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fearixfox · an hour ago
Welcome home Leviathan
Tumblr media
I wanted a Levi ever since I saw the art so I'm glad I was able to get it T^T he's so cute
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designatedbreadbox · 12 hours ago
Look me in the eyes and tell me Levi doesn't know to how to DIO pose.
Or even better, how to do every pose.
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diavolosqueen · a day ago
How would the demon brothers react to MC being a scientist?
Sorry this took so long! Broke my wrist AND had a breakup😅
Hope you enjoy!
The Brother's Reactions to a Scientist! GN! MC
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doesn't know much about it at first
Smart as he is, science isn't his forté.
Is surprised humans take such an interest in science and how their world works
Supports it so much that he sets up a room for MC to practice and study in
Sometimes, when he's not busy, he'll hang around in the room MC experiments in
Asks questions on occasion, as long as he's not distracting them
MC eventually teaches him certain things and even shows him experiments
Tumblr media
Doesn't really understand it
Until MC explains experiments are like gambling on a hunch
Once they tell him that
He's hooked
He makes little bets with MC with a few grimm about how different substances will react
Kind of like a fascinated little kid
Somehow, MC'S experimenting brings up his grades?
Maybe because anything science related he links with MC
Tumblr media
"MC that's so cool!!!"
Compares MC to a long list of scientist anime characters
Kinda just likes to watch the experiments
Because they remind him of mana potions....
And because he thinks its kinda attractive how smart MC is
Surprisingly doesn't get intimidated, he's just curious
Sometimes likes to livestream certain reactions
Tumblr media
Immediately in love
Obsessed with his MC being a scientist
Probably the most happy about it
Reads so many books and helps MC develop their hypothesis for each experiment
Always wants to watch and help
Asks a lot of questions, but respectfully so as not to bother them
Together, him and MC could destroy the world with science don't @ me
Tumblr media
Doesn't mind it
All he wants to know is...
"MC does that mean you can make me salves for my skin?!"
MC tells him that they guess they can?
Asmo squeals and runs to the market
Comes back with a ton of seemingly exotic....things
MC doesn't even know WHAT to call them
Fruits? Plants? Compounds?
Spends hours figuring out the properties of each one
Makes Asmo a facial cream thats a pretty lavender color
It becomes his favorite of all time
Tumblr media
Is actually excited
Because cooking is just like some types of science!
Kinda like chemistry
Asks MC is they're a good cook since they're a good scientist
MC admits they've never tried to cook before
Beel convinces them to try
And, well
MC nails the recipe first try
Beel also likes to watch MC experiment, but MC has to watch to make sure he doesn't swallow some random compound
Tumblr media
Likes to sleep in the same room MC is experimenting in
Something about the various sounds is soothing to him
The clinking of various instruments, the bubbling of liquids, MC'S muttering, the occasional scritch of a pencil jotting down observations
For some reason, he just sleeps the best there
Admires how smart MC is
Belphie is actually pretty clever, too
Helps MC make certain observations when he's awake
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void-chickadee · 4 days ago
What drift cars the demon brothers would have (Initial D AU)
Okeeey, I’m redoing this, because my knowledge has increased and my opinions have changed. So here we go. 
Nissan Silvia S15
Tumblr media
I think Lucifer is a little more practical but still a bit flashy. I imagine him having a body kit very much like this one, maybe without a splitter on the front, he’d want an aggressive look for sure. S15s are hot, and the are amazing drift cars, it fits Luci quite well. 
First Gen Honda NSX 
Tumblr media
First, this is one of the hottest rear wheel drive cars ever made, so I really think Mamo would want one. And there is no doubt in my mind that this boy would drift some expensive ass car for no reason other than it’s expensive and pretty. TBH he’s probably not the typical drifter because he actually cares if it looks good and won’t tolerate his car being a shitbox. This one is black, but I KNOW that he would put a gold wrap on it. Or at least have some very over the top gold decals.  
Nissan 350Z Ruri-chan Itasha
Tumblr media
I meeeean, obviously he would put a ton of Ruri-chan decals on it, the Itasha part is obvious. But the 350 has a Levi feel, it’s has a lot of smooth lines and a cool shape/flow. 
