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#leviathan x reader
dreaming-piper · a year ago
Obey me! with a Lazy! Mc
Tumblr media
Even after being suddenly summoned to a different world, even Lucifer was a bit surprised at your ability to remain composed as he explains your purpose in the Devildom, he’s glad that things are already running smoothly
“Sorry, what were you saying? I was thinking about what I should have for dinner. Also, where am I?”
Of course it wouldn’t be this easy…
In all honesty, he was already used to this type of behaviour, especially from the twins, but even this attitude was extremely questionable for a human
He constantly has to clear his throat or snap his fingers to get his attention, as he continues his explanation while Satan and Amos snicker from behind him
“Do I have to do the essay?” “Yes, but—“ “Can I just give an oral presentation or something?” “What”
The oldest somehow becomes increasingly concerned about you as time goes on as he observes your behaviour, such as sleeping just about everywhere(sometimes you even just lie on the ground for no reason), your horrible diet that consists of instant ramen and cupcakes, and your tendency to go along with Mammon’s schemes or just about anything his brothers tell you to do
Constantly reminds you to do your homework, clean your room and makes sure you don’t pass out in random places
The others try to tease him for acting like such a mother before they are silenced with a glare
While initially annoyed, he becomes fond of your childish and sloth like habits
“There you are. You should know better than to sleep out in the streets of all places. Honestly, what am I going to do with you…?” He mumbles the last part with a rare, kind smile on his face as you look up at him with half-lidded eyes, “Come on, I’ll carry you back. I trust that this will stay between us.”
Tumblr media
Oh my god, he has to be the responsible one that is capable of making good choices now
Everyone was extremely doubtful of your chances at surviving when Mammon was selected as your guide
But surprisingly, he quickly steps up once he notices your nonchalant and ditsy disposition, taking charge after realizing how easy you are to mess with. He even feels too bad to try to take your money
“Hey, (Name)! Give me the cash you have on you!” “Oh, okay...” “H-hey! Don’t just give people your wallets like that! Your student ID is in there too! Whatever, take it back, like the great Mammon would need a mere human’s assets! A-also, don’t just hand over your things just because someone asks!”
The guy basically leads you around as you follow him like a lost puppy while trying to educate you on how to act and what to avoid in a backhanded manner
The boy loses you constantly, so he’s always running around to see where you zoned out or passed out at, so eventually he allows you the honour of holding the great Mammon’s hand
Because of your uncaring attitude and dazed out look, others seem to treat you similar to a pet, so you get a lot of physical attention, but (un?)luckily, Mammon doubles down on pushing people away from you while scolding you
“Get your hands off! And, (Name), stop acting like a puppy that follows around the next person that gives them attention! I’m serious!”
Mammon actually takes a lot of pride in being able to take care of you so much, so he wants you to be the only one he relies on, even if the others try to tease him, he only takes it in stride since it means that you and him are really close
The guy wants to be the only one that you can lean on and to do more for. The second oldest actually keeps a list of all the things he helps you with to whip out when challenged
“Hey! Why was Beel giving you a piggy back!?” Mammon shouts, interrupting your nap. “If you’re so tired, then I’ll be one to carry you! It’s either walking or me, got it!? Come on, I’ll even bring you to your room, so be grateful!”
Tumblr media
The shut-in over nine thousand! Levi immediately knew that you were a worthy rival as soon as he glanced at you as Mammon stands at the side utterly confused!
“Y-you! What is your record?” “What are you talking about, Levi—“ “I once stayed in my room for 74 hours to binge 12 series and max out the intimacy for my main for two different games.” “*GASP*”
The guy immediately kidnaps ushers you to his room. ignoring Mammon’s protests, to test you. While you didn’t know much about Devildom exclusives, your knowledge about human world series was nothing to laugh at since you’re a horrible procrastinator that would rather binge then work!
He almost abandons his tsundere attitude as he soon declares you to be the new member of his legion and demands to enrich you with more knowledge from his own expertise
The guy greatly appreciates being able to rant to you even though you usually end up daydreaming, simply humming in response, or in the rare occasion having a debate or mutual gushing of a certain character
“The lord of shadows and Henry’s bond knows no bounds! That is the highlight of TSL-!” “I kind of ship it.” “Huh-!?” “Hmm, does that mean we would be shipped too since we’re kind of like their counterparts?...At least, I think so.” “HUH!????” (Instant death)
Tries to convince Lucifer to let you do online courses with him so you guys can binge more series together or go on raids
That, of course, fails, so he usually plans out the amount of sick days you can take and when to do it
The two of you are usually in your own world that no one else understands and Levi really likes that fact
If you guys don’t have school, Levi will make you basically move into his room for a while as you two either watch live streams or a new anime, so the other brothers are stuck bringing meals and making sure you two aren’t dead
“That ending was totally trash, right!? What a waste of time! Well, I guess watching it with you made it kind of enjoyable...Huh!? I-I didn’t say anything...! Don’t look at me like that...!” Levi burns bright red as he avoids your questioning gaze.
Tumblr media
He was extremely pleased to see that you caught Lucifer off guard and he even uses your unpredictable laziness as ammunition against the eldest brother
“My, even the great Lucifer is unable to grasp the attention of a mere human...I wonder how the student body would react?” “Satan, are we done? You promised to give me pie if I...-!” “Ahaha”
He was initially concerned at how well you would do in class work as he always saw you sleeping during class and a home constantly, so he took it upon himself to make sure you didn’t nod off and try to offer you some help
He was shocked when it turned out that you got a solid 80% on your quizzes and exams, and even more so when it turned out you crammed all the material the night before. His respect for you actually went up
He becomes increasing interested in you, and proceeds to drag you along as an assistant of sorts, taking you under his wing, as he collects and reads through books as he tries to get you to engage in something productive with the promise of compensation
Sooner or later, he finds himself viewing you as endearing, having tendencies similar to a kitten, making him even more lenient with you
“Did...did they just meow in their sleep...? Heh, well, I suppose I’ll leave them be for now.”
The two of you are not morning people, if no one wakes you up, you won’t be up till 4
It isn’t uncommon to see the two of you passed out on Satan’s favourite armchair
If someone tries to wake you up, Satan will rage while you remain asleep, unaware to probably Mammon’s screams
“Finally up? I must say it’s rare for me to wake up before someone else,” Satan smiles, as he pokes your cheek to make sure you don’t go back to sleep, “Come on, I’ll help you with your homework before class starts, but you owe me one, okay?”
Tumblr media
“Sorry, can you be a dear and carry my bags?” “Ooh, try this on! This top is really cute!” “Let’s go there next!” “…Okay.”
You basically become his go to person when he wants to go on a shopping spree, having you either carry his bags or being ushered to the changing room. I mean you don’t complain or whine, so you must love it
He always makes sure to hold hands with you, so you don’t get left behind or try to escape
You two are big cuddlers; anywhere, anytime, much to the dismay of the other brothers
You’re basically a walking teddy bear to him, until Mammon interrupts
“Aww, let me pinch those little cheeks~! Let’s cuddle for a little longer—" “What do you think you’re doin’, Asmo!?”
He makes you try new face masks and other products, so you usually end up passed out in his room
He coddles you more than others, even sharing his cupcakes with you
He constantly disappears with you, never telling the other brothers when you two leave as he drags you to explore the whole Devildom even though you’re usually asleep, you still make great company in his opinion
His favourite moments are when you two simply do self care routines as mentioned before, chatting about nothing in particular, even if you’re more of a listener
“Alright, keep it on for another 20 minutes~! Hey now, no touching~” Asmo grabs your hand before you could sleepily rub your face with a sly smile on his face, “I wonder how I can hold down my dearest (Name)! Just kidding~”
Tumblr media
Beel immediately became concerned for you after expressing his concerns about accidentally eating you during your first meeting when you were you just summoned
“Oh, I guess that’s okay.” “Huh?” “I mean, I don’t really care and that essay also sounds pretty bothersome, so meh...” “!!!”
He slowly takes it upon himself to watch over you, whether it’s reminding you to eat or carrying you to class when you decide it’s time for a power nap
His initial attachment to you was because you reminded him of Belphie, but you two certainly had your differences he thinks as you proceed to make ramen in the coffee pot with Mammon
Don’t worry he always grabs you and runs when trouble arises
He enjoys being in your presence since the both of you can appreciate a comfortable moment of silence unlike others, and he finds himself taking the initiative to start conversations more
“(Name),” “Hm?” “Do you have dreams when you sleep?” “Yeah, like, last night...I dreamt of a giant everything pizza...” “Woah”
He also finds it comforting to have someone simply dozing off as he snacks away in his room, especially since Belphie is away
He likes to think about how you and Belphie would get along if you two were to meet, even if you’re a human
When Belphie returns, it isn’t uncommon for Beel to carry the two of you on each shoulder in a protective manner
“(Name), you can sleep for a little longer, okay?” Beel gazes down at you with a small but stunningly warm smile, “Because I’ll carry you anywhere and anytime.”
Tumblr media
Lololol, you two did not get along at all, like more than expected!
People would have thought that like people would flock together, but it the exact opposite. Belphie felt that you were being used as a replacement of sort, and he did not like that
Your first meeting went horribly, as well! In fact, the meeting itself was delayed due to your laziness! The guy almost snapped when you finally met him
“Hey, man, can you keep it down with your crying?” “Hah? Crying? And what do you mean keep it down?” “Listen, I need at least 17 hours of sleep and you’re kind of keeping me up. I even went through a lot of effort to get here. Anyway, bye, I need to get out of here before Lucifer finds out.” “Wait—!”
Eventually, after spending time with Beel, you decide to help the attic boy out, while complaining, of course, as every visit you made equals to bickering
After everything is revealed, you two even become close, and similar to Beel, you two are able to appreciate just napping together. You two become very close
The other brothers have probably tripped on you two at one point or another
“Belphie, wake up.” “Huh?” “Why’re we on the floor?” “You passed out after overeating, so I decided to lay down too so it looked like we were chilling.” “Bro...”
Belphie eventually finds himself appreciating the fact there’s someone so similar to him since he feels a little less alone, even if he won’t admit it
You’re one of the only people he shares his pillow with
“(Name)...Geez, you almost sleep more than me,” Belphie mumbles as you snuggle his pillow unconsciously while gripping his hand, “I wonder what you dream of...I’ll join you in a second.”
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(Date of Publication: February 13th, 2020)
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gacha-happy-ending-here · 11 months ago
Obey Me! ❥ Perfect Size
character: lucifer, mammon, asmodeus, leviathan, satan, belphegor, beelzebub fandom: Obey Me! prompt: MC steals the brothers’ clothes and wears it around the place, maybe even mocking the brother they stole the clothes from warning: spicy content, size kink, possessive behavior, implied small or average stature reader (someone significantly smaller than the brothers)
warning: praise kink
Tumblr media
so you stole lucifer’s giant coat. the one that’s black and fur lined and tall enough that it touches the floor whenever it’s draped over his shoulders? yes, that one. it pools at your feet when you put it on
you honestly thought it was going to be hard. when you thought of your little scheme, you noticed that lucifer never really went anywhere without it
however, you got the opportunity when, one day, for no apparent reason, lucifer had just left it on a chair 
so, you put it on and scurried off to find someone to laugh about it with
the first brother you find is beelzebub and mammon
you ran towards them, trying to imitate the haughty way lucifer usually carries himself and you yelled in a deep poor imitation of his voice ‘i’ll destroy anyone who crosses my path!’
mammon got a huuuge kick out of it lol. he practically doubled over laughing and he took pictures of you posing as lucifer and videos of you saying stuff lucifer usually says
‘mammon, your stupidity knows no bounds!’ 
that made mammon laugh even more and he was literally crying tears at that point and he was out of breath too
beelzebub scrunched his nose a little cus he wanted to laugh but also he thought that he really didn’t want to get on lucifer’s bad side
suddenly, mammon stopped laughing and the color practically drained from his face. you’re confused at first but then you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. uh oh
‘i see i’ve found where my coat has wandered off’ 
you turn and lucifer is standing there in that same 
from the very beginning, lucifer already had an inkling that you had wanted to take his coat or perhaps slip something into its pockets. he had noticed you eyeing it for a couple of weeks now
so, he left it on the back of a chair to see what you’d do. when he returned and it was gone, he knew where it went
when he found you finally, lucifer was mostly angry about the fact that you were mocking him and the fact that you and mammon seem to be having a grand old time
if you wanted to borrow his jacket, you could’ve just asked. he would’ve preferred you borrowed it and stayed in one place though cus he could already tell the end of his coat was dusty as hell now
when you had turned around, though, lucifer couldn’t help but think that you looked especially cute in his coat
something hot curled in his stomach at the thought of how small you were compared to him. he’d always known that since he had to look down to talk to you all the time but, seeing it in front of him like that was a different story all together
It had something to do about marking you, he thought. Seeing you splayed over his coat, your back against his desk, your lips parting to moan his name. He had never been the greedy type--that was Mammon, not him--but something about you made him insatiable and possessive.
You whimpered, your hands poking out of his coat’s sleeves to grip at his wrists as if urging him to slow down. In response, he gripped your waist tighter, hoping to leave yet another claiming mark on you.
“Hmmm, are all humans this tiny, I wonder...” He remarked, seemingly  unaffected despite the fact that he was slowly and surely feeding his cock into your entrance, watching as inch after inch disappeared inside of you. 
You whimpered again and his cock twitched in response despite the tight grip your insides had on it. Your voice was an absolute melody to him, so sexy and small, just like you.
“I also wonder if I’ll fit. You’re just so small, aren’t you, darling?” Lucifer added as an afterthought “But you’ll be good for me and take all of it, right?”
You nodded hastily, eyes stinging as you felt him stretch you farther and farther. He was hitting a spot inside of you that made your insides grip him tighter and made your brain short circuit.
Then, just as you thought you were full to burst, Lucifer finally bottomed out, his balls slapping against your ass. You moaned this time, arching your back, grinding your hips, squirming against his grip.
He tightened his fingers against your skin and smiled, pride blooming inside of his chest at the sight of you “Good, good, so perfect, just for me.”
Tumblr media
so, you stole that brown and white leather jacket that mammon wears everywhere. it’s tight on him but it’s very big on you and the sleeves actually barely cover your fingertips
you didn’t really steal it for any other reason other than the fact that you wondered what it’d feel like. it looked so nice and warm and the house of lamentation was always so cold
plus, you loved getting on mammon’s last nerves and you were sure he would be as possessive of his jacket as he was with all his other things
you weren’t even hiding from him. you were just doing your usual business, walking around. there wasn’t any classes so you were in in warm comfortable clothes and mammon’s jacket
despite it being leather, it wasn’t stiff. in fact, it was well worn and comfortable. it distinctly smelled of that cologne mammon always wore. it stung your nose most of the time when he wore it becos he really poured it on but, on the jacket, it was nice and faint
on your way, you had run into asmodeus who compliments you on your style of clothing. he says the over-sized jacket look is cute on you though the jacket looks familiar
you just laugh and nod and talk to him about other less important stuff like how he was doing, how solomon was doing and how classes were for him. interspersed through the conversation were asmodeus’ usual flirty one liners and obvious come ons
'found ya, dumb human.’ you felt someone tug at the collar of the jacket and you were tugged back only to look up and see that it was mammon who had captured you. he had the usual grumpy look on his face 
at first, mammon hadn’t really been looking for his jacket. in fact, he had been looking for you. usually, he found himself trailing after you but he had to do something for lucifer and, when he had returned, you were nowhere to be found
but then, in his quest to find you, he also found that his jacket wasn’t where he had left it before he went on his errand
so, he was looking for it and you, separately. he hoped once he found you that you could help him find his jacket. well, he was half right
something pulled at his insides when he saw how friendly you were being with asmodeus but, surprisingly, it wasn’t as strong as usual when he realized you were wearing his jacket
from behind, you didn’t look particularly different with his jacket on. however, once he tugged you back and got a proper look at you, his cheeks heated
he couldn’t help it. he’d never thought about the size difference between the two of you but, now that it was right in his face, he was pleased by it. 
when you first came to the devildom and he was given the responsibility of taking care of you, mammon wasn’t happy. he didn’t like you. 
however, after a while, he liked having someone rely on him so heavily. knowing you were so small, so in need of his protection, made something in him flutter
“Hmmm, fuck.” Mammon lifted his hips up to grind against yours, one of his hands settling on the top of your thigh while the other gripped onto your hip.
You shifted, his jacket falling off of your shoulders, revealing an expanse of unmarked skin. He was the Avatar of Greed, nobody knew the sin as well as he did, and yet, he was surprised by the way it overtook his brain.
All he could think about was coveting you, holding you close, pressing his lips against your skin, making it so only he could have every inch of you. He wanted to consume your mind just like you consumed his.
You moved your hands to get a little more leverage, your fingers tightening on his shoulders as you moved your hips again, rubbing yourself against his hardening cock. “Mammon.”
“Shit. c’mon, take it out.” Mammon groaned in response, lifting his hips again, jolting you a little and forcing another mewl out of your lips.
You were done with your hesitation. This dry humping had made you impatient and the way Mammon nipped and sucked at your skin only lessened your restraint. 
With clumsy fingers, you unbuttoned his usually tight jeans, hand wrapping around him. He groaned at the contact of your warm fingers against his even warmer cock before tilting his head back at the sight of it.
Your fingers, too small to reach all the way around. His length tall enough that the tip of it rested above your belly button. 
“Ya’ really are testing my restraint, ya’ fuckin’ idiot.”
warning: a hint of corruption kink, implied overstimulation
Tumblr media
so you stole that white leather jacket that asmodeus wears. it barely zips on him but it fits incredibly comfortably on you
at first, you had stolen it just to ruin it. asmodeus got on your very final nerves and, you supposed, you just wanted to get back at him for it
however, when you tried it on, you couldn’t find it in yourself to ruin it anymore. it was comfortable as hell. you thought it would’ve been still cus it’s leather but it was the softest nicest thing you’d ever put on
it even faintly smelled like that floral scent asmodeus always put on himself and, thought he annoyed you, you found yourself liking it
you wanted to at least have fun with the jacket now that you weren’t going to bother destroying it
so, you went to go find the nearest brother (who happened to be levi in the living room) and you started doing your worst asmodeus impression
you made sure you sounded melodic and that you were using a voice only a little bit lower than your regular one
levi looked flustered at first since you were being flirty and suggestive but, then, eventually, he started laughing a little
your fun was quickly cut off, though, by asmodeus himself who came in, demanding to know where his jacket was
he quickly forgot about his dilemma at the sight of you, completely engulfed in the very same jacket he was looking for
it filled him with a familiar sense of lust but it was also accompanied by an odd fluttering in his chest that he couldn’t recognize. he’d never felt it with any of his partners before but he definitely felt it just looking at you
now, asmodeus isn’t exactly the tallest or the manliest brother in the house of lamentation
yet, even with that, you were smaller than him and you looked so much more fragile, like you were innocent and needed protection
like he could swoop in and ruin you
the thought had never entered his mind before. yes, he was a switch so, sometimes, he took on more submissive lovers. but he’d always been prepared to go either way
with you, looking so small inside his jacket, all he could think about was absolutely dominating you, topping you until you were a sobbing drooling overstimulated mess
he wanted to corrupt you with lust until all you could think about was him
“I was being serious when I said you look good in my jacket.”
You wanted to say some smart retort back but, instead, all you could do was breathe deeply, your bare chest rising and falling, causing the jacket to fall open and reveal more of your naked body.
At the sight of you, Asmodeus groaned, his palm pressing harder against his ever growing hard-on. It throbbed in his tight jeans and all he wanted to do was bury the entire thing inside of you. Still, he wanted to take his time
You squirmed, arching your back, grinding your hips down onto Asmodeus’ long lithe fingers. In response, he crooked them a little to hit that spot inside of you that made your eyes flutter and your stomach tighten.
“A-Asmo.” You whimpered and your voice sounded like a melody to his ears. All he wanted to do was pull those noises out of you over and over, until your voice cracked and your throat ache.
And, oh, he could make your throat ache.
He could make you do a lot of things, actually. It was what you deserved for doing this to him.
As the Avatar of Lust, he was used to overwhelming people, charming them to the point where they drooled after him. With you, on the other hand, his charm didn’t work at all. Even worse, you seemed to have reversed it on him.
He was hungry for you, greedy for you, like he was a starving man and you were laid out so pretty for him to consume. He was never one to limit himself when it came to his sexual cravings and, if you happened to be the sole focus of his biggest strongest sexual craving so far, who was he to deny himself?
“Look at you. I haven’t even done much, have I?” Asmodeus’ lips tilted up in that mischievous way it always did and, though your brain felt mostly blank, you couldn’t help but think he looked a lot like the cat that got the cream
“You’ll cum for me again, won’t you? Please, for me?”
