could muster. 
“How could your men do this?!” you cried out, voice cracking in the middle. “We just had hoards of men come in here, injured and dying! And you’re taking advantage of that?!” 
Before Levi could even answer, you were lunging forward to him again, but this time to hit him. Blow after blow landed on his shoulders, his arms, even his injured chest, and he let you do it. He let you hit him until you broke down, tears finally streaming down your face, a foreign feeling. Then, you were back in his arms, searching for comfort that you were surprised Levi could provide. 
You knew, you both knew, that there was something going on. There was a truth you were unwilling to face, suddenly right in front of your eyes, nearly begging you to finally look at it. 
“We don’t bomb your hospice camps,” Levi whispered in your ear. He almost sounded desperate. Maybe desperate for you to believe him. “This is what I’m trying to tell you. It’s your own general planning these gruesome attacks on his own soldiers, Doc. Every time the war is almost over, every time peace is palpable between our leaders, he swoops in and orchestrates attacks on his own men and then blames it on us. I think that’s what happened to your brother. I know that’s what’s happening now. I’d wager that all those wounded men you’ve been treating the past couple of days were part of an attack he planned, too.” 
There it was: the truth. The ugly truth you had been skirting around for the past few years. You listened, wide-eyed and trembling in Levi’s embrace, as he whispered the truth into your ear. His arms were secure around you and you could only slightly feel the cool metal of chains on your back. He was being gentle with you, you could tell, and it made you feel all the more fragile. You weren’t used to feeling fragile. You weren’t used to feeling anything at all. 
When the earth shook again and a deafening boom sounded, it seemed to reset your brain. 
You slowly pulled away this time, eyes moving towards the door. It was as if Levi could read your mind by what he said next. 
“No. You can’t go out there. This is the safest place for us right now,” he told you firmly. 
“There are men above us dying right now. Good men,” you said, just as forcefully, through your tears as your gaze landed back on the captain. “I know you heard what I said before. I couldn’t live with myself if I just let them die while I hid.”
“What good are you to those men if you’re dead?” Levi shot back. That made you pause. “Surviving a surprise bombing is often by sheer luck alone. You can help when it’s over. Please. Just stay here so we can try to rub our luck together. Who knows how well this cellar will hold out?” 
He was right and you knew it. It was better to seek shelter and then come out to help later – it just went against your very nature. Your body told you to spring into action and go out now, but your body needed some retraining. You acted without giving yourself time to think most times. Now you could see it was ingrained into you for a reason. Never think, only do. Never question, only act. 
The bomb sirens wailed on, a terrifying tune to accompany the bombing itself, and you tried to switch your mind off and just sit there with Levi, who let you curl up beside him as you both waited it out. 
But you couldn't turn your mind off. You thought about the locked cellar door, the one that led down here, that Dr. Muller had instructed you to lock behind you every time you came down to tend to Captain Levi. If anyone had tried to come down to escape the bombing, they wouldn’t have been able to, because you’d lockedit. You kept thinking back to everything, all the signs you’d missed, all the choices you’d made, all the evidence that had been there that you had brushed off because you’d been too afraid, too asleep, to look at it. 
When you thought of your brother, who had done nothing but try to protect his loved ones and his life back home, your heart lurched and you suddenly knew what you had to do. 
“I’m going to get you out of here,” you whispered, right into Levi’s ear. Your lips brushed against his ear and you clung to him for dear life. “As soon as this is done. I swear I’ll get you out.” 
Levi turned his head to look at you, conflict coloring those grey eyes of his, and he frowned before lifting his hand, the clanking of chains being the only response he needed to give you. 
“How exactly are you going to do that?” he asked. 
“I’ll figure it out,” you replied. You’d never sounded so determined in all your life. Then, your determined demeanor softened out as panic rose within you again, and you looked to Levi pleadingly, a hand clutching his shirt and then fisting it tightly. 
Levi looked at you in confusion, reading your eyes, and then seemed to read your mind again. 
“Don’t listen to all that shit outside. Just look at me. It’s just me and you, okay? There’s nothing else and no one else. It’s just me and you, in this room, together,” he told you, distracting you like you’d wanted him to, like you’d pleaded him to with just your eyes. 
You listened to what he said, eyes meeting his reassuring ones. He looked tense but collected, even a little protective. It warmed your chest. Another funny feeling. But it was one you craved. 
Levi had broken through your walls and he was able to make you feel warm. Even during such a horrible time. You craved to feel warmer and warmer, and warmer still. 
“It’s just us,” you stuttered out through trembling lips. You never broke eye contact with him, though, not once. “There’s just me and you.” 
“That’s right,” Levi whispered back. To your surprise, a hand came up to brush some hair from your face, and it worked to satisfy some of the craving for warmth. 
You swallowed thickly, your faces inches apart, with you not even realizing that his distractions really were working. The sounds and shaking seemed to fade away into nothingness and you truly felt like nothing and no one else existed at that moment except for the two of you. 
It was the safest you’d ever felt. 
“I’m safe with you.” You voiced the sentiment out loud, unable to contain yourself. “You make me feel safe, Levi.” 
Something, some sort of gentle emotion, flickered across his eyes and made your heart flutter. 
“I owe you my life,” he said. “I can dedicate it to keeping you safe.” Your eyes wandered away from his so you could watch his lips move, and you even caught the slightest hint of a smile, fleeting but now ingrained in your memory. 
The panicked hammering of your heart had slowed down and the adrenaline was slowly subsiding, leaving you with emotions that weren’t connected to the tragedy happening outside of Levi’s room. You were left to deal with these feelings you’d started harboring for the captain. You’d only ever wanted to help him. You just wanted him to be okay, from the very beginning. 
You weren’t sure what came over you. It happened in the blink of an eye. 
Your lips were on his faster than you could think. It was a gentle kiss at first, not rushed at all. You could feel Levi’s surprise by the way he stilled and then cautiously returned the kiss, keeping it as a respectful peck. 
It wasn’t enough. 
Your hands flew up into his hair to keep him close and you found yourself maneuvering yourself to sit on his lap, careful not to hurt him. 
It was then that Levi gently broke away from you, both of you a little breathless. 
“This might not be a good idea,” Levi said. His normally level voice was a little shaky, which made your heart leap, but you didn’t like the words coming out of his mouth.
“Please, Levi,” you said, nose skimming his as your eyes met again. “It’s just me and you. Don’t let me believe anything else.” 
The shaking of the earth had stopped but the sirens still wailed. Your brain was only half-aware of that, too engrossed in Levi to really let yourself think of anything else. 
Levi, on his end, seemed conflicted. He was fighting with himself about something, those thin brows knitting together as he looked at you. Hesitantly, he leaned in again, very slowly, giving you time to pull away. You were patient and merely closed the gap when you felt his breath skim your lips. 
This kiss was gentle but took your breath away. It was very slow at first, Levi’s hesitation so obvious you could practically taste it on his lips. Your mouths moved together effortlessly as those last dredges of hesitation were kissed away, with you eventually sprawled out underneath the captain and your bodies pressed together without an inch of space to separate you. 
You’d never really been touched by a man like this before. You’d had your share of whirlwind romances, if they could even be called that, but now you were realizing that they weren’t even important or “big” enough to be considered that. Every other man had been a crush, especially the more recent ones. You never stayed up thinking about them, they hadn’t brought you back to life like the man before you had. 
Levi had stated earlier that he owed you his life, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It was the opposite - it was your life that you owed him. Who else would have been able to make you feel again? 
Each kiss was more passionate than the last and your lips and his began to explore. You’d kiss his cheek, he’d kiss your temple, with arms tightly embracing their unlikely but most wanted partner. 
One final bomb made its mark on your encampment, rumbling you to your very bones, and then the sirens stopped. 
Levi met your gaze with a worried one of his own and shook his head when he saw the look you had in your eyes. 
“Not yet,” he whispered. “Wait it out just a little bit longer.” 
You should have been ready to go, buzzing with adrenaline and mind sharp as ever, a tense medic rushing about to tend to the wounded. Yet here you were, relaxed despite going through the most terrifying event in your life so far, and deeply content to listen to Levi. 
“Okay,” you whispered back. 
He gave you one last kiss before moving off you and choosing to lay beside you instead. His face was flushed and breathing scattered, which you found endearing on him, and his eyes looked unfocused as they memorized your face. 
“You must be some sort of witch doctor,” he mumbled out suddenly, and you found it in yourself to chuckle. But you didn’t say anything. 
You don’t know how long you were there with him, listening out for any more signs of another raid. It made you sick to your stomach to have the truth confirmed to you. Levi didn’t even need to convince you. Things you’d ignored, situations you’d been told to turn a blind eye to, all of it was proof enough that you’d been right and you’d just buried those feelings - and all your other feelings - deep down. You were angry at yourself for letting it get this far. 
But what were you supposed to do? A medic, a woman no less, was no match against the general and his supporters. 
War is an ugly thing. 
You pressed yourself into Levi’s chest, breathing him in, trying to be present in this peaceful bubble you’d created. Slowly, though, it was fading away, your instincts finally starting to come back to you. 
There was no denying that you were aching to go above ground again and start doing your duty immediately. However, you also, just as badly, wanted to get Levi out of here. You wanted to leave with him. You no longer wanted to stay in this life, this false life, and keep pretending. 
As if Levi had tuned into your thoughts, he spoke up again. 
“If I make it out of here, will you come with me?” 
You snapped your gaze to him, giving him a frown. 
“When you make it out of here, yes, I’m coming with you,” you said, with not an ounce of hesitation. 
That was the push you needed. 
Surprisingly still relaxed and calm, you moved off the bed and avoided Levi’s worried face as you straightened out your clothes. 
“I’ll be back. I want us to go as soon as possible,” you told him, offering a small smile. “But that means I have to leave and find a way to get you out of those chains.” 
Again, Levi looked so conflicted. 
“I don’t want you to get hurt,” he sighed, running a hand over his face. “It’s infuriating that I can’t go with you and protect you.” 
“I won’t get hurt,” you promised. 
Levi didn’t seem all that convinced. Still, he knew that there was no other way. He had to let you go, at least for a little while. 
You braced yourself as you left the room with your medical kit and walked up the rickety stairs of the cellar that had managed to survive. In fact, most of the cellar was largely unscathed. A durable little place, really.
However, the door that led to the encampment above you was cracked and splintered, barely holding on. It was once such a sturdy, thick door. Impossible to kick down when it was at its best. You unlocked it, that fresh guilt consuming you again; if you hadn’t locked it, perhaps some people could have survived it down in the cellar. The fact it wasn’t opened at all meant nobody had the time to wait for it to get banged up in the raid and ram it down. 
Cold wind hit you at first, and then you were all too aware of the smoke and flames. It was startling to open the door and expect the usual hallways and bustling soldiers, only to be met with a deafening silence and the night sky. 
You swallowed the lump in your throat, feeling yourself start to go into shock as you stepped over the rubble. Even the sound of your feet along the broken drywall and rocks was too loud. 
Some of the encampment was intact - a large amount of the foundation was still upright. But the roof had all caved in and many walls had crumbled. Anything that had made it the hospice was gone. No pictures or military memorabilia on the walls, no operating rooms filled with tools and medications and beds. It was a shell of the place you once knew like the back of your hand. 
You let out a shaky breath, listening hard for any signs of life. A harsh wind blew around you and you shivered, moisture thick in the air that held the promise of rain. You could smell it, clinging to the rubble and what remained of the hospice building. 
Slowly, you made your way to where Dr. Muller’s office used to be. Fear and panic had a death grip on your body as you willed yourself forward, afraid of what you might see. 
Sure enough, your fears were proven true. 
Curled up underneath piles of broken wood, rocks, and part of the roof, was Dr. Muller. 
He was so pale and so cut up and bruised. He had taken shelter under what used to be his desk to no avail. 
Tears sprang to your eyes as you stumbled through the space to get to him. You set down your medical kit and your fingers trembled as you reached out to his throat to feel for a pulse.
You flinched back at first; it was so different when the person you were trying to save was someone you had known for so many years. Your teacher, your supporter, your colleague. 
The moment of hesitation made all the difference. Before you could steel your nerves and feel for a pulse, Dr. Muller let out a weak cough, then took in a very ragged breath. 
“Dr. Muller!” you gasped out, unable to really find your voice. 
Your hands fluttered over him helplessly, for once not knowing exactly what to do. 
The doctor’s eyes opened slowly and even then, not all the way. His eyes were a little unfocused as they found you. Even with you being right in front of him, he seemed to have trouble pinpointing you.
“Ah, I’m so glad you’re unharmed,” he breathed out, a little smile on his face. “I knew you would be.” 
Talking seemed to hurt him.
You furiously wiped your tears and looked to your medical kit to open it up and figure out some way to help. You’d felt a little silly bringing it up at first, knowing you had limited resources in the tiny kit. But it was more than what was out here. The bombing had absolutely decimated the place. 
“There’s no hope for me, girl,” Dr. Muller rasped. “I’m just an unlucky survivor. Leave at once.”
“No,” you spat out through your tears, scrambling through your kit to find something, anything…
Maybe something to help ease his pain? You needed to get the full extent of his injuries. 
Without thinking, you began pulling off debris from his body. It wasn’t until you got to the heavier scraps of wood that you felt yourself get frustrated, letting out a sorrowful shriek when you realized that he was stuck under there. Without his own help in getting him out, it was useless. And he wasn’t strong enough to move. 
Even with all your jumbled emotions, Dr. Muller actually laughed. It was weak, barely counted as nothing more than a short exhale of air, but it was a laugh nonetheless. It stunned you and you looked at him with widened eyes, not understanding what he thought was so funny. 
“You were always my most gifted colleague,” he told you, voice getting fainter and raspier. “You never wanted to give up on anyone.” 
“I’m not going to give up on you,” you told him, maybe a little too harshly. But the tears were building again and you didn’t know how to control yourself. 
The doctor’s face finally took on a more somber note. 
“I’m telling you to give up on me. There’s no saving me. Even if you got me out of here, it’s too far to the nearest hospice camp and I cannot travel,” he said. Then, his face morphed yet again, into an expression of urgency. “Is the captain still alive?” 
“Yes,” you answered, mind flickering back to Levi, who was waiting for you. All of a sudden, you felt so conflicted. Your mission to find a way to unchain him was back at the forefront of your mind. “He’s fine. But Dr. Muller…” 
“I know,” he breathed out, looking so sad. “I figured it all out much too late. This is all my fault. I didn’t want to believe it…but you must listen to me. The general, our general, orchestrated this.” 
“It’s not your fault,” you said gently. “I was also…afraid to look.” 
But Dr. Muller was not so interested in the comforts you were trying to provide him. He still looked determined behind the sadness in his eyes. 
“You must free Captain Levi and return to his territory at once,” he said, one hand weakly digging into his coat pocket. You were about to tell him not to move, but before you could, he fished out a key that dangled from an otherwise empty keyring.
Your heart soared and stuttered, knowing exactly what it was you were looking at. 
“The general is going to blame this attack on Captain Levi’s army,” Dr. Muller said, then coughed violently - you noted the specks of blood that littered his bottom lip and the soaring of your heart came to a crashing halt. “Then he will use that blame to orchestrate a raid on them, as well…including their own medical facilities. He wants to decimate them and win this war. They must be warned.” 
You took the key from him quickly but made no move to run back to Levi. You knew that Dr. Muller was watching you with his fading vision, watching as you whipped your head around to the tiniest sound, with the biggest hopes that there was someone out there you could still save. 
“We are all gone, lass,” Dr. Muller told you, that weak smile returning. A peaceful expression formed on his face. “You will not find another living soul tonight. Run away with the captain and save the lives of his people.” 
You wiped your tears with your free hand, the other still clutching the key like it was the most important thing in the world. In a way, it was. 
“I can’t just leave you like this,” you whispered brokenly, voice catching at the end. It was breaking your heart to even think that way. To leave him here all alone, to die alone…it was cruel. Though he was likely fatally injured and you couldn’t be exactly sure without a full inspection, you had a feeling this would be a slow death for him. His body would fail little by little rather than all at once. 
“Do you still have laudanum?” 
You snapped out of your sad thoughts to look at Dr. Muller again, raising a brow. A quick dose of laudanum would only help for a little while, probably not long enough to ease him into death. You voiced that to him, still not understanding. 
It was until Dr. Muller gave you a particular look that you understood. 
“Will it hurt you?” you asked. 
“Nothing is more painful than this,” he said, voice quiet, pained. Suddenly you could see and hear his true suffering. He’d been masking the true weight of his pain for your benefit. 
With shaky hands, you reached into your kit and pulled out a nearly full vial of laudanum. 
“The whole thing,” Dr. Muller instructed. “It will be done in just a matter of minutes. You don’t have to stay and watch.” 
“I’m staying,” you said without hesitation. “You won’t be alone.” 
You administered the entire contents of the vial to Dr. Muller, feeling strangely numb as you did so. Watching him sink into the euphoria and purposeful ignorant bliss of the drug made you sick at first, but you swallowed back the bile in your throat when you remembered it was what he wanted, and it was all you could do for him. He no longer seemed to be in pain and you held his hand as he made the transition, crossing over to whatever awaited a person after death. 
There were no more tears. Only…relief. A numb relief that he was no longer suffering here. 
You stood up and felt like you were merely going through the motions, sleepwalking through your scan of the rest of the bombed encampment. It felt much like how you’d been operating the past few years. 
Some of the carnage made you almost vomit and your brother’s death came to mind often. Had he looked as mangled as some of these bodies? Better? Worse? 
The doctor had been right. There was no one left. Nurse Gatha, Vel…you couldn’t identify which body could have been theirs. Which parts. 
You stumbled back to the cellar after doing one final loop, never once caring if someone dangerous spotted you. 
You were sure that the general and whoever was in on this was long gone. It sounded like they’d be going back to the capital city to chat with your government, let them know what happened, and push for undeserved retaliation. There was no more time to waste. 
Everyone who had lost their lives today deserved a proper send-off. You wished you could provide it. For now, you turned to look back at the remnants of your encampment and whispered an apology and a wish for safe travels for all their souls, and ran back down to free Captain Levi, the only man who could potentially stop what you were sure was going to be the bloodiest event in history.
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levmada · a day ago
thinking about isekai'd!levi and showing him the wonders of the modern world.... especially the little machines we call vibrators 🤭🤭
only after googling this did i realize what being isekai’d means😭 i’ve thought about versions of this for like MONTHS before.
Tumblr media
what about Levi trying a zipline and being totally out of it for like two days bc it reminded him of his old life :(( or the fucking electric kettle. omg he’s so stuck in his ways he’d be traditional still in every sense except for electric vacuum cleaners. you know he’s on tiktok watching those complications of pressure washers doing their thing and being utterly entranced.
the first time he turns a proper vibrator around in his hands he’s conflicted about whether it’s a weapon or not. he shuts up real fast when you get him on his back, your searing mouth taking in his cockhead.
“You don’t have to hold me down,” he would hiss, legs spread, pinned, awaiting the moment the machine comes on.
“I think I do,” you would quip back. A smirk sits on your face all the way until you flick the vibe on and it hums to life - pressed snug up against Levi’s round balls.
His jaw drops open with a sigh that’s so high it could be mistaken for a whimper. The vibrations penetrate his fucking core, teasing the very base of his cock. His hips shoot up, of course pinned by you as his head goes rolling back over the pillows.
“Oh, f-fuck!” he gasps, fingers gnarled in the sheets. He’s just not used to it, and it has his swollen cock visibly throbbing, spilling droplets across your tongue.
Just keep rolling the vibe up through his taint, teasing that spot inside him through the other side.
He’s not used to it, and with flicks of the vibrator he’s moaning soft, hips rolling frantically into that burning heat. His back is lifting and he whimpers that he’s going to come.
But before he can reply your mouth drops onto his swollen cock, and sucks. Levi empties his heavy balls so hard you about choke, not helped by his rough thrusts.
After that he just can’t get enough. Imagining his reaction to plugs and vibrators that can be fucked inside him, the gags, the overstimulation… It’s like a whole new world to him.
But most of all just wait till he tries it all on you...
Tumblr media
buy a commission!
taglist: @ackermandick | @midtwenties-angst | @sckerman | @halloweenmedic | @katty | @jayteacups | @notgoodforlife | @peace-for-levi | @chaotic-nick | @b-o-n-e-daddy | @levisbrat25 | @oh-my-bakura-akefia | @happybird16 | @svftackerman | @galactict3a | @s0levis | @rouge-variant | @sparkywrites25 | + link to sign up
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heich0e · 10 days ago
"You're taking fucking forever in there."
You ignore Levi's irritated comment as you fiddle with the buckles on your shoes, too tiny to clasp easily and at a part of your ankle that requires your legs to be both tilted and bent to access them. A lethal combination in opposition to your dexterity.
"Are you sewing that dress by hand or what?"
His voice is nearer to your bedroom door now, a little bit more difficult to tune out with only the thin wood between you.
"No, my little mice helpers are doing that for me while I sing to them," you call back, but your words are light and flippant where his were heavy with the weight of his impatience.
"It wouldn't surprise me if you did have your own army of vermin with the amount of junk you've got in this apartment." You can't see Levi's face but you know he's looking around your living room with his nose crinkled in the particular way he does when he finds something distasteful.
You scoff as you finally succeed in doing up your second buckle. You lift your head so you can snap your rebuttal directly towards your closed door.
"Sorry we can't all live like minimalist monks!"
Levi snorts in reply. "I'm hardly a minimalist, I just don't accumulate needless things."
"You only own one bowl, one plate, and one mug."
You've known Levi since college, and you're fairly certain he has the same amount of possessions filling the entirety of his one-bedroom apartment that he did in his one-room dorm a decade prior. Probably the same ones, too.
"That way no one ever tries to come over for meals, it's clever."
"It's spartan."
There's a light thump on the other side of your door, and you wonder what it may have been.
"Didn't you ever read those Marie Kondo books?" Levi's voice is impossibly close now, like he's got his forehead pressed to your door. The thump makes a little more sense.
You laugh a bit to yourself as you imagine the way he's slumped against the expanse of wood, long-dressed in his suit and ready to go where you've taken your time getting ready. It's not your fault Levi showed up thirty minutes earlier than he said he would to pick you up for the company party your shared workplace was throwing that evening--though you should have expected it, given he's never been tardy to anything in the entire time the two of you had been friends.
"Can't say I did," you reply as you cross your bedroom, leaning over in your mirror to get one last close-up look at your face. You run your thumbnail against the edge of your bottom lip where your gloss was slightly ill-applied. "Why do you ask?"
"S'all that," Levi sighs, "'spark joy' bullshit. Don't keep things in your space if they don't make you happy or whatever."
You smile at your own reflection, eyes flickering to the image of your bedroom door you can see in the glass.
"And what if all my 'junk' makes me happy?"
There's some shuffling, and a moment later Levi mutters: "How can an issue of a magazine from 2010 make you happy?"
You suspect he's plucked an old copy of some fashion magazine off the stack resting on the bookshelf beside your door. You've actually been meaning to throw those away for a while, but you don't tell him that.
"How can you manage to not find happiness in anything?"
"That's not true," he argues.
"Oh yeah?" you counter, adjusting the way your necklace is resting against your collarbones. "Name something that you keep around just because it makes you happy."
"My kettle."
"Nope," you answer immediately, grabbing your purse off the end of your bed and heading towards the door, "that serves a practical, utilitarian purpose. I mean something useless that you just like. Just something you think is pretty."
You grasp the handle and pull it open, and you take Levi by surprise--he barely catches himself with a hand on either side of the door frame to keep from crashing into you.
There's a little pink mark at the centre of his brow where he'd been leaning against the door, and his eyes are wide.
"You ready to go?" you ask him, tucking your bag under your arm.
He's frozen, his expression still a little taken aback.
"What?" you ask him, suddenly self conscious. Your hands tug at the material of your dress nervously. "Should I change?"
"No," he says, soft but sure. "You look... fine."
Your face pinches.
"Nice," Levi corrects himself, finally looking away. He fiddles with the stack of magazines he'd been complaining about moments prior. "You look nice."
"Wow, Ackerman, with compliments like that it's shocking that you have to take your best friend as your date to the company party and not one of the countless women I'm sure are knocking at your door."
Levi narrows his eyes, tossing you a withering look.
