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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell has been my comfort book for a hot minute, especially since it’s my senior year of high school and I’m about to relate to Cath even more than before. Whenever I get stressed about college, it’s my go-to. Well, my dream school decision comes out in 10 days. Aka, I’m going to end up reading that damn book once a day.

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so i’m reading fangirl again (because college is terrible and makes me sad and i need some happiness in my life), and i am so annoyed. honestly, how DARE rainbow rowell write a character like levi, lovely and wholesome levi, and completely RUIN all potential boyfriends for me. the AUDACITY. no boy could ever be levi. i am crushed.

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in fangirl levi says that his favorite simon snow character is penelope. penelope is the hermione. hermione is a the bookworm/token nerd. between levi, reagan, and cath, cath was the biggest bookworm/nerd. he was trying to tell her he was into her all along. in this essay i will-

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hhn consider: cath realizes he’s a trans guy and part of the reason he was so drawn to snowbaz was bc he wanted to be in a mlm relationship himself and hes kinda nervous to tell levi at first bc he doesnt know how he’ll react but levi is obvs super duper bi and is like bruh i love guys of course im still gonna wanna date u ! and so levi and wren and reagan r just rlly supportive and helpful to cath during his transition and hes just constantly crying bc his friend group is so good to him anyways . have my extremely valid concept

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oh my god, I just realized something…

The three of them were the only people under forty bowling tonight, which didn’t stop Levi from talking to absolutely every single person in the building. He talked to the guy who was spraying the shoes, the retired couples in the next lane, a whole group of moms in some league who sent him away with ruffled hair and a pitcher of beer….

Reagan acted like she didn’t notice.

“I think there’s a baby in the corner you forgot to kiss,” Cath said to him.

“Where’s a baby?” His eyes perked up.


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