Tumblr media
so you stole that really big coat that leviathan wears. it’s like super long? looks kind of like a lab coat and a hoodie got mashed together
you honestly didn’t mean to steal it
you had been abruptly teleported into the devildom without warning so you didn’t get to pack any of your clothes. you were stuck with the clothes they gave you. unfortunately for you, that meant you only had a couple of outfits and your school uniform
even more unfortunately for you, the house of lamentation was cold as hell (literally)
it seriously felt like everywhere you went was at least autumn level kind of chilly. which was fine, if your clothes had been equipped for that kind of stuff
so, when you saw a bundle of cloth, just sitting there on the couch, you couldn’t help but lift it up to see what it as
when you held it out in front of you by the shoulders, it pooled to the floor. you immediately recognized it as leviathan’s coat though, why  =he was without his token coat, you didn’t know
well, if he wasn’t wearing it, you certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. and damn was it warm. you now completely understood why levi always kept it on
then, after just throwing it on, you started walking around the house, doing what you usually did
you even found satan who asked what you were doing with levi’s coat. you just explained that you found it and threw it on and, though he thought it was rude to just randomly do that, he didn’t scold you any more than usual
eventually, though, levi was bound to find you and, once he found you, his face turned absolutely deep red
you looked so very small in his coat. he didn’t notice how small you were until just that moment. you were like those cute characters on screen that wore over-sized clothes all the time
he wondered what you’d look like wearing those outfits. then, he started wondering what you’d look like in other outfits. that thought had to be pushed waaay aside becos, if he kept thinking about that... well, bad things would happen. specifically, he’d have something awkward he’d need to hide from you
then, as he was trying not to think of inappropriate things, the most inappropriate thought entered his head
that was his coat and the fact that you were cute and you looked like you belonged to him was overwhelming
he’s the second least likely to do anything sexual once he finds you. unless, of course, you initiate it
When you had explained that humans got cold easily, Leviathan was a little surprised. He supposed that demons got cold too but their body temperatures usually ran really hot and the cold never bothered them. 
So, of course, when he had found you and you asked so nicely to keep his coat, Levi agreed on the condition that you’d go into his room to wear it so that nobody else could see you. 
He explained that he didn’t want his brothers to tease him about letting you borrow his clothes but, in reality, it was because he didn’t want his brothers to see how good you looked in it.
“Thanks for letting me keep it on.” You mumbled to Leviathan, your fingers barely poking out from the tips of the sleeves. 
He nodded, trying to keep his eyes on the handheld in front of him. Still, he couldn’t put all of his attention on his game. In fact, he kept having to repeat the same level because his mind just wasn’t in it. Instead, he kept thinking back to you and how you looked in his coat.
It was like some sort of scene out of an anime. How the main protagonist would borrow clothes from the main romantic interest. It made his heart flutter in his chest. 
Then, of course, he remembered that some of these scenes were out of hentai he would watch and something else seemed to twitch. Something he had to shift his legs to hide.
When you said nothing in response to his nod, Levi tried to think of something else to say “You’re warm now, right?”
At first, you wanted to nod. Then, you thought for a second before biting your lip and staring at him through your eyelashes “Would it... could I sit closer to you?”
In his mind, Levi had convulsed at the thought of you sitting so close to him, all while looking so cute. In reality, he sat stock still as his brain basically turned into the demon equivalent of the blue screen of death. 
“Okay, sure.”
warning: begging, overstimulation
Tumblr media
so you stole that suit jacket satan wears all the time. it looked really small on him and he probably only slipped his arm through one side because it’s so small for him. however, on you, it was very baggy
you thought it was such a waste of a comfortable looking suit jacket. it looked so warm and nice and fancy. and, yet, there he was, just wearing it like a weirdo
so, when he left his room door open and his suit jacket on the back of his chair, you didn’t even think twice before you snatched it up
then, you went to go find someone to celebrate this victory with. the first person you found was belphegor
at first, belphegor was too sleepy to really properly appreciate your jokes. but, after a minute or two, he started smiling a little and chuckling 
‘as long as belphie pisses lucifer off, he’s okay, i guess’
your jokes aren’t the greatest and your impersonation is subpar at best but it was still really entertaining 
it was okay until, of course, you felt someone’s hand on your shoulder
when satan found his door open and his jacket missing, he felt that all familiar heat of anger in the pit of his stomach. who the hell was rude enough to just waltz into his room and take his jacket?
then again, most of his brothers had no manners...
as the avatar of wrath, he was quick to want to kick ass first and take names second
however, once he saw you, even though it was just your back, that heat in his stomach turned into something other than anger
there was still a little of it there from seeing you having so much fun with belphie while making fun of him but that was eventually eclipsed by what he felt for you
then, you turned around and that heat intensified tenfold
out of all his brothers, his emotions were always so strong and so overwhelming. most of his emotions were centred around anger and wrath. it might’ve been becos he was the youngest
he learned early on to control those emotions and not let them get the best of him. he learned to exude that calm and polite persona of his
in front of you at that moment, however, he found that he couldn’t completely control himself
Satan kept his pace, his hips grinding hard against you and his cock hitting every place inside of you. He was long and thick and he made you feel so full. All you could think about was how you clenched down on him and it made you ache.
Your hands scrambled to find purchase on Satan’s shoulders, your fingers gripping him so hard that he could feel your nails through his shirt. He couldn’t help but smirk at that.
He liked the look on your face, how you trembled just for him, how he was the one making your legs quake and your lip quiver. He was doing all of this to you, overwhelming you to the point where your brain short circuited.
It was only fair. You were making his brain turn into a jumble of thoughts too. Especially with the way his jacket was draped over you, barely covering all of the skin he’s marked with his teeth. 
“S-Satan.” There went your voice again, soft and stuttering “I’m s-sorry, p-please.”
In response, his hand kept working at your sex, his hips grinding up and up, not taking his entire cock out but thrusting half of it. That was enough, though. He was so big that he touched all the right places and he sent you hurtling into what felt like your hundredth orgasm
You cried out his name and he silenced you with his lips, swallowing down your moans. He kept going, though, prolonging your orgasm until it bled into the next, leaving you a leaking shaking mess. 
In response, your grip on him tightened to the point of bruising. Part of him liked the idea. I mean, he did leave his fair share of bruises on you. Especially your hips where his hands were positioned, moving you in time with his thrusts. 
“Only a few more.” He leaned forward to lick your ear and nibble the lobe “You’ll learn your manners after that, won’t you?”
Tumblr media
so you stole that big cardigan that belphegor always wears. when he wears it, it’s big and baggy on him. when you wear it, you’re absolutely swimming in it
it wasn’t like you had any bad intentions. you were just extremely cold and belphegor’s cardigan looked oh so very warm
you had found it on one of the various velvet couches scattered around the house of lamentation
at first, the sight of it perturbed you a little becos belphegor? without his cardigan? you couldn’t even imagine it
however, after a little more consideration, you figured that he must have more than one. you’ve always seen him with the same cardigan. there’s no way he just wears one all the time
so, since you had convinced yourself that he probably had a whole closet full, you donned the cardigan on
it was so warm. it made sense why belphegor was always so sleepy! if you were this warm and comfortable all the time, you’d wear the same cardigan too
you wanted to try and wear it for as long as possible. even after wearing it for only a few seconds, you were in love with it and you didn’t want anyone taking it from you
unfortunately, the very next person you bumped into was beelzebub
of course, as belphegor’s twin, beelzebub’s immediate response is that you should return the cardigan. beelzebub, out of everyone, knew best how attached belphegor was with his cardigan
in response, you just ignored him and did what you needed to do in the kitchen
beelzebub didn’t like that and continued pestering you in that lumbering quiet way of his. you didn’t let it get to you. you liked how the cardigan made you feel and you were keeping it
of course, as fate would have it, just as you thought that, belphegor walked right into the kitchen
he was the most irritated he’d been for a looong time
he couldn’t for the life of him find where he left his cardigan and he felt sleepy and cold and absolutely like he could throttle someone at any second
that all immediately disappeared as soon as he walked into the kitchen and his eyes locked on you
you were wearing his cardigan and it was extremely big on you
unlike the other brothers, he doesn’t think anything untoward. instead, he thinks that you look cute and comfortable, like a big teddy bear
he literally gets a fuzzy warm feeling from seeing you with his cardigan on
kind of also has that whole overprotective possessive thought process but, instead of wanting to fuck you (though that did sound very nice), he just wanted to wrap his arms around you and shield you from the world
least likely to try anything sexual with you, even if you offered
Belphegor inched closer to your sleeping form. Though, at this point, that felt impossible. Your chest was flushed against his chest, with virtually no space in between you, and his face was tucked against your neck, your legs tangled together. 
You were as pressed together as two people could be without merging.
Still, he craved more. He wanted to feel you, hold you close, be able to just revel in the comfort and warmth you brought him. He was so starved of this intimacy and you happily fed him without hesitation.
Memories of your casual touches, all confident and sure, filtered through his mind. You never inched away from him or denied him any form of affection. You gave it to him wholeheartedly, in fact.
Slowly, lazily, he slipped his arms under the cardigan, under your shirt, his bare palms warm against the skin of your stomach. His fingertips ghosted over you, calloused and somewhat ticklish.
He liked your skin which felt smooth under his touch, soft and pliable just like you were. There was something intimate about knowing you felt safe with him like this, that you wanted to be this close to him.
Belphegor continued to stare at you, at how at home you were inside of his cardigan, like you belonged in his clothes, like you belonged with him. 
He was obsessed with the idea of covering you so you were safe and here, with you in his arms, with your back to a wall, with his clothes covering your body, you were safe. Safe, content, completely blissfully asleep.
All his to protect.
He closed his eyes but continued letting his hands travel. They traced comforting circles on your skin, absentminded and aimless, moving just to be able to feel his skin against your skin.
Slowly, he pressed a kiss against your forehead and fell asleep with you in his arms
Tumblr media
so you stole that big baggy fur lined hoodie that beelzebub always wears. it’s already baggy on him and he’s the biggest of the brothers. when you wear it, it practically engulfs you
anyway, you don’t have anything against beelzebub. you only stole his hoodie becos you were cold
it was easy enough to manage since he had just left it sitting there, all free with nobody to prevent you from swooping in and taking it
when you put it on, it was like a metaphorical hug. it was so warm and cuddly even though it was so big
however, you wearing it seemed to be short lived becos, after maybe an hour or two of parading around the house of lamentation with his hoodie, he had found you
beelzebub follows you around most of the time. where you’re found, beelzebub is likely to follow. mostly becos he cares about you a lot and he wants to be there just in case something bad happens to you
beelzebub wasn’t overly attached to his hoodie. sometimes he walked around without it
however, he found himself very much attached when he saw you wearing it. maybe not attached to his hoodie specifically but definitely attached to you and the hoodie together
so, you wearing his hoodie feels... protective, in a way. like he’s shielding you with his own clothing maybe? like he can protect you using his hoodie
he can’t but he still feels that surge of overprotectiveness inside of him
he probably doesn’t do much, honestly. he’s the least likely out of the brothers to kick a fuss about you wearing his clothes. he likes it and he’ll be honest about it
most likely to not only let you wear the hoodie for way longer but also let you borrow it more often. in fact, he’ll insist most of the time
“Ah, my hoodie.”
You swivelled around, hand pressed against your chest as you tried to calm your panicked heart. It was just Beelzebub, you knew, but the fact that he had suddenly appeared surprised you.
You frowned, though not because it was Beelzebub but because you felt he might try and take his hoodie back “Were you looking for it?”
Beelzebub looked like he paused to think, looking you up and down. His hoodie suited you a lot. It looked very big on you, yes, but it still fit in a sort of adorable way.
He felt his stomach flutter and, for a second, he thought it might’ve been hunger but it wasn’t that exactly. It was something else, he just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Finally, he answered your question with a shake of his head “No, you can keep wearing it if you want.”
“Thank you.” You buried yourself deeper into the hoodie, snuggling into it “It’s very comfortable and warm.”
Beelzebub nodded before suddenly walking towards you. On instinct, you took a couple of steps back, only to bump into the counter behind you.
Instead of stopping, Beelzebub continued forward and pulled you into a hug, his back bending so he could securely wrap his arms just under your arms. He then buried his face into the top of your head before letting out a deep sigh.
The feeling that fluttered in his stomach hadn’t been a hunger for food but, rather, a hunger for affection from you. 
He finally recognized the feeling from those long afternoons where you were too busy to pay him any mind so he had to go searching for you himself. Seeing you in his hoodie made him want to pull you close and just never let go.
“You look good.”
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · a year ago
What the demon bros need.
Lucifer: Please tell me my efforts are valid and needed. Sometimes I just need love but it's hard for me to say that.
Mammon: Please make me feel like I'm more than a scumbag. Your opinion of me lays a foundation of respect.
Leviathan: Please validate my interests and desires. Your opinion of them means more than you know to me.
Satan: Please understand that feelings are hard for me. I am trying my best to articulate them for you.
Asmodeus: Please grasp that our time together is valuable. You mean more to me than I can express.
Beelzebub: Please know my silence is a mask for my feelings. I just want to hug you.
Belphegor: Please love me despite my flawed past. I'm trying to do better.
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yagisoneandonly · a year ago
Obey Me! NSFW Boyfriend Headcanons (Demons)
A/N: Damn. I see. Y’all want that good good. If you could give the same energy for this fic, then that’ll be delightful and I’ll give you a reward -Yagi’s Wife
He is a sadistic and selfish lover
Selfish in terms of he’ll make you come over and over and won’t stop even if you beg
Teasing little piece of shit
“Baby, I can’t understand you when your mouth is full”
;) full of dick
He’s more long than thick but still fills you the fuck up
Expect lots of marking
Dear fucking lord
He’s literally the embodiment of lust
So expect nothing but intense and almost mind-melting pleasure
Very very sensual
But also very very kinky
Loves tying you up
“Tell me what you want, darling. I’ll do it in an instance”
Gets off at your pleasure
I expect he’s very vanilla
For his need to roleplay
Doesn’t do it often, only on certain occasions
Very sensitive
Kinda a bottom
Suck his dick, it drives him insane
Like legs shaking, pulling your hair, and losing his breath insane
“Please don’t stop, that feels so good.”
He’s a switch, bitch
Will hit it from the back and make you unable to walk
But also loves it when you’re a tease
Kind of a brat
“Look at you, taking it like the slut you are.”
“Stop teasing and just fuck me already”
He ain’t afraid to show his bratty bottom self
Two sides of sex with Satan
When he’s angry, prepare for rough rough sex
Hair pulling, sore throat, tears dripping down your face, multiple orgasms and orgasm denial 
“Fuck, I love it when you let me use you as my toy.”
Soft, sweet, loving sex
Light touches, whispers of love and praise, coming together, the slow build-up of an intense orgasm
“I love you and want nothing more than to make you feel good.”
Beel can like
Get it
Surprisingly a tease
But it’s like, unintentional
“Why are you pouting? If you want attention, come get it.”
Loves, loves, loves kissing you
Favorite place to fuck you is on the kitchen counter in the middle of the night
Will eat you out like it's his last meal
Pls don’t let Lucifer find out
Fucking lazy ass bitch
Makes you do all the work
Loves watching you ride him and plays with the tiddies (or nipples)
Smirks up and you, grinds his hips and says
“Enjoying the ride?”
Will eat you out slowly and loves orgasm denial
Give him a taste of his medicine and he’ll go feral
By tying you up and fucking you until you can’t even speak
Uhhh I think I have a thing for Belphegor
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Pact Marks | All Brothers
Tumblr media
Request: pact mark hc with the brothers?
Word Count: 1971 words
Page Count: 5.5 pages
A.N.: hope you guys enjoy this!
Tags: none :)
[ U N D A T E A B L E S ]
Lucifer would place his pact mark on the space where your neck meets your ear, somewhere modest and easy to hide, something you could show and hide as you pleased. Though you could hide it, it was in an obvious spot, fitting for the Avatar of Pride. When you summon him or speak with him through it the pact mark glows a deep blue.
If you wear your hair down, he will play with your hair before rubbing the mark gently, and if he is in an extra soft mood he'll give it a quick kiss before moving on. If you wear your hair up he feels prideful, more so than usual, and it intensifies even more if it is a formal gathering where any and all can see it. He'll be glued to that one side where the mark is, and he'll lean in to whisper to you whenever he wants to speak with you, giving a quick kiss to it or just touching it before standing up again.
His pact mark with you on the palm of his hand, and he finds himself thumbing it mindlessly to comfort himself, he starts to understand why Beel does it when he's nervous. Lucifer isn't nervous though, he just likes to remind himself of you, he likes to touch the mark that proves you're both bound together in such a way. When he speaks to you through the mark or tries to look through your eyes, activating the mark, it glows a bright white and reminds him of a blessing mark that angels give.
Having a pact with Lucifer makes him feel light, in a literal and metaphorical sense, every time he even thinks of it.
You bring him light that he thought he had lost long ago.
Mammon would keep your pact mark on your collar bone, in the center, right where your throat dips into your chest. He knew you were caring, and being around you had him feeling different, and he wanted to be greedy. Since he is more emotionally inclined, I like to think that he can connect with souls and auras better, so when he felt your soul and looked at it a bit closer he felt so connected to it he knew he wanted to get close with you. It glows a bright gold when it activates, and he loves it, so sometimes when you're sleeping he'll call to the mark and kinda just look in amazement. 
Since he is very touchy, he loves to lay his head down on it, and listens to your heart and the soft buzz of his magic in your skin. He falls asleep fastest on those nights.
His mark with you is in the same place, and like his older brother when you use it it glows a soft white, something he loves since it matches well with his demon markings. Run your nails over it and the boy m e l t s. Since he had his collar opened all the time he loves when people see it, he makes pacts with witches all the time but this is the first time he's allowed a mark on him, and this honestly has everyone just lowkey s h o o k. Like Mammon? The pact whore for grimm? Allowed a mark? on H I M ?
Having a pact with Mammon makes him feel pride, ironically, but also loved and wanted.
He actually feels like an equal, when all else isn't, this is the one time where it's you AND him.
His pact mark on you is on your foot and wraps around your ankle, it seems easy to hide, but you can never really hide it. Unless you're wearing shoes that cover your ankle often or pants that don't ride up your ankle, it's always showing somewhere. He is a strong swimmer and loves to see you swim too, so he knows legs are important for the task, and that's where the idea of placing his mark on your ankle came from. Sometimes, he'll jump in the tank with you, and since he can breathe underwater with his gills (broski I like the idea of him having gills P L E A S E), he'll sit back and chill with Henry swimming around his head, seeing your mark move with the rest of your leg.
When you use the mark, it becomes a soft orange, the same shade that hides behind his eyes when they become more snake-like. Lay your legs over him when he's playing games and he'll settle the controller on your other ankles, letting his fingers brush against the mark on the other. Little shit will even let his claws some out just to scratch them lightly and tickle you like a motherfucker.
His mark is on the ankle opposite of yours, so when you're both cuddling he'll link your ankle around his, the feeling of you WITH him blows his mind sometimes. Same case when he uses it, glows white, due to you being a human and having such a bright soul. 
Having a pact with Leviathan makes him feel like he's worth something.
You helped him gain confidence and become a demon that deserves the title of Avatar of Envy.
His pact mark runs from the top of your calf to about mid-thigh, right on the back of your leg, it's large, slender, and delicate. It glows neon green when activated, something that he honestly finds cool as hell, because:
1. It's something that means you have a piece of him with you.
2. You make it look awesome.
3. It's honestly so fucking cool.
Like Levi, when you're both relaxing, him reading and you doing work/listening to music, and your legs are on his, he'll touch the mark mindlessly and feel so at peace. But, if you're ticklish, guess who also is a little shit. If you're in bed, and laying on your stomach, he'll lay his head on your thigh and just trace his with a look on his face that says 'wow' and if you think of that meme, yes, that's valid.
His mark is on the top of his hand, he always gets to see it, looking at it shows him the progress he's made. He knows how to manage his anger and actively tries to have it processed through a better outlet. You helping him along the way makes him have hope, an emotion that could seem a bit foreign at times, but he likes it. He feels light.
Making a pact with Satan has him feeling like he can be anything he wants.
He can be himself, not an extension of someone else.
Asmodeus has no shame, but, when he cares- when he really does, he wants to make it meaningful. He would place it on your hip and have it there and only there, it won't wrap around to your ass or to your front, just your hip. He loves to watch it glow a radiant pink, so he'll section off time to just lay his head on your lap and ask you to call him, the tug of magic and the light emanating from your skin does something to him. Sure, it could be lust, or maybe something more, you may be able to figure it out if he told you.
He didn't want to though. He'd just enjoy the feeling without having to figure it out, because figuring it out meant facing himself, and we can't have that just yet. His pact mark is right over his heart, though Mammon's mark is in the same area, it isn't right over his heart. It is settled right between his pectorals, a slight bit to the left, always hovering around the muscle that proves he's alive and able to love in some capacity.
He often would come up to you and just place his hand on it, palm flat against your hip while his mark would flare up in an ivory light, he swears he can feel your pulse through it and wonders if you can feel his.
Having a pact with Asmodeus makes him feel as if he can be seen past his title- which ever one, and just be himself.
He can devout himself to something that means more than him.
Beelzebub's pact mark is not on your abdomen actually! He wanted to place it on his favorite spot, on the back of your shoulder, away from the place where his sin seems to ravage him. It of course, glows a deep crimson, but be prefers it when it isn't activated- because it means you're safe and you don't need to call on him to help. He loves when you sit on his lap, because of a few reasons.
