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#lgbt rights
emisue-khaleesi · a day ago
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"...and my home will be your home, and where you go, I will go..." 💌✨🌺🌈
✨Every time i read their letters and poems i'm like bursting of love! Their love truly owns my heart! They had and will always have the Purest immortal love ever! ✨
* @kawaii_dash post on instagram *
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pokeprincess · 2 days ago
Here's a face reveal 💖💖 and this is a post I wanted to do for a while. And while I'm not brave enough yet to post this on my main socials, this is till a huge step for me. I'm celebrating national coming out day late this so I wanted to reintroduce myself to the world.
Hiya friends, I'm Abby 💓 I'm a AFAB person who identifies as Demisexual Nonbinary and my pronouns are She/They.
I lean more towards feminine appearances and living so I'm ok in a sense with "She" but that isn't fully who I am. This is still so confusing for me. I've always struggled with my gender identity for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a very religious, controlling household and was constantly told all throughout my life that if you don't fully accept every part of your life/self, it's wrong and against God. That put such an insane amount of guilt on me because I would be trying to understand and think of who I am and then I have my thoughts shut down, so I never got to find who I was. Even though I'm feminine and enjoy being that way, I feel like that doesn't fully encompass all that I am. There were times throughout my life where I felt more like a boy then a girl, some days I was ok with people calling me a girl (and some days it made me so upset) and there were days where I felt connected to both. I tried to throw away those thoughts as being silly or just having an imagination, but I soon found myself in extreme mental pain from it all. I know people say this a lot, but it's true; Gender is literally a social construct. Don't feel like you have to identify as one thing because "that's what you're supposed to do" or what any one religion says (whatever god exists, I know they'd want us to live out our true selves and for us to be happy). Be you and be proud of who you are. You're such an important person. You matter, you are valid and you make this world a more beautiful place.
Wow 😭😭 Y'all have no idea how amazing it feels to finally let that out. It literally feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest and I can finally breathe.
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yourdailyqueer · 2 days ago
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Alex Au
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Gay
DOB: Born 1952
Ethnicity: Singaporean - Cantonese
Occupation: Blogger, activist, entrepreneur, writer
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Police: Walk faster
-Baby, I have heels on, how will I walk? I’ll walk slowly.
From Pride Parade Istanbul🌈
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scopriusmalfoy · 4 months ago
so since i'm not seeing anything about this on my dash:
A law passed in Hungary that basically makes being LGBTQ+ illegal in public. And that in the context of an anti-pedophilia law. You're not allowed to talk to children and teens up to the age of 18 about LGBTQ+ things "in order to protect the children".
So basically wherever a child can hear you or see you, or read things, it's illegal to show signs of LGBTQ+ related things. And let's be fucking honest cause that's basically everywhere.
You're not even allowed to hold hands with your same sex partner in public, because children could see it. You're not allowed to dress like your preferred gender, you're not even allowed to basically be transgender.
you're not allowed to exist as the person you are.
How can you help, you ask?
here's a link to Háttér (the largest Hungarian LGBTQ+ organisation) where you can donate to help LGBTQ+ people in Hungary
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demolitonlover · 22 days ago
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switzerland legalized gay marriage today! why isn't this trending y'all!
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bonocedes · 3 months ago
I need you to understand the importance of what Maneskin did on their concert in Poland.
In a country where president gained his votes by spreading hatred, in a country where right-wing activists spread rumors about LGBT people wanting to adopt children to r*pe them, in a country where conservatives think gays only want to teach the kids masturbation, in a country where so many young people are homeless because their homophobic parents kicked them out, in a country where people are afraid to hold hands with someone of the same sex, in a country where people were murdered on the street because they were gay, in a country where LGBT people have literally no rights, in a country where non-binary, genderfluid, trans people aren't even acknowledged, in a country where people are afraid to speak out about their orientation in fear of being publicly lynched, in a country part of which denies LGBT people the right to live, in a country where LGBT people are considered abominations in need of treatment...
Maneskin on public TV said love is never wrong. That everybody should be able to be whoever they want. On public TV Damiano kissed Thomas.
I can't imagine how many kids this has given hope to. How many unwanted kids who have been denied parental love because they dared to be who they feel they are, saw that they are not alone in the world. How many artists felt solidarity, inspiration and motivation. And deep down I really want to believe that maybe at least a small percentage of homophobes have thought about this message.