"You're the one who said we should go together."
"That's because I want to blackout at the open bar, and you're the only person I know who turns down a drink on the corporate dollar," you say with a bright smile.
Levi tuts in annoyance, crossing his arms over his chest, his eyes wandering away from you again. "Charming."
A beat of silence passes.
Levi sucks in a little breath.
"Pardon?" you ask, and not even because he said it so quietly you barely understood him, but because it doesn't quite make sense.
"Something I keep around just because I like it," Levi says, his eyes fixed so intently on the outdated magazine stack that you're surprised the pages don't burst into flames. "Just because it makes me happy..."
Your heart stutters in its rhythm, a sudden weakness in your knees you can't chalk up to the height of your heels as easily as you may have liked to.
"...Just because it's pretty."
You swallow thickly.
His eyes meet yours.
The time and space between the two of you is thick and sweet like honey, and you wade through it slowly as you fight to find your words. You swear you can almost taste it as your tongue peeks out to moisten your already glossy lips.
"We should probably go," you say quietly, reaching out to adjust the lapel of Levi's suit. If your touch lingers a moment longer than it ought to, if your fingers brush against him in a way that friends' shouldn't, neither of you says anything about it.
Levi nods and clears his throat, taking the slightest step away from you towards your front door. "We gotta get you back before midnight after all, Cinderella."
You blink, a little confused, a little dazed, a little bit of a head rush still clouding your thoughts.
"The mice, remember?" Levi offers when he sees your curious look, stuffing his hands into his pockets.
"Oh," you laugh, letting your head hang as you nod slightly. "Right."
The two of you make your way down to the parking lot outside of your apartment building towards Levi's car, and you watch as the lights flash when he unlocks it.
"I've got two mugs, by the way," Levi says as he pulls the driver's side door open, and you pause with your hand on the handle of your own. He looks at you over the roof of his car, his eyes suddenly firmer than you'd seen them all night. More insistent. More sure.
You tilt your head, confused.
He ducks down to slide into his seat, but not before calling back to you one last time:
"The other one is yours."
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wall-maria-fritz · 7 months ago
I read your recent Levi fic and I absolutely love your writing??? May I request a canon verse Levi fic too? A fic where the reader is Levi's wife and she visits him at the survey corps and a lot of the people are in awe of her and are shocked finding out the husband she's looking for is Levi? Just some funny fluff! Bonus points for the reader being more soft and affectionate in public with him so we have a cute embarrassed Levi LOL tysm!
The Wife
Levi Ackerman x Reader (Mayyybe some Erwin x Reader?)
Summary: : A particularly breathtaking woman has decided to visit, and gossip is strife in the Scouting Legion.
Warnings: SFW / mentions of a miscarriage
Wordcount: 7.1K
Genre: Tooth rotting FLUFF
A/N: EEEKK this took soo long! But thank you for appreciating my scribbles, anon! I try :> Also, I absolutely LIVE for this request, I'm so glad you asked for it <3
Maria's Scribblings MASTERLIST
Tumblr media
Depending on who you are, Sundays in the Scouting Legion either meant you get to finally have your once a week visit to go home and see your family, or-- if you’re Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Ymir, Christa, Reiner, and Bertholdt-- you don’t have a family to go home to, and so you get to spend Sundays lazing around and keeping post in the Legion’s base.
But it isn’t all too bad! Sundays can be quite eventful if you’ve got a good eye for entertainment. Because where Eren is glad he’s finally fucking free of that bastard Jean’s neighing, the rest of the newly minted 104th recruits of the Scouting Legion get to keep themselves up to speed in the military’s juicy, juicy gossip.
And if they’re lucky, Sundays would let them see scandal unfold! In fact, Ymir can’t tell you how many stories she’s heard of Officers’ mistresses visiting the compound. Or of Officers whose wives just visited the morning before, visiting their mistresses the afternoon later!
For Commanding Officers specifically, affairs are fairly easy to spot since most of them don’t leave the compound even on Sundays, thanks to their mountains of paperwork. No one’s judging them though; they are only human after all. And there is an understanding amongst Legion soldiers that a few trysts with prostitutes—like Squad Leader Zacharias’ happy excursions with a woman named ‘Babydoll’-- could slide every now and then considering their lifestyle. The job doesn’t exactly allow for many long term attachments.
There’s also the matter of figuring out which soldier is sleeping with who.
Did that Squad Leader’s subordinate just stay in his office all day? Not even coming out once?
Or perhaps, who may be secretly married with kids without telling anyone, including a fellow Scout that they’ve been sleeping with.
Maybe a few civilian girlfriends here and there.
Once, Bertholdt had to gently lead out a weeping woman who’s apparently fallen pregnant, and was telling a Scout that the child was his.
Now, Mikasa didn’t give a rat’s ass about it all.
Eren just does his job with an almost impressive single-mindedness, but he reacts every now and then.
Armin tries not get too caught up in it all, but he often ends up being the one to unravel whatever compelling mystery-scandal they’ve got, because of course he does.
Bertholdt just listens quietly, so quietly you can hear him praying to the goddesses that their superiors don’t catch them. But he’s also the one who would end up telling Connie, Sasha, and Jean everything once they come back the next day.
Reiner gives a snide comment or two, always trying to rationalize things before jumping to conclusions. He’s probably the only person who’s actually actively listening to Ymir.
Christa hisses at Ymir to stop gossiping about their superiors’ sex lives, that it’s not right. All while secretly curious about the gossip, but never admitting to it.
And Ymir? Ymir just laughs at Christa, and proceeds to gossip some more. She loves this shit. Lives for it even.
“Oh loosen up! It’s literally my only form of entertainment these days,” she would say.
But there was one riveting piece of gossip that’s got them all glued to every word Ymir says. Yes, even Mikasa.
“I swear I heard that Captain Levi’s got a secret girlfriend somewhere! A particularly young girlfriend, in fact.”
“We’re all but three weeks in the Scouts and already, you’re starting a smear campaign on the Captain,” Christa admonishes.
“It’s not a smear campaign if it’s true,” Ymir quips back.
"Uh huh, and who’s your ‘reputable’ source this time?” Reiner chimes in, shaking out a fresh load of hay for the horses. The cadets have been tasked to guard the main gate as well as the stables nearby for the day’s expected visitors and soldiers going in and out of the compound.
“I overheard my Squad Leader whisper about it.” Ymir’s smug snicker was all Christa needed to pause what she’s doing.
In fact, it made them all pause. If the Squad Leaders were whispering about it, then it must hold water.
Mikasa was the first to speak, nonchalantly going back to her task, “Well, I wouldn’t put it past an officer who would openly beat up a helpless man on his knees just to prove a point.” Eren responded by muttered that he was fine.
“Right? Besides, Captain Short Stack’s in clear need of a good lay!” Ymir guffawed, piling onto Mikasa’s spite. This time, it was Christa’s turn to chide.
“Don’t talk about the Captain like that! It’s not right, Ymir. We’re going to get into some serious trouble because of this.” And as long as it’s Christa disagreeing with something, you best believe Reiner would take her side straight away.
“Christa’s right,” he says, Ymir rolling her eyes at the way he puffs out his chest in bravado. “There’s no reason for us to gossip like hens. Besides,” Reiner grins mischievously to his friends, “I heard Commander Erwin's wife is coming today.”
“And so?” Bertholdt raises an eyebrow at him.
Reiner takes his closest friend in a clutch around his arm. “And so, I heard she’s a hot piece of ass, Bertie!”
Annoyed, Bertholdt shakes him off. “Call me Bertie one more time, and I’ll tell Jean you’ve been fantasizing over the girls he draws.” A threat which promptly shuts Reiner up with a conceding gesture.
“The Commander’s married?” Christa asks curiously.
“And how hot is the wife exactly?” Eren nudges Reiner. Reiner would’ve given the younger cadet the low down if it weren’t for Mikasa’s death glares trained right on Reiner’s jugular.
“Err… I’ll tell you another time, Eren.”
Waving her hands in the air, Ymir intervenes. “Yeah and who the hell cares about Commander Erwin’s babe of a wife anyways—put your hand down, Reiner.”
“And I thought you were a woman of culture,” Reiner grumbled.
Ignoring the blonde man, Ymir continued excitedly. “The meat gets juicier! Seems like Captain Levi’s young girlfriend was his lieutenant.”
There was a collective gasp.
“No.” It was the first time Armin spoke. Ymir nodded enthusiastically.
“Yup! Before Petra, she was the only girl in the Special Ops Squad. Handpicked by our esteemed Captain, of course.” Ymir looks to her friends conspiratorially, her eyes conveying what was said between the lines.
“A-are you saying she… had an affair with her superior?” Armin could barely say the words. Very dangerous words.
“And it seems like the Captain got his favorite pregnant and so she had to be quietly dismissed and sent away. My Squad Leader even mentioned catching her leaving his office well into the wee hours of the night. Even spotting matching hickeys on them both.” Ymir snorted. “Who would’ve thought, huh? Captain Levi? She must be a fucking bombshell for the Captain to even notice her. Or a saint. Because who the fuck wants to deal with Captain Scrooge McShorty? Never thought I’d see the day when I’d hear a woman is actually interested in that midget. But I suppose a rank adds a few inches, eh?”
All while Ymir was yapping along, the rest of the cadets were quiet.
“…So the Captain has a kid?” Eren could barely wrap his head around what he just heard. It just doesn’t check out to him. Captain Levi, for all his singular tastes and dangerous temper, did not strike Eren as the type to take advantage of his young subordinates.
Ymir frowned. “Well. From what I heard, she miscarried.”
Armin was still, “That’s not why she was sent away w-was she?”
In a snap, Christa shook her head vehemently. “Stop that! How can you say those nasty things about another woman, Ymir?! From what I know, Squad Leader Klaus doesn’t have the best track record either, so who is he to judge?!” Christa’s little face was contorted in loathing now. And she was right. Klaus’s reputation precedes him, and it certainly isn’t a good one.
Mikasa sighs, standing by Christa comfortingly. She was no avid advocate for the Captain, but she can recognize blatant misogyny when she sees it. “True or not, talk like that has no room in our job description. The Captain’s personal affairs is none of our business, and frankly,” Mikasa’s face scrunches up in disgust. “I’d rather not know. Let’s just finish up here before the next wave of visitors arrive.”
It was then that a soldier from outside Legion perimeters hollers to the cadets to open the main gate; a visitor was to stable their horse. Bertholdt and Reiner jog to yank open the gates to let in a rider with a lady riding side-saddle on pillion as his passenger.
A very pregnant lady riding side-saddle on pillion, indeed.
Hurriedly, Reiner helps the woman down the moment he saw her condition, being the biggest of the bunch. Once he sets her down in a graceful sweep, very careful to be gentle, Reiner was immediately struck frozen to his spot.
This very pregnant lady was absolutely gorgeous.
Her beauty was only accentuated by the pretty smile she offered the strong blonde soldier, when she beamed up at him with a, “Thank you, Cadet. Would you terribly mind showing my steward where he can stable the horse, as well as where he can rest with some food and drink?”
While Reiner was slack-jawed and stupid trying to formulate a coherent answer, the woman’s steward dismounted and handed the lady a full-looking wicker basket. Most likely bearing treats and food for whoever she was visiting in the Scouts, judging by the wonderful smell of baked goods coming from it. Quickly, Bertholdt and Eren swoop in.
“I’ll stable the horse for your steward, ma’am. We’ll give him some fresh hay, too,” Bertholdt says, already getting a hold of the horse’s reins. He looks to the steward, “If you’ll just follow me, sir. I’ll show where the refreshments and the nearest inn are after I stable the horse.”
And Eren, also already dumbstruck by their new lovely visitor, immediately offered to carry the woman’s basket for her. With an equally charming smile, she thanks Bertholdt, and gratefully hands Eren the basket—whose face blooms into a blush when she said he was too kind.
“She’s… so beautiful. Like, in an elegant way,” Christa quietly squeaks to Ymir who, just as in awe, distractedly replied with a, “Must be the pregnancy glow hormones.”
But something makes her stop.
The woman had a wedding ring.
This wasn’t just any pretty visitor, this was a very beautiful married woman come to visit the Scouts who—judging by the fine horse and the personal steward—must be connected to somebody high-ranking indeed.
“Psst! Reiner!” Ymir nudges at the still stuttering oaf. Her eyes dart to the lady then back to Reiner.
“That’s the Commander’s wife!”
Before the realization fully sunk into Reiner’s ogling face, Armin and Mikasa quickly jumped into protocol.
“I presume you are here to visit your husband, ma’am?” Mikasa asks courteously.
The woman smiles kindly, “I am.” Already expecting that she would have to be escorted to her husband’s office, immediately follows with, “His office is at the Commander’s Corridor in the North Wing.”
In a wordless look amongst the Cadets, the 104th immediately recognized that this lady was indeed who they thought she was at her reply. After all, who else would she be visiting in the Commander’s Corridor of all places?
“Alright, Cadet Braun and I will just go up to inform him that you’re here so that you won’t have to climb all the way up. We wouldn’t you to strain yourself, ma’am,” Armin says, taking the woman’s pregnancy into consideration. But the woman said otherwise.
“Oh, no need for that! He’s a busy man, I understand. And he probably won’t take kindly to you kids disturbing his work. Besides,” she says with a twinkle on her eye. “I want to surprise my husband, considering he hasn’t seen me in months.” A hand smooths over her large belly, telling the Cadets exactly what she means. At that, Armin and Christa especially smile back at her, saying they completely understand.
“But do allow us to go ahead and alert him that you’re here. It’s protocol, you see,” Armin said apologetically. The woman just nods and says it’s all fine, as Armin taps at Reiner before they begin to jog up to Commander Erwin’s office.
Turning back to the visitor, Mikasa tells her that as is also protocol, the rest of them would have to escort her up; also so that they could assist her in her climb up. Hardworking as always, Eren eagerly nods with the basket in hand; always ready to serve, as the woman agrees. And so, with Mikasa and Eren leading the group, Christa walks by the woman right behind the two, as Ymir walks at the tail-end of the group.
As they were walking past the courtyard, Christa looks up to the North Wing—the highest of the livable offices in the base—and then looks worriedly to the woman she and her friends were escorting.
“Ma’am? Are you absolutely sure you can climb up? It’s a lot of stairs to the top of the highest office wing. We wouldn’t want to endanger you.” They’ve reached the bottom of the steps leading up to the Commander’s Corridor, cueing Christa and Ymir to flank the pregnant woman in order to support and assist her up; allowing Christa to hold her hand, while Ymir rest a ready hand at the base of her back.
The woman just laughs indulgently. “Don’t worry Cadet, I’m made of tougher stuff than you think.” She winks at Christa.
“I was once a Scout like you, you know.”
“You were a Scout?!” Ymir gasped in surprise. Mikasa gives her a sharp look for the impolite shock in Ymir’s voice. But the woman didn’t seem to mind. In fact, she humored the question.
“Oh yes, how do you think I met my husband? We were in the same squad when we did,” she smiled.
With wide eyes, Eren swivels and starts going up the steps backwards to exclaim, “Damn, you must be really good!” (An action which Mikasa promptly calls out, jabbing him in the side to make him face front.) For her to be a part of the Commander’s Squad, she must at least be an above average soldier.
The woman just gave a modest shrug, “Well, I was already a veteran when I married. So I suppose I was.”
With thoughtful eyes, Christa asks, “It must have been difficult to leave the Scouts. It’s for a happy occasion of course, but I can’t imagine it was ever easy to readjust to a new life.”
The lady purses her lips playfully, her bright eyes looking up in thought. “Weeell, having to be a Scout is pretty darn difficult, I’d say. Especially when I had to serve at the vanguard before I could become a full-fledged veteran. So setting down a Scout’s mantel was fairly easy.” It was a lighthearted but plainly honest answer. Then her face turned solemn. “But I’d say the hardest part was to leave my husband to it all.”
She looks to the young and curious eyes around her. “There’s something about leaving your spouse to the perils of being a Scout that’s terrifying. Knowing that while I’m safely cooped up with his child in my belly, he’s still out there risking his life with no guarantee that he’d make it out alive. It kept me up at night. Especially knowing how truly dangerous those perils are because I, myself have experienced them. And I would wonder, who would look out for him now? Because it was I who looked out for him.” Like a spell broken, she shakes her head, and her brilliant smile comes back to light up her face.
“Yet still, if a little bit of fear and bravery is all it takes to spend a life with him, to be the woman who gets to love him forever, then so be it. My husband is a skilled soldier. I trust that he can take care of himself.”
Christa—and secretly, Mikasa—all but swooned and sighed at how romantic their visitor’s words were. Ymir meanwhile, was eager to hear more as the group was nearing the mezzanine.
“How was it? Dating as soldiers, I mean. I can’t imagine it was particularly welcomed that you were dating the Scout’s top-dog,” Ymir says carefully assisting the woman through the last few steps. The woman wiped at the sweat on her forehead with a kerchief, and took a deep breath; the flight of stairs already getting to her. Still, she gave her usual lovely smile to Ymir.
“The relationship was certainly kept under wraps. People have suspected that I’m dating someone, but they never could figure out who.” She chuckled to herself. “I can’t imagine how not, with the many times I locked myself in my husband’s office to help him with late night ‘paperwork’ back then,” she says with air quotes, grinning at the Cadets’ blushing faces in realization of what she meant.
“And when I finally fell pregnant, and the cat was out of the bag, people couldn’t believe who exactly I was dating either, much less that he’s the father of my child. ‘How could someone like him, be with someone like her,’ they would say,” the woman laughed.
Ymir-- who was positively charmed by their visitor’s warmth and bubbly energy-- scoffed in jest. After all, it only made sense for a lovely woman to fall in love with an equally lovely man.
“Please, you’re a perfect match for Commander Erwin!”
Meanwhile, walking along the Commander’s Corridor, Armin and Bertholdt—who joined them on the way after he finished his errand— had the unfortunate opportunity to spend the walk to Commander Erwin’s office listening to Reiner gush about how beautiful that pregnant visitor they just had was.
“The Commander’s one damn lucky bloke!” Reiner moans, a hand rubbing his face.
“Well what did you expect? Have you seen the Commander? Of course he’d have a gorgeous wife,” Bertholdt replies blandly, already tired of Reiner’s constant groaning.
“And maybe it’s best not to lust after the Commander’s pregnant wife, Reiner,” Armin reminds nervously, eyes darting around in case anyone were to hear Reiner adulations.
Reiner sighed, “You’re right. Besides, if I were husband to a woman like that, I’d make sure to get her pregnant. I’d go absolutely feral, I’d tell ya!” Reiner smirks, elbowing a wincing and a grossed out Armin and Bertholdt.
“Shut up Rei, I don’t want that image in my head,” Bertholdt deadpans.
“Okay be quiet now, we’re here.” Armin says, as the three stop in front of the Commander’s door.
Bertholdt went ahead and gave three respectful knocks.
Oddly enough, instead of the usual prompt reply of their usually prompt Commander, the cadets heard a series of muffled shuffling and a few bangs on wood. Then finally, came Erwin Smith’s—albeit slightly strained—baritone.
“Come in!”
Armin could’ve sworn he heard giggling after the Commander’s reply, but Bertholdt turned the knob and swung the door open nonetheless.
To their surprise, they found the Commander with none other than Petra Ral in his office.
“Is it just me or did we interrupt something?” Armin discreetly whispers to Reiner, eyeing the slightly disheveled appearance of their Commander as well as the hurriedly awkward way Petra is combing down her ginger hair.
“Sorry to disturb you on a Sunday, Sir. But we’d thought to let you know that you’re wife is here,” Bertholdt announces with a firm salute.
At his words, both the Commander and Petra look to each other with a funny look on their faces.
Confused, Erwin cocks a thick eyebrow. “I’m sorry, who?”
Back at the doorway, the three Cadets blink back. “Err… your wife, Sir?”
It was then that the boys heard a brisk tap on the still-open door behind them.
They pivot to see Squad Leader Miche by the door, smirking at them, and an utterly amused twinkle in his green eyes.
“Sorry to break it ‘ya, boys. But the Commander’s already with his wife,” Miche winked at a peeved Commander Erwin and the blushing ginger girl right beside him. Miche then gives the couple a woman’s name, telling them that she’s here. (He must’ve smelled her in the premises before anyone even had to tell him.)
Extremely puzzled, Reiner looks from the entertained look on the Squad Leader, to his Commander, and now apparently, to his Commander’s wife.
“Then who’s…?”
Before Reiner could finish, Miche simply threw his head back in a fit of laughter, as him and his newest piece of gossip to tell Hange, went on their merry way.
At the mezzanine, the woman stops.
“Commander Erwin?”
The woman blinked at the Cadets who have also stopped walking, looking back at her in confusion now.
She then turns to Ymir with a bewildered look on her face.
“Erwin isn’t my husband.”
“What? Then who are you here to—“
“Lieutenant Ackerman!”
At the sound of that unmistakable screech, the pregnant woman whirls and shrieks back.
Excitedly, the bespectacled scientist ran over to the woman and gave her the tightest—but careful—of hugs. Immediately, Hange started fawning over her old friend.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Mrs. Ackerman herself,” Hange says cheekily, as she went to hold her laughing friend’s hands. “Oh, look at you! Oh my goodness, you’re so big!” She exclaims giddily, gently rubbing the pregnant lieutenant’s belly.
Meanwhile, Christa stammers quietly. “D-did she just say… Lieutenant?”
“…Ackerman?!” Eren added, mouth open.
“Hell no.” Ymir gaped. There was no fucking way.
Beaming prettily, you giggled at Hange. “Well, I’m already at my third trimester!” You took a breath, and held Hange’s forearms. “It’s so good to see you again, Hange. I hope Levi didn’t sass you too much while I was gone.”
“Puh-lease! I’d say it’s Levi who’s had his hands full with me and my shenanigans since you’ve been gone,” Hange chuckles teasingly. She then tilts her head towards Eren and sighs dramatically, “I wouldn’t say the same about Jaeger over there, though.”
Now addressing Eren, Hange tells the Cadet, “Thank your lucky stars, Eren! You’re about to have a helluva stress-free weekend now that Levi’s wife is here!”
Still shocked, Eren just nods absently.
“Well, Lieutenant. I’m sure you’re here to see your Captain?” Hange loops her arms around the woman’s cheerfully. “I’ll take you to him! Let’s pass by Erwin and Petra along the way, I’m sure they’ve missed you.”
And off you two strolled, across the mezzanine and up the last flights of stairs onto the Commander’s Corridor, four flummoxed Cadets trailing behind you.
Reiner, Bertholdt, and Armin’s bafflement was broken by Petra’s squeal at the mention the woman’s name.
“She’s here?!”
Petra then flies out her husband’s office, the boys quickly getting out of her way. At the sight of her best friend at the end of the corridor, she calls out her name and goes, “About time you visited!”
Lieutenant Ackerman hugs Petra back, and soon enough, the three women were already thrilling about the Lieutenant’s pregnancy. Compliments on how glowing she looked, questions about how far along she was, how she was faring with the pregnancy, and if she had a clue about the baby’s gender flew about in giggles and sighs.
In a moment, Commander Erwin himself has followed Petra out to also engulf his subordinate-turned-good-friend in a warm hug.
At the side, Eren was still carrying your wicker basket. When he and the girls finally met up with Reiner, Bertholdt and Armin by the Commander’s office, Eren nudges Reiner sharply.
“She isn’t the Commander’s wife!”
“So we’re finding out,” Reiner grits out. Eren gives out some really painful jabs.
“Is it just me, or did your eyebrows get bushier, Erwin?” you tease.
“Shut up.” Erwin quips back, still hugging you. He looks down at you, smiling fondly, and feigning annoyance in his voice. “You’re lucky I missed you.”
When you finally separated, Erwin held your shoulders gently as he glanced to the flight of stairs you just traversed. “How are you and the baby? The stairs didn’t exhaust you too much did they?”
“We’re fine, and the stairs were nothing, don’t worry. I wasn’t handpicked by Humanity’s Strongest himself for nothing, you know,” You beam up at Erwin who was already nodding in relief.
“Good. Levi would kill me if I allowed you to get strained.”
You roll your eyes, “Levi fusses over me whether or not I get strained. But guess what, Commander,” you had a delicious sparkle in your eye.
