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#leviathan avatar of envy

Brothers When MC Has A Panic Attack Because of Lucifer’s Prank 

Lucifer’s little ‘harmless’ prank is from these headcanons


At first he thought you were overreacting. It’s just a rubber spider, MC. Why are you acting like this?! Get a hold of yourself. Then he realized that you were actually scared, you were crying and slightly hyperventilating. He’d pull you up off the floor that you were curled up on and lead you to your bed, give you the smallest hug (and you better not tell anyone about it) and reassure you that it’s okay. 

“Calm down Y/N. You’re making a mess of yourself. It was just a prank.” 


When he hears you scream, he’s the first to come running. Of course, The Great Mammon would come and save ya! He doesn’t like spiders either, they make his skin crawl, but he’ll get past his own hatred of the nasty arachnids to be your hero. Drop kicks the rubber spider across the room and pulls you up into his arms to take you straight to his room so you can calm down in his arms. 

“Just call for help, Y/N. I’ll always come tah’ save ya. You can count on The Great Mammon.”


Didn’t hear your screaming at all. He had his headphones on, so when you ran into his room screaming, he screamed right back. Not his fault, you just startled him. Your eyes were red and your chest was rising and falling so quickly, he thought you were running from someone. Never would he have guessed it was because of some silly spider. He’ll be a stuttering mess when he tries to comfort you, awkwardly patting your shoulder and feeling like he’s gonna have a panic attack himself. 

“I-It’s alright Y/N. Just a stupid prank. You have n-nothing to worry about.” 


Do not expect him to help you at all. Just the thought of spiders makes him panic, so if you think for one second that this boy is going to come to your rescue, think again. You can come to him though. He’ll pull you into his chest and hold you against him until you calm down, rambling on about how disgusting spiders are and how their bites can leave disgusting bumps all over his gorgeous, flawless skin. Probably isn’t going to make you feel much better. 

“Don’t stress too much over it Y/N, you could have a breakout. I’d hate for that to happen to you.”


A spider? Really? You’re scared of a spider while living in a house full of demons? How ridiculous could you be? Oh wait, you’re shaking… wait… He’ll carry you down to the library and light a fire, letting you curl your feet up on him (as uncomfortable as it might be) because you’re scared that if your feet are down on the ground that the spider will climb up your leg. An irrational fear, but something he will protect you from nonetheless. Also uses it as a reason to get Lucifer back… he’s definitely doing it for you. Totally not doing it for himself. 

“You can sit on my lap while I read, Y/N. I’ll make sure that Lucifer regrets scaring you like that.”


He’ll eat it. He doesn’t care if it’s a rubber, plastic, felt, or real spider… he’ll eat it. At least you don’t have to worry about it scaring you anymore. After he’s done devouring it he’ll carry you off to the kitchen and sit you on the counter so you can be in his company while he raids the fridge. He might not notice how scared you are at first because his first priority was getting rid of the threat in general, he feels like his job is done, he can have a celebratory meal. When he notices you’re still kind of panicking, he’ll pull you into a tight hug, and although he doesn’t really know what to say, he hopes that the soothing circles he’s rubbing into your back are enough to calm you down a little bit. 

“I got you now Y/N. Nothing can get you when I’m around.” 


Why didn’t he think of that himself? Your screams were like music to his ears, and he definitely took his time in walking down to your room, a smug smile playing on his lips. He looked so smug in fact, that most of his brothers would have thought that it was he that played the prank. When he walks in and sees that you’re a shaking, crying mess on the floor, his first thought is how pathetic it was that you got that scared. He’d toss the rubber spider across the room and look at you, expecting you to calm down… why the hell do you still look so scared? He’ll bring you up to the attic and let you cuddle up with him and his favorite pillow if that’s what calms you down. Like Satan, once he finds out it was Lucifer who pranked you, he will prank him back just as hard. For you… definitely for you. 

“Stay up here with me, Y/N. I’ll make sure nothing and no one can scare you anymore.”

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Mc: I need sleep

Lucifer: then go to sleep

Mc: I wanna read Manga

Lucifer: go to sleep

Mc: Manga

Lucifer: sit here alone then(leavs)

Levi: is he gone?

Mc: yeah wanna continue?

Levi: of course

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Prompt list can be found here

Levi doesn’t normally drink, alcohol makes him way too talkative and he normally says things that he vowed to keep with him until his grave, Mammon still brings up some of the things Levi said when he last got drunk and that was over a century ago. But when you asked him to come drink with you, he just couldn’t find it in himself to refuse and now he’s blabbering all of his inner thoughts.

“I still can’t believe you decided to date someone like me…” at least you were drunk too, so there was a chance you would forget the words slipping out of his mouth, but for now your expression softens and you place a hand on top of his while he continues, “the gross otaku part is one thing, but the fact that I struggled so much to ask you out the first time that not a single word made sense.”

“I thought it was endearing, even though I was struggling to hear you after you slammed the door shut in my face,” you laugh at the memory and he groans, remembering that when he messed up the confession he ran into his room, closed the door and continued from behind it, despite yearning for death in that moment.

“The worst part is I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror but I still messed up,” he spent a whole week rehearsing how he was going to ask you out, hyping himself up while he was at it but when he actually went to tell you, all the words he practiced went out the window and he’s rational thoughts were silenced by his loudly beating heart.

