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#leviathan x reader

“I’m not after treasure tonight. No, it’s your heart I’m going to steal.”




“Heh, just kidding. Did you like my impression?”

You don’t even think anymore when you grab the collar of the bluenette’s outfit and pull him down into a clumsy kiss.

Too long had you waited for a moment to profess your heartfelt feelings.

Too frequent had this oblivious fool refused your affections in fear that you’d merely been jesting.

Too stupid were you to give up on this idiot despite all the times he made your heart ache in his efforts to deny the sincerity of your love.

He thought he was funny by teasing you like this?

Dangling what you’d always wanted from him on a string as if he was playing with a docile little kitten?

Leviathan would not get away with this travesty.

Phantom thieves were known for escaping under the cover of darkness, slipping through the hands of their enemies with skill and precision, but the last thing Levi would be doing tonight is escaping your grasp.

With his guard down as you moved your lips against his, you loosen your grip on his clothes only to allow yourself to wrap your arms around his neck instead. Goosebumps dot your arms when the smooth and cool texture of the few scales on his neck rub against your skin.

His lips are surprisingly soft and pliant against your own as you press yourself closer and closer, silently asking the Avatar of Envy to push back, to reciprocate, to tell you that he now understands and wants you as much as you want him even without the use of words.


Leviathan was never good with verbal communication.

A lot of times he’d say one thing but would mean the total opposite of what he’d said.

Talking to real-life people was so difficult when you could never guarantee what they’ll say or do next unlike fictional characters. What they like today might not be the same tomorrow nor could you predict their reactions to certain things because so many factors affected their decisions.

That was one of the reasons he’d retreated in the fictional worlds of video games and anime. He didn’t have to worry about stupid things like keeping up appearances or being careful with words because he just had to choose the correct or best possible answer and he’d be awarded.

He’d lived for millennia and had played all manner of different games and had seen almost every line in the book and given the situation he was currently in with you, he couldn’t help but utter one such beloved line just to see your reaction to it.

The demon wasn’t so full of himself like Mammon or Asmodeus that he believed you’d immediately turn into a flustered tizzy, but he did think that you’d break out into laughter at the cheesy overused lines.

At worst you might just call him out for such an unbearably cheesy line.

Levi was sure that he’d tripped and fallen into one of his games that somehow had a heroine that looked exactly like you or that he was even dreaming all of this up at this point.

But when your soft arms wrapped themselves around his neck, pulling him even closer and leaving almost no room between your bodies just as there was no room between his lips and yours…

Leviathan could swear that he saw the gates of heaven open once more for him.


When he didn’t initially push you away, whether it was acceptance or shock, you took your actions further in the fear that this may be the first and last time you’ll be able to do this. Yet you couldn’t deny the exhilaration and elation that coursed through your veins as you practically devoured the demon’s lips as if they were a rare delicacy you’d only just discovered.

The taste of his lips was addicting, his natural scent maddening and only further pulling you down into a pit of depravity.

The moment Levi opened his mouth in a surprised moan when you nipped at his bottom lip, your tongue immediately slipped in and met his in an even sloppier and messier kiss. You eagerly intertwined his tongue with yours, coaxing the shy appendage to engage in an erotic dance that further fanned the flames of arousal and heat coursing through your body.

Levi’s taste…

You clench your thighs to try and abate the scorching heat and collecting moisture in between your legs as you try to commit to memory the taste of the bluenette and the feeling of his mouth on yours.

One of your arms unwind from his neck only for your hand to delve into his blue tresses, pushing the back of his head towards you in an effort to minimize the almost non-existent space in between your faces. Now that you finally got to sample the forbidden fruit, something you believed you’d never be able to have…

You’d partake of it again and again, day in and day out without rest if you could and never get tired.

Warm breaths mingled and turned into one, moans & whimpers were swallowed by ravenous mouths that refused to give the other respite. Everytime the male would pull away to breathe you’d immediately pull him back and steal his breath away.

Your lips were swollen from the continuous kisses and nips when you pulled away, a glossy sheen of saliva coating them. “Didn’t see that coming…did you, Mr. Phantom Thief?”

The saucy smile and the state of your lips didn’t help the demon whose face was as vibrant as Beel’s hair, mouth slightly agape as he tried to process the last few minutes of this supposed ‘heist.’

Despite having pulled away from the kiss, you never once released the Avatar of Envy from your grasp. As such, you could feel EVERY inch of him just as he could feel EVERY inch of you.

“But don’t think this is over. I intend to steal your heart…” You blow a warm puff of air into the shell of his ear, noting with great relish at the shiver it coaxed out of your bashful demon.

“…and ALL of you as well”


Levi was fucked.

Both literally and figuratively.

(Part 2)

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holding his face [demon brothers]


warnings + genre: fluff

notes: hi reblogs are greatly appreciated <33


━━ LUCIFER; his brothers have more of a reaction than him a first — mostly because they’re amazed he’s letting you touch him. he quirks a brow at you and for a moment it seems somewhat sinister, before the ghost a playful smile appears on his lips.

━━ MAMMON ; he freezes. and he doesn’t know why, because you’re just a human. a human he doesn’t even like, so what’s with this tight feeling in his chest? and why does he feel so lonely when you take your hand away?

━━ LEVIATHAN ; he hates that he pulls away a little at first. because he actually likes it; the warm feeling in his chest and the sense of peace just a simple touch brings. give him a moment to adjust and the offended look on his face will melt away.

━━ SATAN ; at first, he doesn’t react at all. he just looks over to you with confused eyes. he’ll try to fight the smile pulling at the corner of his lips, though he ends up having to lean his face into your hand and look back down at his book to do so.

━━ ASMODEUS ; he smiles as soon as he feels your hand on his face. his eyes close and he hums softly at the feeling, leaning into your hand. his eyes open for a moment to look at you with adoration before closing again as he buries his face in your hand.

