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snak3b1te-smi1es · 19 hours ago
headcannons about poly / freeuse vibes with the brothers and mc? not anything cest, they’re just demons and don’t care about monogamy and each find time throughout the day to use mc to relieve some stress 💕
Tumblr media
❝ the obey me brothers vs. poly agreement mc ❞
ft. lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmodeus, beel, belphie — obey me!
requests — open!
dni if under 16
Tumblr media
— honestly, it starts when the brothers start falling in love with you one by one, but they don't know how to work around each other. — so, of course asmo being asmo, he suggests that they just all each have one day a week to be with you. — everyone casually being like, "did you have fun with [other brother] yesterday?" no jealousy. only vibes. — the public finding out about this arrangement with the seven top demons of the devildom and starting to flirt with you when you go out because they think you're up for grabs for anyone who wants you. — and subsequently getting the shit beat out of them by the brothers. even levi joins in beating them up for daring to flirt with you — and double dates with beel and belphie!!! a date at the ice cream place where you lean over and give beel a kiss, and then belphie gets pouty!! so you kiss him too!! and they're happy!! — no because i'd like to suggest satan always trying to outdo lucifer!! a competition where they bond over pleasing you, jokingly "arguing" over who did it better! — movie nights. one demon in your lap, one on either side, two sitting on the floor with their cheeks resting on each of your knees, someone behind you on the couch with their arms draped gently on your neck and shoulders!! — also getting all the food. like, they would constantly be sharing food with you. — it would be a FIGHT to share food with you. like, they would compete with each other over who gets to share their snacks with you. — belphie would absolutely steal you away from dates with the other brothers to do Things
— and now the nsfw!! — the brothers going one after another in a day. you fucked out, having had lips and tongues and teeth and dicks all over you all day. being blissed out. — the brothers after beel complaining quietly because his massive horsecock stretched you out, but not finding it in themselves to be mad because you feel so good. — satan asking things like "can he (lucifer) make you feel this good?" — please say no for your own safety. mans will get like 200x rougher if you say yes. — having different experiences with the brothers!! slow, teasing, sensual sex with asmo, but rough, animal fucking with beel and satan!! — THE BRAINROT IS REAL
Tumblr media
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little-spoiled-brat · a day ago
humanity’s strongest soldier. most people know him as the stoic, emotionless man that was as strong as an entire brigade. but only a few saw the man as who he truly was — human. a human with emotions and feelings, not a soldier in war, not a titan killing machine. levi ackerman, just levi ackerman and nothing else.
you wondered where your husband was since he disappeared after coming back from the task that he had as captain, a task that would never get easier to do no matter how many times anyone does it — delivering the cloaks of the comrades you lost in the last expedition.
you went around the headquarters trying to find him, asking people if they had seen him but you didn’t get any leads on where levi could be. soon enough you found him in your shared bedroom, legs brought up to his chest, face buried in his knees, and soft sniffles coming from the usually emotionless man. you frowned, carefully approaching him and putting a hand on his shoulder.
“are you okay, my love?” you asked, gently cupping his cheek as levi looked up at you. tears fell down his cheeks, you gingerly wiped them away as more tears fell down from his eyes at the loving gesture before he clung himself onto you.
“i-i had to- had to tell their f-family” levi choked, burying his face in the crook of your neck. you cradled the back of his head gently, pulling him onto your lap as you held him tightly against you. you kissed his temple, staying silent as you knew that no words would ever be able to get rid of the guilt that he felt everytime a comrade of his dies in battle.
instead, you simply held him. you let him cry on your shoulder, rubbing his back, running your hand through his hair, and ocassionally kissing his temple. most of the time, that was all levi needed, to be held and let himself be vulnerable for once.
and you were the only person levi trusted to see him like that — a human with emotions and feelings.
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lazyexuseforausername · 2 days ago
Y/n, smirking: “Aha, lookin good Ackerman.”
Levi: “Y/n, we’ve been married for 3 years. Why are you still calling me by my last name?”
Y/n, Standing infront of a mirror, “Oh.. I was talking to myself.”
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levmada · 16 hours ago
Imagine taking Levi's virginity tho.... Him basically crying into your mouth as he cums from another person for the first time, not knowing what to do with himself !!!!!
holy fucking shit my biggest kink 👁
//no warnings besides smut. mdni/mdnf
taking levi's virginity is just... magical. he's so responsive to everything. the very knowledge that it's happening is enough to make his lower half heat, and before you know it, your straddling his lap while sat up in his bed, doing nothing but exchanging light, pillowy kisses, and he's half-hard.
his hands shake the slightest bit and he has no idea what do with them. they're braced on the bed by his sides and he needs you to set them around your waist.
it's only when you're dragging your lips down his sensitive neck, making him twitch up towards you and gasp already, that he clutches for you any place he can reach that will even remotely ground him. it's so overwhelming for him to be kissed in a special place not only where he's never been kissed, but to be kissed with so much softness and care.
there comes a point when his shirt is wide open and you're leaving a wet trail behind from loving on his chest. you go so achingly slowly. but it is imperative u take it slow when it's levi's first time. being vulnerable for him?? unimaginable. letting himself actually unwind and feel good?? never. by you? jesus.
groping virgin!levi's big chest and flicking his pink nipples till theyre all peaked and he's gasping at the littlest touch. you scrub his hard peaks with your tongue and he's fucking melting.
then he gropes for u to hold onto. he's so rough about it too bc there is no way for him to act blithe and annoyed about this situation, not while being totally blindsided by the pleasure. he had no idea it would feel so good. so, he's compensating by fisting ur shirt and kissing u hard. rough is all he knows.
i think his first time is also the only time he'll let himself lay underneath and let himself be taken care of, mostly bc he's too stunned to do anything else. he's already hot and overwhelmed by the time your hand is moving between his legs, brushing down that big bulge in his pants with just a few fingertips to get him used to someone else touching him.
and he needs it. it's one of those rare times when levi is left openly vulnerable and unsure. he fights for his life to not let any noises escape, and in the same way, his legs will keep twitching closed at first because he's embarrassed by being so exposed; if u don't get undressed also, virgin!levi will grow anxious from the weird power balance.
he doesn't say much besides respond to you either. levi is far from a chatty person in general, and he's so shy the first time :( with his rough hands he caresses your shoulders, down your sides, your back and holds your jaw when he kisses you. when you have sex with levi in general, he's very touchy.
virgin!levi wants to face you at all times, but he's also flopping his cheek on the pillow and sluggishly tossing it back and forth because it's too intense to look u in the eye while you're playing with his cock and making him feel so good. he could swallow them down at first, but he's too sensitive, and virgin!levi has never been kissed on his thighs before. he's so sensitive in fact that his hips will always be pushing up into your mouth or hand, and he's always concealing little whines, always scraping at the bedsheets, your hair, your hips - always needing something to hold onto.
levi just cant stay quiet forever. when your hand is roaming through the dark wiry hair between his legs, his blushing cock hard and being stroked by your hand in a loose grip, his chest lifts and a ghostly little ah sound escapes him.
before you even pull him out of his pants, there will be a wet spot marking the front of his briefs lol. his cock is so messy from the start, with fat globs of his cum dribbling from the tip. his balls get so full and achy so quickly :( very soon he's broken out into a sweat and his tummy muscles twitch under ur hand.
let's be real, levi doesn't like to get off by himself very often unless it's way too distracting to deal with. and virgin!levi?? his back will start arching relatively quickly and unless you hold him his big strong thighs apart they'll be closing around your head or ur hand... and if ur amab andyou're gently rocking inside him, levi's heels will literally lock behind your back. his hips will be rocking up, chasing anything and everything you're giving him.
and when he's right on the edge?? u r so right anon, all his soft low sounds grow cut and high in his throat and he'll cry out loud in your arms when he finally cums.
virgin!levi goes totally fucking stupid when he cums, and he cums so fucking hard. all the sounds and smells and sensations makes liquid heat burn in his blood and his cock jump in your hand. the waves of his climax feel like theyre literally crashing over him.
baby cums so much, too. u can bet it's been a long while since virgin!levi got off, so he's just riding it out forever, shaking and whining and twitching. hot cum shoots up to his pecs and all over his belly.
his fingers will get shaky and his head is all floaty and warm. it's unlike any afterglow virgin!levi has ever had bc he's never rly had a reason to. bask in it.
levi's stamina in general is crazy, but it would be insanely easy for him to get hard again after he's not so over-stimulated. he's probably still half-hard after he's just caught his breath tbh.
virgin!levi playing with your pussy for the first time ... fucking adoring the hot heavy sweet way your cum tastes and getting way too ahead of himself by making out with your soft cunt. lapping at your twitching entrance like he's dying of thirst and obediently letting you guide his head. stroking his heavy tongue through your slit with both lips held open for his mouth :( he fucking loves to be choked by your thighs.
hahaha is it obvious i love this concept?
as a p.s... i also think virgin!levi's preconceived notions of what getting intimate means are so confused with what he witnessed as a kid in the brothel. he didn't think it could be this soft and move this slow. he thought bruises and aches were a given, and if you actually wanted him inside, he would've pulled back, aghast with you.
he'd be like, "But, I don't want to hurt you."
he assumes that it's always supposed to hurt for you at least at some point, no matter how careful he is. the fact that - if it's done right - it won't hurt at all totally blindsides him.
When you're like ???? "What do you mean?" Levi will flat-out get a little annoyed and ask "Don't you know how it works?"
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postwarlevi · 2 days ago
A moment with Post-war Levi inspired by Tangled's Kingdom Dance scene? I think yes🥰
Tumblr media
It's one of Levi's first times actually going out with you since the end of the war and he's done wonderful progress healing, preferring to use his cane rather than his chair. Getting tired of walking, you give him the chance to sit down and rest while you finishing buying whatever fresh goods are available that you could use for dinner that night.
Reluctantly, he sits and waits for you to return, but the sound of your laughter has him back on his feet at a regretfully fast movement to his healing knee. He all but stumbles through the crowd and freezes the moment he spots you dancing around. The music roars through the air and there's people cheering, but he can only focus on the dazzling smile on your face as you twist and turn with such joy to the music.
And he realizes that he's never seen you dance before. Not even on nights after a rather successful expedition when the Scouts would dance their worries away after a drink or two.
People join in and pull you every which way, but you reach out for Levi time and time again. You've had about five different partners up to this point and try again to reach out for Levi.
He doesn't hesitate to pull you in. You crash against him and for a moment, he forgets his cane. You're enough to keep him upright.
Levi gives a gentle "C'mon," but doesn't do anything to move away. Instead, he's mesmerized by this joyful, carefree version of yourself that he just witnessed. And for a moment, he wishes he could dance with you, he wishes the nagging of his injuries would quiet down for a bit, give him the pleasure of swaying with you.
It's a feeling that sticks with him for the entirety of the walk back home, long after you've already put the things away and washed up for the night. And quietly, he just holds you close, swaying from side to side and absolutely enjoying the soft humming of a melody that ripples through your throat.
Hi dear! I apologize you letting this (and something else…) sit in my inbox. I'm very bad at that :( (also tumblr was fighting me!!)
But this is so sweet and adorable and I wanted to do something with it! Uh, might've turned it a slight tad angsty. 1400+ words
Levis worked very hard to get the use of his legs back, and is so much further along then just a month ago. You've been with him the whole time, pushing him when he needs it, telling him to take it slower others. You're so proud of his progress.
"I wanna leave the chair today." He knows this could mean trouble, with lots of walking ahead, but he has to try.
"Of course." You say confidently, getting his cane. Maybe you're a little nervous, but today is the day he wants to try, so you are supportive.
"What do you want for dinner today?" You ask while going at a pace that you hope won't bother Levis leg. You have a small cart with you to help hold what you get.
So far, so good though. "Whatever you pick will be fine. Something fresh." He likes to help you in the kitchen with the produce you pick.
It takes a short while to get to town and the vendors and you start out at your normal spots, getting fruits and vegetables, spices, teas, and more.
Soon you realize Levi lagging behind. "Are you okay?" You ask with concern.
"I'm sorry, it's just…" He huffs, annoyed with himself. He isn't even carrying all the bags and still needs a break.
"Don't be sorry! Let's go sit down." You sense how he's feeling and wish he wouldn't.
You get Levi settled in a good spot and leave what you've already bought with him.
"This okay?" You ask softly, standing in front of him and pushing his hair back.
"Yeah, thanks." He leans into your touch and you bend to kiss his forehead.
You go to finish up and Levi people watches in the meantime. It's getting a little crowded and he's lost sight of you.
He doesn't think much of it until he starts to hear a commotion and your voice can be heard. His heart drops as he jumps up, regretting it immediately. Partly because his leg, and also because the noise you made wasn't one of despair.
He leaves the bags, sure no one will bother them, and moves to find you. There's a sudden burst of music and cheering and after a moment, there you are, dancing along with the crowd, smiling ear to ear.
Levi can just watch, you're aura so bright you're positively glowing. You see him and wave and he smiles as you get turned around, your joy easily spreading to him.
Levi stands there a little to long and when his leg spasms his smile fades some. Even if this isn't a usual activity of his, if he had wanted to join you, it would be difficult.
He leans on his cane and moves his weight off the one leg the best he can. If there was a sign of grief on his face he wipes it away before you can notice, not wanting to upset your moment.
He watches your dress and hair float along behind you, following as you change partners. You catch his eye every time you swing by him, so radiant he swears he can't feel any pain.
You want so badly for him to join, in the back of your mind you realize it would be quite an astonishing thing, but you still wish it. You would slow down for him, sway happily to the fast music with everyone still twirling behind you.
And you could almost swear he wants the same. So on your next turn around, you reach out of formation with everyone else, and time seems to relax as Levi also reaches for you, leaving the cane clattering to the ground as your hands find each others.
You bump chests from the force, but you hold him tightly when he starts to stumble. He grips onto your sides for support and leans forward into your arms, close enough to feel the hot air against his cheek as you try to slow your breathing.
"Hi." You giggle as he smiles again, and he feels safe in your hold. He reaches a hand up and thumbs your cheek.
"So, you like to dance." He notes.
You kiss his cheek. "I guess a little. But don't think-" You try to make sure he knows your best is just being with him.
"One day." Levi says, almost sorrowfully.
You shake your head, mouth opening again, but he stops you.
"One day, we'll dance. Promise?" He means it as a statement, but it comes out a question, his eyes almost pleading for a reassuring response.
Oh, how this man holds all of your heart. "Levi, you can do anything. I can't wait for that day." And with a voice only above a whisper you quiet any negativity that might have clouded his mind.
"You're beautiful." He says into your ear, resting his head on your shoulder. His words also mean I love you, and I can't picture my life without you. Do you know he never would have made it this far without you?
You squeeze him and stay latched onto each other for a short time.
"Come on, let's get going." You pull away first, picking up Levis cane. He takes it and heads back to where he left your bags, and you go get the ones you left at the vendor before the impromptu dance session.
Turning around to head over to Levi you pause when you see he's still going a bit slow. It breaks your heart knowing how bad he wants to be bad to his old self. There's still so much work to do, and though you know he can and you'll be right there with him, you hope he doesn't push himself too hard.
"Ready to go?" You ask, keeping your thoughts to yourself for now.
As much goes in the cart as can fit and Levi insists on taking the other bags from you. You let him but will argue if you see it's getting too much.
"We got a lot of good stuff today." You smile about the lot of goodies you have. "It's a little late so, maybe we'll save the squash for tomorrow. Oh, how about the pasta and peppers this evening?"
You notice it takes Levi a moment to respond and look to check in with him. "Levi?" He's pushing himself again.
You stop so he stops, and you forcefully pull the bags he's holding away from him and set them and the cart down.
He puts most of his weight on the cane and is surprised when you almost jump forward and hold his cheeks, kissing his lips softly.
"You'll get there. I know it." You assure him. "It will take time. And that's okay."
He sighs and nods and let's you carry the bags and slows down.
"Can I help you make dinner?" He asks quietly.
"Of course. I love when you help me." He can do that sitting down most of the time, and still be with you while doing it.
As you get closer to home you mindlessly hum the tune you danced to, and it doesn't go unnoticed.
Levi doesn't say anything as he gets stuck in his own head. It was clear you wanted him to join. And he wanted to so bad. Not that he liked dancing, but just to do it with you.
It will take time. He knows you're right. Your support and encouragement are a comfort to him. He'll benefit from it most on days he thinks it's not worth trying, and seek it out even after he doesn't need the cane anymore.
Things are put away once you're home and dinner is made. It's an easy evening as you have things to do in the morning, so you clean up and finish the night helping Levi with some leg exercises.
"You're doing so well." You tell him again, leaning in to kiss him anytime you see his eyebrows twitch, indicating some discomfort.
He looks into your eyes as he finishes the last round with your assistance. It has been getting easier, and he believes you when you tell him he can get through this.
"Do you remember the name of the song?" Levi asks later on after you've settled in bed, hand caressing your cheek.
You tell him with a yawn, already half asleep, snuggling closer to him.
"I had a lovely evening." You say it in a way that means thank you, you've got this, and good night, all in one.
"Good night, love." Levi saves the song name with him, so that he can have it play once he's able to fulfill the promise.
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heich0e · 9 hours ago
Liv……this senario with Levi.
vi i have been hanging onto this ask for SO long hoping that one day i would be strong enough to write this into a full fic but i need the world to see into your big sexy brain bc this is DELICIOUS
Tumblr media
glass houses levi ackerman/f!reader (aot) word count: 1.2k tags: en ess eff double yew, age gap, voyeurism, stripping, mentions of masturbation
Tumblr media
Older neighbour!Levi who has all of his things unpacked within the first few hours of moving in, cardboard boxes broken down and tucked neatly away as quickly as they appear. You don't even really notice it happen; one day the apartment across the courtyard between your buildings was empty, and the next he's there.
