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#levi x reader
saveyourt3ars · 2 days ago
Levi loves you like you're the last of his kind. It's as if you speak the same language as him, yet no one else does. To be around you is like finally not being alone - as if all his life he's been isolated, in a windowless room, in a doorless room... and then suddenly you walk in as if strolling over a summer meadow. He asks himself how is it that you are so much more than sunshine? How is it you breathe life when no other can? Why is it you are his medicine? Who could love him more than you? He doesn't know the answers but he does know this - while he breathes he is yours in mind, body and soul and could love no other
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little-spoiled-brat · a day ago
pairing: levi x reader
cw: fluff and a very clingy levi <3
Tumblr media
- clingy captain -
you offered to do some of levi's paperworks for him while he gets some much needed rest for a couple of hours. he hasn't been able to get a break from the mountains of paperworks erwin had him doing. scribbling endlessly on the papers on his desk, you ignored your whining husband in the connected bedroom of his office.
"y/n" levi whined, planting his face on the mattress frustratingly. you glanced at him, chuckling at seeing his body laying flat on your shared bed. "levi"
"hold me" levi said, voice muffled from his face being pressed up against the mattress. you chuckled lightly, putting the pen down and turning the chair to face him through the open door.
"am i hearing that right? the captain levi wants to be held?" you teased and levi took his head off the bed to glare at you.
"tch. shut up and come hold me" levi whined, rolling onto his back and reaching his arms out for you like a child.
you opened your arms for him and levi wasted no time getting out of bed and straddling your lap, wrapping his arms around you and burying his face in the crook of your neck. you held him tight with one arm, snaking the other around him to continue doing his paperworks.
"you're extra clingy today, any reason for that?" you asked, placing a kiss on the top of his head. levi made a face against your neck and shook his head. "no reason, i just want to be held by you"
you smiled, kissing the top of his head once again and you nodded in understanding. levi was always like this with you, clingy, whining whenever he doesn't get what he wants and it was a side of him that only you had the chance to see.
you didn't mind it one bit when levi's clingy, always wanting to be close to you and held by you. in fact, you loved this side of him - his soft side and how he was so comfortable being around you that he allows himself to visibly show his needs and wants.
everyone else knew him as the stoic, grumpy captain that can kill you by simply glaring at you once but you knew him as a tiny baby that just wants to be held ninety nine percent of the time. you found it utterly adorable and it just gave you more of a reason to love him.
"does erwin really need all of these by tomorrow?" you asked in disbelief, looking through the unending stack of papers on the corner of the desk but levi remained silent on your lap. your eyebrows furrowed, turning your head to look at him only to see his eyes closed and breathing evenly.
you smiled to yourself again, putting the pen down and wrapping both arms around him. you lightly kissed levi's forehead and gently ran your hand through his hair, letting him get a few hours of rest like he deserved.
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maries-gallery · 2 days ago
Genre : nsfw, mdni
Warnings : age difference, power play, impact play, fingering, overstimulation, dacryphilia, female bodied reader
frenchteacher!Levi has you bent over his laps, ass up as his fingers pump in and out of your weeping cunt. 
“Compte pour moi.” (Count for me) He orders. His voice and your pathetic whines covering the obnoxious squelch of your slick coated folds. 
He’s been teaching you French numbers for hours, drilling them inside of you with every thrusts of his digits, every flick of his thumb over your clit. Skirt flipped over your ass, bare for the sting of his spanks, sweet punishment for your mistakes, painting your skin seven different shades of red for his eyes only to see. 
Your eyes water as you will yourself to think, rummaging your brain for any coherent thought even as he has you unravelling under his touch. Digits curling inside of you to caress your sweetest spot. 
“Un-” You choke out, throat dry from hours of crying for him, mind slowly withering away as warmth washes over you in tides. “Deux !” 
“Bonne fille, keep this up and I might let you cum this time.” He muses, silver eyes cold as steel as he gazes down at you through dark lashes. Marvelling at the sight of your greedy pussy swallowing his fingers. 
“Three-” You cry, only for your blood to run cold in your veins, freezing as the weight of your mistake dawns upon you. 
Levi stops, your walls fluttering around him and coil in your stomach so tight it aches. Need pulsing inside of you, so close to your release, leaving you squirming and humping his hand. 
“I’m sorry- I’m-”
An exasperated  sigh falls from his lips, cutting off your obnoxious apologies. Fingers leaving the warmth of your heat and wiping your slick on your thighs. 
“You never learn do you ? To think I got my fingers dirty for you.” He lightly scolds, hands spreading your trembling thighs for him. Satisfaction glinting in his eyes as he takes in your dripping pussy.
This time the impact of his hand falls on your clit, electricity shoots through your veins and pain mingles with pleasure on the tender thread of your nerves. Enough to send you toppling over the edge of your orgasm, eyes crossing and jaw falling in a silent cry. Walls fluttering around heavy emptiness, begging to be filled. 
“Recommence, et ne te trompe pas cette fois.” (start over and don’t mess it up this time) He instructs, barely waiting for you to come down from your high before his digits are stuffing you full once again. 
@sunshinedragonofthewest @st-arlert 
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ob-levi-on · a day ago
Tumblr media
the secret (nsfw!)
pairing: levi ackerman x female reader
summary:  while it wasn’t anything serious, the true feelings that you and levi had for each other lingered in the background.
characters:  mostly levi ackerman, with a little bit of sasha braus, connie springer, jean kirschtein
content warning (minors DNI!):  dry humping, oral (male receiving), overstimulation (little for male + and lots for female), unprotected sex, creampie 
word count: 4.046k (4,046)
author’s note: hi everyone (: this is my first post ever, and i’m quite new to the fandom! sorry if this is kind of long, but i just really got into it.  i would appreciate any feedback, as i would like to start writing (: i wrote this after not getting enough of levi, so i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
you knew from the very first time you saw him.
the flutter in your stomach wouldn’t go away, and you were surprised that someone could affect you this quickly.  
but you welcomed that feeling.  
from the first instance, he looked at you, and that was enough to set your mind ablaze with intimate fantasies.  even if it was a glare, it didn’t matter–he had acknowledged your existence, and you were satisfied with that.
but of course, you kept all those things inside–through training, through missions, through expeditions, and the list goes on and on.  that’s why when he spoke to you first, it nearly killed you with joy.  through time, short statements of “how are you feeling?” went into long conversations of “do you know about the mountains?” towards late night walks and finally–the bedroom.
there was never a label, and you both never told anyone.  but you didn’t care.  because whatever the hell you two were doing, you both liked it.  feelings aside, levi made you feel good, and you knew you did the same for him (is the moaning and begging of your name when you make him cum not enough evidence of that?)
more often than not, levi would sneak you into his room and then, magic would happen.  and he’d usually let you know ahead of time; for example, if you were on the training grounds, he’d approach you from behind and tap your lower back twice (with whatever object appropriate under clueless eyes).  the double tap was enough to electrify your body, and the meaning of it only made you more excited for the evening.
but you had heard nothing for tonight.  not that you were sad, but you did notice that levi had a lot on his plate lately.  the man had all types of papers in his living quarters, and it nearly overwhelmed you, an individual who will never read those papers.
“are you going to eat that?” you hear sasha say, and her voice brings you out of your trance.  you notice that she’s not looking directly at you–she’s looking at your piece of bread, which made you smile.  
for a few seconds, you forgot that you were eating in the mess hall with your friends.  
you hand sasha your bread, knowing damn well that she would start a riot if you denied her hunger.  from the corner of your eye, you see jean shake his head and take a bite out of his bread.  “i’d eat that if i were you.  we could be deprived of hunger at any moment.”
you bite your lip as you swivel your spoon in the soup, and you hear connie say, “jean, this is the only time of the day when you aren’t depressing and annoying for a long period of time...please, stop talking.”
that made you feel better, and you stifle a laugh as the men begin to banter one another.  sasha, too, finds this amusing.  somewhere in their bickering, sasha pokes you.  you look at your best friend and see her pull out a loaf of bread of her jacket, where she picks off a small piece and hands it to you.  you accept it and eat it quickly, not wanting the boys to witness.
jean and connie silence themselves after a few minutes of arguing, and you notice that nearly the whole mess hall does as well.  sasha and you look around and wonder if the bell to go back to the rooms has gone off, but no one is moving from their tables.
then, you see him.  knowing levi, you know that he carries a distant look at all times, and that was no different tonight.  however, the atmosphere felt heavy with tension, and you knew it was coming from him.
the captain made eye contact with no one, simply grabbing a piece of bread before walking out of the mess hall.  after hearing the door close, deep breaths were released by nearly all of your comrades, which made you curious.
“what was that about?” you questioned, as the mess hall returned to its lively ambience.
“oh right, you weren’t in our group,” connie began, shaking his head and looking towards his bowl.  “we got an earful from the captain today.”
training today, as you recalled, was separated in two groups.  you were in hange’s group, while others (such as connie and jean) were in levi’s.
“why?” sasha asked, which was your next question.
“some newbies were messing around during training, and he saw it.”  jean sighed.  “while some of us took it seriously, he began yelling at us for ‘screwing around’ and ‘laughing while civilians and good men were dying everyday’...”  
you swallowed, already imagining the rage within the captain.  you nod, and you didn’t need to hear more to understand the situation.
“it was bad.”  connie spoke, finishing his soup.  “it’s serious, we know but...dude needs to relax.”
“no, what he needs to do is get laid.”  jean clearly joked, beginning to stand.
quick memories of levi and you in bed came to mind.    
the bell rang, indicating that dinner was over.
you didn’t know why, but you felt a certain obligation to check in with levi.  perhaps it was because you both fucked in such a way that it was damn near impossible to keep a distance.  regardless, you find yourself sneaking out of your camp house.
it was hard, too.  some cadets were on the porch enjoying the cool breeze, so you had to maneuver by going around or running when they weren’t looking.  thankfully, the captain’s living quarters weren’t too far from yours, so you were able to get there after a few minutes.
you gave soft knocks to the door, wondering if they were loud enough to hear.  you look around anxiously as you waited, hoping that no one will notice.  his lights weren’t on, but the moonlight did not really help you.
you hear footsteps approach the door, thankful that levi heard you.  the door opens, however, and it isn’t who you expected.
commander erwin stands before you, turning his head to the side upon seeing you.  
crap.  this isn’t good.
“cadet?”  the man says, and in all honesty, you’re speechless.  in hindsight, not only have you been found sneaking out of your camp house past quiet hours, you also came to the captain’s living quarters at this hour as well.
that must look suspicious to the captain.  what could a cadet want from the captain?
as your mind races for an excuse, you hear another pair of steps approaching.  moments later, you see levi, and his eyes widened at the sight of you.
while you were in a dire situation, you found yourself analyzing levi’s face.  he was gorgeous, you already knew that, but you could tell that the captain was tired.  the eyebags were the biggest clue, and you noticed wrinkles on his forehead that must’ve been used in frustration or for thinking.
and yet, he had that one wrinkle on the left side of his lips that would form after a smile.  while it was something that you’d get to see once in a blue moon, it was still there–and that gave you some sort of comfort.
“sorry, erwin...i completely forgot that i agreed to talk to y/n about a private matter.”  levi says, and you’re thankful that he was able to muster up something.
“i see,”  the commander said slowly, eyeing you up and down.  “is there anything i can do to help?  since i’m here?”  the blonde looks back at levi for a moment before returning his gaze to you.
you and levi share a look.  “it’s nothing of importance, was just a quick concern i had about myself skills, but i see that the captain is quite busy so i’ll just take my leave.”  you say, already turning around.