━━ BEELZEBUB ; another who stops as soon as you touch him. there’s confusion written in his face as he tries to decipher why you’re doing this. then he gives you a warm smile, nuzzles into your hand a little, then reaches to pull you into a hug.

━━ BELPHEGOR ; he pulls away, but it’s in hopes that you’ll try again. when you don’t and you only pout, he’ll lean back over and put your hand on his face. he hums softly and lets his eyes close, eventually leaning closer to you so that he can bury his face in the side of your neck.

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There is trepidation in each step you take as you move closer and closer to what will become the rest of your life. The brightly lit corridors that kept the shadows at bay should have comforted you, and yet knowing what waited for you at the end shook you to your core.

“Hey, it’s going to be alright. He’s serious and goal-driven, but not an unkind man. He won’t ever neglect or disrespect you in any way,” comforted Cainabel, doing his best to try and ease your nerves despite the strained smile on his own face.

You return his smile with a strained one of your own before looking back at the corridor in front of you, walking arm-in-arm with your elder brother calmed you somewhat. This was not how you imagined your life playing out, none of your family did.

And yet you still walked with your head held up high, trying to show anyone and everyone that you will not run away from your duty to your family and your people.

Your sacrifice now will ensure the future of generations to come.

That is why you will do this.

That is why you HAVE to do this.

Although Cainabel put up a confident front, you felt how tense his body was. You could hear how, with each step he took it’s as if he was taking his last breath the more you both neared the enormous, intricately designed double doors at the end of the corridor.

When you both stood at the foot of the doors, you took a moment to yourselves before entering. Cainabel didn’t say anything, but the look on his face was more than enough to tell you how he felt about this whole ordeal.

“I can do this, brother. I can do this because of our family and our people”

With all the grace you could muster, you gave him one last carefree smile before you gently pushed at the doors.


He stands there at the foot of the throne, a pristine white uniform adorned with only a few medals and badges despite the stories you’ve heard of his conquests and prowess both in and out of the battlefield.

His dark hair was styled neatly, not a single strand out of place as it framed his face and brought attention to a pair of eyes the color of a warm sunset or the scorching heat of wildfire. All this contrasted beautifully with his cool yet stern countenance, seemingly as malleable yet unyielding as the seas he commanded.

This was Leviathan.

This was the Grand Admiral of the Devildom’s navy.

And he was to be your husband for the rest of your life.


“…and I now pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss the bride”

Despite the roar of the crowd as your veil was lifted, you were deaf to their cries and could only hear the steady beat of your heart. With bated breath, you stood motionless as Leviathan leaned down to meet your lips with his own.

In that single moment, the world around you disappears and it is filled with just you and him.

You are hyper-aware of everything, from the softness of his lips, the firm grip his hands had on your smaller ones, and the warm, tingling sensation that began from your lips and spread out into the rest of your body.

When both of you separate, you are blessed with a frowning husband who sported a pair of bright red cheeks as he tried to look anywhere but you. Despite his obvious bashfulness at being subject to so many prying eyes even if weddings were supposed to be public events, your husband still gingerly takes your hand in his.

Leviathan’s gloved hand gripped yours firmly, but at the same time with so much care.

Perhaps becoming the wife to a decorated admiral wasn’t so bad after all.

Perhaps becoming the bargaining chip to broker a peace between your two kingdoms wasn’t as bad as you thought.

Perhaps marrying Leviathan wouldn’t be as miserable a life as you thought it would be.

Especially when he blushed so prettily despite the stoic front he put up whenever you so much as laid as a single finger on him.

“Please take care of me~”

42 notes

Of course! I love this idea. I didn’t get a chance to proof read this so I apologize for any grammatical mistakes.

Author’s notes at the end (marked by *s)

Spoiler warning for up to chapter 17 to be safe. Especially with Belphie.

Half Demon GN!MC Headcanons


  • Everyone noticed that you never seemed too bothered by the fact that you were surrounded by demons, but figured you were just rather good at adapting.
  • This theory was proven wrong at a party Lord Diavolo hosted.
  • As you chatted with the brothers, a large demon with griffon wings, a lion’s mane, and horns similar to a gazelle began to head in the direction of your group.
  • The demon, who the others instantly recognized as Duke Vapula, walked up to them with a cheeky grin.
  • The brothers were instantly on guard, Mammon even growling slightly, as it was extremely uncommon for anyone to approach them so casually.
  • Diavolo, Barbatos, Simeon, Luke, and Solomon all took notice and were prepared to intervine should something happen.
  • You turned around to see what the issue was and let out a loud gasp.
  • “DAD!”

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This isn’t exactly what the request was but I loved this idea 😋😋 thanks for the request babes!

96 notes


Aww thank you babes🧡🧡 enjoy this levi getting flustered that MC wants him to use his tail 🤤 I can just imagine him with the back of his hand over his face to try and cover his blush while he desperately watches where his tail enters you as you jerk him off 🥲 I just have a lot of horny for him okay?

Warnings: tail kink

117 notes

Summary: With Covid and quarantine, Y/N decided it would be safer for him to stay in the Devildom and with online schooling, he wouldn’t miss anymore. His only problem is the avatar of greed that likes to chill in his room.

Notes: I’m back, I’m still alive. Coincidentally, this was posted right before my own live lesson. Online schooling in this chapter will be mainly based on how it is for me. Like usual, Y/N and Levi are already dating.

Word count: 1317

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Leviathan x GN! MC

Content Warning: Angst, Slight Fluff, Major Character Death

Summary: He never knew that visiting you was going to be such a hard thing to do

got some short shit for ya-


“Hearing your voice eased me. Knowing you’re right by my side calmed my envious senses. You’re hypnotic, I’ve got to say..”