“I made cake.”
And like a little kid, Erwin Smith gives a small pump of his fist; he’s always been a terrible sweet tooth. While Hange whoops in joy.
Petra looks to the new recruits who were watching the odd scene before them. It isn’t everyday they see their commanding officers act so ecstatic and carefree, after all. Incredibly far from the usual strict fashion their superiors would carry themselves. Commander Erwin, especially.
Smiling, Petra addresses the Cadets, “Look sharp, Cadets. You’re looking at one of the most exceptional sharpshooters in the three Walls! Graduated first in her class and everything. Even precedes me to the Special Ops Squad!”
“And the Scouting Legion’s finest Lieutenant,” Erwin added proudly, to which you only chuckled bashfully at, lightly swatting at his arm.
“But you kids can call her Lieutenant Ackerman,” Hange shrugged, grinning. Knowing exactly how Reiner, Bertholdt, and Armin would take the new information, despite her nonchalance.
And Bertholdt’s answer delivered just the reaction Hange anticipated.
“Wait. Did you just say--?”
Then like the rumbling thunder of an approaching storm, came Captain Levi Ackerman, stomping in with a smirking Miche just behind him.
And absolutely furious.
“What in the actual fuck made you brats think that letting my pregnant wife climb up the stairs was all fine and dandy?! I swear to sweet Sina’s shit, if something happened to—“
But something makes Levi stop in his tracks.
It was you. And oh, what a sight were you to behold.
The last time he saw you, your baby bump was only just showing. But in that moment, when you made that graceful turn of yours to peek up at him through your eyelashes, a playful smile dancing on your lips, Levi was convinced he must have married a goddess. A faerie woman who has quite utterly entranced him in a spell. A nymph who’s sly smile holds many a delicious promise to a simple man like him.
You looked absolutely divine with your full belly. And his wonderstruck burns deeper at the thought that it was his child that your beautiful body was growing; it elicits something primal in him. His wonderfully gorgeous wife was pregnant with his child, and Levi’s entire being ached to be near her. Ached to protect her and their baby; to provide them with everything their hearts desired.
Then Levi Ackerman quickens his pace to a sprint until finally, you were in his arms, safe and sound…
Until finally, he had you wrapped up in a kiss.
Furtively, Hange whispers to Ymir with a grin, “She’s always been the only who could calm him down.”
Once Levi was satisfied that he’s kissed his wife enough, he looked to you with warm eyes—warm eyes that no one else would see otherwise, if it weren’t for your presence smiling glowingly back at him.
His hands, so strong and calloused, wavered at your belly; hesitant that they might hurt the precious treasure within. Patiently, your soft hands took Levi’s hard ones—hands that have seen so much violence—and held them against the swell of your belly.
“It’s okay, Levi. Hold your baby.”
He held you so tenderly, so lovingly.
“Next time, don’t take the stairs. I’ll be coming down to you, no matter the time of day. ” Levi admonishes in a low voice, gunmetal eyes serious.
You just giggled at what the Cadets would think to be a fairly intimidating face, “You worry too much, darling. As if you haven’t trained me to be tough as nails.”
It could be nothing else but sorcery, the Cadets think. Absolute witchcraft! How in the world could this tiny woman turn the Captain’s temper up on its head just like that? They were like a tableau of the sun and the moon come together—a bright and bubbly girl, with a cold and aloof Captain. And much like the sun and the moon, one’s lightheartedness bounces off the other.
Now, Ymir understood why the Scouts couldn’t believe who she was dating back then. She couldn’t believe her eyes even as she watched Humanity’s Strongest himself envelop the woman in an embrace! But hey, Ymir was at least right with two things—Captain Levi’s lover is indeed both an angel and a bombshell of a woman.
Suddenly, Levi’s soft expression turns sour.
“I’ve also been filled in by Miche, you brats.” Levi’s menacing eyes flash to the Cadets that have accompanied his wife. A look which has promptly frozen the soldiers into attention.
“What kind of dimwit-loving maggot ate at your brains for you lot to think to bring her to Erwin’s office, huh?”
Briefly, Levi wondered if it was a breach of military decorum to smack these nitwits up the head for assuming his lovely wife was Erwin’s and not his.
The Cadets only stood frozen, not daring to say a word. The Captain certainly wasn’t a man whose anger they wanted to incite; even accidentally.
“Hey, hey, Levi, please,” you speak up, cupping your jealous (and adorable) husband’s cheek to make him face back to you, treating him once again to your tinkling laugh. “It’s my fault, I didn’t exactly introduce myself properly. Besides, it’s for the best. We both know that once you’ve got in me in your clutches, who knows when you’ll let me see Erwin and Petra anymore?”
And with your magic touch, the Captain visibly calms down. A little embarrassed (and blushing) that’s he’s been so easily rendered love-struck by his wife’s laughter, Levi sighs. He reaches to stroke the luscious locks of your hair, “And for good reason.”
Levi glares up at his blonde friend’s grinning face.
“He’s gonna finish up all the cake.”
Once the Cadets have been dismissed, you distribute the quaintly packaged boxes of cake to the Smiths, Hange, and Miche. Before you and Levi left for his office, Hange tells you to drop by her lab before leaving so that she can do a check-up on you.
“I know you have a good midwife and doctor back home, but you can never be too sure, eh? I also want to make sure you’re okay enough for the travel back.” She says to you and Levi, something you very much appreciated. You thanked her as Levi, after putting some serious thought into it, begrudgingly promised to bring you over despite the fact that it would leave him with even less time with you.
With an arm around your waist and a hand resting securely on your hip, Levi takes your wicker basket, and leads you to his office at the other end of the corridor. At the back of his mind, Levi knew that news of his wife would spread like wildfire now that the new recruits have met you. But he didn’t mind, because all he wanted was some much needed alone time with his wife.
Even now, on the way to his office, aides and squad leaders have already taken notice of you and the way he was holding you. Stares—both curious and disbelieving—followed them as these poor Scouts wrapped their heads around the fact that their fearsome Captain was being tender to a woman.
A woman who was delightedly telling him about the special carrot cake she made him—his favorite. As well as the artisan jasmine and ginseng teas you got him from Wall Sina. You even brought Levi’s favorite cleaning wax!
But when Levi finally had you behind his office door, all these treats were effectively forgotten. Because in a single husky order from your Captain, he’s got you melting like putty beneath his hands. Moaning his name and whimpering for him to come closer, to kiss you deeper.
And Levi, happily obliged.
The next morning when you woke up, your husband was nowhere to be seen. That didn’t alarm you though, knowing full well that as Captain, he often had a full schedule and has always liked to start his day early. So he’s probably somewhere working out, or overseeing training if he wasn’t in his office doing early morning paperwork.
And then something heavenly hits you. Something deliciously heavenly, to be exact.
You heard your stomach rumble, as the smell of butter, maple syrup, and freshly roasted nuts rouse you from bed and into your maternity clothes. With the morning dew still hanging in the air, you waddle across the courtyard to reach the mess hall where all the food you were craving was, when you heard a horse’s familiar neigh.
Looking up, you find Levi looking every inch the battle hero he was, as he gracefully rode on his great steed, Midnight, whom he’s slowed to trot and then finally to a halt beside you.
“Good morning, Captain,” you greet your husband cheekily.
“Good morning, why are you up so early?” Levi asks, thin eyebrows crunched together in concern. You haven’t even done up your hair yet.
Shyly, you bit your lip, and shrugged. “I got hungry.”
At that, Levi’s eyes widened in realization. Already mentally kicking himself that of course his pregnant wife would be craving for some food. He hasn’t lived with you for so long that he’s forgotten to ensure that you had breakfast by your bedside once you woke up.
‘Duh Levi, you dumbass,’ he thinks to himself
Quickly, he swings himself off his horse, and while firmly holding the reins, goes to you. He cups your face with an earnest and apologetic look in his face.
“I’m sorry, darling. I should’ve brought you up some food, you shouldn’t have had to come down.”
You give him a peck, “Shh, it’s alright. You wouldn’t have known which one I was craving for anyways. And exercise is good for pregnant women, Levi.”
Levi looks back to you softly. “Okay,” he concedes. “But you have to kiss me again.”
And so you did.
Passionately. Devotedly.
It would have been unmistakable to those who witnessed you and your Captain kiss as to exactly who you were to him. Especially once they’ve noticed your matching wedding rings and your very pregnant condition. And it was nice, you think, to finally be able to wear your heart on your sleeve around the man you love; free and unafraid of judgment after years of secret rendezvous and feigning innocence.
It was certainly a thrill for a young woman like you to have unexpectedly attracted the interest of her handsome, older, Captain. And not just any Captain, Humanity’s Strongest, no less! The flirting behind closed doors, heated gazes across rooms, the innuendos, and the whispered promises; it was all as if your life has turned into a novel.
But you and Levi prefer this—to love unrestricted, and for Levi especially, to care fuck all who saw him kissing his lovely wife.
Yet still, when Levi lead you to the mess hall where many Scouts were already having their early morning breakfast at, you once again felt like the foolish young lieutenant that’s gotten herself pregnant, and even worse, has lost the baby. The stares and whispers following you both as you entered the hall took you back to time where stares and whispers felt like a weapon against you. And for a while, walking into the mess hall was like walking into a battlefield with the way you had to hold your nerves together, and desperately tried not to freeze up.
You felt well and truly disgraced back then. There was no denying the quiet but stifling judgement of seemingly all seeing eyes that trailed the girl who dared let Levi Ackerman fall in love with her. Who dared be as careless as to lose their esteemed Captain’s baby, on top of pretty much being branded as a whore.
Of course, Captain Levi promptly and adamantly married you after you miscarried and were safe enough. Levi was the one who convinced you to at least take a break, if not to retire completely, from being a Scout in order for you to safely have your pregnancies. It would kill him, Levi said, if anything bad happened to you while on the job. And he’d be damned if he’d let even a sliver of a chance where you or your baby could get hurt. Not again.
And so while your ordeal as the Scouting Legion’s newest scandal has long since been a bad memory now, you still couldn’t help but anxiously and unconsciously walk a half step behind your husband in order to hide yourself behind him.
Noticing this, Levi takes your hand, and gives it a firm and reassuring kiss.
I’m right here, it said. You’re safe.
But the dread would soon dissipate, as Levi carefully lead you to a table where his squad was already beaming up at you in greeting, morning coffee in their hands.
“Lieutenant! Good morning!” calls out Eld. He was always a morning person.
“I knew you were here! The Captain hasn’t rang us for paperwork all night!” Oluo jibes good-naturedly.
“How’s the mini-Captain going along?” Gunther added smiling, referring to your big baby bump.
“You mean mini-Lieutenant,” Levi says to his squad pointedly. He’s always hoped for a girl. You once joked to him that he only wanted a girl because he wanted to be able to kick their daughter’s future boyfriends’ asses. Levi scoffed at you then, “No shit.”
You just rolled your eyes, “The baby is going along well, Gunther. Healthy and strong just like their father.”
At that, Levi kisses the top of your head tenderly. He then looks to his men, “She’s too good to me.”
Gunther and Oluo chuckle fondly while Eld just raises his coffee cup in salute, “Cheers to that, sir.”
Once you’re settled, Levi asks you quietly, “Will you be alright? I’ll just go and get your food for you.”
You smile up at your indulgent husband, “Yes, I’ll be alright. I’m sure Oluo’s itching to share me the latest gossip, anyways.” You then proceeded to tell Levi what you want to have. “I want the potatoes with lots of butter, okay?” You all but gave Levi your best puppy dog eyes, knowing that he’d protest at you wanting unhealthy food.
Alas, the Captain sighs in defeat. He can’t say no to what his pregnant wife wants. Especially when she looks at him like that. “Alright, fine. For the baby.”
You beam up and give him another peck, “Thank you, darling.” And off Captain Levi went, with you watching the confident strides of his retreating form.
“Who would have thought, huh?” Eld’s voice breaks your reverie. “That our very own Captain and Lieutenant would be married. With a baby on the way, no less!”
“Yeah,” Oluo chimes in. “Who would have thought-- our lovely Lieutenant and our err… less than lovely Captain,” he says patronizingly. Oluo, perhaps more than anyone, would agree that Levi is an exceptional man. But even he could recognize the funny little couple you and Levi made.
You pointed at him, looking past Gunther’s arm which was pouring you a cup of coffee. “Don’t let him hear you say that.”
Soon enough, Oluo and Gunther started telling you the buzz now that the new recruits have met you. Apparently, the cadets have been convinced that Levi was dating Petra. So you were quite a surprise to them. Eld even tells you how some of the recruits that haven’t met you yesterday—Connie, Jean, and Sasha, he said their names were—even walked up to this table this morning with very determined faces, asking if it was all true.
And with that, you and your old squad just laughed, feeling very much at home with the company.
Levi decided not to comment on the knowing smirks that the cooks met him with as he requested for extra portions for his wife. Levi knew he was sight to behold— their formidable Captain, gathering as much food as he can for his pregnant wife.
Levi’s used to it all now, the surprised looks and the gaping stares of soldiers at the sight of his undeniably dazzling wife. He’s also used to the confused looks of eyes darting between him, then to his wife, and then back to him, as if the bastards were trying to compute fucking rocket science. And he gets it. Even he has to pinch himself sometimes that this isn’t all a dream; that he’s actually married to the most riveting woman in the Legion.
But as he walked back, tray of all your favorite food in hand, the sight of you laughing with a hand contentedly resting on your belly was all a man like him needed to be satisfied that you’re real. You’re here, you’re real, and you’re his.
Once he’s sat back down beside you, he can’t help but kiss your temple again.
“Eat up,” he says, and it nearly fucking kills him the way your eyes lit up at the sight of the food.
Fucking adorable.
There was once a time Levi was convinced that he would never be one to have a family. That things like that just aren’t meant for men like him. But seeing you happily doing your little dance at how delicious you thought the food was (a truly very funny sight, considering this is Scouting Legion Mess Hall food.) He wonders what other preconceptions Levi had that you, and now your new baby, would be shattering for him.
After all, it was his own little miracle that you chose to love him at all. And at that, Levi has to agree with everyone else—
Who would have thought, indeed.
A/N: I had so much fun with this one, as usual. Maybe too much fun. I guess I'm incapable of writing short fics huh? Also, my inbox has been filling up, and I'm thinking back on writing The Wingman and The Paramour again so I'll be closing requests.
But hey, if you have any thoughts and questions, do hmu! My ask box is always open, and I love talking to you guys. Far better than talking to myself, I'd say. lol.
Edit: Requests Re-opened! HERE are the rules!
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http-tokki · a month ago
i just wanna hold you- levi ackerman x reader fluff
levi coming home to find you already asleep but still wanting to love and hold and kiss you. so he slips in behind you, arms wrapping around your waist under the shirt you wore. You’re so warm against his winter kissed skin, he shivers as he presses against your body feeling the heat seep into him, warming his very soul. he presses kisses along the back of your neck, nudging the hair out of his way with his nose. His mouth follows the line of your shoulder, tongue and lips leaving a trail of spit in their wake. His hand reaches up, fingers dancing along your skin before cupping your breast. He just about moans as he feels the soft flesh under his fingers, the blood filling his cheeks, heating his skin.
“Levi, i’m too tired” you mumble, face buried in the pillow. “in the morning baby”
Levi shakes his head and starts to kiss up your neck. “I don’t want that” he pulls you tighter against his hard body. God, you are so soft. “I just wann’ kiss you”
The hand not cupping your breast moves to your stomach, pressing down on your soft tummy while his mouth continues to kiss purple flowers into your skin.
“Should i be offended?” your laugh is tired.
“I always want you” he corrects. “but right now I just wanna hold you, okay?”
Levi’s all but drooling as you turn in his arms, looping yours around his neck to hold yourself close. Now with unrestricted access to your mouth, he presses his to yours. His lips slip over yours as his tongue slides along your bottom lip, prodding and asking permission. You allow him to slide in, the taste of him filling your mouth. The kisses are slow. Tongues sliding over each other’s, lips smacking and teeth grazing ever so teasingly. Levi holds your face so tenderly, no hint of anything more, just kissing. It’s so gentle and pure, it has your heart aching. Levi pulls back, lips red and shiny with spit, and smiles at you.
“I love you” he whispers like it’s a secret he’s revealing for the first time.
“I love you too” you whisper back in the same manner, ducking your head to kiss his nose. Levi smiles and looks down, cheeks blushing red as he looks back up at you.
“good, ‘cause I never wanna stop doing this”
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veenxys · 7 months ago
「Levi being a simp for you」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he starts craving your presence and your cozy nature all the time; he will be confused at first, maybe even irritated, but there is something about you that leaves him enchanted; that leaves him lost in the immensity of stars that inhabit your gaze.
he doesn’t know how to show his affection through words or big gestures, but you can tell how much he loves and appreciates you through the sweet look he gives you or through the small gestures he usually makes such as; get breakfast ready for you before he leaves, the way his gaze always looks for you when he walks into the room. how he wakes up in the middle of the night just to check you’re okay and put the blanket closer to you so you don’t get cold. how he cares about your physical and mental health.
so many small gestures; fingers lightly brushing when you walk side by side. knees touching under the table. he pulling you closer when he’s asleep. he tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear so he can see you better.
he always walks on the outer side of the sidewalk when the two of you are walking side by side to keep you safe from the road, he holds your hand tightly and all it takes is just a light squeeze that all his attention goes to you .
he remembers everything about you, and every little thing you told him, even though you think he didn’t pay attention. he knows every little detail of your face, your hands, your arms... everything about you is memorized in his memory. he also makes a mental note of everything you like, sometimes to surprise you or just to keep that information with him, because everything that comes from you is precious to him.
that said, he memorizes all your favorite things; how do you like your tea/coffee. what’s your favorite dessert... and he always says something like ‘no, they don’t like this’ when someone mentions giving you some present he knows you won’t like.
he always waits for you to wake up before leaving the house; the first thing you see when you open your eyes is levi looking at you lovingly as his fingers lightly slide down your back/arms. a slight sideways smile appears on his lips as he greets you, calling you lazy before kissing your forehead.
he also always kisses your forehead and your lips before leaving the house. it is a way of silently demonstrating that he will soon return to your arms.
when you go out and are carrying a lot of bags, he will take them out of your hand and hold them for you until you get home, without saying a single word.
he keeps all your favorite things in his house; your favorite sweets, bandages, medicine, your favorite tea, comfortable clothes…
he always has an extra hair elastic on his wrist, or clips in his pocket/wallet in case you need them, and in fact, it is he who ties your hair for you.
when it’s raining, levi literally does everything to keep you from getting wet; he gives you his jacket and when you share an umbrella he always makes sure it covers you completely, he doesn’t care if his shoulder is all wet, the important thing is you.
levi knows your body language very well, so all it takes is one look at him to know what you are feeling. no matter where you are, if he realizes that you are feeling bad he will take you home immediately.
he only sleeps after he’s sure you’re asleep. and when you have a nightmare, he does everything possible and impossible to make you comfortable and remind you that it was just a nightmare, that now he is on your side and nothing and no one will hurt you; after that he can’t sleep again because if you have any more nightmares he will be there to help you.
many small gentlemanly gestures; like opening doors for you, giving you his jacket to put on your lap so you’re more comfortable sitting while wearing a skirt or dress. cleaning your mouth when you eat something. letting you shower first to get the hot water.
you make levi feel and honestly he hated it at first. but now he has no choice but to surrender completely to this feeling of being yours, and that was the best choice of his life.
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sadomas0chist · 4 months ago
right here, doctor
Tumblr media
ღ dilf!levi, doctor!levi, consensual somnophilia, daddy kink, praising kink, slight pregnancy kink (if you squint), breeding kink, sorta a quickie but not really (?) MDNI // 18+
ღ go to event
“honey i’m home!” you groaned to yourself as soon as you heard your husband yell from down the stairs, his footsteps growing louder before walking in your bedroom, a heavy sigh leaving his lips as he took off his coat and shirt, throwing them carelessly on his desk chair that was laying around.
so messy, you’d think to yourself. he rubbed his face with his palm before looking at your body, his eyes lingering there as he took his pants off. “tired baby?” he whispered before climbing on top of you, his hands on each side of your head to hold himself up. you slightly nodded, putting your book away, giving him a serious glare. he didn’t seem to get the hint, his lips leaving open kisses down your neck to your collarbone.
“levi…” you warned, your fingers tangling in his hair to push him off. you’ve been waiting for him, all day, to talk to him about it. “what?” he plainly asked, his brows furrowing. “i need to talk to you about something, lemme sit up,” you pat his shoulder, his body rolling to his side allowing you to rest your back against your headboard. “all ears.”
“i just-“ you sighed, composing yourself. “i don’t like the way you dip on me or the kids whenever they call you from the hospital.” you paused to form your next words, his eyes watching you closely. “i feel like we’re not your first priority anymore and i don’t know if it’s just me but i miss you and most of the times you come home tired and leave early and what’s worse is that you barely initiate it anymore, we literally only have sex once or twice a week…” you scoffed.
you wanted to continue, tell him you watched tol many series and were afraid he was fucking one of his coworkers but you didn’t. you couldn’t allow such an irrational and unproven thought start a fight. but levi could tell from the way you were playing with your fingers and how your eyes would linger to the picture of your wedding day on your night stand.
“y/n this is my job and-“
“i know it’s your job and i respect that, i really do. but can’t they get someone else? we barely see you, the kids miss you.” you whispered, his face now bent and painted with guilt. has he been working too much and neglecting his kids and wife’s needs? has he been this selfish? but it was his job anyway, you knew this.
he ran his hand through his dark black hair and sighed, sitting there quickly like he always does to think about his next words. when you saw he was taking too much to answer you, you rolled your eyes and muttered a small whatever. as you were tucking yourself in, he pulled you to his chest, his hand wrapping around the back of your neck to capture his lips on yours, you face tilting to deepen the kiss. the more your lips moved in sync, the hotter you felt. you were so needy and he was the only one who could fulfill your needs.
his hands flew down your satin robe, unwrapping it and pushing it off your shoulders, your bare and naked body begging him to run his hands all over it. and he did. until his phone began ringing furiously in his back pocket. levi pulled his face away from you, your head slightly shaking to how quick he was to take this call and shot up from the bed. levi hurriedly picked up his clothes and threw them on, his phone still pressed to his ear and held up by his shoulder. he didn’t even notice the chuckle you let out, or the way you defeatedly pulled back the robe and tightly wrapped it around your body.
“yes- no, don’t do anything… yes, yes i will- just don’t,” he sighed buttoning his dress shirt. “i’ll be there in no time.” he hung up looking around to check if he had forgotten anything, then suddenly his body froze.
he did it again. even after what you’ve told him, after displaying your needs and wants for him, he still managed to do it again. he kissed his teeth, groaning to himself.
“this is my job darling you need to understand.” he tried to reason but you weren’t in the right state of mind to be rational. you knew that this would happen the day you married him, but it’s been getting suffocating. “just go. i won’t bother to wait.” and with that, you turned off the small lamp beside you and tucked yourself in, heart swelling at the sound of the door slowly opening before closing again.
it was three am. the wind was softly blowing into your room, caressing your bare skin that managed to snuggle out of your robe. you didn’t feel the mattress dip near you, levi’s sighs heavy and long. he lost his patient. after months of doing research and planned surgeries, he lost him. he wanted to wake you up so you could tell him it was okay, that it wasn’t his fault, but he already knew that. as a matter of fact, he had gotten used to that.
instead he stared at your bare spine, the sheets only covering your lower part as one of your legs hung over the fabric. you looked angelic. the way the moon shone on your skin made him forget about his nasty day. he couldn’t stop gazing at you, his fingers tracing your skin. you didn’t move, his body moving closer to yours, his hand dangerously getting close to your lower back, his perverted mind making his hand rise up the sheets to look at your naked ass.
levi gulped at the sight, his tint growing in his tight underwear. his hand trailed down your ass, softly going over it as he cussed himself for not taking care of it every night, for not taking care of you. he was about to pull back and restrain himself but your shifted in your sleep, your thighs rubbing together and your body moving backwards, almost colliding with his. he hissed and shut down his eyes, trying his best not to pull out his throbbing cock and push it between your cheeks, until he remembered the words you once uttered to him a few weeks back; you can do whatever you want with me while i’m sleeping.
and that’s all it took for him to pull his cock out, give it a few pumps while he licked his fingers to prep you. he rubbed your entrance with his saliva and teasingly fingered you to remember your warmth, your body snuggling as a small whimper left your lips. you didn’t seem to mind it, your body was slightly shifting but you were still sleeping; it all felt like a wet dream. a dream you didn’t know was about to wake you up in a few seconds.
once he made sure you were wet enough, he dragged his swollen, pre cum coated tip to your folds, spreading them with his warmth and thrusted himself inside you in a one quick stroke.