So can you really be blamed for the fact that you aren't expecting a spectator when you start to peel your clothes off in front of your open window after a long, gruelling day at work? Your bones are weary, your shower is calling to you, and your neighbour is watching you undress.
The thin silky robe you pull on after you duck down out of sight feels insufficient to cover your body after you've been spotted--the humiliation leaving you feeling acutely bare as you peek your head up over the windowsill enough to see if he's still looking as raptly as he had been a moment prior.
He is.
At least he seems to have a sense of humour about it, if the wry little smile he shoots you with his hand placed over his eyes in a faux-display of coyness is anything to go by.
He doesn't have much by way of decor or furniture--a minimalist if you've ever seen one--but everything he does have that you can see from the vantage point of your own apartment is tasteful and expensive. It's one of the first things you notice when you risk another glance in the direction of his apartment the next morning, the second is a fleeting glimpse of him with a mug in his hand--and the sighting has you skittering quickly away, your heart pounding in your chest as rapidly as it had been when you weren't wearing any clothes, in spite of the fact that now you're fully dressed.
You're not sure what makes you do it again that second night. Maybe it's the cheap wine you've been drinking, maybe you're lonely, maybe you're craving that same adrenaline rush that you'd felt the night before when his eyes were the only thing on your skin.
You take your time undressing in front of your window this time, putting on a bit of a show. You know he's there even without looking. You'd caught a glimpse of him, on that same spot on his couch, with another glass of red wine in his hand--but more than that you can feel his eyes on you again.
It feels even better than it did the first time.
It becomes a routine after that. Your new neighbour settling in with his glass of wine every night to watch you painstakingly strip yourself bare for him. It feels like an eternity passes as you're slowly pulling off every article of your clothing until there's absolutely nothing left, and somehow every night that eternity seems to pass a little faster--leaving you with the feeling that you wish it had lasted just a little bit longer. That his stare had lingered on you just a little while more.
He never touches himself. No matter how tantalizingly you let your own touch linger on your body, how gently you graze the soft dips and swells of your own form. It drives you crazy, leaves you panting and moaning as you fuck your own fingers in the the privacy of your bathroom a short time later--but somewhere distantly you recognize that maybe that's the point.
The day you (inevitably, finally) meet him face to face in the little courtyard nestled between your homes you're taken aback by how handsome of a man he is up close.
He's older than you--that's certain now that you see him in all his glory--but he's aging gracefully. Time has exceedingly been kind to the angular, symmetrical lines of his face.
You don't know what to do. Or say. Part of you wants to turn heel and run for it, but instead you just laugh--breathy and light in the afternoon air.
"Hi," you say through your giggles, a hand reaching up to cover your flushing, burning cheek.
"Hello," he greets you with a polite dip of his head and a little smile of his own.
You tell him your name. Because what else are you supposed to say to the man who's been watching you get naked for the past 9 days? Who's watched you work your own nipples into sensitive little peaks just for the thrill? Who's seen you trail your fingers down down down between your legs under the guise of pulling off your panties?
"I'm Levi," he says, and hearing the way he says it nearly makes you tremble. Watching his lips form the shape of his own name makes you ache in the deepest part of your core.
"It's nice you meet you," you say softly.
Properly, that is.
He smirks slightly, then he hums.
The air between you feels too thin, too charged for a first meeting, too familiar for two strangers to be sharing between them.
"Have you lived here long?" Levi asks, and you have the fleeting thought that if he doesn't stop talking soon you're going to get to used to it, too attached to the very sound of it.
"Two years," you reply. "I moved here when I graduated college and started working."
He makes a little sound of recognition befitting of the small talk the two of you are sharing, but his gaze is piercing. He's appraising you. Sizing you up. Undressing you with his eyes in the same way he's watched you do with your own two hands.
"Well," you clear your throat, taking a step back towards your building, "I guess I should-"
His hand moves quickly, extending towards you. You pause, staring down at it, and the little card tucked between two fingers as he holds it out in your direction.
You pluck it slowly from his grasp, and turn it over in your hand.
You swallow as you read the credentials on the business card. The name, the title. The email address, office number, and fax details. Finally, the neatly scribbled series of digits on the lower righthand corner of the simple but tastefully designed card.
"My cell number." Levi anticipates the question before you can voice it, and your eyes flicker up toward him, greeted with a gaze of molten steel that threatens to drown you under it's weight. "If you ever need anything, or would like to grab a drink."
"I'm not much of a red wine fan," you say, setting out with the intention of levity but the words are too breathless to be teasing.
He smirks, clicking his tongue behind his straight white teeth. "I'll get you anything you'd like."
Your heartbeat thrums under your skin.
"Alright, Mr. Ackerman."
"Levi," he corrects you pointedly.
"Levi," you repeat, and you like the way his name tastes on your tongue. You wonder if he tastes just as sweet.
You turn towards your building, pausing once you take a single step away.
You turn back, glancing at him over your shoulder. He's already started in the direction of his own building.
"Levi?" you call towards him and he pauses, turning back to face you once more.
His brow quirks curiously.
You smile.
"Welcome to the neighbourhood."
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I'm miserable.
Give me angst.
Give me levi and reader About to sign their divorce paper cause their marriage isn't working. Cause they think that they're not suitable for each other.
But also give me them not wanting to divorce on the inside, but they're doing it cause they believe that the other person wants it.
Give me them not divorcing eventually cause they realise that this is just slow death and that they'd rather spend 80+ together trying than to live a min without sharing their last name.
*hands you my heart* I want it in pieces and thank you ♡ ( ・ิ-・ิ)
i love this sm you have no idea thank you for your request!!
It hadn’t worked out.
Levi had thought it would, he'd wanted it to. They both had. But it hadn't, despite the fact that they'd tried everything in their power to make their marriage work again , to bring back this blissful feeling of love and adoration they'd felt in the beginning. But nothing had worked, and now here they were, two signatures away from being officially divorced, from never having to see each other again.
Sometimes Levi wondered if he would’ve even gave the relationship a try if he’d known how it would end. Maybe, maybe not, he didn't know. Despite being here today, despite getting to the point where they preferred to part ways ; despite all of this, Levi still loved Y/n. It wasn’t the same love full of adoration that made him flustered in the beginning, but it was still love,and he’d felt it so rarely he felt reticent to throw it away and pretend it had never existed.
Next to him, Y/n grabbed a pencil, looking at the divorce paper with their brows furrowed. Something inside Levi seemed to break , and he suddenly thought that Y/n had broken more parts of him than anyone else had. He’d thought they would be the one making all the suffering he’d been through « worth it », that life had put them into his life to make up for his pains ; but being with Y/n had just been slow death , each of them destroying the other, taking away every chances they had to make each other happy. They were not suit for each other, their personalities either too opposite or similar , and it hurt Levi more than anything to realize that the person he’d thought he’d spend the rest of his life with wasn’t good for him.
They had made plans , in the beginning, both of them so sure of how their future would look like, both of them so sure their love would always be there. They'd even had talks about founding a family,having children, adopting pets. But this was all going to be thrown away once they'd leave this room, all the memories and plans made together forgotten in a matter of seconds, as if Levi and Y/n had never been together,never shared anything. Levi wasn't used to willingly letting go of people,and he wasn't sure he was ready to let go of Y/n.
Because despite all the fights,all the cries and screams ; despite the fact that they'd barely spoken to each other in weeks,that they'd stopped sharing a bedroom...despite all of this, Levi didn't want his life to stop being tied to Y/n's. They were divorcing because it felt like the right thing to do, because everyone said it was the best solution. Because he thought Y/n would be happy with someone else,and because Y/n thought he'll be happy with someone else.And maybe it was, maybe Levi,in a few years,would be happy to not be married anymore,would be happy with another person. But here was the problem : Levi didn't want to be with someone else. He didn't want to live what he and Y/n had experienced with anyone else. He didn't want someone other than Y/n to have his last name.
He knew it was madness to cling to someone with whom you shared more anger than love , someone that hadn't made you smile or laugh in months. He knew, deep down, that nothing could probably make their marriage work again. But he also knew that he'd rather try, spend all his energy in trying to fix it and make it work than just throw everything away. Levi had spent his whole life fighting, and despite everything, he still thought that Y/n was someone worth fighting for.
Next to him, Y/n's pencil was still hovering over the divorce papers, and Levi knew them so well he didn't even have to ask what was wrong. Both of them were going through the same thoughts process,the same realization of how more horrible life would be without the other. They were destroying each other, but being apart would destroy even more than that. Levi wasn't sure he'll know how to live ,will remember how to breath,without Y/n by his side.
"I think..." Y/n started,as they pushed the divorce papers back. " I think I would rather keep calling him my husband for a while."
They turned to face Levi,smiling, reminding him of how long it had been since he'd seen their smile,reminding him of how beautiful it made them look.
"What do you think, Levi ?"
"I think that's probably the best idea we've had in a while."
Y/n frowned,standing up at the same time " You mean the idea I had,Levi, it's not yours."
" I thought it before you,so I ..."
And,as they both started fighting again, Levi thought that spending the rest of his life arguing with someone wasn't that bad if it was someone he loved.
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mrsackermanx · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
your secret admirer (35/?)
collection masterlist
description: you sit and fondly recollect the first time you and Levi met.
tags/warnings: tea shop owner x captain!levi, levi has a dirty mouth but he’s not degrading really?? doting levi🥰🥰, soft overall?? my classic romantic smut? kinda shy levi?? mutiple sex positions, levi’s not a stalker okay!! he’s shy!! canonverse, tw: levi making a shit joke. 1 second angst at the end.
wc: 4.3k
an: I actually felt like crying when I finished this because I couldn't believe I'd managed to finally break through my writers block and write this in one sitting today. I've been in a low place but I can't wait to start writing again angels. soft levi x canonically dirty mouthed levi 😚😌👍🏼😩 how have I NEVER written levi x tea shop owner 🥴!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You remember the first time you met Levi, the famous Levi. 'Scout Captain Levi'. Tending to your bakery, sweeping dutifully away at the mahogany floorboards, the rain pattering upon the windows. You remember the first time you felt his eyes on you. You felt them even as you walked halfway across the shop floor to the fire, lighting it and flipping the shop's sign to closed. 
You then sat, propped on your chair, by the fire and in the candlelight, you cracked open a good book. It was only the morning after, a Sunday. That you met the man who had watched you all night through that window, even in the rain. He stepped in, his eyes drenched in awe and an already blooming devotion that you weren't quite skilled at deciphering from him yet. But never did he make you uncomfortable.
"Morning, I'm here to buy some tea." His voice was low and husky, and it made you feel fuzzy inside, as it was so deep that it felt like it resonated in your core. Nevertheless, you batted the lustful thoughts away, while then he sniffled, and then coughed a little. "Sure, nice to officially meet you Captain Levi sir," 
He shook his head, loyally following you to the shelf you were heading to, "I'm not your captain... just Levi." 
You laughed with what you thought at the time was too boisterously, but his eyes had lit up just behind you. "Ah, good then." You finally said, gathering a bunch of different blends, talking him through each one, and popping them in paper bags. He insisted on paying but you refused to take his money.
He almost playfully scowled, and at this point you were shocked, his reputation was clearly all wrong. "How will I repay you then? I don't like being indebted to people." 
You leaned, hand on his bicep you lightly chided him. "You can come in at night and keep me company if you see fit, rather than catching yourself a chill." When you pulled back to see his face, a slight blush was beginning to singe his cheeks. He nodded and without another word, he left. 
That same evening, you did the same routine, yet this time you took a long bath, and then when you came down to the shop floor to sit beside the fire, you heard three gentle knocks at the door. You smiled to yourself, dressed this time in a white silky robe, underneath only pearly-coloured garments clinging to your form. "Good evening," He said your name like he was being careful with it, like he was afraid of butchering it.
You ushered him in with a warm smile, closing the cold of December right behind him. "I bet you wanna sit by the fire huh?" He nodded, eyes fixed anywhere but your face and your body, your hair still slightly wet from your bath. His fists clenched by his sides, seeing you so intimately like this made his teeth ache. "I'll grab you a chair," you muttered, unsure as to why his face had fallen. You drew the curtains, and neared the chair beside the till. And that's when you felt your heart beat with all of its might, for the first time. 
His body could have almost pressed completely against yours, but cruel air separated you two. But two soft and yet calloused hands gently beat yours in grabbing the same chair, "I've got it, sit. Please." You breath was shaky as you nodded and slipped back to your chair just like he had asked. 
Placing the chair gracefully beside yours, you turned your head at him, already completely curious. "Why would you want to spend time with me, Levi? I hear your scouts throw parties almost every night?"
He chuckles a little, and you notice that his hair is a little wet too, you lean forward slightly and finally catch his aroma. He smells fresh like pine and spearmint, but it's also like his pores exude a warm smokey vanilla scent. Heavenly. "I've also heard you're all a little averse to bathing but I can see you..." You chuckle a little awkwardly, but then your eyes widen at his fingernails. Filed, cut, without not even a speck of dirt. 
"Some scouts like to drink and let loose, everyone's got something to take the edge off. Maybe I'm just more of a loner," He chuckles dryly and you feel your brows knit, it was the sweetest sound you've ever heard. "Everyone calls me a clean freak, but I'd rather that than walk around covered in shit, I'm sure you understand."
You choke on laughter at his brashness and he finds himself joining in. When it peters out
he finally lets his eyes meet yours and it feels like the world stops. "And I wanted to spend time with you because I respect the way you live your life, n' I like your shop," There's more on the tip of his tongue but he can't gather the strength to say it, maybe one day he will. 
He wants to tell you that he's been watching you for a while, that he's seen your beautiful face filled with hope in the crowds when he's gotten back from expeditions. He searches for it first. That he's seen and heard you fiercely defend the scouts to anyone who'd insulted them in your earshot. He's noticed that the clothes you wear no one else has, and that he's seen you at the market, buying yards and yards of mostly white linen and silk to stitch yourself in. Many nights he's watched you not leave the same spot, needle jutting out of your mouth, threading the most beautiful articles of clothing. If you made him a shirt he'd never take it off. 
He watches the way you hum as you move, oh the way your lips pout, he wishes his hands could be slotted to your hips, humming in harmony. Kettle boiling, he himself in loose white garments, both of you in a life without this all. He'd worship you, he'd never let you work a day, he hates people but he'd deal with all the customers, he loves tea, and he loves the scent of freshly baked bread, it clings to your hair.
You lift your slippered foot and teasingly tap his knee, before extending and then resting your leg on his thigh with a relaxed sigh. Catching him in his daydream. "Then I guess we're stuck with each other, aren't we?" He smiled, adjusting his collar with a nod. His eyes lapping over your smooth and naked calves as you seat them on his thighs. "I'll be reading tonight, you, what will you be doing?" 
"I'll just be here," he tells you, but you can see that he's more asking, like he's apologetic. His voice peters off, and at once he's shy. "I'd like your company. It's all I'll ask of you." 
You feel your cheeks burn hotly, but nod, shifting your gaze onto the pages on your lap, watching through the corner of your eye the way his hands are fixed to his sides and the way his eyes are on your lower legs. You stretch them, they hurt, after all, you work on your feet all day in the shop. "Are you always this trusting?"
You smile, giving him an all-knowing glance, "No, never."
Months pass. Levi starts to bring his paperwork, he starts to bring his own candles as you spend this time in the evening together. Then it's teacups, then it's books he wants you to read aloud for you both, but it's one night that everything really changes. A gift.
It's early March, the air is still bitterly cold, and you and Levi are sitting together, he's reading a paper, one hand rubbing your foot. He insists these days, he thinks you work too hard. Beside him, are a few ginger biscuits and some black tea, those biscuits are the sweetest things he eats. You smile at the way his eyes examine every word, but you frown at the way his shirt cuts into his throat and the way his jacket pulls taught just under his arms. 
"Are you comfortable?" you practically blurt out.
Startled, but used to your curious questions about anything from him to Titan-slaying. He practically scolds you, squeezing your foot playfully. "With you, well of course I am."
"I mean your clothes." 
He shifts his bangs from his eyes, he wants to face you properly. "It's my uniform."
You've managed all these months without a single argument, but there's something in his tone. "No no, I just meant, at night wouldn't it be nice for you to wear that grey shirt of yours! Or-"
He leans forward in his seat, a hand coming to your upper arm, squeezing in comfort. "I understand what you mean." God, he's so blunt sometimes, but he tries not to be with you. 
"Well then, I've made you something!" You stand and run upstairs to your living space, opening a drawer of yours, to an outfit folded both in squares and wrapped in white tissue paper, finished with an emerald green ribbon tying it all together.
You run back down the shop floor and Levi turns in his seat from the fire to you, his face visually lights up, but his eyes narrow. "That's not for me is it?" 
Levi's not sure his heart can take this.
You sit beside him, shyly offering him the gift. "Please, just open it. You could wear these as pyjamas or just around after hours when you're alone, relaxing, that kinda thing!" 
He opens every part of it, painstakingly so, until he reaches the smooth cream fabric of a shirt so smooth it almost slips his fingers. He wants to wash his hands before he even touches it any further, but he resists. His heart lurches, the collar is embroidered inside, "Levi." with a single flower beside it. His heart pangs.
"You can wear it anytime though! If you wanted to go out for a drink at a tavern, errands! Anything."
"It's too precious to wear anywhere else but here." he swears, holding it in his hands like it's alive, and like it's holy. He adores it, it's the best gift he's ever received. "Thank you."