“But it worked didn’t it? We went out on our date and now we’re together and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” despite his drunken state, your words sit with him and he observes your smiling form, that could barely sit up straight due to the alcohol and thinks for a moment. If he had to do it all again, would he go through all the embarrassing moments and sleepless nights, if he knew that you’d be waiting for him at the end?

“Me neither,” yes, without a doubt, but he probably wouldn’t bother practicing in the mirror.

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Freaked out Leviathan Wallpaper

Free to use without credit as long as my watermark isn’t removed

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Leviathan Icon ;)

Free the use without credit as long as my watermark isn’t removed


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Thank you for 1k follows everyone uwu I will continue to do my best 💜

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Belphie is such a troublemaker 🤣

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Leviathan Wallpaper

Free to use without credit as long as my watermark isn’t removed

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Brothers Reacting To Cerberus Loving MC


Shocked. Cerberus doesn’t love anyone, he’s pretty sure that his dog doesn’t even love him, it just obeys him. When he heard you squealing through the vents, knowing that it was coming from the basement, his heart kind of froze. But then again, why would you be in the basement anyway? He’s fully prepared to have his brothers clean your scattered flesh and bones from the floor, absolutely sure of it that Cerberus had torn you to pieces. He’s frozen in place as he reaches the landing of the stairs, watching as all three heads lick along your face. He’ll keep a watchful eye on the mutt whenever it’s around you, still worried, deep down, that Cerberus will look at you as a snack instead of a friend one day.


Terrified. When you told him that you were taking a walk and asked him to join you, he was so hyped. So excited. Taking a walk with his favorite MC, sign him up, oh wait, you already did. What he wasn’t expecting was to see the thick leash that connected to all three collars of Cerberus’ heads. Did Lucifer make you do this? Was this some kind of prank? Wait! Why are you kneeling down in front of their heads? Is this some kind of sick punishment where he has to watch the one person he’s madly in love with get eaten by the demon mutt?! Oh… it’s… rubbing its face against yours, and you’re… enjoying it? THE THING LOVES YOU?! Ridiculous. But he will still join you for that walk… just in case he has to protect you, ya know…


Confused. Playing video games with you was a daily occurrence, he loved doing it, and he loved the silence that neither of you seemed to mind. Usually, you would stay there until someone decided to barge in and try to steal you away from him. Now though, now you were ending your literal play date (at least that’s how he thought of it) early, telling him you needed to go take care of Cerberus. TAKE CARE OF CERBERUS?! Take care as in, be near it? Be in the mutts general vicinity? Why would you do that? Because it likes you!? You’ve gotta be kidding! It’s one thing to have to share you with his brothers, but now he has to share you with Lucifers literal demon dog.


Disgusted. You texted him to tell him that you’d have to cancel your bi-weekly self-care day. At first he just glanced over the text and nodded to himself, only to do a double take and practically have a heart attack. Canceling? A Self Care Day? With HIM? Who could be more important than him?! Well, the question wasn’t exactly who, it was a what. When you told him it was so you could give Cerberus his own little self care day, he about died. Did you KNOW how dirty that thing was? Ugh. The dirt will get all under your nails, and Father forbid if he licks you! The saliva will get all in your pores and MC… listen. You come to him as soon as you’re done because that is just, big yucky. Let him clean you up.


Confused. What kind of unknown power do you hold within you that you could have, unbeknownst to you, used to tame that wild animal? He’ll watch you from a distance, see if he feels some kind of strange magical aura emanating off of you while you’re around Cerberus, only to find that… the dog just likes you? Nothing magical about it. You’ve been here for… how long? Definitely not long enough to have formed a bond with that thing. Now it’s sleeping at the foot of your bed, almost guarding it, and since it is Lucifer’s dog, it growls whenever he enters the room. Thanks MC. Get rid of it. Put it back in the basement. Kill it. He doesn’t care. Just… keep it away from him.


Indifferent. Sure, the dog scared his brothers, and the mention of the dogs name sometimes sent a shiver down his spine, but honestly, he was the least scared of all of them. He didn’t snap that picture of himself as the dog groomer for nothing. He’ll be slightly worried at first when he sees you with Cerberus, mainly because you’re just a fragile human and a quick smack of the dogs paw, even playfully, could crush your skull. But he also knows that as long as he’s around while you’re with Cerberus that everything will be okay because he’s big, he’s strong, he could definitely take down Cerberus before he even got his mouth open far enough to bite you.


Curious. Of course, he doesn’t like Cerberus at all. He’ll say he’s not scared of it, but, we all know differently. He’s terrified of the beast, and rightfully so, it was a beast and it would not hesitate to rip one to pieces if given the chance to… that’s why he was so confused when he, for once, woke from his nap and came down the stairs to see you in the living area rolling on the floor with Cerberus. At first he thought you were being attacked, which, he probably should act faster now that he thinks of it… but then he hears you laughing. Your squeals of delight were unusual noises to be heard when one was around the beast. He wasn’t going to get close enough to find out what was going on, so he just blamed it on Lucifer. Obviously he must have done some stupid spell that would make Cerberus love you so that he himself would be too scared to come near you. He’ll get Lucifer back for that.

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Comfort Coco Part II

Part two of the Levi x reader Comfort coco!

Here is part I


Trigger warning: mention of depressing thoughts.

You do have to read part one to be able to understand what is happening here, heads up.