“nghh~ l-levi?,” he shushed you, wrapping your body tighter to his before pulling out and thrusting again, your warm walls swallowing him inside. “it’s me baby, it’s me,” his cock was warming you up, the sweet sound of your pussy squelching around him. you dizzily moaned, your hand folding your breast.
“daddy’s had a very rough day,” he whispered in your ear as he kept moving, your mind in a blur, “‘gonna let him fuck this pretty pussy of yours eh?” you nodded numbly, your head tilting backwards as he moved your hand to toy with your hardened nipple, his other hand gripping onto your hip to make you meet his thrusts. he squeezed your flesh, enjoying the idea of fucking you while you were half asleep, your body responding to him and welcoming his embrace.
levi kissed your shoulder, your moans and whimpers as soft as his thrusts. it was like he was fully taking you in, feeling you wrap around him again like it was your first time. “missed fucking you s’much baby, fuck,” he turned your head to him, his lips kissing your parting ones, his tongue easily sliding in, caressing yours. you were feeling so drunk, the way his tip was brushing against you making you push your hips back, levi letting out a hiss. “want more daddy,” you mewled whimpering like an animal in heat. it was shameful that it was so long since you had sex with your own husband so you wanted to make up for all the times he’d come home tired and unwilling to do anything else but sleep. you fucked yourself on his blissful girth, your spot rubbing perfectly against his curve.
his hand flew to your clit, teasing your bud as he began fucking your faster, not wanting to keep you up too long. sure he woke you up to have sex, but levi wasn’t the type of guy who’d fuck you to the point where you’d black out without aftercare. he knew if he were too rough you’d immediately fall back asleep and he didn’t want you to think that he was using you only for his pleasure. still, you didn’t mind. you wanted your husband to use you to blow off some steam. it was a win win situation.
“‘m sorry baby, i love you so fucking much, fuck fuck,” he hissed, his face hiding in the crook of your neck. “promise to be here more, cuddle you more, fuck you more,” he promised his teeth slightly biting your shoulder. your eyes were teary, the mix between the ecstasy and love you were feeling overwhelming you. his finger sped up against your swollen clit, your fingers dipping in his arm, a low hiss fanning on your cheek. “right here, shit shit,” you moaned, your eyes heavy and pooling with tears, “feel’s good right here doctor,”
“holy fuck, gonna make me cum in your sweet pussy aren’t you,” he grunted, his pace not once changing as he helped you reach your orgasm, your cunt clenching around him madly, levi’s hand covering your mouth to contain your moans and whimpers. it was hard for him to keep moving, your warmth making it impossible for him to keep thrusting. “such a good f’me, my sweet girl,” he kissed your shoulder blades and shoulder, your muscles relaxing around him. you sighed in bliss as you came down from your orgasm, levi thrusting still to reach his own high.
“‘m gonna give you another baby,” his lips quirked up in a smirk when he felt you tighten around his cock, “miss seeing you round and pretty,” he sucked your neck, “miss being around you when you get all needy and whiny f’me,” the thought of having levi around all the time and aiding you while you’re pregnant got you hot all over again. you nodded numbly, not minding another kid running around.
“yeah? want my baby?” he grunted, his thrusts getting sloppier. “yes daddy, mhm, want your baby again…”
“help me milk that cock baby, do it for daddy,” he groaned and you swore you could hear him whimper when you rolled your hips, enjoying the way he was twitching inside you, a chain of cuss words and heavy breathing leaving his lips before he spilled himself inside you. you reached back to caress his sweaty face, his arms strongly wrapped around you while his cock stayed limp inside you.
“i love you darling, always remember that.” he whispered into the night, reassuring you as he massaged your tired muscles. “i’ll be around more often i promise.”
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m-jelly · 2 days ago
Hi I have a request because I love your writing sm! <3 So, reader gets wounded on their side and hides it from Levi because they are scared and try to be tough, The wound gets infected and Levi finds reader very feverish and not very responsive. Levi helps reader recover.
Thank you so much! <3
Tumblr media
Trust in me and let me help.
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: Canon world, romance, being a couple, early days as a couple, fluff, hurt reader, getting better.
Concept: During an expedition, you get hurt and end up with a wound on your side. You do a quick patch-up before hiding it from your lover. When you return to the base, you repeat the patch-up and carry on your duties. However, your wound gets infected and you get sick. Levi finds you running a fever and discovers your wound. He tends to you and doesn't shout at you, but comforts you and you two work things out as a couple.
Tumblr media
You slammed your weight into the scout and knocked them out of harm's way. You twisted and flew due to the momentum and slammed against a rubbled roof. You cried out as you felt a burning pain in your side as something tore your skin open. You came to a stop and winced a little.
Screams and shouts echoed across the land. You raised your head slowly as scouts clashed with titans. You felt something wet and hot on your side and a cold shiver take over. You pushed yourself up and wobbled on your feet.
You shifted your green cloak to see your white shirt was ripped open, a deep gash on your side and blood oozing from it. You hurried to the safe zone and started your first aid treatment on your side. You panicked knowing Levi would ban you from going out anymore to kill titans. You wanted to be valued in the scouts and not some clumsy person.
You used your cloak to hide the damage done to you and returned to the main group. You bowed to Erwin. "All cleared."
Erwin glanced down at you and called your name as a soft gaze filled his eyes. "Are you okay?"
You nodded at your friend. "Yes."
He shifted closer to you and towered over you. "Are you sure? You took a nasty fall while saving a young cadet. I admire your bravery and courage to do so. You've always put others before yourself, but I don't want you to hurt yourself." He placed his large hand on your shoulder. "You're a great soldier with one of the biggest hearts I know. You're a value to the scouts. So, let me ask again. Are you okay?"
You gulped hard and knew he'd tell you were lying, but you needed to stay strong. "It was a few scrapes. I am good."
His big blue eyes searched yours. He let out a long sigh before pulling away. "Alright." He nodded to your horse. "Head on out to the base with the injured."
"Got it." You hurried to your horse before Levi came back, but him calling your name made you realise he was quick in killing his titans. You glanced over at him. "Levi! Hi."
He stopped by your horse. "Are you alright?"
You nodded. "Yeah, I'm taking the injured back."
He raised a brow. "Does that mean you're hurt?"
You shook your head. "No, no I'm alright. I'll see you back at the base." You leaned over and kissed his cheek making him blush. "We'll have a nice date after the paperwork is all done for this."
He nodded shyly. "S-sure."
You climbed onto your horse. "See you soon."
He placed his hand on your thigh. "Be careful, okay? Keep yourself safe."
You smiled at him. "I promise."
He squeezed your thigh. "Okay..."
You ruffled his hair. "I'll see you soon."
He nodded with a cute blush on his cheeks. "Yeah."
You tapped your heels and rode off. "Injured scouts follow me!"
You looked back at Levi and waved to him before looking ahead and leading the team to the base. You gave out orders to them and tended to many of the soldiers until all were settled and healing. The longer you worked, the more your side hurt and a warmth trickled down your pant leg. You began to worry that the blood would soak into your white trousers and people around you would see. You panicked more when Levi returned with the rest, but you were lucky.
You went to your room at the end and slipped into your bathroom. You hissed when you peeled your clothes from your body and finally your bandage. You washed up before binding your side up and hoping for the best. You went to your desk and started working in your comfy clothes.
You kept working for two days straight and the longer you worked the more you felt off. You groaned a bit as you felt hot and sick to your stomach. You tried to focus, but you couldn't seem to. You slipped out of your chair and fell against the hard floor. You panted and groaned as you fought to stay awake and alert, but you were struggling.
You looked over to your office door as Levi walked in, which meant he'd finished his paperwork fast so he could be with you. "Levi?"
Levi looked around confused before seeing you on the floor. He went white as he said your name. "What's wrong?" He hurried over and checked your forehead. "Tch, shit you have a fever."
You welled up. "I got hurt. I lied and I shouldn't have. I thought I could take care of it and be strong." You sniffed and cried. "I just wanted to be strong for you."
He scooped you up like a bride. "Shh. You are strong, okay?" He carried you to the scout hospital to see it was empty. He lay you in bed and started tending to you. "I think you have an infection, but I can combat it easily. You just need to want to fight."
"I want to."
He took your shirt off and removed your bandage. "Tch, shit brat."
You sobbed. "I'm sorry."
He petted your head. "Don't be sorry. Let's focus on getting you better first before we talk."
You hummed and lay there as Levi cleaned your wound every hour and gave you medication to help you fight the infection. He helped you eat and drink. He guided you to the bathroom when you needed to go and assisted you when you settled back in your bed. The talking was only small talk and nice things. The topic of you being hurt was never brought up.
Levi checked your wound after a few days and saw the infection was gone. He stitched up your wound and patched it up. "So, how did this happen?"
"I knocked a cadet out the way of danger and by doing that, I landed on a broken roof and I'm guessing a part of the roof sliced me open."
He hummed. "So, you risked your safety for some kid?"
You sat up and fiddled with your bedsheet. "Yes."
He nodded. "Right..."
You looked over at him. "I'm sorry."
"Don't be." He let out a long sigh. "As Captain, I am thankful and proud of you for bravely saving another. As your boyfriend," he hummed and frowned a little "how do I put this so I don't come across as a dick...uh..." He rubbed the back of his neck. "I wanna break the kid's legs who put you in danger. You mean a lot to me." He locked eyes with you. "You mean everything to me."
You reached over and held his hand. "You mean a lot to me too."
He frowned. "So, you didn't tell me because you wanted to be strong?"
You nodded. "I didn't tell anyone because I didn't want people to see me as this weak thing. I love you and being with you is so wonderful, but people have this expectation of me. I have to be incredible to be dating the great Levi." You nibbled your lip. "I was trying to be good enough for you. I was trying to stand at your side, but instead, I fell flat on my face." You sighed. "I'm not saying any of this is your fault. This is all mine and I need to get better and be better." You gulped hard. "I will make you proud."
He cupped your face. "I'm already proud of you. You help so many cadets and scouts out. You are the sweetest scout there is. You're incredible as you are. I don't want you to change. I don't want you to push yourself. I adore you just the way you are."
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you."
"It's okay." He kissed both your cheeks before he kissed your lips. "I'm glad I got to you in time. Just, next time tell me. It's dangerous to let infections run through your body for a long time. You could have died."
You hugged Levi. "I'll talk more in the future."
"And no more pushing yourself. Just be you."
You sighed and nuzzled against him. "Yes, Levi."
"Good girl."
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iris-ren · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
he looks so perfect
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levmada · a day ago
Gee!!! Congrats on 1K! So proud of you!
I’m choosing our one & only, Kitty Levi in a domestic setting.
You know those ridiculous pet meet ups? Where like allllll these owners will turn out with a similar breed, so they can all play for an afternoon?
Yeah. Well, Levi’s dreading going. You’re forcing him to be more sociable of all things because he’s starting to hiss and snap at anyone that comes near you.
Maybe being around other kitties will help him to shake his lil’ attitude, or maybe he’ll just end up fucking the attitude out of you…in public.
“If we weren’t in public right now I’d have my head between your legs” & “Don’t pretend to be so innocent.”
Have fun 🐈‍⬛
forgive how long this took🙏could this perhaps be my fav kitty levi of this event besides this one………..? thank you for ur detailed request alla
happy international cat day💕
content/warnings: dom/sub dynamics, hybrids (kitty levi), toys (cage gag, plug), A HYBRID MEET UP, brat-taming, teasing, praise and degradation
wc: ~1k
Tumblr media
"You know why we're here."
Levi crosses his arms as tight as he can, regarding Erwin's place with disdain. This stupid little meet-up is small enough, but the place couldn't be any more grand. Levi didn't even know Erwin owned a place like this.
"I don't need it," he grumbles, and snaps his jaw when Erwin walks up to them in the foyer. Levi retreats backwards, but idles close to you in a protective glare.
Erwin quirks a brow. "Hi, Levi." Then he nods to you, introduces the whole thing like you haven't known each other since forever.
"Sorry we're late," you say primly.
Levi made you both late because he doesn't want to fucking be here. He doesn't need to be social. The only reason he's misbehaving this time is because of the iron gag caging in the lower half of his face. It, and the black leather collar hugging his neck under lock and key. A constant, comforting squeeze.
There's few here, at least. You mercifully brought him to a small event. A tree of a bored-looking guy and his hybrid girlfriend, Mikasa, are on one couch. Levi knows her well enough, but not her owner. The only time he smiles is when she opens her mouth to talk, her ears tucked low. The other is a blond pair, a shy-looking hybrid with floppy rabbit ears.
Levi catches his wide eyes with a glare just as he's tugged in his direction by a hand on his lower back. When his steps drag, the hand slips down to his ass and gives it a smack in the right direction.
Mortified, Levi shoots a bitter look in your direction despite the way the plug in his ass shifts when he walks. That is another reason he's pissed; he's been worked up since you got in the car. The vibrations of the car's engine...
"That's why we're here," your silky voice coos. "You keep on misbehaving, Levi. Be nice, or I won't be."
Levi growls to himself. “If we weren’t in public right now, I’d have my head between your legs.”
"I know you would," you reply, and introduce yourself to the owner of the bunny, Annie.
"This is Levi."
She quirks a brow. "He looks pissed."
His teeth grind. Then he catches the bunny, Armin, looking at you in that doelike way they all do. He knocks your shoulder and hisses at him.
"Levi," you snap. "Bad."
He knows. He doesn't care.
But then a hand sinks into his nape, and drags him back by his collar towards a sofa, where he's forced to sit. Mikasa and another cat hyrbid, long dark hair and sleepy eyes, are talking. Levi most certainly doesn't want to join them.
He doesn't need to socialize.
"Levi, down."
"Turn it on," he huffs, pawing at the cage. "And this stupid fucking thing. Take it off."
You take him by the cage so your eyes meet, yours hard. "What a brat."
You maintain eye contact as a click sounds and the vibrations begin at full force. His eyes blow wide with a gasp, and just when his jaw drops open, they disappear.
"Levi. Down."
Levi deflates. With one last scowl in Armin's direction, Annie stands and Levi slouches to your feet. He gnarls his teeth when she comes close.
"You have to get him under control," she comments with a frown. "Are you sure he doesn't have rabies?"
"How about I make sure—"
Levi stops when something cold and metallic clicks onto his collar, pulling back and exposing his neck. He has no choice but to flop his head against your knee, fists squeezed as you go on to apologize to Annie.
"I''ll make sure he doesn't bother you again," you say.
Levi can't tell if he likes the guarantee in your tone. Either way it makes him shiver. Instead of watching Annie walk off, he pushes his head against your knee, hating, loving the leash folded in your hand.
"Come here," you beckon, scratching behind his ears. "You wanna be between my legs? Lay here."
“Don’t pretend to be so innocent,” he hisses, only for a hand to land in his hair, laying his head on your thigh.
He tucks his knees to his chest, shivering out his own helplessness. Finally, he submits.
"Good boy," you murmur. "Don't you get tired of fighting all the time? It feels good to have everything under control... I can do that for you. I've been trying."
He doesn't know what to say. The way he sits has the plug threatening that spot inside him. "This—is embarrassing."
"Say 'Thank you, Mommy', and I'll turn it back on."
Levi's eyes squeeze shut.
The hand scratching behind his ears threatens to leave. He shoves his cheek against it, but you don't compromise.
Desperately, he rocks on the plug, and his cock gives a helpless throb.
"Mhm?" Even your hum sounds breathless.
"Thank you... Mommy."
Levi's lips part as the rumbles start up again inside him. If he sits his knees right, it gets snug with that spot that makes him shake.
He pants into your leg, nosing that damn metal contraption. He can't do anything.
"Be good." Your fingers slither through the cage, and he licks for them, in vain. "And I might take care of you when we get home. But you can't come here. Dirty boy."
As if on cue, the vibrations ease and slow. He wants to scream.
"Will you be good?"
His own helpless claws at him. All he can do to preserve at least a little of his integrity is tuck himself tightly between your legs, his tail coiling around one.
"I will. I will," he whispers.
"Good boy."
Tumblr media
buy a commission!
taglist: @ackermandick | @midtwenties-angst | @sckerman | @erwinfortheblade | @halloweenmedic | @katty | @jayteacups | @notgoodforlife | @peace-for-levi | @chaotic-nick | @b-o-n-e-daddy | @levisbrat25 | @1-800-mocha | @im-a-killer-queen | @oh-my-bakura-akefia | @happybird16 | @svftackerman | @galactict3a | @s0levis | @rouge-variant | @sparkywrites25 | @go-bonkers-go-foolish | @levisgreyeyes | + link to sign up
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levi-my-beloved · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Chapter Four: The Ackerbond Loves
Pairing: Canon!Levi x F!Reader
Warnings: SMUT, so. much. smut. like maybe the best i’ve ever written who knows, standard hj we love those here, Levi being a dumb hoe, reader being a dumb hoe, heavy themes of abuse, implied abuse victim, coping mechanisms, reader almost dying cuz Gunther’s ass is so thick (canon).
A/N: this is almost 20k words. i’ve decided against being apologetic because i think we all know what i'm like at this point. enjoy the good times now because it’s about to get a whole lot worse :)
AND NATURALLY, credit to @levmada for the conceptttt <3
Taglist: @levmada @awesomeness1679 @purplecandygerl @iam-thevillain-of-thisstory @pluvio-pluto @midnightbarnes97 @aresclouds @imkumichan @xxpadfootxx @cmjh3 @justa19 @notgoodforlife @leviackermanmyhero245 @kaea-peverall @jakillski @macaronnv @natalie-skz @oldtownwonderland @snailsposts @lunardeiity @clusiesuzie @hi-imkaiya @isabellawigginss @ackermandick @orionsalos @disaster-writer @temariskadi @nariko1989 @elizaack @dixie-chick @death-by-bullseye
Tumblr media
The moment your squad approached the old Scout HQ after half a day’s ride, your heart instantly sank. Cobblestone bricks veined with deep green moss, dried dead vines hanging limply from every archway, windows filthy with years of grime, abandoned to run amok. 
You sighed heavily to the natural ambiance of Oluo once again biting down on his tongue, and Petra’s scolding tone. Though the late afternoon light cast a picturesque glow on the old castle, you really didn’t feel like suffering through an intense cleaning spree. Though, of course, it was inevitable. 
Hooves clacked against the change of terrain as you slowed to a gentle stop. It was peaceful here, away from the city and the bustling crowds of busy tradesmen. Only the distant sound of birds could be heard from the surrounding trees. It was pretty beautiful. 
“Nice place,” you murmured to Eld as you dismounted, running your stirrups up the leathers so they wouldn’t bumble against your horse’s flanks as she walked. “Shame about the weeds though.”
“And I bet the inside’s a shambles. This place hasn’t been used for years,” he responded, slapping two pats against the side of his horse’s neck. You placed a hand on your hip, opening your mouth to respond, before instantly closing it again upon Levi’s interruption.
“In which case we have a problem. Best grab a broom and get to work.”
You stifled your groan of agony. Seriously? Cleaning? After that ride? The sky was just fading into early evening and Levi wanted to clean? Inevitable, yes. Fair? Absolutely not.
You and Eld looked at each other briefly, before sighing as Petra took both your horses. You cursed her as she silently claimed grooming duty. Why couldn’t you have been that smart? She sent you a knowing smirk from over her shoulder, as if she knew what you were thinking.
You instantly flipped her off. 
“Eld! Wanna take the windows with me?” Once again, you were too slow to claim a good job as Gunther stepped up before you even had a chance to suggest something. The windows seemed so easy! All you had to do was wash off the grime! So you weren’t surprised when Eld agreed, not so much as sending you a glance before striding off to grab a bucket and cloth. Oluo had, of course, gone off to do his own thing, which left you with Levi. A strangely ideal situation, all things considered.
“I hate you for this,” you deadpanned, still looking up at the monstrous task facing you.
“No, you don’t.” Levi responded, coming to stand at your side and following your gaze up at the castle. You fought down the urge to take his hand. Now is not the time, nor the place to try and figure out what the hell you two were.
Levi was in no better position. Whatever happened yesterday was stuck in his head. Your lidded gaze, soft lips, gentle smile… it was all pinned to a wall for his mind’s eye to stare at longingly. Glancing at you, he saw your lips in a forceful pout, and knew you were trying to suppress a smile. He, too, almost took your hand, fingers outstretched to hook your fingers together.
“Uh, Captain Levi Sir?” 
He swore then and there that if he was ever interrupted with you again, he would slash the throat of whoever barged in. “What?”
Eren cleared his throat behind you, and you turned as well, taking slight pity on him. It couldn’t be easy, trying to slip seamlessly into such a tight knit squad. You’d all almost completely forgotten he was here, only Oluo running his mouth to the ‘Greenhorn’. Poor fucking kid. 
“Just start cleaning, Eren. This place is a shithole and we have standards. You can start on the top floor and work your way down. We’ll meet you somewhere in the middle,” you instructed, pointing to the large double doors in front of you. “Petra should be back soon, but it’s up to her whether or not she decides to join you.” You threw a sideways glance in the direction of the stables, knowing full well she would be taking her time. 
Not that you could blame her.
“Got it!” Eren saluted stiffly, before running off to find himself a broom and a cloth. Once again, his enthusiasm sent a shiver down your spine, being reminded of Oluo’s overly enthusiastic, kiss-ass attitude. You knew Eren was just eager to prove himself, but he could tone it down just a little.
“Someone’s eager to please.” Levi muttered to you, and you sighed in response. 
“Can’t blame him really. He’s been thrown into a situation where suddenly the fate of humanity rests on whether or not he can prove his worth. Not to mention his life. If he fails here, he’s dead. It’s no wonder he’s eager to please.” 
You hadn’t meant to ramble on. You knew Levi didn’t really mean anything by it, but you felt the need to justify Eren anyway. You sure as shit wouldn’t want to have been beaten to a bloody pulp, thrown in with the Special Operations Squad, scrutinised by both the Scouts and the Military Police, before being forced to sit through one of Oluo’s “you’re new here so let me mansplain everything to you.” Honestly, maybe death was more favourable.
Levi softened infinitely at your far-away expression, having another war with himself to not take your hand. “It’s a miracle how you made it this far with a heart that big.”
How the fuck he said that with the utmost nonchalance you will never know, because your mind completely shut down, barely managing a breathy, shaky laugh. Your heart beating with the thunder of a galloping horse, you turned to look at him, only to see him looking back at you slightly wide-eyed. Could he feel your sudden change in demeanour, or was he looking like that because he’d only just realised what he said. You hoped to the fucking Walls it was the second option.
Managing to recover somewhat, your lips reluctantly pulled into a small smile. “If you wanna talk about big hearts, let’s talk about Evelyn, hm?” 
It was Levi’s turn to blank. Hating his blood for dusting across his cheeks, burning in his ears. Fuck, he’d walked straight into that one. But, as you relaxed with your smile becoming a little more genuine, Levi silently agreed that it was worth it. “You’re right… She does have a big heart.” His chest bloomed with your faux irritation, with the way you forced your face to fall. But he could see you were struggling to keep your expression, and Levi barely managed to stifle a laugh when you chose to start walking away instead.
“I hate you and you know that’s not what I meant.” If only you could hear the smile in your voice. Levi vaguely wondered if you would fall for yourself the same way he’s fallen for you. He went to tell you that, once again, you most definitely do not hate him, before a bolt of agony lashed through his head and his eyes lost focus. 
On instinct he reached out for your arm and viciously tugged you back into him, and you didn’t have time to question what the fuck he thought he was doing before the deafening crash and slosh of a full, steel waterbucket cracked against the ground behind you.
You stayed there for a moment, face nestled in the soft cloth of his cravat, only barely processing what happened.