He smiled as your figure approached him, a giant grin on your face. Blush seemed to visible on your cheeks as well. He liked-no, loved this side of you.

On your right hand gripped the manga he had lent you. It still looked intact, showing no sign of damages or dents. That made him feel relieved. 

“Hey (Y/N).” He said. His eyes slightly widened as you suddenly pounced your body directly at him, encaging him with your arms and legs. You nuzzled your face on his shoulder, covering the red color on it. “Oh, you read that part huh?” He rose a brow, smirking. 

In response, you nodded. “It’s so cute!” 

“Geez, no need to scream directly in my ear.” He chuckled a bit. “You moron.” 

Feeling offended, you retracted your head from his shoulder, now glaring daggers at him. “Hey! I’m not a moron. If anything, Mammon’s the moron.” 

“I may be tied upside down, but I’m not deaf (Y/N)!” You both heard Mammon retort in the other room. 

“Come on.” Levi’s hand gripped your back, keeping you in place. “Let’s go watch that new anime you were talking about.” 


“Heh, I still remember that day.” He smiled a little bit. “You’re really troublesome. A big moron.” He tilted his head to the side slightly, opening his eyes as he entered reality again. A tear formed and fell. 

“I… Heard of this new manga…” Carefully, he took out a small comic book, revealing it to your gravestone. 

“…Wanna read it with me,” 


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5 Times Mammon Interupted Levy. 1 Time She Didn’t.

Levy x reader! GN reader! Fem Levi! Hi! Uh- NSFW. Also cursing is included! I wanted to write something funny though and this popped in my brain! Enjoy!

Note: normally my stuff doesn’t have many NSFW themes and typically I prefer to keep it more romantic and fluffy but not this time. However this is not smut and is a comedy piece. Enjoy!

Dialogue is colored this time around! Levy Mammon Asmo italics is the person on the phone.

1. When Levy told Mammon to shut up.



“So close!”

“Almost- almost there!”

“Keep going!”

“Come on, come on!”

Mammon heard Levy through the walls. That’s how loud she was. Mammon didn’t like to be a cock block or anything, especially not to Levy who- wait when was the last time she got laid? Wait… did she ever-? No they’ve been alive for centuries she’s had to! Wait never mind back to the problem at hand.

Mammon normally didn’t care if Levy was loud or not. She usually had her headphones to block out the noise. However, a certain sister was using them without permission and broke them. Stupid Satan, Mammon definetly didn’t steal your headphones.

Without her headphones she was left unprotected to Levy’s loud gaming nights until she got a knew pair. As much as Mammon loves her sister, the noise is getting annoying.

So here Mammon was, bathing into Levy’s room to embarrass her for being so loud then-





Of course the only logical thing when you find your sister in the middle of a game is to leave as she throws various empty soda cans at you.

2. When Levy was on a phone call.

Mammon didn’t mean to eavesdrop. Again. Honest!

But when she hears her shut in sister say the words “I love you” and then another VOICE respond “I love you too” she’s gotta know what’s going on.

“I miss you so much darling, I can’t until I can see you again.”

“I miss you too my star, so much.”

Levy missed someone? Since when!?

“Remember last summer when all we did was go on picnics and have tea? You always found the perfect spot for us to sit.”

“Under the willow trees. Anything for you my star.”

When did Levy leave her room- Wait last summer!? Does Lucy know?

“And next time we see eachother I promise there will be absolutely no interruptions what so ev-“

Mammon just couldn’t take not knowing any longer. She had to know who-


Oh she should have expected this.


It was a game. It was a texting game. Of course it was.

3. When there was almost a first K word.

It was an average day.

Well I mean, they sisters’ new average.

It’s been a few months since the start of the exchange program and you finally managed to worm your way into Levy’s circle of trust.

You two were just in her bedroom binging a new sports anime called “that time sports all changed my life and I had a giant crush on half my team but the one who I ended up loving was my rival the whole time.” Or something.

It was nice. The anime had you two clinging to eachother in excitement.

The emotions each character displayed had the both of you tearing up at points.

Levy was so distracted, it wasn’t u til after the season finale she realized just how close you two were.

Oh boy.

Here we go.

Levy’s brain has been fried, once again, by how cute you are.

She started to move but when you held your grip on her she couldn’t bare to move away from you.

She looked you in your eyes that she always thought were just the perfect color. Not too light or too dark but always the eyes she adores.

She didn’t notice herself lean in. She didn’t notice pulling you closer.

Her hands were cold against your skin, they always were, they always left a chill on you.

One that made you lean into her more and somehow managed to light your soul aflame with want for her.

Levy’s face was closer to you than she’d ever had the courage to keep it before.

And then a pounding on the door.

“MC are you in there! I need your help with something!”

And there the mood went.

Levy realized how close she was to you and backed away immediately, leaving you truly cold.

4. When Levy was having a conversation with Asmo.

“Asmo! This time I have a power point presentation about why you should-… what is going on here?”

Mammon had walked in on a blushing Levy and an elated Asmo.

“Am I… inturupting something?”


“Not at all!”

“Asmoooo! No we can’t tell her we absolutely can not.”

“But Levy Mammon knows how to do this too and honestly with the me there is no way you could go wrong but a little extra help isn’t a bad thing. Mammon is good at this too!”

“Good at what?”




“Oh no Asmo’s right I can help what’s up?”

“No it’s nothing go away you stupid older sister!”

“Levy and MC are getting kinda serious so Levy wanted to talk about how to be more confident initiating intimacy so she came to her dear expert little sister!”

“Awww Levy I’m hurt you didn’t come to me for advice first!”


5. When Levy was kinda in the middle of something here.

Levy doesn’t know how she managed this.

She doesn’t even think it’s real.

Here was this gorgeous human kissing her of all demons when there are plenty of others who are a much better choice. Here you were, crawling on top of her and asking her if she wants to go further.