“nonsense.  levi and i were finished anyway.”  erwin says, and you stop in your tracks.  “i understand that it can be hard to keep yourself grounded during times like this...and i’m glad that you asked for help.  that’s what we scouts strive for, helping each other.”
you turn, offering the commander a smile in gratitude.  you catch levi’s eyes, and you can’t really tell what he’s feeling.  he could be drastically upset, as he made it very clear that he didn’t want anyone to know about your situation.  in hindsight, that didn’t bother you because you felt the same way.  
but this situation could have easily gone south if not taken care of in the right way, so you were lucky.
as levi stands in the doorway, the commander begins to leave.  you watch the commander walk away before hearing levi say, “come in, cadet.”
you quickly do so, already nervous from what happened a few moments earlier.  you take a few deep breaths, standing in place as you hear levi close the door.
it is silent for a few moments.  you didn’t even think of what you were going to say.  but you have to say something.  you open your mouth to speak, but levi beats you to it.
“what are you doing here?”  levi says in a stern tone, and you turn towards the man.  
“i...well, i–”
“i’m not in the mood.”
“no,”  you say quickly, making it very clear that that isn’t what you came for.  “i heard what happened during training and...i just wanted to see if you were alright.”
“ah,”  levi says, in some sort of mocking tone.  “you wanted to see if i was alright?”
“i don’t know if you remember, y/n, but i’m the fucking captain.  not only do i have to respond to the government and my boss, but i also have to babysit the majority of soldiers, or else they’ll get themselves killed.  but instead of paying attention during training, some dumbasses are playing ‘rock, paper, scissors’.  hange and i are trying to teach them how to survive, and what do they do?  act like fucking kids.  i have to write reports and letters to the families of those who didn’t return, which at this point, there’s too many to count.  oh yes, must i forget that there are man eating giants outside of these walls, waiting to devour us?  so no, y/n.  i’m not alright.”
levi was very close to your face at this point, and the man was nearly seething.  if it had been anyone else, they would have been upset at the way levi spoke to them.  but not you.  the man has every right to be frustrated, angry, sad, depressed, irritated...all those feelings and more.
you bring your left palm up to cup his cheek, and slightly turn your head, saying nothing.  you’re surprised when levi accepts the gesture for a split second, before turning his head and taking a few steps away from you.
“if you want to be left alone, then i’ll leave.  but not until i know that you’re okay.”  you say, the words coming straight out of your heart.
“i’ll never be okay, y/n.  never again.”
“then i’ll never leave, levi.”
those words were true.  if one day, levi wanted to stop all this, you’d let him.  you can’t blame him, and you knew he would do the same if you asked it of him.  but regardless, he would always have you, just like he did many times before.
the sound of silence stands between you both, testing the waters of whatever you and levi had.  it stands for so long that you find yourself wondering how long it’s been.
out of nowhere, levi starts muttering.  unable to understand him, you say, “what?”
he turns and faces you.  “don’t leave, y/n.  ever.”
levi’s words propelled a passionate exchange of kisses between you two.  it was greedy, it was rough, it was hunger for each other.  you both stumbled towards his bedroom, and since levi had his back towards the bed, you pushed him towards it.  
the captain fell on his back, making sure that he was okay before looking at you with desire.  you take little time to successfully sit on his lap, leaning down to kiss him again.  soft grunts are felt against your lips as your hips move against his groin, and even though that was unintentional at first, you now did it in a way that would satisfy him.
levi moaned straight into your mouth, and you felt yourself already getting wet at the action.  you continued this for a few moments, eventually straddling the captain as you came back up for a moment to remove your long-sleeved shirt.
the raven was mesmerized with your every move, and you felt the butterflies in your stomach again.  levi put his arms around to keep you steady as he came up as well, leaving kisses all over your chest and neck.  you mewled in pleasure, continuing your hip movements.  levi growled on your neck with desire, nibbling on your skin.
“please,” levi suddenly spoke, his lips reaching yours.  “please, please, please, y/n.”  he whispers between kisses.  your legs nearly shook with such excitement.
“okay,” were the words you managed to say, briefly removing yourself from the captain.  breathless, levi watches as you remove your pants, and after staring at you with such a dumb but cute look, levi stands to do so as well.
“no,” you say softly, and he stops moving.  “let me.”
next thing you know, you’re on your knees, looking up towards the captain with a lustful, but wicked, look.  levi can only breathe at the sight of you, or else he’ll cum on the spot.  as you remove his belt, you are very aware of the firm imprint near the zipper, and you would be lying if your mouth didn’t water at the sight.
the captain has been so stressed lately, so you needed to be a good girl and relieve him.  
tugging his jeans and underwear down at the same time, the raven’s cock springs out and smacks itself down on levi’s left thigh.  the cock hung there in dispair, curved, while twitching and seeping with precum.
you lick your lips in anticipation, tapping levi’s legs so that the male can remove himself from his pants and underwear entirely.  once that is done, you waste no time and approach his member.
despite his height, his cock was a different story.  it was the perfect size, not too long but so thick and girthy, it was enough to make you feel every inch of him while he was inside of you.  his dick, now bright pink with a hint of red from the short wait, propelled you to reach out.
as you held his member in your hands, levi moaned softly, with his hips jerking instinctively towards you.  you look up and open your mouth, placing levi’s achingly hard cock inside.  levi exhales, unable to hold your gaze, and you begin to bob your head in a slow rhythm, using your hands to massage what you couldn’t reach.
“oh my god,” levi says in a low voice, leaning his head back as you pick up the pace.  you hum on his cock, and the raven would have cum in your mouth right then and there, but the male held himself back.  his right arm naturally finds itself to the back of your head, holding onto your hair in support.
he wasn’t forcing you onto his member, but the action made your stomach do a flip.  maintaining the pace but now using one of your hands to cradle his balls, you blink repeatedly as you look up towards your lover.  it brought you so much satisfaction seeing him in such euphoria, and you felt your pussy clenching achingly at the sight.  
as you release yourself to breathe, you beg, “use my mouth.  please.”
levi freezes but his cock jerked at the words.  “are you sure?” he breathes anxiously, looking down at you to confirm.
you nodded, preparing yourself by taking some deep breaths.  how could he say no to you, looking so beautiful and impurely delicious in the dim lighting?  
you rest your hands on your thighs, with levi wasting no time to put his cock in your mouth again, setting his hands on both sides of your head.  levi exhales, starting his movements at a slow pace.
it’s only slow for a few seconds, but your mouth feels good around his cock, so good that his hips begin to set a pace of their own.  you had a gag reflex but suppressed it the best you could, making sure to breathe whenever his cock exited your throat, even if it was for just a second.
“look at you–fuck–taking the captain’s cock like the obedient cadet you are,” levi groaned, staring down at the best thing he’s ever seen.  
he knew that from the very first moment he saw you, too.  to this day, he is unable to recall a time where he felt so good–other than with you.
you know you’re leaking down there, and your fingers find yourself near your sex, impatiently rubbing yourself through the fabric underwear.  levi notices, and mocks, “aw, baby, you’re so impatient…”
nonetheless, it was fucking sexy to him.  he loved using your mouth, and loved watching you rub yourself because of it.  you notice that his thrusts in your mouth became faster and rougher, and while it was getting harder for you to breathe, you needed levi to spurt his cum in your mouth.
“oh, baby, baby, baby…” the male cried, with his chest heaving as he approached his climax.  only moments later, he felt that bubbly flutter in his stomach, so he stopped his thrusts, with his plan to cum on your face.  
but you were thinking differently, pushing yourself down onto his cock again so that it hit the back of your throat.  levi, with the action catching him by surprise, held your head with his hands and finds himself coughing and whining like a little kid, cumming so hard down your throat that the man trembles as he does so.
you let some moments pass for levi to calm down, eventually humming on his cock when you think he’s okay.  but levi was not ready yet, with his body and his cock twitching at the sudden feeling of overstimulation.  the raven pulls himself away from your mouth quickly, staring at you with such surprise and delight.  you stare back and take the time to fully swallow levi’s cum.
the captain pulls you up and kisses you, and your tongues search each other’s mouths as if you had secrets to tell.  and there was one secret–you two were so in love with each other, so in love that you two didn’t even realize it.
the male unclasps your bra as you kiss each other, with you tugging it off.  you also took the time to remove your soaked underwear, and after you do so, levi turns you around.  
as levi’s hands wander through your body, while kissing your neck, you feel levi’s hard cock against your ass, and you bit your lip in amazement.  coincidently, levi nibbles on your ear, “i can’t help myself, just being close to you like this makes me hard again…”
one of levi’s hands cups your breast while the other plays with your nipple, and you gasp.  “do you like that?”  the raven asks, removing his hands from one of your breasts.  not giving you a time to respond, he shoves three fingers into your mouth, making sure they’re nice and wet, removing them and heading down towards your sex.
your clit, so aroused, is easy for him to find.  your knees buckle, because this all feels too good–levi kissing your neck, one hand playing with your nipple and the other rubbing your clit.  but levi holds you steady, not letting you go.
the pleasure makes you incoherent.  you don’t know english anymore.
you arch your back towards your man, rubbing your ass in a circular pattern against his cock.  levi’s breath hitches at the action, kissing your shoulder and moaning on it.  
this amount of teasing was too much, you needed him, and you needed him now.  “levi, fuck me, please!” you hiccuped, and before you knew it, the male had one hand on your hip while the other aligned his cock with your entrance.
the bastard, you think, he wanted me to beg.
well, he got what he wanted.
you were so wet, so wet that his cock slipped inside so effortlessly, the both of you moaning in satisfaction.  levi pulled out slowly again, spitting down towards your cunt to ensure that you weren’t in any discomfort, going back in within seconds.
the second entrance was supposed to be slow and taunting, but the captain couldn’t help himself.  levi snaps his hips into you, ensuring that his cock reaches your walls.  the raven immediately hits your sweet spot,  and you gasp in euphoria.  “levi,” you whine, and the male repeats this process a few times before setting a steady pace, with both of his hands cupping your breasts.
the sound of your ass hitting his groin repeatedly, along with the cries and moans coming out your mouths, are all that are being heard now.  your legs are trembling so much that you might collapse, as levi hits you right where he needs to, but you are fucking humanity’s strongest soldier–he wasn’t going to let you fall.
your cunt clenches around him, and this causes for levi to fasten the pace.  you find yourself leaning forward at the amount of force the raven is using, but levi uses the hands on your breasts to straighten you back towards his chest.  the male’s hands twiddle with your nipples as he kisses your neck, still fucking you raw at this rapid pace.
you could only last in this bliss for so long, because the captain was pleasuring you everywhere.  he was fucking you dumb.  with every thrust, the flutter in your stomach was getting stronger and stronger, and you’d probably pass out from climaxing so hard.
“you’ll take all my cum again, right princess? i don’t want it to go to waste, not when it’s in a lovely place like your bruised cunt,” the male says, slurring his words with desire and angst, removing one of his hands from your breasts to hastily rub your clit.
you can only nod, and your body begins to quiver, because this is all too much.  
“there you go darling, cum with me, i need you to cum with me,” levi grunts, angling his hips to maximize the effect on your sweet spot.  
you bite your lips so hard as levi thrusts like this for at least a minute, and your orgasm comes rapidly approaches.  “i’m cumming, i’m cumming, i’m cumming!”  you cry, holding your hands on top of the hand levi has on your clit.