1. You're with him :)
2. You're happy :)
3. He can look at your mark as much as he likes, especially if it's exposed, he'll "somehow" leave small kisses all over it. They're so soft, you can't help but laugh, it's ticklish at times. It becomes even more ticklish when he presses his face against it, and if you laugh, he laughs, his laughs against your skin either make you soft or cackle in delight.
4. Your pact mark is right against his!
Beel would have his pact mark right on his chest, matching it to the side you choose to have your pact mark on. This makes the big boi real emotional, and he'll sometimes let some magic through and it glows, and you're kinda like:
"I hope that's a glow stick and not you again Beel."
"Let's just say it's a glow stick for now."
Having a pact with Beelzebub means you're a part of his family, happy, and healthy.
It really just makes him emotional.
When you make a pact with Belphegor, this lil' shit is honestly so surprised you said yes, but considering it was a gift you probably said yes to be respectful. But... you didn't. 
Your pact mark with him is on the back of your neck, where the cervical vertebrae are, moving a bit lower to the thoracic spine. When you suggested it go there, he had to ask why, and boy did he tear up once you explained it to him later that night. You wanted to trust him again and put the past behind you, so what better place to mend a wound than the place that finally put your lights out?
Please don't say it like this to him though, if you do he would think you're joking.
But if that's how it comes out, he'll think you're joking, until he remembers you're you and... he gets it.
It glows purple when activated or when you're sleepy/ in some type of stress, he wants to read your emotions so he can help you as much as he can, make up for what was done. He would never admit it though, and you can tell he's trying his best. His mark would be in the same exact place, not only to remind him of what he did, but that he can do better to make amends. He punishes himself for your death and you try to ease him out of it- and though it takes time, you'll find your way to it. 
He finds himself doing what Beel does, and will bury his face into your mark when he cuddles into you, and places small kisses on it. If he is laying on you, please touch the mark, it manages to calm him into a good sleep. 
Making a pact with Belphegor means you're ready to grow and build something better with him.
You help him find a better path that he needs to walk down on his own.
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · a year ago
Things the brothers reserve specifically for MC:
Lucifer: incredibly close snuggles. Basically crushing MC to his chest like a stuffed animal.
Mammon: Headpats. Touching his hair is a privilege.
Leviathan: just generally touching and being near him. He's very shy and worries about bursting into flames if given love.
Satan: literally any emotion aside from cynicism. If he cries in front of MC that's basically ultimate trust.
Asmodeus: sleeping in the same bed. Just sleeping. He feels like it means MC trusts him and he can be just soft and wholesome with them instead of.....lusty.
Beelzebub: he really wants to play the pocky game with MC but is too nervous. Sharing food is Beel's love.
Belphegor: sharing his inner "demons" so to speak. The guys got a lot of baggage and not a lot of brotherly support (aside from the actual baby that is Beel)
Bonus Diavolo: all his dumbassery is saved for his closest companions. He'd be the biggest dork around MC.
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artofyangji · a year ago
The Brothers and their Manhoods
We were talking about dicks in my server so have some dickcanons for the bros. also an excuse for smut? idk what this is lmao
Lucifer – The eldest brother is supposedly the second biggest out of the seven. He’s the definition of sexual tension as he draws out the act of revealing his pride and you can’t rush him along because he’s probably got you tied up. You’re either overstimulated from his ministrations or high strung after hours on the edge; either way, your face is red and you’ve got tears in your eyes but you can’t look away when all 8” of him is suddenly shoved into you. The shaft tapers out to a slightly wider base where he’s a good half inch bigger than the rest of him, and you soon come to learn that he loves to hold you there, your heat pressed directly against his abdomen where you stretch just a bit wider. He’ll keep you there for hours sometimes while he works on other things, ignoring your whimpering and delivering a quick slap to the backside if you start wiggling too much. And if you need a bit of a break down there, your mouth will suffice so long as you swallow every last drop.
Mammon – He’s a blushing and stuttering mess, but all too eager to ditch his pants as soon as the opportunity arises. THE Mammon never wears underwear, so get over it, human. His cock curls slightly upward onto his abdomen a full 7.5”, just enough to make you gag a bit when you take it all in your mouth which he always appreciates. He’s the most likely to be pierced down here, on the frenum or a king’s crown. The head is slightly bigger than the otherwise even girth; that’s great for you and him because he loves it when you give kitten licks to the slit where his precum leaks out. Position doesn’t matter as long as you don’t stop, you’re doin' great, babe, just one more load in you, ok? Mammon is handsy, especially in public when he thinks he can get away with it, so prepare to get real good at inconspicuous hand jobs. It’ll be good practice for when you’re in the bedroom, taking him from behind and reaching around to finish him off.
Leviathan – Lucifer would never admit it, but Leviathan is actually the second biggest of all his brothers. It takes a while to get him out of his pants since you’re such a normie, but he’s all too eager to please once you’ve crossed that boundary. It’s mouthwatering when he’s finally undressed and he hides his face behind the back of his hand when you won’t quit leering. He’s largest at the upward curve below the head, almost as big around as he is long due to the two prominent veins on the sides, and at 8.5” it’s sure to be a delight. He’s always cool to the touch but you’ll warm him up quickly with the heat of your mouth and he shivers when you ghost teeth on his underside. No matter who is fucking who, he makes the cutest faces but your favorites are when he’s above you, his cock in your hand and you squeeze that thickest part of him. And he’s never told you, but it’s his favorite position too, especially when you let him cum on your chest and stomach.
Satan – Somehow, you’re naked before he is save for the cat ears he slipped on you at some point (he forgot to wash the matching butt plug tail). He likes to size you up and then make you undress him, leaving his underwear for last. That he removes himself but only when you’re kneeling directly beneath him so all 7” fall immediately into your eager mouth. The subtle downward curve of his cock makes the fat head drag low against the back of your throat but he holds you still when you gag and reminds you to breathe through your nose. If you use your hand to cup his balls and press at his perineum, he makes a noise that sounds like a purr. He’ll finish on your face at least once and if you try to wipe it away, that’s a slap to the wrist, you know better than that. His erection hangs low and ready for the next round as he watches you lick your lips and thumb the rest of his cum into your mouth.
Asmodeus – The Avatar of Lust has the answer to the age old question: does size really matter? At only 5.5” when erect and 6” around, Asmodeus would say absolutely not and you’d have to agree. He fits perfectly in any orifice of yours he decides to use that day and he must have some sort of sixth sense because he always knows the perfect angle to rut into. The foreskin around his petite head is a bit tight, so make sure you’re careful when you lap at it with your tongue and gently pull it back. He’s also the perfect size for your hand which makes hand jobs under restaurant tables much easier. Part of the fun is in the presentation and the variety so expect copious amounts of lingerie and toys to enhance the pleasure he could administer all too well on his own. Tease might as well be Asmo’s middle name because his favorite thing to do is rub against your heat, stretch it open with his thumbs, stick the tip in and wait. And if you do it back to him as revenge, well, what goes around cums around.
Beelzebub – So concentrated on putting that long tongue to use on you, it takes a while to get Beelzebub out of his pants. He’s the biggest of his brothers in all regards, at least 9” flaccid and almost the same distance around but he’d never brag. He’s of uniform girth and a relatively straight line except for the prominent veins that wrap around it, perfect for massaging every part of your insides. It’s downright impossible to get all of him into your mouth, but damn if he doesn’t love to see you try and gorge yourself. It takes a lot of willpower to not shove your head down further, but he’s always careful when it comes to you. He loves it the most when you just stroke him and lick up the tight seam underneath, other hand testing the weight of his sac. Because he’s so big, there are only a few positions that will work and he more than makes up for it with his roaming hands and mouth, but especially with the control of his thrusts, complements of his muscle control. However fast or slow you ask for it, he’ll give it to you, all without breaking a sweat.
Belphegor – At his command, you’re the one that takes his pants off because he’s too comfortable to move. The reward is worth it when you take all 6.5” of him in your hand and gently rub the protective foreskin over the head; if he’s pierced, it’s there and a larger gauge than it was initially. The shaft tapers down and where his hair grows down towards his sac, the skin is speckled; he’ll give an unprompted giggle if you kiss him there. But expect immediate repercussions for such an act. He only has to give you that look and tell you to lie down to know you’re in trouble. In bed, from behind is his favorite position because he can reach all parts of you here, your neck, your mouth, your chest and the apex of your legs. You’ll have to beg for him to stick it in once he’s worked you over with his hands, made all the hotter when he doesn’t let you turn to look at him, but when the large head slams into you followed by the rest of him, it’s totally worth it.
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ashestospace-fics · 6 months ago
The Brothers reacting to their s/o with a bitting kink
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi,Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Part 2
Reader: Gn
This is one of the things he didn't see coming as he started dating you. Especially when you two got intimate, he notices how heavily your body will start to pant and pull him closer to your neck when he started to trail kisses down your warm skin.
Each twitch and whine had him quirking his brow until he gave the bit of skin connecting your shoulder and neck a small bite. The heavenly moan that left your lips and the grip on his hair made him quickly put two and two together really fast.
It's an ego bust for him only because of how high your voice gets, as well as the occasional marks he leaves behind every time he gets out of hand with your begging for him to keep biting you.
A big mixture of getting flustered and excited when he finds out that you have a biting kink. He'll be having one of those jealous fits in where he's kissing you all over your face and neck because you weren't paying attention to him. you get a little desperate/frustrated for him to do a little more than just give you sloppy kisses.
"Can you just bite me or something already" you blurt out. He stops in his tracks as his head shot up to look at you flustered. "W-what? Are you serious? Don't play with me like that you h-" you'll cut him off tugging his collar, not really wanting to hear a lecture. "No, really, bite me"
His very shaky before he caves in, finding out later that marking your neck is something he can rub on his brother's later.
He practically glitches out of existence when you brought it up randomly. You were checking out his teeth as he played, already a little annoyed that you were sticking your fingers in his mouth.
But come on, look at those chompers. "Hey Levi, can you like, bite me?" He stops his game as his head slowly turns to you as if to check if he heard you right. "W-what?!" Screams a little too loud out of surprise. "Come on just a little nibble?" You insisted, his face growing red super quickly.
It takes a lot of him to regain his breath and senses before he even answers. Gets super embarrassed and flustered when you get easily turn on by a simple bite. Especially if you mumble how good it feels.
Weirdly enough he found out while you two were arguing. Somehow every heated discussion or disagreement you two have ended up with an angry make-out section that goes south.
So the kicker he got out of you when he bites down on your neck hard after a snarky remark. Your back arching back as a moan passes your lip. Hand flew so fast to cover your mouth as you both look at each other.
Satan stop, his face going red in disbelief but growing hot and bother at how much he loved that reaction. Let's say that from now on, each time you two end up arguing. You always end with a few marks and a mess after he found a way to win the argument. Might be taken advantage of how easily you fall apart with a few simple bites.
You almost wish he never found out seriously. He found out that's what gets you started and bothered, and he'll tease you every second before he even gets to bury his teeth into your skin.
He was trying to be sweet and innocent really before he found out, covering your face in kisses as he holds into your hands. Cute praises and compliments falling out of his lips as he cuddles you from behind. He swore he just took a little chomp off your shoulder to be playful but your reaction to it was completely the opposite.
"oh?~ did that felt good y/n? You want me to do it again?" Finds a way now to bite you every time he gets a chance. You find it weird how gentle his bites are too, it's a weird mixture cause you almost feel no pain at all but it might be his powers.
Poor baby, he thought he hurt you when he bites you by accident. Started freaking out more when you wouldn't move from the spot in the bed as you cover from him. He legit had to pull you up to look at your flustered face as you tried regaining your breath.
You two were watching a movie in your room, and he kept trying to steal your popcorn from your bowl. And this was the few times you were saying no to sharing. He tried reaching for it which ended with you two pushing each other trying to get him away from the bowl as he tried bitting and getting the food from your hand. Which he ended up missing and biting your neck instead.
You let out a surprised moan, and as soon as it left your mouth both of you stop. He didn't get to see your face as your body drops to the mattress. "Y/n, y/n are you okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! Y..y/n?" God when he saw your face and how heavy you were breathing, that just made him 10 times more hungry now. you never saw anyone get hard so fast.
A cocky little shit when he finds out, also a huge tease about it. He just caught you staring into his mouth every time he talks and had his suspicions but didn't say anything about it for a while. Well, that is until he got bored and you two were hanging out.
About to take your usual nap together, he pulled you in closer to cuddle up to you. Arms wrapped around your waist as he presses his nose on the crook of your neck. He picked up how your breathing slowed down, hands rubbing together as he nuzzles in closer to the warmth of your neck. He didn't even start with a simple little kiss, he just straight up bite you. He was just testing you, he didn't think you'll actually arch into him and let out a loud whimper off his name.
But God did he love the reaction. "Oh? Did you like that? How long were you gonna just stare at my mouth until I bite your skin" sloppy licks and suck between each bite. Depending on his mood, the difference in how hard his bites are.
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sinbadshrine · a year ago
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brothers x reader
smut and some fluff
how the brother would react to walking in on you sleeping with only underwear
asmo just wanted your esteemed opinion on the new shirt he bought only hours ago, and that’s how he saw himself on this interesting situation right now. he had barged into your room, never bothered knocking anyway, he then came face to face with your sleeping form.
you looked so peaceful and innocent, except of course for the poor excuse of a cloth barely covering your body, oh that was everything but innocent. you were in this cute pink lingerie, and asmo could already feel his head spinning and his pants getting tight. he even drooled a little.
asmodeus got closer to you and noticed you were shivering everytime the cold air from your open window brushed your warm skin. he picked up your fluffly lilac covers that were at the foot of your bed and laid it over you, all the way to your neck. asmo then left, he had to do something about his newfound “problem” in his pants.
“oh the things i think of doing to you when you look this pure y/n” asmodeus thought.
satan only wanted to return the book he took from you weeks ago and then go back to his duties, he had no idea the sight that awaited him behind your door. you had this light blue lingerie that hugged your body oh so perfectly, too good even. satan thought this wasn’t fair at all. the hammering of his heart was loud enough for you to hear and he started to get self conscious of the bulge in his pants.
satan decided on leaving the book carefully on your nightstand and then left your room, not before kissing your red cheeks and covering you with your thick bed covers. he left for his room, to relieve himself, and mind you he had plans on getting back at you later and making you compensate for this.
mammon comes to your room regularly and even though he won’t admit it for the life of him, your company was very dear to him. earlier today you invited him to hang out with you in your room, watching movies and eating snacks, however you were so tired from rad’s classes that when you got home you just stripped out of your uniform and collapsed on bed.
mammon of course was not aware of that and nothing could have prepared the poor demon for this. he stood there, mouth agape and bag of chips in hand, you just looked ethereal. the moon was shining through your window, kissing your very much exposed skin. the black lingerie you had on left little to his mind to imagine and oh, he surely wasn’t complaining.
you did invite him to watch movies though, so he sat on the floor, back to your bed’s frame, and turned on the tv, lowering the volume so you wouldn’t wake up. “i am only forgiving this because it’s you, dumbass...” mammon mumbled under his breath.
lucifer is a lot more forgiving and patient when it comes to you, so that’s why he wasn’t upset you fell asleep on his bed while reading. he did notice that you seemed uncomfortable in your jeans.
he takes some old clothes of his from his dresser and starts to unbutton your pants to change you into something better to sleep on, he did not antecipate to see the tiny lingerie that you were wearing though, it did caught him unprepared.
if your jeans were uncomfortable this tiny red piece of clothing, who did nothing to cover you from his hungry eyes, was definitely worse. lucifer only smirked to himself as he pulled his old and comfortable pants over your legs before tucking you in with a kiss to the corner of your mouth. he sat on his stuffed chair beside the bed and opened up a book, he was gonna ask you about it when you woke up, for sure. “how interesting...”.
beel got out of his bed to look for some midnight snack, he was headed for the kitchen but before he could arrive at his destination he stumbled upon you on the couch, sleeping in the livingroom. being the gentleman that he is he started to pick you up to take you to your room.
when your hot body made contact to his skin, he could feel you were barely dressed, it was only when the covers that were over you shifted a little and revealed your attire to him that he stopped. beel looked down and his cheeks instantly heated up.
there you were on his arms, with a sheer nightgown on that allowed him to peek at your lacy white lingerie. beel’s whole body got hotter with each step he took to your room with you in his steel hold. he finally reached your door and softly laid you on your bed, when he closed your door he ran to his room to take a shower to cool down his body.
levi and you were playing games together, in your rooms, talking through discord and when you stopped responding, he paused the game to go check on you in your room. when he got there, he had to hold back an squeal at the sight of you.
you were half naked, asleep on your game controlers and headphones, levi was petrified, the purple lingerie you had on had his mind running insane with a flood of thoughts of you, not innocent at all. as much as he was nervous, levi still cares about you deeply so he moved closer to place you properly on bed.
while he pulled the covers over your sleeping form, realization hit him in the head like a truck. you were playing with him while half naked all this time, huh.
leviathan choked on his own spit.
belphie didn’t remember why he came to your room in the first place, but that didn’t seem relevant as of now, giving your current state. he was torn between amused, because you were half naked in a cute lilac lingerie that accentuated your body sinfully, or annoyed, because you were taking an afternoon nap alone and without him, devil forbid.
he settled on a mix of both emotions as he snaked into bed with you, hugging your waist and pulling you flush against him, your exposed back to his chest. belphie wanted to be smug about it but the redness on his cheeks and the beating of his heart, betrayed him. “fuck y/n...”.
Tumblr media
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astairekin · 2 months ago
clinginess/affection with the obey me boys
note from kin: this was originally meant to be a shorter piece but then it got real long whoops
also, quick clarification: generally if i do a piece where the characters are separated that means that that character is your only partner for each individual scenario (apart from luke of course he’s just your adopted little brother)
fandom: obey me!
character(s): gn! reader, lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, luke, solomon
pairing(s): demon bros/reader, diavolo/reader, barbatos/reader, simeon/reader, luke & reader (platonic only for the angel bby), solomon/reader
warning(s): might take you a while to get through everyone but that’s all
genre: fluff
Tumblr media
generally lucifer’s all about the ‘strong independent demon who don’t need no lover’ facade, but don’t be fooled! he’s about a hundred feet deep into ‘unequivocally whipped’ status
he gives the impression that he’d know exactly what he wants and how to get it at all times but really he just stares at you until you get the hint and give him a kiss
(lucifer is good at a lot of things but romance just escapes him sometimes)
anyway truly clingy lucifer is pretty unpredictable but there is one consistent time when he really comes out, and that is when he’s tired
tired lucifer is usually on the more mellow side (if you want to ask him a favour, this is the best time to do it) because he is just too exhausted to get angry at things
tired lucifer is also just about the biggest affection bug in all three worlds because his guard’s down and he’s actually feeling his emotions instead of just generally registering and ignoring them, so he’s suddenly a lot more aware of how nice it feels to be with you
what does this mean? well, tired lucifer usually comes into play while he’s up late doing paperwork and stuff, so this is often how it goes:
1. lucifer becomes aware of his growing exhaustion and decides that he would really quite like to hold you right now
2. lucifer tries to concentrate on his work for about five more minutes
3. lucifer gives up on doing that and decides to go find you
these days you’re usually sleeping over in his bedroom so lucifer will just trot his way over and just kind of collapse on you
depending on whether you’re a heavy enough sleeper to sleep through that one of two things will happen:
if you wake up and ask him why he’s crushing you he’ll offer a quiet apology and give you a little kiss on the head and then pull away to actually get into bed properly
typically you’ll just cuddle up to him and go back to sleep but sometimes you’re awake enough at these moments to ask him if something’s wrong
at which point lucifer will either tell you he just wanted to be with you or start venting about how much stuff he has to do
meanwhile if you stay asleep he’ll probably just lay there for like half an hour thinking ‘i should probably get back to work’ and then not do that
you know that little speech lucifer gives in-game about demons not being able to resist temptation or whatever
yeah that’s him right here
he’s content and at ease and you’re like right there so there’s no way he isn’t just going to go to bed so he can hold you close now
apart from moments like these the clingiest lucifer usually gets is refusing to stop holding your hand (especially when you’re out) for any reason
like you’ll be going out grocery shopping together and he just will not let go at all. he’ll be using magic to pull the trolley and his other hand to pick up stuff and the hand holding yours just will. not. budge.
occasionally he’ll also get a little clingier if it’s been a hard or particularly frustrating day at work and when this happens not even being in the rad assembly hall right in front of diavolo will stop him from pulling his chair up so that it’s right next to yours and holding your hand under the table (he really likes doing that if you haven’t noticed)
when he thinks none of the others are paying attention he might even sneak in a couple of quick kisses on your fingers or the crown of your head
(the thing is at least one of the brothers is usually sitting on the opposite side of the table and it’s kind of hard not to notice this happening right in front of your face)
diavolo thinks it’s so cute so he doesn’t care and the brothers are low key too scared of lucifer to try teasing him
alright so i know that clingy mammon is basically a universally accepted thing but i’d like to propose something a bit deeper
mammon is definitely one of the more affectionate brothers right off the bat, but for him to get truly clingy? that actually takes a good while
for mammon, actively seeking affection is an enormous display of vulnerability. like, you don’t even know how enormous
being the most panned brother in the family means that he’s used to being rejected for all sorts of things, to the point where receiving a ‘no’ when he asks for anything is pretty much expected from the beginning
you’re going to have to sit him down and have a proper conversation about Feelings before he can let that go, and even then it takes him a while after that to realise that you don’t mind if he just comes up behind you while you’re doing homework and drapes himself over your shoulders
but oh boy once he gets into it he gets INTO it
good luck sitting just about anywhere because mammon WILL find a way to cuddle up to you somehow
depending on how much room there is this can go many ways
will he throw himself down sideways and plant his head on your legs? will he settle next to you and pull you into his chest? will he just straight up drop himself in your lap and demand a hug? it’s a mystery
(do make sure to keep initiating affection yourself as well, by the way, because if mammon realises that he’s giving you a lot more affection that you’re giving him he’s going to get insecure again)
(by the way, if you ever do feel like he’s suffocating you a little, just tell him straight up. trying to talk subtly will only confuse him and make him think that he really is starting to put you off - just say clearly that you love him and that he’s still welcome to seek affection, you just need him to tone it down a little. mammon’s happy to do so to make sure you’re comfortable in your relationship!)