Here you were, asking her if she wanted more.

Clothes were forgotten on the floor.

Hands were desperately feeling for the other’s touch.

This was something new.

And no amount of anxiety or over thinking could of made her pull away.

She adores you with everything she is.

Her confidence was just starting to come to her when-


Thankfully pants were still on.

However Mammon’s head was about to be off.

+1. When Mammon finally learned.

Since then nothing but snuggles and cuddles has happened between you and Levy.

And to be honest?

You were fed up.

Every time you two would even so much as kiss something would interrupt you.

Levy was going insane.

Everytime she got comfortable and let her guard down, something spooked her.

And you could tell.

But not today.

No to-fucking-day Mammon!

Levy had been out for hours to get a new game she had been wanting forever that was only available in one store.

You stayed home this time, feigning sick. You were fine, obviously, and just told her you are too much.

You got her room ready.

Anime to binge - check.

Fluffy blankets - check.

Nerdy playlist because you’re both in love with anime dorks - check.

No interruptions - working on it.

This is the part where you bursted into Mammon’s room. Blackmail in hand.

Here we go.

“Mammon! I am going to have a nice evening with my girlfriend, Levy, ALONE. And if you so much as think about trying to get to either of us, I will personally hand this folder of evidence to Lucy.”

“Woah human, what evidence and for what crime? You got no proof I did anything.”

“Oh really? Tell me, what was the one prank Lucy never caught you on?”

“The cups in her office. Why?”

“So you admit you were the one who put all those cups in her office and made her lose hours of work time, ultimately making her sleep less and be extra cranky the next day?”

“Yes and it was hilarious! I wish I could’ve seen her face!”

You pull the recording pen out of your pocket. Yes. Yes you did just pull a Judy Hopps.

Mammon’s face looked pail as a ghost.

“Now you’re going to stay out of my room and out of Levy’s room and I will see you tomorrow at breakfast, or this pen will be hand delivered to Lucy.”

“O-Oi you don’t have to go that far! You could of just told me ta leave you alone!”

“Good.” And with that you left.


Mammon was bored. Very bored. There had been multiple times she almost got up to go look for you but then she remembered the pen.

And she sat her ass back down.

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I’m at my husband’s granny’s house in the middle of nowhere and have tried to post this three times and it won’t go through so I hope it works this time!

Enjoy this Levi sexting because he’s my comfort character and I’m a little down rn 🧡

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Call to mind

A Leviathan x GN!reader fic

This is my first fanfic after a few years, so please be nice but here you go💓 I tried to make it gender neutral but I apologize if there are pronouns in here


       It had started with him rewatching one of his favourite animes. It was a simple slice of life genre that had an excellent way of tugging at viewers hearts. Leviathan sighed to himself as he closed the tab down containing the offending material and he pulled up Akuzon to mindlessly scroll through it; even though he knew he had everything he needed at the moment. Leviathan could not tell what had gotten him in such a negative mood; he couldn’t even play his favourite games because he grew tired of them and didn’t hold his attention for more than a few minutes. The TSL series was the only thing keeping him from losing his mind; after not finding anything of interest, he closed the akuzon tab as well. 

“Ugh, today is so shitty…” he placed his hand onto his forehead and dragged it down his face, sighing loudly.

       He knew deep down why, his chest contracted everytime his eyes laid upon the second gaming chair in the room-your gaming chair. He had bought a matching chair for you for christmas because you frequented his room, whether to simply keep him company, play your own games or cuddle up and watch a movie. You in return had gifted him a sizable handmade crochet blanket with Rurichan’s face. He had been so touched he almost ended up crying on the spot, a reaction you matched seeing the gift he had gotten you. He chuckled dryly as he remembered you two cuddling under the blanket; beside each other in your respective chairs and had a TSL marathon that night. You did not want to leave so you both shyly snuggled in his tub and spent your first night together. It was a fond memory that left a bad taste in his mouth in his current state.

      He missed you terribly, he had become so used to your presence that it wasn’t unusual for him to find you in his room before him after school. He of course had no problem with it, it meant he had more time with you. When Mammon found out how much time you two spent together he had all but threw a fit. Jealous that you spent so much time with him and barely any with the other brothers. Leviathan had no idea why, he was an icky,gross shut-in otaku that had little to no social life besides playing games with his online friends. He had asked you one day out of sheer curiosity and you looked at him absolutely dumbfounded;replying with “you’re my favourite person”. He still feels butterflies in his stomach when he thinks about it, no matter how many times he tells himself it’s not true.

       He pulled himself out of his chair and absent-mindedly walked over to Henry’s tank. Maybe his fish friend could provide some company;but his mind wandered again. When you first came into his room, you were amazed by how he had his room set up. He thought you were an annoying normie because of the way you excitedly examined everything. You particularly loved the jellyfish lights he had hanging from the ceiling, you had called his room a “vibe” which made him let out a laugh. His eyes glanced over the room, landing on the tub. He walked over to it and ran his lithe hand around the rim of the tub. What was an empty tub was now filled with the coziest of pillows and stuffed animals. You had basically moved into his room with the time you spent together, something he found so endearing. You had been so dramatic finding out he slept in a tub with one blanket and pillow, you had left immediately and returned with two of your pillows and a throw blanket that was gifted to you by Diavolo much to Leviathan dismay.

       Sighing, he turned off his lights and computer and got into bed, figuring he will just scroll on his phone until he fell asleep. It wasn’t too late but he had no energy to do anything for the rest of the day. He opened up his D.D.D sending a text to you.

Leviathan: Y/n?

Leviathan: When will you be coming back to the devildom?

Leviathan: Not that I miss you or anything.

