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#lgbt memes

Being gay and trans is hard because every time you’re interested in a person, you have to go “am i attracted to them or do i want to be them?” and you will never know the answer. ever. you just have to think about it until the end of the world. please help i cannot find the answer i’ve been trying to come up with the answer for so long alkjsdflkaksdfsdkdf

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Me: Wow, I have a lot of stuff to do before Monday, I better get started.

Also Me: Now sees like a good time to try to figure out my gender, even though I know I’ll spend 7 hours thinking and diving into the internet just to come up with nothing.

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So I recently learned how to say lesbian in sign language. For any of you wondering, it’s this.


It’s pretty delightful especially given that I now spam this emoji ‘🤔’ to my friends whenever I feel hella gay which is a lot. But, that’s a story for another day.

Anyway, today I thought “ok, what about the other sexualities, like, bisexuals?”. Now, I know that there are correct ones, and I looked those up too…but my first thought…was…

“It must be either finger guns or peace signs”.

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You didn’t hear it from me but the LGB in LGBTQ+ stands for Lyman-Break Galaxy

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Ghostface but rather than ask for your favorite scary movie he asks you your pronouns

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Being an afab demi girl is like: Omg I’m just doing this for attention- I just wanna be cool I’m not actually demi- I’m just tryna be cool I’m not even close to enby-,,,,,, omg wait maybe I’m actually just enby???? Do I have internalized enbyphobia???? I’m just being demi girl cause I have internalized enbyphobia,,,, wait maybe I’m actually-

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mfs claim they’re cishet but then base their entire wardrobe off of the mago mv and stage performances

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I mean come on the eyebrow slit & my lesbiana tee should have done the job

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Hello! Did you know that LGBTQ+ youth are 120% more likely to experience homelessness than non-LGBTQ+ youth?This statistic is primarily due to the fact that LGBTQ+ youth often face family rejection, criminalization, and discrimination. In order to support them, we need to give them access to safe and confidential spaces like The LGBTQ+ Youth Space! I was wondering if you are able to, if you could donate to the Gofundme link down below. The funds generated will go towards large purchases of gender affirming products and personal supplies that will be donated to the Youth Space. If you can’t donate, then sharing would be greatly appreciated. Together, let’s support LGBTQ+ youth in our community!

Donation Link:

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