Nissan 180SX
Tumblr media
Flip up headlights that he can make wink?? check
Pink chrome??? check 
Is this not the most Asmo car you’ve ever seen?? He would absolutely have a heart-shaped steering wheel and like sakura seat covers or some equally aesthetic shit. The 180 is already pretty glam in my opinion, but Asmo would glam the hell out of this car and I am here for it.   
Widebody RX-7 FC
Tumblr media
My favorite car for my favorite boy. Satan would absolutely go for a rotary engine because he is that bitch. Overall this is just a very cool car that can be a beast and it’s quite fitting for Satan. I think he would just kick ass in this thing. 
Toyota Crown
Tumblr media
4 door sedan feels kinda like the perfect size for Beel. He’d probably always take passengers out when he drifts. I also think he would slam it like this one, like having something so clean/lowered like that?? And the brown/gold combo also feels very Beel. 
 Toyota Levin AE86
Tumblr media
Yeah, it’s not the fastest but I think Belphie would love a Levin. He wouldn’t drive anything as big as a Crown, like Beel. An all black Levin Hachi would be totally reliable and Belphie would drive it like a pro. 
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loliiipop707 · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
OoHhHh? Please sir, do tell me how im gonna win. Just in case you like forget it somehow ;)
Im like new to tumblr so im ATTEMPTING at posting aha
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diavolosqueen · 5 days ago
I heard you accept request, so I was wondering if you could make a headcanon of the brothers and the now dateables on MC winning/or is Miss Universe. Thank you!
Because it says "Miss" Universe I'm going to use she/her for this one
I'm sorry this took so long! I broke my wrist AND went through a break up, but I'm better now🥰
Thanks for the request!! I'll do the newly datables in another post!
The Brothers' Reactions to Miss Universe F! MC (Pt. 1)
Tumblr media
Warnings: Slight language (as per usual)
Tumblr media
Proud Bastard
Was there when MC won the pageant and the title
Was not even a little surprised, as MC had always been breathtakingly gorgeous, even more so than any succubus he's seen
It makes him wonder how he didn't realize sooner she was related to Lilith
He helps her with her posture and poise
Gives her lessons on how to carry herself with pride and dignity
Often accompanies her outside because, believe it or not, even people in the Devildom will swarm her. Paparazzi are everywhere.
Gets her an enchanted pillow to put her crown on
The pillow repels dust and dirt, so the crown stays impossibly shiny
Tumblr media
Proud 2.0
"Thats right, MY human is the best out if all of em. And she's got the crown go to prove it."
Speaking of the crown
"Come on, Human. Let me gamble with it, I promise I'll win it right back!"
Constantly tries to steal it
Satan eventually wards it to disappear whenever Mammon is near
Brags VERY loudly about MC
Is glad he has Miss Universe all to himself
Tumblr media
Not gonna lie
This boy is intimidated
He feels so inferior to her
When she walks by, people stop and stare
But nobody looks at him
Mc does her damndest to ensure Levi feels special
"How are you so good at this game, Levi?" She smiled as Levi beat her yet again
But, after a while, he realizes:
Miss Universe is HIS girlfriend
Hell yea, He is Leviathan, one of the seven demon brothers, boyfriend of MISS UNIVERSE
Tumblr media
Loves admiring her beauty
Is immensely proud to call MC his
He hates other people staring
He knows its to be expected but he sees someone gawking at her and he just wants to b r e a k something
Is actually super protective of her
Always holding her hand or touching her in some way
"I've only known her 5 minutes, but if anything were to happen to her, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself"
Tumblr media
Is the one who designed the gown MC won in
On top of that
He also did her hair and makeup
Gave her vocal lessons as her talent
Is her unofficial manager
But deep down
He's kinda jealous
He knows miss Universe is a human thing
But he just KNOWS he could win, and beat MC if they were competing
It was hard for him to watch her get crowned
He wanted to snatch it off her head like Mammon
But he didnt
Because he loves MC, and if she's happy, then he supposes he can go back to being the most attractive in all the Devildom
Tumblr media
Mother hen
"MC, you're looking a little pale. Make sure you've eaten, ok?"
