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Chapters: 14/20 Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Rating: Explicit Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Levi Ackerman/You, Levi Ackerman/Reader, Levi Ackerman & Reader, Levi Ackerman & Original Female Character(s) Characters: Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, Armin Arlert, You, Reader, Eren Yeager, Jean Kirstein, Marco Bott, Kenny Ackerman, Furlan Church, Original Characters Additional Tags: CEO Levi Ackerman, Fluff and Angst, Angst, Fluff and Smut, Angry Levi Ackerman, Possessive Levi Ackerman, Soft Levi Ackerman, Smut, Eventual Smut, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Shameless Smut, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Modern Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan, Sugar Daddy Levi Ackerman, Idiots in Love, Levi Ackerman is Bad at Feelings, Reader-Insert, Eventual Romance, Angst with a Happy Ending, Beta read but probably still has errors Summary:
Your heart told you that this was a bad idea, and that it would all inevitably backfire on you. But you chose to push those thoughts from your mind, and instead you took hold of the pen. You signed your name on the indicated dotted line of the contract, and then you handed Levi the same pen. You watched as he too, signed his name. Levi Ackerman, your boss, was also now your boyfriend.
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The only reason I haven’t watched Aot s4 was bc i didn’t want to see Levi on the verge of death 😭😭😭
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what’s your biggest levi ackerman fantasy?
mine is slowly dancing with him under a starry sky
Tumblr media
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Hi, looks like your requests are open again! You don’t mine if I had one?
Kid Levi was found by the reader's mom after the death of his mother. Mom introduces you and Levi stays with your family because poor child needs to be taken care of. Over the years, Levi falls in love with reader, he is grateful to you and your mother for kindness and caring but he is too shy to confess his feelings to you, in the end he does it and he is happy that his feelings are mutual and your mom bless your both because she Levi like son to her
Tumblr media
We're destined to be.
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: Romance, fluff, cute, falling in love, growing up together, modern AU.
Concept: Your mother took in Levi after his mother passed away in the hospital from a sickness. She had promised her dear friend Kuchel she'd look after Levi. Levi becomes part of your family, but you don't really see him as your brother but as a best friend living with you. As the years go by, you both get closer and your feelings begin to blossom and change.
Tumblr media
You sat on the doorstep of your home with a bag full of goodies. You looked up as your mother's car pulled up. You jumped up and down as she got out. "Did they say yes?"
She smiled and opened the back door. "You tell me."
You gasped at Levi climbing out with a present in his arms. "Levi!" You squealed and ran over to your best friend who was seven like you. You hugged him tightly. "Hi! Welcome!"
Levi blushed and hugged you back. "Hi."
You pulled back with a grin. "I have presents!"
He took the bag from you. "Thank you."
You pointed inside. "I picked it all myself!"
Your mother nudged Levi. "Go on."
Levi held out a present. "F-For you."
You took the present from him. "Thank you." You held Levi's hand and pulled him along. "Come on!"
Levi looked at your mother and blushed at her wink. He followed you to his new bedroom. He watched you walk around the room as you talked about where his things were, all the fun things you could do together, how you could play all the time. He welled up a little at how nice you were being and how he missed his mummy.
You turned to him and saw his tears. You gasped and ran over. "It's okay." You hugged him tightly. "You're safe here. We might not be your family, but we'll try our best!"
He clung to you as he sobbed. "Thank you."
You petted his head and held him until he stopped crying. "You should open your presents."
He sat on the floor and opened his bag to see you'd gotten him a notebook for feelings, pens of different colours, a cuddly toy of a cat and some sweets. "Thank you."
You grinned. "I'm glad you liked them." You opened yours and gasped at the soft cuddly toy. "I love it. Thank you so much!"
He smiled softly. "I'm glad."
You shuffled over to his side and kissed his cheek. "It'll be okay."
Levi blushed a little. "I know."
You got up and walked over to his bedside table. You grabbed the photo there and handed it over to Levi. "Here."
He looked at it to see it was a picture of Levi and his mother. "Thank you."
"She'll watch over you as you sleep."
He nodded and hummed. "Yeah."