mammon is generally very proud that you’re his partner so his clinginess is only reduced by like 10% in public
the two of you’ll be walking around r.a.d. holding hands and he’ll be alternating between staring at you in awe, bumping you gently in the shoulder because the increased contact makes his heart do happy little cartwheels, and giving all the demons walking past smug looks
like ‘see this human next to me? aren’t they the loveliest being you’ve ever seen? don’t you wish you had someone like that? too bad, my human’s one of a kind. suck it, losers.’
he does refrain from too much pda (especially during class) but he also refuses to lose his back hug privilege just because there are other demons around
he does it at the beginning of class when you get in before him, he does it whenever he sees you walking ahead of him in the corridors, he does it to greet you at the end of the day before you start walking home together
running up and throwing his arms around you from behind is just one of his absolute favourite things to do
you know that trope in romance movies where person a hugs person b and like lifts them up and twirls them around? it’s mammon’s dream to one day do that with you
whether he’s the twirler or the twirlee he doesn’t mind, he just wants to do it at least once
allow me to warn you though: if you do let him do the picking up and twirling, he’s not going to stop doing it every time he sees you from now on
and, if you do the picking up and twirling, he isn’t going to stop asking you to do it every time he sees you from now on either
levi’s clinginess dips and peaks on a pretty regular basis
if he’s recently gotten into a new game, anime, or manga, he’ll pretty much not seek any affection at all (at first anyway)
he won’t reject you if you seek affection yourself but he also won’t really initiate it himself
generally these periods will last up to a week, after which levi will usually decide that he hasn’t had nearly enough hugs in recent memory and finally come to find you
even when he is at one of the peaks though he’s not anywhere near maximum neediness
a really needy and clingy levi usually happens when he’s either jealous or has had a sudden existential crisis and is in ‘if i don’t cuddle with them right now i WILL die’ mode
the jealous part is pretty standard - he sees asmo being a bit too touchy with you, you seem to be having more fun with mammon than usual, you’ve been texting solomon a whole lot for the last few days, etc.
of course he trusts you and knows you love him but 1. he gets incredibly insecure, and 2. avatar of envy, remember?
when it comes to this, levi’ll start out by spamming you with messages to come to his room, and if you don’t affirm that you’re coming within two minutes of him sending the texts, he’s getting up to find you
this happens a lot when you’re spending time with one of the other brothers, so what usually happens is levi’ll just barge in and plonk himself on you
for example, you might be in the library with satan, debating theories about what’ll happen in the next volume of the book series you’re both reading
levi will practically kick the door down in the middle of your conversation and make a bee-line for you, jumping up onto the couch beside you and wrapping his arms firmly around your waist
if satan tries to intervene, levi will hiss at him
on the other hand, existential crisis ‘i need touch NOW’ levi is a bit more complex
he comes out pretty rarely but when he does it is a doozy
missing his old home in the celestial realm, remembering the absolute bloodshed of the celestial war and how it had felt to fall and lose his angelic wings, detesting the demon he’s become, the whole shebang
he spends hours on end just lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling, wondering how the hell he got here, just generally feeling awful about both himself and the things he’s done
then that spirals into ‘how am i alive’ and ‘how does life even work’ and ‘where the fuck did father even get the idea for fingers’
and then he’ll suddenly spot something in his room that reminds him of you (whether it be a polaroid on the wall, the controller you were using last time you were over, or a character that looks vaguely like you on one of his posters) and suddenly decide that if he isn’t cuddling you in five minutes maximum, he is going to drop dead
he’s too desperate to waste time by texting you and waiting for a response, so he immediately jumps up and essentially goes on a rampage
it doesn’t matter how many of his brothers are around, it doesn’t matter even if diavolo himself is hanging around, nothing is stopping levi from wrapping you firmly in his arms as soon as he sees you and burying his face in the crook of your neck
on the occasion that you’re out of the house, he’ll either call you and plead for you to come back or sit at the bottom of the stairs in front of the door and wait for you to get back
post existential crisis levi is also often at least 10x clingier than usual for up to two weeks afterwards, so expect a lot more hand-holding, side-hugs and pulling you into his lap while he’s watching anime or playing games
you know that trope in ships where person a enjoys books and person b accosts them from behind while they’re reading? well here person a enjoys books and, while reading, accosts person b
satan’s caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to balancing his hunger for reading and his need for contact with you so things often end with him doing both at the same time
before he’d typically only ever read either in his room or in the library, but these days he just brings a particularly long book and follows you around, and sits down to read in whatever room you’re in
even if you’re in one of the other brothers’ rooms, he’ll invite himself along, sit wherever he finds comfortable, and go right back to his book
it’s like when cats follow you into every room you go into but don’t acknowledge your existence and settle down somewhere without even looking at you
except satan can’t do it for longer than an hour or two at a time because (even though he’s also ignoring you) he cannot bear not having your attention on him for so long when you’re like. right there
at which point, still determinedly pretending to be absorbed in his book, he’ll start inching closer to you
sometimes you don’t notice until he’s practically on top of you (for example when the two of you are on opposite ends of the sofa in mammon’s room and all he needs to do is shuffle sideways), but other times he’s just so painfully obvious about it (for example when you’re sitting around the dining room table and he starts like,,, hopping his chair over to you as if he thinks no one can see him????)
he’s not going to say anything, oh no no no, he’s just going to lean into your side and then carry on reading
here’s a trick though
wrap an arm around his shoulder, lean over and kiss him on the head, then ask him what he’s doing with a little fond smile on your face. he is putty in your hands in 0.0000000005 seconds
(as if he isn’t already putty in your hands 24/7)
he immediately loses all focus on his book, starts smiling like a lovestruck goof (which he is), attempts to disguise said smile, fails to disguise said smile, and finally just puts his book aside and goes full snuggle mode
it drives his brothers crazy because he does not read the room in the slightest when doing this. like, take that scenario i mentioned earlier where you’re in mammon’s room - satan does not give a single shit that mammon is right there and that’s his sofa
satan does like to do the holding (it makes him feel like he’s protecting you from the big bad outside and also seeing you all cuddled up to his chest makes his heart dissolve into a little puddle) but he is such an absolute sucker for being held
stroke his hair. do it. watch just how much he melts
if he was a cat he’d be purring himself into blissful oblivion
satan also often gets clingier if you’ve been spending a lot of time with lucifer recently
it’s not really a ‘showing lucifer that you’re his’ clingy, it’s more of a ‘he has a massive inferiority complex and needs more physical affection before he self implodes with the Bad Feeling’ kind of clingy
in this case satan absolutely needs to be the one being held because he needs that kind of reassurance
he most likely won’t tell you why he’s suddenly so desperate for cuddles now but you can usually pick up on the fact that he’s a bit down and therefore hold him accordingly
if you weren’t stroking his hair before you better do it now you absolute monster
in particularly vulnerable moments he’ll actually grab your wrist and plant your hand on his head himself because he really wants you to do it but feels embarrassed saying so out loud
oh BOY
look there’s no way of putting this softly. asmo’s an attention whore
and he isn’t ashamed to say or demonstrate it either
linking arms with you wherever you go? absolutely. giving you a big kiss on the cheek whenever he sees you? routine. practically sitting in your lap wherever you’re sitting? always.
if he can see you and he isn’t touching you then there is a severe problem and he must fix it immediately
the other students at rad are split between being sick of seeing you and asmo walking around hand in hand with asmo physically looking like he has sparkly little hearts coming off of him or thinking it’s actually really cute
at one point the faculty at rad thought it would be funny to sit you on opposite sides of the classroom and asmo’s grades immediately dropped because he was just spending three quarters of each lesson staring wistfully at you and sighing so loudly every five minutes that he was annoying all the other students
in the end they put you back next to each other and asmo was over the moon
he just can’t maintain concentration on his work without being able to lean over and nuzzle his head against your shoulder on the regular
he’ll try not to annoy you too much though - if he sees that you want to concentrate on your work or the teacher he’ll refrain from being too clingy
i feel like asmo’s probably starved of innocent affectionate touch so he thrives off of doing things like brushing his nose against yours or linking his fingers with yours while the two of you are browsing a store
he also loves doing things like feeding you at dinner (and of course being fed by you at dinner) but his brothers (read: belphie, levi, mammon) set up such a fuss at how ‘gross’ it is that he doesn’t do it too often
he’s perfectly happy with the not so innocent kind of affectionate touch (he is the avatar of lust after all) but there’ something about cuddling in bed without it intensifying into something more rough that just hits different
he was already diligent about his sleep schedule but now he straight up looks forward to bedtime because it means no one can disturb cuddle time
asmo takes good care of his skin so before he always made sure to sleep lying flat on his back without his face touching the pillowcase so that any product on it doesn’t get wiped off
but - and this is a huge thing - to asmo, cuddling with you goes above his skin in terms of importance
he starts using less stay-on products at night and starts investing in stuff that absorbs nice and quick so that he can smush his face into your shoulder without worrying about getting his face oil on it
asmo also used to be pretty good about getting up on time but now that’s kind of gone
you: “asmo come on we need to get up”
asmo, sleepily pulling you even closer: “cuddle good”
you: “yes cuddle good but we have school”
asmo: “school evil. cuddle good”
lucifer is often frustrated but asmo seems so happy that he can’t bring himself to tell him off
while asmo would be glad to be drowning you in affection at all times, he’s also very aware of the need to be mindful of boundaries and stuff in relationships
he’s good at reading your mood, so if he senses that you’d probably get a little irritated (though you wouldn’t say so, bless you) if he decided to enthusiastically greet you with an ambush hug from the side as usual, he’ll just calmly walk up and take your hand instead
also if you feel like he’s being too much just let him know! he won’t be hurt at all, he’s conscious that his general lack of holding back when it comes to physical affection isn’t for everyone
he’s also perfectly happy to save all the affection for when the two of you are alone if you don’t like pda
beel’s probably the least (consistently) clingy out of the brothers
he’s very much got a one-track mind so if he needs to concentrate on something like homework or finding snacks or working out then the likelihood is that cuddling won’t even cross his mind
in addition to that he’s also usually content just to be near and watch you
belphie’s got an entire album of photos of beel gazing off at something in the distance with an expression of absolute adoration and in each of those photos he was staring at you
no matter how mundane what you’re doing may be, he’s captivated
apart from that his persistent hunger means that whenever he doesn’t need to focus on something else, his one-track mind is generally constantly thinking about how hungry he is, so even then he doesn’t have the room in his mind to get clingy
however, when he does realise that he wants some affection, he becomes absolutely desperate for it, and this is the only time he really gets clingy
it usually starts out as a niggling little thought at the back of his mind while he’s in the middle of something else
he’s vaguely aware that something’s up but he’s too busy concentrating on that other thing to really think about it
it’s like a little hole is opening up inside him and generally when he feels that, he’s hungry, so beel will automatically go eat
but then as he’s sitting there eating he’ll kind of think ‘this isn’t filling up that hole at all’
he’ll take a couple more bites, thinking hard (he might miss his mouth a few times since he’s so deep in thought) and then come to an epiphany
the hole wasn’t a need for food… it was a need for affection
at first he’s just kind of like ‘ah that makes sense’ and carries on eating, just thinking that he’ll give you a hug or something next time he sees you
but then he can’t stop thinking about that need for affection
beel isn’t great at taking the initiative when it comes to affection (mostly because he doesn’t really know how) so instead of actually seeking you out he’s more likely to just sit there and stew in his own want for affection
generally the other brothers will just leave him alone because he’s giving off a real scary aura and it often gives the impression that he’s mad about something, and an angry beel is even scarier than an angry lucifer
the exception is (of course) belphie
it took him a while to figure it out but eventually he realised that when beel gets like this the only solution is to get you
so that’s what he does
beel will be sat grumpily in the corner of the living room, biscuits abandoned beside him, and he’ll hear the door open
at first he doesn’t bother turning around because he’s still sulking about how much he wants some affection
if you don’t immediately realise what’s going on belphie will give you a silent little nudge and then pad off to leave you with your lovely boy
you may be inclined to call out to him, but here’s a much better way to greet him: creep up and hug him from behind
he lets out the tiniest little gasp, stiffening for a moment as he processes what’s going on, then turns to look at you and just lights up like a christmas tree
i hope your schedule is clear because once beel’s got his arms around you, you probably aren’t going to going anywhere anytime soon
but it’s okay because he’s very warm and comfy and he keeps kissing you on the head and it’s like the sweetest thing ever
if you do absolutely need to get up to do something he’ll follow you like a lost duckling until you’re free to cuddle again because once beel gets like this it takes a while for him to stop being clingy
similarly to levi, belphie’s clinginess fluctuates a lot between ‘i will hold your hand but that’s it’ and ‘if you don’t hug me right now i will Scream’
sometimes he’s fine with just napping in the same room as you without particularly caring about being super close to you and other times he can’t sleep unless he’s latched around your goddamn neck
he switches between the two states of clinginess really quickly and there’s no in between either - it’s one or the other
you know that thing cats do where one minute they’re cuddled up on your lap and purring as you stroke them and then the next minute they’re grabbing your hand and trying to murder you? belphie does this on the regular
he doesn’t start biting you but he does go from being all snuggled against you wrapped in a blanket to being curled up on the other side of the sofa and shooting you a very reproachful look if you disturb him by making too much noise or moving too much
the switching goes both ways so other times he’ll seem perfectly happy snoozing on your bed while you get some work done at your desk and then he’ll suddenly be draping himself on you and whining for you to come nap with him because he’s so lonely without you and surely you must be done with that stuff now, so come and cuddle right now or he’s going to cry
however, if you do the right (or wrong thing) you can actually get belphie to switch between the two states of clinginess yourself
if for some reason you want him to go from ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ to ‘do not touch me???’, just tickle him. he’ll give you a disgruntled look and immediately move away (though if he was being particularly cuddly before it won’t be long before he’s coming to snuggle again)
on the other hand if you want him to go from ‘do not touch me???’ to ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ then all you need to do is give him a relatively short hug and a kiss on the forehead, then pull away
no matter how firmly he was in ‘do not touch me???’ mode before, doing this immediately makes him go ‘not allowed to stop now, give me more love >:((((‘
he doesn’t really care that you’re doing this on purpose because to be honest he doesn’t notice that it’s a deliberate thing, even if you do it like five times in a row
he’s just focusing on the ‘hug and kiss feel good. want MORE’ bit
by the way if you do deliberately get him into clingy mode, you aren’t going to be able to switch him back to not-clingy mode for at least an hour because he’ll just bat your hand away if you try to keep tickling him and refuse to budge
to be honest though you don’t really need to do this too often because ‘do not touch me???’ belphie never lasts more than twelve hours before becoming ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ belphie, and most of the time it takes much less time than that, plus ‘maximum cuddle overdrive’ belphie tends to stick around a lot longer
is he’s on a schedule??? because it’s such a regular thing??
take how his clinginess levels change throughout the night for example:
like at the beginning of the night when you’re both getting into bed he’ll be facing away from you, seeming perfectly content with just snuggling into his cow pillow (though he will hold your hand under the covers if you want)
and then nearly exactly four hours into sleeping he’ll suddenly roll over and latch himself around your neck and just will not budge for the rest of the right
but then about five minutes before he wakes up he’ll let go and roll to the other side of the bed again
and then about half an hour after initially waking up he’ll roll back over and start clinging to you again and go back to sleep
is it like a body clock?? does belphie have a clinginess clock???????
the sheer touch starvation of this poor demon… it’s enough to make any grown man cry
his father was the big scary king of the devildom and diavolo was only ever raised to be a good ruler without much father-son bonding, and he also had basically no close friends (apart from barbatos but he wasn’t exactly the cuddly type)
it’s kind of heart breaking how little affection he’s had throughout his life to be honest
and diavolo thrives off of affection and praise (a bit like a golden retriever) which makes it even SADDER because he’s had so little
so now that he has you he is just on cloud nine
just like. permanently. he’s started whistling cheerfully to himself whenever he walks places and honestly it wouldn’t be surprising if he started breaking out in musical numbers
and he brings you with him EVERYWHERE
as the pseudo-ruler of the devildom (his dad’s technically still the official king but he’s asleep so diavolo’s the one making all the kingly decisions) he has to preside over the trials of a couple particularly offensive demons
the defendant will walk in and he’ll be sitting there on his custom throne in this sweeping red and black robe and you’re sitting beside him in an equally ornate throne and wearing a equally fancy robe
(side note diavolo loves seeing you on that throne because it gives you this really powerful regal air and it suits you so well and he just. he simps so hard)
the two of you look like the evil royal couple from some fairytale and it’s incredibly intimidating
but then the judge will start reading the charges and the lawyers (do they have lawyers in the devildom) will be cross examining or whatever it is lawyers do, which means no one’s paying too much attention to what diavolo’s doing
of course he does need to listen to what’s being said but at the same time he’s not the one making the final verdict - he’s only really here to watch the trial
linking hands with you and leaning over and nestling his head against yours it is :D
it kind of ruins the whole intimidating effect when the defendant looks over and you and the demon lord are just canoodling like newlyweds
apart from moments like these diavolo is also practically always touching you. like it’s to the point where it’s almost excessive
it’s basically reflex for him to reach for your hand as soon as he sits beside you or to link arms with you when you’re walking together
he’ll start hugging you and he just??? won’t stop???
like he’ll catch you walking past his room in his castle and come up to give you a hug from behind and then like five minutes later barbatos will see you shuffling about the corridors with diavolo still hanging from your shoulders as if he’s trying to get a piggy back ride
barbatos is torn between loving you for how happy you make the young prince and hating you because diavolo never gets any of his work when you’re around
like at one point he tries motivating diavolo by inviting you over to the castle and telling diavolo that he can go be with you as soon as he finishes his paperwork
but all that happens is diavolo will read exactly two sentences and then immediately declare that he can’t concentrate on work when you’re so close by
at this point barbatos practically begs you to stay away from the castle just for another hour or two because if diavolo doesn’t read through these papers thoroughly he’s going to end up accidentally agreeing to fund a giant bat statue again
does diavolo care about any pda affecting his image? not really
you’re far more important to him than any kind of reputation he might need to upkeep and to be honest if he can’t hug you just because some hoity-toity noble is watching, then what’s the point?????
if it bothers you though he’s happy to tone it down :D
i feel like barbatos is the only one on this list that you can’t really describe as being clingy at all
not necessarily because he doesn’t like affection - the thing is that he’s always so busy that he doesn’t really any choice
even if he does feel the need for affection he just can’t act on it because he has things to arrange and places to clean and paperwork to sort
to be honest he was cautious of committing to a relationship with you in the first place because even though he loved you to pieces he knew he wasn’t going to be able to consistently provide you with the affection you deserved
you’re also going to have to be incredibly patient with him because even when barbatos does have time for affection he’s super awkward about it at first
he’s only ever really known how to treat people from the whole butler state of mind
which just be polite and courteous, keep them happy, do as you’re told and keep your distance
aside from that he was already a little touch averse in the first place and he just doesn’t find it easy to be physically affectionate
he tries to make up for it with verbal affection and a whole host of endearing nicknames but he’s fully aware that a relationship can’t really survive on words alone
so he also tries to do little things like giving you a flower every day or leaving you little gifts and notes
and you seem happy with that which makes him happy but soon enough barbatos starts to realise that he actually wants physical affection as well
he starts small, with cheek kisses and loose hand-holding, making sure that both of you are comfortable, and soon enough you can just run and jump at him and he’ll catch you and start peppering you with tiny kisses
it’s pretty blissful but the thing is that he still doesn’t get a chance to do these things enough
i guess the best way to say it is that barbatos is kind of clingy mentally (like he’ll be thinking about wanting affection on the regular) but can’t really let that through physically
luckily for him, diavolo’s a nice boss and decides that if barbatos doesn’t start taking breaks so that he can actually be with you, he’s going to force him to
barbatos before this has basically never taken a single break in his entire life and diavolo decides that that has to change
so now barbatos gets evenings off to do as he likes
it means that the little ds of the castle have to pick up some of the work barbatos usually does but they all respect the butler a lot and they’re glad that he’s happy with you so they’re willing to help
what does barbatos do with this free time?