Levi kept his steady hold around you as his eyes refocused on the fallen, badly dented bucket, horrified by the idea that, had he not pulled you back, you would most likely be dead right now. The thought made him tighten his arms around you. 
“You alright?” His voice was the soft, steady anchor you needed to keep you grounded, deep vibrations soothing the heart that now raced for an entirely different reason. This was achingly similar to the first time he saved your life this way, seeing your fate and stepping in to change it. Achingly similar to the way he continued to hold you after, soothing your trembling muscles. Admittedly this wasn’t nearly as terrifying as being in the clutches of a titan, but you were still a little shaken.
“Yeah… yeah I’m fine,” you nodded, reluctantly stepping out of his arms and looking back to the turned over bucket, the cobbles now a darker shade of grey where the water had tipped out. “This bond coming in clutch once again, huh?” 
Levi saw through it. He always could. He saw through your flippant attempt at humour, knew it was just you trying to maintain your composure. But he was learning your tells. Learning how you kept a brave face so seemingly easily. Staring at whatever nearly happened was one of them. He didn’t think when he gently pulled your chin back to look at him, quickly scanning your face, tighter than usual with anxiety. He took a deep breath, wordlessly forcing you to do the same. The faintly echoing heartbeat in his chest calmed.
“You’re okay.” He tucked a slightly loose strand of your hair back into place, and watched with proud satisfaction as you untensed. Deciding to push his luck slightly, he grazed the pad of his thumb over your cheekbone, heart glowing as you leaned into the touch ever so slightly. His skin prickled, and he couldn’t tell whether it originated from you, or whether that was just the effect touching you had on him. Whatever it was, you felt it as well, obvious by your slight shiver. 
Levi dropped his hand as panicked footsteps raced down the wooden staircase, both turning to greet a panting, sweating Eld, looking wide-eyed and terrified between you two through the open doorway.
“Fucking– is everyone okay?” He asked through laboured breaths. You smiled through a soft chuckle, trying to reassure the clearly stressed blonde as he fiddled with the hem of his jacket. 
“Yeah, we’re–”
“You almost fucking killed her.” You’d never heard Levi speak to his own squad with such venom in his tone. If they’d done something stupid like almost died, he would just tell them flatly to not do it again. He’d never really had a go at any of them, not in the same way you’d seen him have a go at Hange. But this… this was more similar to the time Oluo almost died in one of her titan crazed moments, when he’d held them by the collar and borderline spat in their face. You moved forward to mask the way you quickly held and squeezed his arm. A subtle, but meaningful gesture. 
Eld looked like he was about to faint. “I’m so sorry! Gunther and his fat ass. Idiot knocked it back off the roof squatting to fix his gear. Fuck, we didn’t think anyone would be–”
“–Eld, I’m fine. I promise. Look” – you held your hands up in front of you, turning a full circle so he could see – “no damage. I’m absolutely fine.” You implored until you heard him breathe out a sigh of relief, thankful both that you were okay, and his balls wouldn’t be roasted over an open fire.
“Tell Gunther to watch where he’s shitting next time.” You turned back to Levi, who had seemed to have calmed down significantly. Though there was still a slight bite in his voice, he wasn’t nearly as blindingly furious as he was a few seconds ago. Was that because of you? Or because it was a genuine accident? It was difficult to tell. 
Eld nodded all too eagerly, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow with the heel of his palm. Oh you were totally teasing him about this later. That was until he looked between you and Levi again, his expression completely different from before. He looked… knowing. Almost proud. You narrowed your eyes at him in threatening confusion, and he simply shook his head with a smile, and turned away back up the stairs. 
“You two are so fucking weird together,” Levi commented, stepping up to stand next to you again. You gaped at him with incredulity.
“Shut up!” 
“Didn’t you like him at one point?” He smirked at you out of the corner of his eye, and you groaned.
“Was I really that obvious?”
“About as obvious as Hange’s love for titans.”
You groan again, slightly louder. Levi tried his fucking best not to imagine the sound in… other situations. “Clearly not obvious enough, the bastard never even realised until after I’d moved on!” you lamented, gathering a few cloths from the table inside the front hall and removing his jacket from your shoulders before hanging it on the back of a chair. 
He folded his arms, surveying you with a raised brow. “How do you know?”
“We spoke about it yesterday when walking to the market. We were just talking about– stuff” – that was a little too close – “and it sort of just came up in conversation. Turns out we’re both just morons.”
“That’s for sure.” 
“...Levi, that was your opportunity to disagree.”
“Why would I disagree with facts?”
He barely dodged the cloth you threw at him, once again your irritated façade cracking easily. “Go get your special cleaning doily and join me upstairs. I cannot stand to see your face right now.” An obvious lie.
“It’s not a doily, doilies are made of lace.”
“And you would know that how?” You asked, drawling. Levi pulled a lopsided smile at you, answering with a single word that had you cackling with laughter when he left to grab his kit.
Tumblr media
It was late evening by the time Levi deemed the castle spotless enough to hole up in for a few weeks. Everybody was drained by the time the squad had gathered in a small dining room in what you assumed would have been the servant’s wing. Tea in hand, you engaged in idle chatter with the rest of your squad, waiting for the arrival of Levi and Eren. 
“So wait, you think Nifa and Moblit have something going on?” Petra asked to a smug looking Gunther across the table, who nodded in confirmation. “You were there at the last strip poker game, right? He could barely tear his eyes off Hange and they barely took anything off!” She argued with a vigour that made you laugh. Her hazel eyes turned to you, wide eyed in desperate need of support. “You’ve heard the way she talks about–”
“Petra!” You had to stop her before she revealed one of Nifa’s deepest secrets. Eld and Oluo seemed to perk up instantly.
“Oh, you can’t do that to us!”
“Come on, no secrets in the squad, remember?” 
Eld looked to you at that comment, raising a pointed brow. You sent him another confused look, but he simply looked away and back to the conversation at hand. You were confident nobody was around to see what happened earlier, so what the hell he could be referring to other than that, you had no idea. 
“That’s not fair, because this isn’t my secret. It’s Nifa’s, so butt out of it, all of you,” Petra held firm, folding her arms against the disappointed looks and huffs from the men. 
You hummed a soft laugh, your heart glowing with fondness for this group of people. And of course, the one missing. 
It’s as if he were summoned by your fleeting thought about him, both Levi and the newest addition to your squad came through the door from the left, Eren looking a little despondent. You assumed he just found out where he’d be sleeping… Poor kid.
“They here yet?” You shook your head as Levi took a seat at the head of the table to your right. Though nobody ever expected Hange to be on time. It was somewhat of a habit that they were always late to meetings, missions, even the start of their own expeditions, usually caught up in some research or experiment and didn’t notice the rest of the regiment going grey when waiting for them. “Might as well do introductions whilst we wait then. Eren, this is the Special Operations squad,” Levi continued, and you noticed the rest of your comrades straightening in their seats when being introduced. For ease, he introduced you first. “My Second, but you already knew that.”
“Wait, you’ve met already?” Gunther piped up from the other side of the table. “How’s that fair?”
“I was at the trial.” You explained swiftly, earning yourself a look of sudden understanding from the rest of your inquiring squad. Though Oluo audibly huffed from his seat, clearly perturbed that he wasn’t the one invited. Levi went on to introduce everyone else, who in turn greeted Eren in their own ways. Petra with a bright smile, Eld with a friendly wave, Gunther with a lopsided grin and of course Oluo with some kind of backwards insult. Naturally.
“These are the people who won’t hesitate to put you down if you go ape shit out there. I hand picked them all for a reason. Don’t fuck up, and we won’t have a problem. Do fuck up, and they have strict permission to act accordingly. Personally, I wouldn’t want to find myself at the end of any of their blades.” High praise coming from Humanity’s Strongest Soldier. A flare of pride flashed in your chest, despite already knowing he recognised everybody’s potential years ago. That’s why you were all here. Because you were deemed strong enough by the strongest soldier alive. You glanced around the table to see your comrades looking in similar ways to you. Gritty determination shining in the low light.
“I… I understand, Sir. It’s nice to meet you all.” You had to admire the kid. Even in the face of his potential killers, he managed to keep some semblance of collectiveness. From what you’d heard, Eren could be quite hotheaded. Not unlike yourself at times. There were certain things in yourself you hoped to see in this kid, and certain things you hoped to fuck stayed away. 
Before the silence prolonged any further, a loud pair of footsteps echoed down from the door on the left. The barred door on the left. You almost slapped your forehead before the inevitable impact even happened. 
Petra sighed, rising from her seat to remove the wooden bolt from the door, and allowing an excited looking Hange, rubbing the side of their head. You almost couldn't believe it, having not expected them to arrive until much later. You smiled in lighthearted surprise. 
“Gooooood evening, Levi squad! How’s castle life treating ya?” Hange’s ability to lighten up a room was always something you admired. You remembered Levi asking why you liked hanging out with them so much. Honestly, this was why. Their boundless energy rubbed off on those around them, though of course he seemed to be immune. But you enjoyed watching the antics, and smiling at Moblit’s frazzled looks. It was a nice return to some kind of normality after an expedition. 
Your eyes slid to Eld opposite you, whose smile mirrored your own. He too found Hange amusing to watch, the scientist often being a popular topic of conversation between the two of you. Your hands steepled in front of your mouth, hiding your subtle laugh.
“You’re early.” Levi responded, taking a long sip of the tea that was waiting for him when he joined you all. Judging from the above par taste, you’d made it. You were getting better at that. He tried to stop his heart blossoming at the thought. 
“Am I? Well I suppose I couldn’t wait. Hi, Eren! I hope this lot have been treating you well.” You watched Hange jovially drag a chair over to where the teen was sitting next to Oluo. You snorted quietly at the unsure look on Eren’s face. “Excited to start experimenting?! Levi! What’s Eren doing tomorrow?” 
“Cleaning out the weeds.” You glanced at his impassive expression of boredom. You didn’t envy whoever would be taking over that role as gardener, but if it was you, you would genuinely walk back to Trost.
“Excellent! We’ll start tomorrow then!” You all collectively groaned at the idea, hoping to have at least a day of rest before Hange started their rampage. You all just hoped he didn’t ask–
“Uh, what experiments will we be doing?”
The entire room stopped, staring wide-eyed at the poor kid, who had no idea what he’d just done. Though you couldn’t see, you could fucking hear Hange’s eyes light up at the idea of explaining her theories to this naïve teen. 
“I knew it. You possess a singularly curious mind…” 
Nope. Absolutely not. 
Simultaneously, your entire squad stood from their seats, including Levi. Eren had made his bed by asking Hange a question, something one should never do, and now he must lie in it. Alone. Every single one of you left without a word, quietly closing the door behind you. 
“That poor, poor kid,” Eld muttered to you as you climbed the stairs. You hummed in agreement.
“I wonder how long they’ll keep him there… I hope it’s not another one of those overnight things. Nobody deserves that, not even Nile.” You responded, taking his teacup from his hands. He let you without a word. 
“Didn’t they say they’d start experimenting tomorrow? How does Hange expect him to do anything if he’s already exhausted?” Petra asked. 
She allows  you to take her own cup as well. It was sort of an unspoken rule. You hated the idea of dirty dishes festering overnight, even something as simple as tea cups. But the rest of your squad didn’t share in this hatred, only Levi seemed to understand where you were coming from. So it was sort of expected that since it was your issue, you would be the one to fix it. Not that you were mad. You actually kind of liked it that way.
Gunther stacked his own onto Petra’s, Oluo handing you his after. You weren’t really surprised when Levi broke off from the group, though he was still holding his own. That did take you by surprise, but you knew better than to question. 
“Doesn’t concern us anyhow. Go get some rest, all of you. If we start tomorrow, I have a feeling we’ll all need it.” You instructed with a heavy sigh, gaining nods of agreement from your comrades, and several bids of goodnight. Eld lingered for a moment, and you instantly knew he had something to say, but was hesitating. “Go on, spit it out before it dies.”
Eld cleared his throat. “I see things are going well between you two.”
You blanched. How the fuck could he possibly– “What are you talking about?” Oh, that was way too shaky to not be seen as suspicious. Eld’s grin only widened further, and you felt heat gather at your cheeks.
“I’m happy for you. I really really am,” – he placed a hand on your shoulder – “you deserve it.” You covered his hand with your own, your expression relaxing instantly. He could always sap the tension from your shoulders like that. You honestly weren’t convinced he wasn’t some kind of wizard.
“Thanks, Eld. Not just for that but, for being pretty fucking great generally.” You gave his hand a squeeze, almost surprised to see a genuine shine of gratitude in his eye. Before he dramatically gasped and placed a hand on his chest.
“A compliment?! From you?! Hold on, I need to check the skies for pigs! Is it my birthday? Oh oh oh! I’ve got it! You’ve just found out you have an incurable disease and you want to show your appreciation before you die!” You shoved him off, laughing brazenly at his all too familiar antics.
“Eat shit and die.” 
“Great rules to live by. Eat, shit, and die.” You were so tempted to throw something at him.
“Go to bed before I fucking drag you.”
“And here I was thinking you only had eyes for the captain. Naughty.” 
“Go!” You went to give him a halfhearted kick, one that was easily dodged by a quick step backwards.
“Okay, okay, I’m going! No need to get violent.” He held his hands up in defeat, finally turning to leave you with the washing up. “Hey,” you looked back over your shoulder to see him still lingering by the door. “You’re pretty great too.”
He left you smiling before you could answer, and you found to your overwhelming delight, not a single romantic feeling towards him. There really was nothing like the feeling of moving on, and discovering you wouldn’t be in that kind of pain anymore. It was liberating. 
Teacup in hand, Levi passed Eld on his way down the hall, who smiled widely at him and gave him a nod in acknowledgement. One of the weirder exchanges he’s ever had with the blonde, but weird exchanges with both Eld and Gunther were to be expected. It’s just who they were. 
Levi had been stuck thinking about you all day since that morning. What would have happened had he not been interrupted. Would he have kissed you? He doubted it. He wanted to make that something a little more– ‘special’ didn’t sound like the right word, but he couldn’t think of a better one. Would he have just stared at you for hours? That went really well the last time, a fantastic way to make you feel uncomfortable. Maybe he would have just held you for a bit longer, reassured you a bit more. Although he thought that all the time. He constantly wanted to hold you more. That wasn’t anything different.
His boots echoed down the stairs as he approached the kitchen doorway, hearing who he assumed was you shuffling around, before the pitched shattering of ceramic ceased all movement.
“No, no no nononononono–” That was your voice. Panic gripped him as he sped down the last few steps to see you on your hands and knees, frantically scrambling for broken fragments of white porcelain. It wasn’t difficult to piece together what had happened, but Levi was more worried about the state of your hands and fingers than the broken teacup. More worried about your almost hysterical state. 
“What–” You cut him off with a fearful yelp, almost falling backwards having not heard him come in. He’d never seen you like this. Your eyes wide and wild, reddened by the streaming tears down your cheeks. Blood pooling from both your hands and knees from where you’d knelt in the shrapnel and tried desperately to pick up the pieces. You looked… you looked terrified. 
“I’m sorry, I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to– it j-just s-slipped from m-my hands… I’m sorry, I-I’ll clean it up, j-just give me two m-minutes and it’ll b-be gone I-I’ll buy a re-replacement, I’m s-so sorry.” 
Levi was stunned into silence, utterly baffled by your sudden one hundred and eighty degree shift in personality. He struggled to comprehend that this was the same woman from earlier today, laughing and quipping alongside him. His fingers tingled with each small cut you managed to give yourself, knees stinging as you kept crawling on the sharp edges. That echo in his chest raced to the point of pain, his sternum twisting and hammering in panic. 
It took him far too long to gather himself again, your hands coated in a thin sheen of crimson. 
Upon seeing you freeze up, Levi instantly regretted raising his voice even a fraction. You didn’t move, not even from where you were reaching to grab another shard of blood-stained white, hands trembling like a leaf in the wind. He could hear your slightly wheezed breaths, too fast to placate him. 
Kneeling before you, Levi took your shaking hands into his own, tilting them towards the light to see the extent of the damage you’d done to yourself. His own breath hitched slightly. How had he not noticed these last time? Your hands were covered in hundreds of paper thin scars, none of them longer than a centimetre. His mind raced, endless possibilities crowding his head, and pushing them all back felt like fighting a hurricane with a spatula. But Levi was nothing if not odds-defying. Taking his cravat from around his neck, he first wiped his own hands, before setting to work on gently clearing the scarlet from yours. He was used to getting blood out of it anyway, it wouldn’t be a problem. But seeing you like this…? That was where the problem lay. Your tears continued to stain the floorboards, and you continued to convulse slightly with each silent sob. 
He wanted to talk to you. To hold you. To gently stroke your arm until you calmed down, but he had a nightmarish feeling that if he did anything other than what he was doing now, you’d break apart again. So he just kept cleaning, wiping away any fresh blood that oozed from your cuts. He needed to properly clean them, like he did after that game of poker. But that meant trying to get you to move, and with the way you were still trembling… he didn’t expect that to happen anytime soon. It was a shock to see you like this; cowering away from every too-sudden movement, flinching everytime his hands so much as inched towards your wrists. It was worse when he went to try sooth your hair, your muscles locking up in anticipation, tucking your chin to your shoulder and screwing your eyes shut. You were bracing for something, he grew to learn, and his heart splintered along with the realisation. This had been done to you. This had happened before, but the resulting response from whoever you were with hadn’t been nearly as gentle. 
Levi slowly lowered his hands back down to yours. The bleeding stifled now, but he still needed to check your knees and properly clean your hands. You’d stopped crying as well, only now it was so much worse. You just… stared. Vacantly. Like a hole had hollowed out behind your eyes and you were just… empty. He felt nothing, no bond, no connection, no echo. It was like you weren’t even there anymore, like you’d mentally checked out. With endless trepidation, Levi tilted your head up to look at him. This time you didn’t resist; you didn’t react. You just kept staring, eyes slowly focusing on his face. You made no movement when his hand cupped your cheek, like you couldn’t even feel it, and he sorely missed earlier today, when you lent into him even fractionally.
Keeping his voice low and soft, he kept a good read on your expression for any sign of life. “I need to move you to the faucet, can I do that?” No response sans a slow blink, and Levi was at a complete loss. He didn’t know what to do, didn’t know if moving you would terrify you again. Fuck, he hated this. Hated seeing you so vacant. So used to seeing your eyes glimmer, seeing them so faded fucking hurt. Not to mention how hollow he felt. Having grown to enjoy your weird presence in his head and chest, your absence left him feeling alone. A feeling he was disgustingly familiar with. “Please, come back. I need you here… I don’t know where you’ve gone, but I can’t reach you there. Come back to me, please.” He begged, both hands now cupping your face. He didn’t know what he was doing, letting his instincts guide him as he blindly reached into whatever connected him to you. 
Levi felt like he was flailing in the dark, treading water in some pitch-black ocean with no direction. He thrashed, recklessly searching for something, anything that suggested you were still there. He kicked against the dragging sensation in his head, desperate to stay above the inky black water. Whatever had a hold on him, only tugged him down harder.
“Find her.” It said, “Before she is lost. Find her. Or she will remain alone.”
He forced his limbs to still, and the forceful dragging became a slow descent. Praying for any kind of sign you were still there. The silence was consuming, filling his airways in choking quiet. He had to hold out. Just a few more moments. Another second. Please–
A flicker of life. He felt it. It was here. A faint, dying ember, but it was there. Levi reached out, feeling your heartbeat in his hands, before enclosing it in his palms, and pulling.
Levi came back to his body moments before you fell forwards into him, just enough time to catch you. For a harrowing second, he thought you were dead, before the steady echoing of your heartbeat re-entered his chest. He checked your pulse, just to be sure, before finally relaxing when he felt the steady thumping against his fingertips. Your steady breaths indicated you had just fallen into a state of sleep, rather than unconscious. So he gently manoeuvred you into his lap, wrapping his arms around your waist and shoulders and tucking you safely into the crook of his neck, nestling his nose into your hair. 
What the fuck just happened? Was that all real, or did he imagine it? There was definitely some thread between you, he could pull on it if he wanted, gently tighten and slacken the bond, but did the rest of it happen? What happened to you? What had happened to you? Levi had so many damn questions and so few damn answers. Not that he would ever bring this up again, not unless you did. He had other methods to attend to anyway, primarily cleaning the cuts on your hands and knees. 
But he wanted to hold you. Just for a bit longer. For a few more minutes. Or forever. He honestly didn’t mind which. 
Unfortunately the press of your wounds weighed on his mind, and he reluctantly loosened his grip on you enough to scoop you into his arms, making sure your head was still tucked safely into his neck. Why the hell you smelt so fucking good, he refused to unpack before you were somewhere safe and comfortable, but he swore you smelt like freshly cut grass and peonies. Two of his favourite fucking scents.
Levi kept an ear out for any wandering footsteps down the hall as he carried you up to your room. Eren was most likely still stuck downstairs with Hange, listening to them babble on about titan anatomy basics. They always started with the basics. Looking down at you, he couldn’t help his lips pulling up into a tender smile. You looked surprisingly peaceful considering what just happened. Your face finally relaxing, those worry lines becoming much less pronounced. He didn’t realise how stressed you were all the time until now. Until he could see you without a care in the world. 
He’d been so lost in your face he hadn’t noticed Eld standing dead centre of the hallway, toothbrush hanging from his mouth, eyes wide in utter stunned bafflement. Levi cursed quietly.
“I– uhhhhhhh, Captain…? Is she– I have no idea how to respond to this. Is she alright?” Levi understood now why you liked him back in the day. The genuine concern on his face was admirable. Levi had never lied to his squad, and he wasn’t about to start now.
“Honestly? I don’t know. I think she’s alright now. She… collapsed in the kitchen.” Levi was genuinely proud to have somebody as caring as Eld on his squad, his brows pinched with worry as he quickly scanned you, pulling his toothbrush from his mouth the moment he saw your crimson stained hands and knees. 
“Wait, what h–”
“Eld, you wouldn’t happen to know whether she has a history of abuse, would you?” Eld pulled back, his concern shifting to full-blown alarm. The soft, worried creasing in his face became a harsher, more determined expression of protection. 
“Abuse? No… not that I know of. She briefly mentioned having two exes, but mentioned nothing about either of them being abusive.” 
“Her family?”
“She never mentioned them either. I actually assume they’re dead, to be honest. Whenever family’s brought up, she stays silent. The same with love lives.” Eld folded his arms, leaning against the wall thoughtfully. “I’ve seen her flinch though. When anyone would get too… exuberant. Mostly when she was near Hange and they got excited by something. I’ve seen her flinch at flailing hands, but I honestly thought it was because she was always ready to jump into action… I never even considered… Fuck.” Levi swore he watched the man go through the five stages of grief in the matter of a minute, sliding a hand down the side of his face. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice. Or even think. She didn’t even come talk to me. I would have–”
“Eld.” The blonde stopped, managing to meet Levi’s gaze. “You’ve been more than a good friend to her. She’s just… good at hiding. It might be nothing, but we can’t rule out any possibilities just yet.” He hated that he sounded like they were discussing some kind of mission plan, but he had to keep up professionalism around his squad. Whether they were already aware or not. “Get to bed, Hange starts tomorrow.” He instructed, continuing to carry you to bed. 
“Captain!” Levi stopped, turning his head back. “This might be out of order for me to ask, but…” Eld bucked up the courage to once again raise his head and look his captain in the eye, “Look after her.”
There was so much behind those words, Levi didn’t even want to think about the weight of them. Not yet. “...I plan to.” 
Clearly satisfied with this answer, Levi heard the door to Eld’s room close. He didn’t give himself credit for many things, but judging people’s character was one thing he was extremely good at. He was proud of his squad. Extremely proud of them. There were many in the Scouts who very much only cared for themselves, but every single member of his squad had a character to match their skill. It gave him hope to see how deeply the relationships between you all ran, and he knew you would have each other’s backs in a pinch. It was reassuring. 
Levi was brought back to reality by you shifting ever so slightly in his arms. Not much, but enough for him to know he needed to get you to bed and wash your cuts as soon as he could, though his heart almost burst with the realisation you were shifting into him, your cheek pressing against his shoulder. 
He was getting really tired of fighting the urge to kiss you. 
