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#lgbt pride

To all of my bisexuals out there who are constantly invalidated, disowned, called toxic, called sluts/whores and other slurs:

I love you, I see you. You are not toxic for being who you are. That does not define you unless you choose to be toxic to others.

I hope you all have a wonderful day because we do NOT deserve this slander. We love who we love and we deserve to be in the community just like everyone else.

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So like….someone told me about a hookup that sounded suspiciously like a rad fem

This person:

-accused him of having a girlfriend for having fruity lotion

-insisted he had a girlfriend but still hooked up w him anyway

-claimed to be a feminist while shit talking the guy

-was worried her concierge would think she’s a slut

-was worried someone would think she’s a slit for sleeping with him

-called him a slut

-accused him of his funko pops being cameras

-is against bdsm, which he is into

-told him she was out a very violent relationship and called him boring when he wouldn’t “rough her up” in bed.

How is this empowered? What about this is empowering or healthy? Instead we have a grown ass woman afraid of exploring her sexuality for fear of being shamed. There is insecurity and ignorance all through the situation.

This is scary to me

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So question for fellow #bisexual / pan or queers…

as a #bi woman I can dress super femme when I want (typically when I wanna aim for the country club aesthetic, weddings, beach vibes, or the girlcrush that hits me in the cute feels) but like 90% of the time (when not at work) my wardrome is fratboy circa 2000s. And it ranges from sweats and hoodies, to button downs and jeans, or muscle tees and shorts (albeit short shorts)…

And I just wanna know am i the only one???

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