"The other thing! Please!" Blushing, he nods, finding a pair of trousers less-fitted than his usual, in a striking navy. He strokes at them with the back of his fingers, with tenderness. "You can still get ODM gear over those I think. I hope they fit! I guessed measurements..."
He resists the urge to physically clutch his heart.
He doesn't know how to compliment things, not really. But he knows how to be grateful, "I've never had a pair like this, I don't ever buy myself anything but tea and brooms. This is something nobody has ever done anything like for me." Maybe his mother once. 
He swallows, folding them up carefully he sets them on the table, and kneels before you, grasping your hand he presses a kiss to it. "I am happy with my gifts, thank you," he whispers shyly into your hand.
"I'm glad you are, thank you for accepting them. That's all I wanted."
Now is the time, he can feel it in the air and he knows you can, he's sure, suddenly he's so sure. "What else do you want?" he asks, sitting back beside you, his stomach flooding with nerves.
"Well..." You dither, eyes shifting over his face, to his lips, rosy and smooth, soft creases. You slot your arm around his neck, but Levi takes it a step further, with a gentle caress he takes your chin. 
"Can I?" he whispers, you nod. Smiling into his lips as he joins his to yours, his head softly turns, as your lips join and part in soft motions. You smile against his lips, lovesick when you feel his hand slide through yours, each finger resting cosily beside your own. Breaking away a single moment, he faces you, then clutching onto your hips he lifts and then places you onto his lap, without not even a breath of effort.
Quickly, things grow sloppy, his hands stay rested on your lower back, smoothing at the skin there as he peeks his fingers under your shirt. You find yourself growing needy, running your fingers through the silky hair of his undercut, gasping into his lips for more. He slides his tongue into every motion, light grunts heating up your skin. With need, you join your lower half to his thigh, grinding yourself forwards on him he starts to pant. Since your lips dressed his, he felt himself grow hard and hot and heavy between his own legs, but he hardly cares. He wants your pleasure on a platter, he wants his mouth on your sex. He wants you to pull on his hair as you scream out in pure unadulterated pleasure.
He can't help it as he starts to pull on your pants, gasping when you let him, hands reaching behind you and then over his, helping him force them down. "I want you, now." you moan, as he threads his hand between your legs, seeking your cunt. 
"I want y-" He gasps from the wetness he's awarded, so shocked that he hardly notices you unzipping his pants and letting his hard cock free.
"Please Levi, give it to me." His brows raise and knit as you grind forward, aligning your dripping core to his shaft, and swaying your hips. "Fuck, Levi, I've wanted you like this for so long, all to myself."
He abandons all sense. Gripping his cock in one hand, he rubs it against your pussy, head thrown back at the sensation. "I'm all yours, yours, yours," he whispers, over and over again, swallowed noises of pleasure in his throat as you tear his shirt open. Latching your lips and teeth onto his collarbones, you both slip in your arousals. 
Through the merging of your bodies he gazes down at how pretty your body is, shifting your shirt up, and then off, he shuffles to pleasure your breasts. "I don't deserve this," he growls, in awe as his hands shift around your chest, sucking your nipples and attempting to take your breasts in their entirety, fitting them into his mouth, with his eyes boring into yours. 
"Perfection," he mutters through the marking of your neck and the squeezing of the squishy flesh of your breasts.
"Please," You slur, in a haze, your hips starting to ache. You need more, "Need to feel you some more." 
"You do? You wanna feel my fucking cock, don't you?" He breathes hot and heavy in your ear, "But I want your body and I want all of it, so you're gonna have to be patient." 
You cling to him moaning as he starts to smack his heavy tip against your clit even harder, making you melt and simper. "Filthy mouth." You whimper, "But I've always loved that about you Lev-" you coo shakily, distracted by how thick and hot his cock feels. "Even though you're such a gentleman." The more he taps himself on you, the more you feel a burning arousal and also a bashfulness. What if you come from this alone? Dear god.
"Yeah, well, if you think I'm any kind of gentleman, I don't fuck like one, got it?"
It's like something carnal in you switches, the dirty words, the way he's slapping his cock right against your cunt with some sort of claim. You feel dizzy. "I'm gonna break you down. You're going to let me." he omits decidedly, passionately.
You nod into his neck, only moans and hums of agreement spilling into it. "I can't believe you're enjoying this so much, are you gonna finish?" he chokes, increasing the speed, lewd splashing sounds fill the room, "Fuck, I can't believe I'm seeing you like this. Tell me, sweetheart are you about to come?" His voice is pitched low and deep, almost in amusement, sending you further off the edge.
"Levi please!" You squeeze him tight, falling against him panting and heavy while he chuckles deeply in your ear, having groaned with you in your finish. You feel yourself covering his cock in slick, but still so stimulated you find yourself pulling on his hair, twitching and trembling against him as he continues to rub himself all over your pulsating cunt.
"Too sensitive, Lev!" 
"No no, I got you." His fingers slide into you, finally, and you moan out long and languid in his ear, making his cock twitch. "So sweet," he tells you through sharp inhales, "All this mess," dragging his teeth against your ear to make you twitch. He corrects himself, "All this sweetness, I need to taste it, okay? I have to." he practically growls, correcting himself once more as he rubs on your clit so fast for only a number of seconds that you almost burst and come all over his torso. 
"You don't have to Lev, you, you need some attention. Pleasure." You keel, as he moves you into your seat, on his knees he spreads you wide. Gripping your inner thighs. 
"I could care less." He groans your name out in warning, as he presses a trail of kisses to your outer lips, sucking when he gets there, deep moans rumbling from his chest. "I don't think you understand, if I don't taste you, then there is no pleasure for me. Let me." 
He starts, slow and teasing, two thumbs spreading you slightly, that alone so wracked with nerves you're quivering. Immediately his hot tongue glides up and down, flicking your clit with a flourish with every movement. 
He does this over and over until you're gasping, and then on the precipice, gripping his forearms one minute, his hair the next. God, he's in love, everything about you, he's in love.
Every part of your body shakes, your mouth hangs open, thighs squeezing Levi tight, hips canting eagerly into his face. "Levi please do not stop!" He slaps the underside of your thigh in reply as if to say, would I ever? And with that you explode again, Levi's teasing, bringing you to an earth-shattering finish, forcing your clamped shut eyes open, only intensifies the sensation. Seeing the way he manhandles you with so much care, muscles straining, soft raven hair tickling your stomach, long lashes focused and shut, face filled with contentment as he brings you to your climax. You gush all over his tongue and he groans, taking all of it, sucking and slurping on you so hungrily that it only makes you come harder. 
Flailing, you tap your feet all over his upper back, the sensitivity soaring through your body in a bright white heat. He smirks as he pulls away, your juices breaking from his face in gossamers. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." 
You bring him up for a kiss and he picks you up, a sweet deep noise of excitement leaving his lips when you cross your lips around his back. Taking you both up the stairs, he kisses you with a passion so deep it sends quakes through your spine. "I want you inside now, need you deep inside," you whine.
"I'll fucking put myself there. Gonna put myself so deep, gonna fuck you so fucking deep," He growls in your ear, dropping you gently onto your bed. "You're sure you want this?" he whispers, kissing along your jaw.
"I need it, please." You whine, spreading your legs for him. He curses, grabbing onto your hips, he pulls you down to the foot of the bed where he stands over you spread so vulnerably below him.
"Then show me how much," he orders, thumbs drawing circles on your knees, watching you with lust sodden eyes, thighs wrapped around his waist. "Show me." he urges, eyes darkening as you start to scissor two fingers into yourself, sinking them in with a lewd squelch. "Go in and out for me," he whispers, voice threatening to break. You moan softly, as he starts to take his cock into his palm, "Fuck, you like watching me stroke my cock for you?"
"I do," You gaze up at him in earnest, squeezing your thighs around his waist he moves your hand and stops his own. Slowly leaning forwards he coats his cock in your slick, both of you moaning in tandem. Whimpering you squeeze the bedsheets in your hands, "You're gonna feel so good," 
"Yeah, make sure you tell me how you feel," He slides in like a dream, both of your bodies scorching and melting together. Your back arches and Levi becomes breathless in an instant, fitting a thumb to where your pussy sucks him in. He exhales raggedly, whistling softly with his eyes lidded. "Good fucking girl," He drawls out and emphasises each word, "Look here. You're stretching so much to let me inside."
"Want you all the way in...So fucking big, Levi," You moan, gripping your breasts for his pleasure as he starts to fuck you just right. "I love your cock." You stutter as he switches from his slow pace to one that has you feeling an impending climax in seconds. He pulls almost completely out, hands clutching your hips before he slams all the way in. 
"You're beautiful, you look so beautiful right now." he manages through his thrusts, head tipped back as he watches you take every buck of his hips, watches you feel it. "Can't believe you're taking my cock like this, n' that you feel so good."
Weakly, you reach up to run your fingers over his toned abdomen, "You feel too good, Levi." 
"Fuck, I can't." He hooks his arms under your waist, bringing you up he starts to fuck you while he stands. Mouth latching on to your neck, panting but he speaks. "I can't, your face. Just lookin' at your cunt will make me come, all fucking wet and perfect like that. Stretching just for me, so dirty," He tuts in your ear, playful and full of lust.
"Levi please, speak to me more, can feel you so deep I fuck-" He bounces your body on him now, letting gravity only aid the deep filling sensations of his thrusts. 
Minutes of this have you hazy, fucked-out and threatening to milk the life out of Levi's cock. "Fuck you keep clenching-"
It's like you're leaking profusely down him, all on his thighs and yours. But he's continually hitting a spot so deep inside of you that you're clawing at his back. You didn't even know it existed. "I keep coming. I'm sure I do." Your eyes roll back and Levi feels your pussy squeeze and clench on him just right. "Fuck, harder Levi."
"That's it, you are sweetheart. Use those words, tell me how to fuck your cunt."
You're both so dangerously close. 
"Levi, yes, fuck me like you're trying to break me apart." You urge through moans, right into his neck. Fuck, well since you've asked. He pulls himself out from you, throwing you down onto the bed, right onto your stomach, he's already behind you grabbing you by your hips. "Oh my god, yes." Hazy, you reach for your pillow, sinking your teeth into it, and arching your back up for him.
"You know just what I want don't you." He sends a slap to your ass that has you moaning out so dirtily that Levi has to take full control, he pumps into you relentlessly. His hands gripping both your cheeks, thrusting into your dripping cunt like his life is dependent on your pleasure. 
"Kiss me!" You whine. His back pressed against yours, his hand seeks your arm first, bringing it out to extend past your head he threads his hand through yours, forcing it into the mattress. Then with his other, he slips his hand around your throat, tilting your face up to meet his in a sloppy kiss, claps of his hips against your ass explode through the room, you moan into his mouth and he groans into yours. Shakily you offer him everything, "You can have me forever."
"I'll hold you to that." he groans, "But now, I'm gonna need you to come before me, you got that sweetheart?"
"Yes, Levi yes." You moan, your bodies slipping with sweat, Levi's fingers digging into the fat of your ass so hard you can feel the bruises blooming. His hand over yours gripping so hard, you wouldn't care if he broke it. "I can't believe I'm going to come again," You moan so loud, that Levi has to cup your mouth in case your neighbours come barrelling over to check on you. Your body strains, Levi's cock rubs ever still, right against that ribbed spot inside you, that it has your soul completely exiting your body for a moment.
Levi himself groans so loud that it only sends you tumbling further, you feel your arousal soak the bedsheet under you, soak your thighs. Clenching Levi so tight he struggles to pull out from you, "Please, please, sweetheart I can't-" He whimpers when he removes himself, coming all over the bed just beside you, only your name tumbling from his lips. Until he falls lightly against you, holding his weight in his arms, his lips rest against your shoulder blade.
Both of you pant, struggling to catch your breath, while Levi feels the sheet under you and then kisses your cheek fondly. "Have you ever done that before?"
You giggle weakly, "Didn't know I could, but I hope we can do it again."
He chuckles back, voice thick and gravelly from exertion. "Of course, we can, but right now we need to shower,-" You push your ass against his crotch and he bites back a groan, "And no, I don't mean another one from you." 
It's now that you're sitting, no, crumbling in the same seat Levi first kissed you in, that you reflect upon the time that you've spent together these past seven years. When it's all over, right? He promised.
⋘ 𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘵 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 ⋙
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MrsAckermanX 2021 © do not repost or translate my work
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poisonpeche · a day ago
Tumblr media
Side to Side | Levi x You
Levi x Reader Smut | Warnings: 18+, MDNI, NSFW, Vaginal Fingering, Dacryphilia, Just being fucking filthy truly, Slight Angst, Reader is Fem Bodied, Reader is Switch, Levi is Switch, Squirting; this is my first smut piece so be gentle with me xx.
Word Count: ~3k
Art by me 🖤 Link to my Art Shop in my Tumblr Bio.
He always has a way to find you.
When you’re drowning in the details, an endless stream of thought and worry, or any other crime life seems to throw at his sweet girl. He swears if he could take you away from it all, he would. One day you won’t have to worry about bills, or survival, and this temporary struggle will all just be some frayed memory covered up by better days ahead.
He never wanted you to know the life he lived as a child and his stomach turns knowing he might be failing you through this. A decade by your side and you both got laid off within a few weeks of each other. He can’t help but curse whoever the fuck is out there for this cruel twist of fate. He doesn’t want to see you break like he did so long ago…You can’t. He won’t allow it. Not you.
Levi is keen to always bring you back. He adores you in all of your seasons and he made a promise to you to always lead you home. His patience is unyielding and never wavers for you no matter the cost. Tonight is no different.
Unlocking the door with a gentle turn of his hand, he intends to keep that promise.
He finds you sweetly nestled in the blankets of your bed. Chest rising and falling in an effort to self soothe from the difficult couple of months you’ve had adjusting to your new job in the city after you lost your dream position. Square one with less pay. You deserve so much more. When others can’t see what he sees in you, he can’t stand the delusion, the outright downplaying of your talent. He wonders if you will ever know how brave you are just by existing. Still trying to find the best in your life despite the odds. He knows how hard you try despite it all. For yourself. For him. You’re meant to have every comfort in this world and he is determined to give it all to you in time.
Carefully putting away his things in your bathroom and changing out of his clothes heavy with the burden of work, he gives you a few moments of peace before coming to your side.
A dim light is thrown throughout the room, your only company while waiting up for your partner and a chastising glow looming over you despite your best effort to keep it together. Just for another day of barely hanging on. Fighting exhaustion was futile once again, as you were swiftly swept under by sleep. Finding comfort in rest started to feel like a punishment, the guilt racking through your thoughts with relentless force…Can I find another job that pays better? Are we going to lose everything? Will we be okay? And yet, you succumb to it against your will.
But God, does it feel so good to runaway for once. Funny how your mind can be such a blessing and a curse; your constant reminder that your life is on a razor’s edge of being completely fucked and a source of blissful escapism. An image begins to form in your mind’s eye, coming into view. Delicate hands starting at your ankle, slowly grazing upwards past your soft muscle and skin daring to slow even further as they become more bold taking a more dangerous path once they hit your knee, trailing over your inner thighs.
You don’t even need to see his face to know his hands. The masterful way he builds you up before even thinking about beginning his innocent touches…until they aren’t. Maybe they weren’t ever meant to be. This is the gift he can give to you with no money, no power, or influence. He’s just a man, your man, making his way in life the same as you and he will give his mind, his body to you for as long as you’ll have him. His touch is always there even when he isn’t. That’s how deeply you cradle him in your subconscious, adoring him even through your restlessness. The love of your life.
You shift into his phantom touch, chasing an impending high, what only he can do to you.
He catches it from the corner of his eye while he’s rinsing his face from the day, droplets falling from his lashes and the black strands just above his silky undercut. An arched back, your arched back, taunting you in your sleep. He shamelessly watches on from the other side of the room, drinking you in with an amused smirk on his lips. What are you thinking about at this hour, sweet girl?
Almost as if he asked the question aloud, you respond in perfect time, “Lev’, please.”
His eyes widen in awe at the sight of you and you break your fall from the bend of your back, gently wrestling yourself to your side facing away from him. The cover falling to frame the curve of your hip, leaving you fully exposed with your back on display and your ass mocking him from afar.
“Please what, love?” He plays into your hand with a burning curiosity, softly asking in earnest. You’re still asleep, but he loves to toy with you like this. Somehow your charm and wit beam even in your half-baked haze. He loves that about you. How fiery and sharp-tongued you are, but when you’re alone with him you unravel so easily, showing him only the softest and most vulnerable parts of you. Only for him. Your self proclaimed weakness is why he fell in love with you. You are so many things, but your duality endlessly fascinates him. He is often so controlled and constant while you are passion in its purest form. Hearing you call out his name like this? He’s done. He’s already yours for the night. For every night.
He slowly walks to the bedside, now only a short distance from you as he settles down into the sheets with his feet on the floor, twisted around to face you with his hand outstretched behind him, inching closer to you. Looking over his shoulder, his gaze over your body pulls him down so naturally and effortlessly, a subconscious force; something else begins to take over.
And then, he smells it. And he knows without your clever answer. Even after ten years together, your arousal hits him through his heart like it was the first time and he visibly shudders with a deep, dark inhale to test his theory. Like he even needs to, but he’d bottle you up if he could. Eyes falling back as he rolls his neck towards you and back in disbelief with an exasperated laugh mixed with a guttural, shaky sigh. A scent like yours opens up the most primal desires inside of him, and both of your troubles begin to melt away. We will always have this while we lose it all.