Loves to take MC to a fancy dinner while she wears one of her overdramatic ballgowns
It makes her happy, so, of course, Beel loves it
He is ALSO the one who helped MC develop a workout routine for the bikini contest
Is immensely proud of her
Gets her a pretty gold necklace that says "Beel's Universe"
Tumblr media
Contrary to what most people would believe, BELPHIE is the bodyguard, not Beel
The reason?
Nobody can keep a watch on MC better than him
He always has a hand resting lazily on her back, not to control her but to be able to whisk her away at a moment's notice
Would literally die if anything bad were to happen to her
So, he takes his unofficial job VERY seriously
Always knows where MC is
Protective murder bean
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diavolosqueen · 6 days ago
Oooh, an idea has struck. The brothers reacting to Dom Male!MC reuniting with his childhood bestfriend in the Devildom, only their bestfriend is now a high ranking/powerful incubus who has a fuck ton of influence & money. (Not nearly as powerful as any of the brothers or Diavolo, of course, but you get the point)
And while normally a simple childhood friend wouldn’t be enough to bother the brothers, DM!MC’s Femboy CH!Bestfriend is the optimum of gorgeous, with a lithe & toned body and an “innocent” charm to him.
Spoiler Alert, CH!Bestfriend has been in love with DM!MC since they were kids (though it was just puppy love back then) and is determined to never let him get away from him again, resulting in him being extra clingy and needy.
Another Spoiler Alert, DM!MC’s childhood bestfriend may or may not be a mix of a “Worship” & “Self Sacrifice” Yandere.. (Look up “The Dere Types Wiki” if your confused)
You have some very interesting ideas😂 im so sorry this took so long, I didn't want to post it until I was back up to my full working capacity after getting injured and after breaking up with someone😁
Anyways, without further ado, here ya go😘
The Brother's Reactions to M! MC'S Yandere Childhood Incubus! Friend
Tumblr media
Warnings: Violence, Language, Blood, VERY SLIGHT sexual themes, some non-consentual touching in Levi's section, brief mention of drugging in Beel's
Tumblr media
At first, didn't think twice of MC having a childhood friend
But when he heard the word incubus
He got the smile on his face
You know the one
Lucifer "innocently" is around whenever the incubus is around
Its starts off small
Little poisoned glances from the incubus here and there
But eventually it escalated and turned into him putting a possessive arm around MC's waist
Lucifer snapped
The second the Incubus was alone, Lucifer followed him down an alley
Slammed that fucker against the wall and held him there by the throat
The incubus started laughing, even when Lucifer tightened his grip
"You'll never get rid of me. I have connections to everyone, Fallen Angel. I've loved him since before you even knew he existed, and a prissy peacock like you isnt gonna stop me from making him mine, even if I have to drug and kidnap him"
Lucifer only smiled and released him
The incubus smirked, daintily dusting off his lithe figure
Thinking he won, he shouldered his way past Lucifer
Only to stop short in horror
Deep growls greeted him
Lucifer didn't even bother hiding the screams of the incubus as Cerberus ripped into him
After a while, he signaled Cerberus to stop
As the incubus lies on the ground whimpering, Lucifer calmly says:
"Now that I've shown you just what I'm willing to do to protect MC, I'll make you a deal. MC cares about you, as a FRIEND. But his heart belongs to me and me alone, and mine belongs to him. If you can understand and respect that, I'll allow you near him. But one wrong word, one wrong placement of a hand, and I won't hesitate to finish you off myself. And believe me," he says with a dark chuckle "I won't be as gentle as Cerberus."
Tumblr media
This man immediately is on high alert
Someone trying to take what's HIS?
The incubus makes him more greedy than ever
Decides not to leave MC's side for a second
Even when he's sleeping
When Mammon can't help the incu-bitch (his nickname for the childhood friend) being around, he acts sort of like a child, which makes him look like a dick in comparison to the incubus's calm and innocent facade
Mammon tries to tell MC there's something up, but he just chalks it up to Mammon being Mammon
One day, MC randomly receives news from the human world that his mother contracted something contagious and was placed in ICU
The incu-bitch was, of course, right there when MC started tearing up, letting him cry into his shoulder
Mammon sees this and starts to protest
This leads MC to snap and tell Mammon he's being a child
Mammon leaves them be and thinks hard
Comes to the conclusion that maybe MC is right, and he begrudgingly decides to apologize to the incubus
As he approaches him, Mammon catches a glimpse of the Incubus's *expensive* phone
Unable to resist, he throws a coin against the wall in the opposite direction.