“me too baby–”, the captain’s hips jerk a few more times, “holy fucking shit–”
levi’s body suddenly freezes, moaning out, “angh!”
you gasp, not only because you can feel levi’s cum fill your pussy, but because levi is still rapidly rubbing your sensitive clit.  you try to remove his hand, but the raven wasn’t having it.  in exasperation, you lean back onto your man and tremble so vulnerably, and there are noises coming out of mouth that aren’t words.  levi, still cumming, continues to rub you there, making sure he fills you up and pleasures you until he’s done spilling his seed into you.
“levi!” you whimpered, and it is there when another orgasm surprises you, and this time, it hits you so hard that you’re sure you fainted for a millisecond.  your body froze, and the captain pulls out, holding you steady.  
your bodies, shaking, stay in this position as you both recover.  your head is on the left side his chest, and you stare at levi, who is breathing heavily but staring back at you.
you both knew now, that nothing would ever be the same–and even though you two would possibly never say a thing about it, you two were, now, well aware of the secret.
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levi-lover · a day ago
Something New
Modern Levi x fem!reader
WC: 2.7K
TW: NSFW, 18+ only!!! thigh riding, oral sex(m receiving), praise kink, levi’s fat ass 
AN: Ta-da! here is my first writing post in months! it was fun to get back into the swing of things again! this is dedicated to and inspired by mi amor, @flamingblinglove ! thank you for your love and support, love you so much! 
Your eyes traced the shape of the figure in front of you; patiently, you watched the man in front of you tug his slacks up his thighs. The fabric inched its way so painfully slow you wanted to pull it back down to watch him struggle again. A sigh escaped your lips as Levi buttoned his slacks up and fixed the creases in the mirror. 
“Tsk, did you shrink my laundry again?” Levi asked. 
You twirled your hair around your index finger. “Nope, you told me not to do your laundry anymore because I ruined your whites last time, remember?”
He grunted. “I guess you're right.” 
You walked over to him, resting your head on his shoulder, and traced your fingertips down his toned arms. “Why do you ask, love?”
Levi began buttoning his shirt, his gaze remained focused on his task. “My pants feel... tighter,” he grumbled. 
You raised an eyebrow and looked at Levi’s ass. His pants did look tighter…
“Baby, you look fine.”
“Fine?” he said, slightly exasperated. 
A chuckle left your mouth. “Levi, you look fucking hot.”
You pressed your body into Levi, grinding into his ass, your hands playfully left circles around his side thigh. His body slowly melted into yours, his eyes closed, his head resting in the crook of your shoulder. You left small kisses onto the exposed skin of his neck, your tongue gently lapped at his warm skin. 
The smell of his cologne, sweet and clean filled your nose. You pressed harder into him, his ass pressed closer to your core. 
“You always look so fucking hot,” you whispered against his neck. 
He laughed and removed your hands from his body. You whimpered but he frowned at you. “We need to get going, Hange and Erwin are expecting us soon.”
“Ugh, Levi you can’t do this to me.” 
He looked at you confused. “I didn’t do anything. You're the needy brat who can’t keep their hands to themselves.”
“Well, it’s not my fault your ass decided to be extra fat today.” You pouted and crossed your arms.
“Extra fat…” he repeated your words and went to the mirror to look at himself. 
There was no denying it, the seams of his pants were particularly tight on all sides of his lower body and the fabric covering his ass looked strained. He flexed his thighs and watched the fabric strain under the lights of your shared bedroom.
You sat down and watched him in anticipation, wanting nothing more than to run your cunt along the muscles of his thighs. “Miche, did put us on a new lower body regiment,” he muttered. 
“I see, tell him I said thanks.”
Levi raised an eyebrow at you and shook his head, a light dusting of pink formed on his cheeks. 
After years of being with you, he still hasn’t gotten used to your constant rain of compliments and showers of love. You patted the bed next to you, beckoning him to sit next to you. He sighed as he lowered his body next to yours. You took his hand and kissed his open palm, your gaze lingered on him, your lips warm on his skin. Levi watched you carefully, curious as to what you were going to do next. 
“God, I love you,” he whispered. He teased you about your neediness because he was too shy to tell you he loved how you loved him, how you treated him like the most precious thing around, and of course, he loved how much you needed him to please you. He would do anything for you. 
You smirked at him, lifting your body and placing your legs around his lap until you were straddling him. Your cunt centimeters away from his bulge. You raked your hands through his soft hair, looking down at him tenderly. Levi places two strong hands on your waist, pressing his thumb into your skin, rubbing circles into you. 
Lust leisurely overtook his gaze while he pressed you closer to him. He bucked his hips forward and grinded his growing cock against you. You moaned at the pressure, a tingling joy flowed through you. 
Watching Levi desperately trying to press his body onto yours turned you on more than anything, knowing that he wanted you as much as you wanted him. It lit something animalist inside of you, it narrowed your focus to Levi and him alone, his breathy whines in your ears, his firm grasp on your body. Fuck, that was the only thing that mattered. 
You traced his jawline with your tongue, bringing him closer with each stroke. Your weight was completely on him, his hard cock pressing against yours, you swayed your hips back and force, feeling your wetness dirty your underwear. Each stroke of his cock against your clit elicited a moan from the both of you. 
Levi’s hot breath was on your neck, kissing and sucking at your tender skin. You whined loudly wanting him to know how much you enjoyed his touch. 
His hand went to your ass, grabbing a handful of flesh and pushing you closer to him. The friction of your clothes was too much, you needed to feel him, your heated skin on his. 
Desperation filled your kisses, his warm tongue entered your mouth, lapping at your own. You felt as if your body was melting into his. Levi’s lips were soft and tender against yours compared to his rough grasp on your body. 
“Fuck, Levi I want you,” you whined.
“I’m all yours, baby,” he groaned back. 
You rocked your hips harder and faster, chasing the budding pressure inside of you. 
“Yeah, just like that,” Levi praised.
“W-wanna try something new,” you said breathlessly.
He raised an eyebrow, “Oh really? What do you want, baby?”
You raised your body slightly and shifted your body so you were completely sitting on Levi’s right thigh. He whimpered quietly at the absence of your body on his cock but your mouth nibbling on his earlobe distracted him. 
You dragged your cunt across the muscle of his thighs, sighing each time your clit grinded against him. Levi held on to your lower back and flexed his thigh giving you a harder surface to grind against. He snaked his hand under your shirt and pulled your bra down, allowing him to take your nipple in between his thumb and forefinger and slowly rub your soft flesh.  You closed your eyes, pleasure rolling through your body. Your cunt throbbed against your underwear. 
“Tsk, open your eyes, sweetheart,” Levi ordered. You had no choice but to gaze into his gray eyes, his normal bored expression was replaced by one of excitement and arousal. 
Fuck, that look made you want him even more. It made you want to do anything to keep his gaze on you. 
You circled your hips sensually, you could feel your high building inside of you. Levi wrapped his free arm around you, pulling you closer to his warm body. You held onto his shirt, wrinkling the fabric but he didn’t mind. Surprising, he loved how easily you came undone by humping his thigh like a fucking whore. 
“So fucking pretty,” he muttered into your mouth, “riding my thigh like that.”
“Love you,” you mouthed back.
He sucked on your lower lip, dragging out another moan from you, it was too much. The pressure inside of you was growing, faster and faster. Your head was dizzy and your heart pounding so loud you could hear it echoing in your ears alongside Levi’s panting. His dark hair normally put meticulously in its place was strewn about across his forehead. His face was glowy and pink, he looked fucking heavenly staring at you with those loving and needy eyes. 
“M’ close, Levi,” you whined.
“Cum for me, yeah?”
You nodded and rubbed your clit harder against him, the texture of your underwear heightening the feeling of pleasure running through your body. You cried out Levi’s name as your high came to a climax. He rocked his leg against you riding out your orgasm.
You went slack against his body, leaning your head on his shoulder. Levi smiled, his aching cock oozing precum and leaking onto his slacks. “Good girl,” he said, tucking your hair behind your ear, enjoying the view. 
You sighed and listened to his heartbeat. How long had you been thinking about riding him like that? A smile crept on your face, it was better than you imagined. 
“You ruined my slacks,” he said flatly.
You tucked your head into the crook of his neck. “Whatever, don't act like you didn’t like it?”
“What, watching you get yourself off like the desperate brat that you are?” 
You raised your upper body from his chest. “That, Mr. Ackerman,” you said, pointing at his crotch, “is telling me a completely different story.” 
He rolled his eyes. “I’m only a man, with a very hot girl grinding her needy cunt on me.”
You tilted your head and looked at him with an eyebrow raised. Slowly your hand reached over to palm his bulge. Levi let out a whimper and swallowed, he knew he wasn’t going to last long. Not after having you ride his thigh and definitely not with you looking at him with that look. 
“Oh, really, Mr. Ackerman,” you mumbled, stroking the outline of his cock. “Tell me what can I do to help?”
“Fuck, don’t do this,” he groaned. 
You looked at him innocently, a coy smile forming on your face. “Do what?” 
“You know what I want.”
“I do?” You cocked your head to the side. “You need to tell me, Levi.” 
His face was red and he was utterly flustered. You loved when this side of him came out, he became like putty in your hands, completely pliable to what you wanted. It made you feel powerful.
“I need you,” he whispered, leaning his head on your shoulder, “I need your mouth.”
“It’s right here, what do you need it for?”
“Shit, don’t make me say it,” he groaned, growing impatient as you continued rubbing him through his slacks. You clicked your tongue in response. “I need you to suck me off, please. Fuck, I need you so bad,” he said in the whiny, breathy voice that went straight to your core. 
You caressed his face in your hands, pulling his head upwards to face you. You planted a small kiss on his nose. “That’s all you needed to say.”
You got off his lap and pushed him on the bed, he fell back with a soft thud, his chest rose and fell in anticipation. He spread his legs for you, creating the perfect space for you to nuzzle your head in. 
Leisurely, you massaged his thighs, paying extra attention to the wet spot you left behind. Levi hid his eyes behind the crook of his elbow. You planted a kiss on his bulge and rubbed your face against it, the fabric of his pants was smooth and warm. 
The sound of his belt unbuckling filled the room, he groaned at the release of his pants. Your mouth watered at the sight of Levi’s hard cock straining against his boxers. 
“Fuck, Levi you’re so hard,” you whispered. He responded with a moan as you dragged your tongue from the base of his cock to the tip. In one smooth motion, you removed his boxers, allowing his cock to spring upwards, the tip was soaked with precum. 
The sight was enough to make your cunt throb, you pressed your legs together to bring some relief. Levi looked at you from under his arm and immediately closed his eyes again, the sight of you hungrily looking at him was seared into his mind. He knew he could come just by looking at you. 
You gathered saliva in your mouth and spit on his cock, allowing it to slowly drop down until it ran down his shaft. He helplessly bucked his hips forwards, a silent beg for your mouth. In his daily life, Levi had created a reputation for himself, he was cold and indifferent but when he was under your touch he forgets all about it and could only think about you and your touch. 
“You’re such a good boy,” you murmured. 
“Yeah?” Levi breathed out.
“The best, Levi,” you said before taking him into your mouth. You flattened your tongue and pressed into him, drawing out a long groan from him. 
“F-fuck,” he panted. His cock pulsed in your mouth and you whimpered around him; he arched his back, pushing himself further into your mouth. You kept him there for a moment before lifting your head and removing him out of your mouth with a loud pop. 
A string of saliva and precum hung down your mouth, he chuckled and smeared it across your face. You were so good to him, he thought. 
