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#lgbt dating

Anyone wanna chit-chat? Start talking in a daily basis? And maybe? Maybe slowly fall in love with each other? Have a love story of being each other’s lights during the 2020 Quarantine Pandemic to tell anyone willing to ask?

Idk,,,, if you’re down we could definitely, maybe do it,,,,

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I’m thinking of coming out to my parents by baking rainbow coloured cookies and then calling them into my room. I’m going to put the cookies in the closet before they get there and hide in the closet and then when they get there I’m going to walk out and say “oops didn’t mean to do that! Oh well, since I’m here and queer, have a cookie!”

I have been planning this for a while now :)

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long distance relationship in pandemic time

okay guys, so i am with this girl for almost 7 months now. we became a couple a few weeks before i moved out 350km from the city we were together in. i had to come back to my hometown (which is a disaster for me <family>). we had been seeing each other two weekends a month before this whole pandemie thing.

and right now we haven’t seen eachother for 5 weeks already. i know there will be more which makes me go crazy.

i have a question to those who are in such a relationship.

how r u coping with the lack of the physical contact, seeing your SO, etc.?

i could use a helping hand :(

stay healthy! xoxo

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“You just became a lesbian cause you had that one bad experience when you were younger / cause you’re following a trend / cause you haven’t found the right man or couldn’t get a man to like you …”


Comphet is a thing ya know / we, gays, exist since always / Do you know how easy it is to make a guy to like you ?? AND HOW NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE IT IS TO GET THE GIRL ?????

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a cute poly couple cuddled on the sofa, the smallest one stretched out on the others laps, taking turns giving everyone kisses, mumbling abt how they love each other <3

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It makes me laugh when my friends send me photos of the guy they are talking to saying “omg he’s so hot” and I’m sitting here going “ew, how can you like this😂” and my brain is going you can’t say that, say something nice, think like a straight person😂

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