You crouched and hugged your legs. "Mummy and I will look after you."
He smiled at you. "Thank you."
You stood up and ran to his door with your new toy. "Are you okay here? You can come with me to play."
Levi looked up at you. "Wait." He got up and ran after you with his cuddly cat. "I want to come with you." He held your hand with a little blush. "I want to stay with you."
You smiled at him. "Okay." You pulled him along to the kitchen where your mum was. "Mummy?"
She looked over at you and Levi. "Yes, my little doves?"
"Could we have something to eat?"
"Of course! I'm making dinner right now. Why don't you both get a drink and play in the front room while I cook."
You made Levi and you a drink before you led him into the living room. You sat down and huffed. "Is there anything you want to play?"
He shook his head. "I'm okay."
You turned the tv on. "What about cartoons?"
He blushed. "If you hold my hand."
You grabbed his hand and held it tightly. "Sure!"
Tumblr media
You knocked on Levi's door, but he didn't answer. You pouted and knocked louder. "LEVIIII!" You shoved his door open. You stared wide-eyed at Levi as he hand his hand under his bed cover where his crotch was. You laughed as he shouted your name and fumbled about as he sat up with a blush. "Oh wow, sixteen-year-old boys are weird."
He huffed. "What the hell brat?"
"I did knock."
"I didn't say come in."
You leaned in the doorway. "My mum's gonna freak knowing you were touching yourself." You gasped. "Who were you thinking about!? Oh! Was it Hange? No! Erwin? No! Petra!"
He looked away from you as you ran over to him. "N-No one."
You sat on the side of his bed. "Lies. Well, whoever she is you should ask her out instead of jacking off to the thought of her." You smiled at him. "You're a good-looking guy. She'll say yes to a date." You jumped to your feet. "Anyway, school. So, hurry up with whatever you're doing and come join us for breakfast."
"Tch, yeah."
You walked to the door. "Maybe next time lock your door."
"Get out!"
You closed the door and laughed. "See you in a bit!"
He groaned and put his head in his hands. He was embarrassed that the person he was thinking about had walked in on him. You both never saw each other as brother and sister, your mother never called him son. He was just a friend living with you and his feelings for you were growing stronger the older he got.
He got ready for the day and joined you and your mother. "Tch, oi brat? Don't you have something on today at school?"
You sipped your tea. "Nah, I don't think so."
He stared at you. "Think about it."
You pulled a face as you thought about it for a bit. "Oh! Oh! I have a council meeting at the end of school! It's about the school festival."
Your mother smiled. "Oh, alright. You want me to pick you up, or are you going to walk?"
Levi blushed a little. "I'll wait for her and walk her back. If I don't, she'll get lost and do something stupid."
You pouted. "Hey! I'm not that bad."
He ruffled your hair. "Hurry up, we need to go."
You grabbed your bag and lunch things. You kissed your mother's cheek. "Bye mum! Love you!"
She frowned. "Hey! Isn't it valentine's day today as well? You not got any chocolate?"
You ran out the door. "No!"
She looked over at Levi. "Sorry lad, maybe next year."
Levi blushed. "Tch, yeah." He slipped out of the house and shouted your name. "Slow down!"
You skidded to a stop and turned to him. "Sorry, sorry!" You grinned at him. "You got anything on? Sporting event?"
He shook his head. "No, nothing." He caught up with you. "Still training."
You walked with him. "So, what are you going to do while I'm in my meeting?"
He shrugged. "Probably study."
"You don't need to study. You're super smart."
He smiled a little. "That a good thing?"
You nodded. "It's really good. I like how smart you are."
He blushed a bit. "Good."
You hummed as you got closer to school. "You're being eyed up by ladies. You're always so popular on Valentine's day. How come you don't accept the chocolate?"
"It gives them hope. I want to be honest. I don't like any of them." He blushed more as he looked at you. "I will only accept chocolate from a girl I like."
You smiled. "I can't wait to see who it is."
He let out a long sigh knowing that his hints would not get through to you. "Hmm." He stopped at school. "I'll see you in classes."