You lowered your head again, this time taking one of his balls into your mouth while your hand rubbed his sensitive tip, your index finger ran along his slit. Levi ran his hands along your scalp and tugged at your hair. 
With your right hand, you smeared the precum and saliva up and down his shaft, applying a small amount of pressure with elicited small whimpers from him. You turned your head to his thighs and observed how his muscle twitched under his skin. You kissed and sucked on his inner thigh, bruises gradually formed after each kiss. 
“Mmm,” Levi stuttered after sucking on a particularly sensitive spot. You grabbed his hips, pressing him further into the bed, and used it as leverage as you placed him back into your mouth. Levi bucked upwards, in a weak attempt to push himself further into your wet mouth. 
You bobbed your head up and down until his cock hit the back of your throat and Levi let out the most beautiful noise you’d ever heard, your cunt fluttered at his colorful language. “S-hit, yeah. God, just like that.” 
Your jaw was aching and tears were forming in the corners of your eyes, Levi reached down and wiped them from your face. “I fucking love you,” he panted. 
You hummed in response, the vibrations echoed throughout his body and it was too much. Levi was going to come.
His toes curled in his dress socks, his back arched while his hands went straight to your hair, keeping you locked in place he came into your mouth. Eagerly, you swallowed everything he gave you as he meekly thrusted his hips forward. 
You removed him from your mouth and left a little kiss on his tip before crawling up to lay beside him. Levi’s eyes were closed, his face was red and sweaty, and a small smile had formed on his face; he looked blissful. 
He wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close to him, and kissed your cheek. You were both silent for a moment as you two waited for your heartbeats to go back to normal. You pulled at your pants and underwear, you were completely soaked and it was uncomfortable. 
“You’re a fucking pervert,” he breathed out. 
“Whaat? Me?”
“Yes, you.” He gently flicked your forehead. “Riding my thigh like that? Only perverts do that.”
“Don’t pretend you didn’t like it Mr. “I Need You To Suck Me Off”. Only perverts want their dick sucked.” 
He chuckled and rested his chin on your forehead. “It looked like you wanted to do it, I was just helping.”
“You might be a pervert but you’re my pervert,” he said. Your chest bloomed with heat and you nuzzled our face into his neck.
Levi’s phone buzzed from the nightstand. “It’s Hange, they’re asking where we’re at.” You read from the screen. 
“Tell them your sick or something.”
“Levi, I’m fine why would I – Unless you want to stay home and do more perverted things,” you teased. 
“Sure, something like that,” he grumbled and traced delicate lines on your spine. 
You smiled while texting Hange back, happy to know you weren’t the only one with little perverted thoughts. 
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astridthevalkyrie · 2 days ago
levi is calm, far too calm for someone who's dying.
he lets you fuss over him, doesn't even say a thing as you try to press the wound on his stomach closed with desperately shaky hands, doesn't complain when hot tears drip down from your face and fall onto his cheeks. his eyes are open, but they're more tender than you've ever seen them—he feels bad for you, when he's the one who's leaning against a dirty brick wall, bleeding out with only you as a witness.
"keep your eyes open," you let out in a choked voice. no matter what you put over the wound, the blood seems to just seep through. so easily, like it's natural. "just keep talking to me. c'mon, captain."
"kay," he manages to say, but you know that he's lying.
"don't want you to leave." sobs rip from your throat, unable to process that levi ackerman, captain levi, humanity's strongest soldier, the best of the best, could possibly leave you. "please, levi—captain—for me, please don't."
he doesn't make the promise that you want him to. all he does is give you a breathy exhale, using the last of his energy to bring your hand up to his cheek. "stay with me," he pleads quietly.
an uncharacteristic thing for him to request. the most selfless man you've ever known, making just a single, selfish request. wasting his words, because you had no plans to leave.
"i will, i'll always stay, i just need you to do the same. please!"
there is a slight drop against your hand—his head bowing down. you gasp, another sob breaking through as you grab his face with both hands, smearing red on his skin with your thumbs.
his eyes are shut.
"no! no, no, no, levi, look at me! open your eyes! levi, we need you! i need you! i love you! is that what you want to hear? i love you so much! don't—" your voice breaks, a loud, anguished cry escaping you as you weep into his temple. "don't leave me alone, levi, please!"
but he says nothing in response.
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Levi was afraid of rejection.
He was afraid of what might happen if he ever dared to lean forward and kiss you. He was afraid of taking you hand,confessing his feelings,afraid to do anything.
He had never felt like this before,felt such happiness,such love,such fear at the idea of losing someone. Because he had already lost too much,he could imagine,could see a glimpse of what it’ll feel to lose you.
And the fact that there was a tiny chance,a small possibility that he might lose you,not to death,but because you didn’t reciprocate his feelings,was enough to keep him away from doing anything.
He bottled up his feelings,almost drowning in them,sometimes thinking he might lose his mind because of it.
But he didn’t know,didn’t even dared imagine that on your side,you felt the same .
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gar0usnuttesac · 22 hours ago
Once Levi gets comfortable enough with you he sleeps much longer and deeper… when you hear him snore for the first time you have to hold your breath and cover your mouth to keep from laughing he’s just so precious 😭
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leviathans-watching · 5 hours ago
so I saw this tiktok and I started thinking about how the obey me brothers would react to hearing this sound from MC's phone while they were on their phones? here's another example of these reactions with the full sound lol
'losing interest' tiktok prank
Tumblr media
includes: the bothers x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: one swear word
a/n: this was super fun to write! sorry it took so long. thank you for requesting and i hope you like it!! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req, so stop by!!
the sound being used here says "4 things a man does when he starts to lose interest in you: he spends more time on his phone..."
please like and reblog <33
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer merely sighs, shaking his head. he knows you’re just trying to get under his skin, knows you know he’s still devoted to you. shooting you a look, he resists the urge to pinch your side. you’re such a pest. why does he put up with you again? you smile, and, oh, that's why. if he ends his email a little shorter than he was originally planning on it, fingers flying across the keyboard on his screen, well, that’s his business, isn’t it?
Tumblr media
➳ mammon freezes, head whipping up so he can look at you. you fix him with a decidedly unimpressed look and he looks from you, to the phone in his hand, then back at you. in a heartbeat, he’s standing gup, chucking his phone at the wall. “why would you do that?” you ask, eyes wide. surprised laughter bubbles up in your throat. “i can get another one,” mammon dismisses, before seeming to shake himself. “unless ya don’t want me to. i won’t, if that's what proves i’m still into ya!”
Tumblr media
➳ levi turns to look at you, pout already formed. “i knew i was just a gross otaku,” he says pitifully. “i swear i still love you! i just also, maybe-” his voice gorws quieter and quieter “-love ruri-chan too! me being on my phone doesn’t mean i’m losing interest, i promise!” he looks like he’s seriously debating giving up ruri-chan for you so you put him out of his misery, telling him it was just a prank. “you scared me, mc!” he leans forward, putting his head on your shoulder. “don’t do that!”
Tumblr media
➳ satan is rarely on his phone so he knows you’re just messing with him. right? eyeing you warily, he slowly shuts off his phone, putting it in his pocket. you still don’t look particularly pleased so he tries to think if he’s been giving you signs that he’s losing interest. he can’t think of anything that would have given you that impression, but he also realizes he hasn’t done anything to show you he’s still interested. you break out into a giggle and he lets loose a sigh of relief, inwardly planning something that’ll show you he still loves you, just in case.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo looks up at you, smile fading slightly from his lips. he had been looking through an album of you and him together and may have lost track of time. “no!” he whines, making grabby hands toward you as his phone slides off his lap. “nooo, mc i still love you! i’m not losing interest, i promise!” he all but folds himself into you, pressing lip gloss sticky kisses into your cheeks, forehead, nose, anywhere he can reach. “i know, i know,” you say, laughing, as you gently push him back. “i was just messing with you.”
Tumblr media
➳ beel turns his phone off, shoving it in his sweatshirt pocket. “sorry,” he says ruefully, rubbing the back of his neck. “i was ordering us some food. you mentioned you were hungry and i thought…” instantly feeling bad, you envelop him in a hug. confused, he accepts it. “you’re too much,” you groan, shoving your face into his shoulder. “i was just teasing but there you go being all sweet.”  it is a relief to know you were just kidding, even if he’s a little bummed about having to spoil his plans. he was wondering you your favorite, after all.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie squints at you, not bothering to turn off his phone. “you’re on your phone right now,” he points out unhelpfully, and really, was it too much to ask for him to not be a little shit? “so i don’t know what you’re trying to say. maybe i’ve been thinking you’ve been losing interest in me.” you know he hasn’t been thinking that, but you also can’t really call him out on it because doing so would make you have to admit you were trying to prank him. “you’re no fun,” you grumble, and he snickers, unpausing his game.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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anlian-aishang · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 12: Food Play & In The Kitchen & On The Floor
Tumblr media
"Slice of life. Reader baking in nothing but Levi’s shirt. He comes out. She somehow manages to get batter on her neck (and it’s her sweet spot) so when he says “Let me get that for you.” He’s sucking on her neck and already she’s moaning. His hands travel up to her breasts, cups them, massages them, making her moan until he has the bright idea of ripping the shirt apart so she’s in her bra and undies, lays her on the kitchen floor (it’s fine, it’s clean. This IS Levi’s house we’re talking about) and carefully, seductively, calculatedly pours cake batter on her body and cue the beginnings of smut. (Licking, sucking, moaning, fucking) you get the picture."
word count: 1800
tags: nsfw, levi x reader, penetration, fem!reader
while writing this, i listened to
Tumblr media
An early morning clarity: after only your first night with Levi, you already knew that you wanted another and another, then maybe the key to his place. Looking over to your side, admiring his sleeping state - lips slightly parted, strands of hair flopped onto his face, arms crossed and curled up, blankets bundled him entirely. From your back, a purple dawn warmed golden, painting him in sunrise. Pristine white sheets, an idyllic daybreak, Levi asleep beside you - you wouldn’t even need to grab anything from home, you had everything you needed right here.
Smitten from the start, you felt those same butterflies that you used to get at slumber parties. Naivety thought to shake him awake, bounce on the bed, start a pillow fight. It was not the fear of getting your ass kicked that stopped you, though, it was the thought of something even better.
Last night, you had won him over, evidenced now by the lingering sting at your middle and his hushed filthy slut still ringing in your ears. Chills at the memory, a smile you hid underneath the comforter.
Rolled on your side, brows knit as you tried to read his resting face, which did he love more - making things clean or making dirty love?
What about both?
// // //
When you heard his footsteps drawing closer and closer, the sift of slippers on tile floor, you felt your heart start to race. What you had set up for him now, you had a feeling this would charm him even more than you had last night. You shivered, dire anticipation of the pleasure you were sure to feel - sooner with every step.
Hand rested on the countertop, a subtle alert to his arrival. Your eyes stayed diligent on your cookware, resisting the temptation to look up. An avid smile was not as muted.
Admiration in his tone as he took in your spread, “Look at you making all this mess…” his cupboards left ajar with flour-dusted fingerprints on them. Not an inch of space left on his kitchen island. Everywhere was covered, even you - some batter here, some powder there - the only clothing to your bare thighs. Even your shirt was -
My shirt.
Elbow perched, leaning on the granite slate. Dilated pupils turned to slivers, “...making all this mess in my clothes.”
Anyone else would have gotten an earful, but you knew you were someone special to him - last night’s remnants of endorphins sang the proof. Your whisk maintained its speed even as you shot him a wink, “I didn’t wanna get my clothes dirty.”
Levi cocked a brow, “So you wear mine instead?”
