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wafermelonsa day ago
Can you write about what happens next in the replaced! MC if there's no problem? I can't stop thinking about it馃槄
Tumblr media
replaced MC au. pt 2.
Tumblr media
characters: OM! boys (and MC)
genre: angst
warnings: strong language
a/n: not proofread, pt 3 will come later!
tags: @anotakugardener @jiminslajibolala @letsblazewolf @lemonandlime22 @crystal-freak24 @furblrwurblr @wawadraws12 @929497 @elizabeth-brown @neptune-cinths
pt 1
Tumblr media
you groaned, slowly getting up as you rose from your table of scattered papers and books. where were you...? oh, yeah, the house of lamentation.
you squinted. had you been... crying? you could feel the dried tears on your face. you heart ached but... why? you didn't know the answer to your own question.
you looked at the time, and it was way past first period. you were going to be late for class! hastily, you washed up, changed, packed all your papers and ran to RAD, rushing through the house of lamentation.
it was already break time as you could see students walking around. sheepishly, you hurried over to your class to put your things down. you could see the other demons whispering as they looked at you. being tardy and skipping class... it was already break.
you pouted and avoided their gazes, slightly embarrassed about being so late. you reached the cafeteria and grabbed some food. you were starving. had you not eaten dinner last night?
you found a seat at the corner of the cafeteria. where did you usually sit? you can't seem to remember that either. whatever, you thought, i'm hungry. gobbling down the buttered bread with some water, you heard a voice.
"hey MC! ya decided to skip class huh? what's goin' on with ya?"
you looked up to see a tanned male with white hair. you felt your heart tighten, both in heartache and anger. you tilted your head. he felt familiar, but you didn't really know how. why did you feel this way? familiar feeling or not, you didn't feel very comfortable around him.
"excuse me?"
"i tried wakin' ya up this morning but ya wouldn't budge! you slept just like belphie."
belphie? who...
"hi MC! i'm sorry for not waking you up, i tried to but you slept like a log. i didn't want to be late for class..."
you looked to the side, seeing laila. a familiar face!
"oh, hey laila, no worries."
"MC! are ya ignorin' me? is it cause i didn't let ya come with me to the casino? it ain't my fault you're unlucky!" the white haired demon said. he had a pouty-frown look on his face.
"i'm sorry but, who are you? laila, who's this?"
at first, you stared at laila. she laughed lightly, thinking it was a joke. but once she saw your puzzled and confused face, she grew worried.
"MC, are you playing a prank on us? it's mammon," laila asked, pointing at 'mammon's' face. you tilted your head. what kind of prank would you be playing?
you stared at mammon, mouth agape with furrowed brows, trying to recall the familiar name. did you take a class with him before? was he laila's boyfriend? where had you seen him...?
"MC! quit it would ya! it's not funny! i'm your first man!" mammon said, whining like a child.
before you could reply or think of anything else, a voice chipped in.
"hello MC, mammon, laila. what's going on? is mammon begging for money again?"
you looked up to see another white haired male, but this one you recognized.
"oh! hi solomon."
"MC's playing a prank on us and sayin' they don't remember me! they're just angry at me for not bringin' them to the casino."
"aw, MC, don't be too harsh on him, perhaps we could use him as our guinea-pig when we practice our spells," solomon said, giving you a small smirk.
you were still as confused as before. you don't remember going to a casino, not with mammon at least. when you tried to remember the last time you went to a casino, you felt a stinging pain in your head along with throbbing in your hand.
you flinched at the sudden pain, your head now aching, you held you head in your hands, trying to massage the pain away.
"MC, are ya alright?" you heard mammon ask, him crouching by your seated self. he tried touching you to comfort whatever pains you were experiencing, but you flinched away from his familiar yet unfamiliar touch.
"MC...?" you heard mammon ask, confused.
solomon frowned, followed by simeon approching the four of you with luke by his side with another unfamiliar face.
"MC? are you okay? we heard the commotion." you looked up to simeon, the pain slowly subsiding as mammon stared at the hand that tried to comfort you, the one that you flinched away from.