He leans in fully on his side brushing his nose against the curve of your shoulder and neck, spooning you softly, listening to your labored breaths and watching his baby break apart at her own pace. What he would do to crawl inside this fantasy with you…or play a part.
As soon as you sense him there, you instinctively push your hips back with a gentle grind, a soft moan leaving your lips, and a dream that has now begun to feel deliciously real. Even on your side now alongside him, your back begins to curve, twist and arch into place, pushing you deeper into his crotch while your neck cranes further into his sharp jaw, his lips now making contact with your ear from behind.
At your gracious invitation, Levi provokes you further, giving the production in your mind the shameless direction it needs, delivering his first line so softly only for you.
“It’s okay my baby I’m here now.” Tongue gently falling forward, he licks an unbroken line up the contour of your neck to the shell of your ear, arching in tandem behind you with a tighter hold. “I know how hard you tried to wait for me.” He catches your earlobe between his teeth, laving over the bite. “You always try so hard for us love, even like this. Come back to me,” he pleads.
You sigh and twist in response to his lowered words, ass flush to his hips. The dark tint of his voice drawing you in without a fight, bringing you closer to the surface by inches, but too slow for your liking.
His left hand snakes under your arm, meeting the plush skin of your stomach, passing over your ribs, and sliding over your sternum to palm your throat so lovingly that even Levi is overwhelmed by how sweetly you accept his touch and welcome him to your bed, your home you both made together amidst it all. Together you always make something so beautiful while everything else seems to fall apart.
He encourages your head further back, so he can finally look at your face, your expression flitting between pleasure and frustration as you breech the surface of your dreams. He engulfs you in his hold, pressing you close to the warmth of his body, reaching forward to kiss the edge of your lashes. At the end of his small kiss, he slides his open mouth backwards up your cheek, teeth grazing as his breath fans out over your skin. You meet him with the intensity and instinctively drop your jaw open to unknowingly mirror him. Even sleep can’t take you out of sync with him.
His hand leaves your throat, sliding upward over the curve of your neck to hold your jaw and temple against his own, burning cheeks flush together. “Come on sweet girl, come to me. Let me see you and those eyes…I know you’re trying. I don’t want to leave you like this.” His final words sit heavily in your mind, finally rousing you from the darkest shadow of sleep with your eyes opening in a haze trying to determine if you were really free from your dream when this reality was just as lovely.
“I missed you, sweetheart.” The words drip off your tongue and always break his heart with your sincerity. You’re always so saccharine coming to, and when you use this name he feels just as pliant and tame. He doesn’t deserve it after everything he feels he has a hand in putting you through, but the selfish parts of him relish in the endearment. Maybe he could be sweet for you. Or you, for him. You always are.
“I know love…I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Never can. Don’t wan’t to.” His hand cupping your jaw drags back down your body, gripping your skin with more fervor than the gentle touches he left you with before. He moves to the hem of your panties, stopping and rolling his fingers in a small circle below your navel. You gasp softly at the abrupt end in movement, curling your body closer into Levi, grinding in a deeper swivel over his crotch in time with both of your shared breaths, hardening to the touch with each movement of your hips.
“Missed your hands on me, Levi.”
“Did you?” You nod weakly in response, at his mercy now.
“Where, love? Tell me where and I’ll give them to you.” He breathes into you, desperation edging into every word.
“No…I’ll show you instead.” He sighs out taken aback by your sudden dominance. There she is, the girl that can’t resist to lead no matter how much she may try to destroy herself with doubt. He’ll never let you no matter how hard you try at times. God he wished he could convince you even after all this time he still believes in you like the first day he met you in college when he thought you were utterly untouchable. Too good for anyone, even him.
But you’d never even dare to encourage his own insecurities. Your heart would never allow it. You’ve never made him doubt his confidence in himself, in you. He thinks about all those years ago when he first saw you. Young and so new to the world, hanging out of his passenger’s side window with your eyes closed and your head tilted back on the sill. Much like now. Exactly like now. You’re older now, but just as beautiful. Time has been as kind to you as you have been with everyone that has the pleasure of knowing you, loving you.
Your hand covers his own, fingers interlocking side to side like your bodies against each other now as they travel downward, slipping under your panties together, a moan leaving both of your lips in unison. Turning your heads towards each other, you look at one another with only pure adoration as the rest of the world falls away. It’s only you and him together now; soft moans and touches the only legacy to your name. Both sets of eyes turn downward, watching your shared movement, a silent plea.
With your hands steadfast and laced, Levi’s middle finger grazes over your clit first, and you slowly throw your head back, opening up the space for him to move forward and catch your mouth in a hungry kiss, immediately rushing into a stronger embrace through your lips alone. Teeth clash without a second thought and you both swivel your heads in the opposite direction to change the angle into a deeper, desperate kiss.
A single finger of yours lifts from his hold while your others remain locked together to meet him alongside your clit, rubbing smooth circles with him, matching his pace, sending a tremor though Levi’s body, vibrating your pussy against the lace of your underwear, the friction only drawing out more of your arousal and Levi falls apart.
“Look at you, always wanting to help, hm?” His response alone has you moaning for more of his words slipping through the cracks of his half-cocked smile. “Let me take care of you for once, my good girl.” You shake your head softly in protest and he lunges forward further, taking your nipple in his mouth rolling the plush of his lips until you’re straining against them, a pang of arousal throbs in your core. He knows he can edge you just by your chest alone, so sensitive to his touch, the movement of his tongue only heightening the sensation felt by both of your fingers on either side of your clit.
In a wordless response, you hook both of your fingers together, impatiently sinking into the velvet of your folds in tandem, slick pooling around both of your knuckles.
“Fuck, my baby’s so wet isn’t she? How long have you been like this, love? ‘M make it better for you, I promise. You waited for too long.” He says in shock while your scent permeates thickly through the air consuming his every thought. He only thinks of you now. It’s always been about you.
But this is not another moment without him you want to deny yourself of like so many that pass throughout the day apart, and you lead him further down still, fingers hooked, into your entrance that flutters while adjusting to the both of you as you thrust in together.
Gasping for dear life you manage to push him over the edge. “Make me wetter, Levi. I know you can.” Just when he thought he couldn’t take your smell teasing him senseless, your words put him into a panic as he lets out a low moan into the night air. You push him into a frenzy, hooking his fingers upward and he feels you follow suit inside of you, mimicking his every moment.
“I’ve got you love just hold onto me…Yeah, like that…I’ve been thinking about you just like this, begging for me, fucking yourself on my fingers. Using me. Wanna make you squirt on me like you did last time. Down my fucking throat, if you’ll let me,” he’s reeling with every grip around you both at his words. If he keeps talking like that you’ll scream.
He begins a slow thrust that you harmonize with so beautifully, following just behind, never leaving you without stimulation. The pads of both of your fingers brushing against each other. The pressure swells in below your stomach and you tighten around both of your movements, getting lost in your shared touch. He’s talking so close to you now, and yet you still can’t hear him over the blood rushing in your ears. Your eyes are both pinned at the movement below, breath hitching at his disgusting words.
“Do you have it in you?…How much can you give me? You give us so much baby what’s a little more…Fuck, just let me taste you again like that.”
He rubs over the soft ridges inside you, causing your muscles to swell against you both and bringing you alarmingly close at his soft taunts. You pull your finger from alongside Levi’s to relieve the pressure and bring it upwards in between yours and his lips. Without provocation, you both lunge toward the slick dripping off your finger, fighting over the last drop, tongues pushing over and past each other mixing both of your saliva in with your arousal, an obstructed kiss. But to get the last word, you shove your glistening finger into Levi’s mouth, pinning his tongue down, causing him to gag against the elixir you’ve concocted together. He pathetically attempts to curl his tongue around you while tears begin to gather on his lash line. All for you. Mine.
“You’ll get every drop once I get to taste your tears,” your jeer maims him and has him nearly biting down on your fingers lodged deep in his throat, his teeth leaving throbbing indents against the bone.
If Levi believes your smell deserves to be bottled and treasured, then his tears are your prize. How many times will you make him cry out from tonight or until the end in torment and exaltation? The anguished thought always pushes you to the edge, pushes you to crane upward and lick his tears breaking free while he hopelessly chokes on your fingers.
Their taste alone has brought a thin sheen of sweat to your skin. Sweet, salty, subtle. Just like Levi. And you want more.
As a challenge, he slips out of you trailing the remains of your dripping cunt over your inner thigh, to your side, and then hooks his hand underneath the back of your left knee, folding it upward to the ceiling and into your side, closer to him as he spoons you. Your obscenely wet cunt catching the cool air on display.
If you get his tears, he only takes in return.
“Give me your fucking pussy. I want all of you. Now.”
A loud moan escapes you in surprise while his eyes rake up and down you with his growl. He’s bolder than ever and begging to ruin you even after all this time. Promising. No matter what it takes just like every other promise he’s made and kept throughout the years. Always here to lift you from the pain of shouldering this life and all of its unpredictability, finding you and leading you out of the spiral of doubt and confusion, to your home within each other.
And you’ll let him take you. Until the end.
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anlian-aishang · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Mother’s Day With Dadvi: While You Are Expecting
Tumblr media
Word count: 600 Tags: levi x reader, fluff, pregnancy, food mention, dadvi, modern AU
Tumblr media
Levi had never been one for shopping. You had never been one for crowds. Walking into a department store seized by the holiday’s hoard should have been your worst nightmare, but now, you two were expecting - expecting the one thing that would change you both forever. 
Even though your bump was still growing, even though the emergency room visit was months away, it seemed that change was starting already. It began with this Mother’s Day routine. Instead of calling home first thing in the morning, pregnancy fatigue kept you asleep until 10. Instead of getting flowers sent to his mother, Levi took to the kitchen and started whipping up breakfast. Returning to your room with the hot meal in hand, hearing your contented snores on the other side of the door, Levi knit his brows and contemplated. Was it worth waking you up? In a few years and after a few kids, your husband would know better than to wake his sleeping wife, but even the insomniac had yet to know true tire, and deemed his surprise present worth it.
Beneath his hip, your ironed sheets crunched. Beside yours, the tray table’s legs stood. Eyelashes batting, a wide yawn, as you came to - Levi gave a one-sided smile and placed his hand on your shoulder, his voice still husky, “Good morning, sleepyhead.”
Blurry eyes came into focus, landing upon your slate of goodies. Blueberry pancakes, maple syrup, homemade whipped cream, ginger tea for the chance of morning sickness - and at last - his black card, reflecting near white in the sunlight. 
To your look of confusion, Levi offered a solid stare and a sturdy back rub, “Enjoy your breakfast, and when you decide you’re ready, we’ll buy the brat a nursery.”
// // //
He had downed a pot of coffee, you were on your sugar rush, parental hormones were kicking in - perhaps that was what drove you two to gallop down the aisles and grab the products like candy. Or maybe it was simply that the rumors were true: you were just that excited to become parents.
A rattle they would shake at all hours of the night, a play piano with unadjustable volume and irremovable batteries, the doll that would startle Levi a hilarious amount of times, you threw them all in the cart and swiped his credit card just as hastily. Anything for your little one.
Noisy toys filled their playchest, making tonight’s sleep was one of the last peaceful ones you had left. Though you had gone to bed, for Levi, Mother’s Day was not over. While you lie sound asleep, he was hard at work. Assembling the crib, hanging the artwork, moving the furniture into place, colorful words filled the air - ones he will not be allowed to say once the baby arrives. Despite his swears, you remained asleep - Levi chalks it up to that pregnancy exhaustion. 
When 3 AM rolls around - hammer in hand, toolbox awry, still not even halfway done - Levi makes a promise to himself, never to do this again. But come the next Mother’s Day and all the ones after that, he finds himself in a tradition of construction. Above your headboard, Levi and your children will work together to make a mural. Year after year, kid after kid, baby to toddler to teenager, a custom frame of their handmade artwork. And on the edges of that square, the artists’ signature and an engraved carving: 
To: Mom. Love: Dad
Tumblr media
// masterlist //
Tumblr media
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nelapanela94 · a day ago
Tumblr media
TW: SMUT, creampie, enemies to lovers, MDNI, not proofread
WC: 3.3K
Tumblr media
Sweat trickled down your forehead, clothed-knees scuffing the sodden tiles. You scrubbed with such vehemence that you threatened to break through the floor. Unruly strands of hair sought freedom from under the bandanna, gluing to your clammy skin. Your braincells were fighting for their lives against the pungent mixture of odors and vapors emanating from the chlorine and muriatic acid.
“Stupid shorty,” you grumbled under your breath, getting up from the floor to fill the bucket in the sink and rinse off the foam. As the water gurgled out, you hung the gloves on the towel railing to drain, letting out a sigh of exhaustion, and began to rub a crumpled piece of newsprint over the mirror, until the smallest of your imperfections was reflected in front of you.
A harrumph from the door made you turned your face to its direction, your eyes stumbling into the cause of your nightmares and wet dreams. He leaned against the frame, arms folded over the chest and legs crossed at the ankles, staring smugly at you. “You missed a spot.” He haughtily said, steel gray eyes darting to the sink.
“Fuck off.” You scoffed, dipping a cloth in the bucket, and wrung it dry until your palms charred and your knuckles turned white.
“That’s not how you address to your superiors.”
“If you need to pee, there’re plenty of trees eager to be water and fertilized,” you spat as the ceramic squeaked with each swipe.
“gotta take a shit,” he blurted unabashedly.
You were flaring with irritation, eyelid twitching as if your system fell victim to a glitch and you had to reset. “Fuck off!” He nabbed the wet rag in mid-air before it whipped across his face. If the unexpected attack had unnerved him, his face didn't convey it. Without a word fleeting his mouth, he stepped into the bathroom, leaving the washcloth in the sink, and slipped a finger under the cabinet, wiping it against his thumb. One end of his lips quirked up fleetingly. Smooth and no traces of dust.
Ever since Levi found out that your cleaning abilities honed with rage, couldn't help but get on your radar when you were doing your chores, and coincidentally, in the last few months, his bathroom was your responsibility. No one else but him, and now you–with a little nudge– could leave it sparkling clean. He knew that his mere presence would make you explode with outrage.
Clean water skimmed his leather boots and he gazed in your direction, the bucket empty in your hands as the froth swirled good-bye around the drain.
“Get out now!” You snarled, slipping your shirt over your head and wriggling your pants off, and a dry and intense heartbeat snagged his breath away.
“What are you doing?” He made the most strenuous effort for his voice not to crack, though his fizzling cheeks would give him away. His red blood cells debated whether to go to his face or to his penis.
“I’m cleaning the shower now.” You replied lifting one shoulder, leaving your dank clothes on the basin and grabbing the scrub and detergent to get into the shower, in knickers and a sport bra, leaving Levi collapsing between rowdy hormones, bawdy thoughts and a heart that would leap out of his chest at any moment.
“What’s wrong? Do you like my booty that much?” You gibed, disappearing behind the curtain.
With lurid fantasies fluttering in his head and his blood running southwards, Levi returned to his room, and plopped onto the side chair, snatching the open book resting on his nightstand, and attempts to drown his desires amid words. But his eyes meandered over the first sentence again and again, and the only thing he could think about was that mole beneath your hipbone.
Before everyone else, he was able to keep upright the walls that protected him under his unshakable sour-look; but you and your pretty laugh and your dimpled smile cast a spell on him that set his mind in sheer chaos, something that smashed his brain until it turned to mush, shearing all his nerve connections.
Of all the people, you. Disrespectful, loud and reckless Y/N, the one who stormed into his life, obliterating any tinge of self-restrain. Not only did you make his heart beat at 1000 per second, you also awakened desire in every cell of his body. How many times did he not imagine you in his bed, naked, legs spread wide apart, with his face buried in your sweet pussy, or you kneeling before him, your mouth sliding down his throbbing cock, taking him all.
Focus, you jerk. Remember you don’t like to be touch.
While engaged in the civil war between his reason and his rapturous hormones, your soothing voice pulled the pin of the grenade that granted victory to the latter.
His head turned in your direction and he could feel the tip of his ears roasting in a grill. Your lithe body draped in a towel while beads of water caressed your glowy skin. He wanted to be those insignificant drops tracing paths on you.
“Can I borrow a t-shirt? I forgot bringing dry clothes. I don’t promise I’d return it clean.” You tipped the head to the side, raising a brow.
“Second drawer to the right.” He slipped off the cushion from behind his back, and slyly put it on his lap to cover his straining hard-on. Fuck, he was a thirty-year-old man acting like a teenage boy.
“So, I can mess up in your drawers?” you smirked, delving into his perfectly folded clothes.
You thudded the drawer close with your hips and glanced at him. “Are you alright?” you squinted, though, it's not like you care if he died scorched in fever. But humanity needed him, not your pussy, humanity, you chanted in your head.
You approached him, and swept his hair away, then a put the back of your hand against his forehead, and yes, he was broiling, but not of fever. Levi short-circuited.
Now you were touching his face, your soft and capable fingertips ghosting over his cheeks and jawline. And he was only thinking of kissing you. Kissing you in every fucking place, and touch you and... and have you impaled in his cock, screaming his name. His fists clenched on the cushion to avoid reaching for you. He doesn’t want to want to do it. You are not dating; you’re supposed to hate each other. You could be noisy and a pain in the ass most of the time, but he’d never do the thing that frightened him the most and kept him awake at night: to hurt you.
He didn’t hear you calling his name. You groaned, and with a swift movement, you snatched the puffy object off his legs. With wide open eyes and slacked jaw, you spotted it, unsure whether you should be flattered or offended. Your body betrayed you, though, and you felt desire soaking between your thighs.