Using his shoulder to get the door to your chosen room open, the moon was just enough lighting to get across the floor without walking or bumping into something. A clear cross section of the window silhouetted against the wood guided him to your bedside. 
Setting you down on the plush new covers, he took a moment to sit next to you on the bed and just… look at you. To take a second to memorise your peace-stricken expression. He’d already committed to memory the peaks and valleys of your features, but like this? It was a sight he wanted to get used to so dangerously badly. Tucking a loose strand of hair off your face, he couldn’t stop his hands from softly stroking your cheek, smoothing over your eyebrow. You looked so gentle like this. So tender. 
So terrifyingly fragile. 
He hated to leave you, only for a few moments whilst he fetched a water basin and a clean cloth. He wouldn’t use the already bloodsoaked cravat, he’ll just wash that later. Though an awful thought finally crossed through his mind.
He couldn’t get to your knees like this. He couldn’t roll them up that far. Uniform pants were designed to be form fitting… but the only other option–
Wasn’t really an option really. He might just have to leave your knees for you to discover in the morning. As much as he cared about your health, he also cared about your dignity and comfort. He was not about to undress you when you weren’t even awake. The thought disgusted him.
So with a heavy sigh, he stood, and sending you one last glance, left to fetch himself what he needed.
…Why. The fuck. Did your hands hurt so damn much? You slowly, groggily stirred awake, scrunching your hands into fists and wincing when you found them stinging and crusty. Your memory was about as hazy as a thick fog, unable to decipher what really happened and what was a dream, and opening your eyes didn’t help anything. You were in your room. Or at least you assumed it was your room. How the fuck did you get here? Nothing made sense. One moment you were in the kitchen, and now–
You froze as you looked down at your hands, though the lighting was low, you could see the smudges of blood and the dark red slices across both of them. It looked… familiar. Uneasily familiar. You’d seen yourself like this before, you swore you had. Peering down at your hands, counting the cuts on each finger, tracing the divots in your palms. 
Why? Why did you recognise this exact scenario? And why did it hurt so much to think about? Before you could contemplate any further, your door opened seemingly unprompted.
Until another, more comforting familiarity put you at ease. Though his appearance was unexpected.
He clearly hadn’t expected to see you either, pausing briefly after shutting the door. You only had a brief few second window to try work out what he was holding, but it looked like a steel basin of water, a tub of salve and a few cloths. Though your brain was still waking up, it didn’t take Hange to work out what was happening. Barring your thankful smile was impossible, though you found you had no will to do so. 
“I wasn’t expecting you to be awake,” Levi murmured, grateful for the low lighting so you couldn’t see the soft blush across his cheeks. Half of him hoped you wouldn’t wake up until tomorrow… half of him. 
You shrugged, still a little bashful that he was currently standing by your closed door whilst you were sitting up in bed. “I wasn’t expecting you to come in.” Though you were smiling, you saw that he wasn’t, and a heavy globule of dread pooled in your gut. What the hell had happened…? “I don’t really–”
“Do you remember–”
You spoke at the same time, instantly cutting off upon hearing the other’s voice. But there was no awkward silence. No charged quiet as he crossed over to you, setting the water on the bedside table and taking up his previous seat by your side. Though this time you were awake.
No further words were exchanged as Levi took you hands back in his, his intentions made even clearer when dipping a clean cloth in the water and gently soothing your lacerations, the dried blood coming away like wet paint. He felt your eyes on him as he worked, using every fibre of his self control to concentrate and not acknowledge your gaze. Because if he had to fight kissing you one more time, he would lose. 
“What do you remember?” Talking was a welcome distraction from the way his lips pursed in delicate concentration. Though you observed the way they danced around each word, and it almost killed you, only surviving by tearing your eyes away to look elsewhere. 
“Not a lot.” You whispered, and Levi had to pretend it didn’t cause a shiver down his spine. He hoped to fuck you couldn’t feel that. “I remember cleaning up, and I remember being in the kitchen. I think I dropped something, but that’s it. Then I’m here.” You explained, wincing slightly as he swiped across your teared skin. 
Levi fell into a thoughtful silence. Should he ask you? Should he bring up his conversation with Eld? He guessed that if you wanted to talk about it, you would have done so. Either with him or the squad. But the thought of leaving the topic undiscussed didn’t really sit very well with him. He wanted to talk to you. Fuck, he wanted to talk about everything with you, not just this. He wanted to know everything about you. 
But before he’d made up his mind, you decided for him. “So, will you finally tell me how you know Evelyn, or is that some deep dark scandalous secret nobody is allowed to– Ow! The fuck, Levi?!” You snatched your hand away, facing him with betrayal as he flattened you with a stare. You frowned a pout. “No need to be so rough, especially when you can feel it too.”
“I’m clearly not as sensitive. And I told you how I met Evelyn, she owns the tea stall, how else would I– Would you please give me your hands?” He sighed, exasperated when you tucked them behind you, though it was a trial not to laugh at how petty you looked. “I’m not in the mood to play games with you right now.”
“That suggests you’re sometimes in the mood to play games with me. Where am I when these moods hit?” 
“Shovelling shit from the stables.”
“Ever the comedian.” You snorted, before raising a brow at his outstretched hand, patiently waiting for you to give in. He should know you’re more stubborn than that, though he continued to look at you expectantly.
“You waitin’ for a formal invitation?”
“I’m waiting to see how long it will take you to realise I'm not that easy.” You smirked smugly, assuming you’d won this little game of yours.
Until Levi rose from his chair, muttering something about you being a fucking brat, placed a knee on the side of your bed, and swung his other leg over to straddle your lap. Your breath froze, heart beating out of your chest as you stared wide-eyed in utter shock at your captain currently sitting in your lap. 
Levi chose to ignore the fact that he could literally feel himself shaking with adrenaline, and instead calmly took your arms from behind your back and held them in one of his hands, reaching for the washcloth with the other. He chose to ignore what he’d come to know as the faint echo of your own heartbeat thundering beside his own, instead choosing to focus on his original task of cleaning your wounds. He chose to ignore the mirroring heat rising to his own face, reaching back towards your nightstand to snatch the tub of salve.
Chose to ignore the small spark igniting in his crotch.
You’d managed to recover from the initial shock, now doing everything in your power to avoid looking at him. If the tables had been turned, you couldn’t say you would have done any differently, it was just unfair that it was him doing this to you. This was him flustering you. You liked it when it was the other way around. All sorts of filthy scenarios flitted about your head, all stemming from this specific position, and it took all of your willpower not to indulge in a little dream of having him like this, in your lap, whilst you worked him up and over. 
Levi clenched his jaw. In hindsight, this wasn’t a very clever idea. He hadn’t really been thinking about the consequences when he wanted more than anything to prove you wrong, and demonstrate just how easy you were. Or rather, how easy he made you. But the way your hips shifted below him, the way you subconsciously brought your knees up behind him… Fuck this was a mistake. He couldn’t get hard right now for fuck’s sake. He didn’t even want to imagine that scenario, when you realised he was fucking aroused and his rock hard cock tented in his pants borderline in your face. 
He had to move. He had to get off you, before his erection grew any more. Before he made an absolute embarrassment of himself. He just prayed to the fucking walls that phantom pleasure didn’t start again. It did have a habit of rising at the worst of times.
Placing the tub of salve back onto the nightstand, Levi shifted his weight to move off you. But you had other plans. With your hands now slightly slick with balm, you easily slipped them from his grip, taking his own wrists and boldly throwing them above your head. 
A gasp flew from his mouth as he fell forward, coming face to face with your now wickedly smirking visage, hot breath tickling his face. 
“Still think I’m easy?” You murmured, eyes flickering between his own and his lips. Despite wanting nothing but to lock them with your own for the last however many years you’d been secretly pining over him, you wouldn’t kiss him. Not today. A dominating part of you wanted the satisfaction of leaving him hanging after behaving the way he just did. 
Levi was at an utter loss, and he suddenly felt a little guilty for putting you through this exact same situation not moments ago. He felt like a deer in searchlight, completely frozen in place, his heart matching that same hammering beat your own reached when he’d started this whole thing. This was the side to you that sent his stomach somersaulting. The same side that saw you smile so savagely at Hange, the same side that sent heated glares to those who pissed you off. The same side that made him absolutely weak at the knees. 
The same side that did nothing helpful for his arousal situation. Especially not when you leaned up as far as your flexibility would allow, your breasts pressing into his chest. He thought for a terrifying moment you were about to bite against his ear, and if you did that, this night would end with him cumming in his pants on top of you. 
He was eternally grateful when you didn’t do that. 
“Go to bed, Captain.” That wasn’t much fucking better. Levi shivered incredibly noticeably at your breath dampening his helix, sending a pulse of electricity through his nerves. 
You relished in the now deep flush across his cheeks as you fell back onto the pillow, releasing his wrists from your hold. The corner of your lips quirked up in another smirk as you saw his internal debate, still frozen in complete shock. So you decided to be nice and help him on his way. “Sleep well.”
Fuck you. Fuck. You. Both literally and in the insulting sense. Levi barely gathered himself enough to clamber off you and leave without another word. Forgetting everything he’d brought to your room in favour of getting back to his own as fast as possible. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. FUCK. He could almost hear your wicked cackle in his head as he walked at the speed of light back to his quarters. Fuck you and you stupid fucking smirk and your stupid fucking hips and your stupid fucking mouth. 
He couldn’t think past his throbbing cock once again. And once again it was all because of you. He almost didn’t want to sort it out of some kind of twisted spite. He didn’t want to give you the satisfaction of knowing you fucked with his head – and cock – that badly. Not that you would know. You definitely had some idea, sure, but not the extent to which you messed with him. 
His resolve to stay strong and keep his hands from his dick crumbled the moment he crawled into bed after awkwardly pulling a pair of loose pants over his throbbing length. This was so stupid. So fucking stupid. How could you be in his head like this? Causing him to toss and turn, unable to get comfortable with a raging fucking hard-on. This was way too similar to the first time this happened, only, despite however long he waited, that ghostly pleasure didn’t start. 
Fine. Fucking– Fine! He’ll just get this over with quickly. The shower was too far away anyway. Reluctantly, Levi pushed down the hem of his pants, kicking them off his legs. It would be easier if he wasn’t wearing anything… right? He honestly had no idea. Would being on his back be better? It felt a little too exposed, so he turned onto his side. How did people do this regularly? He felt like he had a fucking mental checklist of things that needed to be right before he even thought about fisting his cock. 
Taking a heavy breath, Levi ghosted his hand down his front, skin prickling at his own featherlight touch before stopping just short of his arousal, suddenly feeling nervous. What if he did it wrong…? What if it didn’t feel good? Would he be disappointed? What if–
He used his questioning mind as a distraction, before wrapping his hand around his length. All rhetorics ceased with the warm honey seeping into his veins. Well, that’s one question answered. It felt good. Fuck, it felt really good. Levi really wanted to stay quiet during this, fearing that hearing himself would turn him off, but the way his breathing stuttered with each gentle, languid stroke was actually a strange aphrodisiac. He hummed a groan, closing his fist tighter around his cock, precum already copiously spilling from his tip, lathering both his palm and his pulsing shaft.
His other hand moved from where it was clutching the pillow by the side of his head, skirting down to grasp his soft, round balls, rolling them in his palm. His hips bucked along with a whimpered gasp, brows pinching as his eyes fluttered closed. He experimented with different holds, finding his euphoria building quicker when his thumb pressed against his prominent vein and his fingers circled his tip. This was different to last time. Last time, he was completely out of control, waiting on the whims of a phantom pleasure. But this time, he felt his high build slowly, working himself up before tightly gripping the base of his cock. He didn’t know why he was edging himself, assuming that’s what it was, he honestly just wanted this to last. He’d never made himself feel this good, never drew gravelly moans and fractured whines from his throat with his own hands. 
A strike of confidence overtook him, and he let his hand venture further down, resting against the spot between his ass and balls. Still feeling bold, he gently massaged the area, gasping loudly at the sudden spike of bliss. Levi’s mouth dropped open with a quiet wail, his hips now thrusting erratically into his own hold, fucking his fist whilst his fingertips ground against his taint in ever increasing circles. Another question answered. He would not be disappointed. Not when he could feel his high cresting. He couldn’t help himself. In the comforting darkness, he whispered out your name.
“G-gonna cum! Fuck, fuck…! G-gonna fucking cum o-ohahaah! Nghyes! Fu–” His voice cut off as he was dropped into a sea of ecstasy, oceans of pleasure roiling in his veins, crashing over his nerves as he managed to bring himself to orgasm. His thighs shook, trapping his hand between them as he failed to stop the rhythmless bucking of his hips, white seed expelling from his sensitive head and dribbling down his knuckles, staining the sheets below. 
Levi basked in the afterglow of his high before the inevitable post-orgasm clarity ruined his mood. He thought back to your vixen-like smile, your teasing lips. He swore he could hear you laughing at him, giggling maniacally at his desperation.
Great. Even his own mind was teasing him now. Levi sighed, the weight of his situation lying heavily on his shoulders. Until the realisation hit him like a punch to the gut.
After all that, after everything that had just happened.
He still hadn’t dealt with your fucking knees.
Tumblr media
“Eren, what the fuck?”
“You trying to kill us all?”
“We trusted you!”
Your blades held steady in your hands, heart pumping in your throat as you were poised to strike at a moment’s notice. Eren transformed out of nowhere, scattering you and your team to the floor, the wooden picnic bench now in splinters where his giant titan hand clutched a small spoon. You ignored the steady trickle of blood down your forehead from where a sharp splint had just sliced your skin, too busy focusing on your new enemy. The only thing standing between you two was your Captain.
“Calm down.” His order was ignored when you only gripped your blades tighter. Call it mutiny, you were not about to back down. Lives were in danger now. The lives of the people you cared about more than anything. He was an idiot for thinking you would just drop it.
“Captain, you’re standing too close, please step away!” At least Petra was on the same wavelength as you, voicing what you were thinking. But he held frustratingly steady, a hand held before him as if to stop you. But he couldn’t stop all of you.
“You’re the ones who need to step away. Stand down. Now.” You vaguely admired him for being able to keep his cool when faced with the drawn blades of the best Scouts in the regiment. “That’s an order.”
You didn’t care if the conviction of the other’s wavered. You were set. Another wrong move and Jaeger wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Erwin would just have to find another hope for humanity. Maybe one that possessed a head. 
“Are you an enemy of humanity, or are you not?!” Oluo shouted from your left, Eld, too, holding his blades tighter at the question. You did nothing but wait in panther-like hostility, anticipating the fucking second he would move to kill you all. You wouldn’t let that happen. Not on your life.
“Answer us, Eren!” It was Gunther this time, sounding like he genuinely wanted to believe in the teen. Of course he did, that was Gunther through and through. 
“I said stand down.” Levi reiterated, clipping his tone to the point of venom. A quick glance down told you he was talking to you. His Second. You knew he needed you on his side, but when faced with a threat this large, you had to rely on your gut. And he had to move out of the way. Your eyes returned to the struggling kid, but no sympathy entered your veins. Only the cold stone of protection. Bond or not, you still had to rely on yourself in certain situations. It hasn't done you wrong thus far. You could always rely on your gut. Always trust your gut. 
You watched as Eren squirmed and wriggled, trying to free himself from the fleshless arm. He could do that if he wanted, he could most likely find himself on the end of your blade though. The moment he came free and fell backwards, you were there. You hadn’t even noticed the arrival of Moblit and Hange, barely registered Levi’s harsh call of your name as your blade swung towards his neck–
Only to stop a hair’s breadth away from his throat. You could almost taste the kid’s fear, and you honestly relished in it. Good. He should be fucking scared. Betrayals like this aren’t taken kindly, and you would happily relieve his head from his shoulders. And you would have done, had your captain not stopped you with a hand grasped firmly on your shoulder. Honestly, if looks could kill, Levi would be six feet under. As would you. The tension was palpable as your entire squad watched a subconscious battle of attrition, a war between wills. A raging clash between ice and fire, stoicism against hotheadedness. The likes of which your squad had never seen. Not once had you clashed so fiercely with Levi before, and it wasn’t honestly a spectacle to witness. 
It felt like the charged silence warped on forever, before you slid your gaze from Levi to Eren on the floor, frozen in place. Eyes narrowing, you scrutinised him. Assessed him. Searched him for any fucking shadow of betrayal. It didn’t matter what came up of your search, because you sheathed your blade anyway, watching with a vicious snarl as he scrambled backwards. 
With your weapon away, Levi’s eyes shifted to the cut on your forehead, brows pinching in concern. But you honestly weren’t interested in his worries, having been put in an incredibly sour mood after this entire ordeal. You harshly shrugged off his burdened looks and hand from your shoulder, wincing away from his reaching fingers and stalking off away from the camp. 
Fuck this.
Now, sitting here back in the small dining room, your opinion may have shifted slightly. Maybe you’d overreacted just a little, though you didn’t really see how you were to blame for that. This was unexplored territory, of course you were going to be on edge. Sure, maybe pointing your razor blade in his neck could be considered ‘going overboard’, but you just called it ‘taking precautions’.
But the atmosphere in the dining room was heavy; laced with unspoken tension. Your squad all gathered around a dimly lit table, Levi standing off to the side slightly whilst Hange spoke to Eren about the spoon he was holding. You didn’t look up from the ground, despite the obvious flaw in your decision making. You didn’t understand how being threatened and acting accordingly was such a terrible thing, but by the look Levi was giving you, fuck you felt that in your soul. 
Was he really that disappointed?
Could you really blame him? 
“But still… Turning into a titan to pick up a spoon… What the hell’s up with that?” There was clear remorseful confusion on Eren’s face as he stared at his own hand, and in that second you understood just how brazenly you acted. Fuck.
“So basically, you didn’t act against orders on purpose, right?” Gunther asked, keeping a close eye on the kid. You knew you were all feeling the same.
“Right.” Eren responded, and Gunther sighed. You all did. You were wrong. You made the wrong call. Turning to look at Eld, you nodded at each other, same when your eyes met Petra’s. With a heavy heart, you raised your hand to your mouth and bit down on the flesh of your thumb. Hard. 
Hange looked slightly panicked at the spectacle before them, but Levi just watched. He understood. He felt the impact of your bite in his own hand, and he understood. Though he knew you bit harder than you needed to. A strain of painful pride blossomed in his chest.
“Wait, what are you doing?” Eren looked between you all in bafflement. 
“Ow. Fuck, that was hard. I’m impressed that you can do that, Eren.” Eld chimed, and you couldn’t help but smile. He always knew how to ease tension.
“This is our modest way of apologising after making the wrong call,” Gunther explained, “Not that it really makes a difference now.”
“Our job is to keep you in check after all! That was not a mistake. So don’t get ahead of yourself!” You almost snorted at Oluo’s justification. He never could stand being wrong, and you cringed at how much he tried to sound like the captain.
“I’m sorry, Eren. We were too on edge, and I can understand if you’re upset with us. But despite this, we want you to be able to rely on us, as we rely on you.” You’d almost never heard Petra sound so serious, but you supposed now was the best time for that. 
You knew it was your turn to acknowledge what you did. Stepping past your squad, you stood in front of the teen, your jaw set. “Eren… I acted too quickly, and you suffered for it. There’s no justification for how I behaved, and for that I can only apologise. I failed to recognise my job to not only protect my squad, but also you. As acting captain when Levi is away, I take responsibility for the decisions of the squad. And though the captain was present, this one was an error in my judgement.” You placed a hand on his shoulder. “I hope you can still trust us.” 
Eren looked utterly stunned, and Levi would have chuckled had he not been so caught off guard by your apology. There was that conviction he admired so much. He’d missed seeing your eyes flare in that way. 
“No, I understand. You were just doing your jobs…” Though Eren seemed unsure, you trusted him enough to make his own decision. Whether he could put his faith back in you, that was up for him to decide. You stepped back to the wall, folding your arms over your chest and glancing to where Levi was looking at you. 
‘I’m sorry.’ You tried to tell him, searching for that unspoken connection through his eyes. Your breath of relief couldn’t have been sweeter when he responded to you.
‘Forgiven.’ Is all he said. It was all he needed to say. Your resulting release of breath was reward enough.
Hange once again looked between the group awkwardly, not really understanding what the fuck just happened. “Well… now that’s over with, anyone down for a team-building game?” Honestly? Yeah, you were. In fact, you could genuinely think of nothing better than to relieve the tension with some fun. 
“What’d ya have in mind?” Eld asked, eyeing you with a quirked grin.
Hange thought for a moment, before a wicked smirk pulled at their lips. “Kiss or strip?”
“Hange, Eren’s fifteen years old. And why do all your games involve stripping?” You were a little surprised Levi chimed in. You honestly weren’t expecting him to stick around. But the idea of him staying to join you sent your stomach flipping.
“I uh– actually I’m probably going to head to bed. Today was… draining.” 
You pursed your lips to stop yourself from smiling at the obvious blush across poor Eren’s cheeks. You can’t blame the kid, you’d known your squad for years now, so stripping in front of them wasn’t an issue. Plus, you were all much older than him. You didn’t expect him to want to kiss any of you. 
“Ah! Excellent. Sleep well, Eren. Right, everyone in a circle. Anybody got a bottle?” Hange asked the moment Eren left the room. You sighed heavily, taking a seat on the floor next to Eld. 
“We should have expected this.” He muttered to you.
“We really should have.”
“Right!” Hange clapped their hands together, rubbing them slightly in excitement. Walls they were really terrifying sometimes. Placing a bottle in the middle, their manic eyes scanned the circle. “Who wants to go first?”
“Just spin it, Hange, nobody ever wants to go first.” You heart leapt. So he was going to join you! You felt Eld elbow you gently in the ribs, wiggling his eyebrows at your resulting scowl. Mentally cursing his name, Hange spun the glass in the centre, the neck landing on Moblit sitting next to them.
See, the thing with the Scouts, or at least the veterans, was that nobody was really out of bounds. Even so, on the list of things you thought you would see today, Levi and Moblit sharing a romantic moment was not one of them. If you weren’t so into him, you would almost root for their newly budding relationship. Even if a distant part of you was genuinely jealous at the fact fucking Moblit got a kiss before you did. 
After Hange and Gunther, the bottle landed on Oluo and Petra, and you watched to your absolute hilarity as Petra removed her jacket and handed it to him. You glanced at Eld in confusion, and he shrugged back at you. Petra never did explain what happened between them. Hange spun the bottle again, the neck landing on you. You were pretty comfortable with your entire squad, Hange and Moblit included, so the thought of having to kiss any of them didn’t really spark anything. Until you remembered Levi was playing, and suddenly it was like you couldn’t sit still. 
You couldn’t tell whether you were relieved or disappointed when the bottle landed on you again. Usually that would mean you would drink, but with the severe lack of alcohol, during this specific rendition, it just meant you’d kiss the person to your left. 
“Been a long time coming.” Eld grinned as you faced him.
“And whose fault is that?” You quipped back, folding your arms with a beam twice as bright. Without another word, Eld leaned down and quickly pecked your lips. You heard Petra’s gasp of delight across the circle, and made a mental note to hit her over the head after this game. 
“Anything?” Eld ask having pulled back, and you could safely say you were being truthful when you shook your head.
“About as sparkless as wet flint. Sorry, Pet.” You threw her pouting face a wink, before Hange nodded in approval. 
“Fair enough! Right neeeeeext up!” Hange spun the bottle again, and your calmed nerves flared up again the moment it landed back on you. Was this bottle weighted?
“Again? Damn, you’re really being favoured tonight,” Gunther snorted, and you rolled your eyes.
“Hardly.” You replied, uncrossing your legs and leaning back on your palms. It was extremely unlikely, right? Yeah, the odds weren’t in your favour with this game, and the probability of the bottle landing on Levi was so low that–
Well then.
You swallowed.
So did he. 
So much for low probabilities. The neck of the bottle taunted you by shaking slightly, before settling on your captain. Though you were nervous, excitement also fizzed in your gut. Finally, finally. You’d waited far too long for this. Though it was in a silly game, you thought this still counted, right? Yeah, this still counted. Your eyes met across the circle, and you could see that same spark of trepidation in his own steel irises. Fair enough, he too was nervous. That just made this slightly more special. You smiled to try to put him at ease, before freezing in your seat, expression stuck.
Levi took his jacket off. 