"simeon...?" you felt your palm stop throbbing.
simeon's eye twitched, as if he were analyzing something.
"MC, have you practiced any spells on yourself recently?" simeon asked with a serious gaze.
you rubbed the side of your head, blinking, "i don't think so...? i don't usually practice spells on myself... who's this beside you?"
"MC! it's me, luke! don't tell me you're angry at me too," luke whined.
you chuckled, "no luke, i remember you, who's this new angel beside you?"
you remembered that there would also be a new angel exchange student, you hadn't met them yet though.
"oh! this is muriel, muriel, this is MC," luke said, gesturing the new angel to you.
"welcome to the devildom muriel, sorry for not visiting you within the few months you were here. i was busy with..." you trailed off, what exactly stopped you from, well, meeting new people within those few months? you couldn't remember.
"MC?" you heard luke ask.
"huh? oh, i was busy with homework. my grades haven't been really good recently."
solomon and simeon stared at you, their eyes slightly narrowed.
"MC! quit ignorin' me! fine, if ya wanna come to the casino with us so bad then you can come! but don't go blamin' me when you lose everythin'!"
your brows knotted in confusion. the last time you were at a casino? when was that...? you don't remember going, not with mammon at least.
as you were lost in thought as laila tried to calm mammon down, a group of 6 other demons approached you.
"mammon, what is all the fuss about? and MC, why are you skipping your classes? this is exactly why you're failing."
your brows furrowed, anger piling up at the sudden comment from a stranger and confusion as well since they acted as if you knew them.
"excuse me, who do you think you are to tall to me like that?"
thus, ending up in the current situation. you in lord diavolo's office, barbatos by his side as the one named 'lucifer' spoke to him. the other 6 men who you discovered were brothers were frantically talking over each other as laila held your hand as a sign that she was there for whatever situation you were in. luke nagging the brothers, telling them they should have taken care of you while simeon, solomon and muriel conversed amongst themselves.
"did MC hit their head or something? why would they forget us?"
"this doesn't make any sense! why does MC remember everyone else but us!"
"we gotta make MC remember us again!"
you stood in the middle of the chaos with laila by your side. finally, lucifer retreated from whispering to lord diavolo as he cleared his throat, getting everyone else's attention.
"MC," you heard lord diavolo call out.
"yes?" you straightened yourself to face him.
"do you remember me?"
you nodded in response.
"how about him?" lord diavolo pointed at barbatos who gave you that small smile he would to acknowledge you. you nodded again.
"them?" he gestured to the three angels, solomon and laila, you nodded once again.
"but you don't remember the seven brothers standing over there? the ones who you've lived with for over a year?"
you shook your head, completely clueless, "nope."
"if i may, lord diavolo," you heard solomon say, everyone's attention turning to him now. "i believe MC is under a spell."
"a spell?"
"what kind of spell?"
"who did this to them?"
solomon coughed, trying to hush the chatter, "i was the one who told them about this spell. it was in the book that we study. it's usually used to help rid people of traumatic events or bad memories. but for some reason, MC does not remember any of you," solomon sneered, clearly knowing about the mistreatment you had gotten from the brothers recently.
"if you look closely enough at their palm, you can sense traces of spellwork and magic," solomon added.
"why would someone do this to them?" satan asked, his anger slowly piling as he wanted whoever did this to you to pay.
"actually, this spell is based off intent. it cannot be done without the person wanting it to be done to them," simeon answered his question, "it is not something someone can force."
you stood in the middle of the office, your mind completely clueless. why would you cast a spell to make you forget about the people that seemed to care about you so? though the seven seemed to care, you couldn't help but feel uncomfortable from it, along with thr tightening pains of your heart.
"well! we gotta reverse it somehow!"
"can't we make MC remember us again?"
"why would they do this to themself?"
the chatter started again as you just held onto laila's hand, the only person who you truly felt comfort with amidst the chaos.
"i wasn't done speaking," solomon said, "there is a way to reverse the spell, but to do it, we need the person who it was first cast on to actually want to remember."