spend it with you of course (was there ever going to be another answer)
he’s still not super clingy because that’s just not how barbatos is but he does consistently seek and give affection during this time off
the two of you’ll be baking something together and he’ll keep leaning over to kiss your nose while you’re decorating
barbatos is definitely happy to bake with you if you’re already good with that kind of thing but he’s also just over the moon if you’ve never baked anything in your life because it makes him feel all warm when he gets to teach you
and when you’re under barbatos’s instructions, it’s basically impossible to make something bad
the others they all agree that barbatos’s baking always tastes better when he does it with you
barbatos also very much likes to do that thing where person a has some flour or something on their face and person b reaches to wipe it off but their touch is way more tender than necessary and also their hand stays there for way too long
you’re not complaining though
(occasionally barbatos will deliberately flick a little flour at your cheek when you’re not paying attention so that he can do this)
some of you are probably going to disagree with this but simeon’s an angel so i doubt he’s super physical with his affection
honestly he probably doesn’t even kiss you that often—
simeon LOVES physical affection
kisses? he adores them, can’t get enough. holding hands? he never wants to let go. brushing noses? it makes his heart do backflips. hugs? get over here right now
that being said he only really gets ‘clingy’ when he sees you
simeon often doesn’t realise how much he likes your touch until he sees you. it’s like if he can’t see you, he just forgets that giving affection to and receiving affection from you is a thing that can happen
object permanence isn’t one of simeon’s strong points i'm afraid
like if he’s at purgatory hall and you’re over in the house of lamentation he isn’t going to be sulking in his room because he wants cuddles
but if you then come knocking at the door he’s all over you immediately
arm linked with yours as soon as you’re over the threshold to guide you to the living room even though you’re fully aware of where it is, sitting down flush beside you and basically draping his cloak around your shoulders so that he can actually feel you against him rather than feeling you through the fabric, holding one of your hands in both of his and just running his fingers up and down your palm
his absolute favourite thing is the aforementioned brushing noses thing
he first saw it on some cliche romance show solomon was watching and he basically had stars in his eyes
he immediately sent you a very excited and typo-ridden text about it, followed by another text asking if the two of you could try it
it didn’t really work the first time because simeon got overexcited and just bonked his head right into yours
he got the hang out of it eventually though and now he greets you like that every time he sees you
it doesn’t matter how many times he does it, it never fails to make him feel all fluttery and warm inside
if he ever seems down this is a sure fire way to get him to cheer up
it’s great when he’s the one initiating, but when you do it? he hits a whole other level of serotonin
doesn’t matter how blue his mood is, he’ll immediately start giggling, especially if you plant a little kiss on his nose right after
there is one type of affection that kind of scares simeon at first though
so angels are all about the seven heavenly virtues and one of those is chastity
simeon’s shameless when it comes to affection like hugging you from behind or linking hands with you under a table but sharing a bed with you is a different story entirely
you’re not even doing anything you’re literally just lying under the same covers, several inches away from him might i add, and he’s still basically evaporating
it takes him a good three days or so to be able to relax and then another whole week to be able to actually cuddle with you in bed without exploding
and you’ve still got to take it slow from there because even just wrapping your legs around his immediately makes him short circuit
and even once he’s used to that as well, whispering to him in a tone that even only slightly indicates flirtation is enough to fluster him into next week
actually doing that even when you’re just out and about still gets him all in a tizzy
at first asmo thought you must be saying some truly sinful things whenever you leaned over and whispered something to simeon and he’d immediately bury his face in his hands and practically start steaming
then one time he was close enough to actually hear what you were saying and it literally just ‘you’re really cute, you know that?’
weak, simeon. weak.
try not to tease him too much, his heart might not be able to take it
luke basically follows you around everywhere like a shadow
to be honest simeon kind of feels a little betrayed because before luke always stuck firmly by his side but these days as soon as he sees you he starts making a bee line for you instead
you’ll take three steps into r.a.d. and before you’ve even taken another breath luke is hurrying up to you with a big smile on his face
he’ll be walking at two times his comfortable walking pace to make sure he can keep up with you and eagerly nodding along to everything you say
he’s like this little kid who just thinks you’re so so so cool and that you physically can do no wrong
and normally luke doesn’t like being treated like a child but when you do it, it feels more like an endearment thing than an patronising thing, so he doesn’t mind
if you ruffle his hair he gets so happy
up in the human world you hold his hand to cross roads and he’s just like !!!!!!
he feels so safe and happy with you awwwww
he also likes to study with you because you’re good at motivating him, and whenever he gets a good grade on a test or essay he’ll immediately run to find you and show you (or call you if you’re not in the school building)
(tell him you’re proud of him right NOW)
of course he can’t be following you about at all times (that’s just impossible) but he seems to always be there when it counts, especially when you’re having a moment with one of the demons
for example you might be walking around in the r.a.d. gardens after school with asmo
as soon as asmo starts getting close to you, guess who’s running up to you with his arms in the air, greeting you a bit too enthusiastically? that’s right it’s luke
if your partner is barbatos he’ll be a bit more mellow about it since he likes him
but if it’s lucifer, mammon, or diavolo in particular, he gets even more vigilant
even if you’re not with one of the demons (i.e. with solomon or simeon) he’s still barging in whenever the two of you start getting too close for his taste
honestly he acts like a little brother who really doesn’t like who his sibling’s dating (or just doesn’t like the fact that his sibling is dating at all in solomon, simeon and barbatos’ case)
do you mind? not really
it does get a little irritating sometimes but you know luke means the best
just sit him down and talk to him about it and he’ll (though a little begrudgingly) agree to let you have your moments with whoever your beau is
that being said that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop glaring at any of the random students r.a.d. who looks at you for a bit too long
he’s okay with the brothers and diavolo and barbatos but he still doesn’t really trust the demons as a whole so he’s always on his guard because his parental/big sibling figure is NOT getting hurt on his watch
you’re also the first person he thinks of whenever he’s baked something
solomon often texts you to let you know if luke’s baking something in the purgatory hall kitchen because within a couple of hours (it depends on what he’s baking) he’ll be on your doorstep with a healthy portion of whatever it was he made in a pretty little box
(as an aside solomon ALWAYS lets you know this by sending a picture of luke hard at work, which is innocent in and of itself, but he always captions it ‘luke’s baked’ for some fucking reason and you keep getting mini heart attacks because is he implying that luke’s doing weed???)
anyway luke always starts packaging some of his baking up for you as soon as he’s done and simeon and solomon are just like ‘what are we, chopped liver???’
he does still like his house mates of course but it’s just,,,, you’re special okay
solomon’s definitely clingy, but he’s, like, subtle about it
instead of constantly needing to be holding your hand, he’ll constantly have his pinky linked with yours
instead of constantly demanding kisses, he’ll just nudge his cheek against yours every now and then
instead of sitting right next to you so that you’re basically smushed up against each other, he’ll make sure to keep the side of one of his legs softly brushing against yours
it’s partially because solomon himself doesn’t really feel comfortable with heavy physical affection and partially because he’s always hated it when couples are super into pda and he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite
despite both these things he’s still incredibly in love with you though so he does still like to be near you whenever possible
he likes to have you in the room whenever he’s trying out a new spell or mixing up a potion or something because he can just sashay over and get a little kiss on the cheek or the nose and that’s enough to motivate him for at least another hour
solomon’s also got this constant kind of feeling that he needs to protect you while you’re in the devildom because you’re the only two humans surrounded by deadly demons at all times
he’s aware that you can protect yourself (especially once he starts teaching you spells) but he can’t help it
this means that while the two of you are in public he’s actually more likely to do something like put his arm around you
apart from that his clinginess mostly comes through in little things (as i mentioned earlier), but those little things are basically happening indefinitely
like at any given moment you and solomon are together, take a moment to observe. he is 99.99999% likely to be touching you in some way or another
it can be the tiniest thing placing his hand on the table beside yours and letting his pinky touch yours, but it is most definitely happening
all this being said solomon does still like to do the bigger things, he just prefers to do them more sparingly and when no one else is around
he’s been around for so long without anyone who truly loves him and stays by his side like you do and he wants those special moments to be for the two of you only
he’s actually really playful with his affection behind closed doors - like you’ll be all snuggled together in bed and he’ll suddenly blow right into your ear and start laughing hysterically when you start
return the favour when he least expects it and he won’t be laughing anymore
(secretly he is laughing on the inside because you’re just so cute but he’s pretending to be startled on the outside so that you don’t get all sulky)
solomon’s statistically more likely to become clingier/more elaborate with his physical affection as the relationship goes on
like he evolves from greeting you by smiling and reaching over to brush his fingers gently against your cheek to greeting you with these really big bear hugs (not all the time - it usually happens whenever he hasn’t seen you for maybe a day or two - but he definitely does it pretty regularly)
he also starts doing this thing where he’ll sneak up on you while you’re sitting in like the living room or something and fling his giant jacket-cloak over you, and then he’ll settle down next to you so that you’re both all snuggled up underneath it
he does this once and then he can’t stop doing it because underneath the jacket you’re so close and it’s so warm and he just. he adores
to simeon and luke watching from the outside however it looks incredibly strange
(by the way i’m still so angry about it being a jacket like WHY did it have to be a jacket? it was fine as a cloak?? also WHY did it have to fade into white the black into blue was perfectly gorgeous on its own)
(ALSO, what is going on with those half white half black shoes???? solomon really out here rocking with the cruella de vil converse)
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yandere-daydreams · 11 months ago
This might seem a little out of left-field, but I was thinking about the Obey Me Brothers and some of their… specific vices, and things got out of hand quickly. What can I say? I’m a sucker for lists, Yanderes, and the culmination of the two.
The Yandere!Demon Brothers' Darkest Fantasies.
TW: Graphic Violence, (Imagined) Non-Con, Power-Play, Master/Servant Dynamics, Dub-Con, Mentions of Masturbation, Mentions of Blood/Bruising, and General Unhealthy Mindsets All Around. 
Lucifer wants you to bow to him.
Out of everyone on the list, he does the least to hide his fantasies, regardless of how depraved or dubious or down-right disgusting they get. Why would he? There are only a handful of people stronger than him, more capable than him, and when it’s so clear that you’re so weak and feeble and in such desperate need of guidance, he hardly feels the need to wait for you to ask. It borders on pet-play, honestly, if only because he’s so quick to pull out a collar the first time you puff out your cheeks and refuse to get on your knees when he was nice enough to order around you politely.
It’s all about control for him, or rather, the reassurance that he’s the one who has it. The knowledge that he’s the strongest, the most responsible, and that he deserves to be in charge, even if things tend to get bloody under his command. He’ll make you say such awful things, telling you exactly what he wants to hear as the heel of his boot digs into your bare spine, keeping your chest pressed against the floor while you sing his praises and drag your own name through the mud, confessing every rash, irresponsible thing you’ve ever done in an effort to distract him from the whip that never seems to leave his hand. He knows what it’s like to be treated as something holy, what it’s like to be revered rather than feared, and he doesn’t want to stop pushing until you look at him with the same admiration, the same unadulterated love he used to be showered in.
And if you don’t, if you won’t, he’ll be happy to break you down until you don’t have another choice. Obedience is a close second to reverence, and Lucifer has enough toys to make either a viable option.
Mammon wants to keep you to himself.
It’s a natural progression, honestly. He’s your first, he’s your man, and you’re his human, his responsibility, the most useless treasure in his collection and the only one that truly, genuinely matters to him. For now, he can wrap an arm around your waist, narrow his eyes and keep any potential rivals at a distance, but he can’t do anything to keep away his own brothers. Baring his teeth and sharpening his claws feels childish when all you do is smile and tell him not to be so jealous. Everything he does feels pointless when you can just laugh and run off with the first person to pull you away from him. You make it pointless. You are pointless, you should just be lucky he wants you anyway.
It’d be so simple, too, so easy to just close the door to his room and not open it again, not until you’re chained to something too tight to slip out of. No one would be able to get their hands on you, no one would be able to take you away, it’d just be you and him and no one else, not if he can help it. You’d be his to ruin, his to care for, his to dote on or discipline or do whatever he pleases to, whenever he wants to. It’d be heaven for him, and… it wouldn’t be, for you.
That’s part of the fantasy, and he hates it. He doesn’t want to be cruel to you, he doesn’t want to see you cry because of him, and yet, all he wants to do is polish his newest addition until it’s as shiny and as his as the rest of his hoard. He wants not to care when you cry, he wants to look down at your shaking body and he wants to laugh, to sneer, to tell you that this is your fault and you have no one to blame but yourself. Maybe he wants to be more apathetic, maybe he just wants to stop being so hesitant, but what he wants seems to be less important than what he’s starting to need. If the number of ‘packages’ he’s been getting is any indication, I wouldn’t count on his reluctance lasting for much longer.
Leviathan wants you to make him cry.
He’s not a masochist. Or, he is a masochist, but not in the way you’d assume. Leviathan doesn’t bother pretending to be confident. He doesn’t act like he has all the self-esteem in the world, and he doesn’t try to hide his (admittedly poor) view of his lifestyle. That might be why he loses his composure whenever you compliment him, why he stutters and blushes and gets so awkward when you try to tell him that you like the way he is, that you love him for it. That you don’t mind.
It’s an awful, unhealthy part of himself that wants you to say otherwise. To contradict yourself, to smirk and shove him onto your bed and say you couldn't find him more disgusting, that you’ve never known someone so pathetic. Maybe it’s just a depraved daydream, a desire to have his worst fears proven right by the person he loves most, or maybe, he just likes the image of you riding him into overstimulation as you make him thank you for taking pity on someone so hopeless, maybe he just likes to imagine the feeling of your hands around his neck, your grip tightening every time his gaze falls lower than your eyes. He has a whole list of names for you to call him, insults ranging from ‘pervert’ to ‘drain on society’, but he’d never tell that to you. No, he can barely bring himself to think about this kind of stuff, let alone say any of it outloud.
All he can do is let his touch wander whenever he hugs you, let his fingers brush against things they shouldn’t and leave them to linger for far too long for his actions to be taken as an innocent mistake. He isn’t sure whether he’s trying to push you to hate him, trying to really make his fantasy into a reality, or if he just wants you to get the message that he wants something more intimate, something more violent. Either way, he’s started leaving his door unlocked when his mind begins to wander. Open, sometimes, if it’s just the two of you home. Just hope your room isn’t too close to his. He tends to get… explicit, when he’s feeling passionate.
Satan wants to show everyone who you belong to.
His fantasy is one of the most depraved, if only because it barely has anything to do with you. No, it’d only be fitting for the Avatar of Wrath’s favorite daydream to be centered around something more possessive, something more domineering, something totally and utterly separate from the person he loves. You’re not replaceable, it has to be you for him to care to put in the effort, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to check whether or not you’re enjoying yourself when he bends you over the dining room table in the middle of breakfast, for no other reason than Asmodeus commented on your outfit and Beelzebub offered to carry your bag and neither of them should be doing so much as looking at you when he’s right there, when it’s so clear that you belong to someone and that he doesn’t want to share.
On the outside, his self-control is as impeccable as always, but he’d be lying if said his hand didn’t twitch every time Mammon stood a little too close, every time Leviathan scraped up the courage to talk to you. He’s so strong, too, and you’re so, so weak, it wouldn’t even be a fair fight. He could cage you against a bookshelf or throw you onto a countertop and what would you do? Try to push him away? Scream for help? An audience is what he wants, what he craves, a crowd of anyone and everyone who's ever touched you to watch as you beg for him to stop and moan his name and cry as you cum, even if he has to get a little messier than he’d like, for that. Risky sex might come close to scratching his itch, but the risk of being caught and making a show of something so private are two different vices entirely. You’ll be lucky if it does anything but make him bolder, more blatant with his plans. He takes after Lucifer, in that regard. He doesn’t know why he’d try to hide it.
As far as he’s concerned, he owns you, and you’ve only got yourself to blame if you haven’t realized that yet. It’s only fair that he gets to mark what’s his, as plainly and as publicly as possible.
Asmodeus wants you to say ‘no’ to him.
Do I really have to say anything else? He’s so tired of seduction, so sick of glazed eyes and glossy lips and people so intoxicated by his presence, they’re practically tripping over themselves just to feel the heels of his boots press into their backs as he walks over them. It’s not that he wants a chase, he’s always been a pacifist at heart, and he’d rather not have to resort to any unsavory means, he’s just bored and feed-up and he wants something new, even if it’s only fun for him.
It doesn’t help that he’s terrible at holding himself back. He’s good at hiding his true feelings (he’s already so touchy, it gets hard to tell what’s innocent and what’s not), but it’s impossible not to notice how fond he’s become of admiring your wrists, buying you bracelets so thick and so heavy, you can hardly hold them up. You can’t ignore it when he takes a moment too long to pull away when you tell him you want space, or just how hesitant he seems to let you go after ‘playfully’ pinning you to his bed. He wants to keep going. He wants to see the light drain from your eyes as you realize he’s not going to stop, to feel you writhe and struggle and try to get away, to hear you scream your safeword and to ignore it, to not care than you don’t want him. He doesn’t want to make you suffer, not any more than he has to, but his heart never fails to beat a little faster when he pictures it, and he gets more excited than he’s been in centuries by the thought alone.
If anything, you should feel honored. It’s been so long since he wanted something so specific, someone so specific, he almost forgot what it was like to lust for rather than be lusted after. I’d say he’s unprepared for it, but Asmodeus is hard to catch off-guard, and this just so happens to be his area of expertise. He has a way of getting what he wants, even if he has to make things a little difficult for everyone else.
Beelzebub wants to see how far you bend.
You really can’t blame him for being curious. It’s more of an intrusive thought than a fantasy, something he can’t help but think about, not once he realizes how strong he is and how resilient you aren’t. And, unlike the others, his fantasy has a specific catalyst, a real, substantial reason for its existence. He’d just been holding your hand, his grip still bordering on loose, but your fingers had cracked under his like glass under a bulldozer. It was just a sprain, something Simeon had healed with a contemplative glance and a flick of his wrist, but it stuck with Beelzebub. It stuck with him and god, he wishes it hadn’t.
He can’t help the places his mind wanders to. He can’t stop himself, not once he starts wondering what it’d be like if he was just a little bit bigger and you were just a little bit smaller and he cared a lot less about hurting you than he does, in reality. You’d be so tight, warm and welcoming and so easily broken if he does so much as breaths on you the wrong way, and you’d look so pretty afterward, too sore to move without his help and absolutely covered in bruises and bitemarks he didn’t even have to try to leave.
The aftercare is the only part he doesn’t mind wanting. At least it’s softer than the rest of it, full of kisses and snacks and touches so light, he can almost pretend he hadn’t just imagined fucking you until your ribs caved in under his palms. He’s mapped out every ugly, tender mark he’d leave, every place you’d ache and throb, every minute of your recovery - every second it’d take you to get well enough for him to do it all over again. Maybe he’ll even call in a favor, bow his head and swallow his shame for just long enough to have someone who’s got a hand for healing on stand-by so he wouldn’t have to wait, but he never lets his mind drift that far. He’s too busy trying to convince himself he still doesn’t want to hurt you.
Belphegor wants to take advantage of your trust.
Unlike his twin, Belphegor wishes he just wants to hurt you. Pain is simple, or, physical pain is simple, anyway. He could tell himself it’s because you’re human, that hating you is just an old habit he hasn’t kicked. He’d pinch your cheeks and pull at your hair and he’d try to be satisfied with that, he’d tell himself he doesn’t want anything more. He’d be lying to himself, of course, but it’d still be an honest effort. Unfortunately, what he wants isn’t that clear-cut. It isn’t that shallow, and that’s why he has to hate himself for it.
Maybe it arose the first time you fell asleep before him, when you were so vulnerable and exposed and so helpless he had to wonder whether or not you had a deathwish. Or how at-peace you seem during his rare shows of affection, as if the talons tracing patterns into your skin couldn’t easily dig in and pull at the slightest hint of a threat. You’re so comfortable around him, so careless, you need to be taught a lesson and he needs to teach it to you. On good days, it’s almost innocent. Groping you while you’re only half-awake, letting his hand trail up your thigh during a council meeting because he knows you’re too nice to say anything. On bad days, on most days, he’s fucking his fist to the thought of holding you down while someone you like much less than him does something vile to your anatomy, only offering the barest hints of comfort when your crying gets loud enough to be annoying.
You trust him, and the worst part is, you’ll probably still trust him when he’s done. He’s been forgiven for worse, and that’s what gets him off, the idea that you’ll still look at him like the closest friend you’ve ever had the moment he averts his eyes and offers a half-hearted apology, saying he’s grown, that he just had to get it out of his system, that he won’t do it again even though he absolutely, definitely will. And you’ll believe him, because somehow, you still trust him. Because you’re always going to trust him.
Because he’s prepared to bleed you dry until you don’t know how to do anything but trust him, anymore.
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weebswrites · 10 months ago
How do you think the brothers would react to an MC who wants to admire their demon forms? Things like petting their wings, holding their tails, and gently feeling their horns. Bonus points if it unintentionally becomes a regular bonding activity!