MC is passionate about 2 things. Other people’s comfort. And hot coco. What happens when a certain Avatar of Envy watches them make everyone but him coco.

“I love you Levi.”

Here you were sitting in his lap, just finished crying, still somehow managing to take his breath away with your gorgeous self, and telling him three words he’d been dying to hear.

And he couldn’t accept it.

“MC no you don’t. You can’t. I’m not much, there are plenty of people who could treat you better than some yucky otaku.”

“I don’t want someone else Leviathan. I want you. You were there when I needed comfort, you were there when I need a hug, you’re here when I want to do nothing more than just sleep, you’re here when I need you, you’re here when I just want to have fun, and you don’t force me with anything. I want you. You’re the avatar of envy and the admiral of Hell’s navy but you’re always putting your brother’s comfort before your own. You may be a shut in but whenever you find something you think your brothers will enjoy you send it off to them as fast as you can. You’re passionate and no one sees it but when you start talking about TSL or anything you love your eyes sparkle and your entire being comes more to life than the sun. Levi. For me you’re enough. For me you are more than enough and you’re good. You make me feel good. You make me feel cared about because you care. You care so much and I love you. I love Levi. Across the ocean and back I love you.”

Levi was stunned.

And honestly so were you.

Levi was a blushing mess.

You could see it perfectly.

He couldn’t look away from you.

You couldn’t bare to look at anything other than those caramel brown eyes.

So you didn’t.

Neither of you looked away when you started to lean in.

Neither of you looked away when he pulled you closers gently.

Neither of you looked away when you had one hand cupping his cheek.

Neither of you looked away when he leans into the touch.

You both closed your eyes when the distance finally closed.

And it felt like the world was coming together.

It felt like the moment you take your first sip of coco and everything is sweet and delicious and just lovely around you.

Something in you both finally felt whole.

The kiss was sweet. Loving. And a little nervous.

Reluctantly you both pulled away for air.

When the previous actions finally caught up to Levi he hid his face in his hands, blushing terribly.

You just giggled and kissed his hands.

Levi wanted to tell you how much you meant to him. He wanted to tell you how you were perfectly like a piece of coral. Beautiful and lively and sweet to look at. He wanted to tell you how he’d never let anyone or anything hurt you. He wanted to tell you how wrong the voices were. He wanted to tell you how long he’d cared so much about you.


You could barely hear him whisper back.

“I love you too.”

Who knew comfort coco could end in something so sweet.

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Comfort Coco

Levi x GN reader!

I know I still have to finish the I love you series but I want to write this. Also! I looked at a bunch of photos of his eyes (in no way am I complaining hehe) and so they are brown and my description is totally valid in this.

Warning! Very light spoiler. Nothing major honestly, it happens near the beginning of the story but chapter ??? (Working on it) trigger warning! Mention and small talk of depressing voices in head. Also a little self deprecating thoughts. Please know you are absolutely beautiful and amazing!

MC has two passions. The comfort of those they care about. And hot coco. What happens when a otaku gets envious of his brothers for getting MC’s famous comfort coco.

You’ve made coco for all the brothers. All except one. The only one you rarely see since you’ve started your coco escapades. The only one who rarely leaves his room. Belphie askeep 50% of the time when you see him sure, but at least you get to have conversations with him.

But the one brother who truly wanted nothing to do with you, with your coco, with your company, with your taste in entertainment, was the one brother you couldn’t get out of your mind.

Hair smoother than hot coco it’s self.

Skin paler than the milk used.

A voice softer than marshmallows.

A rare smile more sweet than syrup.

And eyes the shade of your favorite pure caramel.

Over all, a look that’s haunted you in more dreams than you’d like to admit. But you’re not complaining.

Levi has only interacted with you when he was forced to. During meals, classes, and the time you decided to out do him in the TSL trivia event. And when he does talk to you, it’s brief and shows no intent on continuing conversation.

You have no idea what his problem with you is.

But despite that you can’t help but be intrigued.

Everybody loves you. You’ve never had to deal with someone who doesn’t naturally want to have coco with you. Heck even Belphie has asked for comfort coco from you.

So when someone doesn’t show any signs of wanting to be near you, what’s the natural way to respond?

Apparently crushing on them.

Truth be told being around people could be overwhelming to you. They wanted comfort and your sweet, calming presence was perfect for it. Naturally you’ve learned how to appropriately comfort different types of people, making the perfect coco for each other them, even the ones who didn’t like sweets.

However, who would comfort you when you needed it most? You tried to reach out to friends on Earth but after coming to you for coco and vent sessions they’d seemingly disappear until they needed you again. You’d even tried to reach out to family but they just didn’t know how to help you, seeming surprised when you started to cry.

I’m conclusion. No one wanted to see their source of comfort require comfort.

But you weren’t the avatar of envy’s source of comfort.

He had his anime and games when he needed comfort. Even if you could tell from a mile away he was very much touch starved.

He was constantly annoyed by everyone around him. He didn’t fit in. He was obsessive over his possessions. He was mad most of the time you saw him. And he didn’t seem interested in sharing any of his interestes, or deep personal thoughts, with you.

He wasn’t like Lucifer who just needed to be reminded it’s okay to take a coco break.

He wasn’t like Mammon who needed to be reminded that he is strong.

He wasn’t like Satan who needed to be reminded that getting angry is okay.

He wasn’t like Asmodeous who needed to be reminded he was beautiful inside and out.