"can i say something?" you butted in, raising your hand. lord diavolo gave you a warm smile and nodded, the victim in all of this.
you took in a deep breath, "it seems like the seven of you care greatly for me and want me to remember you, but if i did do this spell on myself to forget you, why would it make sense for me to want to remember you again?"
"simeon said it was something that needed the person's consent, and i quite clearly did this to myself. and considering that i see you all as strangers currently, wanting to force me to remember bad memories again doesn't give off the best impression."
everyone stood in the room in silence, shocked at your answer. to them, you had always been forgiving of the brothers and their antics no matter what. but now, you didn't want to remember them at all.
you were shocked at yourself as well. you did want to know who they were, but if you had done this to yourself to forget them, it wouldn't make sense to remember them.
you pressed your lips into a fine line, looking much like the '._.' emoticon. you felt laila squeeze your hand and you looked to her, her giving you a reassuring smile, supporting whatever decision you would make.
lucifer stepped up, giving a small cough, "i... forgive us, MC. my brothers and i were too hasty about the current situation. if you do not wish to remember us, we will respect that decision."
you could hear some of the brothers whine in protest, giving clear indications they were against what lucifer said. but with your estranged gaze to them, they understood what you wanted and did not wish to force you.
"could you at least tell us why you wished to forget us? if you could remember?" satan asked.
you looked down slightly, letting go of laila's hand and rubbing the side of your head. "i can't remember much... there are a lot of blanks in my memory but none of them include any of you. and when i do try to remember the reason or the seven of you, i get this horrid pain in my head and my palm starts throbbing."
satan slumped, his shoulders now slouching as he nodded. "i... i see," he said as he retreated back to his brothers, not wishing to press any further in fear that the pains you mentioned might happen again.
and at first, they all respected your wishes. the brothers didn't question you about why you did it. but now, you felt things were... different.
when they came to see you when laila was there, they wouldn't only bring laila, but instead, you as well.
at first, you thought it would be fun. but the longer you stayed with one of them, the more your heart felt like a needle was pushing into it. the more awkward the atmosphere felt for you.
"MC, can i sleep in your bed with you like i used to? my bed isn't that comfortable anymore with just me and laila..."
"uhm... but..."
"belphie! don't just say that to MC, they might not be comfortable with it. you're not the same person to them now."
"yeah, i'm not very comfortable with it... thanks, laila."
"who ate my food?"
"oh... sorry MC, i thought you weren't going to eat so i-"
"why would you... sigh, nevermind. i'm going to the house of purgatory, i remember luke and muriel telling me they baked some cakes. i'll see you guys at RAD."
"i'll go with you MC!"
"are you sure, laila?"
"yeah! and i haven't really spent a lot of time with the other exchange students."
"MC dearie~ why not we have a spa day in my room like we used to? it'll be fun, laila's coming as well!"
"spa day...? sorry, asmo, was it? i'd uh, i'd rather not. and solomon and i are going to practice spell work."
"MC, come to the library with laila and i. i remember you asking for help with homework in the past."
"oh, no thank you, satan. simeon already refreshed my memory about devildom history and literature. you two have fun though!"
"MC! why don't we pick up where we left off on that game? do you remembe- sorry. we can start from the beginning if you want! i don't mind teaching you the mechanics again. i can get an extra controller for laila too."
"oh, sorry levi. i'm gonna go to lord diavolo's castle today to discuss some things about... my current situation, and my studies."
"hey MC! ya may not remember but we used to go to the casino together! you can come with me and laila!"
"oh, alright then, mammon? yeah, you're mammon. but i thought you said i was bad luck or something?"
"MC, do you need any help with your studies? i know i was harsh upon you, but if you need a break, you can tell me."
"it's okay, uh... lucifer? yeah. it's fine. lord diavolo gave me access to his royal library and barbatos and simeon are helping me with my studies already."
all these small apologies and refusals you made, it affected them. you were always so kind and patient with them... you used to go with their antics and forgive them when they did something you didn't enjoy. why were you so different?
one night while you were sitting in your room doing homework with laila, you heard footsteps storming up to your room. without a warning, your door burst open.
"i can't take this anymore! MC, laila! when are the two of you going to spend time with us again? MC, i'm sorry if i've done anything to upset you. i want you to remember us!" a very drunk asmodeus blurted out.