A/N: this is so cute :’)
• That idea never even crossed his mind, so he was surprised when you started asking questions about how he could turn to demon form
• Eventaully got you to just spit it out, and it intrigued him that you wanted to admire such an evil part of him
• But he let you, of course
• One night you were lying in bed together when you asked him to let him pet his wings
• He’s shirtless, and you notice the two scars on his back from where his lower two wings fell (It’s canon angel form luci had 6 wings and demon form only has 4 so he lost two when he fell)
• They’re almost hidden below his wings, and you suspect he doesn’t think you’ve noticed them yet
• You don’t touch them, yet, just running your fingers through the soft feathers of his winds and playing with his horns and his hair for a bit, snuggled against him
• You slowly move your hand closer to his scars, and when he doesn’t noticibly tense up you gently run your fingers over the lighter skin
• “Lucifer,” you whisper, resting your hand over one of the scars. You didn’t know if they were a tough subject or not, but wanted to play it safe, “You know...I’m really glad I met you here” you say, not wanting to directly draw attention to what you were getting at
• But he’s smart, he knows. He turns to look at you, and you feel your hand move with his body as he breathes. “Yeah, thank you, MC” and you can tell he’s genuinely glad that you were right where you were in his arms
• Bonus: when he’s had a long day at work you massage his back and play with his wings until he falls asleep
• At first he’s a little confused, why would anyone want to touch his horns? Weren’t they just meant to be scary looking?
• “But Mammon, they’re you, and I love you”
• He blushes, the three words he loved to hear most from your mouth having the exact effect you wanted them to
• “Fine! But just because you love me!”
• The skin of his wings is softer than you imagined, but you were surprised at how sturdy they felt despite that
• He makes little comments, such as “I don’t know why you like this so much, human”, but you just laugh and kiss his cheek
• You end up with one hand in his hair, fingers massaging his scalp around his thorns, something you discovered made him melt
• Bonus: I feel like this wouldn’t happen often with Mammon, but he definitely becomes a sucker for your scalp massages (with his horns)
• He’s still getting over the fact that you chose him over his brothers, so when you express interest in his demon form he has literally no idea how to respond
• “You’re so attractive, Levi” you start, questioning whether to try to seduce him into showing you or to take a more wholesome route, “I want to love every form of you there is to love”
• This makes him blush, and he takes your hands in his before transforming
• You smile, and reach up to gently touch his horns, admiring the way they curved around the shape of his head
• His blush deepens, and he wraps his tail around your waist, bringing you closer to him
• “Thank you, MC, for loving me” he whispers, hands squeezing yours lightly
• You nod and kiss him gently, “Of course”
• Bonus: The longer you date Levi the more comfortable he becomes with chilling in demon form around you, so it takes a while but eventually you can fall asleep with his tail wrapped around you, holding your bodies together close
• Also has no idea why his demon form would be appealing in the slightest
• You don’t really know how to explain it, you just want to know more about that part of him. He is your boyfriend after all
• After a bit of convincing, he agrees, and you watch him transform before you
• You can tell he’s a little uncomfortable, so you pull him in for a deep kiss, hoping it sets his nerves at ease
• It does, and you feel his body relax
• You move a hand to his tail, and take the mase in your hand. You run your hand up it towards the tip, studying the way each ridge felt as it brushed against your palm
• You look up at him, kissing him again before moving your hand to his horn, feeling them against your fingertips as you moved down to where they came from his head
• Once you’re done, you put your hands on his hips and pull him flush against you
• “Thank you, Satan. I love you”
• Bonus: You never verbalize anything, but sometimes when the two of you are in his room reading together he’ll let you play with his tail
• “Of course baby” he responds to your request, instantly transforming for you
• You take in his upper body with your eyes before reaching out and touching his wings, running the tip of your index finger along the bottom of his wing
• He shivers a bit, his wings and horns being extra sensitive
• After touching the outline of his wings, you move a hand to his horns, gently rubbing your palm against them
• He’s almost whimpering at your touch, and you’re surprised how sensitive he was
• He’s glad you two had the experience, but doesn’t let you touch his demon form much outside of the bedroom (yk, bc very sensitive)
• Bonus: It’s a sex thing lol
• “Sure honey, but can I ask why?”
• You explain to him that you hadn’t seen his demon form before, and you wanted to know how he changed
• So he transforms, and you stand back and watch
• “Well, here it is” he says, holding his arms out and doing a little spin for you
• “Can I, touch you? Like, your wings. And your horns”
• “Sure, they’re sturdier than they look so don’t be nervous”
• You nod and walk over to him, fingers running over his wasp-like wings as he put a hand on your waist
• You reached up, standing on your tip toes to admire his horns, giving him a surprise kiss as you do so
• Bonus: One night he accidentally gets drunk with Mammon and ends up telling you how much it meant to him that you were interested and so kind when exploring him in demon form, and you don’t think he remembers it but from that day on you ask him to transform more often so you can shower him in little compliments and touches
• He says no originally, not ready to let you see him in such a vulnerable state
• A few months later you ask again, and after answering questions as to why you wanted to, he lets you
• You look him up and down, “I like the pants” you tease, trying to lighten his obvious anxiousness
• He chuckles a bit, “thanks”
• You step closer to him and reach out a hand towards the end of his tail, looking him in the eye for a moment to make sure he was okay before you ran your hand through the hair of his tail
• You just look at his horns, having heard from Asmodeus how sensitive horns are, you didn’t want to risk overstimulating him
• Bonus: I also don’t really see this being a regular thing for Belphie, but I can see him being more comfortable letting MC calm him down when he gets pissed at Lucifer and transforms
A/N: yo yo yo! Here’s this :) I did a similar one here, about MC touching their apandeges for the first time, which has similar vibes
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · a year ago
Headcannons for The boys + Diavolo who are jealous that the MC showers everyone with affection and praise
I love writing Jealousy headcannons.
Doesn’t let it show at first, but is absolutely f u m i n g. 
Shows his rage by staring like a crazed lunatic. 
Eventually loses it and drags MC to his room.
Makes MC sit in his lap and cuddle him, angrily huffing into their shirt  and grumbling about how “Silly human, getting me all riled up like this...” 
His anger melts as soon as MC pets his hair and tells him they love him. 
L O U D about how he’s mad at their attention not being on THE GREAT MAMMON!! 
Drags MC away, rattling off all the reasons HE deserves love more than the others. 
Whines about Mc being rational and telling him that everyone deserves to be loved. 
Complains on his blog like the little tsundere he is. 
“Pfft, like I’d want the attention of a n or m i e like y o u.” 
He wants the attention of a normie like MC. He’s mad at his brothers for being so greedy about MC’s love.
Nearly loses his mind when MC kisses his cheek and apologizes for ignoring him. 
Reads angrily. Glaring at the page like he’s trying to will it on fire. 
Silent treatment for days. 
Lucifer recognizes this behavior and teases him about it. Mad satan is mad. 
Yeah that angry resolve melts the second MC brings him some tea and smiles at him.
He is a whiny baby boy. 
Tries to cling to MC like the melodramatic queen he is. 
Literally finds a fainting couch and flops down onto it, complaining about how neglect is bad for his skin. 
“MC l ov  E m e e e e “
Frustrated, but he’s a big silent boio so he refuses to admit it. 
Eats either way more or way less than usual. His body being very confused by what’s going on. 
Only tells Belphie how he’s feeling, is very pouty. 
Belphie actually tells MC and the situation is resolved pretty fast. 
Gets really...murdery. 
Glares and squeezes his pillow as though it were MC. 
H u f f y boy clings to his twin’s arm and grumbles. 
“WhAtEvEr”  he’s a brat about the whole deal.
He’s not having it. Making MC spend the day with him. Since the brothers know Diavolo has superiority they don’t put up much of a fight. 
Even Barbatos isn’t there with them because Diavolo isn’t sharing ANY of his time. 
Actually a bit shy about physical things, but holds MC’s hand like it’s his job. 
Full demon form to scare off any other demons. 
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obeymeluv · 7 months ago
“I Got All A’s! Can I Have Some Dick?” (Bros + Undateables)
Just something stupid and funny I thought about. You had a very tough semester in the Devildom and you got good grades! You want to celebrate and go to your favorite demon to ask for a special reward.
Obvious NSFW warning. No minors allowed!
No Luke. Luke is baby.
I have a personal headcanon that Simeon likes to be totally cozy when he writes. We’re talking big fluffy sweaters or a blanket cozy. I like to think he wears glasses when he writes, too.
He’s part of a special committee who’s notified about your grades/progress so he actually knows before you do
Proud boyfriend is proud
Purrs when he opens up the wax-pressed envelope and reviews your marks
Secretly plans a cute, fancy dinner date at Ristorante Six
Is thinking of being suave and breaking the news to you when you bounce into his study (he may or may not have poured a couple of glasses of your favorite age-appropriate beverage)
He’s got something witty prepped and is ready to toast you and maybe steal a few kisses but you come out of left field like a bullet with a simple “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Lucifer.exe is broken
That’s what you want as a reward? No dinner, no date?
Literally doesn’t know what to say for a few seconds. Totally freezes. Starts to stutter.
His brain kicks back in when you start playing with the folds of his collar and petting his chest and staring at him with those wanting eyes
Sets his glass down, fixes the cuff of his gloves, and hoists you up to plant you on the nearest surface. “I will make it worth every point, and you will say all the letters.” he purrs.
He’s just happy he passed.
Mammon actually does pretty well, he’s just a very...chaotically successful type. A lot of last minute turn-ins and such. Not top marks, but no dunce either.
Now that the semester’s over he’s checking his schedule to see when the next shoot is or if he has time to squeeze in a party. Maybe a trip somewhere. Something fun!
He’s feeling lucky! Lucky enough to win some money and make Goldie happy!
If he’s going anywhere, he needs a good luck charm though! He goes to hunt you down and his stomach just warms because you’re smiling and clearly in a good mood
It makes him purr in that cute, curious little way. Basically using the demon’s language to ask you why you’re in such a good mood (but you don’t know that. It’s basically a cute chirp).
You both shout your good news at the same time.
His invite to go tear it up was a bit long so it takes a minute for his brain to process what you said. You want...his dick?
Boy wants to blush SO BAD. HE’S SO RED!
Well now his thing seems stupid, doesn’t it? He wants to do your thing! Your thing sounds GREAT!
“OF COURSE you want to be with the GREAT Mammon!” he’s got his hands on his hips and his chest is puffed out big in that happy, silly way he has about him.
No, really, you do your thing. It’s a great thing.
It’s a good way to unwind from exams, right? He likes it!
If Levi didn’t get good grades, Lucifer would kill him.
Probably force him to go to school physically ALL THE TIME!
He’s a solid B student (at least). No desire to be all A’s. Too much time away from other passions.
Because he’s well-behaved and leas likely to get on Lucifer’s nerves, he gets a little bit of bonus money for good grades.
Levi’s neck-deep in his charts and comparisons and muttering to himself about where to invest that money when you pop into his room
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?!”
You get The Noise
How indecent! How naughty of you to ask! But yes, yes you can. Absolutely. 100%!
He’s really shy about it because it’s sudden and you asked him instead of him having a cool moment or anything, but it ends up being a giggle-filled romp that ends with a cuddle in his bathtub bed and you wrapped up in his tail
He totally suggests a round two with a sexy VR game or just making bets with ‘winner take all’
He’s a grade juggernaut with lots of self-discipline so Satan expects to get out what he gets in
The type to be smug because he knows he did well. He owes it to himself and he’s glad.
Likes to treat himself to an outing, be it a simple walk or a visit to a cafe or even a new book
Satan’s 100% ready to settle down with some books by the fireplace. At the end of the semester he typically makes a one or two-portion charcuterie board and picks at it while he reads
Thumb keeping his place, Satan’s in the middle of stacking a fancy little cracker with meat and cheese when you let yourself in
His eyes flick to you and he smiles, eating his little cracker
You pick at his tray with him (he’ll let you, of course). “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Chokes on cracker. It’s not a good time
Almost drowns himself/further chokes trying to wash it down with drink
Can’t help but laugh at your...bold request
When he sees he’s kind of sputtered all over himself, he slips out of his clothes and makes a few witty jokes as your ‘naked butler’
Naked butler happily provides his services
Later he makes you picked crushed cracker off the floor with him
The second Asmo knew he passed everything (like he always does. Just because he’s pretty doesn’t mean he’s stupid!), he booked himself a full day pampering experience
His inner circle of beauty specialist know his routine so they save his spots for him
Asmo sweet-talked them into including his favorite human and he’s DYING to tell you and DYING to make his brothers jealous
You skip into his room, so bright and lovely, and hold his hands in the cute excited way he likes. Makes his heart skip a beat every time like it’s young love.
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Doesn’t expect it and has probably never been asked ‘Can I have some dick?’ in the thousands of years he’s been alive
Boy gives an airy laugh because he’s surprised and flattered. Of COURSE you want him (because who wouldn’t?) but he always gets a bit shy when it’s YOU asking
“Sounds amazing,” he’s already peppering you with kisses, “and I’m happy to provide but can we do it after our special spa day?”
You guys have a sweet, lazy round the day of the booking to ‘loosen up’ and ‘fully appreciate the services’ and he DEFINITELY worships you when all is said and done because ‘the epitome of beauty deserve the epitome of devotion’
Boy works hard and celebrates even harder. Usually with food
Because he’s always hungry and looking forward to eating, Beel likes to do his work ahead of time. The sooner he does it, the more time he has to eat!
He has to keep up good grades to stay on the sports teams, anyways
Solid B student, sometimes A’s. C’s and below aren’t a thing. He refuses.
Because he is also best boy and generally acts as Lucifer’s pseudo-enforcer, he also gets some bonus money.
The coach of his local sports team also pitches in because Beel is best boy and a TANK. He could literally carry the whole team
Beel’s all set to hit the town with his food money when find him and wrap your arms around him
He’s all excited and ready to tell you about the food money when you make his face catch fire. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Brain also stops. BEEL IS SO EMBARRASSED!
You’d rather have him than food? That’s pretty impressive! He’s honored!
But...what if you could have both? He’s totally down for both!
You celebrate your success by staying in (bed) and spoiling yourselves with food in-between rounds
Belphie is a ‘C’s get degrees’ kind of guy but C’s are his minimum. Tries for B’s and usually gets mid-to-low B’s.
With exams over he’s 100% down to sleep the day away and there’s NO REASON for ANYONE TO BUG HIM ABOUT IT!
Totally prepared to live in his finest pyjamas until school starts again. Might even treat himself to a new pillow or blanket!
If he hadn’t learned your scent by now, you wouldn’t have a face when you breach his blanket cocoon
Belphie just snorts and smiles at your little face and messy hair (the blankets give it static and mess it up)
You kiss his nose and wait to make sure he’s really awake before sharing the good news. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Laughs himself to the point of almost choking on one of his blankets
Throws himself out of the cocoon to breathe and wipe his tears away
But yes, yes you can. After he calms down, he pulls you onto his lap to straddle him. 
It’s fun and lazy but a genuine celebration of the end of the semester
He’s the other part of the committee that saw your grades, so he knows
It’s a bit off his plate so he won’t have as many duties to attend to
Diavolo wasn’t sure when you’d come over, but Barbatos assured him you’d be over that day. He did his best to speed through his meetings and arrange his schedule to have a rest period
He asked Barbatos to prepare a small, modest lunch of finger foods and some complimentary tea
You may have thought Diavolo was making himself a plate when you walked in, but it was actually a plate for you
The prince of the Devildom almost dropped that plate when you said, “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Prince of Hell is super blushy and flustered and awkward and almost knocks his teacup off the table. Is suddenly scrambling to make sure he doesn’t know anything else off the table
Tries to compose himself but can’t help the boyish smile and laugh that escapes him
You’re just such a lovely, fascinating person! He’s so happy to have you. His life seems eternal but you make it so fresh and new! His heart just bursts with love and delight.
Is no longer worried about the food or pushing in your chair for you. Offers his lap instead. “I have an opening for that,” he assures, pulling you onto his lap.
Diavolo likes to think he’s thoughtful about taking you on the floor because Barbatos doesn’t have much to clean up.
If your stomach grumbles after you’re settled and sleepy, he pulls himself off your body long enough to grab a plate from the table and put it beside your head. 
Demons have more stamina and it would be un-princely of him not to spoil you, so he feeds you until you’re too sleepy to eat.
It’s exhausting to be able to see multiple timelines and see into the future.
He never knows how far into the future he’s seeing, or if it’s in the timeline he’s currently in
All he knows is he heard you ask him for dick and almost dumped the wrong thing in the soup, okay? 
Had to excuse himself and ask someone on the cooking team to take over for him while he “dealt with another matter” (laughed it out where no one could hear him)
I’m not sure if Barbatos is considered a student at RAD, but Diavolo must be too. We’ll say he is. Boy is a master of self-discipline and scheduling so he’s fine. Flawless, as a butler should be. It carries over into all things.
It’s a delicate balance sometimes, but he’s type A and used to being busy so it works itself out. He does well.
Barbatos simply looks forward to having less to do. Focusing on Diavolo can be a job all its own.
He was planning on making a few sweets for Luke and the others. Diavolo suggested a “pot luck” to celebrate. It’s something the humans came up with and he seems to like it. It turns into sweets for the pot luck
Probably makes you a special mini-dessert or a special portion of the dessert
If he’s in control of plate presentation, you might get a special sauce heart of chocolate heart
When Diavolo is generous enough to include him in the celebration (because he deserves it and you’re there, so it’d be cruel not to), Barbatos makes small talk and woos you subtly
You ask him to “show you where to take the dishes” to get him alone. He can feel it in his little demon bones. You’re about to do it.
You do it.
You’re basically vibrating with excitement because you probably planned this and think you’re very clever. Human enthusiasm is so darling and it makes his heart pitter-patter to think you were simply bursting to ask HIM this.
“But of course,” he helps you stack the plates and guides your hand to the silverware sorter because you’re looking at him instead of what you’re doing. You almost put a fork in the spoon section. “Covered in chocolate? Plain?”
He’s trying to one-up you. He loves seeing his human change colors and not know what to do.
You whisper “I prefer wet,” back in his ear and Barbatos wonders how he didn’t see THAT in any of his visions
You: 1, Barbatos: 0. Helpless. Defenseless. Horny.
“That will be ready shortly,” he’s already pulling you away, down the hall, to meet your request.
It wouldn’t serve him to do poorly in the Devildom. Basically wasted opportunity
He’s not a straight A student but he does well. Really pulls out the stops on major projects and things that are worth more points than others
Isn’t perfect at everything but makes up for it. Solid B’s, always really close to A’s. At least a couple low A’s.
Solomon doesn’t quite know how he wants to celebrate. He knows Asmo’s already pestering him to go shopping or clubbing
He’s considering it. He’d like to drink, honestly
You show up, light of his life, his favorite person, and he feels himself warm with joy
He revels in being the only other human in the Devildom. It makes your relationship that much more special, he thinks. It’s kind of stupid, but it’s something to coyly hold over the others whenever he sees fit. All in play, of course (not).
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Pretends to think and looks anywhere but your face. If he looks at your face he’ll blush himself stupid and won’t be able to say anything smart.
He can’t lie. He’s already hard. He appreciates humor and wit and you’re all of it.
Very bold of you to come onto him like that, and he’s 100% for it.
“Can you take it?” Solomon wishes he said something smoother, that he wasn’t already slipping between your legs and grinding against you like the weak man he was. He doesn’t regret it though because the friction is good. Something you both need.
He whispers against your skin and gives you light, sloppy kisses with a hint of teeth.
He gives, and he’s generous. He wants to reward your efforts.
Simeon makes it a point of personal pride to do well in the Devildom
That’s the utmost symbol of peace and understanding, isn’t it? To embrace their culture and livelihood and do well? To do well means he’s understanding them and walking in their shoes. It’s only right
He works hard and does well. Doesn’t stress himself out with A’s since he’s keeping up his grades because it’s required. He’d rather reconnect with the brothers and try to help Luke enjoy the Devildom.
He’s happy to spend his free time taking Luke to places in the Devildom, trying to visit the House of Lamentation, and maybe working on some things for TSL since editors are clamoring for more
You stop by because he’s been fairly quiet, wrapped up in his favorite writing sweater with his little editing glasses on
Simeon smiles and greets you with his little ‘Hi, angel’ as he kisses your hand. 
Boy almost breaks his favorite pen when you ask him for...for dick?
He’s not absolutely clueless but this boy has been in ‘holy angel’ mode for centuries. He struggles with texting and stickers and you expect him to know slang?!
So confused he takes his glasses off. Boy can’t comprehend
“You’re asking me to procure one? Like...the ones humans use from those stores? You want mine? Well, I certainly hope so because we’re--oh...”
He could write books of poetry about you, and though he doesn’t like to admit it, he’s had those thoughts
“Well,” he’s standing up from his chair and guides you so gently to his bed it’s like you’re floating on a cloud. He lays you down just as gently, fabrics whispering as he slips out of his sweater and it pools at his feet. “I wouldn’t be a very good angel if I ignored the wishes of my dear human, would I?”
Doesn’t really see the point of sex as a reward, but will never turn down a moment to show how cherished you are. 