He wasn’t like Beelezebub who needed to be reminded that his brothers cared for him.

And he wasn’t like Belphegor who needed to be reminded that he wasn’t a monster.

And this only made you more interested in finding out what he did need to be reminded of.

As much as you wished to be comforted yourself, the comfort of others had always been important to you.

You hated seeing people around you feel alone and as if they didn’t matter. So you took it upon yourself to make sure they knew they were adored.

And you found joy in seeing their smiles later and seeing them absolutely thrive after getting their fill of comfort.

So when Leviathan doesn’t seem to require your comfort it’s both a relief and a dread. Fictional characters can only do so much before you needed face to face interaction.

One time you accidentally walked in on Leviathan passionately ranting to Beelzebub about his new game and how good the story line was. Any outside perspective could see the stars in your eyes at hearing Levi’s voice speaking with so much emotion. You sat down next to Beel, Levi not noticing at first, and just listened.

You listened to every word he said as if it was the most thrilling adventure story you’d ever heard in your life.

When Levi finally noticed you he stopped mid sentence at seeing your reaction to his words.

There was no hint of annoyance.

No blank looks.

Nothing indicating you were paying your full attention.

He even thought he saw you pout when he stopped talking.

He didn’t know what to feel.

You weren’t looking away in disdain, you weren’t critiscizing him, you were doing or saying anything. You were waiting for him to continue. No one ever wanted to hear him talk about this stuff. Normally he’d just force them to listen while they couldn’t escape. Like when Beel was eating at the table or Asmo was painting his nails and didn’t want to ruin them. It was strange to see you look genuinely interested in what he was going to say next.

He decided he didn’t like this new feeling you stirred within him and told Beel he’d finish his story later before retreating back to his room.

Beel was confused. Levi didn’t just stop anime rants without reason. And he could feel the sadness that radiated off you as Levi left the room.

Beel isn’t oblivious, he knows when something is up between two people emotionally. And he knew there was something in you Levi didn’t like. But what could it possibly be? You were nice. You were confident. You were comforting. You were gentle. You even liked some of the same things Levi did. (Beel has found this out when he stumbled upon your vocaloid themed pillow that looked a lot like Ruri~Chan’s general aesthetic to him.) in theory you and Levi should get along great! But for some reason you didn’t.

Beel watched as you dejectedly made your self some comfort coco.

When you asked if he wanted some as well, he perked up immensely. You always knew just how to make it to his preferred taste.

He got so excited about coco, he forgot to ask if you were okay.


Levi had heard of your HoL famous comfort coco.

It was just hot chocolate.

He didn’t understand what could be so good about it.

When he caught Asmo and Belphie talking about it and asked how it could possibly be so special they just said “they know just how to make it.”

He didn’t react too badly when he found out you’d made your comfort coco for his three youngest brothers but not him. Them liking something as trivial as coco wasn’t surprising. Especially not from Beel.

Learning how much Mammon enjoyed your coco ticked him off a little more. You made coco for Mammon and not him? He may be a gross otaku but he thought he’d at least be above Mammon in your ranks.

Satan likes tea. Not coco. Satan rarely ever even like chocolate! Now Levi was getting curious. You somehow made a mainly chocolate bevarage to be up to Satan’s picky taste buds.

It wasn’t until he caught you sneaking late night comfort coco to Lucifer, three big marshmallows clearly seen sticking out of the mug, did he truly feel outraged. He was now the only one you hadn’t made coco for. You made Mr.Cold faced daddy issues meanie butt nor is Lucifer comfort coco. But not him.

What was the meaning of this?

As jealous as he was, he couldn’t just go up and ask a NORMIE to make him hot chocolate. It probably wasn’t even that good. His brothers were just crazy.


It was about 2 A.M. you were having trouble sleeping and decided to just get up and make some comfort coco for yourself.

Levi had been up for hours speedrunning his new game.

You could hear his shouts of frustration through his door as you passed by on your way to the kitchen.

Deciding to be bold, you sent him a text.

“Take a break, I’ll make you some comfort coco and when you go back to playing you’ll beat that boss in no time! Meet me in the kitchen if you’d like some!”

Hitting send was more anxiety inducing than you thought it’d be.

You got out the milk and started to boil it, electing to use it as a distraction from wondering if he was going to come or not.

Levi heard the ping of his phone. He hesitantly looked at it, thinking it’d be a text from Lucifer telling him to keep it down.

To his surprise, it was an invitation for hot chocolate in the kitchen. From you.

It took him two minutes of rereading the message to make sure her read it correctly.

Then he wondered if you meant to send it to someone else. But you wouldn’t talk about a boss fight if it weren’t meant for him. Right?

It took him another five fails of the boss battle to finally convince him to take a break and go have some coco with you.

Begrudgingly he forced himself out of his room and to the kitchen. When he got to the doorway he heard you hummin a very familiar tune. It was the theme song for a human world anime he had just finished watching last week.

Before he had time to mention it though you turned around from stirring something in a pot on the stove and smiled. You were… happy? To see him?

“Pick your favorite mug! Milk is almost ready.”

You went back to cheerily stirring the milk and suddenly he felt awkward. He didn’t do well with socializing. In truth he didn’t know why he’d really come down at all in the first place. He could of easily gotten something from the mini fridge in his room and just read manga for a break.