“Don’t get so mad,” you teased, “it was a day old anyways.”
The shirt he had worn to bed and woken up without - firm wrinkles and his scent still on it, now milk, sugar, and egg yolk to add. Levi pinched the seams, examined, and scoffed, “You’re filthy.”
Hand found his at the hem, fingers intertwined, you lifted his hold to your lips and spoke against him, “You love it, though, don’t you?”
Levi grit his teeth, unable to suppress the smile warming across his lips. He did.
// // //
Deviant fingers snuck underneath your borrowed cotton, clutching the fabric and your breasts, “I want it back.” Soft lips on your tainted neck, eating up the raw batter that just so happened to get there, “And I want you clean.”
Bangs wisped against your nape. A hardening at your hips to which his briefs were the only barrier. Shivers sent down your spine, ones he felt at his front - pressed to your back. Breath caught in your chest, voice barely a whisper, you still strove for snark, “You’ll have to do it yourself then.”
Levi tilted his neck, silent chuckle brushed your shoulders. You really had no idea what you were asking from him - no idea how thoroughly he would come through. Until then, though… he would work you up for it. Kisses continued their pursuit, smacks on your cheek, tracing of your jawline, sucking along your neck. Bruises for all to see, especially you - suggesting that perhaps you would not have to work so hard for that key.
You rolled your head back, lips inadvertently parted in pleasure. Your moans were enough, still - Levi could not help a peek. Morning glow reflected off your shimmering skin. In your stance, a perpetual quake, seasoned with twitches. Two familiar hills made their peaks into his shirt. Even as you were being consumed, you were still attempting to stir the bowl, cycles becoming lazier and lazier. Levi bit down on your shoulder, stifling a smirk. Fucking adorable.
It gave him an idea, one you never could have seen coming from your clean freak, one he never would have done otherwise - but it was just who you were, always managing to bring out a side of him that no one else had ever seen, one he did not even know he had.
Calloused hands left your curves for only a second, just long enough to take hold of his threads and rip them apart from the inside. New exposure, nakedness, and just the thought of how much he wanted you - a man of composure destroying his own belongings just to get to you that much faster - you felt your buds instantly harden, arousal spilling to your thighs. A gasp you were helpless to contain was both savored and ignored, followed by the sudden grasp of his hand atop yours, a calculated grip of the mixing bowl as well. Fingertips dipped in, and even in your haze, you were already envisioning him sucking himself clean. Eyes rolled back, imagination wandering, and therefore missed how they cupped into a C, scooping up the mix - disrupting its intended purpose with plans of his own.
The sound - slap! - and the touch - smack! - brought you to, awakened from your daydreams of him, discovering a reality that was even better. Silky smooth texture brought to your most sensitive areas - all of them immensely grateful for this new stimulation, even if at the cost of a morning spent baking.
It’s gonna go to waste!
“L’Levi!? I was gonna use that!”
Not a waste.
A ghost of a smile, “So am I.”
Mist turned opaque, but you managed only a stammer - cut off when his lips returned to the neck he had just licked clean then dirtied again. Tongue traced your skin, a perfect path hit all of your checkpoints. Tight grasps of his rough hands around your arms, locking you in place, imploring you to face and come to terms with this novel sensation.
One completely new experience, and one that was new to you until just ten hours ago. Levi’s mouth and hands swallowed you whole, guzzling every inch, all of you for himself. A mess of his own, now, as his member leaked onto your slit.
Levi’s voice, his tremble - you were not alone in faltering, “Y-Yeah?”
“P’Please…!” You stuttered, saliva spluttering along with your words, “P’Please, put it in me…”
Oh, you really had done this all to yourself - constantly offering up better and better ideas. Simultaneously put into you at the same time: his yearning erection to your wet walls, his sugar-coated digits into your parched mouth. Already overstimulated, you somehow managed to take him all at once - clenching around him, sucking him clean, and earning yourself an, “Atta girl…”
A couple of preemptive thrusts, just enough to ensure that you could take him again. Last night’s evidence rang clear: hypersensitivity still screaming, dams just rebuilt had crumbled again. Thinking back to the confidence you set up the scene with, you scoffed at your previous self - you should have known: Levi Ackerman was beyond any expectation.
How your fingers so desperately clutched the countertop edge, the buckling of your knees, the coat of sweat on your figure, Levi revered them foremost, but thought to spare you the stress. Sunday mornings were meant to be relaxing, and here, he had you exhausted. The tenacious versions of you had it coming, but not the sweetheart who woke up early to make him breakfast. Some thanks.
Too early in the relationship to know - you did consider it an apt reward. The bridal-style hold he took of you, though, it felt as if you two had marched down the aisle long ago. Arm wrapped behind your back, knees tucked together, bound securely against him. Reclined, not thrown, to his spotless kitchen floor. Levi, atop you, could see your reflections in it. If anything, you were the one dirtying his place. A reassuring kiss, Don’t get it twisted.
Careful caress and soothing contact. Disintegrated was the ferocity he fucked you with before, remaining was that passion - not a passion to push you to your edge, but to take hold of your hand and guide you to it.
“Lie back. Relax.” Interrupting himself with a return to your lips, “And let me do the rest.”
// // //
Another layer of cake - poured slowly, licked up even slower. Another demonstration of how he valued your needs over his.
Back arched against tile floor - a trade off of pain for that much pleasure. Writhing, squirming, aching, for every last inch you could get of him. Fingers curled into his back, strong enough to take it, enduring your scratches that were feral enough to scar. Legs knotted around him, yanking him deeper and faster. Mere pebbles of regard for him, his stamina, the bruises he would have tonight courtesy of this morning. Wrapped up in your own world now, priorities lie in yourself - Levi smirked, content to be thrown to the wayside in your selfish search for satisfaction.
An endeavor so admirable, he could not help but reward it.
Hipbones rocked into your curves, his tip so tender in roughing up your patches, a conscious acceleration in his pace erroneously made uncontrollable. Covered in dessert, his appetite, by his abdomen to your torso, chest to chest, by the fingers that intertwined with yours and coaxed you both to climax.
“C’mon, sweetheart…”
At the pet name, you shivered. At your shiver, he stiffened, “Cum with me.”
An order, though kind, you took it for what it was - an order. Eyes widened in realization, this morning you so carefully thought up and set up, wasn’t it so that you could entice him? Heart thumps, breath catches, you staved them off in the snatch of that command, no matter how loving it was.
Vice grip of his locks, hard press of his undercut brought his ear to your lips. A bite and a hiss, “Listen, Levi… you’re gonna cum with me.”
And “fuck - !” If that did not rile him. The Type A neat freak, who would have thought that this demanding girl with dirty words would have been the one to win him over - the one to make him feel what nothing else, no one else had?
Last to expect it, incapable of managing it. A series of harsh pants buried in your neck, a climax that seized all of him - one that made him cling to you throughout, your ears the ones lucky enough to hear the praise for it. An explosion of pleasure, an aftershock of feelings for you.
The key to his heart this morning. The key to his apartment as soon as the locksmith opened.
Tumblr media
// Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //
Tumblr media
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bunnys-babies · 2 days ago
Fatigue, pt. 2
Levi Ackerman x gn!reader
wc: 1.4k
warning(s): slight angst between reader and Levi, small argument
a/n: eeee! U guys really liked the little drabble of friend Levi bringing reader coffee so I figured I’d expand a little and make it a teensy teensy multi part thingy with a couple more parts just about them expanding their relationship hehehe <33 lemme know what you guys think and if you’re excited for more!! Mwah <3333
pt. 1
Tumblr media
“I think you owe me about nine lunches now, if my maths correct.”
Study sessions have now become a you two thing. Levi’s catching up on notes? You’re catching up on notes. You’re quizzing yourself on political terminology? Levi’s quizzing you on political terminology (and then some of course).
And normally, Levi’s constant smug remarks and general snarkiness wouldn’t bother you. But today was not a normal day.
You were stressed beyond what you thought was capable, so anxious you felt physically nauseous, and he still thought it was an appropriate time for teasing? At least you could count on him for consistency.
“If I would’ve known asking for your help was such a chore for you I wouldn’t have. You can just go home, I’ll figure it out by myself.” You didn’t expect to say most of that out loud, or to have it sound so sharp, but you were sleep deprived and not in the mood; he understands.
Sighing, you looked up to meet a pair of tired eyes, glaring at you with annoyance. Apparently you both were tired.
It felt like midterms week snuck up on you, and maybe it did the same for him. But the thought of Levi being unprepared for a test or class discussion almost made you laugh. It wasn’t kicking his ass, it was kicking yours, which I guess means his too when he’s your go to study buddy.
You tried your best to ignore the way guilt twisted your stomach in knots and how your ears began to feel hot, and bent your head down, doing your best to discreetly bury your face into your book.
“Seriously, it’s not that big of a deal. Go be bothered by someone else. It’s not like I enjoy your company when the main topic is my stupidity, per usual.”, the last part was more so mumbled to yourself, “There’s plenty of other people who I’m sure are dying to be mocked while they try their best to not feel stupid. I know how to study-“
A scoff cuts off your sentence, or rather paragraph, before you can finish rambling. What was his attitude for?
“Do us both a favor and stop talking.”
Your eyes lost their focus on the text beneath you. That one stung.
Where did that come from?
The tension spread across your table and grew bitter on your tongue, made his knuckles ache as he rubbed his fingers raw nervously, and made your muscles pull at the middle of your back as you began to carry the tension on your shoulders. You were sure you were going to puke now.
“I think I’m going to leave.” Standing up, flustered and shaking, you gathered your things haphazardly until they were a mess in your arms as you stormed past a less than remorseful looking Levi.
The thought of him feeling sorry also made you laugh. Him getting up, following you out the heavy doors of the library stuttering through a rushed set of apologies. Hilarious.
Levi was never unprepared, and he definitely wasn’t a chaser.
This thought alone is why you went cold and wide eyed at the feeling of a bony hand wrap around your wrist once you were a decent distance away from the entrance of the building.
You turned around abruptly to see Levi in all his glory — hair slightly disheveled, a tinge of pink dusting his upper cheek bones and tip of his nose, his chest only slightly heaving up and down at a faster pace than normal, and it almost sounded like he was panting.
Did he run to catch up to you?
“Can I help you-“
“You forgot your bag, idiot.” The hand that wasn’t still wrapped tightly around your wrist was jerked up into your point of view, a tote hanging from his grasp. You felt your heart drop as you realized he wasn’t chasing after you cause he felt bad, cause he needed to apologize, he did because you forgot your bag.
You really were an idiot weren’t you.
You did your best to fight back the angry, hot tears that were gathering behind your lash line.
“Mm. Thanks.” Snatching it as nastily as you could and giving him a glare you could only hope didn’t feel as pathetic as your cold thanks sounded just a second ago, you tried to turn on your heels to make a hasty retreat, but his grip on your wrist wouldn’t give.
He’s lucky it’s nearing dusk and no other students are loitering to witness this embarrassing interaction, otherwise your yank would’ve been a lot harsher.
“What, Levi?” You grit your teeth and spit your words out at him.
Couldn’t he just leave you alone?
Finally turning to face him, your chest tightened at the intensity of his glare back at you.
You weren’t sure if you’d necessarily call it a glare, but it was definitely something.
His eyebrows were raised so his eyes sat half lidded, his mouth was pressed into the smallest of frowns, and the blush that freckled his cheeks only seemed to deepen.
It stayed silent for a few beats before Levi broke the silence that stuck between you both.
“I was only speaking to you the way you spoke to me. I didn’t mean to upset you this bad.”