He walked around the school and went about his day as he kept an eye on you. He rejected all the gifts offered to him because he only wanted something from you. He sat around at the end of the day while you were in your meeting. He let out a long sigh as more girls offered him chocolate, but he said no.
He perked up when you left the building, but he saw you laughing with the president of the council. Levi didn't like the guy at all because he liked you and he was a smartass snob. "Tch, oi brat?"
You waved to the president and ran over to Levi. "Hey! Good to see you. You didn't have to wait for me."
"I wanted to." He looked over to the president hanging around. "What's his deal? He's been eyeing you up for ages."
You looked over at the president. "Huh, I dunno. He did ask me if I had chocolate for him and I told him he could shove it. I don't like him like that."
You walked along with him and hummed in thought. "So, what are your plans after high school? You going further?"
"Yeah, you?"
You nodded. "Yeah."
"Good. You're smart and you deserve happiness."
You stopped a little where you had a view of the town. "Thanks, so do you." You opened your bag and turned to Levi. "Hey, Levi?"
He looked over at you. "Hmm?"
You handed him a box as you felt nerves inside you. "Happy Valentine's day."
Levi stared at the box you were offering him. "You...you made this for me?"
You nodded. "I only made you something."
He walked closer and took the box from you. He opened it up to see handmade chocolates. "Wow."
"Do you accept?"
He nodded. "I do. I need to get you something for white day."
"Oh, you don’t need to."
"I want to." He walked up to you. "I really want to." He leaned closer and kissed you. "I told you, I'd only accept chocolates from the girl I like."
You hugged him and pressed your face against him. "I like you too."
"We need to talk to your mum."
Tumblr media
You looked around your dorm room at college and admired the place. You had it all set up to fit your needs. You looked over at your door when you heard a comotion about a hot guy. You ran over and opened your door to see a blushing Levi with flowers and surrounded by women.
You giggled and waved at him. "Levi?"
Levi shifted past the ladies and hurried down to you. "Hey, sorry I umm..." He blushed a bit. "Have you settled in? I've moved all my stuff in. I hate how we're not in the same dorm."
"It's okay. You can visit and I'll visit you."
You stepped aside. "Come on in."
He slipped into your room and looked around the place. "Wow, you've really made this like home."
You locked your door before sitting on your bed. "Yup. I even have a nice picture too by my bed."
Levi sat next to you to see your picture was of him and you. "Cute."
You put the flowers he had on the side. "Would you like to makeout?"
He locked eyes with you as he blushed a little. "I would." He shifted closer and pulled you into his arms. "I really would."
He tangled his fingers in your hair as he pressed his lips against yours. He nipped your lip allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth. He lay you down against your bed and rolled onto his side with you. He hummed a little laugh with him at how cute and fun it was to be with you like this. He slipped his hand under your shirt and onto your back with his fingers lightly tracing patterns on your skin.
Levi pulled back and sighed. "You should get some rest, unless you're going to some party?"
You shook your head. "I'm not going. I want to stay here with you."
"Okay, we'll stay like this together."
You closed your eyes and shifted closer. "Good. I'm happy."
He played with your hair as he kissed your forehead. "We should call your mother."
"After a nap."
He hummed a laugh. "Alright, after a nap."
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Underneath Your Touch 
Tumblr media
The fire light illuminated Levi’s pale face against yours. You were face to face, stuck in the small cupboard that Hange pushed you two into. His grey eyes holding enough confusion for the two of you as you both tried to understand what had just happened.
Hange, as amazing as they are, wanted to play a bit of a prank on the two of you. Opting to lying and tricking you and the captain that they needed both of you in the kitchen. They hid and waited until the two of you had entered the kitchen of the Scouts and then with a bit help from Moblit, pushed you two into a very small, a very cramped cupboard.
While running away they shouted something about how the two of you needed some “alone time”.
“HANGE”, Levi had been yelling but you were too distracted by the way his hair had moved over to cover his eyes. It made his pale skin stand out against the already dark cupboard. Although you could only see his outline, the holes of the cupboard allowed for streams of light to pour in, givving you just enough light to see that his cheeks had turned a light shade of rose.