Hesitantly he went into the mug cabinet, a cabinet that had become more full with your arrival, and got his favorite, limited edition TSL mug that changed colors when a hot liquid was put inside. He had miraculously managed to get two. One for display and one for use. The day they came in the mail he was bouncing around so much he had to wait an hour before he calmed down could actually open them without risk of breaking them.

He set it on the counter next to the stove, looking for where your mug was. To his surprise you didn’t seem to have grabbed one.

“What about your mug?”

You have no idea if he noticed the blush on your cheeks or not.

Your mug? He actually wanted to have coco WITH you? Not just go back to his room with you? You didn’t even expect him to come down for any at all, let alone actually want to join you.

“Would you mind grabbing me one? I trust you’ll pick out a good one for me.” You looked up at him and winked with a smile.

At the moment you were still too happy he cared enough to ask about your mug to care if you were flirting or not. But you thoroughly enjoyed watching him get flustered and huff over to the mugs again. He grabbed you a mug he’d never seen you give one of his brothers to use before, assuming it was the one you used.

It was a black and white mug with some kind of evil bear face on the front. It looked vaguely familiar to him but he didn’t care to look through his mind as to why.

He set the mug down next to his and blushes when he saw you smile at the mug.

“My Monokuma mug! How’d you know it was my favorite?”

As soon as he heard you giggle at the mug his cheeks felt like they were on fire.


“From danganrompa! Do you know it? It’s a video game in the human world and-“

You listened to every word you said. You ranted about your favorite characters, moments, and even have a spoiler warning for certain parts. Normally he’d never tolerate spoilers for any game but he just couldn’t ask you to stop speaking. He saw your eyes light up and your face animatedly talk about the game. He blushes whenever you’d look up at him as he talked. You clearly were a person who liked eye contact when they talked. Scary. But he couldn’t look away from you.

He continued to watch you and listen as you turned the stove off and stirred the milk one last time before looking at him.

“What kind of coco do you want?”


“The… chocolate kind?”

“Well yes, obviously, but do you want peppermint coco, vanilla coco, milk chocolate coco, dark chocolate coco, ginger bread coco-…”

One look at his face and anyone could tell he had no idea what you were saying.

“You’ve never… had real hot chocolate. Have you?”

He shook his head. And for some reason that made you elated.

But that smile was something he could of stared at all night if you’d let him.

“Okay then you sit, relax, and let the master work their magic. If you find you don’t like it then I’ll make you a knew one. Sound good?”

Your heart skipped a beat as you saw him nod, blush very obviously on his cheeks, and sit down.

You had to get this right.

“From what I’ve noticed,” you turned to get everything you needed, gathering materials as you talked “you have different tastes than your brothers. Lucifer likes dark chocolate coco with three big marshmallows. Plain and simple but not too too sweet and marshmallows to snack on.”

He watched you get out two hot chocolate packets, needing to stand on your tip toes to properly get it. Cute.

“You prefer sweeter tastes. But you’re not like Mammon and Beel who like everything plus the kitchen sink in it. Mini marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, and a cherry on top.”

He watched you pour the packets into your mugs, being careful not to get any on the counter. Caring.

“You like rainbow pizza, but you always pick off the pineapple and pepper. But you aren’t as simple as Satan who just wants chocolate syrup and whipped cream he can mix in himself.”

He listened with a jealous twang as he heard you talk about his brothers. Observant.

“You don’t care how good you’re ultimately going to be eating looks as long as it looks edible. Asmo told me as long as it matched his look he didn’t care what it tasted like. So he like peppermint coco, whipped cream shaved peppermint and marmallows with a candy cane stick on the side to stir.”

He watched you delicately pour the milk into the mugs, his mug changing colors and your eyes lighting up at seeing it. Joyful.

“But you tend to stay away from too much spice. Belphie likes his coco with vanilla mixed in and mini marshamallows that he can properly drown and watch sink below the surface.”

Why talk about them when you have someone perfectly good to talk about right here? He watched as you got some kind of orange brown bottle out from the fridge. A mischevious glint in your eye when you notice him watching you. Teasing.

“So I conclude I must make a coco order I’ve only made once before.”

You had put four things on the counter in front of your mugs. A light brown bottle, a dark brown bottle, a bag of marshmallows, and a can of whipped cream.

You stirred the mugs with spoons, the chocolate powder mixing with the milk and making the liquid change colors. He watched your eyes get mesmerized by it for only a moment before you snapped out of it.

“The only time I’ve ever made this is to see if it would work out or not. When I found out how good it tasted I knew it’d become something I only ever made for two reasons. For very special occasions.”

He watched you, curiously, as you took the light brown bottle and drizzled the contents into his mug, mixing it in.

“And for very special people.”

You couldn’t help but love the blush that spread on his cheeks at hearing that. You knew he was the avatar of envy. You knew he’d love something that was made especially for him. And the moment you saw his eyes you knew that this is the coco you’d have to make him.

“So why didn’t you make it for anyone on earth?”

He couldn’t stop himself from asking. As much of an ego boost it was to know you’d never made this coco for anyone else before, he couldn’t help but ask why him.

He watched your face turn to one of thoughtful concentration. Thoughtful.

“No one had your eyes.”


“No one had your eyes.”

Shoot did he say that out loud?

“You’re the only person who…” you continued to make the coco, putting whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on. Along with more of the light brown bottle’s contents from earlier. “Who actually inspired me to make it. I’m not too fond of caramel myself” that’s what it was, caramel “so when someone asked for it, it was the one ingredient I didn’t have in my stock. But then I came here and met you guys and I saw your eyes and I just had to try it.”