You blinked, slightly confused. Was he just warm? Or–
All your questions were answered when he handed it to you. Oh, this was nothing like the last time he did that. This was… this hurt. 
You were almost too stunned to take it, your numb fingers hooking beneath the leather and laying it down by your side. You almost wanted to take off the one you were wearing, also being his and all. You mildly appreciated the way Eld settled his hand over the one you were leaning on, trying to provide some semblance of comfort whilst you suffered this harsh slap in the face from reality.
Before that slap became a full on kick when the bottle landed on him and Petra, and he did kiss her. 
Eld squeezed your hand. 
You didn’t get it. You couldn’t get it. Had this whole fucking thing been some kind of sick, twisted joke? Had this whole thing been some fucked up game he’d been playing? Was he really that bored to the point he would fuck with your emotions like this? Were you even really bound? Or was that all bullshit too? Did he just fucking pretend? Was this all pretend?
You didn’t even register the rest of the game, thanking whatever merciful divinity intervened with fate and left you unpicked. Though the fucking second Hange released you all from their clutches, you were up and gone. Striding up the stairs and down the hall.
He called your name. You hadn't even realised he’d been following you until now, but this time you didn’t stop. You just kept walking, driven by a kind of hurt you’d never felt before. You wouldn’t cry. Not over this. You refused to. You’d been through so much worse than this, and yet this hurt so much more than anything else. Why? You thought you were good at handling rejection. You handled rejection from Eld pretty well, even if he didn't technically reject you. So why the fuck was this splitting your soul apart? You kept walking, heedless of Levi’s calls after you. You’d never been so angry. At everything. At yourself for reacting in such a strong way, at Levi for whatever the fuck that was, at Hange for even suggesting this stupid fucking game. You just wanted to go home. Fuck this mission, fuck these experiments, and fuck your stupid fucking, confusing, mixed signal giving, grumpy faced, irritatingly good-looking, annoyingly sweet, stupid fucking captain–
“Please, just stop,” you’d been too caught up in your head to hear his footsteps close in on you, only noticing the moment his hand wrapped around your swinging wrist, stopping you in your tracks. You didn’t turn. You wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of showing him you were upset. Fuck him.
Levi found himself at a loss. He didn’t know how to explain himself. He’d wanted to kiss you. Shit, he’s wanted to kiss you for so fucking long, but just… not in front of everyone. Not for your first kiss. And shamefully, he didn’t know if he could control himself. The bond he had to you had done things to him, made him feel things he’s never even felt a whisper of before. Disgusting, repulsive, filthy things he was so fucking ashamed of he could barely look you in the eye most days. But he couldn’t let you leave thinking he did what he did because he didn’t want to kiss you. 
“Let go…” It was a weak attempt, but you tried to pull your hand from his grip, only for his hold to tighten. You grit your teeth. “Levi, let go of me.” 
Every fibre of your self control was poured into keeping your voice steady, though your hand shook slightly. “I swear to the fucking Walls Levi if you don’t let go of me I will hurt you.” Physically or emotionally, you weren’t sure yet. You just wanted him to hurt as much as you were right now.
Little did you know he already did. You didn’t have to turn around for him to know you were in agony. He could fucking feel it, only made worse by the fact that was all his fault.  He hated it; despised this feeling. But he couldn’t hold you against your will, so he reluctantly let go. He felt like all his prayers were answered when you didn’t immediately leave. 
“I couldn’t.” It was as much of an explanation as he could manage right now. He didn’t know what to do, didn’t know what to say. Didn’t know how he could make this feeling go away. 
“I don’t understand.” His heart shattered at the confused desperation lacing your now quaking voice. “I don’t get it. One moment I think there’s something between us, but then it’s like I don’t exist. No, it's worse than that. It’s like you can’t bear to be around me.  I’m sorry I fucked up today. I’m sorry I ignored your orders and undermined your authority, but fuck! I didn’t think you hated me this much, Levi. Enough to mess me around like this. Enough to be more comfortable kissing Petra than kissing me. So I’m going to give you two choices–” you finally turned, eyes hardened with heartbroken rage, “Sever the bond between us, and stay the fuck away from me. I’ll transfer squads and we won’t have to see each other nearly as much,” 
No. He wasn’t doing that. He couldn’t do that. It would most likely kill him, as selfish as that was. He didn’t want to be away from you, being away from you wasn’t an option. And the thought of severing the bond… his blood burned from the inside at the thought. It was physically painful to even consider. 
“Or,” – you continued – “you talk to me. Just… tell me what’s going on. Because I genuinely can’t continue with things as they are between us. I don’t know where to go, I don’t know where I stand. I can never tell if i’m important to you or if i’m worth the same as the fucking dirt off your boots. And it’s agony, Levi. I don’t know if you know, but it’s–”
“I know.” That made you stop. You hadn’t taken a moment to really look at him, too trapped in your own pain to open your eyes and see him suffering from it. It was the moment that pushed you over the edge, two tears finally spilling down your cheeks. 
“Then why?” Your voice broke slightly. “If you can feel this too then, I don’t understand… Why?” 
“Because I don’t fucking know what I’m doing,” Levi ran a hand through his hair, muttering an exasperated curse. “It’s not that I don’t want to kiss you. Fuck, I’ve wanted to kiss you for so fucking long but I don’t– shit. I don’t know if I’d– I can’t– Fuck.” 
You almost wanted to leave. You almost wanted to turn around and leave this conversation, and him, behind. You didn’t want to stand here in pain anymore. “Levi…”
“This fucking bond. It’s– I don’t know, it’s fucking done something. I just– I can’t fucking stop myself. I can’t stop myself when it comes to you. And I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself there either. I just fucking can’t, and I need to know you… want this, before anything happens.” 
You both fell silent. You, processing what he’d just said, and Levi, waiting in throat-constricting anticipation. 
“So… you didn’t want to kiss me because you were afraid of getting hard in front of everyone?” You asked, the slight wry mischief in your tone shining through the heartache. 
Levi sighed in embarrassed relief. “Somethin’ like that.” He muttered, unable to meet your gaze. Until your soft hand on the side of his cheek guided him back to your gentle visage.
“Do you see me pulling back?” You questioned quietly, and Levi swallowed hard. You’d used his words against him, and honestly… that was the final straw. Searching your eyes one last time for any semblance of doubt, the moment his search came up empty, Levi closed the gap between you, and pressed his lips to yours. 
Fuck, they were just as soft as he imagined. He felt your release of held breath against his cupid’s bow as you relaxed, your hold on his cheek slackening to your arms draping over his shoulders. It took all of his willpower not to cum in his fucking pants just from kissing you.
You whimpered quietly as his arms snaked around your waist, holding you close. You never thought your first kiss with him would be in the middle of a dark castle hallway, but honestly it was candid enough that you really didn’t mind. You daringly ran your tongue along the seam of his closed mouth, and at his soft groan, something in you locked into place.
It seemed Levi felt it as well, as you both pulled away from each other abruptly, eyes wide in hungry awe. Arousal thundered through your veins, and all your clothes suddenly felt suffocating. You stared at each other for what felt like far too long…
Before Levi tugged you back against him, and borderline attacked your mouth. Roaming hands slid from your back to your ass, gripping tightly as he hoisted you up against the wall, tugging your thighs around his hips. Levi moaned against your lips as you opened your mouth, allowing for him to taste you, and for you to taste him. 
He doesn’t know why he expected anything else. Of course you tasted sweet, you tasted like fucking strawberries. He didn’t know if it was the bond making your taste like his favourite goddamn fruit, but he honestly couldn’t have cared less at this moment. He just wanted to taste you. To feel you. Fuck, he just wanted you.
You tightened your legs around his hips, sucking on his tongue as you ground your dampening cunt against his growing arousal, dragging a cracked whine from his throat. Your hands yanked against his cravat, loosening it around his neck and not bothering to take it off before you borderline ripped the first few buttons open on his shirt. You’d never felt this kind of desperation before, never felt this insatiable hunger for somebody else’s body before. But you sure as shit could get used to it.
You’d barely managed to expose his collar before your lips were against his neck, suckling sweet bruises into his pale skin, only barely having the mind to leave them below his shirt’s neckline. You felt his grunting against your tongue as you left a trail of saliva along the side of his throat.
Levi could do nothing but pant into your hair and pulse his hips into the apex of your thighs, eyes rolling as your teeth scraped against his pulse point. He almost told you to suckle there, but he had the same thought. He didn’t want you to leave marks where they could be seen. Your soft lips travelled up to his ear, nibbling and nipping against the flesh of his helix, your breath hot and damp. He wanted to turn the tides, but he was completely helpless to your assault, bucking into you as your nails scratched against the fuzz of his undercut.
You felt the tingles in your own hair, the bites on your own body as you skipped back down to his collarbone, biting harshly against his skin and watching in satisfaction as the blood rushed to the surface, colouring the patch a dark purple. You went to make another, before being harshly shoved back by your dishevelled looking partner. A gorgeous rouge had spread across his cheeks and down his neck, his hair mussed from your groping as his heated glare shot straight to your soaking core.
“My turn.” Was all he hissed, before his mouth devoured the valley between your neck and your shoulder. You felt him shiver as his teeth sank into your flesh tongue soothing the hurt before moving an inch down and repeating the same action. His hands were rough in removing any clothing obstacles from his path, the neckline of your t-shirt cracking as it was stretched beyond its shape, before snapping completely.
“Fuck, Levi…” That was his name you were moaning. His name you were whimpering as he trailed kisses down the valley of your breasts. Your head fell back against the wall, hands returning to his hair to grab and paw at. Levi groaned against you, mouth occupied with suckling blossoms into your skin before you unhooked your legs from around his hips.
He understood the message, gently setting you down on your feet, but he kept his hands around you, still holding your waist as his nipping mouth travelled back up the side of your neck to leave a lingering kiss against your lips. Pulling back a fraction, you panted heavily against each other, mouths barely grazing. You were the first to speak.
“I really don’t want to fuck you in a hallway, Levi, but I fucking swear if we don’t move somehwere else I will suck you dry here and now.” 
Levi felt his cock pulse desperately at the husk in your voice, the temptation in your ‘threat’ messing with his arousal-clouded head.
“As tempting as option B is…” he didn’t finish his sentence before picking you back up in his arms, your legs now wrapping around his abdomen instinctually. “I want to take you to bed.” 
The smile you gave him cut through the heady heat in his mind, the way your eyes lit up and sparkled in the flickering torchlight, the corners of your mouth pulling up into a dazzling beam. Levi always found you attractive, but the woman he was gazing at now was positively ethereal. Haloed by orange light, he brushed messy, loose strands of hair from your face, supporting you in his hold with one arm. 
“You’re so pretty,” he murmured almost absently, eyes tracing the way gentle pink slowly saturated your cheeks. You really were gorgeous to him. Complete perfection. Your lack of response had him grinning slightly, knowing he’d flustered you. He made a mental note to tell you how beautiful you were everyday, before you hid yourself in the crook of his neck, paying him back by softly teasing against an unknown sensitive spot just behind his ear.
Levi felt you shiver in his arms as he carried you down the hall, knees weakening with each kitten lick of your tongue against his skin. His straining cock throbbed with each step, begging for something, anything, to relieve the heated throbbing that had accumulated between his thighs. Briefs and pants rubbing uncomfortably against his sensitive tip, and with your teeth scraping down his neck, it was all he could do to just keep walking, teeth grit against the primal urge to set you down and let you have your way with him. But Levi swallowed his pride.
“P-please, I can’t– fuck, just s-stop for a moment, because at this rate we’re not going to make it somewhere quiet.” You chuckled darkly at his use of the word ‘we’, but acquiesced nonetheless. Levi huffed a relieved breath, thankful for the slow in pace, before shouldering open the nearest bedroom door. He knew you weren’t exactly happy with him for the spring clean yesterday afternoon, but he couldn’t be more grateful that all the rooms had fresh, new sheets and bedwear. 
Levi kicked the door closed behind him, setting you down for the second time. Your feet touched the ground for all of one moment before you pushed him up against the door, mouth latching back against the spot on his neck that made him ask you to stop. But this time, no such request came your way. Nimble fingers popped open the remaining buttons of his shirt, revealing his chiselled torso and marble cut abs. Shoving back the fabric of both his jacket and shirt, you set your mouth lower on his chest, leaving fresh maroon marks against his pale skin with your teeth. 
Shuddering, Levi let his shirt and jacket drop to the floor, for once not caring about how messy it would look, and your hands instantly slid up his front, ghosting over his naval. He cracked a soft whimper at your attention, squirming slightly as you mouthed closer to his nipple. You looked up at his expression wryly, lips still attached to his chest, before enveloping his pebbled sensitivity in your mouth. 
You moaned slightly in response to his airy cry, your own arousal spiking as you felt his pleasure. Levi’s back arched, pushing his chest into your mouth, writhing as your tongue flicked over his little bud. His hands threaded through your hair, his scalp tingling in an echo, as you shoved your thigh between his legs. You pulled back to mutter a curse as he started to grind against your leg, clit throbbing in tandem with each rock of his hips. 
You switched sides, showing his other nipple attention whilst you rolled the one abandoned between your thumb and forefinger. Your pitched whines sent shivers down his spine, his soaked cock twitching in response. Levi’s eyes rolled back into his head, hands moving to your waist as he rocked himself against your thigh. With a final harsh suck against his nipple, wrenching another airy yelp from him, you buried your nose in the side of his neck, encouraging his movements by jolting your leg against his clothed length, your cunt throbbing.
“Y-yeah, k-keep doing that, f–ah-aah! Fuck that feels so fucking good ‘Vi.” You moaned in his ear, feeling his grip on your waist tighten at your words.
“You can–nghaah! Y-you feel that?” he stuttered, barely able to form a sentence, the friction becoming too much to handle. You tugged on his hair in response, his eyes flying open, draw dropping with an embarrassingly loud groan. 
“Yeah, yeah I c-can feel it,” you nodded erratically, feeling the thrusts of his hips increase to a desperate, sloppy rhythm. You felt the build of his high in your own approaching orgasm. You weren’t even being stimulated directly and yet you were going to cum. Hard. 
Bliss bubbled in his loins, a feeling he now recognised. Fuck he was getting close, so so fucking close. He swore if this stopped like the first time he would genuinely break down crying. It clicked just as you leaned into his ear. 
“Make us cum, Levi.”
Clenching his teeth did nothing against the plethora of strangled moans he let loose upon reaching his high. Levi shuddered hard as his pleasure crested into bliss, his head lightly thumping against the door, cumming in his pants. Losing control of his hips, you just managed to take over through your own shaking euphoria, whining softly into his ear with your leg still grinding against his twitching length, head pulsing dribbling seed from his sensitive tip, drenching the front of his briefs. 
You cunt clenched around nothing when you felt his orgasm as your own. Honey laced your blood as you buried your head in his neck, riding out your simultaneous peaks. Your high pitched whisper of his name had him growling yours in response, arms coming up to hold you close to him. 
Levi shivered as he came down from his high, though his cock still throbbed desperately. He needed you. He needed to feel you, to be inside you. But through the slightly cleared arousal, he managed to form some kind of thought.
“That was you…” he strained, still holding you tight against him.
“What was me?”
“I could feel you. Shit, I could feel you fuck yourself… Walls, you’re insatiable. Twice? Really? I had to leave that fucking meeting because of you. Sh-shit that’s… that’s so–” Levi cut himself off with a soft groan as you pulled your thigh away from his crotch. You would have felt guilty, had you not just paid him back. Not only that, but he must have cum twice that day as well. 
You started to suckle on his neck again, finding it almost impossible to attach your lips to a patch of skin without a hickey. “That was entirely your fault. And you’re also guilty, Mister ‘I jerked off last night,’” you murmured against him.
“How the fuck were either of those times my fault?” Levi asked dazedly, slowly sliding his jacket from your shoulders, taking the pace down slightly. Now the initial frenzy seemed to have calmed, he wanted to take his time with you, though his raging hard-on protested blindly. 
You smiled slightly at the ghostly touch of his fingers on your skin, goosebumps prickling as he raised your t-shirt up to your midriff, nodding in confirmation after he paused for consent, before raising your arms to help him remove it. You watched his eyes widen slightly, the same expression he made briefly when he knocked on your dorm room door that morning, and you emerged half-clothed. In fact, you were wearing the exact same things as you were now. Your binding and uniform pants. Only missing the loose hanging harness from your hips. Leaning back in, you took his hands and placed them back on your body, brushing your nose against his. “Because you should have just kissed me that day. After poker. I wanted you to. Would have saved us both a lot of trouble,” you smirked against his lips. 
Levi huffed, barely able to focus as he felt your body for the first time. Your skin ignited beneath his touch, and he marvelled at the way your muscles clenched slightly. You were so sensitive, reacting to his fingertips softly grazing up to your breasts, the slightest hint of two peaks pushing through the fabric. Fuck he wanted to take them in his mouth, but all in good time, he reminded himself. He fiddled with the elastic hem of the binding, idly admiring your face. “I wanted to. You were very tempting that night. I liked watching you strip.”
You snorted a laugh, cupping the side of his face with your palm and smoothing the bone of his cheek with your thumb. “I’m kind of glad you didn’t,” Levi raised a brow of confusion, and you pressed a kiss to his swollen lips. “Means this feels so much better.” 
Lifting your arms again, you let him drag your binding up your shoulders, joining the growing pile of clothes on the floor. With your breasts now free, Levi seemed to have stopped working. Mouth slightly agape, he stared wide-eyed at your naked torso, unable to form any kind of thought. His dick felt like it was going to snap in half if it wasn’t freed soon, still stewing in the mess of his previous orgasm.
“Fuck… Fuck! Look at you… Shit you’re just– fuck, you’re fucking gorgeous.” You kept eye contact as you sauntered backwards, hand sliding down his arm to lace your fingers together, leading him further into the room. You bit your lip sensually as you smiled, slowly looking him up and down as you kicked off your boots.
“Wait ‘til you see the rest.” 
Levi crossed with purpose and plunged his mouth back onto yours, no hesitation in the invasion of his tongue. You leapt up into him, letting his arms support and carry you to the bed against the far corner. Without being able to see where he was going, the second his knees hit the edge of the bed, Levi let himself fall forward, his tongue still lapping at the roof of your mouth as the covers and mattress cushion your fall. His wandering hands set fire to your already heated core, desperation spiking when he moved from your mouth down to your jaw, peppering soft little presses down your throat, nipping against your protruding collarbone. 
Hands found soft hair as you laced your fingers in his locks, breath hitching as his rough tongue licked a column up the valley of your breasts, turning his head slightly and biting against the soft flesh of your inner mound. You breathed a whimper, hot breath inching ever closer to your own pebbled sensitivity. Only after quietly begging him, did he finally close his lips over your nipple, sucking against the electric peak. You arched into his touch, feeling the vibrations of his own moaning against your breast.
Levi switched to your other bud, hands ghosting along the hem of your pants, slowly flicking the buckle of your belt free and pinching your zipper between his thumb and forefinger. Not that you could even think to notice with his teeth clamping down on your nipple, tongue flitting over the hardened pebble in apology, before performing the exact same dance. Grinding his hips into the bedspread below, Levi hooked his fingers into your pants, dragging the fabric down your thighs as you raised up slightly to help him. His mouth left your chest, biting a bath down your stomach, over your navel to your pelvis. You kicked off your uniform pants, quivering as only a thin layer of fabric separated your heat from his touch. 
He almost drooled as you opened your legs for him, eyes instantly trained on the darker patch at your apex where your slick had soaked through the fabric. Your breath heaved as he nipped at the sensitive flesh of your inner thighs, huffing a small laugh when he whimpered, having felt it too. 
Your scent invaded his nose as he brushed against your ruined underwear, his cock twitching in anticipation. Inhaling again, his eyes rolled back when his hips bucked into the sheets below, savouring the few moments of arousal charged hesitation, before setting his mouth over that dark patch on the fabric, and sucking hard. 
Your head fell back against the pillows, groaning carnally to the ceiling, his own vibrating against your swollen clit. You heard the scrunching of fabric as he continued to grind into the mattress, your slick bud pulsing along with every thrust. It was strange to feel the sharp echo of a different pleasure, and you wanted so much to explore with him. To see where each part of yourselves resembled the other. For now, all you understood was that when the tip of his cock was stimulated, you felt it in your clit. 
Levi’s tongue poked out to slowly and gently circle over your cunt, pushing the fabric of your underwear further into your soaking hole and watching as your slick saturated through more of the cloth. Fuck that was hot. But he was getting tired of all these layers, specifically on you. Even one was too much. Kissing back up to your hip, he took the hem of your underwear between his teeth, and you almost came at the sight of him dragging them down your thighs with his fucking mouth. You kicked them off the second they were low enough.
Levi swore. And again. And a third time as you parted your legs and exposed your dripping cunt to him, positively glistening in the low light. If he was being honest, he didn’t really know what he was doing. He’d only had one experience previously, and he didn’t even cum during that. But he had the extra help of feeling your own pleasure, knowing roughly that if it felt good for him on his body, it felt better for you on yours. 
Before he could start, however, you sat up and instantly set your hands on his belt. Understanding your urgency, Levi let you remove it for him, grunting as you snapped it from his waist. His heart and cock lurched as you looked at it for a moment too long, clearly contemplating something, before deciding against it and dropping the leather to the floor. He couldn’t say he wasn’t a little relieved. 
Shoving his pants down, he stood to slide them down his legs and kick them off along with his boots. Your breath caught audibly when his rock hard length bobbed against the soaking tent in his briefs. Your teeth sank into your lower lip again as his thumbs hooked under the hem, attempting to stifle your drooling as he pulled his underwear down as well. You swore you came a little at the sight. 
Fuck, he was beautiful. Tip all flushed pink, the same colour as his sore, bitten lips. His shaft pulsating, coated in a shining, thin sheen of his own cum. Your wandering eye spied a delicious looking vein running up the underside, and you ached to run your tongue down it. 
“Come here.” You held your arms out to him, and Levi’s heart doubled in size at the gesture. Though the moment he got close enough, you stopped him from clambering back on the bed with you. Hands against his waist, he let you guide him to stand next to where you were sitting instead. “‘M gonna clean you up, okay?” 
Levi swallowed, nodding slightly as he attempted to steady himself. But the second your hand wrapped around him and your tongue delivered a kitten lick to his tip, all preparations flew out the window. His jaw slacked open with a sharp gasp, barely able to stand the sight of you lying on your front, playing with the head of his cock. He moaned along with you the second your lips puckered around his tip, hands fisting in your hair as the slick muscle of your tongue swept circles over his sensitive slit, watching with slight awe as your hips squirmed into the bed. He made his mind up then not to let you make him cum. He had a feeling the score wasn’t even close to being settled between you two, knowing that you had now made him cum three times, and he’d only made you cum once. 
Your teasing circles grew in circumference, before you flattened your tongue and took him further down your throat, dragging your muscle against that vein you’d seen earlier and drawing a gravelly whimper from his throat. Though you’d promised only to clean him up, you couldn’t help continuing, spurred on by your own stimulation and his carnal noises.
“Fuck… that’s– Y-yeah, ‘s good, so good…!” Levi’s hips bucked as your moaning vibrations echoed in his cock, his hands tightening in your hair. All your senses were consumed with him, his gently salty tang coating your tastebuds, the smell of his cedar soap a cooling balm for your nose as you had to compensate for the loss of your mouth. The feel of him on your tongue, throbbing and pulsing, thigh tensing beneath your hand. You could barely crane your neck up to watch his expression twist and contort in pleasure, eyes two pools of inky black, hair mussed and dishevelled. Fuck he looked so good. You held him in your throat, listening to his broken whines, just about able to squeeze out a whimper of your own as you cunt clenched around nothing. 
“O-off, fuck, st-stop! Don’t wan-nghahaah! Don’t w-wanna cum y-yet!” You relinquished your hold on his shaft, licking up the precum oozing from his tip. Levi panted heavily, his hands loosening their hold in your hair, only to run his fingers through his own. “Fuck, you’re way too good at that…” You grinned wildly, rolling onto your back and once again guiding him by his waist. His thigh brushed the inside of yours as you welcomed him into your hold, hands holding himself up either side of your head. You looked angelic. Hair splayed in a messy halo, lips bitten and raw, chest heaving. The angle looked oddly familiar, and you both smiled at the realisation. 