"don't say that to MC ya idiot!" mammon yelled, sluggishly trailing behind him, very obviously intoxicated as well, "we did something bad to MC and now we're payin' for it! i don't know what we did but i want them to remember us too. but ya don't see me bothering them!"
"waaaa! MC!~" asmodeus cried out, draping himself over your lap, sputtering apologies. "i'm sorry for whatever i did, dearie! i know my face is so beautiful that sometimes even i can't take my eyes off it!" making absolutely no sense.
"get ya'self off MC! i'm their first man! if anyone gets to touch em and needs to apologize, it's me!" mammon said, trying to drag asmodeus off your lap to take his place instead.
laila looked panicked, not knowing what to do. she didn't know whether to get them off you or let them continue their pointless rambling.
but for some reason, these demons that you barely had any memories about. these demons that you couldn't remember, but had pacts with. seeing them cry and say they missed you... it struck a pang in your heart.
"it's no fair that solomon gets him all to yourself!! what about our self care days! we used to soak for hours and take care of ourselves. at least let me join the two of you!!" asmodeus cried out. ah, so he was jealous of solomon as well.
opening your mouth to reply, you were interrupted before you could.
"what is all the ruckus about?" lucifer's voice boomed through your ears, his arms crossed as he stood in your doorway. asmodeus and mammon didn't reply, they just kept on crying about how they wanted you to remember them.
"i thought we already discussed that if MC didn't want to remember us, they did-," you cut him off.
"i'll do it, lucifer, no need to lecture them," you said. laila looked up at you, shocked.
"are you sure MC? but what if something bad happens while trying to reverse the spell?" laila asked, worried for your wellbeing. her puppy eyes made you melt like ice on a summer sidewalk.
you gave her a reassuring smile, "don't worry laila, i'm much stronger than i look. and you forget that we have the best sorcerer in town and the demon lord to help us."
"MC. are you sure about this?" lucifer asked, secretly, he wanted you to remember. he missed how you used to offer to make him coffee at night or how you used to smile at him when he walked past you. he also wanted to know what was it he and his brothers did to cause this upon you.
"seeing how it distresses them so much," you chuckled, gesturing to the currently on the floor, drunk, mammon and asmodeus crying, "i'll do it."
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strawberrycream-arta day ago
A question for Mammon: Would you kiss Maddi if were given as a dare? Or would you rather smack Levi in the back of the head with a pillow?
Tumblr media
Levi: "You do realize you're leaving him spoilt for choice here? And why that second option??"
The demon brothers and Madi are answering questions!
Ask event info post (please note that the period to send in questions has ended!)
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st-just2 days ago
Tumblr media
Breathe by Artem Chebokha
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bibliosophist2 days ago
You may take this as a prompt request if you want to or just me thirsting to you (again)
Picture this:
MC is sitting next to one of the brothers on their bed wearing a top and some shorts, watching a movie together when MC leans into the brother's side and whispers into his ear: "I only want to let you know that I'm not wearing panties right now."
Sorry it took me a while to get to, I haven't had time to get on tumblr lately. Bc I made you wait I'll do all the brothers. Heads up I鈥檓 writing these while I鈥檓 pretty tipsy so I hope they all make sense lol
Movie Night + 鈥淚鈥檓 not wearing any panties鈥 ft. GN MC (NSFW/18+)
You鈥檙e watching a documentary that he had imported from the human world. It鈥檚 drier than dust- something about politics that would make even The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire seem riveting.
Doesn鈥檛 visibly react at all.
Demands you remove your shorts, not taking his eyes off the television.
Once your lower half is bared, orders you to sit in his lap so that your back is against his chest and you have a leg on either side of his body.
Continues to watch the documentary as he fucks you with one hand, the other pressed against your abdomen, keeping your body close to his.
鈥淏e quiet. You don鈥檛 want me to have to rewind this, do you?鈥
Moves his hand from your abdomen to your throat when you continue to moan.
Doesn鈥檛 stop until you鈥檝e cum so hard your legs are shaking.