Hope you liked it :)
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saeyoungchoismaid · a year ago
Soothing the brothers when they have a nightmare
Genre: ANGST WTF HAPPENED, fluff Warnings: none other than you might shed a few tears cause I made this so sad wtf A/N: reader is gn! Also my eyes started sweating writing this and I ? don’t ?? know ??? why ???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer never has nightmares
well, almost never 
he rarely gets them though, he swears
he really only gets them if he gets too stressed out 
so, there you both were, fast asleep in each other’s arms 
Lucifer ends up waking you up because he’s moving around too much 
you slowly wake up and open your eyes, squinting them over at him
you rub them before opening them fully, seeing that Lucifer was rustling about with a heavy frown on his face
you’re used to seeing it but not when you two are alone 
you sit up and face him, running your hand through his hair 
should you wake him up?
suddenly, he turns into his demon form, making your eyes widen 
he then awakes, his eyes moving around the room for nonexistent demons
oh, haha
demons lol
he then sees you, suddenly pinning you to the bed with what sounds like a growl 
his sharpened nails dig into your arms, making you cry out
“Lucifer!” you shout, making him snap out of it instantly
he pulls away from you, staring at you in horror
“I’m...I’m sorry. Are you...alright?” he asks, sounding as if he’s in a daze
maybe he is 
“I’m fine. Are you alright?” you whisper, trying to calm your racing heart
he remains silent, refusing to look at you
his demon features slowly disappear, leaving the handsome man that you’re used to  
“C’mere,” you whisper, opening your arms up to him 
he finally looks at you, his eyes holding regret and guilt 
he slowly scoots closer to you, leaning into you
you wrap your arms around him, petting his hair as he lays his head on your chest
his eyes widen when you start to sing to him, his heart doing a trick in his chest 
he’s quick to fall asleep, staying asleep for the rest of the night with no more problems 
one of the brothers who has the most nightmares 
a lot of them are of you leaving him for one of his brothers
out of all of his fears, that’s the worse one 
so, one day something happened with you two and one of the brothers and he went on one of his jealous tantrums 
you calmed him down and reassured him that he’s the only one for you, per usual 
that night though when you both are asleep, he has a nightmare
his worst fear coming true in the ruined dream 
he starts crying in his sleep, tear after tear falling out of his eyes and to his hairline 
you’re awoken by the sound of sobs, your half-awake brain trying to process what’s going on 
you look to Mammon to find that the noises are coming from him 
your heart breaks at the sight, quickly sitting up to awake him 
you gently shake him, not wanting to startle him too badly 
he slowly wakes up, tears still escaping him even after he opens his eyes 
he looks up at you confused for a moment before suddenly starting to cry harder 
you gently shush him, pulling him to sit up so you can hug him 
“Shh, it’s okay, baby. I got you. You’re safe,” you whisper, assuming something scary happened in his dream 
he shakes his head, pulling away from you 
he surprises you by grabbing your face and smashing your lips to his 
your eyes widen before closing, responding to the passionate kiss 
you both kiss until you can’t breathe, eventually pulling away to get some much needed air 
he refuses to look at you though 
“Don’t ever leave me,” he commands weakly, a lump forming in his throat 
“I won’t. Not ever. You’re stuck with me,” you whisper, wiping at his tears and kissing his forehead 
you both then lay back down, holding each other close and whispering promises that you both swear to keep 
when the conversation comes to end, you surprise him when you start to sing
he falls asleep so fast but not before making you promise to sing to him every night before going to bed 
doesn’t get nightmares except for when he watches, plays, or reads something scary 
Levi is always keeping up with what’s new including every new game, show, movie, and manga 
of course, he got a scary movie and game for a deal 
and then proceeded to binge watch the movie in one sitting 
followed by playing the video game for three days straight without sleeping despite your warnings and protests
but he did it though and boy was he proud of himself 
on the third night, he was absolutely exhausted and collapsed into bed with you and fell asleep right away 
he actually ended up going to bed pretty early, leaving you to play on your phone for a bit until you grew tired 
you just turned your D.D.D off for the night and laid down when Levi lets out a shout and sits up 
you jump and sit back up as well, watching him look around the room wildly 
“Levi?” you call out softly 
his eyes quickly move to you, his body going on the defensive before relaxing when he sees it’s you 
“Oh, hi,” he stutters out, quickly looking away from you 
“Baby? What’s wrong?” you whisper, reaching your hand out to him 
when your hand touches his shoulder, he snatches your wrist up in a vice-like grip 
you cry out, surprised by the sudden pressure squeezing your wrist 
he instantly lets you go, his eyes looking shiny as he looks to you 
“I’m so sorry. I didn’t...I’m not...” he stumbles for words, his breathing getting faster 
you hold your wrist to your chest as you watch him, frowning heavily 
“Baby, shh, hey,” you whisper, slowly reaching out to him again 
this time though, you make sure he sees you reaching for him before actually touching him 
“You’re okay. I’m here with you,” you whisper, gently tugging on his arm to get him to lay back down 
once he does, you cuddle up to him and run your fingers through his hair and over his back 
“Can you distract me?” he asks quietly, feeling embarrassed 
“Of course, baby,” you whisper back, trying to think of what would distract him 
the first thing that comes to mind is singing, so that’s what you do 
you watch his body relax and listen to his breathing slow, a smile coming to your face 
doesn’t really get too many nightmares but sometimes on the days he goes on a rampage he does
all of the negative emotions swirl inside of him even after you calm him down 
so, when you two are going to bed, you mentally prepare for a nightmare
he stares at the ceiling once you both get into bed, a brooding look on his face
“Love,” you whisper, rubbing your hand over his bare chest 
he sighs, refusing to look at you 
“I know. I’ll fall asleep soon. I promise,” he replies softly
you nod your head and close your eyes, keeping yourself close to him 
as you’re laying there and letting your mind wander, you remember the first time he had a nightmare 
he turned into his demon form and almost attacked you 
he loathed himself for a while after that and refused to let you sleep with him for a while 
you both eventually figured out that he got nightmares when he’d go on rampages and uncontrollable anger consumed him 
when you first discovered this, he refused to let you sleep with him after he’s had one 
that led to him waking up and destroying half his library though 
so now, he let’s you stay but to only calm him down 
you trust him not to hurt you 
but he doesn’t
you both eventually drift off to sleep and everything is fine for a couple hours 
and then come the demonic mumblings 
you wake up, seeing he’s already transformed but is still asleep
he’s mumbling in his sleep, it sounding completely foreign to you 
you sit up, your heart starting to beat faster 
maybe he’ll have the nightmare but will stay asleep 
unluckily for you, that’s not what happens 
he awakes with a growl, his eyes searching for imaginary attackers 
or maybe even prey 
when his eyes found you, he growls at you and pins you to the bed 
“Satan,” you say as calmly as you can manage 
something flashes in his eyes, probably recognition, but you can see the complete anger consuming him 
“Love, look at me. It’s me. Your loving and caring partner who promised to help you. It’s okay. Just take deep breaths. I’m right here. I’m here for you,” you say softly, watching as he slowly calms down
his demonic features are gone in a flash, his body coming off of yours 
“I’m sorry,” he says instantly, like he always does 
“Don’t apologize. I’ve told you a dozen times not to,” you say, as you soothingly rub his back 
“What if I hurt you?” his whispers, his voice sounding a little choked 
“Hey, you’ll never hurt me. We both know that. Do you realize how quickly you calmed down this time? You’re amazing, love. I’m so proud of you,” you whisper, your voice full of love for this man 
he sniffles and wipes at his face
you don’t have to see his face to know he’s crying 
you shuffle behind him and wrap your arms around his waist to give him a hug 
you let him cry in peace, not wanting him to feel judged
you decide then to start singing, his crying calming before coming to a complete stop 
he then shuffles to face you, laying you down before putting his face on your chest 
you continue to sing until he falls asleep, one hand running through his hair while the other soothingly rubs random shapes into his back 
this demon rarely has nightmares 
he actually never got nightmares until he met you 
before you two started dating, he’d have nightmares about you picking one of his brothers to fall in love with 
or that you were disgusted by him that he’s the Avatar of Lust 
after he realizes he’s in love with you, he stops sleeping around and stops making sexual jokes about or towards you 
he doesn’t even make you ‘special’ offers anymore
the brothers are instantly confused before realizing he’s acting like this because he likes you and is serious about you
luckily, you two get together and his nightmares disappear 
but then they come back 
his worst nightmare and fear is of you dying 
you’re a human and it’s going to happen one day 
he avoids thinking about this when awake but when unconscious his brain decides to remind him that it’ll happen 
it doesn’t help that his nightmares include the most gruesome ways for you to die
he hates himself for letting himself fall for a human who can die so easily 
but he can’t help the way his heart races and skips beats for you 
one night, it’s a combination of all his fears 
you fall in love with his brother, Mammon out of all people, dump him, tell him he’s disgusting and revolting, and then you die 
he awakes you with his cries, his body shaking with how hard he’s shaking 
you’ve never seen him cry and you weren’t sure what to do 
you were afraid to wake him up, remembering reading somewhere that it’s not good to do so 
but it breaks your heart to see him like this 
you eventually let your heart beat your brain, gently shaking him 
he awakes with a gasp, wildly looking around and clinging onto your arms with his hands 
he gasps for air, staring at you with fearful eyes filled with tears 
it almost makes you cry, the pain on his face ripping your heart out and throwing it onto the ground 
“Darling, take deep breaths. It was just a dream. You’re okay,” you soothe, wiping his hair off his moist forehead 
he starts to cry harder, making you feel guilty 
why did that make it worse?
your question is answered by his words between his sobs and gasping breaths 
“You aren’t though!” 
his words only make you feel worse and also confused 
you aren’t?
“Darling, I’m fine. C’mon, look at me. Breathe with me. In and out. In and out. There you go,” you say softly, getting him to breathe with you 
you continue your soothing touches on his hair and face, continuing to do the breathing exercises 
once his sobs have stopped, you pull him back into a hug 
tears are still cascading down his face but at least you got him to stop sobbing 
“There we go. Okay, darling, I need you to try again. Okay?” you whisper, gently rubbing his back 
he sniffles and pulls back, wiping at his red nose and eyes and looking at your smile
“You’re going to die,” he whispers, refusing to look at you now
you frown at this, looking down at his hands
you gently take ahold of them, your shoulders growing heavy with the weight of his fears 
“Hey, now. Don’t think like that. I’m going to be around for a long, long time. Even when I do die, I’ll either turn into a angel or demon, right? I can come back.”
his crying suddenly stops, a dumb smile coming to his face 
“Oh, oops. I forgot about that,” he replies softly, giving you a sheepish smile 
guess he avoided thinking about it so much that he forgot that you will come back
you snort and roll your eyes, laying down and pulling him on top of you to rest his head on your chest 
“I know you did. I know that’s not it though,” you whisper
you let him tell you the rest of his fears, reassuring him each time that they’ll never happen 
once you’re done reassuring him, you start to sing to finish soothing him 
he smiles and closes his eyes, falling back asleep with much ease
as we all know, this man loves to eat 
because of this, he’s another brother who has frequent nightmares 
certain food could end up giving you a nightmare 
and a late-night snack can signal the brain to be more active, which could lead to more vivid nightmares
Beel doesn’t know this though 
he’ll be sleeping and suddenly wake up from a rumbling belly
he’ll eat something and then go back to bed 
more often times than not, he has a nightmare 
no one but Belphie knows about his nightmares
he normally just had nightmares about Lilith
when you two got together though, it got worse 
he started having you replace Lilith, watching you die in front of him with him being helpless to stop it 
most of his nightmares became about you
when you two started sharing a bed, you found out just how often he has nightmares 
you both decided to figure out what was the cause of it 
with you asleep when he wakes up hungry though, you could never stop him
one day though, he did a vigorous workout and ended up falling asleep very early 
you were doing homework when you heard his stomach grumbling, making you smile
you stand up and head to the restroom, coming back to find wrappers by your bed that weren’t there before 
Beel was still fast asleep too
your brows furrow, wondering if maybe you just didn’t notice the wrappers before
you brush it off, going back to your homework
as you’re finishing it up, you hear Beel start to grunt 
you turn to look at him, seeing his body is thrashing around and sweat is starting to cover him 
you quickly go over to him, wanting to wake him up but not sure if you should
you didn’t have to ponder any longer because before you know it, he’s sitting up with a gasp
he stares up at you, his heart beating wildly 
he then starts to cry, your heart breaking 
“Shh, it’s okay. Hey, you’re alright. Take deep breaths. I’m right here,” you soothe, sitting on the bed to give him a hug 
he hugs you back, practically squeezing the life out of you but you don’t complain 
he cries for a while, holding you to him the entire time
once he calms down, you gently pull away to wipe at his face 
“Do you want to talk about it?” you whisper
he shakes his head, looking down at his lap
“Not right now...” he mumbles
you give him a reassuring smile, cupping his cheeks and turning his head to make him look at you 
“That’s okay, love bug. Don’t worry about it,” you reassure, giving him a sweet kiss before laying him down and getting into bed with him 
you then explain what’s causing his nightmares, seeing him frown 
“I’m sorry, Beely. You’ll just have to go back to sleep if you wake up or eat and just stay awake,” you explain 
he nods his head and sighs, pulling you into another hug 
“Thank you,” he whispers
“It’s no problem. Now, go back to sleep. I’m right here if you need me.” 
he nods his head and closes his eyes
you can tell he’s still afraid to fall back asleep despite your reassurances, so you start to sing 
he smiles, his body relaxing as he slowly falls asleep 
with the amount he sleeps, it’s no wonder he occasionally gets nightmares
he usually just had nightmares about not being able to escape the attic and never being able to see his brothers again 
never being able to see Beel again 
then you came to the attic and saved him 
his nightmares disappeared, other than the random ones about fictional things 
but then he actually started to like you 
a human 
and now here he is
in a relationship with said human and madly in love with them 
it sickens him just how much he loves you 
it also causes him more nightmares 
his nightmares now show him getting locked up and never getting to see you again 
or you getting locked up and he has no way to save you 
or that you’ll fall in love with one of his brothers because you got to know them longer than you know him 
with him just falling asleep wherever he pleases, it wasn’t hard for you to discover he has nightmares 
the first time he has a nightmare in front of you, it doesn’t really end well 
you wake him up when he starts to thrash around and scream your name, sweating lining his brow
he pants and looks around before focusing on you 
instead of having you comfort him and let you reassure him that none of that would ever happen 
he gets angry 
this is what he gets for loving a human 
he should stop loving you 
then, they’ll go away 
so, with you staring down at him with those worried and caring eyes, he pushes you away 
“Why did you wake me up? Go away,” he snaps, getting up to leave to hide in his room 
“Belphie, you were having a ni-”
“Leave me alone!” he shouts, quickly moving away from you when you reach out to him 
you retract your hand like he burned you, looking hurt 
he quickly leaves and goes to his room, refusing to look at you with that look on your face
it took a while for him to finally speak to you, to even be around you 
you figured he broke up with you without actually saying so 
you feel relieved when he comes back to you, apologizing 
he refused to talk about his nightmares though 
the next time he has one, you both are sharing your bed
he awakes you before waking up himself 
before he can even say anything, afraid he’ll push you away again, you start to soothe him 
“It’s okay. It wasn’t real. I’m here. I’ll always be here.” 
this seemed to work, his body relaxing as he pulls you into a hug 
to soothe him further, you start to sing which shocks him but definitely works in soothing him 
before you know it, he’s asleep again 
sometimes the bois just wanna have movie night in your room 
they will literally all lay on your bed on top of each other without a care in the world 
Satan has to be on top and not below anyone cause he a dom "I don’t want you on top of me. You smell.”
Lucifer also has to be on top because he is also a dom refuses to let his brothers be above him in any shape, way, or form
Asmo wants to be on the bottom cause he likes being a bottom ‘likes to be warm’
they make Beel go on the bottom too because that man has some heavy muscle mass and they don’t wanna be crushed 
Belphie refuses to even get on the bed and just sleeps on the floor 
when it comes to where you’re going to sit, it’s a war 
some want you on the bottom, others want you on top, and some don’t even want you on the bed and wants you on the floor 
if you’re dating one of the brothers, they get the final say of where you sit 
Mammon, for example, would want you on top of him, so if you want to sit on the bed, you either sit there or else you’re sitting on the floor
Asmo wouldn’t care where you sit as long as he got a good view 
Satan would skin a bish if they even try to touch you during movie night
Lucifer doesn’t even want you on the bed with the other hooligans but if you insist, he will place you on top of him
Levi would want you on him or on the floor. No arguments 
Belphie won’t hesitate to pull you down onto the floor with him 
Beel just wants you to be happy cause he’s best boy™
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sitting-under-starss · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Brothers + Undateables: MC Leaving them Notes
(MC referred to as "dad")
This is based off a post by @aceaine !
Check This Post
Hope you enjoy!
The first time he felt a hand reach in his pocket, he froze up slightly. Mammon was always more sneaky.
He peeked at you, surprised as your hand came out if his pocket empty.
He flicked his eyes back to his book, listening to you scamper away.
He soon pulled out the note.
You look great today! Make sure to get some sleep, okay? We all love you!!
He smiled, putting it back in his pocket.
His eyes lit up when you asked him to teach you to pickpocket.
This was not what he was expecting.
He was confused when you stuck your hand in his pocket. His D.D.D. was obviously in the other one.
He thought you would take something and tell talk about how well you did, and excited and proud smilr on your face.
Though, when he heard you run away, he reached into his pocket.
I love those new earrings! They're so cool! Just letting your know we all love you <3
He smiled. Totally didn't cry a bit.
He raised you so well.
He reached down into his pocket, just wabting to set his hands in there as he normally would.
Though, he was surprised by the feel a piece of paper.
Did he need to do something? Had some homework?
How's that new game going? You're so good at it, I'm jealous! Don't forget to take care of yourself! Love you!
He blushed, shoving it back in his pocket. He recognized your handwriting.
"Stupid normie!"
He saw the piece of paper flutter out of his scarf as he was getting ready for his shower.
He bent down, studying it carefully before opening it.
Green is definitely your color! Well... all colours are your colour. Still, you're awesome! Love you!
He smiled, putting it on his dresser before going to relax.
He was putting the book you had borrowed up, and opened it, seeing the note.
How do you read so much? It's so cool! And you're really good at telling stories! Love you, Satan! P.S. I may have ripped a page slightly ^^'
He rolled his eyes, looking over the note once more.
He had let you borrow his jacket.
He looked back at the note with a smile.
You're so warm and cuddly! Thanks so much for everything. You make me feel so much better. I love you!
It had to be you who wrote this, right?
He had woken up to crinkling on his pillow.
He sat up, blinking repetitively.
He saw the paper and grabbed it, unfolding it.
You look adorable when you sleep! I hope you're well rested! Don't forget to go eat and shower! Love you!!
He smiled, slipping it under his pillow.
Barbatos had stopped you, asking you what you were doing, creeping around the castle with a note in hand.
You sighed, exasperated, and showed him the note, telling him you had been trying to slip it to Diavolo all day.
He agreed to slip it in Diavolo's coat pocket for you the next day with a small smile.
Diavolo had opened it, searching for his pen during a meeting and finding the paper instead.
Looked at it, not being able to hide his smile.
Don't forget to take a break, it's really important! We're all here for you no matter what! We all love you!
You didn't sign but he knew who it was from.
"Prince Diavolo?"
He put it back in his pocket.
He instantly knows it's you, so he keeps walking, letting you think he is completely oblivious.
When you run off, he reaches into his pocket.
A day off is okay every once in a while! Try to relax! I love you! Have a good day and enjoy yourself!!
He let out a quiet laugh. You were adorable.
Simeon was confused by the hand in his pocket, but decided to leave it be.
He didn't want Mammon to he yelled at.
He reached into his pocket to see what was stolen, only to find that something was given.
He opened the note.
Thanks for being so calming and sweet! You're so cool! Have a good day!! Love you so much! P.S. Luci was wondering if you would want to come over for tea?
He laughed. "Of course I would." He muttered to himself, tucking the note back in his pocket.
He stuck his hand in his pocket. Did he forget something?
He took out the paper, reading it.
Hey, Luke! That Crème Bûlée you made yesterday was absolutely amazing! We all enjoyed it, though Beel ate most of it, as is expected. You're doing great, you sweet little kitten! Love ya!
Simeon looked over at Luke, tapping his shoulder.
"What's wrong, Luke?"
Luke looked up at Simeon with watery eyes.
"Dad called me a kitty! I'm a kitty! And they liked my food!"
He was aware it was you, and turned around, smirking at your surprised face.
"Ah, uhm, here..."
He took the note, giving you a smile.
"Thank you, MC!"
He read it.
That spell you did earlier was so cool! Just a reminder to relax and not stay up all night researching! Love you!
He looked up to thank you, only to see you were gone.
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obeymeluv · a year ago
Cute + Awkward Headcanons (SFW/NSFW)
Trying to turn a bad day around, so I thought of these
Sometimes you can’t tell if he’s giving you bedroom eyes or if he’s actually angry. Lucifer has spent THOUSANDS of years glaring at his brothers and doesn’t know if he’s just staring or glaring
I think he’s super out of practice with romance so he’s hella awkward but when he gets that first positive sign that you’re into him, the charm and pride wakes up and suddenly he’s smooth AF
Flirts so formally he misses his shot 8/10 times
Has a habit of trying to police you like one of his brothers and it’s a knee-jerk, 1000+ year reaction to looking after 6 man-children of various difficulties. Always owns up and apologizes
Has accidentally almost made you pass out from kissing too long. Forgets you don’t have the same lung capacity
That’s why he has the gloves, to soften his grip because he was one of the strongest in the Celestial Realm and that translates to power in the Devildom
Only complains to you about his back pain from long nights burning the candle at both ends. You find it cute and sad at the same time
Is probably physically very heavy given his stature and the weight of his wings, so if he falls asleep on you, you’re trapped
Rare midnight snack dates when he MUST finish papers by the deadline.