Shock was written all over your face, how were you supposed to reply to that? What had you said that had upset him? It was him that couldn’t stop with his rolodex of snarky comments.
You took a breath and let him keep you in his grip, giving him the benefit of the doubt as you tried to begin to understand what he meant.
“What did I say to you that made you feel like it would be a good idea to tell me to, ‘do you a favor and stop talking’?”
He must’ve been thinking about what he’d say to you in response hard, because he’s been quiet for a suspiciously long amount of time.
“It doesn’t matter. Let’s just agree to think more about what we say to each other, especially when we’re sleep deprived and hangry or something. Deal?”
You’d be lying if you said your heart didn’t ease up a little at the offer of moving on and making up with him. He was right, tensions were high and you were both just tired, tired and hungry.
“Deal.” His hand wrapped around your wrist finally eased up, fingers brushing against yours and almost intertwining in the process — which undoubtedly set your stomach into a fit.
He was too good at that.
Clearing your throat and twiddling your thumbs, you swayed back and forth on the heels of your feet while you thought about what to say next.
“Now what?” You awkwardly laughed and averted making eye contact, why were you suddenly so nervous?
“Well, before anything else,”, his hands shuffled in front of you until your bag was held wide open, “why don’t you put your shit away.”
Mumbling an oh, you feverishly shoved your belongings into your tote and decided to worry about the most likely crumpled papers another time.
“But clearly we both need a break,”, he took a step closer until he was close enough to move and set your bags strap around your shoulders for you, “Let’s get dinner, my treat.”
It’s always his treat, isn’t it.
“No, no. I got it. Besides, I owe you like nine lunches, right?” You smiled lazily and crinkled your eyes, hoping to communicate a message of sincerity.
“It’s fine!” You felt your face heat up when you realized how loud you just spoke and how quickly you had interrupted him.
Tugging harshly on your strap until you were only just a mere inch or two away from his face, he called out your name softly, yet sternly.
“You can add it to your list if it bothers you so bad.” You could feel the warmth of his breath fan across your cheeks. You almost wish it wasn’t so dark out so you could get a better view of him this close, he was so beautiful.
“Besides, if it’s your choice we’ll probably eat somewhere shitty.” Yanking on your strap one more time, hard enough to almost make your heads knock together, he chuckles as you stand straight.
That’s Levi for you, all dreamy and making you doe eyed one moment and then an asshole the next.
“I’m joking. I already have a place in mind. Now hurry up before they close.”
taglist: @d1lfluvr @plutowrites @carmillous @classyunknownlover (if you’d like to be added jus lemme know!)
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saveyourt3ars · 6 hours ago
All Levi really wants is someone who will get up in the middle of the night to close the windows with him when it starts down pouring. He wants someone to dry the dishes with after they've been washed. He just wants another person to do mundane activities with. He wants us to listen when he tells us about how Hange is causing office drama again. He wants something so simple. He wants a human connection and honesty and to be bored with someone else instead of bored alone. 
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little-spoiled-brat · 2 days ago
5, 10, 25 with Levi 😩😩😩
Tumblr media
kinktober # 17: levi ackerman
Tumblr media
- choking -
- breeding kink -
- knife play -
shivers ran down your spine from the cold blade of levi’s knife making contact with your skin. a gasp leaving your lips and your hand tightening around his wrist.
“so fucking sensitive” levi groaned, voice lacing with lust as he circled the blunt edge of the knife around your erect nipples. you shivered even more, squirming underneath his touch — the cold surface of the knife in contrast with your warm skin.
“b-be careful” you said, struggling to form coherent words with his hand around your throat. levi smiled softly, enough to assure you that he won’t hurt you with that knife of his.
your breath got caught in your throat when you felt the knife on your inner thigh, too close to where you needed him. more red angry marks appeared on your skin, levi being the artist and you being his canvas.
“shit. it turns you on, doesn’t it?” levi teased, admiring the wet spot on your underwear and pressing the handle of the knife on your clothed clit. your back arched and another gasp left your lips when he used the knife to cut away the fabric of your underwear.
“levi“ you whined, half because he ruined your favorite underwear and half because you needed him to touch you. levi rolled his eyes and squeezed your throat lightly before letting your neck go.
“tch. i’ll get you a new one” levi grumbled, putting down the knife and aligning his cock with your entrance. he rubbed the tip on your wetness, using your arousal to lube himself up before pushing his entire length inside of you.
“you’re so tight” levi grunted, wrapping his hand around your throat again as he pounded your pussy. you gripped onto his wrist for support, moaning loudy with every thrust of his hips.
your other hand found his back, dragging your nails down the skin and making red marks that mirrored the ones he did on your body with the knife. levi moaned at the stinging sensation it left, squeezing your neck a bit.
“ah, shit. right there, levi. right there” you moaned, back arching in pleasure when he shifted his angle to hammer your g-spot. levi took the opportunity to slightly tighten his grip on your neck to make you lay flat on your back again.
“brat, i’m close“ levi grunted, thrusts getting sloppy and his cock twitched inside of you. you tightened your grip around his wrist, not letting him take his hand off of your neck and wrapped your legs around him.
“fuck. brat, i’m close. i need to pull out” levi moaned but you held firm, not letting him pull away from you.
“cum, levi. cum inside of me” you said, sending levi over the edge as spurts of white cum painted your velvet walls. the feeling of his warm seed inside of you was enough to also send you to the edge.
“i guess we finally made the baby we always wanted” levi shrugged, pulling out of you and watching his cum drip from your pussy. he frowned, gently fucking it back in to not waste any drop. you chuckled at how straightforward it was and pulled him down for a kiss.
“i really hope you get pregnant. you would be a great mother” levi said, laying beside you and putting his hand on your stomach. you put your hand on top of his, smiling softly.
“you would be a great father too”
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maries-gallery · 2 days ago
Genre : nsfw, mdni
Warnings : public teasing, threesome, cucking, exhibitionism, penetrative sex, degradation, masturbation, dacryphilia,  female bodied reader
Levi is always so put together, so composed and calm as you palm the bulge in his pants under the restaurant table. Barely sparing you a warning glance as he converses with his long time friend, Erwin Smith. Ignoring how he twitches under your hands, aching to buck up and grind shamelessly against your palm.
Only to push you down face first and ass up on the bed as soon as you get home. Not giving you the time of day to consider your situation before he’s sheathing his cock inside of you in one swift motion. Hold bruising on your hips as he keeps you flush against him. 
“Had fun back there ?” He queries, anger laced through his voice, “Needed this cock so bad you couldn’t wait until we got home, could you ?” He spits through gritted teeth, balls slapping against your clit with every snap of his hips against yours. A hand coming down to bury your head in the mattress as he pounds inside of you relentlessly. 
“Le-Levi !” You cry out, voice muffled by the sheets, music to his ears and only fuelling his desire to break you and make you unravel under your friend’s gaze.
Your eyes water as his hard cock hits your sweetest spot over and over, each thrust filling you up to the hilt and knocking the air right out of your lungs, sending warm butterflies coiling in your stomach.
“Look at him, look at him as I fuck you.” Levi instructs, gripping your jaw and forcing your head around on the sheets. “That’s what you get for teasing me in public, get to be fucked like a whore.”
Blue eyes glint with amusement, shadowed with lust as Erwin sits in a corner of the room. A soft smile on his lips as he gazes at you. Strong muscles flexing under his skin as he fists his cock, tip flushed and beading precum. He gives it a few pumps as another flow of moans spill from your lips, your pleas for Levi to go slower soon turning into mindless babbles.
“Wanted him to watch, didn’t you ? To show him how much of a slut you are for me.” Levi hisses as your walls clamp down on his length. Pleasure building up in your stomach under the merciless pace of his thrusts. 
“Such a cute face she’s making, fucked completely dumb.” Erwin says, the loud slapping of skin against skin and your high pitched moans filling the room like the most sinful of concert. And Erwin feels so very blessed right now.
He spent so long thinking of you, dreaming of seeing past your public behaviours and digging deeper. Delighting in this new side of you, exceeding his expectations. For you proved to be far more lovely than he thought possible. 
A sight for sore eyes as your features contort in pleasure, tears pricking at the corners of your eyes and mouth falling open in another breathless moan as Levi’s length disappears inside of you once again.
“There you go, Erwin. Now you know what a filthy slut she is.” Levi remarks with a grunt, dragging his cock over your plush walls, heavy inside of you. 
With a few more pumps of his cock your eyes roll to the back of your head, back arching and thighs shaking as your orgasm crashes over you under the attentive eyes of Erwin who surely won’t forget the sight of your blissed out features any time soon. 
@sunshinedragonofthewest @st-arlert 
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introvertedelf · a day ago
Heyy I loVe your writing so much 💞💞I was wondering if you could do 3,6 and 17 for the Levi request? Thank you so muchH ❤️
Thank you for requesting! This is a great combo…😈
Levi Ackerman x reader
Warning(s): Begging, overstimulation, and toys.
Before you met Levi, you had a pretty active sex life . . . With yourself. You had a huge box of adult toys. Dildos of all sizes, vibrating wands and bullets, plugs, and other items that were practically your secret treasure.
When you started dating, you never really told him about it all. And when you had sex for the first time, he unsurprisingly made you feel a hundred times better than your toys. You fantasized about Levi using your toys on you, a lot. But, you never worked up the courage to tell him . . . Until he found out on his own.
Being the neat freak your boyfriend was, he loved to clean and organize stuff. That was when you were working and he decided to clean your apartment for you, finding your giant mysterious box of toys in your closet. He was shocked, but at the same time he knew you weren’t as innocent as you made yourself out to be. He had a wicked idea, and he couldn’t wait for you to get home.
When you did get home that evening, he told you he “had a surprise” for you, and to go lay down in the bed, stripped naked for him. You thought he was just going to fuck you—not destroy you.
You laid on the bed, spread eagle as you waited. When he came in, he also had a few items in his hand. Not just any items, but your toys. You looked at him in shock, at a loss for words.
“Quiet. You don’t even say anything. Sit there, and be a good girl for me.” He pressed his finger to your lips before kissing them with his own. It was not as long as you would have liked it to be, as he pulled away all too soon.
“We’re doing this my way. Keep your legs spread for me.” He growled, trailing his fingers down to feel your core. “Wet already. Figures.”
You saw your bullet vibrator in his other hand, anxiously watching as he pressed it to your pelvis. He teased you with it, not yet touching you where you needed it most.
“I said we’re doing this my way. Shut your mouth.” He put his free hand over your mouth as he finally pressed the bullet to your swollen clit. You moaned at the contact, pushing your hips up to get more. He pushed them down quickly, giving the inside of your thigh a little slap.
Levi removed his hand from your mouth, using his thumb and pointer finger to spread your lips, exposing your gleaming cunt to him.
“Such a pretty pussy . . .” He mused, putting the vibrator onto your exposed clit.
“L-Levi—“ You moaned out, feeling your climax nearing. He pushed two fingers inside of you, curling and thrusting them in and out of you and the same time. The sloppy sound of your wet cunt filled the air, making Levi snort.
“You want to cum? Beg me for it.” He snarled. You looked at him in shock. You’d never done anything like that in the bedroom before. Not to say you were entirely vanilla, but compared to this?
“Please . . .”
“Tch. You can do better than that if you want me to make you cum.” He turned the vibrator up higher, his fingers pounding harder. You were about to snap.
“Please, Levi! It feels so fucking good—you make me feel so good. I’m so wet for you, I need it, please!”