He waited for a response, albeit a little impatiently and scoured the internet for new animes that were coming out. He was already up to date with everything Rurichan and since there were no new concerts or shows he didn’t have to go out of his way to secure tickets. When you didn’t reply he started feeling intense jealousy. Have you found someone new to occupy your time? He bet you were getting all buddy buddy with someone other than him. His stomach churned at the idea of you finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend. They wouldn’t be able to treat you better than him, even though you two were not officially dating; it still enraged him at the thought of you with anyone else. He heard banging and it stirred him out of his dark thoughts, realizing he assumed his demon form and his tail was aggressively slamming against the side of the tub.

Knock knock!

       The knocking had startled him, taking his eyes away from his offending tail,they landed on the door. Sighing, he chose to ignore it…probably Mammon coming to annoy him yet again for some money. He personally would smack Mammon upside the head if he had to deal with his nonsense this moment.


       Leviathan ripped himself out of his tub absolutely fuming with rage. How can they not understand he did not want to be around anyone currently. If he didn’t answer the first time they should’ve given up and left. Cursing up and down, he heard another knock as he grabbed his door handle and almost ripped it off the hinges opening it. Eyes widening and mouth hanging agape as he stood infront of you.

“Hey Levi” you said with a teasing smirk like you hadn’t just materialized.

       He was too taken aback to say anything, he simply stared at you in awkward silence. He was not entirely convinced that you were truly infront of him. You flashed him a cheesy grin and pushed past him entering his room. Tsking at the mess his room was in, take out containers basically surrounded his tub and his desk was even worse. 

“Leviachan you’ve been eating too much take out baby” you turned back to him saying in a sweet tone.

       You paused in your teasing seeing his tear streaked face, your face dropping as you hurried over and gave him one of your special bear hugs. Leviathans body shaking against you as were lifted up in a bone crushing hug, his tail wrapping around you body. You missed him terribly and you know he felt the same. You pet his soft hair and placed small, gentle kisses against his forehead. Shushing him and reassuring him you were actually here and that you would be staying for a bit again.

“ I missed you so much"you both managed to say at the same time, becoming flustered.

      Placing your hands on his face you brought him close, rubbing your nose against his, something you did to him knowing how embarrassed and blushy he would get after. He pulled back quickly and rubbed at his tear filled eyes. His demon form retracting and he slowly went back to normal.

"Y-you’re back, why?” He stammered out still unsure if you were here, infront of him.

You shifted back and forth on your feet, becoming shy. You took him by the hand and moved towards the tub. Getting in it yourself and beckoning him to follow. Which he happily obliged and got in snuggling up to your side, placing his head onto yours as you sighed into his chest.

“I missed the devildom, I missed you and Levi…?”


"I just…I love you, being away from you was very hard on me"you whispered, feeling his body freeze after you confessed to him.

"I love you too y/n” he smiled against your hair, pulling you closer.

You pulled the throw blanket over the both of you as you recounted what you did up in the human world while you had been gone, Levi sharing right back albeit it was a lot less compared to you. As he stayed in his room for most of his free time besides school. You two talked for hours until it got to time to go to sleep. In which you made it very clear you were not leaving his side for the next few days, something Leviathan was extremely grateful for.

“Goodnight Leviachan”

“Goodnight y/n”

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Levi doesn’t normally drink, alcohol makes him way too talkative and he normally says things that he vowed to keep with him until his grave, Mammon still brings up some of the things Levi said when he last got drunk and that was over a century ago. But when you asked him to come drink with you, he just couldn’t find it in himself to refuse and now he’s blabbering all of his inner thoughts.

“I still can’t believe you decided to date someone like me…” at least you were drunk too, so there was a chance you would forget the words slipping out of his mouth, but for now your expression softens and you place a hand on top of his while he continues, “the gross otaku part is one thing, but the fact that I struggled so much to ask you out the first time that not a single word made sense.”

“I thought it was endearing, even though I was struggling to hear you after you slammed the door shut in my face,” you laugh at the memory and he groans, remembering that when he messed up the confession he ran into his room, closed the door and continued from behind it, despite yearning for death in that moment.

“The worst part is I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror but I still messed up,” he spent a whole week rehearsing how he was going to ask you out, hyping himself up while he was at it but when he actually went to tell you, all the words he practiced went out the window and he’s rational thoughts were silenced by his loudly beating heart.

“But it worked didn’t it? We went out on our date and now we’re together and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” despite his drunken state, your words sit with him and he observes your smiling form, that could barely sit up straight due to the alcohol and thinks for a moment. If he had to do it all again, would he go through all the embarrassing moments and sleepless nights, if he knew that you’d be waiting for him at the end?

“Me neither,” yes, without a doubt, but he probably wouldn’t bother practicing in the mirror.

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Obey me

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This one was fun to do.

🦅Harpy Mammon🦅 and 🐍Naga Leviathan🐍 (Monster Edition) GN- Reader SFW



  • Mammon is the unquestioned King of his Murder and the only Albino Crow Harpy. He always stands out in his clan.
  • His feathers are a snow white unlike others of his kind. The bits of down feathers on the sides of his face, the long elegant wings, and even his tail feather don’t have a trace of color to them, they shine brightly in the morning sun, and glow ever so softly under the moon.
  • His legs from the knee down are avian like and tipped with golden talons. One foot is large enough to grasp a human head all the way around and strong enough to crush one easily. His hands are more human-like only with sharp talons for fingernails.
  • His wrists and shoulders hold some feathers as well, and a large chunk of his upper back is covered in plumage. It looks so soft and plush, but the softest feathers are the ones on his cheeks.