You took a contented breath. You’d expected a few more nerves when sleeping with Levi for the first time, but nothing had felt more natural or more comfortable before in your life. You felt cared for, worshipped. Loved. The faint echo of another heartbeat synced in your chest, and nothing had felt more right. Your thumb swept across his cheekbone, and you melted when he instantly leant into your touch. It had been far too long since you lips were on his, and Levi seemed to agree, eagerly opening his mouth when you arched up into him
A mixture of his own taste and your natural sweetness greeted him like a warm hearth, his hips rolling into your heat in response. You answered, hand skirting down to take him in your palm, and position him at your aching, needy cunt. Levi pulled back, gazing into your widened pupils. 
“You want this?” He had to ask. He had to have explicit confirmation from you. Bond of no bond, love or just lust, he had to have your verbal consent. He would never be able to live with himself if you regretted anything today. “I don’t know what will happen between us after… I don’t know how far this bond will go, but after this… I don’t think there’s any going back.” You’d honestly never heard such sweeter words. 
“I don’t want to go back. I want to explore this with you, I want to have this with you. I just want you, Levi.” The corners of your eyes crinkled as you smiled up at his expression of slack-jawed awe. 
“Can… Can you say that again?” He asked quietly, unable to take his eyes off you. You pushed his bangs back, cradling his cheek in your palm.
“I just want you.” 
Unable to speak, Levi stooped down and poured all his gratitude and adoration into your mouth, his tongue lapping against yours as he slowly, tenderly pushed the tip of his cock through your folds. You gasped against his lips, clit pounding as you sucked him in. Fuck, you’d barely started and you were already on the edge of an orgasm. You knew Levi felt it too, judging by the way he had to stop to just breathe, burying his head in your neck to try and quiet himself. But his groaning vibrated against your skin. 
Nothing you’d ever experienced had felt this good. The echo of his own pleasure throbbed in your cunt, your walls convulsing against his shaft as he pushed a little further inside, once again having to stop. It was torture of the best kind. Feeling him bob and twitch inside you, his teeth on your shoulder, your nails down his back. You could feel all of it. 
As could he. Which is why Levi could only move so much before his thighs started to shake again. Fuck, he was only halfway inside you and it was already too much. Every micro-movement had his balls pulsing, his tip leaking desperately inside you, essences merging. It was so much and so good. You felt so silky, wrapping around him like that, heat scorching against his sensitive cock. You were so fucking tight, so wet he could almost hear the squelching of every helpless buck of your hips. 
Inhaling a deep breath, Levi bit down harder on your shoulder, taking the leap and fully sheathing himself inside you. Your loud, broken moans danced with each other, your nails digging further into the muscles of his back. Chest heaving, breath heavy, Levi pulled back again to survey how you were doing. No better than him, he saw, though your delighted, slightly delusional smile could light up funerals. 
“Good?” He managed to breath, gritting his teeth against your walls clenching around him. 
You nodded, your sweat slicked hair sticking to your forehead. “Y-yeah, that’s one word for it. Fuck ‘Vi you feel fucking incredible.” Wrapping your legs around his hips, heels pressed into his lower back, you started to grind your cunt against his pelvis.
“Haa-aah! Fuck! Don’t… don’t do that. And st… stop fucking clenching like that! Gonna make me cum t-too soon.” He sounded a lot whinier than he meant to, pleading and begging with you rather than asking you. Your juices gushed at the sound of his cracking voice, his composure torn to shreds. 
You fucking giggled at his desperation laced tone, and he punished you for it with a quick thrust. Your amusement turned instantly to bliss, forcing another pitched gasp from your chest. Of course, he wasn’t unaffected, and Levi learnt pretty quickly that any punishments for you fell back on him tenfold. 
He pulled out a fraction, withdrawing his hips from the crease of your thighs, before pushing back in. It was all he could handle at the moment, these fractional micromovements. He assumed, under normal circumstances, they would do nothing for an ordinary partner. But you seemed just as affected as he was, keeping eye contact whilst he managed to fall into some kind of slow, sensual rhythm. Sweat beaded on his brow, slipping down the side of his head as you leaned up to press your lips against his. It was nothing more than soft contact and an exchange of breath. More than enough.
You followed his lead with pacing, back arching into his thrusts as he started to find himself. Your brows pinched, mouth dropping open with a stuttering whine as he brushed that spot inside you that sent you cross-eyed. What you weren’t expecting, however, was for Levi to suddenly slam his hips against yours, right into that same spot with a shattering cry. If it didn’t feel so good for you, you would have asked if something was wrong. You managed another question instead.
“Wh-where?” You asked. ‘Where do you feel it?’
Levi kept up his sudden change in pace, his balls slapping against the seam of your ass. “Haah, ah, in-inside! I– I don’t kn-aah! F-feels good!” You understood, too incoherent to unpack whatever the fuck that meant. You mewled along with him, eyes rolling into your skull as you became nothing but a ball of ecstacy. 
Keeping a steady rhythm soon became impossible, urgency fueling every buck of his hips, the dragging of your walls down his cock coercing him ever closing to a blinding high. He didn’t know if he would survive, honestly, and somewhere in the back of his mind, he was only vaguely concerned about noise. Only to find that he didn’t really care. Not when you were writhing and squirming beneath him.
The moment your fingertip glazed over your clit, Levi lost all control. Grabbing your wrist, he shoved your hand back above your head, replacing your fingers with his own. His tip throbbed and pulsed in stimulation, and he felt the knot in his gut tighten exponentially.
“Don’t… ngha-haah! Fuck! Don’t stop… ‘Vi, sh-shit, don’t– don’t stop. Feels s-so fucking good.” 
You started whimpering his name over and over again like some kind of mantra, throwing your head back with a cracked scream when he shoved your thighs from around his waist over his shoulders. He was no better with his volume, eyes falling shut as he borderline wailed from the shift of angle, that foreign sensitivity inside him stimulated to the point of numbness. 
Your hands clawed the sheets beside your head, and Levi couldn’t help taking them into his own, threading your fingers together as you approached your highs together. Leaning down, you whimpered as he stretched your legs. 
“I’m yours, Levi.”
The world seemed to fracture for a moment, before knotting back together as he was thrown over the edge by your words. Your mouth dropped open, back bowing to the point of possession as you let the embers of the bond consume you. Pleasure ripped through your veins like a hurricane as you clenched around his pulsating cock. You couldn’t tell if you were screaming, blood pumping too loudly in your ears to hear anything. All you knew was white. All you knew was stars and ecstasy. All you knew was him.
Levi threw his head back, eyes rolling and screwing shut as his hips slammed into your own one final time before he came with a roar of your name. Length twitching and quivering, he released himself into your soft cunt, painting your walls white with each wave of stuttering euphoria. He found himself bucking into your relentlessly, silently begging you to milk him for all he’s worth, your slick heat trapping him in a vice grip. Rope after rope of his seed spilled into your insatiable pussy, his toes curling with the endless crashing of pleasure. 
Levi stayed sheathed inside you, slowly moving your legs down from his shoulders before collapsing into your sweat soaked body. He could hear your heartbeat in your chest, and feel it in his own. Stronger than before. 
You felt both light and heavy at the same time. You felt both lost and found. A dichotomy of emotions roiling in your mind, but there was one thing you could settle on. You felt whole. That echoing thumping in your chest louder than before. Each brush of your fingers against his skin was felt as if it were against your own. Something had made a home in your heart, mind and soul. No, not something. Not just someone. Levi. 
“Do you…?” You were almost afraid to ask if he felt it as well, but when he managed to lift his head from your chest to look you in the eye, and the moment you saw silver slivers line his irises, you knew he did. He felt it too. 
You both whimpered slightly as he finally pulled out, huffing a breath against the salty skin of your neck. Levi’s arms slowly wrapped around your body, turning you both so you were lying on his chest. He honestly just wanted to hold you. Though he’d just been as close to you as one person could possibly get to another, he just wanted to feel you against him. He’d never been so completely overcome with a sense of belonging before. But here, now, lying with you resting against the combined rhythm of your beating hearts, is where he found his home. 
Something shifted down the Ackerman bloodline. A bond had been solidified, another branch from his ancestral tree snapping into place. Levi felt it in his blood, and judging by your searching eyes, you too noticed. 
“You alright?” He asked tenderly, swiping your hair from your brow. You shifted upwards to press a gentle kiss to his lips. 
“More than alright. I like feeling your heart.” He understood what you meant. Though your fingers rested over his chest, he knew you meant his rhythm in your heart. “I just want to know what else this… unlocks? Don’t really know how to describe that, but I just, I can feel you.” You nuzzled into his neck and his hand came to cradle your head. “And I wanna find out where you feel everything. ‘Inside’ wasn’t exactly very descriptive.” You teased, earning yourself a light slap to your side.
“I’ll draw you up a map next time.” Levi’s soul chimed along with your laugh. Should he say it? Would now be a good time? Or were those words too weighty for your first time together? They felt a bit too much, the night already charged with heightened emotion. Did he even need to say it? You most likely felt it anyway, but he knew he would need to say it at some point. More than that, he wanted to say it. Just… not yet.
Levi sighed contently, going to turn onto his side and tuck you safely into his chest, before the slight movement from his legs prompted a small wince. You, of course, noticed it.
“You okay?” His thumb instantly smoothed the crease of worry between your brows.
“‘M fine. I just, I knew I was out of practice, but fuck my thighs burn.” Your brows furrowed in brief confusion, before softening in instant realisation. 
“Oh, that’s actually probably mine. You’re not the only one out of practice.”
“You feel like this every time?”
“Not every time. Only the times when my partner decides to fucking bend me in half.” You sharply bit at his nose and he waved you off.
“Tch, it felt good, didn’t it?” 
“Wait ‘til you feel the cramps of my periods, Levi. This is fucking nothing in comparison.” You cackled as his expression fell to something of genuine fear. He hadn’t even thought about that. “Looks like it’ll be me bringing you soup and tea.” You grinned, your tongue poking out between your teeth. He adored it. 
He shifted again, grunting in discomfort as the pain in your thighs barked in protest. “You’re gonna have to carry me to the shower. I can’t move.” You cackled again, and Levi thought that if he died now, he would be happy.
“If I'd known I was going to be bound to a two hundred pound man child I would have thought twice. Carry yourself.” You attempted to shove him but he only made himself heavier, now having shifted back on top of you.
“No, you wouldn’t have. You are bound to a two hundred pound man-child. And this man-child is in pain. Where’s your compassion?” 
“In my cunt along with your leaking cum.”
“Fucking Walls you can’t just casually say shit like that!” Levi felt the vibrations of your laughter in his chest, melting further into your embrace when your hands gently sifted through his hair, scratching lightly against the fuzz of his undercut. “Don’t do that either, we need to clean up.” He mumbled sleepily into your skin. Naturally, you didn’t stop, feeling the pull of sleep on your own lids. 
“We can doze for a few minutes…” You mumbled into his hair as he wrapped his arms around your middle once again, and turned you on your side, this time his head tucked into your chest.
“Fine… but don’t fall asleep on me.” 
“Would I ever?”
It took all of two minutes, before you were both out like a candle in the wind.
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heich0e · 3 months ago
sweet like honey levi ackerman/reader (aot)
Tumblr media
“What’s that for?” Levi’s brow furrows as he watches you swirl your teaspoon in the little jar before you, only to pull it back with long, syrupy strands drizzling from the end. The candlelight catches in the flow: shiny and translucent as it drips down slowly to pool back in its jar again.
“It’s honey,” you explain with a light laugh, dipping the spoon down to repeat the same satisfying motion again.
“Well, what’s it made of?” The man’s distrust is plain in his tone, his eyes narrowing as he glares at the indulgence that you’d picked up on a visit into town earlier that day.
“It comes from bees,” you say, angling the spoon over the steaming cup of tea to your left—Levi's cup—to which you're intent on adding a teaspoon's worth of honey. But you suddenly find your effort halted— Levi’s hand wrapped firmly around your wrist, keeping it frozen in place as another long rivulet of the viscous, amber syrup sinks back into the open jar below.
You peek at Levi with a curious gaze, your head tilting ever so slightly to the side in confusion.
His lips part.
“It’s made of bees?” 
He sounds positively horrified. 
You almost snort at the revolted look on his face, shaking your head and trying not to get distracted by how easily his large, calloused hand circles the circumference of your wrist. 
“No, no.” You swallow down the laugh you feel bubbling from your stomach up to your throat, knowing it will only irritate him more if you let it free. “It’s made by bees—harvested from their hives. It’s sweet.”
“Why would I want my tea to taste sweet?” he asks gruffly, as though the suggestion is the most preposterous thing he’s ever heard. “I want my tea to taste like tea.”
“But it’s nice.” You make an earnest attempt to reason with him, a lightly teasing smile playing at the corners of your mouth which you fight uselessly to keep at bay.
“It sounds repulsive.”
This time, you really can’t suppress your laughter at his staunchly uncooperative tone.
You attempt to pry your hand from his grip, pressing against his hold to lean closer to the still-steaming cup of tea waiting for your spoon, but his grip refuses to slacken even through your efforts. His grasp is firm and unyielding, but not painful—and is still far from the strength you know he’s capable of.
Nevertheless, it doesn’t falter.
Instead, he tilts your hand upwards in response to your struggle, and you watch helplessly as the honey begins to inch down the neck of the spoon—creeping closer to your fingertips with every passing second.
“It’s a treat,” you argue with him petulantly while still endeavouring to free your hand, twisting it this way and that in his hold, though the jostling serves only to make the honey drip towards your fingers faster.
“It’s unnecessary, and frankly an insult to the tea,” he bites back with an equal insistence, his tone verging more and more towards genuine offence on the tea’s behalf with every syllable. 
Finally, inevitably, you feel the honey meet the tips of your fingers: a sticky, unpleasant sensation. You stop fighting, dropping the spoon back into the jar of honey with a plop, and watch how the edges of the utensil sink into the thick liquid as though being slowly swallowed whole.
“You made a mess,” he chides you with a familiar reproachful tch.
He watches as you survey the residue left on your skin, his upper lip curling back in distaste when you spread your fingers to let the viscid strands stretch and break between them.
“Besides, if I wanted something sweet I—mmph!” Levi’s impending lecture is cut short as your fingers press against his mouth, your index and middle digit slipping unbidden between his lips as they part in speech. Thoroughly blindsided by the intrusion, his jaw goes slack—allowing you to run the pads of your sticky fingers over the surface of his warm, wet tongue. 
You watch raptly as his startled eyes never stray from yours—not as you slowly withdraw your fingers, running them gently over his pink lips, nor when you lift your hand towards yourself and slide the very fingers that had just been in his mouth into your own. Only once you’re satisfied that no lingering traces of the honey remain on your skin do you pull your fingers back, smacking your lips together to savour the pleasant, saccharine taste left behind.
“Hm,” you hum thoughtfully, finally breaking your prolonged eye-contact to inspect the tips of your fingers for anything you may have missed. “Tastes sweet.”
“You’re disgusting,” Levi chokes out an entirely unconvincing jab, clearing his throat roughly. 
You glance back towards his face, making absolutely no effort to conceal your provocative grin. You raise your hand to your lips once more, tongue flicking out to catch the last bit of honey you’d overlooked. His eyes follow your every movement with a sort of spellbound attention.
“And you’re blushing, Captain.”
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myarlert · 3 months ago
𝐒𝐔𝐁𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐕𝐄 & 𝐁𝐑𝐄𝐄𝐃𝐀𝐁𝐋𝐄 + 𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media
# .01 — armin arlert, levi ackerman, eren yeager, reiner braun x fem!dom!reader
# .02 — cw : smut : mommy kink, cum eating, oral [m & f receiving], bondage, orgasm control, a dick slap?, nipple play, thigh fucking, use of sex toys and a feather <3, overstimulation. lmk if i missed anything.
# .03 — im back babbyyy jk i didn’t go anywhere, im just here thinkin’ bout these guys as subs <3, not proofread + RBS APPRECIATED
minors do not interact
Tumblr media
— 100% super whiny, would cry, begs a lot, face flushes, mommy kink
how his hips would be damn near spinning, his moans coming out as chokes. his eyes would be popping out of his head when he looks down to see your teary eyes looking up at him,
how your hand is covered in cum and massaging his balls, your tongue running up and down his drenched shaft, having just been inside you. whiny moans would tumble from his lips when he would speak, ‘m-mommy please! i’ve been so good, you said.. you said good boys get it! o-oh please! plea-’ cutting him off by sucking his tip into your warm, wet mouth as hard as you could. the loud, broken, whimpering moan that would come from the trembling man would shock you, never hearing him that loud. but that’s probably what did it, because you could feel his tip twitch on your tongue, filling your mouth with his warm seed, unloading so much you’d have to swallow twice. the poor man being milked dry after that, his cock fucking red and burning from overstimulation. but kiss his cheek, wipe his tears n run him a bath, he’ll love you absolutely forever.
— gets all trembly, twitchy, eyes watery, blushy, wouldn’t be opposed to being tied up.
how absolutely stunning levi looked all tied up, his legs spread open, arms tied behind his back with that pretty red rope. his face would already be flushed, eyes watering and drool collecting at the corners of his lips. you would be laying between his spread legs, a faux feather in your hands that you’d been dragging along his shaft for the past fifteen minutes. each time you passed over his tip it would ooze just a little drop of pre, dribbling down his length. his whole body would tremble when you’d pull it away, quiet sobs falling from his lips. ‘i said don’t make a peep or you don’t get to cum.’ but he would have such a problem with this, because you were absolutely torturing him like this. his balls would be tight, cock bobbing every time you let your finger press against his slit, collecting the pre just to lick it off and see his reaction. his cockhead would be the prettiest shade of purple, so fucking close to exploding but never getting enough stimulation. ‘PLEASE- I-I CANT FUCKING TAKE IT ANYMORE,’ bucking his hips upwards you slap his dick, which had a reaction you definitely weren’t expecting. just that interaction somehow forced him over the edge, his abs clenching as he cums weakly having been denied even more. the noises he would produce would be so lewd, but you fucking loved them. oh and when he’s still hard and you slide your dripping pussy over his shaft, letting it catch on your entrance :( poor guy :(
— very bratty, whiny, loud, disobedient
this time you’d force him to be on top, but letting you still be in control. this was tricky because he often times would just pop outta character and fuck your brains out but this time.. he was really feelin it. ‘f-f-fuck you feel so good..’ he’d whine, wanting to move faster but you never allowed him, plus, he really enjoyed when you let him run his tip up through your wet lips, catching on your clit just to run back down, then back up again. ‘the tip?’ he would ask you breathlessly, but you’d shake your head no. ‘w-why? i’ve been too good.. please!’ he even would try to press it in anyways, which would result in you pinching his nipple a little hard, taking his attention away from it. whining again, he would return to rocking his hips against yours, looking down at the way his tip would poke out from between your plush, pretty thighs. ‘if you really wanna cum, you’ll sit there n fuck my thighs.’ you say, brushing his hair back behind his ears. to which he nods, holding your legs straight up against his chest, a foot on either side of his head. looking down again, he would let out the nastiest whine at the sight of his cockhead disappearing and reappearing with trace amount of pre with each stroke. quickening just thrusts, letting out a deep groan, he would watch your hand come down, palming his tip to urge him forward. ‘did so good for me baby, you wanna cum?’ you’d whisper, barely just above a whisper. he nods desperately and whines out a response. ‘cum for me pretty boy, i got you.’ and fuck he would.
— the most whiny of them all, will call you mommy, adores eating you out when he’s submissive
how pretty he would look when you’re sitting on his face. he would have begged you obviously. he would try to hold onto your hips to bring you down closer, to completely suffocate himself in your cunt but you would slap away his hands. feet planted on the floor, he would be bucking his hips upwards, right into the fleshlight you were holding above his aching cock. whining against your clit, the vibrations would feel so good to you, n you know it would only be right to make him feel just as good, you flick on the vibrator you had around your fingers, pressing it to his balls as you let him go balls deep into the plastic pussy. he groans so fucking loud, his lips and tongue faltering against your messy cunt. he pulls away for a moment for breath, but you just grab his hair and pull him back, taking the vibrator off as a punishment. ‘don’t stop. if you stop, i take these away.’ he nods against you and sucks down tightly onto your clit, drawing a nasty noise from you. you can feel the way his hips buck wildly up into your hand, into the toy. you thrust the toy against him roughly, giving him a taste of how you’d be riding him right now, and he loses it. the way he would make the nastiest sounds, hands frantically grabbing at you, your hips, your tits, ass, anything as he cums into the toy, dripping out and down his shaft. you’d absolutely fuck him after that, slipping his softening cock into you easily, hearing how overstimulated he is but grows hard again so quick.
Tumblr media
tagging @okhotel @paradisdementor @soaringmirror @pocks-waifu @rowsn @strawberryerwin @chaotic-nick
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leyyvi · 14 days ago
Naps weren't really Levi's thing until he started dating you. He found them to be a waste of time, disorienting too. But you love naps. You love napping in the late afternoon, when most people are busy driving home from work.
Levi's had the privilege of being able to work from home. He's grateful for it, a reason being how much time he gets to spend with you. He finds it adorable to come out from his office to see you curled up on the sofa, a light blanket over your shoulders to counteract the chill of the air conditioner blasting whilst also basking in the sun through tinted windows.
Not too dissimilar to a cat who indulges in leisure for a majority of the day.
Levi smiles at the familiar sight, though a part of him feels sleepy enough to want to join you this time. Work hasn't been too kind, with endless arguments during meetings and tasks that seem to last longer than his assigned hours.
A small break couldn't hurt, right?
And so he tucks himself into the space in front of you on the sofa, keeping outside of the blanket as your head meets his chest. You tiredly flutter your eyes up at him as he leans on his elbow.
"How's work?"
"A shit show," he rumbles softly as his thumb traces your hairline. Your arm automatically drapes over the dip in his waist, fingertips settling just under the hem of his shirt.
"Gonna nap with me?" You ask, closing your eyes and nuzzling further against his chest. He's wearing your favorite shirt. The soft cotton one you got for his birthday after figuring out he had sensory issues with certain fabrics.
"Mhm, not for four hours like you though," he teases, the hint of a chortle hiding in his voice. You huff and flick one of his pecs.
Levi's hand traces up and down the curve o your spine in an attempt to soothe you back to sleep. You drift off to the repetitive gliding of his nails, to the even breaths that fan over the top of your head.
Levi thrives off your relaxed state, eyes drooping as you curl further into him. He loves that you feel comfortable enough to fall asleep around him, to be vulnerable enough to surrender to dreams as he observes you. He loves seeing the faint, satisfied smile when his nails leave the lightest scratches on your skin.
You lean into the loving touches with a content sigh. He offers a kiss to the top of your head.
"Adorable," he whispers to himself, smitten with the way you grasp at him everytime he pauses strokes and scratches.
"Yeah, you are."
"Mm, not me."
"Yes you."
"Go back to sleep."
"Only when you do."
Levi clicks his tongue, eyes rolling in jest. Your hand ventures under his shirt to return to his waist, happy with feeling the warmth of his skin on your fingertips.
The sun still remains high in the sky, summer allowing for the days to be just a little longer. A bit sweeter as he and you soak up the faint remnants of vitamin D through the bay window.
It's almost nostalgic, feeling how the sun kisses you two. A faint reminder of those younger days in school, when you would lay on the grass of the soccer field and daydream about your futures.
When Levi would talk of how he'd take his Mother on the most extravagant trips after he got a good job. All the while silently fantasizing bringing you right along with him.
When you would mention your own plans and have your own thoughts of including your best friend, too. Who would've thought that Levi would be the one to gather enough courage to confess after college? To be the one to tell you how in love with you he's been since you two since childhood?
Not that he'd ever expect you to feel the same way, and imagine his surprise when the tears streaming down your face spoke "finally, you said something" instead of rejection.
Levi thinks about those moments often in the silent seconds like this. How grateful and lucky he is to hold you in his arms. To play with your hair, watch and adore you in your most peaceful moments. To make you feel loved and happy--it's all he wants.
He'll continue every sweet trace of your figure cuddled up against him until his consciousness surrenders and drifts off with you.
Sometimes, naps can be nice.
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