“You, nasty pig!” you squeaked, chafing his face with the cotton-linen weave.
“Fuck.” Levi stood up, pushing you off, and you toppled back, your towel pooling at your feet, and your hearts stopped for a second. His eyes ran over your body, halting at the transparent blotch on your white panties, and his lips curved into a half-smirk. You were so wet already
“And I’m the nasty pig.”
“Jerk.” You loomed closer, beginning to unclasp all his straps; you were tired of imagining him without clothes. Given the noticeable bulge in his pants, you were doubtless he wanted to fuck you too. The metal buckles clanked against the floor, one after the other. You could feel his erratic breathing skimming on your face as your hands worked on his shirt.
“Y/N.” He rasped, stroking the syllables of your name as you slipped his light blue shirt off his arms.
“Nothing. Are you... are you sure you want this?” he stuttered, cursing at himself.
“I’m undressing you and you’re still asking if I want you?”
He hurled your hands off of him and his trembling hands cupped your face, lifting your head to meet your eyes. “Is this what you want?”
He asking for consent had you dripping hard. “Yes, Levi. This is what I want, I want you to fuck me.”
He nodded, scanning your eyes for any hint of regret, and all he could see was lust. Without further ado, he pressed his mouth on yours in an amateurish kiss; your fumbling lips giving away too the lack of experience in recent years.
You deepened the kiss, bringing him closer, intoxicating with his minty lips and his masculine scent, not the bergamot with lime notes, but him, stoking the fire in your clenching hole. Who did you want to fool? This is what you wanted for so long, you devouring him and he devouring you, like it happened in your dreams. Your lava fingers roamed over his bare torso, smoldering his skin as your tips memorized his ridged, taut muscles.
You let out a soft giggle, every time your teeth clashed, tongues sweeping and dancing frenziedly. His palms slipped down, cupping your breasts and kneading, eliciting a mellow moan that slather into his mouth. He seized your hardened-as-pebbles nipples between his fingers, tweaking gently as your hands anchored in the hem of his pants.
“Hold on.” He muses and pulls apart. “Let me take the boots off first.”
You nuzzled your face into his neck, sinking your teeth down into that pulsating, sensitive spot. “Damn it, Y/N.” He huffed, tilting his head back by a fraction. “It’s too hot to wear turtle necks.”
Your lips trailed along his jawline, seeking his mouth. “I’ll be waiting for you in bed, don’t take too long.”
“I’m done with work, we have all afternoon and evening.” His breath whisked over your lips.
“And night?”
“And night.”
He didn’t want to rush you, he wanted to carved every edge and valley of your body in his hands, and lips and tongue. You captured his mouth again as his eager hand ran down your navel, your clothed mound and pressed his thumb on your drenched panties, moving the tip up and down between your legs. You could feel the cotton fabric sticking to your wetness, then his sneaky fingers pulling your underwear to the side, and you flinched back.
His eyes followed you as you sway your hips, and he was scared he’d blow it in thirty seconds; he might come just by looking at you.
“Pretty ass,” you remarked, with a playful smile plastered on your face, as you watched him slipping his pants off.
“Wanna see what’s in the front?”
“I hope you don’t disappoint.”
He turned around, wearing only briefs, and found you laying on your side, head propped on your elbow, staring hungrily at him.
“Looks promising.” You raised your brows.
Levi parted your legs and kneeled in between, hands sinking in the mattress by either side of your head. “Fuck, Y/N, have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He mewled, dropping his face into the crook of your neck.
“No. You just call me brat and stupid woman sometimes. Oh! And–”
“Shut up.” He grazed you mouth again, and abrades you lips in an urgent kiss. Little gasps fled off your mouth as he has his tongue plunged deep in your throat.
His hand explored southern territory, slipping under the elastic of your panties and two fingers traced along your glistening pussy, seizing your taut clit and disappearing between your pudgy folds. Squirming, under him your gasps turned into moans. His mouth held captive one of your nipples, and without warning, he shoved two fingers into your depths.
“Ah! Levi!” you whimpered as he stretched and prodded your tight pussy, he could already imagine that velvety clasp sucking dry his cock. You began to move, rocking against his hand as his fingers fucked you and his thumb circled over your clit.
“Levi, I...”
The motherfucker increased the speed and the air nip your lustrous nipple as his mouth ambushed the unattended one. It didn’t take long. Your back arched in a beautiful bow and your head lolled to the side as muffled pants whizzed off your dewy lips. The first wave crashed over you, your core spasming as he eased his fingers out.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He kissed your already worn-out lips, then mapped out your body, leaving a lingering trail of moist kisses on your neck, your collarbones, between your breast, and your navel, as he crawled down until his nose was grazing your clit through your panties.
He needed to get rid of that intrusive piece of cloth that kept him apart from the glory. He seized your ankles with one hand and pushed your legs up, gliding your underwear off, and tossed it away.
Your cheeks blushed, now you were completely exposed to him. He pampered your calves and shins and thighs in kisses before parting your legs. Shit. His cock twitched in his pants, and he moistened his lips with his tongue devouring you with his eyes.
He pushed your legs wide open with his palms on your fleshy inner thighs, and your lovely, sweet scent held captive all his senses. Then pressed his mouth against your smooth cleft, and his vision blurred. You were soaked and sticky under his lips. You were quivering, out of pleasure or out of embarrassment, or a mix of both as his tongue explore you without restriction. His palms slithered under your ass, and squeezed as he angled you to get better access to your puckered hole. “Shit, Levi!” You cried and lurched when you felt his tongue swirling around your asshole.
“What?” He gazed at you through the daze, his lips coated in your arousal and it’s the hottest thing you’d seen.
“The fuck you think you’re doing?”
“Eating you all out.” He smirked and lapped his tongue, shamelessly sweeping up your juices and his saliva from the most hidden corner to your clit For so long, he tried to tuck his feelings away, but he couldn’t lie to himself anymore, not with his tongue now plunging into your pussy, sucking sounds deepening the red on your face.
His fingers took the place of his tongue as he assailed your clit with his mouth, and your hips began to trembled wildly. Again, your back arched, tears wedging out between your lashes as he worked magic in your body.
Your mellifluous sounds smothered his ears, and all your muscles tensed. One of your hands shoved into his hair and clenched tight, digging for solace, and the other clawed and tugged at the sheets. You came for the second time among soft whimpers and slow, powerful contractions. He contemplated you, riding your peak, his cock aching to be inside you. You found him under your leaden eyelids, and cast a small smile at him. You were sensitive and tight and warm and gorgeous, and he couldn’t think of anything else but to ram into you. Most likely, he’d come as soon as he sheathed into you.
“C’mere.” You spewed and Levi hovered over you, pressing you into the bed, feeling the rabid beats of your heart thrumming against his chest. He strokes his nose on your cheeks, his shallow breaths brushing against your skin.
“Can I... can I fuck you?” his sultry voice fanned over your mouth, and you pulled him closer, wrapping your arms around him, raking your fingers over his sweaty flesh, and locked your lips with his. He knew he wasn’t worthy, yet he gave it a try. But you were relishing in his mouth, and he was still waiting for an answer.
“Please?” He lolled back.
You reached down, sneaking your hand under his briefs, and curled your fingers around his length, thick and hard in a painful way that pulled out a hiss from him.
“Yeah…” you breathed, drowsily, yearning to be fill again.
He grabbed your hand and pulled it out, then sat on the edge of the bed and took his underwear off, his cock standing girthy, proud, and veiny, the purplish oozing tip skimming his lower belly.
You bit your lower lip as he imprisoned you again in his arms. “Levi…”
His hand warmed your cheek. “Uh?”
“I trust you.”
He kissed you again, sweet and tender and passionate, as he parted your legs with his knees and positioned himself, the head of his cock poking your entrance, your beautiful, sleek, tight pussy ready to take him.
He was heaving, you were heaving. “You’re so big.” You muttered when he parted away.
“You can take it,” he said as he slid inside and the clock on his wall stopped ticking. You groaned in unison as your pussy stretched to take him, inch by inch breaching you. The world narrowed to those little, blissful details like the tightness and warmth engulfing him, your big eyes holding his gaze, the heat rushing through his veins, the inebriating smell of sex suspended in the air.
Nothing else existed but the fizzing sensation dashing over his spine. Once your hips met, Levi stilled, panting, brushing away those meddlesome strands of hair of your face.
Fuck, he couldn’t see you. Your flushed, glowing cheeks and your hair sprawled and your parted lips. He’d burst soon by that museum-worth image. He closed his eyes and dug his face on your neck; your walls fluttering around him were the most delicious torture. He rocked his hips slow, painfully slow, afraid he’d combust too soon, but he didn’t have control, you were taking him obscenely good.
Moans and gasps slipped off your lips as he worked himself in and out, and you felt his hand stroking your thigh, spreading your legs more, to reach further.
He’s languidly fucking you, he had to concentrate to keep his load in his balls a little bit longer.
He pressed a hand over your mouth. “Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Don’t wanna come already.”
You squirmed underneath him, trying to take his hand off your face to grasp more air as the tension built up within you. The tingling in yout tummy soon became jolts of pleasure, threatening to snap all your senses away.
He withdrew his hand and you sucked in a long breath as he retreated and pushed back.
“Why are you holding back?” Another moan escaped your mouth.
“Holding back what? Oh, right” He grazes you clit with his thumb and the fire was set ablaze in you. “You think I should?”
You nodded, closing your eyes and shaking, foreboding your third orgasm. He wanted to kiss you, but he couldn’t let his mind be clouded, distracted. Instead, he pressed his forehed on yours and let out a faint laugh, thinking about what you were doing. Yesterday, you couldn’t see him without fuming, and now he was in you, your bodies unleashing a beautiful, magnificent chaos
“In you?” He joked; or maybe not.
Your eyes snapped open, entangling with his half open, dazed gaze. Panting, you stared at him for a second, and again, you nodded, as if you were there to comply to all of his wishes. “… on the pill.” You mumbled.
Oh walls! He was about to make one of his lewd fantasies true, because he had a questionable lot of those.
The wave of pleasure raptured within you, spreading from head to toe, your walls pulsating and squeezing him tight; and a few pumps later, he pushed as deep as he could go, and the world stopped spinning as he left his mark within you. A low growl tore off his chest.
You were panting in sync, glistening bodies pressed together. Levi was about to pull out, but you sank your fingers into his buttcheeks.
“Stay. Stay. Stay,” you wearily said.
A smile crept across his lips. “Do you like me a little now?”
“Don’t get crazy.”
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tsuki-tsuki-daisuki · 2 days ago
The way you had this man in a chokehold. He's never experienced any "crushes" before, well not as if he'd notice himself having a crush in the first place. Well, what he feels for you surpasses a crush at this rate. It isn't something temporary or silly just because he thinks you're hot. Your personality captivates him. Your smile, your voice, that approachable aura that surrounds you. At first he maintains distance with you, but you're unavoidable. You occupy his mind, your voice replaying like a record in his brain. You have him head over heels for you, and you didn't even intentionally do anything. The next thing you know he's staring at you every second you're looking away. Admiring your features, your unique beauty. He's gone through so much pain already. Life was rough for him, and didn't treat him well. He covered it up so many times, but here you come strolling into his life making everything better. You're comfort, warmth, and love to him. You're his everything.
Gojo, Levi, Toji, Sasuke, Gaara,
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drabbledealer · 2 days ago
Your fave tying ribbons into your hair and you doing the same to theirs ♡
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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inside-levis-pocket · 2 days ago
headcanon that Levi’s neck and thighs are extremely sensitive, and he can’t help but squirm when you touch/kiss him there
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ffsg0jo · a day ago
Tumblr media
- a o t c h a r a c t e r s a s t r o p e s -
aot characters x tropes [erwin,, levi,, hange,, historia,, ymir]
WARNINGS: assassinations,, guns,, reincarnation and death,, cheating,, pregnancy -- masterlist
a/n: this is kind of an x reader, just with tropes that i think go well with these certain aot characters! i hope you enjoy it xx i might do a part 3 for the rest as well... maybe
part 1,, part 2,, part 3
Tumblr media
ERWIN : arranged marriage - erwin's a wealthy bachelor, owner/ceo of a whole ass company and his parents set up an arranged marriage for him, with you, and he accepts.
the first time you meet erwin you're hit with how intimidating and serious he looks and you think to yourself 'oh my god what have i got myself into'. he's dressed in designer business attire, with a tie clip and cuff links and everything. he looks like a proper serious candidate.
but then he breaks into a smile as soon as he sees you and his entire face just softens. you let out a breath you didn't know you were holding in at the change of his demeanour and smiled back at him. it's then you suddenly notice how good looking he is, with his high cheekbones and long nose.
both parties mutually agreed to go on a couple of dates to get to know each other better and to see if you actually want to marry someone like erwin or not. neither of your parents are forcing you or anything, qnd they want to make sure you're both compatible. and instantly you're both smitten.
its actually adorable how well you get along and how you're constantly texting each other and going out to get lunch. erwin leaves his office more and more because of you and goes home on time. your parents feel like ultimate bosses just so happy at the fact that you two seem to be getting a long so well.
you're not in love with eachother yet, but you can definitely feel yourself falling, and it's just a matter of time now.
LEVI : enemies to lovers - levi absolutely despises you and has even attempted to kill you multiple times. he doesn't know why his mind still caught up with you. then the one time he's ordered to kill you, he can't.
so im imagining assassin au, and you're both enemies and levi has tried to kill you many times and even ambushed some of your mission just to try and get a shot at killing. you of course escape, being the bad bitch you are.
once where levi find out beforehand a mission you were going on and he went and killed the guys for you ahead of time just to pull that 'ive been expecting you' stunt and kill you
anyways, eventually you start looking forward to levi 'joining' you on your missions and even feel a bit disappointed when he's not there. and levi find himself thinking about you when doing boring old paperwork and wishes he could see you soon.
one day levi receives a file and a new person to kill. usually he doesn't really care, a jobs a job. but something inside of him break when he sees a picture of you and realises you're the person he has to kill.
he can't do it though, he so close, so so close. the gun is pressed against your forehead and the trigger is about to be pulled. you've finally succumbed to your fate, waiting for death. a single tear escapes your closed eyes and levi drops the gun. he just can't kill you.
HANGE: best friends to lovers - you and hange have been best friends for literally forever. and you're both pretty sure you're in love as well. its just that you're scared to ruin such a beautiful friendship in a selfish attempt at romance.
hange's not stupid, far far from it. they're probably the smartest person you know, even if they're a little eccentric and odd. but good god are they oblivious to, number one, you're feelings for them, and number two, their feelings for you !
like hange seriously though something was wrong with them, constantly getting clammy hands and heart palpitations near you and whatnot. its wasn't until they asked both erwin and levi if they knew what was happening to hange did they realise.
erwin was stood their wiggling his bushy eyebrows and levi had his arms crossed slightly laughing at hange's description of their symptoms and when they occurred.
safe to say that after hange realises, they're a bit weird around you. careful not to ruin your friendship. it gets to the point where levi and erwin have to step in and give you a push in the right direction.
and once you realise that your feelings are mutual, omggg praise the Lord. erwin and levi were sick of watching this back and forth between the two of you when you are so clearly in love.
HISTORIA : forbidden love - she's a queen and already married, to the king. but she can't help falling in love with you, her bodyguard.
historia was happily married. keyword, was. her husband was seemingly smitten with her and everything was going well until she caught him in bed with one of the maids.
fed up with her husbands bullshit ymir wanted to have her own chambers, away and seperate from his so she didn't have to hear the loud grunting and groaning.
to make sure she was safe at all times, a palace guard was stationed outside her room, and was to escort her everywhere. and that bodyguard was you.
at first she was slightly mad because she didn't need to be protected. she was formally trained and could fight quite well. but then she started appreciating your company more. skipping duties with her husband to go around the town with you and explore places. she warmed up to you very quickly.
maybe she got a little too close to you, because rumors started flying about the queen kissing her bodyguard in a private garden area near the town centre. apparently the two were having a picnic as well. you were immediately dismissed from your post and let go, promising historia you'd find away to be with her, even if it's the last thing you ever do.
but why was it okay for her husband to sleep around and be with whoever he wanted to be, regardless of him being married. why was it expected of him. why wasn't she allowed to have a friend, a confidant, someone whom she trusted with her life and would die for. someone she had grown to love with every fibre of her being.
it didn't matter anyway, because soon enough she got the news of a pregnancy. she was to bare the heir to the throne.
YMIR : reincarnated soulmates - ymir has loved you in every single timeline and will continue to do so. the fabrics of time itself will have to break and shatter before she gives up on you.
from the beginning of time you and ymir were constants. you were destined to be together and would find a way to be together no matter what happened.
the first time it happened, it was ymir that died. she ended up being taken hostage by some religious cult, believing her to be divine. but when they found out she wasn't, they killed her. you, of course were forced to move on with life, dying of old age.
you were both reincarnated into another world, this time a little less primitive. you and ymir met in an infirmary, both being treated for a mysterious illness and the first time you two locked eyes, you had a sudden vision of a previous life with ymir in it.
confused you both tried to figure it out. at first you though ymir was a witch, ready to scream and shout. but when you found ymir in a similar state to you, you took it back. but before you could figure it out, you died of said illness, your time restarting going back to square one.
slowly but surely you start to retain memories from previous lives and the next time you meet eachother, at college, you run into each other's embrace and just sob. maybe in this life you two can finally be together, since there aren't any mysterious illness, or weird cults, or even animals trying to kill you two.
Tumblr media
© ffsg0jo 2022 — do not plagiarise, repost, modify, or translate any of my work, in any way shape or form; i will piss in your cereal if you do. all work belongs to me and me only.
