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[yakulev lying together in bed]

yaku to himself: I wonder what’s he thinking about?

lev talking to himself: do cats have famous cats? like kitty perry or lady catcat. maybe catlid.

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i’ve been emotionally invested in my fair share of fandoms in the past couple of years, but yakulev is the first ship i have actually become attached to and i’m very scared for myself oops

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You can find the first post here.


Press and Hold to Delete by Esselle

‘Kageyama clutches his phone in his sweaty grip and stares at it unblinkingly. The screen is entirely too bright in the dark of his room and his eyes are starting to burn. It is punishment, he thinks, punishment for not seeing the error of his ways until it was far, far too late.

Make You Say I Look Good  by Esselle  

'Kageyama balances a tray of scones, and little teacups and saucers, and a pretty teapot, as he walks across the room slowly and carefully. His attention is entirely focused upon the very breakable, spillable things he is holding. So much for his innate setter’s skills at the task; he moves so slowly that Hinata isn’t sure how he’s managed to serve anyone since they started. He’s sweating profusely, apparently from stress and intense concentration, little beads of perspiration running down the side of his face and arms. His shoulders are too wide and broad for the outfit, the bulk of his muscular arms straining against the ruffled sleeves.

“Oh, no,” Hinata says.’

In which the volleyball club decides to open up a maid cafe, and Hinata is forced to confront his feelings for a certain setter.

The Best Laid Hands by Mysecretfanmoments 

Hinata takes good care of his favourite setter. Meanwhile, Kageyama has no opinions on romance, and wishes people would stop asking him.


Perfectionism by Mysecretfanmoments 

“I just wish it was something you could practice before you have to… perform.” He narrows his eyes, imagining it. “Like a CPR class.”

Suga raises an eyebrow. “You want to practice it. Beforehand.”

“Yeah. Are you offering?”

((Daichi doesn’t like to be bad at things–kissing included–and Suga is willing to help him practice.))


things that change, things that stay the same  by Mysecretfanmoments

Oikawa realizes he’s in love with his best friend; it sucks for a while. (But only a while.)


To Unravel a Walking Mystery by NevermindBye

Oikawa consists of contradictions. He says one thing and does the other. Like telling all their teammates Ushijima was thick-headed and not even pretty, but kissing him silly in the restroom.

Worthy by roseknight

“Then enlighten me, Ushiwaka-chan!”  Oikawa throws his hands up, like a kid throwing a tantrum, but as ever Ushijima does not react outwardly to it.  "In high school, you told me Shiratorizawa was better for me than Aoba Jousai.  So out with it, who should I be dating instead of my boyfriend?  Since you’re such an expert on my life.“

Ushijima answers calmly and honestly.  "Me.”


Fox in the Hole (part of the Inarizaki!Hinata series)  by boomturkey *

Hinata Shouyou moves to Hyougo and loses his first and last middle school volleyball game. In the process he somehow manages to gain two somewhat mean and confusing new friends: Miya Atsumu and Miya Osamu.

Their goal: Get Hinata to Inarizaki so he can play volleyball with them.


Yaku and the Beanstalk  by Mysecretfanmoments 

Yaku Morisuke is many things: a libero, a caretaker, a good student. He’s also about to find Lev Haiba stuck in a vending machine.

(In which Yaku accidentally recruits Lev to the volleyball team and can’t get rid of him after.)

(* Personal favorites)

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yaku: I want us to be more than friends.

lev: best friends? :(

yaku: we already are best friends.

lev: oh, so super best friends?

yaku, losing patience: no, more than that.

lev: super hyper mega best friends?


lev: [pouting] you could’ve just said that, no need of shouting, you know? :(

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archive of our own needs a main relationship feature bc a lot of times the ships I want to read are stuck as the background and they don’t deserve that kind of life

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bc it’s been a while since i wrote some hq!! hcs and brainstorming with a friend gave me all the ridiculous feels for these two anew. some established!levyaku hcs below~ uwu <3 tagging with spoilers/don’t read if you haven’t finished reading hq!! c:

  • so we know that yaku’s a pro libero now, playing in a russian league and traveling as needed, while it’s implied that lev is solely a professional model…and i am totally okay with this??? furudate-sensei is a genius??? bc pls okay hear me out
  • lev’s so v much an excitable puppy who always had yaku within reach when they were younger, and giving excitable puppies exactly what they want all the time isn’t good if you’re gonna train them, *lol*
  • lev prolly fell into modelling after his school days bc alisa got headhunted out on the street and cajoled her baby bro to do it with her and, knowing how much yaku loves that face, yaku prolly encouraged it <3
  • smthg like “look, i’m going to keep playing, but you haven’t figured out your path yet, right? we don’t have to have the same path, y’know”
  • so ofc there was some moping, but yaku’s first tryouts were with a team in hokkaido, and it gave them a taste of what adulthood held for them, that they can’t be together 100% of the time
  • yaku? 95% ready for adulthood, 5% not ready to be away from his bf
  • lev? 95% still a Big Babey, 5% actually handles himself well once the cold splash of water to the face that is adulthood hits him
  • but never has “distance makes the heart grow fonder” applied so well to any couple
  • bc every time yaku returns it’s like a holiday, even if yaku’s back for work
  • they could be in their 50s or even 80s and not approaching 30 and they still treat coming home as the biggest celebration throughout the year, Xmas and New Year’s be damned XD
  • as ch402 shows, there’s always some new ad campaign with the haibas’ faces plastered on it whenever yaku returns, and lev always makes sure yaku knows where to go to get the best view
  • sure, yaku has his laughs, but he also keeps a photo album of every single one of lev’s ads and that photo album travels with him EVERYWHERE
  • yaku’s eventual teammates initially think yaku’s doting is sweet
  • but after being shown lev’s album for the umpteenth time, yaku is banned from bringing the album to practice bc he WILL get distracted by it and that wastes time, *loool* (how quickly yaku learns the russian words for “photo album” and “prohibited” and “there will be a fine for anyone who even accidentally says the names ‘haiba’ or ‘lev’”)
  • as for lev, the photo shoots initially didn’t go super smoothly
  • he’d get mopey, which some photographers interpreted as “moody” or as lev having a “smoldering gaze,” when in reality they’re just taking pictures of a sad puppy
  • lev’s focus was crap at the start, too, bc when yaku’s away nearly every third word out of his mouth is “yaku-san”
  • but thank gods for alisa
  • bc she got lev to behave by mentioning yaku
  • things like “what would yakkun say if you weren’t doing your work?” only worked the first time or two; alisa quickly figures out it’s better to get straight to the point and just “reminder, lyvotchka! yakkun will be home in [x number of] days!”
  • and that shuts him up and gets him to concentrate
  • and lev literally only passes for “cool” when he shuts up XD
  • photographers and their crews catch on to alisa’s way of handling him, so they use yaku to their advantage, too, esp if it’s a solo shoot of just lev and alisa’s not around
  • yaku ends up becoming the best-kept secret in the modelling industry and he’s not even a fucking model
  • (he’s just fucking a model ;DDD)

(and a couple bonus hcs:)

  • also, yaku being in a russian league?? pfft, there’s absolutely no way he didn’t consider a russian team without lev’s input
  • lev’s super excited bc it means yaku can meet his full extended family

  • the first time yaku does, before he signs the contract with cheegle ekaterinburg, every single haiba and haiba-offshoot stuns him bc they all know about tiny and amazing “yaku-san!”

  • yaku doesn’t get flustered much, but when he does, a haiba’s to blame XD

  • pinging around the world but esp btwn russia and japan leaves yaku usually living out of his suitcase BUT! he does share an apartment with lev in tokyo

  • in russia he tried to get his own place, and while searching he stayed with lev’s family for a while

  • in the end, yaku stays part of the year in a place up the street from lev’s grandparents

  • there’s no such thing as loneliness when your bf’s family adopts you as one of their own

  • but ultimately yaku’s had a thought or two that, when the day comes for retirement, it’ll prolly be japan for him and lev <3

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“Jail! Jail! Jail! Please just put me in jail!”

- Lev

Was this referring to monopoly or when Yaku started running after him after Lev tried to prank Yaku on a dare? Who knows

… why did I do this? Correction, why am I still posting this?

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