You鈥檙e nearing tears from overstimulation by the time the documentary is over. 鈥淗ave you had enough?鈥 he asks. You can only whimper in response.
鈥淭oo bad,鈥 he chuckles as he lowers you on to your back. 鈥淵ou wanted my attention, and now you鈥檝e got it.鈥
Poor boy nearly has a heart attack.
鈥淥-oi! You can鈥檛 just go around sayin鈥 stuff like that!鈥
You ask him what the problem is with the most innocent look you can muster.
鈥淲addaya mean what鈥檚 the problem?! I have a hard enough time controllin鈥 myself around ya as it is!鈥
Once you鈥檝e assured him that you do not, in fact, want him to control himself, it鈥檚 like you鈥檙e a casino and it鈥檚 payday. He can鈥檛 seem to decide what he wants to do first. His mouth is on yours but his hands are everywhere.
He just can鈥檛 get enough of you and is perfectly content to do everything in his power to give you pleasure- his own is an afterthought.
When you finally manage to get a hand down his pants, you think his head may actually explode.
Once you start begging for his cock he drags you to the edge of the bed, slinging your ankles over his shoulders as he fucks you. He loves watching the faces you make.
You鈥檙e laying side by side in his tub watching a movie when you tell him.
He may have momentarily died. You aren鈥檛 quite sure.
Is he breathing?
鈥淟evi? Levi!鈥
鈥淲-why are you telling me that?!鈥
He absolutely, unequivocally does not believe that you could possibly have any interest in him.
You鈥檙e just teasing him, aren鈥檛 you? Who would want an icky ot-
Oh my God, what are you doing?
鈥淟evi,鈥 you say as you wrap him up in a hug. 鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. Nothing has to happen unless you want it to.鈥
He stammers something into your hair. When you lift your head to ask him what he says, he catches your lips with his.
At first it鈥檚 a bit sloppy, but the longer you kiss the more confident he becomes.
He wraps an arm around your waist, pulling you close. You shiver when you feel his erection pressed against your stomach.
You can actually feel his hands shaking as he holds you against him, so you decide to give him a little encouragement.
鈥淐an I show you how much I want you?鈥 you ask, reaching for the ties of his pants.
He鈥檚 an actual human tomato, but he nods vigorously, lifting his hips so you can slide his pants and underwear down his thighs.
He bites on his hand to quiet the sounds he makes as you suck him off.
He slips his fingers in the leg of your shorts and soon you鈥檙e the one moaning.
You don鈥檛 fuck tonight, but if Levi鈥檚 reaction is anything to go by, you鈥檒l have many opportunities in the future.
In the glow of the TV you can make out the smirk on his face.
Pauses the movie- an adaptation of one of his favourite books- pulling you into his lap before crushing his lips against yours.
Satan has beautiful hands, and he knows how to use them. He quickly has you undressed and begging for him.
He obliges, letting you unzip his trousers and pull his cock free.
One of the best things about Satan? He has a spell for everything. He speaks a few words and instant lubrication.
You shudder as he slides into you, the stretch is mind numbing. He guides you as you bounce on him, moving faster as that sweet fire begins to build.
Digs his fingers into your hips and slams you down the moment he feels you begin to clench around him. Holds you still with his cock deep inside you.
鈥淪atan鈥 you whine, trying desperately to move against him.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 he says as he unpauses the movie. 鈥淒o you not like being interrupted?鈥
Makes you warm his cock while he finishes watching. Every time you move, he backs the film up, adding to the length of your punishment.
When it鈥檚 over, though? Oh boy. You won鈥檛 be walking tomorrow, that鈥檚 for sure.
鈥淣either am I!鈥
The movie is promptly forgotten.
He wastes absolutely no time in getting the both of you naked.
Asmo is nothing if not a tease. He spends an eternity kissing, licking, and sucking bruises into every inch of your skin. He鈥檚 got you begging by the time he makes it back up to your lips.
But as much as Asmo loves to tease, he loves to be worshipped even more. You aren鈥檛 getting anything until he feels properly appreciated.
You tell him how beautiful he is over and over again as you roll your thumb over the head of his cock, spreading precum over his flushed skin.