“Good girl. Cum then.” He held your hips down with his forearm when your orgasm came crashing down on you.
“That’s right, your little pussy is gripping my fingers so hard, gods . . .” He smirked, clearly proud of himself. You were catching your breath, heaving from the intensity when he turned the vibrator back on, spreading your lips and pressing it right back onto your clit.
“Levi!” You screamed, trying to shut your legs. Alas, he was quicker.
“Nope. You wanted to cum so bad, you did.” He turned it up to the highest setting. “This is what you get for hiding these from me.” You tried to cover yourself with your hands to keep him from torturing you, but he used a free hand to grab you by your wrists and pin them down.
“I know it’s sensitive, that’s the whole point.” He laughed, finding some sadistic amusement in this.
“I can’t take it anymore—please no more!” He finally pulled away, pleased with your twitching form.
“Awe, poor baby.” He threw the toys down next to you, picking you up in his arms.
“Are you going to hide things from me anymore?” He taunted, pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead. You shook your head ‘no’.
“Words, babygirl.”
“No. I’m not anymore.” You replied, sleep nearing your heavy eyes.
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sabitosimpb · 18 hours ago
Take Your Time
Levi kneeled down in the dirt. Normally he would be absolutely disgusted by the idea of doing so, and in white pants no less, but this had become a regular activity since the last expedition. He laid a little red rose on the ground before a gravestone with your name carved on it. He sat silently for a few seconds.
"Hey," he whispered.
"She can't even hear him. Why did he bother?" He thought. His hands clenched and his eyes stung.
"I'm sorry," he said.
It's not your fault.
"If I just got you on time," he said, his stoic mask beginning to crumble, "Sometimes, I think that maybe if I just left you, I wouldn't have to see you die in my arms. I think it may have hurt me less. How fucking selfish."
Your heart clenched at his words. It wasn't his fault, he shouldn't feel so bad.
"I know if you were here," but I am here, "You would say it isn't my fault," it's not, "But it is."
He fell silent. His hair had fallen in his face, hiding the tears threatening to spill.
"I miss you," he said in a cracked whisper.
I miss you, too.
"I love you," he added, his voice breaking as he tried to stay quiet and hide the falling facade.
I love you, too, Levi.
"I'll find you again, I promise."
Please take your time.
You stuck around him, helping him with some things like when he fell asleep while working you blew out his candle or when a titan was behind him and he didn't notice, you passed through his cloak causing a wind strong enough for him to feel the tug and make him turn. A little, unseen guardian angel.
His little, unseen guardian angel.
Once he had gotten a hold of alcohol, before he could get too drunk you spilled the disgusting beverage. You laughed at his disappointed expression and he swung his attention to you as though he heard you. You stared him straight in the eye. He turned away.
"Must be the drink," he grumbled.
Your heart sank.
"He died in his sleep," said the male voice.
You sighed. He had grown well into old age and last night you could tell it was his very last one so you stayed by his side. When he had died you left and wandered into a field.
"[name]," a familiar voice said. You whipped around and smiled.
"Levi!" you said happily unable to contain your happiness. You ran up to him and through your arms around him. He buried his face into your neck and you felt him smile against your skin.
"Hey, Levi," you said.
"Thank you," you said, "For taking your time."
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nelapanela94 · 20 hours ago
Being born in the Underground city, in a place covered in filth and grime; a boy without a father, without a name, bereft of the sun light and its warmth. Levi was born in a place where dreams were a luxury he could not afford.
But then he met you. You and your disarming smile that had the power to brighten up a bad day.
Levi adored the way you say his name, and he'd hear you talking about the things you found amusing even though he didn't understand half of it. He'd get lost in your soothing voice and your laughter. He swore your laughter was the most beautiful sound within the walls.
He'd never admit it, but he loved going to the farmers market every weekend, baking cookies together and clean afterwards. He loved picking up flowers with you and wearing the crowns you made for him. He loved when you read for him, with his head resting on your lap and your fingers running through his hair.
Levi grew up believing that people like him were not worthy of such bliss; but then you came into his life and gave him your heart, your soul, your dreams and your love. And in return, he gave you his life.
Not proofread and I'm going to bed
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unloved-cadillac · 15 hours ago
Hi! I actually have some angst I’d like before requests close plz. Female reader is an older teen. A young woman but not quite old enough to drink. However, she sneaks out after curfew and gets ahold of loose alcohol. Levi finds her and tries to drag her back to her room, but she slaps him away. She accidentally slurs out that a male cadet got her drunk recently and assaulted her. She then says “Shh. Don’t tell Levi. He’ll be disappointed” No romance, just a captain and his cadet. Thx!
C/n: I like this. There’s not much platonic works of Levi and his cadet readers. So here you go. Thanks for requesting and I hope that you enjoy🤍
Warnings: sexual harassment.
Just a Sip. (Levi x Reader)
When Commander Erwin Smith of the Survey Corps scouted people to fight for humanity, he knew that majority of them were young people. Most were between the ages of 14 and 17. Every year the cadet ranks were increase in numbers and it made Erwin proud knowing many were dedicated to the cause he believed in.
But with cadets, comes rebellious actions. They were kids after all. Following instructions from elders were such a bore and many just wanted to keep in touch with themselves before either dying in a Titans jaws or losing their minds from trauma.
Y/n L/n was part of the best squad. The Levi squad. She admired Captain Levi. Who didn’t? He was a well-known soldier and the most respected man throughout Paradis. He was fearless and strong and Y/n aspired to be just like him.
But today was just a day that mad she’d exhausted. It was hot, the training was unbearable and her head pounded. She was heading to the taps for a drink of cold water when someone patted her shoulder. She turned and smiled. “Hey, Ryan.” She greets. Ryan was a senior in training. He would make a squad leader soon and Y/n trained under him for two years before.
“Hey Y/n. Say, you got anything planned for tonight?” He asks and she wipes the stray water from her chin.
“I can’t really have plans when we have a curfew.” She chuckles and he smiles. “Curfew? Mm. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Say,” he wraps his arm around her shoulders and leans down to her ear, “a few friends of ours are heading out of base to get a couple of drinks. Join us.”
Y/n’s eyes widen at the mention of alcohol. In Paradis and the army, alcohol was only meant for people older than 18. She was seventeen and had never had a sip of the poison many enjoyed. But she wanted to. It seemed fun watching the other branches sipping whiskey and laughing with red faces.
She smiles and nods. “Alright. Where will I meet you?”
Ryan’s eyes sparkle with glee. “At the old tree just outside of the old stables. Make sure no one sees you. See you later.” He winks at her and leaves her. This was going to be fun. Y/n never had broken rules before and doing it seems exhilarating. She was quite a good soldier on the making since Levi wanted her to join his team.
Later that evening, Y/n ate dinner and left to sleep earlier than usual. When the time came to leave, she snuck out the girls room window and made her way to the old stables. She heard laughing of boys as she neared it. Y/n looked from behind a tree to see Ryan and a few others sharing a bottle in paper around. Smiling, she makes her way to them.
“Hey guys!” She whisper shouts and they cheer. “Y/n’s here!” Ryan says and gets up to hold her. “Come, come. Join us.” He sits her down and follows suit. The boys that were around seemed much older than 20 and it was intimidating. But two were her age even though they acted bigger than seventeen.
“And here you go.” He hands her the bottle and she smells it. Medicine. It smelled like medicine and seemed way less fun than she thought. But with a “screw it” shake of her head, she took a large gulp of the liquid and coughed when she was finished.
“Whoa, she’s good! Very good~.” One boy purrs and sits next to her, pushing himself into her. Y/n giggles and tries to move away, but Ryan sat in the other side of her. “Give her more. She likes it.” The same boy say and places a hand on her thigh and gently squeezed.
Ryan smirks at Y/n’s face. “This is going to be fun.”
Levi Ackerman was busy scratching away at his desk when the feeling of uneasiness washes over his body. Something was happening. Trying to brush it away, he resumes writing. He finally gets up and leaves his office after reading over the same line ten times without remembering what he read.
He decided to check the cadets rooms to make sure no one was awake since it was well passed curfew. Everything was fine until he saw a few beds empty. He narrows his eyes and goes out off he building to look around. His eyes caught a wobbly figure coming towards him and before he could call out, they fell.
Levi clicks his tongue and walks over to them. “Hey. What are you doing?” He asks sternly but he only gets a chuckle in response. He knows that giggle. “Y/n?” He asks and he helps her up to her feet. “Can you walk?” She doesn’t answer and he scoffs in annoyance.
He begins to walk her to his office and into the light to see her and when he does, he’s shocked. Her eyes are red and there are bruises on her arms. Also, she stunk of brandy.
“Have…have you been drinking?” He asks and she holds out her fingers in a “little bit” gesture. “What the hell, L/n?” He asks angrily and she giggles again. He holds her upper arms trying to get her to snap out of her state when she slaps both of his hands away. “No. I said no already. I don’t want to do that anymore!” She says and holds Levi’s jacket. “Do what?”
“Whatever their hand was doing in between my thighs. I didn’t like it and they didn’t stop. It felt weird and it burns down there.” She slurs out and Levi widens his eyes. “Y/n? Who did this?” He asks, keeping his voice low to hide his anger. “Ryan and his friends. Mikasa, don’t tell Levi. He’d be so mad at me for drinking. I just wanted to try it! I promise! But they kept pushing me to drink more and more even though I wanted to leave. It tasted horrible.” She mumbles the last bit and lays her forehead on Levi’s shoulder.
Levi holds her steady as he understands what she just said. Gently lifting her up, he lays her on his bed and covers her up fully before leaving his room to give a few boys lessons on how much pain an Ackerman can inflict on the human body.
The next morning, Y/n woke up in a bed that definitely wasn’t hers. Her headache increased massively but before she could think, she ran to what looked like the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. She washed up and peed and felt a burn in her privates. She looked down and saw red marks all over her thighs when she remembered what happened. “Oh my god.”
She carefully exited the bathroom to ses Levi standing by his door. “Captain!” She salîtes and flinches a bit. He shakes his head and motions to his bed. She sits down and he crosses his arms. “Y/n, do you remember what happened last night?” He asks, voice like stone. She visibly gulps and plays with the blanket. “Y/n, I’ve asked a question,” Levi says after a long silence, “answer.”
“Yes.” She answers and looks at him, eyes brimming up with tears. “I..drank. After curfew. I snuck out.” She says and Levi kneels in front of her. “That’s not all. Do you remember after that? How you ended up here?” He asks and she shakes her head.
“You told me about Ryan and his friends. And what happened.” He says softly as he notices her tears. “I’m sorry, Levi. I didn’t mean to. I just wanted a sip.” She cries and he shakes his head and holds her hands. “No. Do not blame yourself. This isn’t your fault. I’m not angry at you. Those boys were much older and knew better. I’ve taken care of them. I’m calling Hange here to examine you. To make sure you’re okay. Hey,” he tilts her face up with his finger under chin, “it’s okay. I’m here.”
She closes her eyes and hugs Levi and he returns it. They sat in silence. Levi wouldn’t let go of her until he knew she wanted to stop hugging. She needed someone now. A big brother more than a Captain.
Erwin listened to the whole thing from outside and left to his office to sign for the dismissals and jail sentences for Ryan and his friends.