I cried. My heart grew so much bigger, knowing that it was shown on public TV. Even if it doesn't strike any change, many kids out there, being neglected, afraid and bullied, felt the representation and support they need.
Thank you, Maneskin.
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shepardinquisitor · a year ago
I tried to find something about this to reblog and share, but I didn't see anything so I wanted to put this out there. More than 1000 authors have all signed a petition to stand in solidarity with trans rights and essentially condemning J.K. Rowling's TERF views.
This includes Stephen King (which coincides with his Twitter drama with Rowling from before), Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, and more big names in the industry.
Tumblr media
Look at those beautiful trans supportive authors!
The Google doc with the letter and a list of the authors who signed it can be found here:
Here is a link to an LA Times article:
And here is a link to the Guardian article:
I thought, given all the sincere disappointment I've heard from people who loved her books, at least this gives you an alternative source.
Trans rights are human rights!
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kokofuhemaa · 4 months ago
On May 21, 2021, 21 members of the LGBT+ community in Ghana were arrested in Ho (Volta Region) as they held a workshop to strengthen the Ghanaian LGBT+ community. They were arrested on charges of unlawful assembly because they were "...advocating LGBTQI activities". Essentially they were arrested for being, or suspected of being, part of the LGBT+ community. The press release by the police even states "...the Command assures the public of its resolve to get to the bottom of this issue whilst also cautioning the public, particularly parents to be wary of activities of persons involved in this misbehaviour and report them to the Police."
This is not the first instance of community members being arrested simply on suspicion of being LGBT+. Less than two months ago 22 community members were arrested in Kwahu Obomeng on suspicion of attending a lesbian wedding, which attendees said was actually a birthday day. LGBT+ Rights Ghana and other organizations like Humanist Association of Ghana, Economic Fighters League, etc. have condemned this latest arrest and are demanding for the immediate release of the 21 community members.
It hurts not only to see the LGBT+ Ghanaian community being attacked this way, but also to see the lack of support for the community both within the country and amongst the diaspora. Queer Ghanaians need support to help fight the homophobic, transphobic, and overall intolerant government. We've got to spread the word and make noise until every single one of the Ho 21 are released!
#ReleaseThe21 #ReleaseThe21 #ReleaseThe21 #ReleaseThe21
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Tumblr media
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crossdreamers · 2 months ago
“Desperate calls from LGBTQ+ youths contemplating suicide or from their parents after they have made an attempt on their lives often punctuate Alexya Salvador’s day. When they do, she drops everything to talk.
As a transgender woman, she recognises the anguish in their voices. “I feel their pain in my body because I went through this,” she says. “My family went through this.”
As the first transgender reverend in Latin America at the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), she hopes she can use her faith to help. She understands the struggle to reconcile religion and identity, especially in Brazil, where Christianity reigns and the church is often far from a safe space for those who are LGBTQ+.
But Salvador wants to change that. Long before she became a pastor, it was her faith that provided her with solace and strength. Now, it’s also a way for her to give others in her community the support they need.”
Tumblr media
More here!
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politijohn · 4 months ago
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“You never completely have your rights, one person, until you all have your rights.”
- Marsha P. Johnson
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rose-th0rn · 11 months ago
just your daily reminder that black lives matter, women should have the rights to their own bodies, LGBTQ+ people are incredible, loved and valid, refugees are welcome, fuck donald trump, yes to open borders, eat the rich feed the poor, reform the police and prison system, fuck the tories & drink some water
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"Why are LGBTQ+ people always making such a big deal about pride?"
Because I'm a teenager and I can remember a time when gay marriage was illegal in parts of the US.
Because gay marriage is still illegal in many parts of the world.
Because same-sex relationships weren't legalized in all of the US until 2003.
Because same-sex relationships are still illegal - and even punishable by death - in some parts of the world.
Because it was only in 2020 that the Supreme Court ruled that employers couldn't discriminate against LGBTQ+ employees.
Because the Equality Act still hasn't passed.
Because LGBTQ+ people still face disproportionate amounts of harassment and violence - particularly transgender people and African American members of the community.
Because queer kids are still being kicked out of their homes.
Because LGBTQ+ individuals have faced discrimination and harassment for a long time, and still do.
Pride is about embracing who we are despite all of the challenges that we as a community have faced, and continuing to rally for change and equality. So yes, it is a big deal.
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