Avian Habits

  • His avian instincts are extremely strong and he doesn’t even realize what he’s doing unless he’s called out, though none of the other members of his crew say anything, worried that he’ll get angry at them.
  • If he’s flying and notices something shiny, he’ll probably forget what he was doing immediately and dive down to inspect it. He’ll coo at it like it was a baby while cuddling it in his arms and take it back to the house to his nest and find a nice place for it.
  • He’s very protective of his nest and room, he gets all bristled and puffed up if someone knocks on the door. If they just suddenly come in, Mammon will screech at them.
  • He has a very sensitive stomach and will never admit to having one, so he’ll secretly eat small rocks to help his digestion like other birds do.

Spending time with you

  • At first he wanted nothing to do with you, but now he never wants you to leave his side. He doesn’t want anyone else to spend time with you, he wants to be the only thing you look at.
  • If someone touches you he’ll spread his wings and tail feathers out and hold you behind his back while he yells at whoever touches you. Afterward he pouts and becomes needy/broody, wanting to be touching you or if he’s mad enough just sits on you while he calms down.
  • Eventually he’ll have slowly moved all your stuff into his room and has made a bunch of excuses for you to stay inside his room. He wants to be the first thing you see when you wake up and go to bed. If you try to sleep in your own room he’ll whine until you open the door, or even just break in and steal you back to his room and tuck you into his nest.
  • He will never admit it but he loves it when you give him head pats and you brush your thumb right between his eyes. It sends such a happy shiver up his spine and all his feathers fluff up, as his tail feathers wag briefly. He’ll deny up and down that he enjoyed it that much however.
  • He also enjoys the thrill of carrying you around while flying. He loves to laugh at you as you hang onto him. He loves to swing you around and throw you only to catch you again. If you’re scared of heights however he’ll do baby exposure until you trust him enough not to drop you or you don’t freak out as he flies.
  • Whenever he sees you by surprise his feathers puff up high and his tail feathers wag a bit, as he runs towards you no matter what he was doing beforehand.

His Dark Tenancies

  • In his mind, you’re already mates ever since you hurt your arm and seemed so small and fragile. After the event you were constantly tailed by him. He’s right at your heels even when you don’t want him to be, you’d be able to feel his eyes on you at all times.
  • He LOVES your smell and he loves leaving you smelling like him too. He scents you often, nuzzling his nose and cheeks on the back of your neck and wrists and anywhere else he can.
  • You’ll have some freedom, he’ll allow you to wonder the House of Lamentation but should you for any reason make him feel like you and his brothers are getting to close or you prove your self ‘untrustworthy’ he’ll take you to an isolated mountain nest, the location only known by him and his Murder.
  • You’ll have your freedom there too, but it’s really hard to call freedom. If you wander too far you’ll freeze to death and even before you perish one if his cronies will take you back. Always watching and waiting to bring you home to their master.
  • If anyone came to try and ruin what you two have, he’d make sure they were beaten to within an inch of their life, promising to whoever it was that he’d kill them if they ever tried again; gathering black mail and pressuring them to give in and forget everything that happened between you all.
  • If they continued to threaten you two, Mammon would simply let his Murder tear them to pieces and leave them to fester and rot. or if he’s feeling particularly angry that day, he’ll crush their skulls with his claws.

Misc Stuff

  • He likes the rain, even more he loves thunderstorms. He likes to sing in the cover of rain and he has a beautiful voice though he’s extremely self conscious of it. If he trusts you enough he’ll sing to you but he gets too embarrassed to finish the song.
  • His songs can influence the listeners emotions, he can make you feel giggly, angry, or scared at any point.
  • He hates being called a ‘bird brain’ He always gets all hissy and throws a bit of a tantrum before giving them the silent treatment.



  • Leviathan’s body is monstrously long and extremely lithe. His tail constantly curling into perfect loops. His navy blue scales are perfectly smooth and he has black and neon yellow raindrop patches.
  • He has large hands, larger than most humans, his fingers have transparent navy webbing. His fingers are tipped with long black claws with navy blue coloring. His claws secrete an oil which if entered into the bloodstream could instantly kill a whale, let alone a human. In order to safely touch you with his own hands, instead of his tail, he wears special gloves that prevent the oils from seeping through.
  • His fangs and indigo forked tongue are long and poke out of his mouth. If bitten he has a completely different venom which causes complete paralysis for a few hours and extreme fatigue afterwards.
  • He has fined ears which twist and flick with his emotions, they have yellow speckles which glow in the dark or if he’s mad or upset enough.

A Water Naga’s Daily Life

  • He is not a mermaid. He doesn’t have a tail fin, he doesn’t sing, and he doesn’t play with cute dolphins, he’s a scary monster and he hates it.
  • He’s nocturnal and bright lights hurt his eyes, if a bright light is suddenly flashed at him he’ll curl into himself in a corner while nursing his burning eyes.
  • He uses a heating pad, since heat lamps are a nuisance, to warm his cold blooded body, he’ll also listen to the weather forecast to go out on humid nights and lounge while playing on a handheld console to pass the time.
  • His skin gets really dry if he’s not in water, he gets particularly cranky when dehydrated don’t let him get too dry or he’ll turn into his true water monster form and destroy everything till he can get to water.
  • He has adaptable lungs so he can breathe in both air and water. He often just sleeps in the bathtub full of water. He enjoys mostly being in water but will breech to play games.

Spending Time with You

  • He only wants alone time with you, nothing else matters besides spending time alone with you. He prefers it to be inside, but it doesn’t matter what your doing be it baking, playing video games and watching anime it doesn’t matter to him.
  • Since there’s no sun in the Devildom he doesn’t mind taking you out so long as it’s not too crowded and you can bring water bottles with him. He loves waiting in lines for events with you sitting on his tail helping to keep him from drying out.
  • He loves lounging with you. Be you swimming around his immense body or using him as a flotation device. He likes being in his element with you, it makes him feel so euphoric to see you swimming around with streaks of light beaming through the water on your face while your hair floats around you like a halo, you look so innocent and warm.
  • He always has his tail wrapped around one of your legs, he even does it unconsciously, he has a fascination with your legs he finds the appanages cute. Sometimes he’ll even wiggle your toes if he thinks you aren’t paying attention.
  • His tail quivers if you gently pat his head and praise him, he always covers his head and shrinks down but he loves every second of it. He also loves it when you scratch behind his ear, he lets out a soft whine of content.

