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#leviathantale mermay prompts
skumhuu2 months ago
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Goldfish and octopus cuddles <3
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lenne13artblog2 months ago
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The boy is sulking! Someone go get Horror!
Fan art of @skumhuu 鈥榮 boy for mermay.
This is dust!sans from their au leviathantale!
Such a cute shark! 馃
I love the ghostly pilot fish 馃悷 this was genius! Pretty sure shark can鈥檛 do that with their tale but oh well! Magic am I right??
I had so much fun with the water on top! Painting it was so relaxing! I also love how his eyes and companion fish turned out!
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thepalecreator24 days ago
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Day 5: Goldfish
Leviathantale belongs to @skumhuu
Dream belongs to @jokublog
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skumhuu2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Cross nesting in a whale skeleton
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skumhuu2 months ago
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Banana pose!!
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skumhuu2 months ago
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Shark nuzzles
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skumhuu2 months ago
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Tumblr media
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lenne13artblog2 months ago
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I am aliiiiive! Sorry guys I鈥檓 still drowning (HAH!) into work! But I wanted to do at least a piece for Mermay after being inspired by @skumhuu聽鈥榮 incredible levianthantale.聽 This adorable selkie Blue is theirs too and I love them so much OMG. I made my Cage boy a humpback whale! Did you know that they protect seals and other sea creature against sharks and orcas? Including humans! It鈥檚 so incredible, nature is awesome! Thank you for the inspiration Skumhuu!
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skumhuu2 months ago
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It's Mermay!! I made a Leviathantale themed prompt list for myself but it can be used as a typical mermay prompt list as well! Hope you all have fun and have a fintastic month!
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waddlebouncefloofa month ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 30: Mermaid鈥檚 Kiss
Even after Kelp returns to land, he longs for the sea, the Deep, and the Shiver.
(Continuation of Day 10: Kelp & Day 23: Grotto)
Even after his return to land, Kelp longs for the sea. He longs to return to its depth and return to the deep where it felt so right. It makes him guilty whenever he thinks about it since the last time he disappeared on his family and friends, it sent them all into a panic. But the guilt doesn鈥檛 make the longing disappear. It stays.
Horror still visits his dock. The Great White takes care not to mention what happened on the beach and in the Deep, much to Kelp鈥檚 disappointment. He doesn鈥檛 let it show. He smiles and pretends along with his friend, afraid of breaking their normalcy and making things awkward.
Dust doesn鈥檛 come with him anymore. Kelp asks after the quiet and reserved Whitetip, but Horror always has excuses for why his shivermate couldn鈥檛 come.
鈥淒ust wants to see you. He really does,鈥 Horror assures Kelp every time. He sounds earnest, at least. 鈥淗e鈥檚 just not feeling too well.鈥
鈥淒id he regret it?鈥 Kelp doesn鈥檛 ask. 鈥淲hen the heat broke and the eggs were laid, did he regret what he said to me? What we did?鈥
鈥淚 hope he feels better. Tell that to Dust for me please.鈥
As the months roll by, the longing gets worse and worse. Kelp鈥檚 mind drifts to memories of his time in the Deep. Classic notices, of course. He looks sadder and sadder whenever he sees the look on Kelp鈥檚 face. 鈥淏uddy, sometimes, I feel like you鈥檙e not here anymore.鈥
Kelp isn鈥檛. By the time an entire year rolls around, he鈥檚 made his decision. After an emotional phone call with his little brother and a conversation with Classic, Kelp quits his job and leaves his house keys to his friend. He gives away some things and wraps things up. In the end, there鈥檚 only him and his fishing boat.
Kelp sets out to the ocean. He goes out farther than he鈥檚 ever gone before. He goes to where all ships sink and never return.
Kelp stops mid-row and stares at Dust. The mershark floats uncertainly near the side of Kelp鈥檚 boat. Slowly, Kelp smiles at Dust. 鈥淗ey there. Long time no see.鈥
It鈥檚 like a breath of relief, seeing Dust again. The Whitetip mershark flushes grey at the sight of the smile and hides into his hoodie. Kelp鈥檚 hands twitch with the instinctive urge to reach out and cup Dust鈥檚 cheeks. Instead, he sets aside his paddles.
"Where's Horror?"
Dust shifts uncomfortably. "It's clutching season and he doesn't want to be careless again. Sorry that he couldn't come to visit."
"And you?" Kelp gently prods. "Are you feeling better? I haven't seen you for a very long time, Dust. I missed you."
Dust, normally so impassive and apathetic, looks so vulnerable.
"Me too. I missed you too," his voice breaks. "But it wouldn't have been safe for you if I came. Horror agreed. I wasn't in my right - I wanted to keep - I wished -" Dust stops and takes a breath. Kelp waits patiently for the mershark to gather the right words, feeling as if he's at the edge of something important. "I couldn't forget the sight of you with us...heavy with Horror's clutch...happy. It made me want to keep you forever."
Kelp shivers. "I couldn't forget either. I was so happy there."
Dust floats closer until he鈥檚 close enough for Kelp to touch. He looks at Kelp with such longing but stops himself at the last second and shakes his head. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e too far out, Kelp. It鈥檚 too dangerous. I鈥檒l help you back to your island.鈥
鈥淣o.鈥 Kelp does reach out to touch Dust this time. He cups the side of his face and runs a soft thumb over his cheekbone. The mershark outs out a shuddering sigh at the contact and leans into it. 鈥淣o, I鈥檓 exactly where I鈥檓 supposed to be.鈥
鈥淏ut your life on the Surface鈥︹
鈥淚鈥檝e said my goodbyes and closed that part of my life. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Horror and the Shiver鈥f all of you will have me.鈥
Dust lets out the most adorable chirp at Kelp鈥檚 declaration, eyelights blown wide. 鈥淵ou choose us? Really?鈥
鈥淵eah. I choose you.鈥
Dust pushes himself up at the side of the boat and captures Kelp into a kiss. Giddy and happy, Kelp returns it and lets the Dust slowly pull him down into the water. Down, down, down they go into the Deep where the rest of the Shiver would happily welcome Kelp home.