Oh. Oh you made this specifically for him. This wasn’t something you made while you were on earth. This is something he inspired you to make.

He watched you take out one last thing before serving it to him. Carefully you sprinkled on some peanut butter chips then slid it towards him carefully.

“What about your coco?”

Now it was his turn to watch you blush again. You weren’t usually asked about what you liked. This was new. The only thing you put on your coco was whipped cream and a few marshmallows.

“I-I’m honestly pretty plane in taste surprisingly.”

Your voice, your stutter, your blush, your everything in that moment looking positively radiant to him. For a moment it left him star struck but then you caught him staring and blushes even more.

As much as he’d like to look you in the eyes, those gorgeous glowing eyes, he quickly looked away and took a sip of his coco.


Oh this.

This was good.

You were 100% right.

The mixing of chocolate and caramel created a smooth and fish flavor that, with the added toppings, tasted like a piece of heaven. The peanut butter chips were sweet but gave the entire thing just a twist of an earthy taste and made a nice contrast against the amount of chocolate and marshmallows on it.

“Do you like it?”

He loved it.

“I-It’s great!”

“Oh good, I was afraid you’d hate it!”

“How could I ever hate something you made me?”

Oh my.

When did Levi learn how to flirt?

“I… I mean you’re good at making coco, or so I’ve heard, so of course it’s going to be good you’re like a coco expert or something and I couldn’t not love it when it’s made by an expert, especially one who is observant enough to be able to make someone the perfect cup of coco without having to go through a bunch of trial and error, you’re like the bar tender character in my games you always know what the player needs and how to help and what they’ll like and it’s honestly pretty cool.”

This boy is going to make your heart melt into your coco.

Your smile only widened at his words and made him internally swoon. You were more beautiful than Ruri-Chan. Wait what?

“So what is the game you were playing like? You sounded very invested when I walked past your room. Is it hard?”

At hearing your question he absolutely beamed. You were asking about his game? You wanted to hear him ramble? This was a rare occurrence. He was absolutely going to take it the opportunity to talk about his new game openly.

And so you listened just as intently as you did the first time. You listened to every word and watched him happily talk about his new game. He seemed excited about it and you couldn’t be happier to listen. Honestly the game sounded pretty fun.

“Can I join you sometime? Playing the game I mean! Or any game really, it seems like you have good taste so I’ll play whatever you pick.”

You wanted to play too? You actually wanted to spend time with him? Oh boy did his heart skip a beat at hearing your words.

“Sure but don’t tel anyone, I don’t want my normie brothers to think they’re invited too.”


A moment of silence passed. It wasn’t awkward silence, it was more so a comfortable silence that settled as you both enjoyed your drinks.

“So… what got you so into coco?”

Now it was your turn to be confused. This is a question you’d never been asked before. Normally people just take the coco, rant or vent, then sometimes say thank you and move on.


“Well your coco isn’t extravagant like you make mine so your interest in coco must not come from your own tastes. So what was it?”

Levi had played detective games before without looking up cheats. He knew how to be observant when he wanted to be.

“I…” you had to wait and think a second. You’ve never even thought about this question before until today. “My brother. On Earth I have a brother. He’s my little brother and when we were younger I’d make him hot coco whenever he was sad. To help make him feel a bit better we’d play a game. He’d randomly choose five toppings we had and I had to somehow make it taste good for him. He’d always cheat to make sure it’d have marshmallows in it. As I got older I started making coco for people whenever they needed comfort and it wasn’t hard to tell what someone might like paired with it so I just guessed and did what I could to make them feel better. Coco is warm and comforting ya know? It helps people feel safe enough to open up and talk about whatever’s wrong. Or put them in a good enough mood to distract them and give them a break for a phew minutes.”

Coming down for a break with you was something Levi knew he’d never regret. Especially after hearing you open up about your love for coco. As silly as it seemed you both shared a common interest in passion. When you found something you liked and were passionate about, you stuck to it like glue. For him it was being a shut in. For you it was coco. But both were with the thought of others in mind.

He became a shut in so that instead of getting possessive and envious of other people, risking hurting someone, he could release his sin by getting envious over characters that didn’t exist and possessive over objects that didn’t hurt anyone.

You started making coco because it was fun and something that put a smile on other people’s faces. Even when your own tastes were plain compared to some of the cocoa you’d made. As long as it put a smile on the person’s face you were happy.

That was the night that started your friendship.


You and Levi had been getting along great.

He gave you the new secret password to his room that was a select series of knocks.

You told him about your own anime obsessions, something phew people know about.

You two had become best friends in a matter of weeks.

It was honestly strange for Levi’s brothers to see his shut in self be so comfortable and open with another living being.

He shared with you his love for TSL, anime, manga, and games.

And you taught him how to make the perfect comfort coco.

Your feelings for Levi, however, grew. What was once a minor infatuation became a heart flipping, butterflies in the stomach, feet tripping, face exploding in a blush, crush. An outsider may dare say it’d evolved into love for the otaku.

You refused to admit it. Even when Asmo asked you numerous times how you felt about his brother.

“MC. I’m the avatar of lust if anyone knows something about body language it’s me. You blush when you see him, you always make sure you sit next to him a the table, your feet point towards him when you sit, you lean in when he talks to you, and on movie night you were curled up under the same blanket as him. Not to mention the look in your eyes when you talk about him.”