When he turns to look at the noise, Mammon snatches the phone and yeets off to his room
When he gets there, he opens the phone- no lock- and is startled by what he sees
A fake texting app, along with the messages telling MC his mother was sick
Mammon was about to run to find MC, when he heard a slight chuckle
Looking up, he saw the incubus...holding a knife
"You just couldn't stay away, could you? You've been a pain in the ass ever since I got here. But no matter, once MC sees how *cruel* you are to his defenseless childhood friend, he'll want nothing to do with you. And he'll be mine to fuck and own as I please."
Mammon gritted his teeth and ground out "Making MC think his mother was gravely ill just to get close to him when he's vulnerable? You're disgusting. I actually care about MC, and I respect them more than you ever will."
The incubus snorted, and raised the knife.
"Oi! What do ya think you're doing with that?" Mammon yelled
He raised the knife....and slashed it across his own arm
He then threw the knife towards Mammon, threw himself to the ground, and yelled out in pain
Suddenly, MC burst into the room
Mammon sputtered out a panicked explanation, but MC cut him off with a stare
He kneeled down next to his friend, who reached up with a bloody hand to cup MC'S face
MC put his hand over the incubus's....and sharply bent it backwards
He leaned down and whispered into his ear: "I heard everything, you little shit. Now, get the FUCK out of my house and away from my boyfriend, and don't even THINK of defiling my life with your presence ever again"
After he left, Mammon cautiously said "boyfriend, huh..?"
"Shut up mammon"
Tumblr media
Oh, this won't do
Immediately feels threatened and triggered
He is the avatar of Envy, after all
His response?
Prove to MC nobody can know him as well as he can
He does this every single time the incubus is near
"MC, I got you your favorite drink!"
"MC, I ordered you some food. Don't worry, I already know what you like"
Flinches whenever the incu-bitch touches MC. It literally makes him cringe
His suspicions are confirmed when the incubus shoots Levi a malicious glance next time he touches MC
Levi snaps
Challenges the incubus to a video game duel
He surprisingly accepts
He cheats like hell and beats Levi
Levi goes into his demon form and rages
But MC thinks he's just being a sore loser
He tells Levi to back off and to go cool down
Once Levi storms off, the incu-bitch thanks MC for standing up for him
Then, he promptly tries to make a move on MC
He reaches out a hand to unbutton MC'S shirt
MC slaps his hand away, but not before noticing writing on the Incubus's hand
Before he can pull away, MC snatches his hand and sees cheat codes written on them
Gets super upset and tries to get up to apologize to Levi
The incubus pulls him back down by his wrist and pins them to the couch
"MC, don't you realize? You're all I want, all I need. I WORSHIP you, MC. And you're going to be mine. Nobody else can have you. And you're going to love me, whether you realize it right now or not. You'll learn with time to need me just as desperately as I need you"
Starts to take off MC'S clothes in spite of their fighting and protests, the incubus shushing him
"Shhhh, I know you don't see it, but this will make you see."
Levi slams open the door, tail lashing and face white with rage
"Get your normie hands the fuck off of my human. Now."
The incubus nopes the fuck out. He may be a high ranking incubus, but he still isn't as strong as one of the seven demon brothers.
Levi holds MC tightly as they fumble over an apology
"Shhh MC, its okay. I'm here now. Let's watch some anime and calm down together, yea?"
Tumblr media
Do I even have to explain this one?