🖤🤍Thanks for reading🤍🖤
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riniackerman · a day ago
Hallo! Do you think you could do Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan with the song Pockerface by Lady Gaga?
pocker face
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❛ baby, when it's love, if it's not rough, it isn't fun ❜
Tumblr media
╰ levi ackerman, who got all girls kneeling down for his pleasure, every day and night he would see girls begging for his huge cock, just until he met you that night.
a/n: ahhh finally i had time to write! ‘m so sorry this took so long 😭 also i’ve never written sub!levi ‘cause i just can’t imagine levi begging anyone for anything 🤨 + fyi i have texted her privately for more details ab the request
also i couldn't edit/read this fic a lot due to my studies/school 🙏
Tumblr media
pairing: sub!levi ackerman x fem!reader
genre: nsfw
prompt: modern au
tws: 18+ mdni, male collaring, orgasm edging, power play, hand-job, ‘good boy’
w/c: 1.6k
Tumblr media
“it’s a punishment after all, i shouldn’t let you have what you want. don’t you think?”
Tumblr media
levi ackerman, a well-known man in a famous club, a well-known man to handle his beloved customers with his huge cock. every day and night he sees girls pleading in neediness for him and sure levi enjoyed this, having girls on their knees begging for his cock just until he met you.
you decided to spend a night with levi—but somehow the table had changed, rather of you begging on knees for him, he was begging for you. having himself kneeled down on the black silk sheet as you stroked his cock with your supple fingers, fluently edging and pleasing him, letting him feel something he never had.
after that night levi could not get the thought out of his head, no matter how much he tried to forget you and your touches, he just couldn’t. he even got to the point where he specifically looked for certain people who would please him as you did, but they obviously did not satisfy him like you did.
weeks have been passed since that incident, he would always check up the door whenever people came stepped in, hoping it would be you.
just when levi was about to go into a room with a girl like every other day, his figure stopped when he glanced over at the door, seeing you walking in with two tall bodyguards beside you. you elegantly walked down the stairs, catching everyone’s attention with the sound of your black high heels meeting the cold marble floor.
before levi even knew, he flicked the girl away from his arm and promptly walked over to you. a light smile showed up on his face when your eyes met his ones. “hey” levi says, awkwardly standing in front of you.
“hey?” you greet back with your arms folded. “i’ve been waiting for you” he says, not knowing how to let his eyes off on you. “you did? how sweet” you hum while you walked towards him, leaning your lips against his ears, whispering.
“have you been a good boy levi?” you grin as you pull away from his figure. levi’s heart thumped at your words, scared if you’ll leave him if he told you the truth, the truth that he tried to forget you and your touches. “y-yes” he stutters,
“lies.” you knew levi was seeing other girls just to forget you, no, to find a girl that will handle him as you do, but he obviously couldn’t. you were something else. levi’s eyes swelled when you whispered, hoping he could take back what he said.
“you know bad boys get punished, right?” levi jolted at what you said, he never saw this one coming. he either expected you to leave him or screw him up with the power you owned. maybe it was because that was how he handled things.
“... yes” levi mumbles, as much as levi felt odd to be submissive, part of his heart was excited to see what was going to happen. “well then” you said, telling your guards to wait for you, grab a drink or some until you get your thing done with levi.
you boldly walked over to the room, to the most expensive and high-classed one. levi thickly swallowed before he stepped into the room, carefully closing the door behind his back.
“come here” you smile, tapping on the black chair. while levi settled himself you walked over to the other side of the room, thinking how you should punish him. your fingers trailed in the air, lost in the thought of how levi would look ample with all of these—collars, cat ears, cat tails, and more...
you hummed when you saw a red and black collar with a text that says ‘only for you’, along with the collar you took a red leash so you can control him whenever he’s being a brat. levi’s lips parted when he saw you walking towards him with a collar and a leash on your hands.
you slowly walked behind levi, having his heart bouncing crazily at the din of your high heels. you gently wrapped the collar around his neck—a groan escaping from his lips when you pulled it tight. “too tight?”
“no not at all” levi says as his hands find his thighs to calm himself down. you whispered lew words sweetly against his ear while you subtly smoothed his neck while the other brushed his hair innocently.
your hands softly grip levi’s hair, pulling it up just to give him a deep kiss, levi leaves a small groan when sees a string of saliva attached between your lips from his. kissing him roughly, leaving levi breathless, tugging his hair as he tries to kiss you deeper but the burns from your slaps on his cheek gets him to stay still.
“stay still levi” you whisper, gazing over at his gritted teeth, never in his life had he felt this humiliated. you held levi’s chin as you looked straight into him, picturing how pretty he would look under your control, how glossy his eyes will get in tears when you edge him every time he’s about to cum.
“so hard” was all you said before you unzipped his pants, letting his hard cock spring in the air, hitting his abdomen. levi groaned when you had his wrist tied with a rope behind the chair, making him moan as the cold brush in the room brushed his cock.
your fingertips slowly, gently trailed down to his crotch from his shoulder. levi’s eyes were shut, not having full control himself as he desperately wanted you to fuck him right now. he gasped when he felt your hand around his cock all of the sudden.
you smile at the warmth of his cock envelope your palm. levi’s hip moved upwards every time you stroked down. “bad boy” you say, pulling the leash, making his face to tilt up, allowing his narrow eyes to meet yours.
“oh levi i missed this” you murmur, possessing to see levi is needy in front of you. you lightly pull the leash, making levi whine from the heat building up to his neck to his hip. “[name]- move” he chokes.
you once again pull the leash, a smirk heeding on your lips. “what did you say?” you ask, sending shivers down his spine. something about your voice made levi somewhat act more deliberately. “p-please move” he mumbles, earning a huh from you.
“please move [name]- i can’t do this anymore” he repeats, this time more clear and loud. “there we go” you hum as you kneeled down, pushing his knees apart from each other so you had more access to him.
you smoothly run your fingers around his throbbing cock, teasing hip redden tip with your palm, drawing circles and lightly blowing cold air against it, having levi moan in euphoria.
levi is feeling so hopeless and desperate, having you edge him every time he wants to cum, but he didn’t get mad for it, because it was you. levi bit the bottom of his lips whenever he caught you smirking at him.
your hands were moving faster every second, yet it was still tender and gentle. “let me c-cum, please” his deep voice ringed around your ears, making your hands move up and down even faster. levi jolts as his thighs shudder at the sensation, he moans your name when thick ropes of his white cum landed on your suit.
“what a mess” you grit your teeth, not stopping your hands even though levi reached his climax. seeing his wet hair, glistering eyes, lips parted prettily made your cunt throb like crazy.
“s-stop [name] ‘ts too much” you hear chains hitting each other behind his back. you say nothing but harshly pulled the leash, making his back bow down, arms stretched, making his eyes meet yours again. “i thought you wanted me to go faster? no?” you tease as you smoothed his sensitive tip with your thumb.
“no- i mean yes-” when levi gave a try to protest, you shushed him by sticking your fingers covered in his cum into his mouth, playfully smoothing his tongue as he gags. “choose one only, should i stop?” a moan from levi was heard when you pulled your hands away from his cock, letting the cold air to brush his hot cock.
“k-keep going…” levi whispers, looking down at the floor to avoid eye contact. it must feel weird for him to beg something. “speak louder levi” you demand, forcefully holding his chin up with your index finger, making levi swallow at your dominance.
“keep doing it please…” he pleads “fuck me, please?” levi begs, but his dreams were shattered when you untied his wrist, letting it go free. levi’s wrist throbbed in pain at the pressure the robe was giving him for the past minutes.
“what?” levi questions as you walked away from him, cleaning his cum with a hand towel. “it’s a punishment after all, i shouldn’t let you have what you want. don’t you think?” you grin, throwing the dirty towel down the bin.
“but-” as levi wanted to stop you, the pressure of your glance on him made his face look away from you. “i’ll be back. when you are a good boy” you gently smile as you left the room, leaving levi with his cock still hard, his thighs still jolting at the unfinished sensation from you.
“fucking hell” levi curse under his breath, surprised, yet shocked with what just happened to him. all he could do was blame himself and wait for your return, not having a clue when you will return, stressed by the thought that he’ll have to go through days or weeks without your touches.
he wished time didn’t go so fast when he is with you, he just wanted the time to stop when he is with you.
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
Tumblr media
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oblivious-nuisance · a day ago
𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐄 | levi ackerman
Tumblr media
a/n: my love for this man is astronomical. also fully projecting on him bc i'm not gonna get this type of affection any time soon :c
warnings: gn!reader, fluff <33
Tumblr media
levi ackerman. always unhappy, always curt and stoic, the lines on his face always indicating worry and weariness, rather than previous joy.
clean-shaven, hair precisely parted a little bit to the right, bones and muscles and veins working together to craft the most armonious of bodies, one that you happen to catch a glimpse of any time he rolls up his sleeves before helping somebody, or on the rare occasions when he takes his vest off during the day. and his clothes are perfectly ironed, tie wrapped cautiously around his neck, strong arms carrying, at times, copious amout of books through the monumental halls of the library.
if only his attitude wasn't so unwelcoming...
alas, you'd never find a man who loves the way he does.
calloused fingers would be tracing your soft skin in the dim light of the moon, when you'd be as fast asleep as one could be, however he would not be able to urge his eyelids to close. and yet he'd never be more at peace than in that second.
the distinct fragrance of black tea would greet you in the morning, along with the fading sound of music. the saxophone would do the honours and disturb your deep slumber, but you wouldn't mind, as you'd be up and making your way towards the coquette kitchen, his white dress shirt hanging loosely on your frame, the shadow of a kiss on your temple.
at nights you would sit by the window and read, his head in your lap, turning from time to time, lips planting a gentle kiss on your tummy whenever he'd feel like it. and you'd only blush and keep reading the fantasy novel that you so decided to emerge into, notions of time and space slowly escaping your mind, as only you and your lover would matter.
the faint aroma of cigarettes would lay on his lips as yours would mesh with his, caramel on his tongue as the heated kiss would become even more demanding, to the point where clothes would just be unwelcomed barriers and the feeling of warmth and flesh would be the only treatment for the fire ignited inside of your beings.
and you could only sigh and close your eyes, letting your mind wonder to the way his strong arms would engulf you, sturdy chest pressed to your back, warm water surrounding you both in the small but comfortable bathtub, as you'd mindlessly trace patterns on his knee while his hands would caress your neck and chest tenderly.
and afterwards—
"hey! are you even listening?"
you shudder, almost dropping the coffee that you are holding. wide-eyed, you raise an eyebrow at your friend's sudden burst.
"i-i'm sorry. come again?"
"ugh," connie groans. "i was saying that maybe you could lend me some of your lit notes for my upcoming test."
"huh? why would i?"
"why of course, because sharing is caring!" he tries to grin, failing to impress you the nth time this semester.
"i don't care."
he stops and sighs, trying to play his last card before abandoning the topic. "i'll fail miserably, otherwise. please."
"ah-ha! there it is—"
"good morning."
"mr. ackerman, sir! good morning, sir!" connie cries out, causing you to tremble yet again, this time succesfully dropping the cup all over the ground.
"shit!" you gasp under your breath, kneeling down to pick up the emptied plastic recipient.
before you can look up again, levi is kneeled right next to you, hand reaching out for yours— no, for the cup.
you get up abruptly, only offering the linguistics professor a rushed nod before speeding your steps up ahead of connie, hoping that he misses the way your cheeks brighten up.
"hey! hey, your coffee—" connie shouts as he starts running after you.
the man sighs and turns away.
you make a note to yourself to look around campus later that day and hopefully find a more secluded place, so that you can keep daydreaming, the screenshot of when you matched with the professor on tinder still saved securely in the favourites folder on your phone.
Tumblr media
©oblivious-nuisance - all rights reserved
no translations, edits, copying, reposting etc.
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