鈥淎h, one more time. Say it one more time,鈥 he whines as you suck gently at each of his balls in turn.
It isn鈥檛 until you鈥檝e got him biting his lip, a flush spreading up his chest, that he pulls away from you, pushing you onto your back in the middle of the bed.
鈥淚鈥檓 so glad you鈥檙e here with me,鈥 he whispers as he kneels between your thighs.
You鈥檇 better not expect to get any sleep tonight, because the Avatar of Lust wants to make you feel just as beautiful and loved as you make him.
Beel has a thing for human world cooking competitions, and you brought home a whole collection of them.
Honestly, you鈥檙e not sure how much more Chopped you can watch. Food is not at the forefront of your mind when you鈥檝e got Beel in your bed.
When you lean into him and whisper that you aren鈥檛 wearing any panties, the focused demon takes a whole thirty seconds to react.
鈥淲h-what, (Y/N)? I thought you said...鈥 he trails off, turning scarlet.
You look up at him through your lashes, nodding.
Sweet baby stares down at his hands clutched in his lap.
鈥淐an... Would it be okay if I kissed you... there?鈥
There鈥檚 no sidestepping what this boy wants, even if it takes all his courage to ask for it.
Like you鈥檇 say no?
Lets you sit on his face while he demonstrates exactly what gluttony means.
Doesn鈥檛 stop, even when you nearly pull his hair out as a second orgasm crashes over you. He might be enjoying this just as much as you are.
You grip the headboard with one hand, reaching behind you with the other, wanting to feel his cock, to give him an ounce of the pleasure he鈥檚 giving you. You fumble- a lot- but eventually you do manage to get his fly open.
You spit into your hand before pumping it up and down the length of his shaft. He rocks his hips as you move, and even though together the motion is erratic it seems to work just fine for him, because before you know it he鈥檚 shuddering under you as he cums all over his chest and your bare ass.
Glances over at you with a single raised eyebrow before returning his attention to the movie you鈥檝e been watching.
You know he鈥檚 going to make you work for his attention, and you鈥檝e come prepared.
鈥淚 just thought I鈥檇 let you know,鈥 you say as you recline on your pillows.
He maintains a solid poker face, even as you begin stroking yourself through your shorts.
You catch him sneaking peeks at you out of the corner of his eye.
But you know you have his full attention when you bring lubricant and a vibrator out of your bedside table.
This demon is an absolute slut for toys. Lots of pleasure with very little work? Now you鈥檙e speaking his language.
Is happy to sit back and enjoy the show-- until he isn鈥檛.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 enough of that,鈥 he says, snatching the vibrator out of your hand and tossing it out of your reach. 鈥淚f you鈥檙e so desperate to cum, I鈥檝e got something to get you off.鈥
Now it鈥檚 his turn to lay on the pillows as you fuck yourself on his cock.
Waits until you鈥檙e mid-orgasm to take over, grabbing handfuls of your ass and bouncing you up and down until you鈥檙e seeing stars.
You鈥檒l definitely have bruises tomorrow, but it鈥檚 totally worth it.
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radarchivesa day ago
Tumblr media
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abelthehumana day ago
4e and 4b with Levi?
Tumblr media
thank you so much for the requests, anon!
i did already sketch B4 for Levi here :3
(expression prompts here)
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obeythedemons2 days ago
Hallo! May I request the brothers and dateables with an MC who is a demigod?
Tumblr media
Changing this to: MC is a half-human, half-supernatural being. MC is gender-neutral unless it specifically has to deal with gender identity.