Is hostile as soon as MC even MENTIONS a childhood male friend, let alone an INCUBUS
Honestly, the Incubus is a bit scared of Satan
But, he decides he wants MC more than he fears Satan
So, he swallows his fear and patronizes Satan in tiny, unremarkable ways
Ways that would only be noticed by Satan
A stray hand here and there that lingers a LITTLE too long
Wiping a crumb from MC'S lips during a meal
Tucking a stray hair behind MC'S ear
Every last one of these actions makes his blood boil
It gets so bad that Satan is just in a perpetual state of rage, never leaving his demon form
Satan starts passive aggressively insulting the incubus's intelligence
"Oh, you mean you don't know how disestablishmentarianism impacted the overall congruence of Midwest society? Thats odd, its fairly simple. Practically common sense."
Is shocked when MC got livid at him, because he was being condescending for seemingly no reason
Starts to get angry at MC
"Can't you see? He's trying to turn you against me. Just LISTEN, DAMNIT!" He says as he grabs MC'S shoulders
The incubus barges in and shoves Satan away from MC
"Are you ok, MC? Did he hurt you?"
The amount of white hot rage in the room was tangible
He can't do it anymore
Slams the incubus against the wall
Knocks him to the ground
But when he falls down
A bunch of photos fall out of his jacket
Not normal photos
Horrifying ones
One of MC while he showers
One of MC sleeping
One of MC changing
Even one of MC and Satan having a steamy moment
MC goes still...and then SLAPS the shit out of the incubus.
He wordlessly turns to Satan, eyes pleading
"It would be my pleasure, MC" *evil grin*
Cue Satan dragging the incubus off by his hair
Tumblr media
He sees this lovely incubus with NEARLY perfect hair, a lithe and toned body, and a seemingly innocent attitude, and he just wants him gone
He's been with plenty of Incubi, so he knows what they're like
Because of this, he doesn't want this one anywhere NEAR his darling MC
Comes up with a plan to use all his fashion design connections to outdress the incubus
He knows they're vain by nature, so he comes to the conclusion that this is the best course of action
But there's a problem
"Is that a statement piece from Priya Lacroix? She hasn't even released her collection yet"
Asmo.exe is not responding
He knows that HE is the only one Priya would ever give an early release to
So why does THE INCUBUS have her statement piece?
And WHERE is his phone?
Complains to MC, but MC doesn't take him seriously because he's too busy catching up with his friend
Asmo gets jealous and storms off to do a stress relieving skin routine
As MC and the incubus hang out, the incubus's phone goes off
Only...the ringtone is sinful indulgence
Mammon storms into the room
"I/N? Why do you have Asmo's phone?"
"MC, you have to understand, I just want you to realize I'm the only right one for you. You NEED to realize you can't be with anyone else. Because you're mine, MC. You always have been."
Screeching could be heard in the distance, then footsteps quickly getting closer and closer
"THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY" Asmo yells as he slams open the door
"As if MC would choose a crusty, obsessive, STEALING, lying, probably STD having Incubus like you over me! Now give me my phone back and get out of here. And while you're at it, take off that Priya piece. There's a reason I'm the only one allowed early access."
Tumblr media
Honestly doesn't think that much of it at first
He thinks its nice MC reunited with one of his childhood friends, and an Incubus at that
But when he meets the friend, something just feels off
He gets a weird sensation, and its not hunger
Its like his senses are on red alert
The incubus was nice enough to Beel, seemingly charming and genuine
But Beel couldn't help but feel rubbed the wrong way, with a sensation similar to seaweed against legs in the ocean
He doesn't want to mention this to MC, because he's convinced he's just overreacting
He feels a little sad that MC is too busy for him, but he does his best to give them time together
One night, he had made some food in the kitchen and decided to bring MC and I/N some
When he neared the door, he almost dropped the plate
He heard a loud thud, and MC saying "Hey, I said no, okay?"
He gently opened the door and looked at MC, who immediately forced a smile to his face
"Hey MC, I brought you guys some food. Is everything ok?"
"Thanks Beel, that's sweet of you. Everything's fine, I promise"
Beel relaxed a bit, although he still knew something was off.
The incubus excused himself to use the restroom, encouraging MC to eat without him
Beel and MC sat down, and Beel scarfed down his portion
Chuckling, MC offered his plate to Beel, who gladly accepted
The incubus opened the door shortly after with an expectant look on his face, as well as rope and a gag in his hands
Upon laying eyes on MC, a shocked expression came onto his face as his eyes darted between MC and the empty plate
"How are you still conscious?" He blurted
Confusion flashed across MC'S face. "What do you mean, I/N?"