The waves eventually push Kelp鈥檚 boat back to the island and its shore. It remains empty.
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waddlebouncefloofa month ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 31: Photograph
Final Day of Mermay. Blank gets a camera.
鈥淐woss! Cwoss! Lookie! I gots ca-mra!鈥 Blank giggles as they swim over to their brother with a camera in their hands. While the rest of the Shiver regards the odd contraption with varying expressions of confusion and wariness, Cross brightens up and takes a look at it. 鈥淲ow, Blank! Where did you find the camera this well-made? And its waterproof too! Did a landdweller accidentally drop it?鈥
鈥淣ah! Pwesent! 鈥楥ause Bwank good advent-rer!鈥 Blank boasts. Then, they wave the camera around. 鈥淭ake pickies?鈥
Cross smiles and indulgently snaps a few pictures together with Blank with different poses and faces. They wiggle happily when they look at the results. 鈥淕ood! Good!鈥
鈥淗ey, hey, Crossy, what鈥檚 that?鈥 Killer boldly gets into Cross鈥 space to take a look at the 鈥榗amera鈥. 鈥淗uh?! There鈥檚鈥 tinier you in there? What the heck?鈥
Curious, Horror and Dust wander over to take a look. Excited to share this new amazing thing with the Shiver, Blank shows them all the pictures that they took with their Mama, Papa, family, and friends. Eager to take part, the Shiver takes pictures with Blank too. Even Nightmare pulls himself from the darkness of the Deep since he wasn鈥檛 going to be left out on something the other Leviathans already participated in.
In no time, they use up the memory of Blank鈥檚 waterproof camera.
鈥淒on鈥 worry!鈥 The toddler assures the disappointed Shiver. 鈥淏wank can fix!鈥 And they do. Much to the amazement of the Shiver, they return the next day with copies of the pictures taken 鈥 printed out onto magic paper to prevent damage in the water, of course 鈥 and a cleared out camera to fill with new memories.
In the end, at Blank鈥檚 request, everyone agrees to take a huge family photo.
鈥淎ll right, everyone! Gather around!鈥 Kelp calls from the boat, adjusting the camera stand for the most optimal angle. After starting the timer, he quickly jumps into Horror鈥檚 waiting arms and quickly takes his place in the picture. Leviathans, Mers, and Monsters alike all surround Blank with smiles. The camera goes off many times.
鈥淐heese,鈥 Core intones as the last flash goes off, freaking out a lot of people with their sudden appearance.
Later, after printing out the pictures and distributing around their big family, Blank comes to Cross with a special gift.
鈥淭a-da~! Cwoss pwesent!鈥 Blank cheers as they hold out a golden locket. Cross takes it an opens it, tearing up at the small picture of their entire family inside. Blank shows off a matching locket around their neck. 鈥淟ookie! Match wit鈥 Bwank! Cwoss like?鈥
He hugs them. 鈥淚 love it, Blank. Thank you.鈥
Years later, Blank would still keep their own locket on them at all times as they travel the world. As for Cross, he鈥檇 wear his own locket and maintain it with pride, always keeping the picture close to his soul as he celebrates every next day with his family.
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waddlebouncefloofa month ago
Leviathantale MerMay 2021 - Day 29: Storm
Blank might have survived the storm, but that doesn't mean that they came out of it completely unscathed.
It had been a nice, sunny day on the island when Geno decided to come with Blank to visit Kelp. The selkie toddler was happily playing with some toys on the floor while Kelp treats Geno to some tea and snacks. They鈥檙e getting along very well despite Geno鈥檚 usual dislike of Landwalkers. Kelp鈥檚 kindness and generosity when housing Blank certainly helps too.
But the nice weather doesn鈥檛 last very long. Rain starts to pitter patter onto the glass of the window.
When the first rumbles of thunder sounds, Blank drops all of their toys. When the rumblings grow louder, they rush over to their Mama and Kelp. It鈥檚 not safe. Loud noises mean storms and storms mean danger. They have to go somewhere the current can鈥檛 reach them. Blank grows alarmed when they see how relaxed their Mama and Kelp are despite the storm. They slam into them.
鈥淒arlin鈥 what鈥檚 wrong?鈥
In that moment, the thunder grows loud enough to shake the entire house.
鈥淗ide! Hide! Hide!鈥 Blank all but screeches as they tug their adults to the room and over to the bed. They fling the bed covers over them and crawls under. They hold onto the both of them and squeezes their eyes shut. The storm can鈥檛 reach them here. The storm can鈥檛 reach them here. The storm can鈥檛 鈥
鈥淪hhh. Shhh. I鈥檓 here, Blank. I鈥檓 here.鈥
Geno places a hand on Blank鈥檚 cheek before completely pulling them close to his chest. Since they鈥檙e still gripping onto Kelp, the fisherman wiggles closer, rubbing calming circles against the hyperventilating toddler鈥檚 back.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay,鈥 Geno murmurs between his hushing. 鈥淚t鈥檚 all right. The storm won鈥檛 take you from me ever again. We鈥檙e on land, Blank. We鈥檙e safe.鈥
But are they? Blank wonders as they cling onto their Mama tighter. Are they really?
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