His Dark Tendencies

  • He does NOT like anyone seeing you at all. He wants to be the only one you pay attention to or even think about. He’ll have a nice comfortable chain for you so you can’t leave the room. He’ll want to do everything for you, feed you, dress you up as his favorite characters, clean you, he sees you like a little doll to play with and dress up.
  • If you make him upset he’ll bite you and force you into a paralyzed state you can’t move, you can’t talk, you can only watch and listen to what is happening around you. He punishes you by just leaving you there unable to move, unable to eat or drink, he’ll only come back when he feels you’ve learned your lesson.
  • He loves to play with your hair, petting it with dangerously sharp claws. He loves how soft it is and the color is just so appealing to him he can’t help but admire it. While he may be self deprecating he at least knows he is capable of keeping you in your place.
  • He does not like competition or anyone ruining his time with you. As soon as it becomes a problem to him, he goes into a fit destroying whoever it was who made him angry, afterwards he clings onto you like his life depended on it.
  • He sleeps with his tail completely wrapped around you. That way he can be close to you and you don’t have a chance of slipping away from him as he sleeps. His tail is heavy against you and just a light squeeze from him could break you.

Misc Stuff

  • When he sheds he complains constantly of the itching. He applies lotion and will be so grateful if you help him apply it, but after shedding his skin is very sensitive and he hides in his tank with Henry until the sensitivity calms down.
  • Under black light his liquids glow insanely bright, and some scales shine bright.
  • He has super soft hands from washing them a lot cleaning off the oils, unfortunately you’re prohibited from touching them for safety reasons.
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Random Obey me Headcannons bc I Have Leviathan Brain Rot Right Now


Random headcannons of Lucifer, Mammon, and Leviathan

These will be some headcannons that I like to believe about the characters, and are ones I will most likely implement into my other HCs or shorts



Originally posted by harujkookie


Just some thoughts on the boys and how they act/look I guess.

TW: mentions of sex, nothing explicit, descriptions of eldritch horror forms,



  • A stressed old man
  • Give him a break p l e a s e
  • Lucifer often spends his time locked up in his study, doing paperwork that Dia either shoved his way, or couldn’t complete.
  • Isn’t much of a dog person, but loves Cerberus a lot more than he lets on. Also likes cats more than he lets on, but doesn’t trust his brothers to take care of pets
  • I actually think Lucifer would secretly adore cuddles. Like he won’t ask, bc pride, but he will snuggle with his S/O for hours if he has the time
  • Is both a little spoon, and a big spoon. Again, won’t ask for either, but likes both
  • Is really interested in human cultures and stuff, but hasn’t had the time to really go and look into it for himself
  • Before Belphagor threw his hissy fit, I like to think that Lucifer would love spending time with him, listening to Belphie ramble about human tendencies
  • This is more just cannon, but I think Lucifer really hates himself for keeping the truth about Lilith to himself.
  • He actually loves his brothers and honestly doesn’t have a favorite. Sure they frustrate him sometimes, but he would fall from heaven all over if it meant they would be happy
  • I like to think that he actually knows a lot about his little brothers interests (anime, food recipes, books, etc.) so he can have some insight and knowledge about his siblings
  • He doesn’t show that knowledge, but it explains how he always gets them perfect gifts despite not always partaking in their shenanigans
  • Lucifers full demon form (not just wings and horns) is truly beautiful. He looks like a large, Phoenix that has burnt out of its fire. Long black wings, dark feathers blending with spikes and horns.
  • An enormous feather dragon thing, with multiple eyes and large, sharp claws.
  • The first time his S/O sees this form, it’s not shown out of anger, but out of venerability.
  • He croons when they pet his feathers, scratching between horns in places he normally couldn’t reach.


  • Despite how often he takes his brothers things, they know not to take his stuff without his knowledge
  • He’s the avatar of greed, and is the second oldest, so he’s pretty strong despite the brothers taking digs at him all the time
  • He’s kind of a hoarder, but not in the gross way, more in the collector way.
  • Which is why nobody can take his stuff without him knowing.
  • He will notice somethings missing, and will go on a rampage if he thinks someone stole something.
  • It’s his and nobody else gets to touch it without his, at least, knowledge
  • If his S/O does this, maybe just grabbing his cologne or a pillow, he freaks tf out and explains how important his things are and how he needs to know
  • Mammon knows a lot more than he lets on. He’s not an idiot, he knows what certain things mean, and he knows that some choices aren’t the greatest
  • But he does it on purpose
  • He gives his brothers an outlet by making a fool of himself.
  • He takes the blame, voluntarily, if any of his siblings do something to royally piss Lucifer off
  • He doesn’t think twice, just takes the blame and punishment because he loves his brothers and would do anything for them
  • He loves to lavish his S/O with gifts, cheap or expensive, just to see them smile. It’s his love language!
  • He calls them his Treasure and jokes about hoarding them too
  • Had thought about having sex on top of a shit ton of grimm, maybe an expensive fur coat beneath them
  • His true demon form is pretty similar to Lucifers, honestly.
  • Large, bird-like creature with a very long neck. His feathers are a gray, ashy color, and his wings are large, but scaled.
  • He has an odd mix of feathers and scales that glisten from in between. Long feathered tail too. His face has a beak, and four eyes. His horns are long and a dark gray, but if you look close enough, you can see white rings where his halo bleached them while he fell.
  • This form comes out while defending his S/O. A large group of demons had them cornered, ready to kill them to get rid of humans in Devildom, and Mammon lost it
  • They tried to take his Treasure, after all
  • Loves to curl his long body around his S/O in this form, it makes him feel more secure knowing they’re protected