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m-jelly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Angry cleaning
Paring: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: Modern AU, cute, fluff, couple, romance.
Concept: You're relaxing on the sofa playing a game while Levi works from home in his office. Levi storms out of his office and changes into his cleaning things, then aggressively cleans the apartment around you even though it's spotless. You watch your lover before carefully asking him what's going on. He starts ranting about Eren, Zeke and Jean being an issue at work. You watch him clean as he complains. You complement his cleaning making him perk up.
You lounged on the sofa playing your game with a smile on your face. You were having a nice time and enjoying yourself. You paused your game when Levi left his office. You looked over at your handsome man expecting kisses and a cuddle, but he went straight to his cleaning cupboard.
You turned around and knelt up. You frowned and watched him closely as he pulled on his cleaning clothes. You leaned your cheek on your hand as you watched your stange lover. You shivered a little when he snapped on his cleaning gloves.
Levi started in the kitchen, but there wasn't much to clean up because the place was so perfect. You enjoyed how his muscles bulged and moved with his vigorous movements. You adored his hair being tied back to stop his bangs from getting in the way.
You could see by the way he was cleaning so harshly that something had gone wrong with work. You were guessing that someone made a mistake he had to clean up, or people were being silly. Levi was a great boss, he had to put up with so much and he work so hard for others.
You walked over when he disappeared behind the counter. You saw he was knelt down and scrubbing the inside of the oven, which meant you could see his perfect perky bum. You admired his bum for a while before walking around to his other side.
You crouched down and smiled. "Hey love, everything okay?"
He sighed. "It's...I don't know."
You placed your hand softly on his back. "You wanna clean the house until you're ready to talk about it?"
He pulled out of the oven and looked at you. He sighed and nodded. "Please."
You kissed his cheek. "Okay love. Do you want a cup of tea?"
"Not yet."
"Mmm, must be bad." You kissed his forehead. "I love you."
Levi smiled softly. "I love you too."
You stood up and ruffled his hair. "Cute." You walked over to the sofa and carried on playing your game. You frowned when Levi started cleaning the floor in front of you by scrubbing the floor on his hands and knees. "Sweetie? Pumpkin?"
Levi looked up at you. He smiled slowly as his gaze filled with love. "You're so beautiful."
You lay on your side. "Don't you think you're going a bit too far with the cleaning? I love you and I love that you enjoy cleaning, but you are angry cleaning right now and if you keep scrubbing the floor like that you'll work through the wood and make it to the floor supports."
He looked down and hummed. "You're right."
"Do you want cuddles? I'll be the big spoon."
He nodded. "I want that."
"Okay honey, go put everything away and come back to me."
He cleaned up his things. "Okay."
You leaned against the arm of the chair as you watched Levi put everything away, go to the bedroom and come back with comfy clothes before diving into your arms. You played with his hair as he pressed his face against your chest.
Levi lifted his head. "Kisses?"
You kissed him and hummed in happiness. "Better love?"
He nodded. "Thank you." He let out a long sigh. "Zeke, Eren and Jean have a project together I trusted them with, but they started arguing and fighting which has led to the contact from another company complaining and threatening to pull. So, I smoothed it over with the contact and moved them over to Mikasa, Sasha and Armin."
"Good choice!"
He hummed. "Thanks. I trust those three. I'm going to have to punish the three lads because it was a massive contract. If we lost them, we would have lost a lot of money and damaged our rep. I know Jean will be sorry, but Eren and Zeke will be the issue."
You lifted Levi's head and covered it in kisses. "My handsome, strong, smart and clean love."
He smiled and felt giddy. "Thank you."
"Those kids should know better. They're so naughty to make you sad."
"They are."
You hugged him tightly. "Poor Levi."
Levi hummed in happiness at being tightly cuddled by you. "Yeah, poor me. You'll look after me, right?"
"You know I will, my sweet hubby."
He nuzzled into your chest and sighed. "Thank you."
You rubbed his back. "You've been through so much, so let your lover take care of you. You're getting cuddles all day."
"And kisses?"
He kissed your chest. "I love you."
"Love you too."
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harubie · 17 hours ago
Aot characters when you accidentally swear "fu*k you"
sammary: You swear accidentally in front of them.
warning: slightly mature contents
characters: eren, armin, levi, reiner, zeke, porco, erwin
You were so tired after the mission and just wanted to relax. But then one of your teammate just came to tell you like there is another mission in urgent. You are so so exhausted and accidentally swore like "omg f*ck that!" And Eren who was next to you heard it and looking at you in his eyes wide open. You just awkwardly smile him back and felt so embarassed when he gave you back a small dirty smirk.
You were hurriedly eating during your short breaktime. Suddenly the bell rang and you had to go back but your food wasn't finished yet so you told yourself like 'I really hate it! F*ck you whoever rang the bell!" And then you realized Armin was sitting beside you, and he is now starring at you. You starred him back and asked him "What??" and he replied "Ahh-- nothing... nothing at all" but you could scene that he really wanna laugh. Your face turned red and you just ran away. "I will remember that (y/n)!" he yelled and you could hear from outside. You can't help but smile and blushed.
You were cleaning the windows because levi told you to and you couldn't deny him so you just have to put up with it. "F*ck you! I joined scout not the cleaning service or anything like that" you said as you knew no one would be in the room. "Who do you mean?" you heard a similar voice. Your heart sank. IT IS LEVI STANDING BEHIND YOU! You slowly turned around your head and gave him a grumpy smile as you said "Levi heichou???" And he just stand there still and looked at you like you almost felt that your soul left. "W-why are you here?" you asked as you just want to dig a hile and disappear right away. After a while he answered "That's none of your business brat" as he went to sit on sofa and you just continued to work but later when you looked at him again you caught him already looking at you. So you smiled at him and do the work back and again you saw levi still looking at you. You smiled back him again. Then he started to speak. "You know what-- Let's do as you say, cadet?" he said as he suspiciously smiled. "I just said f*ck--" you said as you realized "omg no!"
You were carrying lots of books in your hand and struggling to balance it and Reiner bumped into you. "Oh my gosh! F*ck you dude!" you said as you didn't realized it was Reiner. You bent down to collected them and he helped you out. You looked up him and you were so embarassed. "Reiner?" you gasped. He slightly smirked at you and told you "I didn't know you would swear" You were so embarassed. "I- I didn't mean to" you replied as you quickly got up. He pinned you to the wall. "Do as you say then" he whispered as he touched your skin playfully. You are so blushing and then the rest is as you could imagine. ;))
Someone threw you with a baseball from behind. You thought it was your friend so you swore her "F*ck you! Don't do that!" without looking back. "But I will always get revange" you giggled and threw the ball back to that person. And you were so amazed as it was Zeke when you turned back! "What are you doing here, Yeager-sama??" you asked him in shock. He just smirked at you and came closer to you. "You know what happened if you insult an honored marleyan?" he said as he garbbed your waist. "But you are lucky that I like you. Among all the warrior candidate, you just caught my attention and I want you" he mumbled as he kissed your neck. You just lost all your words and couldn't believe what just happened.
You were not in a good mood after the failed mission. You are so mad at yourself and then Porco knocked at your door. "Not now Porco! I'm not in the good mood!" you shouted at him but still he brusted in. "Oh my god! Didn't I tell you not to mess with me this time?! Leave me alone! F*ck you! F*ck everyone!" you yelled and suddenly you couldn't help but you found yourself crying. Tears flows from your eyes helplessley. Surprisingly Porco hugged you. "I never thought you would swear like that" he giggled. "But it is the best to let all your feeling out. I'm always here for you" You were so surprised that he could suddenly be so warm. You just felt safe with him. You cried on his shoulder until you felt better.
Hange told you to deliver some papers to Erwin's office. You went in and he seemed so busy so you just decided to put it on the other table not distrubing him and then when you stepped forward you almost slipped because of the water spilled there. "Oh f*ck it!" you whispered. Erwin glanced at you from other side. "What did you just say?" he asked. You laughed awkwardly. "I didn't say anything. Did I?" He smiled in not innocent way. "I heard you swear. I don't think it is appropriate to swear in front of your upper, does it?" he said. You looked at him and shook your head. "Good" he stood up. "What should I do to you about that?" he asked as he came closer to you.
(Hi! This had been in my draft for a long time and also I have a lot of unfinished work because I was doubting myself whether I should post or not :'' Anyway Thanks you all for reading and supporting! <3)
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cvsmixnaya · a day ago
aot boys handling drunk reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairings: various aot x reader
pronouns: none used
cw: getting drunk and little swearing
a/n: because i got drunk with my friends yesterday so here's this. i swear i think i'm still hungover
ok lets be honest, this guy is gonna get drunk WITH you. he is a party guy in my eyes and i'm here for it. but he doesn't drink too much just so he can take care of you. you ended up having a lot of alcohol that you're not even stable. he takes you home by an uber since he cant drive cause he drank as well and when you get home, mans immediately takes you to bed cause he does not want to hear you say anything. he had to go home cause he didn't want to get in trouble with his mom lol. but he texts you the next day to let you know what happened :)
this man. OH. MY GOD. responsible as fuck, argue with my shadow. he didn't drink since he's the one driving but there are occasions where he will drink a bit cause, mans a scorpio. it's in him. anyways he’s a responsible guy as mentioned before so we will make sure you don’t drink anymore and takes you home. he actually STAYS with you for the night and helps you with your hangover the next day.
he gets so disappointed when your drunk. he’s like “now i gotta deal with this. great” he blames it on hange cause they are the reason you got drunk in the first place. i mean it’s hange’s birthday, of course your gonna drink !! takes you home immediately he finds out that your WASTED. he takes good care of you dw<3 does give you a lecture cause he’s levi obviously😐 but means well. you got a huge hangover in the morning and levi told you everything that happened. he’s now gonna use all of that as blackmail cause he’s an evil bastard.
like eren, he is someone who will also get drunk with you. he’s a scorpio too, just wilder than armin (we have the same birthday😁) responsibility? don’t know them. just be thankful he didn’t drive. yall probably got pieck to book an uber for yall to take both of you home. i swear the moment you guys entered the room, yall crashed and got a huge hangover the next day. you made a promise that you’ll never drink again. spoiler alert: you didn’t keep that promise.
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levmada · 2 days ago
Canal pt.1: Monster or Man
Tumblr media
work summary » You think the greatest feat of your career is upon you when a mythical creature is stolen from the sea and thrust into your life—then, stubbornly, into your heart.
You both learn there is more to each other than circumstances, and appearances, let on—until an accident threatens to tear you apart. Soon, both of your fates depend on defending everything you’ve worked to build, or setting him free.
ch.summary: The opportunity of a lifetime is upon you, not only for the sake of your career, present and future—but your hero. Whether you can handle a vicious merman comes into severe question, but it soon becomes obvious that "vicious" is far too harsh a word.
content/warnings: chaotic+lovable Hange, themes of grief (past loss of a parent), kind of a meet-cute, very vague description of injury/blood, crippling perfectionism issues, anesthesia awareness, Levi is secretly adorable
wc: ~8.1k
a/n: hi hi! i feel like i wrote a chapter of smth at reasonable length for once, unfortunately there's some exposition (3 parts is 3 parts), so it's a good thing removing unnecessary scenes makes part 2 halfway done!
no way im finishing this before the end of mermay tho
also, im trying to write in past tense for the first time so pls excuse mistakes.
work masterpost・next part
taglist: let me know if you want to be added!
Tumblr media
Leading to your own little world, Sector 3, was a long, trailing hallway Hange (Dr. Zöe, you should refer to them as) referred to as the ‘canal’. You could, and you often did scoff at their unprofessionalism, but you couldn’t bring yourself to disagree. 
In the mouth of its sealed sliding door, you slipped on your sticky gloves and plastic face shield—tasks you used to agonize over, years and years ago. These days it was more like putting on a second skin.
Today, Berner didn’t lecture you on why in the world you kept in your jingly earrings after all these years if you were forced to remove them every time you step into your own sector; that was your guarantee that Hange hadn’t exaggerated—that today was not only special, but extraordinary.
They always kept a perpetual bounce in their step, but today it was hard to keep up with them. Above you the floodlights buzzed. Berner could only try to keep up as they fidgeted, bounced, and rambled: “Oh, don’t be a party-pooper. I want to keep it a surprise. You’ve never seen anything like this, I guarantee it, and, ah!—I’m so excited I can’t wait.”
You chuckled. “Do you know how unprofessional you sound?”
“If I haven’t changed after 10 years, don’t expect a change yet!”
“You know I don’t like surprises.” You tuck your hair behind your ear. “Please? I’m even saying please. I’d like to know about the goings-on in my own sector.”
“D’awe, you’re so cute.”
Scoffing, you shake your head. You feel red. “Erwin loves to talk, but he just called this urgent, which could mean anything, knowing him.”
They burst into more giggles as Berner made a pained noise behind you both. Directly beneath the overhead floodlight at the very end of the hallway, Hange stopped dead, causing Moblit to smack right into them. They promptly ignored them, and then, with a resounding sigh, they swiped three crinkled photographs from the endless depths of their lab coat.
You stared at them like you’ve just been offered a handful of dope. “And where did you get these?”
“Not by following protocol,” they murmured mischievously, “that’s for sure.”
“Dr. Zöe—” Moblit tried, but the crisp photos, recently printed, were already in your hands. You inspected the backs first for additional information, but there wasn’t much: today’s date and a serial number, which identified any boat on any and all expeditions; these were taken on an ordinary fishing boat.
You whistled severely, as if surveying a bad crime scene, which you might as well have been. At first, you think you were staring at some gutted, red fish, but it was blood—bright red upon bright red upon a glossy white boat deck; parts looked like someone dipped a red paintbrush and flicked it at a clean canvas, but it was all smeared severely, like someone tried to mop it up and gave up.
Hange was jabbering something, but you weren’t listening. The next one was the deck again, but with four severe gouges taken out of the glossy teak—a synthetic material that didn’t scratch easy. This was the work of a very strong, pissed off animal.
Moblit shook you both. “We’re going to be late, you two.”
“It’s just like Nessie, or the colossal squid! A real-life mermaid, but a man! With the tail of a fish!” Hange was whispering, more like hissing, into your ear. At that moment Director Erwin, donning scrubs for once, appeared at the end of the canal. He parted the rubber flaps and called for you all, expectantly.
You cursed under your breath. Moblit abruptly cut in front of you as you both moved on side-by-side. 
While trying to process what they just said, you scrambled for the last photo. “Say again, Hans?” 
The last one—the image blurred by the shaking photographer—carried weapons. You were able to make out a few, mainly spears; one was split in half like a pencil, but all were painted in blood.
Their big brown eyes sparkled. “A man. With a fish tail. I heard all this secondhand but apparently there were three—but he was the only one who made it. Poor thing fought as hard as he could, and in the end it took five shots to tranquilize him. Can you believe it?”
“Oh, I know it’s gory, but—” they throw their hands up, “—isn’t this incredible!?” they cry out. Your colleagues—including Mike and Nanaba, heads of their own sectors—now swarmed you two, and winced at the sound.
Information was on a need-to-know basis only, you found out: the Director, of course, was the only person who knew anything about him; the only exception was Hange, who got what they could through more illicit methods. You get the feeling they spoke to Armin—the overseer of the marina itself—who spoke to someone, or someones, who saw this supposed ‘merman’ firsthand. 
You believed them, though. Sector 3 specialized in large sea-mammals, the bigger the better. 
A merman, you thought. Hope pounded in your chest. This better be true.
The doorway was only welcoming for one person, so you were forced to cram to get in, but the crowd parted for you, first. Your reputation demanded it.
Erwin, formal and confident as always, already stood waiting beside a towering metal cylinder as wide as two double-doors. He nodded knowingly, and you nodded in return.
You forced a straight face; you couldn’t let yourself get too excited in case you were let down. Usually, aquariums like these were used as incubation tanks for pregnant orcas. Thus the glass wrapping around was thick, not to mention the sleek metal casing itself; they were also specially fashioned to allow more oxygen to circulate than any given tank a creature was kept in.
Thrill washed over your belly. An extraordinary day, indeed.
Once the few select personnel besides you, Mike, Nanaba and Hange were gathered, Director Erwin spoke frankly. Unfortunately, he gave the same report Hange had given you earlier, just reworded. Your interest only climbed, like balancing atop a high cliff, so high the sea was no more than a blue floor, preparing to jump.
You thumbed at the photographs now tucked away in your pocket as Erwin nodded to Hange, who clapped their hands once, bright and loud. They grandly presented the tank with both their arms thrown out to the side.
“Well then—doctor? Ready to take a look?” Hange asked, sounding genuinely seductive. “Up close and personal?”
You wanted to leap at the chance. Only briefly, lips slightly parted and eyes round, you shared a cautionary look with Erwin, who smiled and gave you a look that read, ‘Well? It’s up to you.’ 
Now that you were making the leap you crossed your arms, finally grinning and nodded for Hange to continue. On cue, your colleagues tensed and the air became like oil; no matter that your team was present, as well as the heads of each sector for that matter.
Hange fiddled with the keypad etched into the side of the dome. With a cheerful beeping noise, the metal casing began its steady slide open, like two walls crawling away from each other.
Even your jaw fell slack at the sight before you. At first, and brief glance, what you saw is an unconscious man suspended in still, distilled water—coated in rolls upon rolls of thick bandages, but a man nonetheless—following one hell of a fight. Now the photographs made sense.
So taken by his face, you studied the webbed curve of his ears before the obvious; what looked to be regular cartilage bled into a warm blue color, so you craned your neck to get a better look. You then had a front row seat to the gills which gently contracted just a tad below one of his ears—just as a normal fish has.