“Aw Captain”, you teased, “dont tell me you’re actually enjoy our little cuddling session.”
Whipping his head around, Levi gritted his teeth and turned his deadly stare upon you.
Shit. Maybe I shouldn’t have teased him.
Your face relaxed a bit and you tried to raise your hands in a surrendering motion. Almost like a white flag swung in battle. But to your surprise (really it shouldnt have been a surprise), your arms were pinned to your sides. Unable to show your remorse, you opted for a small smile instead.
Levi was still staring at you, frown etched in place and eyes like a hawk. He looked like he was fighting to burst into a fit.
“Cap-” you started but he ended the words with a quick movement. One that involved his lips snatching yours in a gentle kiss.
Although most of the movement was restricted by the wooden walls, you made an effort to move closer to him and press your bodies against each other. Levi did the same and adjusted his hands to grab your waist as he twisted his head to gain deeper access to your mouth.
The kiss started out as tender as he held you softly. But soon it grew as you could feel your lover’s hunger for you as you shifted to give him what he wanted.
Levi attacked your lips like a starving wolf hunting its prey. You the all too willing rabbit let him devour you and taste you until he had fully ravished you.
All too soon, Levi pulled away but not too far way. Just enough to rest his forehead to yours. Looking at you with gleaming eyes and a soft smile, he said, “ enjoying that, cadet?”
Immediatly your cheeks filled with heat from the flirtly tone of his voice. You would have fallen over had Levi’s hands not been there to steady you.
“Hange you can’t just lock your comrades in the cupboards.” The sound of the commander could have been heard through the walls and immediatly you knew you had to step away from Levi but he had a different idea.
Quickly, he placed a hand to your cheek and gave your mouth a small kiss. Two. And then a third for good measure it seemed. Then he dropped his hand and scooted back as far as the walls of your prison allowed.
But was it really a prison when you were trapped with the hottest solider? Scratched that. Hottest man behind the walls.
The tumbling of the doors of the cupboard moved just enough for you to see face of the commander. He was looking down at you with surprise and a bashful smile. This hadnt been the first time Hange was unhinged and decided to play a trick on her comrades.
“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to let us out.” Glancing quickly to your side you saw that Levi was adjusting his curvet. Fingers that had just been pressed up on your cheek, now adjusting his hair. You really wanted to feel his warmth again. Against your cheek, your hip. Anything to have his touch on you again.
“Quite the attidude,” Erwin commented, raising a brow. “Maybe a bit of time in the cupboard with Y/N, will help with that.” With a quick wink directed to you and a quick shove, Erwin once again locked you in the cupboard. Entracpting the two of you once again.
Levi screamed Erwin’s name along with a string of curse words and although the way Levi was fuming would have made anyone else yelp and run away, it was cute to you. Like an anrgy kitten who had just gotten drenched from the rain.
With a small giggle you turned your body towards Levi again and reached out to place a hand on his cheek.
Gaze softening, he relaxed underneath your soft caress. Eyes closed, he let his head fall into your hand, knowing you were there to catch him.
And you were there for him. Through all of it. The lost of his allies, his friends. He had been through so much through his life time and maybe Hange had a good idea. A small little trick to help lighten his mood.
Adjusting his eyes to look at you, Levi pressed a small kiss into your hand. Quite the action, if you did say yourself, since Levi being the clean freak he was. But it had seemed as he had deviated from everything that was normal as he pulled you closer and ravished you like you were the last meal he would ever have.
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Sometimes when I read Levi fanfics and it says something like “he hung up his tan jacket”, I picture this instead of the uniform
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Coslplayer: migo_mir
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I started a new routine at the gym. I can't move my legs properly of how sore they are.
Is this what dating Levi would feel like?
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Tumblr media
Okay I need to stop hyper-fixating on drawing so I’m gonna take a break for a couple days. But enjoy a Levi pic before I go!
🌻Twitter 🌻
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So my Levi x reader fan fic on Wattpad, Serotonin. I had to get a new account for some reason, so I’m re writing it and putting it on a different account. My user is “God_complex12” the name of the story is Serotonin, if you liked it before please do check it out.