Obey Me! Masterlist
At least MC should be more sturdy than the average human
Is relieved that he won't have to keep as close of an eye on them to keep them safe
But now he has to keep an eye on them because he doesn't know the full extent of their powers
They could get in trouble and cause a headache
Tries to figure out their power as fast as possible
Can already feel a headache coming on
His job as their babysitter got easier
Tries to think if he can make money off of their powers someway, but can't think of anything that would actually work
Unless MC's powers involve manifesting power from thin air
Is later relieved that MC can take care of themself to some extent
He still wants to protect MC, but just the thought of them getting hurt makes him upset
Gushes about different anime characters that have similar powers to MC
Tries to get MC to cosplay as them while using their powers so he can post it to Devilgram, DevilTube, or some anime forum
Feels a bit more undeserving of MC's affection - if they have powers, then why would they need an otaku like him. He can't even use his powers as a demon to try and get their attention when MC's just as great in that area
He may be in his demon form around MC more, feels a bit more comfortable in that form and doesn't think it'll freak MC out
Wants to study what human traits shine through more and what supernatural traits shine through
Does some experiments to try and figure things out and reads up a lot on what MC is
His only other human to use as a baseline is Solomon...And he's not a good example
Keeps rigorous notes on MC - especially how different curses affect them
Wants to know exactly how MC's appearance changes with their different forms if they have one
That means they need different outfits and makeups for each form
He'll become MC's personal designer, making sure their outfits match what their powers are
Has so much fun learning more about MC
Fantasizes about what their kids would look like if they were 1/3 human, 1/3 demon, and 1/3 supernatural being - they'd be gorgeous, of course
Wants to know if demon food affect MC differently
Some foods, like Lunatic Pudding, make humans give off strong pheromones for 24 hours - is that true with MC's supernatural side?
Is careful about it though, he doesn't want to hurt MC
Even though MC has powers, he'll still be just as protective of them if they were just a normal human
Wonders if they can break him out of the attic even sooner than previously planned
Carefully planning how he's going to deal with MC, they'll be harder to...get rid of than a normal human
The human side out-weighs the supernatural side to him at least
After his...episode...he's glad that MC's more sturdy - he already can't forgive himself for what he did
But if he hurt them again he'd be devastated
Holds them close, scared that their human side will make them get hurt more
At first, he's ecstatic - he gets to learn more about humans and MC's supernatural side
He wants to learn as much as he can and tries to spend what little time he has with MC
Then, MC starts forming pacts with all of the brothers
This could be a problem - MC's power could start to get close to rivaling his
Not enough to overpower him, but enough to cause a huge disruption in Devildom and make things difficult
Keeps spending time with MC, but more to keep an eye on them than learn more about them
Per Diavolo's request, he keeps taking glimpses into their future to ensure the future of Devildom remains stable
He'll choose different realities to make sure war doesn't break out
Does try to learn about MC as much as possible to see if they can be used to further Diavolo's goals
While getting to know them, he genuinely does start to enjoy their presence
Tries to team up with MC to fight off the demons - not necessary
Simeon does keep Luke away until Simeon knows MC's safe
Luke protests saying he's a full angel and is fine on his own
Not at all scared of MC - unless MC's part demon
Keeps a close eye on MC at first to ensure Luke's safety
Plays it friendly to get to know them
He'll later relax and want to hang out with MC because he enjoys their presence
Goes on walks with them a lot
MC, drink this potion
How do you feel?
Like Satan, he'll want to do a lot of experiments in accordance with known facts about both species
Finds it fascinating in his own chaotic way
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boxbusinessa month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淒o the roar.鈥
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coconut-tree-cafea month ago
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Tumblr media
here鈥檚 a little hand and lighting study i did and made it the brother鈥檚 hands and what i think they look like ^^
His hands are old and weathered, wise and angry and cold. He keeps them gloved a lot of the time.
Mammon鈥檚 hands are smooth and silky, they are warm and are very good at holding all things precious. He likes to wear rings, when he鈥檚 allowed.
Levi鈥檚 hands are skilled at playing games, and they have quick reflexes. They are not calloused but not exactly soft either. He picks at his nail polish.
His hands are uncharacteristically clumsy, and prone to bruising and destruction. He often has papercuts from his books.
Asmo鈥檚 hands are delicate and very soft, they can be cold however. They smell nice, like soap.
His hands are large and calloused. They are warm and firm, sometimes sticky. He keeps them close to his body a lot.
Belphegor鈥檚 hands are slender and boney, they are often limp and dry. He rubs his eyes with his palms.
Purgatory hall handcanons
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I didn鈥檛 expect for this mobile game to be so cute!聽
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