The man wore an uncannily neat haircut too: short, chopped, and a color so dark it could rival midnight. Your eyes raked his midsection, and even beneath the bandages it was plain to see he was well-built.
Not to mention—
A shocked breath fell off your lips as nervous chatter bubbled up around you. Moblit confirmed his height as just over 5 feet, but the long, hulking length of his tail made him look enormous. The tail . 
You caught the end of a sentence behind you: “—a sea monster.”
The appendage was not simply one boring shade of blue; if you could’ve put this beast under a microscope, you still wouldn’t have been able to fully capture its speckled azure, its milky blues, the dashes of midnight, some the hue of rich jewels, the ocean at sunrise, a clean afternoon sky…
Like scattered pebbles, scales erupted in random spots where his hipbones should’ve been, and swallowed the entire lower half of his body in a fish’s tail where there ought to have been legs—if this was a man. 
Webbed tailfins, similar to his ears, flared gently, wading in the water on either side of his waist.
You felt like Hange at that moment. You wanted to press your face to the glass to ogle the powerful fin kissing the flat metal bottom of the tank, but Hange beat you to it. 
In their excitement—as always, never mind what Moblit told them—they did something outrageous and dangerous. They planted their palms down dead in the center and gawked up at his sleeping face. Hungrily.
That was Erwin, but it was too late: they launched up on their tiptoes, and as if he had been waiting for this moment, he came alive inside the tank, thrusting his fists out in the direction of Hange’s face with such force the tank shook—helped by the whips of his powerful tail.
Hange shouted a curse and launched back in Mike. Everyone froze for a moment; it was the kind of pause that erupts when a car explodes in a crowded street before the chaos begins.
He, it, snarled at all of you, bubbles streaming up from his mouth. The sound could only be compared to a drowning bear. 
You were the first to pounce on the keypad, thrusting the thick metal halves back the way they were so all that remained was the twist in his venomous expression, the murder in his eyes; his sharpened talons made a horrible screech, like nails on a chalkboard. The glass would be scarred. 
You looked on in frightened awe. There was no chance of him making even a dent in it, and yet he pushed on anyway. Fear or excitement—primal, burnt, unmistakable—pounded through your head and ran thick in your veins.
“That’s enough!” Erwin barked. He wrangled the situation, mostly those who bore witness—especially a red-faced Hange. It was the first time in a long time when, after they pulled a stunt like this, they shared your expression of bewildered fear.
No one stayed behind except you, Hange, and Erwin—but he stayed the same. The square window made his face perfectly visible; his curled lip displayed teeth like a human’s, a daggered glower holding gunmetal eyes like a human’s, and the murderous rage plenty of humans are capable of.
You wondered who those other two were that were like him, those who died. If he was capable of attachment, of relation, then who were they? Family? Friends?
Erwin was busy laying into Hange, so you were the only one left staring up wide-eyed while he kept that same hate-ridden expression. Either brave or stupid, you didn’t care. 
Eventually, he seemed to realize his efforts—Could he have possibly waited for the perfect moment to break the glass? To terrify us? —were futile. The pounding stopped, but his lips remained curled in a snarl, sharp eyes tearing through you from above. He waited for your next move. 
Behind your forced neutral expression, you felt in your blood that behind his eyes lied cold, hard intelligence. Monster or man, you couldn’t show your fear if you wanted any hope to communicate effectively in the future. It was that simple to you.
Two voices strained and rose behind you; Hange’s was the first to fall for obvious reasons. Their outright genius, and your good word, had saved them their job from the brink many times in the past.
“It will not happen again,” Hange repeated after Erwin. “I had no idea he was capable of planning!”
The creature (Could he have a name? Likely, if he was found with others) antagonized you still. It never weakened, never relented. 
You wondered how, and why, and where; you held no concrete questions, only a special yearning sprouted from plain ignorance. What if he could talk? Where had he come from?
No matter the challenge, you wanted to figure him out—all the way from the deep dark depths of his past to this very moment in time.
Then Erwin called your name, and the spell was abruptly broken. “I want to speak to you in private. Dr. Zöe, you’re dismissed.”
Hange faltered. “You don’t mean dismissed, dismissed, correct?”
“No,” Erwin sighed, tired, but no longer angry.
After you nodded them away, you asked him, “Are you worried he can understand us?”
Erwin put on one of his trademark smiles, the one that dripped wit. “I’d be worried if it didn’t, after all the sacrifices that were made to capture it.”
As he spoke, you followed him through another pair of sliding metal double-doors. “You and Dr. Zöe are the only ones that call it ‘he’. Did you notice?”
You smirk, just a little. “Yes, well—appearances don’t make the man, don’t you think?”
He chuckled. “I have to agree.”
You and the Director shared a long, winding history all the way back to graduate school where he had taught, and even had coached you on your dissertation. Even though you were no longer a long-running teacher’s pet—even in high school, when you hadn’t been proud of it—years later your back-and-forth with him remained the same.
The room you stood in now was standard use for security, crammed with monitors and control consoles that gave eyes to every corner of Sector 3; yours out of the five the facility holds. It’s the perfect place for sensitive discussion.
Erwin explained everything he knew: A fisherman had been the one who spotted the three of them, and he had also been the one who had called others to aid him in throwing out a blanketed, barbed net without consulting facility staff. They had had no way of knowing what they were dealing with.
But by then it had been too late, and three creatures just like him had gone on the offensive; one, for her size and shape, had seemed to be a young female.
“None except the female were affected by what tranquilizers were on board, but by the time it was over, it had already succumbed to its wounds,” he tells you gravely. “The other male died as well.”
You hummed, short and stressed. Only so much information can be gathered from, for lack of a better word, dead bodies. “It’s hard to believe deadly force was necessary.”
Erwin’s expression grew tight. “Three fishermen and two researchers died, four of those fatalities due to, well, the man. Those on the deck had no choice, but even if they did, neither of us were there to change their minds.”
You were stunned into silence. No wonder everyone had been afraid, but would it have made you a bad person that that information intrigued you further? 
“Did they speak a language?”
“Not on the ship,” Erwin replied. He smiled again. “You’re still interested in this case, then.”
You huffed a laugh and looked away. If it were anyone else (excluding Hange, you imagine), you’d be called heartless for your persistence. You’d be a fool not to be wary of a creature like this, but his potential spoke to you louder than your fear.
Yes, you were interested. 
“If he doesn’t have a name, then I’ll assign him a number,” you mused. “Is this your way of assigning him to me, Director?”
That trademark smile. “It is.”
Tumblr media
Your first three encounters with the subject (despite what you had told Erwin, you decided not to assign him a name or number until you knew for certain whether he was capable of giving one) reminded you more of autopsies than appointments: he was too volatile to be kept conscious around the staff at first.
On the first day, a couple more after he was captured, you tugged on your rubber gloves beside two of your most trusted assistants beside you: Nifa and Petra. 
Together you collected blood and hair samples, as well as a clipping from one of his nails. They were more like talons, but you opted not to trim the rest while you were at it—the procedure was invasive enough already. 
And, if you angered him, it’d be harder to earn his trust.
While Petra scooted the cart along containing the samples, you further popped open the plexiglass domed top until it gaped open. 
Inside what would serve as his home for the foreseeable future, he idled on his back with his arms pinned by his sides, unconscious and restrained. Enough heated salt water circulated from the tank’s various tubes and pipes that when you lowered your hands to turn his head towards the ceiling, a few ripples kissed his chin.
Your mind wasn’t so narrow to assume the tank was anything more than a drop of water compared to that endless blue sea. It was tragic, but good intentions always shined on most (injured, disabled, or sick) animals the facility took in—just not in this case, arguably. 
Your opinion? This would no doubt be worth it in the end.
You sighed silently as you skirted your gloved pointer finger across the delicate, almost iridescent scales decorating his high cheekbones. They were very thin, indistinguishable from the ones decorating his hips.
Now that you could examine him more closely, you dove right in. 
His wounds healed quickly, certainly inhumanly so. There was no more need for bandages after day five. Incredible.
His tail, that brilliant cacophony of blues, began its wide slope where his hipbones didn’t exist. Long fins, firm yet slippery, decorated each side. You imagined he used these to maneuver easier in the water. 
Further down his tail, just before it unfurls into a tough, flexible clam shell, was thick enough to rival your forearm.
What a wild, beautiful creature. Silently you marveled, a smile pinching your cheeks without your realizing.
Now onto your least favorite part: his face—not because he was hard to look at in any way, but because it was the opposite. For a sea creature, he was uncannily handsome. Strong, yet feminine facial structure, and soft features.
It was creepy.
Carefully you carded his bangs away, keeping an eye on the display to your left showing rows of colored lines: his vitals.
It was imperative he didn’t wake up during this exam: besides the trauma, and the aches and pains that would be the first to greet him, the sticky pads on his chest and clipped to his fingertips gave you the readings; if he broke free, which you wouldn’t put past him, the paperwork for damaged equipment would be a bitch to fill out. 
Your own safety was pointless to worry about. Thick glaring restraints bridged not only his wrists, but his neck and the dead-center of his tail.
Regardless, you walked a precarious tightrope here. Not only were the stakes high, but you had given him a limited dose of anesthesia. His x-rays showed that—despite all his human characteristics—his lungs are much larger than a humans to subsist underwater for unimaginable stretches of time. 
Supplying him with a constant dose was too big of a risk. He was too special.
With a clinical touch, you examined beneath his eyelids for more abnormalities, beside yourself with interest. There were so many possibilities: light-sensitivity, maybe he was nocturnal and perhaps even colorblind like most sea animals.
You half expected him to snap to life again, biting, thrashing, chomping—but he remained as still as ever inside the tank. 
His iris was a gloomy pool of gunmetal and dark waters, but you didn’t pause to ogle. You recorded down your findings as usual, set down the clipboard with a small clatter, before charging ahead. With his jaw cradled in both hands, you parted his lips slightly, but you didn’t even get that far.
Your attention snapped to the monitor. The endless stream of lines, his heartrate, spiked aggressively in kind with the rising beep-beep-beep.
You hissed a curse and snatched the oxygen mask by your side. More anesthesia.
Heart pounding, you struggled to snap the buckles around his head with his head swaying from side to side the way it was.
When his eyes pinched tight and you were still one buckle short, you knew it was too late and ripped the mask off. It was your fault he lurched to life with that awful a gagging sound, caused by his binds buckling on their screws. 
His eyes flew open, expression twisted into deadly surprise. The rest was a mystery; you were too busy rounding the tank. Your lab coat billowed wildly behind you as you lurched it up before it slammed shut like a cement block slamming into concrete.
Somehow, he fought hard enough to rock the water to the domed top. Your equipment, shredded. The tank, wobbled by the wild flopping of that fierce tail. No wonder it had taken five men to overpower him on that boat.
But the fight drained from him quickly. You watched from the sidelines, fingering with your lanyard; clipped on was a fat yellow button that would alert security, but the anxiety evaporated now that there was no need.
His chest heaved hard and his back bowed back sluggishly to escape the restraints. It was useless, which made it that much harder to watch.
At least dropping restraints was procedure for these types of things. You thumbed the control panel until they shot back, but there was no pounding on the walls. The tank was still.
You waited on bated breath. The look on his face, you could have only compared it to a hurt turtle as he pawed at the glass. Left in his wake were pale, jutting lines from his nails. 
You knew there wasn’t a crumb of comfort he would accept from the person at the scene of the crime, so you turned your back for the door. 
Painkillers would be perfect—the tanks of which weren’t on hand in that room. You knew how to install them yourself.
Only, right as the sliding door whooshed open, you smacked right into Nifa, who—thank god—wasn’t carrying anything important. An orange crate crammed with protective equipment clattered to the floor.
You told her what you needed in a flurry of sentences, but she easily peered past your shoulder to get an eyeful of the disaster ensuing behind you. Your stomach dropped like a stone in a lake.
“What—?” She brushed past you a few paces, looking on in exasperated devastation. What she saw was his face twisted into a grimace, his fists flexed hard over his chest.
She whirled around. “W-Why medicate it? We should just anesthetize it again, there’s so much left to do—”
“He’s in no condition to keep going,” you argued, and stepped forward. “Waking up from anesthesia in the middle of a procedure is traumatic enough, just as it is for any other animal.”
She opened her mouth, closed it, then jabs a finger in his direction helplessly. “I have to disagree, doctor. With how precious—”
“Exactly,” you interrupted. “He’s precious, which is half the reason you’ll do what I tell you. The other half is because I told you to do it.”
His eyes had gone wide and afraid now, having noticed Nifa. Whining plastic tore through the air as he clawed and snarled, a low and dangerous sound. His ears, shockingly blue, flared out wide.
It was his only option, you knew. He was only acting out out of desperation—and that made you snap.
“Go, Nifa!” you barked, and mimicked her by pointing at the door. “Now! Not another word.”
Tearfully, she did. You breathed hard, hands shaking on the knobs of the control pad as you set about making him more comfortable. 
You had a habit of muttering under pressure, and now you murmured, “Just one second, I’ve got it, I’ve got it it’s almost over…”
The water tank broke into a chugging noise, which only served to startle him more: his head shot about wildly in search for the source of the noise, hissing at nothing.
You rounded the tank, standing none too close to him, and put your hands up in surrender.
“It’s okay!” you said, in as reassuring a tone you were capable of. “I’m warming the water, so it’s gonna circulate faster for a minute. The air is also decompressing, so you can breathe.”
A sound rumbled in his chest, brow sunken in defiance as the water inside the tank swelled. What you said didn’t register, that much was clear—but you couldn’t be wrong about him.
So, you put it in simpler terms instead.
To your relief, he relented a little. Where he was curled up as far away from you as he could get, he curled up a little more, his tail bumping the glass, and finally laid his head down. 
Being half-submerged didn’t bother him of course. His expression didn’t change, but the day had clearly caught up with him.
“Good. No more,” you told him, and you meant it. You may have been ambitious, but you knew when to stop. “We’re done.”
This is exactly what you told Nifa and Petra later, after taking the canisters the former retrieved. After Petra helped you set them down by the tank, looking apprehensive, you excused them both to other jobs. You wouldn’t forget Nifa’s insubordination—not by a long shot.
Then it was back to work. He fought sleep in hard blinks as he peered over the edge at your crouched form, installing the hulking white tanks.
“Painkillers,” you offered, feeling his mild suspicion. You didn’t look up. Out of a lack of response, you over-explained when only a muffled scoff broke the air: what was going to happen, and how it would make him feel.
Once it was all said and done, you stood, swiping your forehead of a thin sheen of sweat.
His blue-greys, opened into slits, watched you without faltering. You stared back in case words left his half-parted lips, but you knew he could tell what you wanted; he snapped his jaw shut.
A little closer. He inched back, but didn’t snarl. 
“Did you hear what I told my assistant earlier? The woman that was here?”
After several beats, he nodded and made a light clicking sound. That meant that he was content, from your experience with dolphins.
He of course wasn’t a dolphin, but you took what you could get. 
And it was the truth. Your humane techniques were a big reason you headed the sector for exotic sea animals in the first place. 
You tried to explain that part to him too. When it came to ‘humane techniques’, his brow only knitted in sour confusion, but he knew 'truth'. No smiles, but you were satisfied.
You cleared your throat. “I’ll remain—” you recalled his limited understanding of your language, “I’ll be here for the next hour, for you. Then I have to go. You can sleep, if you want. You should.”
He said nothing, as usual; there was only a disconcerted little him. As you had for the entirety of this nightmare, you settled for the bare minimum. 
Only when you were seated on the nearby stool—pivoting its wheels from one spot in the room to another to wrap your research up and contact the Director on this development—did he finally move. 
His sneaky shifting reminded you of a mime who froze when he was being looked at, and came alive when he wasn’t. Light water swished in the tank as he maneuvered onto his other side; that massive tail curled with his frame, unable to bend completely.
To your surprise, he didn’t so much as shut his eyes for longer than a long blink for the whole hour. The painkillers couldn’t put an elephant to sleep, but they were always effective. That dose was ordinary for creatures almost twice his size. 
He didn’t trust you, but could you blame him? Did you have a right for frustration to roil beneath your skin? 
How could you slip up, making such a disastrous mistake? You were too lenient in the anesthesia; at the same time, you were tearing down the path blind. Nobody even knew something like him existed before a couple days ago.
Still inexcusable, you settled on. 
At the end of the hour, you only briefly cracked open the tank. You needed to retrieve the oximeter and untangle the cords that had gotten twisted around in all that thrashing—which you prefaced before you acted. 
You felt ridiculous asking for consent from a sea creature, even more so when he frowned, unimpressed, before shoving the bundle of tangling down, then away, like it burned to the touch. 
“Ah,” you muttered dumbly. “Well, thank you.”
He locked up like a vice as you reached your hand in, but the chore was painless, in the end.
When that was done, you double-checked his habitat conditions. 
Good. But then, open endless deliberation, you held down a fat orange button; it extended the size of the tank from one perfect for a pregnant orca—which was so small for him that his tail fins had to stay pinned to his sides—to one comfortable for an overweight male one. 
That was as freeing as it got.
He blinked, curiously, then ducked around to the small round pipe dispensing the water, and plugged it with his palm, then letting it go. It looked like he was experimenting with it.
You craned your neck to watch despite the wince on your face for your action. This was a total insult to procedure. It wasn’t routine, it wasn’t right, a yellow puzzle piece in a totally blue picture—but neither was he. 
He plugged it for over five seconds, brow furrowed, and then when he popped his hand away, a load of water spurted from the pipe and blasted in his face.