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Chapters: 11/14 Fandom: Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death Relationships: Levi Ackerman/Reader, Levi Ackerman & Reader, Levi Ackerman/You, Levi Ackerman/Original Female Character(s) Characters: Levi Ackerman, Eren Yeager, Jean Kirstein, Sasha Blouse, Hange Zoë, Erwin Smith, Connie Springer, Zeke Yeager, Floch Forster, Reader, You, Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert, Isabel Magnolia, Furlan Church, Eld Jinn, Petra Ral, Oluo Bozado, Original Characters, Krista Lenz | Historia Reiss, Moblit Berner Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Modern Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan, Alternate Universe - Zombie Apocalypse, Angst, Fluff and Angst, Smut, Blood and Gore, Sorry Not Sorry, Reader-Insert, Soft Levi Ackerman, Badass Levi Ackerman, Protective Levi Ackerman, Blood and Violence, Major Character Injury, Character Death, So much angst, sorry bout it, Shameless Smut, buckle up kiddos, Angst and Humor, Long-Haired Eren Yeager, so much blood and gore Summary:
He stepped back a little bit, and you watched in confusion as he took off one of his leather gloves. “I’m fine. Look.” He stepped forward again, shoving his hand in your face, along with the beam of the flashlight.
Your eyes grew impossibly wider as your mind tried to register what you were seeing.
There, on the palm and side of his hand, was another bite.
But it… It wasn’t… It didn’t look…
It didn’t look new. It almost looked like it was mostly healed.
Levi was watching you carefully. “This is two weeks old.” He told you evenly.
You stared at him, entirely incapable of saying anything at all.
Levi sighed with obvious frustration. “I’m immune.” He spelled it out for you.
What the hell?
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Levi coming home to take care of you while you’re sick.
He walks through the door and sees you cuddled up on the couch in a blanket watching some tv
“Hi baby I’m back with some soup and meds to help you feel better”
You sniffle and say “thank you for taking care of me Levi. you really don’t have to do this... I don’t want to get you sick”
“It’s no problem at all. I want you to get better as soon as possible and I know if I wasn’t here you’d just stay on that couch the whole time and not take care of yourself”
You playfully roll your eyes at that comment. It is kinda true though, you think.
Levi then gives you some meds and makes you some soup which Immediately make you feel so much better
“Feeling better?” He asks while running a hand through your hair
“Mmhmm thank you” you say with a mouthful of soup. He would usually scold you for that but you just look so cute wrapped up in that blanket that he doesn’t have the heart to.
“Okay well you keep resting and let me know if you need anything. I’m going to go work on some more stuff in my office”
He starts to walk away before you stop him
“Wait! Can I have a kiss?” You pucker your lips and bat your eyelashes
“Ew no. I don’t want your germs”
Pouting, you wrap yourself back in the blanket and lay back down.
He sighs and walks over to you and then lands a kiss on your forehead. Then he sees how cute you look again and can’t resist you anymore and pecks your lips.
“I love you, Levi”
“I love you too”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I’m obsessed
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Could you do a 62 (from your prompt list) with levi? I appreciate it :)
Levi Ackerman x Reader (Prompt Drabble)
Tumblr media
Out of habit, I made the canonically subby Levi, lemme know if you wanted it backward or longer (I was trying to get it out to you) :) Note: I just realized I haven't written Levi x Fem reader yet :(
Want more from me? Master List 2
☆*: .。. .。.:*☆☆*: .。. .。.:*☆☆*: .。. .。.:*☆
“You’re being defiant tonight Levi, I thought I told you to keep your hands to yourself today. Now look where it’s gotten you.”
He shudders as you nip at his neck, hand trailing down his defined chest.
“You were the tease—ah!”
You smirked into his collar bone, “Always so sensitive there…”
Soon your naughty hand played with the hem of his pants.
“Please, [Name],” his hands desperately grab for you.
“What did I say?”
It was too late, Levi couldn’t take it back.
“Since you’re not listening, I’ll make you.”
His cheeks darkened at the sound of that.
“So, Levi,” you leaned into his face, “What should I tie you up with?”
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Tumblr media
Practicing and these two just kinda happened
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