“Asmo even if I did have feelings for him, which I don’t, he doesn’t like me back. I’m just a friend to him.”

Oh how wrong you were.

Levi knew. He knew that he’d fallen deeply in love with you. He’d known for only a few days that what he felt for you was so much more than platonic feelings but those few days had him feeling like he was on a cloud and falling off a cliff at the same time.

Everything about you made him fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

From the moments when you were watching him play a game, cheering him on, to the moments he heard as you gently sing the songs from the anime and Disney movies you two would watch when it was your turn to pick.

He loved everything about you.

From the way your face lit up when you laughed to the way you made your famous comfort coco with so much care and joy when he asked for it.

And this new found love had him rattled to the core.

He couldn’t be in love, that was insane. A gross otaku like him could never deserve someone as perfect as he saw you.

So he concluded to never tell you his feelings.

Even if it slowly killed him inside.


It was once again 2 A.M. You were having trouble sleeping because the voices in your head just wouldn’t shut up.

These voices were not new. You’d had to have dealt with them since your teen years.

They’d tell you awe full things about yourself and your worth. None of it were true and you knew that. But that didn’t make them hurt much less.

Tonight however, they were worse than ever. Their words seemed to cut deeper than before, jabbing at old wounds you never wanted to reopen. You don’t know exactly what time it was when you started to cry your eyes out.

You don’t know what time it was when you finally decided to get up, managing to keep your cries to a small sniffle, and make your way to the one person you just really wanted a hug from.

Levi had been up on an anime binge, snacking on late night popcorn, and was already well into the third season when he heard a soft knock on his door. There were five people who’d be up at this time. However only two of them would actually come to his door at this hour. One of them, Lucifer, he didn’t want to see and deal with being scolded. But on the other hand, it could be you. Beautiful, handsome, lovely you. You who he was all to eager to spend more time with.

“Levi… it’s just me, can I come in?”

He could head your broken voice through the door. In less than a second he was jumping up and rushing to the door to let you in. We’re you okay?


No you were not okay.

And he noticed it as soon as he saw you.

Thank father for his night vision because with out it, not only would he not be able to see well under water, but he wouldn’t have been able to tell how much of a mess you were.

Your head was down, not looking up at him with your usual smile. Your arms were wrapped around yourself, not opening up for his usually greeting hug he’d always receive and regrettably be too flustered to return. But worst of all, your cheeks that were usually adorned in a beautiful blush, were stained with tear trails.

“Can I watch anime with you tonight?”

Usually he’d happily invite you in and let you get yourself comfy on the couch. However now, he was hesitating. He knew you needed comfort. He knew something was bothering you and you needed to talk about it. That’s what you two did, talk. He’d vent to you and you’d make him coco. You’d spill secrets with him and he’d do his best to make it seem like everything was okay.

But this friendship was still new.

He didn’t know how to properly comfort anybody, let alone the human he loved so much.

He tried to think as quickly as he could what you’d do in this situation if the tables were reverse. Truthfully he knew right away what you’d do. But he was nervous he’d mess up. But as soon as he heard you sniffle and begin to shake he knew he had to.

“Do you want some coco?”

“What?” Your voice sounded so sad, even to your own ears.

“Let me make you comfort coco. We can come back here and binge watch anime all you want, after comfort coco.”

He honestly had no idea where the sudden spark of confidence came from.

However, that confidence began to quickly disappear after not hearing you say anything immediately after he proposed the idea of comfort coco.

When he saw you nod a little bit and listened to you whisper a meek “okay” his heart skipped a beat and his shoulders relaxed just a bit.

He took you down to the kitchen and gently sat you on one of the stools. He got out everything he needed, glancing over his shoulder to make sure you were still with him.

He boiled the milk just as you taught him.

He got out your favorite mugs that’s he’d seen you use time and time again.

He made sure the milk didn’t boil over as he poured the coco packets into the mugs.

He poured in the milk and stirred in the coco with all the care and concentration you always do for him.

And then he put whipped cream and marshmallows on both of your’s, adding caramel drizzle to his own, before sliding your mug to you and sitting next to you.

A few beats of awkward silence passed before he worked up the courage to speak.

“Do you want to talk about what’s wrong?”

You hesitated. If anyone is going to know what kind of voices you were talking about, it was Levi. You knew that. But everytime you tried to seek comfort from someone they’d push you away, not wanting to see their source of comfort sad.

But he’d made it this far.

He hadn’t pushed you away at the door or just say you on his couch and out on a show to distract you and then not say anything else.

He hadn’t slammed the door in your face.

So maybe, just maybe, you could confide in him.



“Voices. In my head. That’s all. Not a big deal really.”

You were right. He knew what kind of voices you meant. And he hated that you had to suffer listening to them too.

You were sweet, you were gentle, you were kind, you didn’t deserve to listen to some uncontrollable force tell you lies.

He didn’t quite know how to comfort you properly. He kind of just let you sip your drink for a few minutes.

He’d made it perfectly. It was nice, honestly, having someone else make you comfort coco.

“Do you… want a hug? Or something? I know I’m not the best with emotions that aren’t for fictional characters, but if you want to hug or just… need to cry? I’m here.”

He was not expecting you to practically jump into his lap. He’s kind of amazed he didn’t fall over with the force of you throwing yourself in his arms. He wasn’t complaining though.

