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#lgbt pride

Pastel LGBT+ flag with pastel autism sign (because hhhh colors are bright and hurt my face)! Available to be used by any autistic LGBT people 🙂

Request a flag!

(If you do ask for a lesser known flag, please submit a JPG image of it here)

lesbian | gay man | bi | pan | ace | aro | trans | trans woman | trans man | nonbinary | genderfluid | masterpost

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hey everyone, happy cyber monday! until 12/4, all orders with me are 20% off!! ive got pokemon, warrior cats, and pride stickers for you to pick from! 

you can also order a custom sticker from me for the same discount during this week! if you start a quote during the week, it’ll apply even if its finalized afterwards! dm me for prices and information! 

link to the shop will be both in the comments, and in my blog theme!

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Imagine making an lgbt post and adding the intersex flag but not the gay flag or standard pride flag but adding the generally shite looking inclusive lgbt flag (with the brown bits) even thought the standard one was already inclusive of all people. At that point I think you’re not very in-tune with your community.

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  • Bi/pan/polysexual representation 💖💜💙 💖💛💙 💖💚💙
  • Don’t repost as your own art. It’s my spraypainted wooden slab!
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