"You drugged it, didn't you?" Beel spoke up.
"I thought it tasted odd," Beel continued "but I never would have guessed you would actually drug MC. I'm guessing you couldn't handle that MC rejected your advances, so you drugged the food while MC was distracted talking to me. Am I right?"
The incubus chuckled. "Guess I was wrong about you. You are more of a threat than you seem. Heh, I guess you're not just a talking stomach after all."
A loud smack could be heard shortly thereafter.
But the devastating blow didn't come from Beel
It came from an enraged MC
"Trying to drug me I could keep my cool over. If thats all you did I would have just told you to stay the hell away from me. But the SECOND you spoke to Beel like that, you signed your own death warrant."
Before he could react, MC summoned the brothers one by one, Beel explaining the situation.
"Well, MC, perfect timing as always. I was just beginning to get bored" Satan drawled
Tumblr media
It takes a yandere to know one
Belphie doesn't want to alarm MC though, so he decides to outmaneuver the incubus without him noticing
It starts small, with I/N reaching out to put an arm over MC'S shoulder, and Belphie's arm already being there
Eventually, they start glaring daggers at each other the second MC looks away
After a while, Belphie decides to up the ante
Religiously falls asleep on MC when I/N is trying to spend time with him
Goads the incubus so much that he corners Belphie when he snaps and can't take any more
"Listen, I know exactly what you're doing. But if you think that YOU can take him away from me, you're sorely mistaken. MC is mine whether he likes it or not. And if it turns out to be the latter, well, let's just say he won't have much of a choice in the matter, nor will you have any control over it. Got that?"
Belphie does the one thing he knows will get the outcome he had painstakingly built up to the past couple weeks: he laughs
"Ah, you have a good sense of humor, know that? Funny stuff. All kidding aside, MC already belongs to me. So your child's play isn't gonna cut it. Got THAT?"
With a choked cry of fury, the incubus pulls out a knife and stabs Belphie
Belphie, having planned this, falls to the floor just as the door opens to reveal a shocked MC.
"BELPHIE! Shit, please be okay! What the FUCK is wrong with you, I/N?"
The stunned Incubus could only stammer out a couple words
"I- he...was gonna...tried to take what was mine. Tried to take you..."
MC laughed bitterly and shoved him to the floor.
"I don't know what sick world you're living in, but I belong to Belphie. I love him. And I hate YOU. Now I'll leave you be so you can deal with THAT. Ta ta." He says as he scoops up Belphie and heads out the door
"Deal with what?" I/N nervously asks after him, backing up warily
The incubus stops when his back hits something hard.
Gulping, he looks up...
"Hello, I/N, I'm Beel."
"Nice you? I imagine you're one of the brothers?" He replies shakily
Beel smiles. The light doesn't reach his eyes.
"Yes, I'm one of the brothers. You see, I'm Belphie's twin."
Across the house, Belphie smiles at the faint screams, MC curled up next to him after patching him up.
He succeeded in protecting what was his. He deserves a good nap. Holding MC tighter, he goes back to sleep.
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diavolosqueen · 7 days ago
minds been on this all they, what if in the human world the brothers asked to see the MC's house but they gave them a hard no because and when asked why the MC starts listing off reasons(like how they feel Lucifer would critise their home if it's not fancy enough, Mammon would take their stuff, Beel eating all their food, and Satan messing with things out of curiosity, Asmo messing with their beauty products, those kind of things), how would the brother's react?
Tell me why this reminds me of that one Ouran High School Host Club episode where they invade Haruhi's apartment?
Absolutely, this is a cute request!
The Brothers When GN! MC Doesn't Trust Them In Their Home
Tumblr media
Warnings: None!
Tumblr media
Is deeply, deeply offended
His idiotic brothers, he could understand
But him?
It wounds his ego
Asks MC why he can't go to their home
MC refuses to explain at first
"Let's just say my house isn't as *opulent* as you're used to, Luci."
"And what, exactly, is the supposed to mean, my dear?"