A laugh escaped you before you could help it. You clapped your hand over your mouth as he lurched back, shaking his head like a puppy after a bath.
Surprisingly he seemed entertained by this, snorting, rubbery ears twitching. He only sent you a single dirty look before scraping his bangs off his forehead and starting all over again. 
It was rather… cute.
You let your eyes fall shut for just a moment, sighing from the bottom of your lungs. 
You’re done for the day.
However, your mistake followed you into the next day, and the day after that. What you did, and didn’t do, ate away at you. Aggressively. Constantly.
In your career, you’d never made such a drastic mistake. It didn’t matter that you knew next to nothing about him, it didn’t matter that it was the worst-case scenario: waking up during surgery; that you, nor him, were brutalized in any way—you didn’t make mistakes, period.
During your degree, you’d recalculated entire strings of statistics if you got even an inkling that one decimal was off. If the vitals on an animal had been a few notches off, you had examined it and adjusted until all was right. In your final dissertation for your PhD, you had skipped out on life and rewrote it twice to make certain it was golden, and you had graduated valedictorian in your class for it. 
Now, in the dead of night bordering on morning, you held your speech for the next day pinched between both hands. It was imperative (in your mind) to review it for mistakes, but only squiggles and jumbled lines stared back at you. 
You had an important seminar tomorrow afternoon. Distractions would be troublesome, especially self-hating ones, which this one was. That pained madness etched across his sharp features was all you could see when you closed your eyes.
You had Hange check on him throughout the workday instead of your own team, because you trusted them more than anyone else, even your team. They were a wild card no doubt, but they cared for you.
Your explicit instruction was to do no more than bring him food. It was a simple task you couldn’t bring yourself to do. What if you’d already set yourself up for failure? Despite the treasure trove of data now at your disposal, it was not in its entirety, and what the hell was it worth if he continued lashing out in the future. Or worse? 
For once, you found yourself at a loss. It wasn’t in you to treat your animals, much less one as precious as him, as a simple lab rat. That, more or less, was procedure—you worked in a lab after all.
As a result, you’d dropped a brick wall between you and Hange (and Erwin for that matter, even though he wasn’t what you called few people: a friend) the past couple days. 
The brick wall was a pretty common occurrence for times like these, so Hange hasn’t badgered you too much. Yet.
They would, no doubt, even though you weren’t as close as you were before what happened three months ago. You’ve been stuck together since your college days.
Thinking back on it opened a pit in your stomach.
You let your burning eyes drift shut as you massaged a crick in your neck. Letting the frames from that night flash in your mind felt like snaps of a whip. You should’ve just talked about it, but you haven’t, and you haven’t been back to the houseboat since then, either.
Narrowing your focus, that was what you should do. Until it was over, the seminar tomorrow was all that existed. He could wait.
You’d share your findings—on a completely different subject, no less: global warming’s effects on wave currents—and reap what you could of praise and opportunity, if it happened that way. 
Erwin always insisted it would, which is what always ended up happening, but it was never guaranteed in your mind. 
If you got confident, you got complacent. And if you got complacent, you got sloppy; a mantra that was hammered into your brain when you were a kid.
You’d become a charlatan, and that wasn’t what your father would’ve wanted for you.
There was a tiny part of you that whispered that this way of thinking wasn’t sustainable, but that way of thinking only grew into a scream after your father passed away. He had meant well, always.
This phenomenal discovery was everything he had yearned for before his sudden death, and you’d be a fool not to pursue this once in a lifetime opportunity with everything you had.
This was your chance. You had to get it right.
Thick grey light stretched through your curtains before you were happy with your speech, so you made a choice: liquid adrenaline over sleep.
Nothing new. Not lately.
Tumblr media
The concert hall was packed, from the most brilliant minds in zoology to the young people crowded near the rear isles, taking notes like their lives depended on it. 
As a skill you’ve refined over the years, it was easy to mask this big ugly mishmash of issues of yours and carry on. The applause following your final words made your head spin.
Afterwards Hange tackled you in a tight hug, and Mike congratulated you in his own reserved, bundle of sunshine way.
A dinner sponsored by the concert hall itself followed thereafter, so despite how just the smell of your sweetened tea made nausea squirm in your stomach, you chowed down on a meal just like the rest that circled your table: Mike, Nanaba, and of course, Hange.
The topic of work was unavoidable, especially at an event like this. You could only nod and ask Hange to elaborate on their current research for so long before the specificities grew microscopic. Your coworkers clamored to learn more about your new “project”—the merman. Vagueness in the public eye was essential.
“Well …” You fiddled with the napkin knotted between your fingers. This would be the first time you’ve spoken about specifics to any capacity; the only exception being the Director. “…I may or may not have hit a roadblock.”
“Oh?” A smirk crept onto Hange’s face. “Do tell.”
Then, like popping off a cork, you rapidly launched into an explanation of your experiences with the subject so far—which, by the end of your retelling with the anesthesia, morphed into a frustrated rant. 
You were afraid to move forward due to your past mistakes. He was already extremely volatile to anyone and everyone, let alone a person who harmed him. The road ahead held similar procedures, more invasive experiments. 
As confident you were that he could speak, this wall meant that he was more likely to shut down completely. You’d get nowhere, and you would have failed not only yourself, but your father’s aspirations (the second detail you chose not to mention). 
If you could only hit a breakthrough, you could gather all the knowledge you needed to complete your study, and as an added benefit, you’d be rolling in the highest success of your career (as high as it would reach, you concluded). 
Then, your subject would be out of your hands. It was unlikely in this specific case he would ever see the ocean again, but you’d never have to agonize over him again. 
Mike had one fist propped up beneath his chin by the end of your speech. Hange looked positively pensive. They were analyzing, which reassured you. You admired their mind most of all.
“Well—” they stalled, “—we all know you’re bad at the people thing, right?”
Your lips parted, then snapped shut. “I'm... I’m not ”
Mike hummed skeptically as you glared at Nanaba, who was snickering behind her hand. 
Mike began. “In my opinion, you’re overthinking it. You said it yourself—he, it,  communicates differently from us. It seems like he behaves more like a seal than a person—”
“I’d say a dolphin,” Nanaba cut in. “He played with the piping, right? Maybe he likes trinkets.”
She worked in animal intelligence.
“That’s not the point,” Mike sighed. 
Hange pouted, having been cut-off. They tapped the table impatiently.
“Anyway, he sure as hell looks different, too. You should retrace your steps entirely and treat him like what he is: an animal. He’s a test subject, not some wayward sailor.”
You groaned. “No, there has to be some other way.”
“I kind of agree with both of you,” Hange said, tapping their cheek as the gears in their head turned. “How about treating him gently, like a feral kitten, you know?”
Nanaba laughed at this. She was totally ambivalent. “We know this: he’s an incredible creature. Maybe you could,” she gestures vaguely, “grow some sort of attachment? Maybe he’s capable.”
“No,” you stated, hard enough to leave no room for argument. No attachments.
Hange. “As I was saying, I think you’re on the right path. Coddle him, domesticate him even. He’s an adult, as far as you know, right? It’ll take time, but his awareness of people is obviously limited. No attachment needed.”
You hummed thoughtfully. Like gradually training a fostered feral cat not to hiss and bite when you pet it before giving it to another home.
They smiled. “Ah, yes, you’re agreeing! How about this: Talk about something he really cares about—I don’t know what, but you should—but only bring it up gradually, in a totally indirect way.” Then they lean back fully in their seat “Whaddya think?”
Your heart glowed. “ I think… that you’re full of brilliant ideas.”
Hange grinned.
Tumblr media
One week before everything changed, there was a catalyst that would shoot your relationship with the merman into foggy, yet beautiful skies.
You had forgotten your lanyard at the lab and checked back in to retrieve it late. Very late.
You chastised yourself; not just for forgetting it, but with it you had access to a special private coastline, the owner being an old friend of your father’s. Every year you dropped by to pick bright daylilies and wide open gaillardia flowers—for your father, of course. 
It would be five years since you lost him.
Only, while passing down a certain hall that included a certain room with a certain new specimen, you froze mid-step, not even daring to breathe. Just beyond the door, you could hear something softer than even a murmur, but you heard it.
With a furrowed brow, you crept in close. There wasn’t a chance any staff were still working at this hour, let alone with clearance to see him without your permission.
It must have been him. You squeezed your eyes shut, lungs burning and tight.
The smooth metal was a chilling slap to your cheek; even it felt like it impaired your hearing. 
But what was he saying? Your heart throbbed in your ears, too loud. He was repeating something, softly, reverently.
It was no prayer, but the fact alone that he was speaking had you beside yourself with the ceaseless mania of being proven correct.
Your feet felt like cinder blocks by the time you thought you had it. No wonder you didn’t recognize the words, because they were names.
Isabel... Farlan. Isabel, Farlan.
“Hey doc, why’re you still here?”
You jumped off the door, and whirled around. “Jesus, Eren! You scared the crap out of me.”
His brow shot up as he held up his hands in surrender. Distantly, staticky feedback was fed into his ear by the headpiece he wore. He murmured into it while you collected yourself.
Eren was the head of security detail. Technically, part of his job was sneaking up on people, and he was damn good at it. It was also his responsibility to patrol after hours, especially in your Sector, whose research is considered “delicate” (top-secret).
Your moment had ended. If you were to try again, you knew you wouldn’t hear a thing, so you swiped a pen from your slacks and scribbled the names on your sleeve while also tugging Eren along down the hallway.
He went willingly. He had always reminded you of one of those humble old dogs that sometimes lied beyond a decrepit property sporting the sign, BEWARE OF DOG below a menacing sketch of a vicious rottweiler.
When you were finished, you asked him if he had ever overheard anything similar to what you did just now, and he shook his head, looking torn.
“That room has always been quiet. Damn.” He leaned against the wall casually, looking bummed. His job was usually only as exciting as watching a dolphin jump over water on video surveillance.
You shook your head, mustering a small smile. “Well, not tonight.”
Since you knew the merman heard you shout, and that he would undoubtedly remember it and resent you (possibly further) for eavesdropping, you made a choice. After jamming your key into the lock on his door, you stepped inside to find him wide awake. 
You’d never seen him asleep naturally, and that night was certainly no exception. 
He didn’t look up. The way he simply floated, tense, yet lifeless, reminded you of a crisp autumn leaf idling on lakewater.
You cleared your throat, but still nothing. 
Words would be useless. Instead you turned your attention to the untouched bowl of tuna on the shelf inside the chamber, and approached calmly.
Even as close enough to notice the little scales dusting his cheeks shimmer, as close enough to hear his muffled breathing, he pretended as if you were a ghost. 
But you were relentless, and eventually his gaze darted to you only for a split-second before he turned his head, arms crossed tight. Wisps of midnight hair danced in the water.
Despite yourself, you couldn’t conjure anything to say. At the module attached to his enclosure, you stretched it wider again. At some point, it had been reverted to its tinier size.
As the machine whired, “I couldn’t tell what you were saying. Don’t worry.”
He craned his neck back and shrewdly glared at you upside down. The result made it seem like he was smiling, which made you snort. At least that wasn’t a deception.
It weakened a little.
“I’ve been gone the past couple days, you probably noticed,” you began, terribly awkward somehow. “I felt—horrible about what happened. I don’t usually make a mistake like that.”
A grunt.
“But I’m still assigned to you, and I’m going to oversee you.” Even if you hadn’t been for some reason, you would have fought to. “I don’t think there’s any need for anesthesia in the future. What, what made you sleep.”
There’s a gentle sound as you round the module, like air hissing out of a balloon. Those sharp blue eyes were back on you, but he looked rather placated.
“Are you relieved?” you asked. He could speak, you knew for certain now, but you only received a long blink in return.
Again, the bare minimum with him. You put on a blank face and slid your rolling stool until you met his side at eye-level. Ever so often, the water would circulate, causing him to bob ever so slightly.
“Do you not eat meat?” you go on, nodding to the tuna.
Old myth says that mermaids possessed a siren call that would lure sailors to their deaths, torn apart by talons and razored teeth. When you explained that much, he showed the most emotion yet: his lips parted in disgusted disbelief.
“Plants, then?” you quipped, and hesitantly, he nodded. 
The strange… innocence of the conversation warmed you. 
Part of you didn’t think he was capable of that. For as long as he has refused to speak, it was always exceptionally clear what he wanted to communicate.
You observed him, an anxious kind of fascinated, as he reached up—there was no need to restrain him with the enclosure locked—and braced his hands on the round dome of the tank. 
With that, he could dunk his head under the water. Air bubbled up before he surfaced, and, like you weren’t even there, he combed his hair back, made a whistling sound, and rolled onto your side, powerful tail swishing below him.
“Are you grooming yourself?” you asked, fascinated. By then you were resigned to the fact that you wouldn’t get a verbal answer; what you got was a throaty snort, like it was obvious.
You went on. “Can you eat clam shells? Barnacles? Algae?”
His lip curled in disgust. It contrasted wildly from the way he rested his head on his crossed arms, gills flexing under the water.
“Okay… How about seaweed?”
This caught his attention. His eyes grew a touch wide before he blinked rapidly, abruptly glaring at you; before anything else, he wanted it made clear that he didn’t trust you.
All he’s been fed so far was fish meat. No wonder. You had to physically bite the inside of your cheek not to smile to yourself.
“I’ll change your diet then. I’ll get some. Would you like that?”
It was funny. He turned away from you so half his face was submerged in the bubbly water before nodding. 
Inwardly, you completely deflated in relief. Since he arrived here bandaged within an inch of his life, biting and snarling, you had concluded he would never cooperate like this. 
Then again, you’d been kind to him back then.
You decided that it was in your best interests to stay a little longer that night in hopes of learning more. Sleep could wait.
It was almost heartbreaking. In your next report, you wanted, and you had to describe in detail what you heard: his voice, those names; likely belonging to the merpeople whom he was found with; along with questions. Why was he speaking them? Could he be spiritual? How did they even come to have names?—Were there parents?
So not only would you be lying to him, but deceiving him too. 
But it had to be done. Mike was at least partly right: this merman wasn’t a human being.
Your priorities were crystal clear—or they would be for the following week. Little did you know, everything, especially your priorities, was about to come crumbling down.
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abyss-sss · 2 days ago
Night owl-Levi x reader
Content: College!LevixCollege!reader, Fluff, angst, sleep deprivation, burn out. (GN reader I think??) Levi is there for you when you work yourself to the bone.
Word count :673
A/N: Tis final exam season! If you’re anything like me then you probably wind up staying up late all night.
Levi noticed something odd when he was the first to go to bed. It wasn’t often that you stayed up later than him, sparking a sense of worry at this new daily occurrence. While Levi studied with clean notes and gel pens he saw your adjacent desk in disarray, notes scribbled hastily with pencils strewn about.
More than often, you made yourself enough coffee to have a heart attack, eyebags growing steadily darker as the days moved on. Not that you were awake most days. Many were spent half asleep until you spent the night hours working away.
Levi desperately tried to tidy up your things to reduce your workload or force you into bed but you were defiant. An argument of “I’ll fail if I don’t study,” or “I have an essay due tomorrow” plagued Levi’s ears too frequently and he was getting sick of it. It was frustrating to watch you wither away without being able to do a single thing.
8 days before finals
A sniffle echoed out in the hallway of yours and Levi’s apartment. Your loud breathing summoned Levi who hasn’t slept well without you anyways. Levi heard a long sigh as he turned the corner, finding you shaking on your desk, paperwork slipping off the sides of your desk.
Levi set down the tea mug he was carrying, making his way over to you. It was upsetting to see you in this state but Levi was definitely not surprised. At the rate you had been working, it was only a matter of time before burnout hit. Hard.
“Hey, hey,” He coos, resting a hand on your shoulder, “Lets get you in bed, darling.”
Your sniffling continues, your voice breaking when you speak, “No. I need to finish this.”
His face tightens, unbeknownst to you with your face buried in your arms.
“You and I both know you can’t get to it like this. You have tomorrow to keep going.”
Your cries tighten. You ignore what you know is accurate.
“I c-can’t,” you sob, “I-it’s so much. I j-just want it all to be done with.” 
Levi’s heart throbs, knowing your pain all too well. “Shh, it’ll be fine, you need sleep. Now.” He strokes the hair from your face.
“Look at me, y/n.”
Tearfully you look up. Your stress only raises when you see the tears that had fallen onto your homework.
Levi grabs your chin gently, pulling you to face him.
“You can’t go on this, okay? So come to bed with me. Please.”
His eyes glisten and you can tell that his eyes are watering. You’re so tired and all you want is to fall into his arms. Desperately you want your cozy bed and the feeling of Levi rubbing circles into your waist.
A fresh wave of tears hits when you nod fervently, giving into the idea of sleep, giving in to Levi.
Levi closes his eyes in relief, puling your head to rest on his chest as he embraces you. He can feel the stress leaving your muscles as you breath in his scent.
Levi carries you to bed soon after, tucking you into your side of the bed before turning off the lights.
Levi leaves your peaceful figure to make himself a new cup of tea and to prepare you a glass of water. Passing your desk, Levi sees several empty coffee cups but not a single water glass. He’s sure that you must be parched.
Levi gets into bed, holding you close in his protective nature. Tomorrow he will make sure to help you with your work so you won’t burn out too quickly. It’s painful to watch you do this to yourself but how can he save you from well...yourself. 
Right now though, you’re fast asleep in his arms, hand stroking through your tangled hair. He thinks he finally understands what you feel when he curls up next to you after a long week of work. 
“Good night, my love.” He whispers and and presses a kiss to your forehead, finally closing his eyes. 
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