You may or may not have had a Demonus date in his study when a particularly bad batch of paperwork was finally done
You’ve probably cracked at least one (1) antique wood chair
Quickly learned he CANNOT spank you because that shit seriously bruised your ass. You either need a strengthening charm or he has to re-learn how to use his strength around people
That caused one awkward visit to the infirmary because you didn’t know if you were just sore, pinched, dislocated, or cracked. Turns out you were fine. There was no mistaking that hand print, though
It was the second time he’d apologized so profusely in his life. There was no pride left in this man.
You had a special cushion to ease the pain and it looked top of the line (hella fancy. Could probably resell it as fake Gucci in the human world.)
Lucifer gives me big dom vibes and orgasm denial/over-stimulation kink because of his pride basically demanding you beg for him. You passed out at least once from over-stimulation.
When you first start dating he wouldn’t want to own up to any awkward boners so if you sit in his lap while he’s taking a paper break, he’ll make every excuse under the sun (”That’s my belt,”, etc.)
This boy is nothing but awkward moments, are you kidding me?
It’s a lot of ‘open mouth, insert foot’ because he can’t be upfront with his feelings. It’s partly not wanting to lose any ‘cred’ he has with people, but also because he’s embarrassed and can’t be honest
There’s lots of tracking you down to sort out things you might have overheard (that he didn’t honestly mean if they sounded bad)
Super sentimental about anything to do with you. You once kissed a piece of Grimm as a good luck charm for his exam and he’d kill someone over it. Always has it on him.
This lovable doofus just assumes you’re dating because you’re always together and you’re perfect and he’s your best man so who’s better?!
When you actually ask him out (with something silly, like ‘I think us dating would be pretty cash money’), he’s so confused. (”But we’ve been dating for, like, a month! Right, human?!”)
He talks big but he’s weak. You’ll always be able to fluster him
Wanted to make love to you on some Grimm and quickly realized that it’s uncomfortable. Porn lied to him and the idea’s ruined. You guys cut the session short to find every piece of Grimm so you can actually lay in the bed
 Tends to plunk his head down on your chest and demand scratches/cuddles and has bruised you several times.
Accidentally fought you once or twice for his glasses while half asleep. Levi, Asmo, and Satan used to take them and hide from him
You learned he’s actually hella blind (contacts with non-prescription sunglasses or prescription yellow glasses) and have walked him around the House of Lamentation several times when his glasses went missing
He’ll complain about his brothers having it out for him and getting back at him, but it turns out they just wanted to make an excuse for you guys to hold hands. It’s like a date!
Made you hit your head on the headboard once when he was doing missionary style. Had to stop and check on you, then it got awkward. He cuddled and kissed you the whole time, though. Even got you an ice pack!
The type to flirt with you, try to lean on something, and take himself out on the way down
You’ve had a few of those cliche ‘trip and fell on each other’ moments
Has accidentally swung you into doors and walls trying to scoop you up and run/march out of a room
This boy is also super awkward
When you’re alone, he’s an absolute sucker for any kind of affection you can give. This boy will literally slither across the floor to make himself comfortable in your lap so he can game.
Pet his hair. He loves that.
Will also have to re-train himself on how to be with you in public. With him, it’s not making fun of a ‘normie’ as much.
Not big on PDA but will definitely hold your hand. How ELSE are people going to know you’re together?!
You get cute matching shirts or jewelry with the ‘Player 1, Player 2′ theme
Does a lot more snake-like things with his tongue. Especially when frustrated. Rub his jaw and chin to see it come out a little bit. It’s like a happy floppy dog tongue, just not as long or wide.
Craves a soft, warm thing to sleep on. You will be his new bed.
The first time you had sex, he broke out his demon form because he looked at you and loved you. He knew he’d get jealous if anyone ever saw you.
Was a little clumsy but determined. Sank in and started going at it, but wanted to look down and watch. He got his horns stuck in your hair and had to stop.
Is #1 fan when you’re naked. (”Ugh. Smother me.”) Boy can’t stand it. He needs it.
Tries to dress a little nicer (even if it’s casual) when you guys go out on dates.
You pack little snack bags when he stands in line for midnight releases and GODDAMN he’s gonna marry you?!
If you’re napping together and someone comes to wake him up or needs you, he just glares at them from underneath you, tail swishing threateningly. No one takes his human, okay?!
He has over-the-ear headphones but I bet he carries earbuds and has probably done that ‘share an earbud’ thing to hold you close and listen to music
Do you need to get up while he’s still sleeping? Untangle yourself and tuck your pillow in his arms. He’ll be fine. Bonus: you get to see the snuggling in action.
Between all the anime and centuries in the Devildom, he’s gotten used to using tails as another way of expression. They act subconsciously based on what the demon’s thinking. He’s surprised both of you several times by accidentally wrapping you up in his tail because he doesn’t want you to leave.
When he gets visibly uncomfortable in social situations, slip him something with your scent on it. It’s comforting. If you make up an excuse to get him out of there (he’s your escort and all), he’s over the moon.
Had more awkward moments than he’s willing to admit, but he’s more open about them than Lucifer. Basically, if someone guesses it happened, he won’t deny it.
Has probably tripped over books walking you through his room or rushing to answer the door (not that you’d know how happy it makes him).
There’s a 50-50 chance that he’ll steal a glance and act like he didn’t, hiding behind an upside down book or something
Has definitely dropped books on his head after charming them down from the shelf. Your voice just sucks all his concentration up. You get bonus points for checking on him because some of those books are HELLA HEAVY
Say the right thing during a quiet tea session and you might hear him choke
Has probably been outed by one of his friends. Satan always seems to make friends without trying and gets invited to tons of stuff. What didn’t seem like a date turns out to DEFINITELY be a date (according to the friend).
Plan some silly treasure hunt/detective date and this guy is yours for life (especially if you’re the prize at the end).
Isn’t the most upfront about the disdain for his demon form, or how he feels weird about not being a true angel (just an extension of Lucifer), so expect a lot of raw, near-tears conversations in his demon form.
Hold him, run your fingers along the inside of his wings and the tips of his horns and Satan hugs you like there’s no tomorrow. He’ll cry, but he doesn’t regret these tears because they’re healing.
Weak for hand kisses. Smooch them hands.
Not super into PDA, but he’ll do other things to show he cares like carry your books and make sure you know what the weather’s like before you leave
Satan still hasn’t lived down the time Lucifer and the others broke down his door because they smelled blood and thought he’d hurt you. Turns out you guys were having sex and he just bit too hard.
Wouldn’t talk to any of them for a week. He swept you up on an impromptu hotel vacation and you continued to avoid everyone by shopping and eating at cafes.
The type to hold your panties hostage or like a trophy. Gives them back eventually, and enjoys watching Mammon almost have an aneurysm as he tries to figure out why his room smells so strongly of you.
Tea dates, cat cafe dates, and plenty of couple pictures with cat filters. Satan’s Devilgram activity goes up substantially when he’s dating.
You’re not his lock screen, but you’re his background. 
When you two start dating Asmo is literally the happiest demon in all of Devildom. Yeah he’s smug and cute like ‘how could they NOT fall for beautiful me?’ but boy is literally so stoked. All of that babble’s just a cover for how sickeningly happy he is
Thinks the world of you.
Wants to spend all his free time with you, be it napping and cuddling, shopping, getting pampered, or just doing your nails.
Now that he has that real, true love he doesn’t want to be without you.
You trend on Devilgram at least once
Took you shopping for perfumes and has the tester strip you used to pick your perfume taped to his vanity. Then he can smell it whenever he likes!
Gives you a small thing of his cologne for when you get lonely or want to smell like him
Boy is super, super extra. Probably has matching shirts that say he’s yours and you’re his.
The type to get couple’s pillows, cups, and pajamas. You also get couple’s massages.
If you wear lipstick, he’s definitely made you a custom one at some exclusive-invite Devilgram event. He put your initials on the base of the tube and thinks it’s the cutest damn thing. His pride and joy--it’s basically a child.
There’s no shame in the bedroom with this one. I really doubt he’d have awkward moments because he has a lot of experience and has run into a lot of things that he’s handled one way or another. It’s gentle coaching and some sweet teasing.
The most embarrassing thing he’s ever done is probably moaned/whined at the wrong time. Or said something semi-naughty at a bad time. He’s not easily shamed so that doesn’t really matter, either.
He melts at the gentlest touches and will be SO dramatic about it, like half fainted into his bed.
Is easily hypnotized by jewelry. He’ll massage your ears if you have earrings in, cooing over them and wanting to look at them. If he’s laying on you and you’re wearing a necklace, he plays with it the whole time.
Smart but distractable. Beel’s love language revolves around protection and food so pack him a lunch for practice or bring him something from a town date with one of the bros and he’s super excited
He means well but forgets his own strength so there’s a lot that can go wrong in the bedroom
Has probably broken his bed several times
Had sex on the kitchen counter and the bros only found out because one of them was setting up dinner prep and one of the legs just gave out
Big, snuggly bear. Best hugs.
Hardest to wake up because he tends to sleep well and easily. It’s a side effect of being connected to Belphie. Will hug you to him and keep snoring. You have to get someone else to wake him up because he’ll just snuggle you the more you move around and talk
I headcanon that Beel does a tongue thing like Levi, mostly because his cardinal sin is gluttony and that helps get the food in his mouth faster. It’s not as slender or serpentine as Levi’s, but it definitely moves.
Has licked you in his sleep as an affectionate thing.
Loves to snuggle into your hair when he sleeps.
Bite mark king. He’s so affectionate and earnest when he makes love that he just ends up leaving all kinds of signs on you--mostly bite marks but when he’s conscious of leaving too many, they turn into hand prints.
Makes the purr sound when he’s inside of you. Purrs very easily.
Most of his awkward moments come from being oblivious. He’s the kind of guy you have to out-and-out tell you’re flirting with him, that you like him and want to date him.
Beel’s also very shy with flirting. He thinks you’ll just understand that he’s flirting when he shares food or wants to hug, or just anything. It can be missed because he’s generally chill and friendly.
Was royally embarrassed by Asmo (on accident) when he didn’t eat as much at dinner one night and you were ‘too tired’ to come down. Beel went to carry your food up and Asmo somehow found out he’d eaten you out right before. He was filled up on the human energy and you couldn’t walk to come down.
If you ride his face, grab his horns to hold on. It does something for him and his hands go crazy and he really eats.
Scratch his back and he’ll be your forever heater.
His PDA is carrying you because why not? It’s a workout AND you’re close. It makes him give that big, nice smile.
The biggest issue is that he falls asleep on you all the time. He doesn’t mean to but he’s TIRED, okay?
Has a name for the cow pillow. Calls it ‘my moo.’ You are one of seven people that know that. Apparently it’s been a thing since he was little.
Has accidentally called you ‘my moo’ when he’s sleep delirious. It means you’re highly thought of. Beel used to be his moo, too, and now he’s been replaced.
This sloth will smother you. He’s like a koala that demands total contact to sleep
Gives you back rubs and massages. Sometimes he stays awake through them, sometimes you get sleepy and that makes him sleepy so he ends up falling asleep on your back.
Not big on PDA, but his version of caring for you is making sure you’re not bothered by annoying people. Wants you to sit with him at lunch though, and he’ll sulk if you don’t.
His favorite kind of dates are where you stockpile food and drink in the room and just feed each other while lounging in cozy blankets
If you make him any kind of pillow or blanket for a birthday, it’s at the top of his collection. Everyone will see it when they walk into his room.
You’ll plan dates in the star room where he just holds you and points out constellations until you fall asleep. Knows a lot of the mythology/stories behind them and shares that.
No matter the size, Belphie likes to cuddle between your boobs. He says it’s for your heartbeat and that they’re comfy like pillows. His tail wags like crazy when he does this.
Also big on physical contact due to his time in the attic. You just have to be alone.
Brush and play with his hair. That’s what he likes most.
Just hold this boy, okay? He needs it.
If you guys are trying to nap and the other brothers are being noisy, he’ll do the demon scream thing to tell them to shut the hell up. He’s an absolute angel to you though. You’re tired too, he knows.
If you get a little purple streak or something in your hair, he’s smitten.
Get him a kanigiri and the boy is super stoked. He’ll wear it all around the House of Lamentation. Bonus points if it has a hoodie or something he can throw up to annoy Lucifer.
Might get you a little stuffed cow toy so you have something to hug if you have to go away or can’t be with him.
The type to be restless if he can’t sleep with you. Will come to your room in the dead of night and ask to snuggle. It’s the only time he’s nice about it (and vulnerable), so say yes.
You get to be a human body pillow. He loves it very much.
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hinajiki · 2 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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peachy-cream-writer · 11 months ago
how do the obey me brothers make out/kiss!
Obey me brothers making out / kissing their s/o
Warning ~ making out / kissing
“Asmodeus and MC makeout sesh drabble?” - anon
I hope that this is okay for you! Sorry I mashed them into one but they were similar concepts so I think it’s okay ^ - ^! Enjoy :)
Edit - AHHH! I just realised I forgot Satan’s!! Lemme update it so sorry folks! 😔
❀ Lucifer likes slow, passionate and romantic kisses
❀ He prefers to take time with showing his physical affection, littering your neck, cheeks and lips with soft kisses
❀ When you make out he has you placed in his lap, his hands on your hips for full control over the kiss
❀ He’s definitely more dominant and so expect love bites along with kissing
❀ Often times Lucifer can be rougher but that’s only when he’s had a tough day
❀ But this boy has very soft lips cuz he uses a cherry flavoured lip exfoliating scrub which was gifted to him from Asmo, he hadn’t had a real reason to use it until you came along and complimented his lips
❀ Making out is definitely private and happens mostly in his room, he doesn’t trust his brothers enough to do it in yours
❀ But that doesn’t mean that he won’t press the occasional kiss to your cheek or forehead when he sees you around Devildom
❀ This boy gets super nervous when he’s kissing you, like REALLY nervous
❀ He wouldn’t ever admit it but feeling you press kisses to his collarbone or against his cheeks makes him so flustered
❀ Mammon is super big on PDA, you’re his of course
❀ You’ve made out a few times in the common room and occasionally in the kitchen, the boy just can’t control himself around you!
❀ As for simple kisses Mammon gets the most flustered here
❀ When you press a sweet little peck on his cheek his heart explodes with love and adoration, his brothers always tease him for his warm cheeks
❀ He’s a tsundere though so again he would never tell you about your affect on him, he even has a hard time admitting it to himself
❀ But in short this “hot shot” melts with your kisses
❀ This boy is a little inexperienced when it comes to making out
❀ Kissing your Ruri-Chan body pillow doesn’t really count as experience but Levi counts it anyway because it felt real to him
❀ So when he gets kisses from you he’s a MESS
❀ His cheeks are scarlet red and he doesn’t really know where to put his hands
❀ But! He does get the hang of it fast
❀ After a while of being together and ‘practicing’ you started to feel a little more comfortable with eachother and Levi started to understand where to put what and how to do what
❀ His kisses are a little rushed at the beginning, they feel very nervous and almost like he’s uncomfortable but that’s only at the start because eventually he becomes more confident and deepens the kisses himself
❀ He becomes a very passionate kisser
❀ But only in private, if his brothers saw him doing this he would never hear the end of it
❀ Satan is a very passionate and romantic guy, very much like Lucifer and Asmo, which he never admits to
❀ He’s a little more rough with his own kisses though and isn’t afraid to bite your lip whilst making out
❀ Satan is quite cheeky, believe it or not, with his kisses, playful nips being frequent
❀ He has once or twice pulled you into his lap and held a book in front of you both as your lips locked in a sweet embrace
❀ He tastes like sweet tea and peppermint, his lips are a little chapped sometimes but he makes the attempt at remembering lip balm, just for you
❀ Satan likes long make out sessions, by a crackling fire, book placed on the desk, you in his lap, your hands on his cheeks as your deeply kiss, that’s his fantasy
❀ Despite his romantic nature, he does get a little nervous sometimes, he himself isn’t actaully the most experienced demon despite what some might believe
❀ He might fumble occasionally, hands moving the wrong place but you quickly correct him or let him correct you and before you know it your lips are locked again
❀ When it comes to plainer kisses he always makes sure to greet you with a cute peck on the head
❀ Asmo is probably the best kisser out of all of them, he’s got the most experience and of course his sin
❀ He’s super romantic with kisses but doesn’t mind who dominates the kiss
❀ He just wants to make you happy
❀ Like Lucifer his lips are so soft, the taste of Peach chapstick with a matching sweet lip scrub make the best kisses
❀ Asmodeus doesn’t care where or when you’re kissing as long as you’re - well - kissing! He just loves kisses!
❀ He doesn’t care if he gets teased
❀ No teasing stops him from practically pouncing on you the moment you enter a room
❀ As well as the fact that he tastes good, he also smells so good and when your kiss him you can smell the various skin care products he uses on his face along with his cologne
❀ A Very hungry kisser
❀ He didn’t know that his sin affected him in his heart too
❀ He’s so hungry for your kisses and can often feel very touch starved without them
❀ Despite his hunger for your touch he does understand that potentially you might not always want a heated and heavy kiss
❀ So he holds back for you
❀ When he does this his kisses are slow and sweet, he tastes like candy, he always makes sure to eat candy before kissing you
❀ He has you on his lap most of the time and doesn’t really mind when you kiss him
❀ A lot of the time when you’re alone you get into heated make out sessions but with others around he likes to press sweeter kisses onto your forehead instead
❀ Beels kisses are enough to make your legs feel like jelly because he takes his time to make you feel loved with every smooch
❀ Belphe is another shy kisser
❀ Preferring to make out in his room, and when you make out he’s definitely not so shy
❀ He doesn’t mind if you take control with the kisses or if it’s the other way around
❀ But either way he just craves your attention a lot
❀ So much so that sometimes in his sleep he starts pressing kisses to your cheek, they’re kinda sloppy and gross though especially since he doesn’t really know what he’s doing whilst he’s asleep
❀ In public you can get away with a peck on the cheek, even then he gets a little blushy (hold his pinkie though and you can get away with a couple more!)
❀ But when you get somewhere private give this boy all the kisses! He deserves them 🥺
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duxastaroth · 11 months ago
Hcs for pics the brothers have saved of MC on their DDD?
i thought of the sweetwest and dirtyest things at the same time anon JDASIOJFA i hope this is what you imagined!
pictures last longer | obey me
brothers x reader, separately
fluff and some minor smut too
Tumblr media
he’s got all that attitude and stuff but he’s a softie really;
he’d have a cute picture of you set as his lockscreen;
it would be a photo of you laughing or smiling, not knowing he was taking a picture;
something that he can look at and feel warm and fuzzy inside because he just adores you so much;
maybe a picture of your sleeping face;
it’s a bummer that he can’t see your sleeping often because well when you’re asleep he’s asleep too right next to you so... y’know;
so one day he took a picture of your peaceful and cute sleeping face;
he set it as his lockscreen so that everytime he looks at his phone he sees you so peaceful and happy it makes him happy too;
beel’s lockscreen is a combo of the things he loves most: food, belphie and of course, you;
it’s a picture of you and belphie sitting right next to each other with a bunch of snacks around you, from a movie night the three of you shared;
his phone’s gallery though is your domain;
he has a bunch of pictures of you, be it smiling, watching tv, reading, anything, he just really loves to look at you being you;
a picture of you all dressed up;
not that he doesn’t think you’re beautiful always but this time in particular he thought you looked perfect;
it’s you in a stunning outfit, all dolled up, pink cheeks and a shy smile, trying to pose for his picture;
your shy, but yet still radiant, smile made it all better and it always gives him motivation to face another day when he picks up his phone and sees his locksceen;
lucifer didin’t set a photo of you as his lockscreen but only because the photo was a bit revealing and he’s the only one who can see you like that;
his favorite photo of you on his phone’s gallery is one of you in your sleeping gown;
a pink silky fabric that hugges all your curves perfectly and giving your position, sitting on his bed, it rode up, showing off your pretty thighs;
he looks at that picture when he’s stressed with rad business or his brothers and looking at it reminds him to keep calm because you’re at home just waiting for him to arrive;
a picture of you in a cute maid dress or some other costumy stuff;
levi loves to dress you up and buy cute costumes for you both to wear together at cons;
you’re both in the picture as it is a selfie, levi has his free arm around your shoulder and you’re in a cute matching outfits, wide smiles on your faces;
it’s set as his lockscreen for all of his devices, levi loves to see it everywhere, it reminds him that even if he feels like an outsider and a weirdo it doesn’t matter because you’re there, beside him;
asmo takes pictures of you non stop;
his lockscreen would be a cute one, you all dressed up in a pretty outfit that he picked out for you himself;
he would organize your pictures in folders because he has just so so many;
his favorites though are the ones of you dressed only in your lingerie, posing for him, he looks at those all the time to get him through the day, imagining doing all kinds of stuff to you when he gets home;
a/n: this was a very nice idea and i had lots of fun writing!
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