He held you awkwardly but close as you cried into his shoulder. He kept you in his lap, not daring to try and move you. He didn’t want to.

You’d never be able to properly express how much Levi’s words meant to you. But you were grateful that he was there. And you wouldn’t rather it be anyone else.

You two sat there for what to you felt like hours. It was only a few minutes. Your coco was now just warm, not hot. But it still tasted good.

Levi got you some water to rehydrate you and you two finished your coco in silence.

He never let you leave his arms.

When you were both finished your coco, Levi carried you back to his room. He sat you on his couch and grabbed your favorite of his sweatshirts to borrow when you stayed in his room. He kept his room kind of cold so you always asked to borrow one of his sweatshirts. He slipped it on you before grabbing his biggest blanket from his tub and curling up next to you. He pulled you back in his lap and made sure you were comfy. His brain was working on auto pilot. By the time he had gotten comfy with you on the couch and realized everything that he’d just done he was blushing like a mad man. He had no idea what had come over him. But he didn’t regret it. Not when he saw you snuggle into him. And especially not when he heard you whisper three words he’d been dying to hear come from you and directed at him.


I have to end part 1 here unfortunately. This wasn’t meant to be in parts which is why it’s spaced awkwardly but I’ve almost hit the limit on tumblr so I gotta split it! PART TWO IS UP!

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Brothers Pranking MC On Halloween Headcanons


He doesn’t actually want to like, scare scare you, just give you a little frighten. I don’t think he’d go as far as to use his demon form to scare you because it could go one of two ways

  • You’re new to the Devildom and he could give you a heart attack or something and he really doesn’t want to deal with that paperwork.
  • You’ve been in the Devildom for a while and his demon form won’t actually scare you, so the scare prank won’t be that satisfying to him.

So he’d just do something simple, yet sure to get a little squeal or maybe even a scream from you. Realistic spider chilling in your shower for you to see when you wake up first thing Halloween morning. He doesn’t have to see it to enjoy hearing your fear.


Worst pranker. He doesn’t intentionally want to hurt you, but somehow it ends up that way. How did it end up that way, he’s not sure. But now you and Lucifer are glaring at him and you have a cast on your arm, and how was he supposed to know popping up out of nowhere in his true demon form next to the stairs would cause you to fall back and flip down the stairs? Why is everyone mad at him?! Whaddaya mean he’s not invited to the Halloween party?! That’s goin a little too far, dontcha think?!


The pranker who doesn’t even give the prank time to set in before he told you that it was he who did it. His pranks are more of just… an inconvenience, and I don’t think he’d use his demon form either. It would be too much work, and he doesn’t actually want to hurt you, Y/N! Do you know how much trouble he’d be in?! He could get his video games taken away as a punishment or something. He’d be the one who puts Vaseline on the doorknob to your bathroom so you’re running a little late to the Halloween party because you can’t get into the bathroom to fix your hair.


Honestly, his prank doesn’t even involve having to be in contact with you. He doesn’t have to use his demon form, although what he does would be considered truly demonic. When you went to start getting ready for the Halloween party, he put a spell on all of the mirrors in his room. The spells weren’t noticeable at first, and that was the point, but gradually, the mirror would start changing your image to make it seem like pimples and zits and boils are forming all over your face. Of course, you’d freak out, and he’d laugh hysterically and somehow turn this prank into a spiel on why you should spend more time with him for daily and nightly skincare routines so that never happens. Anything to have his favorite MC close to him.


His true form? Why would he waste his time doing that when he can scare you so much more without the extra work. He won’t stop at one scare either, I mean, it is Halloween! He surely isn’t going to waste the day and deliver one measly scare. He will quietly follow you around, sneaking around corners only to pop out at you. It was so easy too. You never got used to it either, always giving him that adorable little squeal and that hysterical jump before scolding him for almost giving you a heart attack. That didn’t stop him though, it only urged him on more. Sleep with one eye open, maybe even wait to sleep until 12am, because he won’t stop until Halloween is officially over.


Prank? That sounds fun. His pranks are more… wholesome. They wouldn’t even be labeled as pranks. Of course, he would never show you his true form unless you really wanted to see it, mainly because he cares about you so much, he would never use his true form to terrify you, that’s just so mean! He’ll cover your body in Belphies pillows before you even wake up Halloween morning, peeking through a crack in the door to watch your reaction before walking in and laughing hysterically because he “totally got you”. What ended up being the real prank though, even though it was purely accidental, was when he made you lunch and accidentally dripped a bit of spicy newt sauce on your plate. Ended up apologizing over and over because “really Y/N! That wasn’t a prank at all, I’m sorry!”


Why save good pranks for one day? That’s no fun. So he started a little early, kind of a build up to the real prank in a way. He snuck into your dreams, showing you his true, chasing you through your dreams, absolutely terrifying you. He’d listen to you wake up in the middle of the night screaming, knowing that it was his fault. It only made him more excited for Halloween to finally get here, and once it did… he was ready. He went about the day, listening to you tell him about your nightmares, his face straight as he nodded, pretending to sympathize with you. Then, when you finally went to sleep, he made his move, going straight to your room and standing next to your bed in his true form. He had given you the nightmare again, now all he needed to do was wait for you to wake up… and oh when you did he was not disappointed. The blood curdling scream you let out woke up half the house and he couldn’t be prouder.

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