  • Leviathan can read a room, like really well
  • It probably comes from being an admiral and having to read dangerous situations quickly,
  • but as soon as he walks into a room, Levi can pick out who’s the social leader, what’s going on, and what needs to be done to diffuse a situation
  • He’s observant, I should say
  • And he uses this to help his brothers
  • He’s the first to notice when something is off about one of his siblings, and although he may not do something about it directly, he will leave a snack behind for a frustrated Beel
  • Or he will inform Lucifer that X Y Z needed to be added to the grocery list for Asmo and Satan
  • He’s always drawn to the ocean (duh, serpent form) but I like to think that if he goes to the beach, he needs a shit ton of sunscreen otherwise he’ll burn
  • Leviathan sheds
  • Like, he’ll have to go into his true form every once and a while and it’s a pain in the ass getting all the little scale flakes off but it feels so good afterwords too
  • Can pull an all nighter for a game or anime any time, but if it’s for literally anything else he’ll conk right out
  • Falls asleep very easily if he’s not distracting himself with his hobbies
  • Has a split tongue. He was born with it (forked tongue in true form) but he secretly really loves it about himself, he thinks it’s sexy
  • and it is
  • While he likes his tongue, I think his pretty self conscious about the rest of his form.
  • His brothers are just all so beautiful or cool, and he just sees himself as a gross, stereotypical, sea monster
  • Piercings. He got his lobes done and wears black studs most often. He wants more, but doesn’t know it they will look good
  • Serpent tattoo on his back that winds down his left arm
  • Levi totally had an emo phase before he got into anime, and that’s when he got the piercings and tattoo, but he is super happy with them and is glad he got them done
  • The tattoo totally has magic in it, so when he flexes the serpent shifts and moves like it’s real
  • Wants his S/O to dress up as Ruri-Chan during sex, just once, but is too embarrassed to ask them to
  • Same goes for most kinks that he may have, he doesn’t want to weird his S/O out, so he keeps to himself, content with vanilla (but still passionate) sex.
  • Where do I get started with Leviathans true form?
  • He’s got the second largest form (behind Beel) and its a giant sea dragon
  • It s along serpent with dark blackish purple scales along his back, fading to a pale lavender on his belly. Mixed in are dark orange or bright yellow clusters of scales
  • Big ol fin along his back, with a larger one on the tip of his tail, both are yellow at the edges and fade to a dark orange.
  • Big, sharp teeth, and his eyes are all black
  • I realize I’m just kinda describing a more dragon like unagi (avatar)
  • But like, it’s what I think!!
  • He showed his S/O this form when they took a trip to the beach and they asked about it.
  • He transformed and they were in awe.
  • Rests his head in their lap as they pat his head, facinated by the texture of his scales
  • Will ask his S/O to help him shed once they’re comfortable around his true form.


Was going to do all of the bros, but this took a while to make. I might do the others later :)

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I’ve wanted to do this one for aaages :))

Invaded Privacy

Pairing: Levi x GN!MC

Words: 2,578

NSFW // Smut // Vulgar Language


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Comfort Coco Part II

Part two of the Levi x reader Comfort coco!

Here is part I


Trigger warning: mention of depressing thoughts.

You do have to read part one to be able to understand what is happening here, heads up.

MC is passionate about 2 things. Other people’s comfort. And hot coco. What happens when a certain Avatar of Envy watches them make everyone but him coco.

“I love you Levi.”

Here you were sitting in his lap, just finished crying, still somehow managing to take his breath away with your gorgeous self, and telling him three words he’d been dying to hear.

And he couldn’t accept it.

“MC no you don’t. You can’t. I’m not much, there are plenty of people who could treat you better than some yucky otaku.”

“I don’t want someone else Leviathan. I want you. You were there when I needed comfort, you were there when I need a hug, you’re here when I want to do nothing more than just sleep, you’re here when I need you, you’re here when I just want to have fun, and you don’t force me with anything. I want you. You’re the avatar of envy and the admiral of Hell’s navy but you’re always putting your brother’s comfort before your own. You may be a shut in but whenever you find something you think your brothers will enjoy you send it off to them as fast as you can. You’re passionate and no one sees it but when you start talking about TSL or anything you love your eyes sparkle and your entire being comes more to life than the sun. Levi. For me you’re enough. For me you are more than enough and you’re good. You make me feel good. You make me feel cared about because you care. You care so much and I love you. I love Levi. Across the ocean and back I love you.”

Levi was stunned.

And honestly so were you.

Levi was a blushing mess.

You could see it perfectly.

He couldn’t look away from you.

You couldn’t bare to look at anything other than those caramel brown eyes.

So you didn’t.

Neither of you looked away when you started to lean in.

Neither of you looked away when he pulled you closers gently.

Neither of you looked away when you had one hand cupping his cheek.

Neither of you looked away when he leans into the touch.

You both closed your eyes when the distance finally closed.

And it felt like the world was coming together.

It felt like the moment you take your first sip of coco and everything is sweet and delicious and just lovely around you.

Something in you both finally felt whole.

The kiss was sweet. Loving. And a little nervous.

Reluctantly you both pulled away for air.

When the previous actions finally caught up to Levi he hid his face in his hands, blushing terribly.

You just giggled and kissed his hands.

Levi wanted to tell you how much you meant to him. He wanted to tell you how you were perfectly like a piece of coral. Beautiful and lively and sweet to look at. He wanted to tell you how he’d never let anyone or anything hurt you. He wanted to tell you how wrong the voices were. He wanted to tell you how long he’d cared so much about you.


You could barely hear him whisper back.

“I love you too.”

Who knew comfort coco could end in something so sweet.

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