Tumblr media
"WHAT? Whadd'ya mean you don't want the GREAT Mammon to grace your house with my presence?"
Has an attitude reminiscent of a 5 year old regarding the issue
Constantly badgers MC about it
MC eventually snaps and just rattles off a few reasons
"Because you'll be loud and disturb my neighbors, because you'll steal all my valuables and try to sell them, and because you'll make fun of my house!"
That shut him up
Tumblr media
"Of course you wouldn't want a yucky Otaku like me in your house, MC"
Basically pouts the entire time
"Levi, come on, its just that I have a really basic house..."
"You're embarrassed because your house is a NORMIE HOUSE"
"NO, I didn't say that!"
Tumblr media
Bold of you to assume he needs permission
MC has to run to catch him at the door of the house
"Why won't you let me in, MC?"
MC looks away
Satan gets even more concerned and gently makes MC look at him
"Talk to me"
MC mumbles that Satan is the king of passive aggressive comments
"Nonsense, besides, your house isn't that bad. It would be quite lovely were it cleaned up more"
"......ok MC, point taken"
Tumblr media
"MC, what IS this decor?"
Another one who almost made it inside MC'S house
"MC darling, why can't I go inside?" *pout*
MC.exe has stopped working
They don't have any patience for this
They take a reeeeeeally deep breath:
"Because you'll make fun of my decor, because you'll complain about the non-egyptian cotton sheets, because you'll worry about the PH level of the water, because you'll-"
"Ok ok ok I get it sweetie"
Tumblr media
*sad Beel noises*
MC Doesn't have the heart to be blunt
Sits him down
Holds his hand
"Beel, I'm sorry, but we really can't afford THAT much food, what we have right now is supposed to last a month...does that make sense?"
Alright, Beel gets it, even though he wishes he could see MC'S house
Brings MC some cooking appliances for the house
Tumblr media
Doesn't even get out of bed
Demands to know what type of sheets MC has
Lists off acceptable fabrics
This goes on for 10 minutes
MC didn't even know there were so many fabrics
Mc admits they don't have nice sheets
Belphie turns over and goes back to sleep
He briefly wakes up and gestures to a bag on the nightstand
MC opens it to find the literal softest sheets
"For when I do get around to your house"
*evil smile*
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thecornertrashcant · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
I forgot to post this yesterday lol
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randomfuff · 10 days ago
happy birthday to my 2d snek boyfriend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fearixfox · 10 days ago
He liked it...I can die
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I've never expressed this but I love Kada Satoshi so much! His voice is the cutest thing I've ever heard and for him to like my only twitter post makes me lose my mind. I watch his streams every morning and it makes me happy. I can't express my love for that man enough.
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Mc: Hey do you want to - stop screaming it’s just me - do you want to watch Shrek with me.
Mc: Okay well when you’re done do you want to watch Shrek with me?
Levi: …yes
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showmanofhell · 15 days ago
Tԋҽ Aҽɾιαʅ Dαɳƈҽɾʂ(Obey!Me)
Sfw and nsfw for all characters expect Luke(he's a little puppy baby🥺)
The Brothers:
Purgatory Hall/Others:
Luke(platonic sfw only):
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200th-piece-of-glass · 21 days ago
Obey Me! Headcanon  and a little bit of Haikyuu!!
Obey Me! 
Imagine singing to the Brothers and the no longer undatables “Where have you been” by Rihanna bc I would go wild if that where to happen. Look i gotta admit I got this idea bc Levi does karaoke so why not confess to him with that song? Well it’s not the best option but I like it.
So I was reading Asahi fanfics and I thought what if we burst into the gym to deliver smth to a sibling on the team, seeing him and start singing the song unconsciously bc that shit was blasting in our headphones. OR. We would come up to him after one of his games, like we were dragged to watch their game and then we had just started to do this. Like how would he react tbh I feel like he would stutter out “Karasuno”. Then for the rest of his games he would know that someone is actually cheering for him exclusively.
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Mc: When you meet someone for the first time and it's new and exciting. You know that rush?
Levi: No, no, see, when I first meet somebody, it's mostly panic, anxiety, and a great deal of sweating.
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